queerymaaz, coffee on12:03
* Maaz puts the kettle on12:03
queeryany one else want some?12:03
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!12:07
queerymaaz, thank you12:07
Maazqueery: Okay :-)12:07
=== Superhuman_ is now known as Superhuman
plustwohey guys...17:27
nlsthznplustwo: hey :) (and hi all )17:28
plustwosuperfly, what does it take to become a MOTU?17:28
superflyplustwo: that's a good question, which I do not know the answer to17:29
* plustwo decided to help in bugs ...17:29
superflyhowever, I'm sure Google knows17:29
plustwofixing bugs truely!17:29
superflyMaaz: google for how to become an ubuntu motu17:29
Maazsuperfly: "MOTU/FAQ - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/FAQ :: "MOTU/Mentoring - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring :: "Proposal for the enhancement of the Mentoring Program" https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu-mentors/2007-October/000153.html :: "MOTU - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MOTU :: "YouTube - Learning MOTU - Getting Started" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEl3w7SFK4 :: "Steve Kowalik « 17:29
superflyplustwo: there we go, looks like a few good links ^^17:29
plustwosuperfly, thank you kindly.17:31
superflyplustwo: thank the Google, not me17:31
plustwoi still want the basic layman's terms HOWTO17:31
superflyplustwo: read read read read17:32
superflythat's what you need to do17:32
* plustwo thinks should have gone the goolge way. what's the point if one has advise locally?17:32
plustwosuperfly, sometimes it's not that easy to understand what is described on the HOWTO's...17:33
plustwoobscure information leads to assumptions.17:33
superflyplustwo: sometimes you just need to read it twice17:34
plustwothat was something i didn't realize...17:34
plustwoinetpro, u here?17:34
* plustwo checks out the links17:35
plustwoi was very exhausted by the day's thinkings @ work17:35
* plustwo hates Mac a bit17:36
superflyplustwo: if you're tired from the day's thinkings, then you don't want to become an MOTU, because it involves even more thinking17:38
plustwoMaaz, tell inetpro i desperatly needed his inputs.17:38
Maazplustwo: Okay, I'll tell inetpro on freenode17:38
plustwosuperfly, i worked on a difficult issue on a Mac srv today. not the whole day tho17:39
plustwojust impatience of the users17:39
nlsthzncheers all17:40
plustwonlsthzn, bye17:40
superflyplustwo: I worked on lots of difficult things, I came home to a sick wife and a sick toddler, and now I'm working on an open source project while fielding your questions and support and development questions in the project's IRC channel17:40
superflyplustwo: it's called life17:40
plustwosuperfly, i envy you a lot17:41
plustwosuperfly, i like people  like you mostly as they encourage loosers like us to keep the courage in life17:42
plustwoi hate to be amongst loosers17:42
superflythere are no losers, only those who lack self-motivation17:42
plustwothere you go, right on the spot met eis. :-)17:43
plustwosuperfly, i knew i could count on you.17:43
plustwosuperfly, you know a lot about packaging? ubuntu i mean?17:44
superflyplustwo: a little17:45
* Symmetria finished his development work for a little bit :)17:47
plustwosuperfly, that's no kwl! :-( really, but i shouldn't under estimate your "little" as you've putted it...17:47
Symmetriaheh, wrote the system I needed, took me 2 days, and now Im on a break :P17:47
plustwogud work Symmetria ...17:48
Symmetria^^^ <317:48
Symmetriaheh the code behind producing that page is... insane :)17:48
superflySymmetria: it's PHP. Enough Said.17:49
plustwosuperfly, i'm currently learning python and wxpython. any good towards fixing bug or participating on ubuntu projects?17:50
superflypython yes, dunno about wxpython17:51
* plustwo is learning on his own at his own pace...17:51
* superfly stays away from wxStuff17:51
plustwosuperfly, ok. tkinter?17:51
superflynope, PyQt417:51
plustwosuperfly, oh, thanks for the info! what benefits will PyQt4 bring in my development? if i may ask?17:53
* plustwo should google PyQt17:53
superflylooks and works natively on Windows, Linux, Mac, is a commercial toolkit used in things like Google Earth17:53
superflyone of the best libraries out there17:54
Symmetriahttp://iris.tenet.ac.za/router.php <=== if you aint on that page, and are at LINX, and feel like turning up some peering, msg me, and if you're on that page and listed as down, msg as well so we can fix this :P (We are AS36944 btw)17:55
plustwosuperfly, thanks a mil17:55
plustwosuperfly, is PyQt KDE related?17:55
superflyKDE is written on the Qt4 framework17:56
superflyPyQt4 is the Python bindings for Qt417:56
superflyplustwo: only really related in that KDE uses Qt, but not much more than that17:57
superflyQt applications look just like other Gnome apps when you're using Gnome17:57
* plustwo uses gnome, but not scared to get into Qt...17:58
plustwosuperfly, thanks again.17:58
* plustwo will brb, googling17:59
Maazinetpro: By the way, plustwo on freenode told me "tell inetpro i desperatly needed his inputs." 39 minutes ago18:17
* inetpro just turned his back and suddenly have others looking for him?18:18
inetprobtw, good evening everyone18:19
superflyyo inetpro18:20
inetprosuperfly: I see you suffering again?18:21
superflyinetpro: no more than usual, just using it to make a point18:21
inetprosuperfly: ah, ok18:24
superflysome people seem to think being tired is an excuse to not google18:26
inetprosuperfly: true18:31
inetprosuperfly: I've done it more than once18:35
Symmetria*HRM* wtf18:35
SymmetriaI have a cron entry that looks like this:18:35
Symmetria*/5 * * * * /usr/bgp-poller/bgptable.php &>/var/log/bgp-poller.log 18:36
Symmetriaexcept, the log file is always 0 bytes big18:36
Symmetriabut the script is *definately* running as expected18:36
Symmetriabecause I can see the database changes happening18:36
Symmetriawtf aint it outputting the log 18:36
linuxboywhat does the script output if you run it on the command line?18:36
inetproSymmetria: what user is it running as?18:36
Symmetriaan absolute crapload of stuff that its using print to write out18:36
Symmetriaroot 18:36
linuxboyI've never seen &>18:37
linuxboywhy not use > ?18:37
Symmetria& says output everything on multi-level output basically18:37
Symmetriaits a wider catchall18:37
linuxboystdout and stderr18:37
linuxboyif you remove the redirect, and set a MAILTO do you get a mail with the contents of the output?18:38
inetproSymmetria: is there always supposed to be output?18:38
Symmetriayes, there is always output18:39
Symmetrialots of it :)18:39
Symmetria*/5 * * * * /usr/bgp-poller/bgptable.php |/usr/bin/mail -s Test aa@tenet.ac.za 18:39
Symmetria^^^ lets see what that does18:39
inetproSymmetria: why just a single >18:39
inetproit's not appending18:39
Symmetriainetpro, doesnt matter if it overrides18:39
Symmetriayeah I know 18:39
SymmetriaI only ever need the last runs logs :)18:39
linuxboynext test: change it to >> to see what it does18:39
Symmetriatried that18:40
Symmetriasame thing18:40
Symmetrialets see what the email does :)18:40
Symmetriaheh, gonna need to make the script email me at some point anyway but that wont be the logs, will be only on status changes18:40
Symmetriahttp://iris.tenet.ac.za/router.php <=== that script generates the backend data for that page 18:41
inetproSymmetria: I bet there will be no difference in the message18:41
Symmetriawill know for sure in 1 minute and 20 seconds18:42
linuxboySymmetria: change the script to echo a "hello world" too18:42
Symmetriaheh I just manually executed the script, it shoves out about 70 lines of logs so thats definately working18:43
linuxboySymmetria: you do have php-cli installed?18:43
linuxboySymmetria: what about php <scriptname> ?18:43
Symmetrialinuxboy yes, and like I say, the script is running, Im seeing the changes in the database 18:43
Symmetriathat script modifies a backend database, heavily modifies it18:43
inetprowhat's the path like on your shell vs the cron shell?18:44
Symmetriaidentical 18:44
Symmetriaheh the |mail statement mailed me a full log18:44
* Symmetria tries a >> without the &18:45
Symmetriajust to see18:45
inetprobtw s/cron shell/cron environment/18:46
Symmetriaall the paths are hard coded :)18:46
Symmetriawith full path18:46
Symmetriato get around that18:46
Symmetriaso #!/usr/bin/php for example18:46
inetprocool, always important!18:46
* inetpro has minutes to write18:47
inetproSymmetria: is it working yet?18:57
Symmetriawill check in a second18:58
Symmetriajust fixing something else18:58
Symmetriathere, added some color to my table page :P18:59
Symmetriayeah, now its working without the &19:00
Symmetrianever seen that before19:00
froztbyte> redirects a stream, and will overwrite the destination19:19
froztbyte>> redirects a stream, and will append to the destination19:19
froztbyte>& (commonly seen as "2>&1") takes input from one fd and merges it with another19:20
froztbyte2>&1 means "take the output from fd2 (stderr) and combine it with fd1 (stdout)"19:21
froztbyteso what you normally actually want in a cron line is 2>&1 >> /path/to/logfile19:21
froztbyteSymmetria: ^19:22
froztbytethe reason your log was 0 bytes after running is because your command actually ran as "task &" and then "> /logfile"19:23
froztbyteso anything up the & got backgrounded, and then blank data was redirected into the logfile19:23
froztbyteup to* the19:24
linuxboyfroztbyte: http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html19:31
linuxboyfroztbyte: 3.6.419:31
froztbytelinuxboy: why do you paste this to me?19:32
linuxboy21:23 < froztbyte> the reason your log was 0 bytes after running is because your command actually ran as "task &" and then "> /logfile"19:32
froztbytelinuxboy: yes, read again19:32
froztbyte&>, not >&19:32
linuxboydid you read that link?19:32
linuxboyfroztbyte: yes, read again19:33
froztbytelinuxboy: okay, tell me, what shell does cron run?19:33
inetprofroztbyte: good points19:45

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