icerootJordan_U: thank you, my next patch will contain "-u" are there any good guides for something like that? have found infos like that on launchpad, just how to report a bug00:00
chuckbartowskiok guys quick question i know im not in lubuntu support, but virtually same thing i think, ok i put lubuntu on a old laptop due to being resource friendly which it is, but when ever i shut lid it goes into sleep when i lift lid to go out of sleep i get nothing, is there a way of disabling this in terminal? thanks00:00
rebirthcan someone help me set up a script which runs at shutdown time?00:00
nicholas_Tense pudding ? S3 ? Can I delete the whole Wine folder safely. It wont do more than remove my windows programs, correct ?00:01
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icerootnicholas_: why you want to remove that dir? is wine already removed by apt-get/synaptic?00:01
blahsphemericeroot, what does RLIMIT_NPROC indicate? The total number of processes that are allowed to run simultaneously in the system or is it the number of processes that could be spawned by the current user?00:01
rebirthis it supposed to go in etc/rc0.d?00:01
icerootblahsphemer: i dont know00:01
nicholas_I want to remove all my windows applications and start out fresh00:02
digirakwhat would be a good player for wma files?00:02
blahsphemericeroot, :( okay00:02
icerootdigirak: vlc00:02
tensorpuddingnicholas_: then delete the Program Files directory00:02
s3r3n1t7blahsphemer, a quick look makes me guess that it is the max number of processes that that current user can spawn.00:02
digirakiceroot: ok thanks00:02
guitar431@nicholas just reinstal the fucking shit00:02
icerootguitar431: we dont need that language here00:03
digirakanyone know how to fix this bug in the gnome power manager00:03
s3r3n1t7!language | guitar43100:03
ubottuguitar431: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:03
blahsphemers3r3n1t7, ok.00:03
icerootdigirak: "this" bug?00:03
nicholas_Folks, Too many instructions00:03
waspinany clients for connectinf to jdbc microsoft sql server 2005 from ubunut00:03
nicholas_I have terrible ADHD, cant process U00:03
digiraki tell it to suspend my session but it just hangs up sometimes when closing my lappie lid00:03
guitar43120 people bash me because of my slang terms00:04
Jordan_Unicholas_: mv ~/.wine ~/.wine-old00:04
chuckbartowskihi sorry to be a pain guys but did anyone see my question sorry if im being inpatient or rude00:04
missilHi Guys i could use help setting up a samba share for a dvd player00:04
soreau! samba | missil00:05
ubottumissil: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:05
nicholas_Jodon is that a terminal command?00:05
chuckbartowskii think i have same sort of problem as digirak, when i shut laptop lid it goes to sleep/hibernatin but opening i get nothing just blank screen and doesn't do anything00:05
blahsphemers3r3n1t7, where do I find info about it. google seems to return vague forum pages00:05
multilinuxuser-nthat bot hates me00:05
HelloWorld321If I have a text tile that starts with "\xff\xfeU", what is it's encoding?00:06
nicholas_Can one copy instructions from the chat ?00:06
digirakchuckbartowski: what have u set ur preferences for close laptop lid for00:06
HelloWorld321nicholas: depends on your client, but about all clients yes00:06
chuckbartowskinot sure to be honest digirak coz, im using lubuntu and doesnt seem to be anything in preferences, thanks for help,00:07
digirakwhats ur power manager application?00:07
chuckbartowskiyup lubuntu it's a lightweight version of ubuntu00:08
chuckbartowskierm 2 tics will try and find out like i said really new to linux00:08
Rods_TigerWhat disk filesystem should I best choose for a portable drive that will be used (mainly) in OS X, and also partially in Ubuntu (and also on a WD TV Live), which can have, er, large files on.00:08
icerootJordan_U: also "diff -u" is telling me "This file does not look like a patch."00:08
digirakif you go to preferences in system it will give u apower management option00:08
s3r3n1t7blahsphemer, check for ulimit00:08
digirakSystem->preferences->Power management00:09
digirakclick that and check out what ur options are00:09
AJLongstreetI installed DHCP server, I can get an IP from it, but have no internet access00:09
SuparNoobie100hi has anyone managed to install ubuntu on a macbook?00:09
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icerootJordan_U: ah ok my error was that i was naming the patch  file.patch-for-fixing foobar instead of file.patch00:09
s3r3n1t7!ics | AJLongstreet00:10
ubottuAJLongstreet: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:10
stevr1ithello my interal microphone of acer aspire with ubuntu 10.10 does not work, can you help me?00:10
AJLongstreetthank you00:10
chuckbartowskihi digirak dont think i have those options in lubuntu it's a lot different to ubuntu, the only thing i could find is power management daemon but dont think thats it00:10
digirakchuckbartowski: yes thats the thing00:10
zabomberSuparNoobie100: Have you checked out virtualbox?00:10
nicholas_How can I copy instructions from my chat window ?00:10
chuckbartowskithanks mate00:11
digirakthe daemon has a gui interface called power management00:11
SuparNoobie100zabomber: the hd died and i have a new hd. I dont have macosx.00:11
chuckbartowskihmm mine doesnt have a gui anywhere00:11
Jordan_Uiceroot: It's still a good idea to use diff -u. Diff with no other options is almost useless for patch submission as there is no context, meaning almost any change to the file (even one unrelated to the area being patched) will prevent the patch from applying properly.00:11
digirakchuckbartowski: check that and change ur option to suspend instead of hibernate00:11
zabomberSuparNoobie100: sorry mate. no idea.. i virtualise all my linux machines00:11
tuxxmanhello, for some reason I suddenly get redirected to http://www.localhost.com when I try to navigate to http://localhost/ on any browser00:11
UbuntuBytewhy do youtube videos stop streaming when i load another page in another tab ?00:12
chuckbartowskicould i not install a new power management from terminal? thanks for ur help tho mate00:12
SuparNoobie100UbuntuByte: flash issue?00:12
UbuntuByteim using chrome00:12
UbuntuByteits the latest version of flash00:12
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digirakchuckbartowski: yes you could get the gui for that00:12
digirakis lubuntu gui00:12
icerootJordan_U: yes you are right, i always see the syntax from diff -u, so i was not checking the content of diff. i could swear my other distri is using diff -u as a default when using diff00:12
dinexiUbuntuByte: 1) which browser? 2) which flash plugin? 3) there is no chrome for ubuntu.00:12
UbuntuByteUmm there is chrome browser for Ubuntu...00:13
icerootdinexi: sure there is chrome00:13
dinexiiceroot: I thought it is chromium.00:13
UbuntuBytenah Chrome browser, Adobe Flash 10.200:13
chuckbartowskiahh i think i found it digi00:14
Jordan_Udinexi: Chromium is the open source project from which Chrome is made. Both are available for Ubuntu.00:14
xanguaChromium is open source dinexi00:14
itaylor57UbuntuByte: I use chromium and haven'y seen the problem00:14
dinexiiceroot: and in 10.10 amd64 chromium there is no that problem.00:14
chuckbartowskito get it to pick up i had to unplug power then plug back in and then it appeared00:14
dinexixangua: thanks, I will know. :(00:14
UbuntuBytelike if im listening to a song on youtube, open up a new tab and load the page, the song stops and I have to reload youtube :(00:15
nicholas_Jordan: so what will  mv ~/.wine ~/.wine-old actually do ?00:15
chuckbartowskihmmm strange thing is, that it is set to suspend, but when opening lid i dont get anything just blank screen and linux basically halts there00:15
nicholas_I followed Jordan's instruction and get:00:16
nicholas_nicholas@nicholas-laptop:~$  mv ~/.wine ~/.wine-old00:16
nicholas_nicholas@nicholas-laptop:~$  mv ~/.wine ~/.wine-old00:16
nicholas_mv: cannot stat `/home/nicholas/.wine': No such file or directory00:16
FloodBot3nicholas_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
Jordan_Unicholas_: All of wine's settings, and the virtual 'C:' drive, are stored in the directory ~/.wine. By renaming this directory you cause wine to create a new one on the next run. It's like deleting the directory except you can still restore it later by naming it back again.00:17
SuparNoobie100mv -r?00:17
SuparNoobie100oh you dont have .wine00:17
nicholas_Jordan I am low on space00:18
nicholas_I want to delete not rename00:18
DocfxitI'd like to find out how to free up some spade in Ubuntu00:18
digirakchuckbartowski: na press a button00:19
digirakit will come baack on00:19
onwardHumpf, why is it that Maverick's GNOME runs so slowly in a Intel single core 1.5GHz with 512MB of RAM?00:19
Jordan_Unicholas_: You don't appear to have a .wine directory. You should have one if you've actually been using wine though.00:19
SuparNoobie100Docfxit: you can start by removing all the games00:19
chuckbartowskihmm tried that too, not sure what it is but on xp it doesnt do it only on linux00:19
rich_I have two dvd drives on ubuntu  10.10 one is a HL-DT-ST the other Optiarc both  work in windowsXP and Ubuntu 9.10, but Ubuntu 10.10 the HL drive I can boot and play DVD nothing else and the Opticarc I can burn  only. Anyone have any ideas?00:19
nicholas_Well lemme send U what I see00:20
DocfxitSuparNoobie100 Great idea. Thanks.00:20
Jordan_U!pastebin | nicholas_00:20
ubottunicholas_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:20
chuckbartowskinot to worry might be a bug i can submit, or bad driver or something thanks digirak00:20
digirakno probs00:21
chuckbartowskithanks for trying :) sorry im just new to linux and not as advanced as most of you guys are but got to learn somewhere00:21
digiraktake it easy00:22
chuckbartowskithanks mate u200:22
cubi_hello. anyone know how to do manually what wubi does?00:23
Quintinhow do I install in textmode from lubuntu regular install CD?  or get it to use less resources?  I tried just now, but it took forever to load, then crashed00:23
Jordan_Ucubi_: What is your end goal?00:23
Quintin600mhz piii, 256m ram00:23
Logan_!who | nicholas_00:23
ubottunicholas_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:23
nicholas_How do U turn red when speaking to me ?00:24
cubi_Jordan_U: installing Ubuntu on ntfs without needing windows to do it00:24
Jordan_Ucubi_: Why?00:24
xanguaQuintin: download !minimal and install lubuntu-desktop00:25
Quintinyea, that's not what I asked.  I'd rather not download and burn again if I can help it00:25
nicholas_use !tab00:25
DocfxitAre there temp files I can remove in Ubuntu?00:25
cubi_Jordan_U: borked graphics card that won't boot window anymore, but a linux distro seems to work, so thought I'd try a better one00:25
QuintinDocfxit: yes, but why would you want to?00:25
Jordan_Ucubi_: So why use ntfs?00:25
nicholas_ubotttu how do I use !tab00:25
rich_I have two dvd drives on ubuntu  10.10 one is a HL-DT-ST the other Optiarc both  work in windowsXP and Ubuntu 9.10, but Ubuntu 10.10 the HL drive I can boot and play DVD nothing else and the Opticarc I can burn  only. Anyone have any ideas?00:26
cubi_Jordan_U: I'll get the graphics card fixed at some point, and don't want to bother repartitioning00:26
DocfxitQuintin I think I'm out of space.00:26
QuintinDocfxit: think?  try df -h at a terminal window, or use that disk-free thingie under accessories00:26
Jordan_Unicholas_: You don't have a .wine directory because you already successfuly renamed it to ".wine-old".00:27
boumagiday from oz00:27
boumai wanted to talk to someone about some differences between the desktop and server versions of ubuntu, before i go reinstalling00:27
Jordan_Ucubi_: It's a *lot* less of a bother to repartition.00:28
DocfxitQuintin I think this is where my problem is /dev/sda2 5.6G 5.4G 0 = Available00:28
cubi_Jordan_U: possibly. but I feel hacky :)00:28
boumabasically i am running a desktop, but the primary purpose is for running kate/pdflatex/matlab/mathematica/ifort, thats 99% of its use, plus vlc/mplayer and gnome desktop (stripped down as much as possible)00:28
tensorpuddingbouma: the only difference is the packages installed, and you can switch between them by installing the right metapackage00:28
Xionhow can i eliminate empathy from keyrin promt at boot start up00:29
QuintinDocfxit: ok, where is that mounted?00:29
DocfxitIs it possible to re-partition while booted into the OS?00:29
nicholas_Bot says  As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:29
nicholas_What does bot mean ?00:29
Jordan_Ucubi_: It's not worth it and while I've done it I don't really want to outline all of the steps required.00:29
DocfxitQuintin It's mounted during boot up.00:29
boumatensorpudding: right, cause i wanted to get rid of the mDNS avahi system, but wine depends on it, so all such deps and the deb's themselves are identical?00:29
Quintinnicholas_: it's not a person.  it's a program that responds only to certain input00:29
Xionnicholas_:) bot is a machine00:30
tensorpuddingnicholas_: a bot is a program that provides responses, it's not a person00:30
QuintinDocfxit: no kidding?  mounted _where_ though?00:30
nicholas_I know that00:30
cubi_Jordan_U: fine. did you figure it out on your own or will google be able to help?00:30
guitar431Irc bots are scripts who have a simple parsing logic.00:30
DocfxitQuintin I don't know how to answer your question.00:30
Quintincubi_: what is your problem that jordan recommends repartitioning to solve?00:30
nicholas_But how do I do the ! tab thing00:30
Jordan_Ucubi_: On my own. I'm betting that google will be mostly useless.00:30
tensorpuddingbouma: ubuntu server lacks a gui, and it is generally recommended not to install one if you're using server version00:31
itaylor57nicholas_: enter the first few letters of who you wish to address, then press the tab button and it will automatically expand the name for you00:31
Xionok now that we all got clear what bot is,i need to eliminate empathy from keyrin at boot,,i want it to autostart with on inconvenience00:31
QuintinDocfxit: when you type df -h , it shows the mount point!  "Mounted on:"00:31
guitar431like this !language00:31
cubi_Quintin: installing ubuntu to an image file on an ntfs partition instead of resizing the partition and creating a linux one00:31
itaylor57nicholas_: just like that00:31
nicholas_now how do you folks write in color ?00:31
nicholas_itaylor57, ?00:32
guitar431!language | nicolas00:32
ubottunicolas: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:32
DocfxitQuintin Sorry. It's mounted on /00:32
tensorpuddingnicholas_: when someone writes your nick, it might appear a different color, it's dependent on your irc client00:32
itaylor57nicholas_: when you use my nick it shows as color for me00:32
nicholas_itaylor57, Gotya thanks00:32
QuintinDocfxit: ok, try aptitude clean, then consider removing large packages00:32
Xionnicholas_:) u flooting the channel for no reason at all,,people with issues need the channel to solve them,,so please00:33
tensorpuddingyou can send text in a different color but this is usually obnoxious and not all clients support it00:33
nicholas_Jordan_U, Can I just delete the old wine?00:33
Jordan_Unicholas_: Yes.00:33
DocfxitQuintin I do have plenty of room on another partition but I'm working on it remotely.00:33
nicholas_Xion, Ure a bot, correct?00:33
exutuxcubi_: my mind doesn't able to understand why do you wanna do that O.O00:33
boumatensorpudding: hrm, also eg, evolution seems impossible to remove without removing the whole desktop00:33
Xionnicholas_:) u wish00:33
Xioncan i remove empathy from keyring00:33
tensorpuddingbouma: evolution is depended on for a good number of things00:33
nicholas_Xion, Are U or not?00:33
QuintinDocfxit: no reason you can't do what I suggested remotely.  also, dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n  will list packages by size00:34
cubi_exutux: it's easy to get rid of later on, whereas repartitioning now needs lots of defragging etc00:34
greg__Im new to linux, how can i change owner permissions for my /home folder? I can view files but cant cut/copy/paste anything.00:34
exutuxcubi_: but do you have windows installed?00:34
Xionbouma:) i remove evolution with out affecting my desktop00:35
cubi_exutux: yes but it doesn't boot at the moment. safe mode does though ... maybe I could just run wubi through there?00:35
boumatensorpudding: do you think another distro might better suit my preferences?00:35
tensorpuddingwhat exactly is this that you want?00:35
boumaXion: youre not running gnome right?00:35
Xionbouma:) yes,ubuntu 10.4 LTS00:36
Xiongnome desktop00:36
exutuxcubi_: I don't think so00:36
tensorpuddingif what you want is a server-esque install with gnome but without as much stuff in it as ubuntu, you might want a different distro00:36
Xionbouma:) try linux mint gnome00:37
tensorpuddingbut you can customize an ubuntu server install to your liking00:37
tensorpuddingit just takes more work00:37
Quintinbouma: what is it you want?00:37
ohziebouma: If you want to remove it so badly you could uninstall the ubuntu-desktop metapackage and then install gnome separately.00:37
tensorpuddingmostly installing things that it won't have that you want00:37
exutuxcubi_: I think that best way is to check out NTFS by chkdsk or ntfsfix from linux00:37
boumaXion: ah, i have my uncle running 10.04 cause he cant set things up beyond clicking on a deb from a web site like skype, which is handled very well, but then had to put in a bunch of ppa's to get more recent vlc eg00:37
ohziebouma: although it seems like it would take a lot of effort and be a pita00:37
sl33k_how to download flash using apt-get?00:38
PolahCould someone help me set up Evolution to send mail via Hotmail. The settings are correct (as far as I'm aware), but it doesn't send.00:38
Polahsl33k_: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer00:38
cubi_exutux: err the filesystem is fine, that's not a problem00:38
itaylor57Polah: I wan't aware you could use HotMail with evolution00:39
SuparNoobie100anyone want a macbook? 06 dead hd and cd drive lolz00:39
sl33k_thanks Polah00:39
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nerdy_kidHow do I restart all of Ubuntus services after using <alt> <sysrq> <e>?  thanks!00:39
Polahitaylor57: You can't? That's news.00:39
chuckbartowskisorry guys to bother you, i'm trying to install a .tar.bz2 file and not sure how, i've done the part where i'm in the directory and the command sudo tar jxvf {filename} but now stuck on how to install can anyone advise please00:39
irssipimphow can i change the LANG variable in my terminals permanently?00:39
snake__is there a way to have hot corners in ubuntu, or a hot key for turning on my screensaver00:40
kk9822i want one small help pl help me00:40
Jordan_Uchuckbartowski: What are you actually trying to install?00:40
irssipimpsry, i'm on -server and just discovered ubuntu-server00:40
red2kicSuparNoobie100: Whoa? You're nice! Sure, send it my way!00:40
exutuxcubi_: so I don't understand your problem....you said that windows boot only in safe mode, you did'nt?00:40
Polah!ask | kk982200:40
ubottukk9822: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:40
nerdy_kidirssipimp: .profile I think00:40
chuckbartowskiJordan_U, firefox 4.0 thanks00:40
Jordan_U!fx4 | chuckbartowski00:40
ubottuchuckbartowski: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:40
cubi_exutux: yes, but that's because the graphics card doesn't work properly00:40
irssipimpnerdy_kid: that'd be user-wide, wouldn't it?00:40
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kk9822i have bought a HP 2050 printer and scanner00:40
Xionis there a way to avoyd keyring,i mean it ask me when running empathy a simple client chat,,and i want to set keyring fot another apps and i cant00:40
nerdy_kidirssipimp: no, userwide is /etc/profile I think.00:41
kk9822i am not able to scan in ubuntu 10.1000:41
kk9822when i scan it says no scanner detected00:41
chuckbartowskiJordan_U, is that for the beta version? thanks for the help sorry im 2 new 2 linux00:41
kk9822i am able to do in windows00:41
Jordan_Uchuckbartowski: No, it's for the final.00:41
kk9822in the same computer pl help me00:41
exutuxcubi_: so what's your issue then running livecd inside windows and launcing wubi install?00:41
snake__i found it in compiz, sorry for asking without exploring first :P00:41
boumaohzie: do not want pita, hmm. i want to be able to run large multiproc numerical stuff with out things like evo eating mem, i guess its only ~40M resident but 10 apps like that and you start talking real resident mem00:42
sarasi need help synaptic it keeps be stupid00:42
chuckbartowskiJordan_U, Thanks a lot for the help appreciated00:42
Xionkk9822:) did u updated your distro00:42
Jordan_Uchuckbartowski: You're welcome.00:42
saras  Depends: libgegl-0.0-0 (>=0.1.3-2010072601~ll) but 0.1.2-lucid~ppa1 is to be installed00:42
saras is wtf00:42
exutuxargh running* wubi installer cubi_00:42
Xionkk9822:) what is your printer  an HP00:42
kk9822hp 205000:43
ohziebouma: Ubuntu is a fantastic desktop but if you want a system primarily for number crunching, you might go with something leaner like Arch or just straight debian instead of trying to cut everything out of Ubuntu that makes it awesome. =P00:43
PolahWhat's the command to search with apt-get?00:43
itaylor57Polah: I just thought pop and imap wasn't available anymore via hotmail, but I don't use it so I have no idea00:43
cubi_exutux: windows doesn't boot normally so I can't launch wubi. it does boot in safe mode but you said that wubi probably wouldn't work there?00:43
exutuxPolah: apt-cache search00:43
bastidrazorPolah: apt-cache search packagename00:43
exutuxbastidrazor: I win :p00:43
sarasany ideas00:43
Polahitaylor: It uses POP3 and SMTP from what I've seen and they're supported in Evolution00:43
bastidrazorexutux: ping times must be off.. it shows me first :)00:44
exutuxbastidrazor: :O00:44
nicholas_How do I start a programme that runs under wine ?00:44
nicholas_Where do i find the shoertcut?00:44
Xionkk there is support for linux in HP,i did install a driver myself to my mom's computer and works grate00:44
boumaohzie: i suppose you're right, some of this stuff is occasionally useful, 99%i never use the wireless but it is a laptop, same with bluetooth, but occasionally i want to send/rec files from my phone.. hrm00:44
Quintinchuckbartowski: what are you trying to install?  read the install directions.  also read in the directory you just unzipped INSTALL, and README00:45
kk9822i have a cd along with printer00:45
=== bootri is now known as Omega
ohziebouma: Well the best thing for you to do would be to find something in the middle. Have you tried LXDE?00:45
Quintinirssipimp: google "how to change environment variables linux" perhaps.00:45
nicholas_Jordan_U, Where do i find the shortcut for a program emulated with wine?00:45
chuckbartowskiJordan_U, thanks that worked a treat in installing firefox 4 cheers00:45
kk9822in that how to upload the drivers which file to upload00:45
DocfxitQuintin I have removed a few applications including all games. Nothing seems to make any room. Available is still zero.00:45
Xionin users and grups is there a group for apps like empathy00:45
exutuxcubi_: uhmmmm Windows run in safe graphics mode or in safe mode OS????00:45
kk9822ok xion i will try00:46
QuintinDocfxit: did you do `aptitude clean' ?00:46
chuckbartowskiQuintin, thanks for advice mate, Jordan_U helped me i was just trying to install firefox 4 and wasnt sure how, but got there sorry im a noob with linux, but trying to learn so dont have to pester you guys :)00:46
boumaohzie: the thing is, sometimes i have eg, mathematica running on a calc overnight, and i fully appreciate that it is in some ways the wrong tool, thats why i prototype with it and then reimplement in fortran (intel fort is pretty darn efficient in this domain) but i want the mathematica prototype to be correct so i can use it to compare against the results from ifort so i some verification of correctness00:46
cubi_exutux: the safe mode that's chosen in windows boot menu instead of starting normally00:46
Xionkk9822:) and is a debian to00:46
kk9822i will check00:47
Polahitaylor57: I got it to work; I was using the wrong encryption type.00:47
itaylor57Polah: good to hear00:47
DocfxitQuintin yes. That looked like it ran but didn't seem to free up any space. I'll run it again.00:48
nicholas_WINE question. How do I launch an exe programme installed with Wine?00:48
boumaohzie: plus the large community and dev pace of ubuntu is a big advantage, although im really not sure i like where the desktop is going, as it is i always turn off 3d wm/compositors00:48
exutuxcubi_: well I don't think that you can install something in this situation....but you can try00:48
bazhangnicholas_, right click open with wine00:48
red2kicnicholas_: wine Win32virus.exe00:48
Quintinnicholas_: usually it gets installed in your wine submenu in gnome... otherwise use "wine <program>" from command line00:48
boumanicholas_: right click and check that it has execute permission for your user, then double click :)00:49
irssipimpQuintin: i know that, but i felt, that this was not the right way to do this system wide.00:49
snake__is a universal binary mac application exec file able to run on linux? (it sure sounds like it should.)00:49
nicholas_Quintin, The problem is I dont have the wine submenu00:49
bazhangsnake__, no00:49
berefeiraanyone using miredo?00:49
Quintinnicholas_: logout and log in again, perhaps00:49
rwwsnake__: No. The "Universal" in "Universal Binary" means that it runs on PPC and Intel OS X installs.00:49
irssipimpQuintin: but i found /etc/default/locale, which was what i needed00:49
DocfxitQuintin After running it again it still shows Zero available00:49
ohziebouma: A lot of people do. Everyone has their thing. 10.04 is the first version I've ever actully used the window manager in gnome(minus compositing though.) I was using gnome with xfwm4 for the longest time.00:49
nicholas_Quintin, will try00:49
snake__rww, oh thanks for clearing that up for me :P00:50
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boumanicholas_: no matter if you're going to run from the prompt with ./winprog.exe, or from a gui, you need exec attribute set00:50
exutuxcubi_: my advise is always to resize your partition and install Ubuntu normally00:50
nicholas_Quintin, how do I log out?00:50
ohziebouma: But I, personally, have just had better luck with deb based systems than anything else, and Ubuntu is prettier than vanilla debian. :300:50
guitar431@nicolas you can also use vm-player to run windows crap00:50
nicholas_bouma,  In english please00:50
Quintinbouma: don't think X has to be set to do "wine <program>"00:50
Xioncan i remove complete the app keyring from my sistem00:50
Todd200Grrrr, can't duel boot ubuntu and windows on my laptop00:50
Xioni hate keyring00:50
Quintinnicholas_: go buy a mac.00:51
nicholas_bouma, how do I do that?00:51
dbuggerHello, im trying to install "enna" but i get this messages about unmet dependencies. What can I do? http://pastebin.com/Lh3DsytP00:51
SuparNoobie100no dont buy a mac00:51
nicholas_Quintin, Can U spare a dime00:51
Xiondbugger:) install dependencies00:51
nicholas_I have terrible ADHD am on welfare00:51
DocfxitTodd200 You can duel boot with system commander00:51
nicholas_Am an MD00:51
dbuggerXion, the packages listed dont exist in the apt00:51
boumanicholas_: my first suggestion was english, and applies to a gnome desktop, as in the typical ubuntu install + wine00:51
Todd200Docfxit: what is system commander?00:52
boumanicholas_: right click00:52
rwwnicholas_: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support, we're not interested in your personal life :(00:52
boumanicholas_: right click, and properties, permissions00:52
QuintinI'm pretty convinced he's trolling.00:52
Todd200HP is stupid and ships computers with 4 primary partitions00:52
sl33k_what is the syntax to install python packages setup.py ?00:52
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bazhangQuintin, lets move on00:52
Xiondbugger:) write the package here00:52
DocfxitTodd200 A program that will let you duel boot any OS.00:52
snake__Quintin, that's what I was thinking ;)00:52
Todd200sl33k_: sudo python setup.py install00:53
nicholas_rwlove, I do not appreciate being told to go buy a mac00:53
dbuggerthey are a lot. This are all of them: http://pastebin.com/Lh3DsytP00:53
rwwnicholas_: best to just ignore silly comments, then00:53
boumanicholas_: you're welcome00:53
Xionnicholas_:) yu are a menace to the chat00:53
bazhangXion, stop that00:53
dbuggerXion, http://pastebin.com/Lh3DsytP00:54
nicholas_bouma, Permissions then?00:54
nit-witdbugger, have you been here. http://enna.geexbox.org/download.html00:54
chuckbartowskihi guys can neone recommend a very lightweight pdf viewer which remembers page you last on? tried googling but only found few products from 2009 article called xpdf but always know someone may know of alternatives which are better00:54
nicholas_Xion, I am a menace to a lot of people00:54
chuckbartowskisorry not products, i meant apps00:55
Quintinchuckbartowski: evince is fine00:55
dbuggernit-wit, no, I tried it from the Ubuntu software center, and it crashed. and now im trying in the terminal, and it gives this message..00:55
magn3tsI've got a weird one. Any torrents in Deluge/Transmission/other on my Ubuntu machine KILLS my internet. Torrenting from Windows has ZERO probems. Any thoughts on what might casue this?00:55
guedesavHi, I just upgraded my Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.4 through do-release-upgrade(because the Update Manager was having some sort of server error every time I tried) and now when I boot the system, I get some IRQ related error when trying to access my main disk(sda2). I tried booting with irqpoll option, but then it gets stuck and never boots. Recovery mode also doesn't work. Any idea what's the matter?00:55
red2kicchuckbartowski: Don't close the PDF?00:55
chuckbartowskiQuintin, thanks for that the advice00:55
Xionnicholas_:) it has to be a room where u can talk all the silly stuff u want to,,please let people help00:55
Todd200Docfxit: all I can find is references to a 10 year old computer program00:55
kamranare there any instructions for configuring HP Laserjet 1102 printer for kubuntu 10.04 -00:55
chuckbartowskired2kic,  lol nah rather have program remember lol thanks for the tip tho lol haha00:55
red2kicchuckbartowski: Send it to a different workspace so it don't show up in your panel.00:56
nicholas_Bouma What after permissions ?00:56
DocfxitTodd200 I have no idea how old it is. All I know is it works.00:56
Quintinkamran: google "$myprinter linux support"00:56
red2kicchuckbartowski: I usually do that for Thunderbird because if I close it, I won't get libnotify popup. So I leave it open and I get mail notifcations.00:57
Azzy_112358Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with a little sound problem, my headphones are not detected, at all. Internal audio shows up, a friend who has ubuntu says that when I plug my headphones in, in the sound manager I should see a "jack" or "headphones" option show up on outbut, but all I have is internal...00:57
chuckbartowskired2kic,  didnt think of using other desktop, it's just reading a novel and if shut laptop down i know it can read it later00:58
QuintinAzzy_112358: does sound come out of your headphones?00:58
Azzy_112358None, whatsoever00:58
cyphasemy panel has frozen twice now00:58
Xiondbugger:) did u ever try this ppa - deb http://packages.geexbox.org/ karmic main00:58
dbuggerim not in Karmic, im in MAverick00:58
nicholas_bouma you need exec attribute set    meaning?00:58
Azzy_112358The computer doesn't even "notice" them. They are plugged in and the alerts from IRC are coming from my speakers.00:58
boumacan anyone tell me a little about arch, can i get some of the same effect as use flags, eg if a ubuntu package doesnt have certain compilation options then im either stuck with deps or without some functionality, but without the indeterminacy that can be gentoo00:59
bazhangbouma, arch? as in archlinux?00:59
Azzy_112358I've installed Ubuntu before and it didn't work either, never managed to go past this problem00:59
boumaim imagining instead of binaries for every possible combination of use flag and arch, just a couple of common sets00:59
chuckbartowskiQuintin, with evince is there a way of making a shortcut in start menu? i dont see a link to it in my start menu i can launch it though from terminal01:00
boumabazhang: yup, as in archlinux01:00
Azzy_112358Same version, it's clean, all I had to do was edit the grub, "acpi = copy_dsdt". Other than that, it's mint condition01:00
Quintinchuckbartowski: start menu?  wtf?01:00
xanguabouma:  /join #archlinux01:00
bazhangbouma, check their support channel01:00
Quintinchuckbartowski: what desktop are you using?01:00
dbuggerWell, seems like no media center for Linux for now01:00
dbuggerThanks anyway01:00
Quintindbugger: linux has tons of media crap01:00
bazhangdbugger, mediatomb? others?01:00
chuckbartowskiQuintin, sorry i'm new to linux, im using lubuntu 10.10, the start menu is like windows start button where it lists all programs, lubuntu has it's own version,01:01
Xiondbugger:) try it01:01
Azzy_112358Headphones dont work, microphone doesn't work...01:01
dbuggerThat's not what I want01:01
dbuggerI want some sort of Media Center, not a web UI01:01
chuckbartowskiQuintin,  ubuntu's is listed as applications on panel01:01
Quintinchuckbartowski: no idea.  google "lxde make menu shortcut" or such01:02
dbuggerXion, Im not too savvy on Linuxy-things. I like things working pretty much out of the box. If I have to meddle with the system, Id rather not do it.01:02
Quintinchuckbartowski: maybe ask #lubuntu or #lxde01:02
LittleRedAzzy: you check the sound preferences... right?01:02
XionAzzy_112358:) install equalizer01:02
chuckbartowskiQuintin,  thanks01:02
pcpowerdbugger: good luck01:02
Quintinwhy the hell is ubiquity not starting on my lubuntu disc01:02
dbuggerpcpower, ty01:03
bazhang!cn | haoyihuan_01:03
ubottuhaoyihuan_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk01:03
nicholas_when installing a .exe under wine and it says recommend U close all other applications, is that true also in linux ?01:03
Azzy_112358from where?01:04
boomtntanyone here have experience with patching driver for injection with aircrack :-/01:04
rwwnicholas_: I ignore those messages on both Windows and Linux ;)01:04
nicholas_rwlove, hanks01:04
bazhangboomtnt, /join #aircrack-ng01:04
pcpowerwith every new version of ubuntu I try to use, there is a new different set of bugs that totally makes it unusable for me01:04
bazhangpcpower, then file some bugs01:04
boomtntbazhang, no one there :(01:04
linxehpcpower: welcome to computer software!01:05
bazhangboomtnt, sure there is01:05
pcpowerbazhang: what's the point, I never have these problems with other distros, so I just use something else01:05
linxehpcpower: some of us curse at microsoft for the same. some of us have microsoft consultants on site for 6 months at a time trying to find solutions to such bugs - at great expense.01:05
boomtntbazhang: i mean i post my question there for a while but no one answered01:05
Azzy_112358Can't find equalizer01:05
chmkhow do I check disk. When I do "fdisk -l" - it says "can't read /dev/sda". How can I check /dev/sda? seems like fsck checks only working partitions.01:05
bazhangpcpower, file/fix bugs; complaints in #ubuntu-offtopic01:05
pcpowerchmk: you need to be root01:05
linxehpcpower: if you dont file bugs then you dont help fix them - either for yourself or others. you also prove you are troll.01:05
bazhangboomtnt, then be patient01:06
bazhanglinxeh, thats uncalled for01:06
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Quintinchmk: why are you wanting to do that?01:06
pcpowertroll? lol. I do file bugs, and they never get any responses01:06
linxehbazhang: shrug01:06
Quintinmy bug reports generally get responded to01:06
Quintin...18-24 months after I file them.01:06
bazhangpcpower, this is hardly the place to rant about bugs01:06
nicholas_when installling with wine: Create shortcut on desktop?01:06
rwwI really wish people didn't call each other trolls. All it does it make the situation worse :(01:06
shipshiphi! i installed ubuntu a few days ago. now i wanted to use grid. but when i aktivate it i cant use it. any idea why?01:07
nicholas_rwlove, whats a troll?01:07
pcpowerbazhang: I could paste my report, but would it do any good?01:07
bazhangpcpower, sure it would01:07
Quintinnicholas_: could you please go be stupid somewhere else01:07
bazhangQuintin, stop that01:07
rwwnicholas_: my nick is not rwlove ;)01:07
IdleOneQuintin: be civil please01:07
linxehbazhang: sorry, I've had people bashing linux all day at me at work - yet we have microsoft consultants trying to figure out why all the workstaitons lose printer mappings, but then prevent users from remapping those printers (but they can map different ones fine). Oh, and the fact that profiles get wiped out on average once a fortnight. but they all say microsoft rock. I probably shouldnt use the internet when I'm so fed up of shills and trolls at01:07
Quintinall three of you can sod off01:08
ohsixpcpower: the best part of that new version new bugs, is if you reported all of them for the previous version, and so on :D01:08
rwwlinxeh: Correct, you probably shouldn't.01:08
tensorpuddingshipship: what's grid01:08
Scott271howdy! gwibber/ff issue: youtube vid that was posted to my FB w/gwibber open keeps opening new tabs in FF for said video01:08
nicholas_rww The client did that01:08
pcpowerlet me find it on launchpad with my slower-than-56k internet01:08
bazhangpcpower, okay01:08
ohsixQuintin: you need to keep on top of your bugs as much as the people reading them do01:08
linxehpcpower: the more evidence there of problems exists then the more people have to go on when fixing bugs. if only one person complains and gives a use case then its often very hard to track bugs down.01:08
nicholas_Quintin, I do NOT know what a troll is01:08
Scott271how do I make it stop?01:08
Azzy_112358Sigh, you meant asla equalizer?01:08
ohsixQuintin: keep them current, add messages for new versions if something still happens01:08
shipshipits like windows+right in windows 7. to put a window to the half right or left of a windows01:08
IdleOnenicholas_: it is an insult. please just ignore it.01:09
linxehrww: my apologies, I wont do it here again :)01:09
rwwnicholas_: someone who causes disruption in a channel for their own amusement, basically.01:09
QuintinKind of like he's been doing for 35 minutes?01:09
nicholas_Quintin, I do NOT know what a troll is01:09
GT-slackinnicholas_, a troll is a troll01:09
Quintinnicholas_: Do you know what google is?01:09
GT-slackinurban dictionary01:09
LjLok, everybody, please stop this quarrel01:10
tensorpuddingkeep on topic guys01:10
guitar431A troll is a person who uses chat rooms as a fighting arena :)01:10
LittleRednicholas: look it up on urban dictionary01:10
GT-slackinguitar431, one example01:10
SuparNoobie100is it possible to install ubuntu on macbook without mac os x?01:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:10
ohsixa troll is someone that lives under a bridge and extorts anyone who would cross :D01:10
QuintinSuparNoobie100: yes, why wouldn't it be?01:10
bazhangSuparNoobie100, sure01:10
jrib!mac | SuparNoobie10001:10
ubottuSuparNoobie100: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:10
nicholas_Quintin, and U do U know what a PITA is?01:10
LjLnicholas_: enough please01:10
Quintinnicholas_: I suggest you learn how to use google.01:10
Scott271howdy! gwibber/ff issue: youtube vid that was posted to my FB w/gwibber open keeps opening new tabs in FF for said video01:10
rwwAlrighty, squabble time is over. Further squabbling will result in timeouts. Back to Ubuntu support in 3... 2... 1... 0.01:11
Jordan_USuparNoobie100: Yes, but it's recommended to keep an OSX install for firmware upgrades if nothing else.01:11
Scott271how do I make it stop?01:11
mickster04Scott271: that sounds like normal01:11
guitar431@GT-slackin What do you mean with example :)01:11
Scott271can I stop it?01:11
nadster33I'm running ubuntu 10.04 on a old system with a geforce mx 4000 after a round of updates I'm unable to login, it tries then returns to the login screen01:11
amh345im trying to cp ssl.* /etc/apache2/blah  but im getting ssl.load and sll.conf are the same file errors.01:11
mickster04Scott271: right click copy link?01:11
tripelbHello, is there any reporting of the latest update breaking Ubuntu?  (overheard part of a conversation and I'm half way through the update, have not rebooted yet) Thanks......01:12
pcpowerbazhang: here it is01:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 728830 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Reproducible: OpenGL application segfaults Xorg (w/ nvidia driver) every 15 minutes" [Undecided,New]01:12
bazhangpcpower, checking now01:12
tripelbuh oh there is nadster33 reporting. Any more?01:12
nicholas_Quintin, If U spent more time answering questions and not making snyde remarks, it would be most helpful. Now about shortcuts?01:12
tripelbAny way I can go back?01:12
Quintinnadster33: look at /var/log/X.org.0 or such01:12
guedesavHello again, I'm still having problems to boot my newly upgraded lucid, it gives me some messages about disablign IRQs then it plain stops. I disabled the quiet option(the splash plainly doesn't work) and I can see it keeps trying to activate USB devices that aren't there, and does nothing else. Anyone can help?01:12
Scott271mickster04, it just opens on it's own01:12
Quintinnicholas_: I am not your personal support, you idiot.01:12
ohsixpcpower: fwiw, if theres a proprietary driver involved, a lot of people viewing them consider the possible problem in that driver, and possibly unsolvable, before even looking at it01:12
rwwQuintin, nicholas_: Come back in 15 minutes or so.01:13
pcpowerohsix: hence my frustration :)01:13
guedesavOh, yes, I also tried to boot with "irqpoll" as suggested, but it doesn't work. Still gets stuck.01:13
ac7sstripleb: I am running 10.04, and 10.10 on multiple computers and not having any trouble.01:13
SuparNoobie100Jordan_U: yeah i would but i dont have mac os x cd and the old hd crashed01:13
cubi_exutux: wow, wubi did work from safe mode! I didn't expect it to, either01:13
ohsixpcpower: well you should be bothering nvidia too, or only; they'll try and reproduce it as much as anyone, and have the resources to look at their driver01:13
onwardAll these disk accesses are really slowing my computer. I almost can't work with it.01:14
pcpowerohsix: I've tried, nvidia won't be bothered unless you buy thousands of chips from them01:14
tripelbQuintin, Please read my lips. Objectivity. Handle the dolts with silence, or acting only on the clear part of their communication. I ast "as if" they meant well. I just act helpful if at all. It doesnt matter if they come around but they might.  Peace out bro, from a sis.01:14
xguruwtf....   anyone help with this simple issue.   http://pastebin.com/uUxu1yUn01:14
Azzy_112358Ok, nothing01:14
ohsixpcpower: yea, by email or business support; but a lot of testers and "linux" people at nvidia are on the forum01:14
kamranwhats the command for running hp setup on terminal ?01:15
pcpowerxguru: sudo apt-get install libzlib-dev01:15
nikkiihow do i list all users on ubuntu?01:15
pcpowercat /etc/passwd01:15
pcpowerkamran: hp setup?01:15
Azzy_112358So, no one can get this working01:15
tripelbxguru, that pastebin doesnt get bigger with cntl-+ and I cant read it.01:15
xgurupcpower: thanks, i assumed it was installed with build-essentials01:16
tripelbplease, is there a problem with the latest 10.04 update. Please tell me.01:16
=== tripelb is now known as IAMAgirl
kamrani thought there was some command that would make the system detect the printer attached01:16
IAMAgirlplease, is there a problem with the latest 10.04 update. Please tell me.01:16
Jordan_USuparNoobie100: Yes, just install as you would with a PC and if not all your hardware works then look for some mac specific guides. Ignore any guide that tells you to install grub to a partition, you want grub in the MBR (which is where it is installed by default).01:16
ac7ssIAMAgirl: Not on my main machine.01:17
pcpowerJordan_U: MBR on a mac?01:17
=== Jasonn is now known as sixsixsix
mickster04IAMAgirl: what kind of a problem , please tell us all01:17
chmkpcpower, I did sudo fdisk -l01:17
Jordan_Upcpower: THe mbr is the first sector of a disk. All disks have an mbr, even if they're using GPT rather than an msdos partition table.01:17
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.01:17
monaDeveloperI just had kde 4.7 installed01:18
Azzy_112358Sigh. Fine, thanks anyway, I guess.01:18
SuparNoobie100Jordan_U: iv tried many iso to boot from usb but none work01:18
monaDeveloperand I had gnome as well01:18
pcpowerchmk: then maybe /dev/sda does not actually point to a hard drive01:18
mickster04!enter | monaDeveloper01:18
monaDeveloperbut I need my user to be able to login to kde01:18
ubottumonaDeveloper: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:18
ac7ssIAMAgirl: what is the issue you are having?01:18
pcpowermaybe /dev/hda ?01:18
ohsixJordan_U: i thought on efi/mac's there was a blessed loader, you don't change the mbr01:19
mickster04monaDeveloper: you can, just select it when you select the username to log in with01:19
headsethi all how do  i turn off Compiz 10.1001:19
mickster04headset: system>pref>appearance01:19
xanguaheadset: system>prefs>appearence01:19
monaDevelopermickster: it's not allowed always logs me on to gnome01:19
ohsixunless it's via bootcamp, not native01:19
mickster04headset: the last tab i think, select "None"01:19
=== Roniga is now known as Aginor
mickster04monaDeveloper: well don'01:19
DisturbanceHi, is there any way to force windows to your screen size, my res is 800x480 and many windows are cut off at the bottom and will not maximize, so I cannot click them.01:19
mickster04monaDeveloper: well don't let it autolog in01:19
Jordan_USuparNoobie100: Apple's BIOS implementation is buggy and doesn't support booting from USB. You can make a bootable USB drive using grub-efi.01:20
mickster04Disturbance: alt+mouse drag moves the window from anywhere on that window01:20
Azzy_112358Come on. All that's left is my headphone jack and microphone, then everything will be working01:20
monaDevelopermickster: I understand what you mean01:20
ac7ssDisturbance, try ALT-[space] to access the menu.01:20
IAMAgirlac7ss - the issue I am having is fear and trepedation of losing use of my computer. (I hear rumor.) I have installed the latest update, but not rebooted.  -- thanks for picking up on me. -- Ub 10.04 old dell (PCI-AGP)01:20
monaDevelopermickster: I have kdm as my default manager01:20
mickster04monaDeveloper: so you select the user, but before you type the keyboard you get the option to change the enviroment?01:20
ac7ssDisturbance: from there there is a menu to move the window, etc01:20
monaDevelopermickster: no01:20
nadster33xorg.0.log what should i be looking for in here? if something is wrong01:20
ohsixJordan_U: it's not really buggy, it's just efi01:21
IAMAgirlDisturbance, what mickster04 told you is so cool. It's a wonder and a help!!01:21
mickster04monaDeveloper: at the bottom? you normally do?01:21
monaDevelopermickster: there is no choice for the user but whenever I type my user name and password it logs me on to gnome01:21
ohsixJordan_U: they wont boot el torito either :D01:21
mickster04!tab | monaDeveloper01:21
headsetvisual effects ?01:21
ubottumonaDeveloper: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:21
Disturbancemickster04: Thanks that works, however I'll mainly be accessing it through a touch screen phone through vnc, is there any way that doesn't involve holding a key?01:21
mickster04monaDeveloper: don't type your password01:21
ac7ssIAMAgirl: No problems here. if it doesn't reboot correctly, use the bootloader to use an old kernel.01:21
=== sixsixsix is now known as Jasonn
mickster04Disturbance: you're pushing it a bit eh01:22
mickster04monaDeveloper: just before you type your password you get to checnge it01:22
Jordan_Uohsix: Thier BIOS implementation is buggy as it doesn't handle booting from USB. Their BIOS implementation does support el torito, their EFI implementation is rather buggy as well.01:22
mickster04monaDeveloper: or it will be the bottom left?01:22
ac7ssIAMAgirl: Do you have any special drivers? (wireless in particular.)01:22
Disturbancemickster04 just having some fun with the new phone, not a pressing issue :)01:22
sacarlsonDisturbance: also you can <alt> left click drag the window to a point that you can click what you need01:22
monaDevelopermickster: ok01:23
ohsixJordan_U: i'm talking about when bootcamp isn't in play01:23
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.01:23
Disturbancesacarlson thanks as well01:23
ohsixbut i'll defer to you01:23
headsethmm ati cards dont like ubuntu that much01:23
ac7ssheh ubottu thinks he is Marvin.01:23
pssalmani have installed ubuntu 10.10 but my internet connection drops every 5 minutes01:25
pssalmanany help01:25
Azzy_112358I guess its useless then.01:25
Azzy_112358I cant believe I might go back to windows because linux screws up my sound.01:25
mickster04!tab | momoz01:26
ubottumomoz: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:26
bazhangAzzy_112358, got padevchooser and pavucontrol installed?01:26
ohsixis that a threat01:26
sacarlsonpssalman: I think that's mostly caused by network-manager if you have wifi try wicd or wpa-gui01:26
mickster04momoz: sorry wrong nick01:26
bazhangpssalman, what chipset01:26
guedesavHello again. I just upgrades my karmic to lucid, it wasn't bootin. Now I tried booting with "noapic nolapic" and without "quiet splash", and the "disabling IRQ" messages stopped, but it suddenly enters graphic mode and sets the splash screen(even though I told it NOT TO) and my screen is all flickering, so I can't see a damn thing. Can someone help me now?01:26
ohsixbazhang: padevchooser is deprecated/obsolete01:26
Azzy_112358Mmm, no01:26
guitar431if you go back to windows you will go back to surveilance, big brother and an open standard back door for the fbi01:27
SuparNoobie100nothing to hide!01:27
Azzy_112358I take that back, padevchooser is installed and updated.01:27
bazhangohsix, in favor of what? its in maverick and natty still01:27
nicholas_I installed Palm desktop via Wine but do not have a shortcut nor for it nor for wine...01:27
pssalmansacarlson: i am on a normal desktop with no wifi... just wired network and i have uninstalled the default network manager and installed wicd but same problem01:27
Zupis the Ubuntu support channel?01:27
bazhangZup, yes01:27
ac7ssZup: yup01:27
Zupbazhang: thankyou01:28
IAMAgirlac7ss, excellent. How do I do that ie how do I "use the bootloader (you mean grub right?) to use an old kernel" -- no wireless. I'm greatly vanilla (+picasa,VLC,IRC,wine never-used, abiword, cheese) and ethernet-connected. --  Now I remember that grub/2? gievs me this long list at startup (bla bla, bla bla recovery, bla bla, ...)  Maybe this is a list of old kernels?01:28
nikkiihow do i list all users on ubuntu?01:28
ohsixbazhang: pavucontrol, and i don't see padevchooser around anymore01:28
bazhangnikkii, on your system?01:28
sacarlsonpssalman: when it's disconnected what is seen in ifconfig?  and route ? also see what becomes of the contents of /etc/resolv.conf01:28
bazhang!info padevchooser | ohsix01:28
chmkQuintin, I need to recover that HDD, the problem is, there are a few partitions, one of them is windows and the windows loads, but there is an unpartitioned space that I want to install Ubuntu on, but I can't partition that empty space, it gives me an input/output error gparted and in disk manager.01:28
ubottuohsix: padevchooser (source: padevchooser): PulseAudio Device Chooser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-2ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 19 kB, installed size 132 kB01:28
Azzy_112358I believe Linux is detecting my soundcard correctly, at least the name is right01:28
ohsixbazhang: you have to go out of your way to install it01:29
Azzy_112358But it's like the jack doesn't exist. Nor the inbuild microphone01:29
guedesavHello again. I just upgrades my karmic to lucid, it wasn't bootin. Now I tried booting with "noapic nolapic" and without "quiet splash", and the "disabling IRQ" messages stopped, but it suddenly enters graphic mode and sets the splash screen(even though I told it NOT TO) and my screen is all flickering, so I can't see a damn thing. Can someone help me now?01:29
nikkiibazhang, yes but not currently on, i want to list ones that are even not currently on01:29
bazhangohsix, that hardly means obselete01:29
ohsixbazhang: anyways, this isn't very important, theres like 2 checkboxes that are in padevchooser that load modules that people rely on01:29
ZupI have a question..... I had webcamstudio  installed then took it off and erased all the left over files... however when I run "locate webcamstudio" files come up, but in a gui root search, there are no files... look at my screen shot.... http://imagebin.org/14463001:29
ac7ssIAMAgirl: during the boot, there is a time to press ESC. then you can access the old kernels in a menu. Shouldn't need that though. The biggest troubles I have had were with Wireless and video. Video has a failback mode that will allow you to repair.01:29
Todd200I love swap01:30
ohsixbazhang: i didn't base my judgement on whether you have to manually install it, it's long from upstream01:30
chmkpcpower, when I look in disk manager, it sees all partitions and it shows it as /dev/sda, but even in disk manager, I cannot partition unpartitioned space in it, it thinks for a while, then times out and says input/output error.01:30
Todd200What is the speed difference between wubi and native install?01:30
pcpowerchmk: maybe the drive is bad?01:30
ac7ssThanks for the [TAB] info. saves a lot of typing in IRC.01:30
nicholas_ If I get no answer, how long to wait B4 i repeat my question ? I installed Palm desktop via Wine but do not have a shortcut nor for it nor for wine...01:31
ohsixnicholas_: #winehq brah01:31
bazhangnicholas_, whats the listing in the appdb01:31
Azzy_112358So, padevchooser is installed and so is pavcontrol01:31
ac7ssnicholas_, do you have a wine entry in your program dropdown?01:31
nicholas_ac7ss, I do not01:31
guedesavHello again. I just upgrades my karmic to lucid, it wasn't bootin. Now I tried booting with "noapic nolapic" and without "quiet splash", and the "disabling IRQ" messages stopped, but it suddenly enters graphic mode and sets the splash screen(even though I told it NOT TO) and my screen is all flickering, so I can't see a damn thing. Can someone help me now? BTW, it was working fine in intrepid, jaunty and karmic.01:32
chmkpcpower, existing windows partition loads from it. That's the point, I know that something is wrong with the disk, but obviously, I can't check it with fsck, the question was how do I check it then?01:32
IAMAgirlac7ss, what is that "list of ubuntus" I see when I boot up?  (The HD is an XP dual boot.)01:32
nicholas_ac7ss, I have been trying to solve that problem for ages01:32
ac7ssnicholas_, I cannot tell you how to add that, perhaps someone else here....01:32
IAMAgirlchmk, I cant fix you but I'm interested. Are you doing this - by booting from a liveCD?01:33
ohsixnicholas_: the desktop integration stuff isn't 100%, so it can't be expected that .desktop entries show up for everything you install; you might have to run it manually01:33
sacarlsonguedesav: did you run proprietary video drivers before the upgrade?01:33
drcnicholas_: if you look in Edit Menu, is wine listed anywhere in there (maybe unchecked)?01:33
Jordan_USuparNoobie100: If you can it's easiest to boot from a CD, using this iso if you want to do a 64 bit install you'll need to use the +mac iso (which works around a bug in Apple's firmware). I know there is a version for Ubuntu but all I can find at the moment is the one for kubuntu: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/ports/releases/10.10/release/kubuntu-10.10-alternate-amd64+mac.iso01:33
ac7ssIAMAgirl, The list of ubuntus is a listing of the kernels. if the top one doesn't work, you can select the one below it. (not the safe mode one, the one below that.)01:33
Azzy_112358Well, I really need sound on my headphones, aint restricting my video editing to times when people are not around.01:34
chmkpcpower, I don't believe that in a such powerful and old OS, as linux no disk check/recovery programs.01:34
nicholas_drc, I know that there is this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107464601:34
chmkIAMAgir, yes01:34
ac7ssnicholas_, I am running the netbook edition now, so I cannot try it myself. (the menu system is different.)01:35
headsetallways been problems ati cards with ubuntu ?01:35
guedesavsacarlson: I just booted my newly installed Intrepid and upgraded it to Jaunty, then Karmic and then Lucid. For all I know, it should be at least displaying with a 648x480 resolution like the others did.01:35
nicholas_ohsix, As I was saying to drc: I came accross this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107464601:35
nicholas_ac7ss, thks for trying01:35
guedesavsacarlson: also, all I have is an onboard sis671 video card. I don't think that'd be a problem.01:36
coz_guedesav,  I dont think sis has a 3d acceleration driver for linux  at this time if that was what you wanted01:37
ohsixbazhang: fwiw, gnome-volume-control can do everything aside from moving streams; but its device tab does move streams as people expect01:37
guedesavcoz_: I don't use 3d acceleration, I just want a monitor that works01:37
greg__Im new to linux, how can i change owner permissions for my /home folder? I can view files but cant cut/copy/paste anything.01:37
drcnicholas_: You didn't answer my question01:37
coz_guedesav,  ah ok... is it not giving you the proper resolution?01:37
guedesavcoz_: It's not giving me nothing. The screen is flickering and I can't see a damn thing.01:38
guedesavcoz_: and this will sound bitter, but it worked all fine in 8.04. I hate upgrading my system, and that's the reason.01:38
nicholas_drc, Sorrry no its not01:38
SuparNoobie100Jordan_U: I tried that but cd drive is dead i think01:38
coz_guedesav,  yes i understand... which version are you on now?01:38
guedesavcoz_: as I said three times already, lucid.01:38
Austin_Whats the term for a Ubuntu newbie (or, Someone who only half-knows the terminal in Ubuntu, Or, GUI Windows Junkie)?01:38
fr00gCan anybody tell me if it's possible to minimize Evolution to the messaging menu?01:39
ohsixAustin_: "a normal person"01:39
IAMAgirlac7ss, thanks a lot. I've put learn a lot more about how ubuntu works on my list. Even how a driver works, on the way to learning how to write one.01:39
guedesavcoz_: my intrepid got all freaky yesterday, when I came here they told me to install lucid or a newer version. But since I don't have a CD for lucid, I had to start at intrepid and do the upgrades. Now it's not working. yay.01:39
coz_guedesav,  sorry  I didnt see that ,,, i dont know if there is a new driver in .deb format01:39
nicholas_drc I read it had to do with a delete line somewhere that had to be removed01:39
coz_guedesav, oooo  that actually may be the issue then01:39
drcnicholas_: was it <ever> in the menu (maybe installed and uninstalled earlier)?01:40
guedesavcoz_: ...really01:40
coz_guedesav,  I 'never" suggest upgrading01:40
coz_guedesav,  it can cause more issues than it solves  ... at times01:40
Austin_Yow! flooding!01:40
nicholas_drc, I was once upon a time01:40
Jordan_Uguedesav: SiS cards are the worst supported graphics cards in linux by far. If you can change cards, do.01:40
guedesavcoz_: It's onboard. I don't think I can change it.01:40
coz_very true^^01:40
Austin_@ohsix Lol, I guess maybe I am normal after all.01:40
nicholas_drc, Google says it is a known issue s for your missing menu shortcuts, look for a Wine entry in /home/<user name>/.config/menus/applications.menu. It should have a <Deleted/> on the end of it like this:01:40
FloodBot3nicholas_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:40
coz_guedesav,  do you have an agp or pcie slot on the system01:41
nicholas_oops sorry01:41
drcnicholas_: I've seen this on my machine before, let me think on what I did to resolve this (it was a while ago)01:41
ac7ssIAMAgirl, Thats more ambitiious than me. I just write scripts and such.01:41
cubi_SuparNoobie100: I don't know if there's something special with Macbooks, but I had trouble installing Ubuntu on a Mac mini, until installing a separate bootloader called rEFIt01:41
Azzy_112358So, no one is able to help me with this. I have a useless mic and headphones.01:42
guedesavcoz_: I never opened this thing, but it's a laptop. Also, I'd like to use my Ubuntu in less than a week, so unless you have any idea how I can get my lucid to work in text mode so I can at least try to install the driver I have, I'll go reformat my disk and reinstall intrepid on it so I can get back to using it normally like I did.01:42
coz_guedesav,  and I think i deleted the last  sis driver in .deb package I  found01:42
IAMAgirl Azzy_112358, still here01:42
fr00gCan anybody tell me if it's possible to minimize Evolution to the messaging menu?01:42
Jordan_USuparNoobie100: I don't have enough time right now to walk through making a USB drive that's bootable on an intel mac but it is possilbe and I will likely have time tomorrow.01:42
Azzy_112358Well, this is less than a nightmare than my old PC, with a Unichrome.01:42
coz_guedesav,  ah darn,, this is going to be painful... can you back up the files you need and maybe download the  minimal install cd which is only 12 megs and burn it/01:42
drcnicholas_: The second message in the link you posted was how I solved the problem.  Make sure you back up the file or you may make your menu problem worse (experience :)01:43
Jordan_Uguedesav: Can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?01:43
guedesavcoz_: I can't burn cds. My CD driver is busted. PRoblem is, I think I had this same problem whn I installed 10.04 from a CD way back ago.01:43
guedesavJordan_U: I can't access Ubuntu at all, so I think not.01:43
coz_guedesav,  ooo01:43
IAMAgirlAzzy_112358, If you dont mind someone asking stuff similar to "is it plugged in?" and going from there, tell me.01:43
sacarlsonguedesav: to get to text mode you might try <ctl><alt> f2  and to return to graphics if it worked <clt><alt> f701:43
semehey guys.. I've been trying to find out why but network-manager and wicd are both broken on 10.10... I read somthing about it being broken by some update but I can't figure out what it is... basically it shows me the wireless networks and asks me to authenticate but just keeps aasking me for my password01:43
Jordan_Uguedesav: What happens when you try to boot?01:43
guedesavsacarlson: No. The text mode is all flickery too.01:43
nicholas_drc I need step by step help on that one01:43
Azzy_112358It's okay01:43
nicholas_How do I back up the file ?01:44
Azzy_112358I've seen cases where those questions would fix the issue, you never know xD01:44
Jordan_Uguedesav: NVM, see it in scrollback.01:44
sacarlsonguedesav: then boot the older kernel at boot time01:44
Jordan_Uguedesav: Try holding shift during boot to get the grub menu and select the recovery mode entry.01:44
guedesavsacarllson: I tried, it didn't boot. I think 10.04 pretty much ruined them all.01:44
drcnicholas_: that message gives you step by step01:44
nicholas_drc How do I back up?01:44
Jordan_Uguedesav: If you can get to a shell that way try "mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak" then reboot.01:45
guedesavBTW, I just remembered the first time I installed Ubuntu here in this machine I had to do this "noapic nolapic" thing too. I'm pretty sure it was lucid now, that's why I settled with intrepid in the first place...01:45
greg__Im new to linux, how can i change owner permissions for my /home folder? I can view files but cant cut/copy/paste anything.01:45
drcnicholas_: copy the file under a different name, like <filename.old> or whatever you want01:45
jribgreg__: what do you want to cut/copy/paste and why?01:45
sacarlsonguedesav: I don't know how an install could mess up an older kernel text mode,  you sure you tried <ctl><alt> f2 ?01:45
nicholas_drc iIt says to delete the <delete> but my menu is different01:45
guedesavJordan_U: if you scrollback you might find out that I already said even the text mode is flickery.01:45
sl33k_How do i find where is my eclipse/dropins directory?01:46
guedesavsacarlson: yes. I tried ctrl alt F1 to F12. All flickering.01:46
ac7ssgreg__, do you mean your /home or /home/USERNAME ?01:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:46
Azzy_112358God, my website is all screwed up on Linux's firefox o.o01:46
sacarlsonguedesav: on each of the kernal vesion you now have in grub2 menu?01:46
drcnicholas_: pastebin your menu and give us the link01:46
Azzy_112358But Chrome got it back together.01:46
K350Simple soundrecorder? Gonna rec somehting from the web..suggestions?01:46
guedesavsacarlson: I don't remember the numbers, but they are the versions used from intrepid to lucid.01:47
Austin_Do you think i can run ubuntu on my ibm thinkpad 755c?01:47
sl33k_ How do i find where is my eclipse/dropins directory?01:47
nicholas_drc, how do I "pastebin" a menu?01:47
guedesavBTW, right now I'm in Windows trying to find out what to do.01:47
sacarlsonguedesav: what happend do 8.04 kernel? is than not still there?01:47
drc!pastebin | nicholas_01:47
ubottunicholas_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:47
fr00gDoes anyone know of anything like TinyGrab for Linux?01:47
bazhangAustin_, what specs01:47
coz_greg__,  when you try to copy paste in home are you getting an error dialog ?01:47
bazhangAzzy_112358, anything what01:48
greg__ac7ss, when I try to cut/copy/paste/ any file/folder to somewhere else the options on the right click context menu are greyed out01:48
guedesavsacarlson: yes, it is there. Your point?01:48
sl33k_ How do i find where is my eclipse/dropins directory?01:48
drcnicholas_: the menu <file>, the one that message said to edit01:48
Jordan_Uguedesav: I have personal, painfull, experience with SiS cards and I can probably get things working but I need to leave now. Will you be here tomorrow?01:48
ac7ssgreg__, what is the target folder?01:48
sacarlsonguedesav: well I can only asume you tried text mode in each01:48
coz_sl33k_,  not sure but you can try to open your home directory  then hit ctrl+h  to show hidden files and look to see if there is a  .eclipse folder01:48
greg__Please change to another color as i cant see your name when in yellow01:48
nicholas_drc One sec I have several lemme paste them01:48
Azzy_112358I was still hoping someone had an idea on why my sound stuff is limited to my builtin speakers...01:48
guedesavJordan_U: by tomorrow I'd like to get this solved once and for all, so if I don't get any progress here I'm going back to 8.04, support or no support.01:48
Austin_18 MB Ram *lol* 1.43 GB HDD *lol* some old processor that takes a while to work,01:49
ac7ssgreg__, I am not making the color change. it is on your client.01:49
bazhangAustin_, then no01:49
pssalmansacarlson: did you see my last msg01:49
guedesavsacarlson: yep. IF you want I can try them all again with "noapic nolapic", since I'm not sure I did that01:49
Austin_lol, I know.01:49
coz_greg__,   what size hard drive do you have on that system?01:49
bazhangAustin_, so why ask01:49
guedesavsorry, I meant 8.1001:49
Austin_small talk, really.01:49
greg__ac7ss, just another folder in my /home folder. IE move a file from say documents to letters01:49
bazhangAustin_, this is support; chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please01:49
Jordan_Uguedesav: 8.04 is still (just barely) supported since it's an LTS release.01:50
sacarlsonpssalman: no I looked back two pages and see nothing01:50
ac7ssgreg__, /home is not your home, it is where user home directorys are located. Your home directory would be /home/greg__/01:50
nicholas_drc, Here is my screen shot http://imagebin.org/144634     what should i open and edit ?01:50
guedesavJordan_U: yea, but I don't think a lot of the software I used will work with the old versions of the packages.01:50
mdgnice screen shot01:50
guedesavWell, I'm going to try booting all the kernels again. Maybe they've decided to work all of a sudden.01:51
Jordan_Uguedesav: There's likely many more backported packages for 8.04 than 8.10.01:51
Austin_Oh. right.01:51
pssalmansacarlson: this is the ifconfig when disconnected from internet...01:51
coz_greg__,  and if you try  drag and drop  do you get an error01:51
pssalmansacarlson: ifconfig01:51
pssalmaneth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1c:c0:e9:67:f001:51
pssalman          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
pssalman          inet6 addr: fe80::21c:c0ff:fee9:67f0/64 Scope:Link01:51
pssalman          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:101:51
FloodBot3pssalman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
pssalman          RX packets:39271 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:001:51
greg__ac7ss, yes, sorry, I cant copy/paste/move/delete anything in my /home/greg folder01:52
drcnicholas_: no I meant pastebin the /home/<user name>/.config/menus/applications.menu file01:52
coz_greg__,  out of cuiosity  open a terminal and type      df -l    that is an lower case L at the end01:52
sacarlsonpssalman: try pastebinit next time,  that looks good did you check /etc/resolv.conf and route?01:52
ac7ssgreg__, go to a terminal and check permissions of /home/greg 'ls -l /home/'01:53
nicholas_drc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584577/01:53
Austin_@greg.  sudo nautilus, that will fix it temporarily.01:54
pssalmansacarlson: just go to that site and paste... am new to all those stuff01:54
greg__ac7ss, ok01:54
Austin_The window that opens up will give you all permissions in folders.01:54
sacarlson!pastebin | pssalman01:54
ubottupssalman: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:54
Guest24640 Hi.. I've problem in using the external hard drive.. Sea gate external drive keeps disconnecting..01:54
LadyNikonGuest24640: you should say what the problem is01:54
chmkso, anybody knows how to recover HDDisks?01:55
Guest24640External hard drive keeps disconnecting01:55
greg__ac7ss,  This is the output... "total 20 drwxr-xr-x  44 greg greg  4096 2011-03-24 10:59 greg drwx------.  2 root root 16384 2010-05-31 16:46 lost+found"01:55
LadyNikonGuest24640: sorry my client only showed " i have a problem"01:55
Austin_@chmk what do you mean, recover?01:55
puffI'm on ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, running firefox 3.6.5.  I installed firefox 4.0 from the PPA.  I'm pretty happy  with it, but reluctant to uninstall 3.6.5 just yet.  However, various  apps (gnome terminal, empathy) still start up firefox 3.6.5  when I click on a URL.  How do I change this?01:56
pssalmansacarlson: thanks... and for the file u asked me about it only returned my dns and they were google public dns since i configured my router to use them01:56
sacarlsonchmk: you can recover files from a broken hddisk, I would have to search for the tools01:56
=== Austin_ is now known as Eagle_I
Guest24640problem using the external drive01:56
coz_total 20???01:56
Guest24640it is keep on disconnecting..01:56
Azzy_112358Well, Windows manages to get my jack working, and stuff, so.01:56
Azzy_112358I'm trying an update01:56
ac7ssgreg__, what file browser are you using? are you 'drag and drop' or right clicking the item?01:56
Azzy_112358Maybe that will make this work.01:56
opiateI have an acer 8920g - just installed 10.10 I have sound 5.1 but no mic, it doesn't seem to be found?01:56
drcnicholas_: open that file (applications menu) in an editor, find/search for wine-wine (it should be close to the top)...left me know when you found it01:57
chmksacarlson, I would appreciate it very much, since I can't seem to find anything01:57
sacarlsonpssalman: ok and the last info route01:57
triunitySo is it true that ubuntu 11.04 will only be unity?01:57
jiffe99with upstart why can't I stop mysql by typing 'stop mysql', it says I need to provide a job or process id, isn't mysql a job name?01:57
coz_triunity,  no01:57
greg__ac7ss, The browser is just the standard one in Ubuntu (Nautilus?) and yes, Im right clicking01:57
nicholas_drc, <Name>wine-wine</Name>01:58
triunity@coz The interwebz keeps saying so...01:58
coz_triunity,  you will have the options at login /session  to use unity desktop...classic gnome...or classic gnome ( nor effects)01:58
ac7sstry a 'drag and drop'01:58
rwwtriunity: the blogosphere is not known for its accuracy.01:58
coz_triunity,  that is (no effects)01:58
bazhangtriunity, #ubuntu+1 for natty support and discussion01:58
triunityThe is true..01:58
coz_triunity,  yes if you go to  #ubuntu+1 channel ...you can discuss your concerns , etc01:59
sacarlsonchmk: here are some tools to look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery01:59
triunityOk, because my laptop used to run unity, i don't like it...  I would hate to have to find a new distro to call home...01:59
triunityThanks for the info!01:59
coz_triunity,   where you type here type  /join #ubuntu+101:59
drcnicholas_: there are 2 lines in that menu item that say <Deleted/> ...delete ONLY those two lines, save and close the file.  Just to be sure, re-open the file and make sure those <Deleted/>'s are gone...let me know02:00
nicholas_drc delete " <Deleted/> " correct?02:01
guedesavback I am02:01
guedesavI managed to load karmic's kernel. My monitor is only 800x600, though.02:01
sacarlsonpssalman: so where are the results of sudo route ?02:01
chmksacarlson, thanx, I am reading it right now.02:02
drcyes, each one should be on a separate lines, delete JUST those 2 lines (AFTER you have backed up applications.menu :)02:02
nicholas_drc done02:02
nicholas_drc Hoooray02:03
greg__ac7ss, I seem to be able to drag and drop ok?02:03
opiatehow can I find the built-in mic on my acer 8920g, I get 5.1 surround audio, no mic :(02:03
nicholas_drc I'll by U a drink02:03
flo_did you try a driver update?02:03
nicholas_drc of Wine02:03
drcnicholas_: now here's where my knowledge on menus regeneration ends...I always re-booted02:03
drcnicholas_: oh, so you didn't have to reboot :)02:03
nicholas_drc no rebooting...next question02:04
Guest24640Please help on fixing the external hard drive02:04
drcnicholas_: go (no promises)02:04
ac7sscopy/paste have strange behaviors for files. depending on the file browser.02:04
opiateonly get the amd driver for the gfx card02:04
nicholas_drc updte problem http://imagebin.org/14463602:05
sacarlsonguedesav: I thought you said you already tried the old karmic kernel and it didn't work?02:05
nicholas_drc I googled it, tried many solutions but on and off get the explanation mark02:05
drcnicholas_: I'd change repos's and try again02:05
nicholas_drc change repos? say waht?02:06
nicholas_drc How does one "change repos"02:06
drcnicholas_: Package Manager> Settings> Repositories > Download from02:07
greg__ac7ss, i cant share folders on the network either, I get an error "net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /home/greg/Downloads as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false" to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this02:07
nicholas_drc I changed servers several times to no avail02:08
nicholas_The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.02:08
lanclinHi I need a help to permanent mounting for external hard drive02:08
nicholas_drc Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/plaxx/random-fixes/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found02:08
nicholas_Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.02:08
nikkiihow do i find out what architecture my system is?02:09
edbianlanclin, What more specifically do you need help with?  Do you have /etc/fstab open?02:09
drcnicholas_: ok then...my knowledge of failed update/grades ends...never had one <knock on wood> I'd ask the question (with the pastebin URL) to the general channel02:09
drcnicholas_: you're on lucid?02:09
lanclinno.. external drive keeps disconnecting02:10
nicholas_drc I am on lucid although I am not sure i am lucid02:10
boxuserhello everyone02:10
edbianlanclin, What do you mean keeps disconnecting?02:10
nicholas_drc thanks 4 Ur help on Wine02:10
drcnicholas_: lucidity is vastly overrated02:10
=== User__ is now known as __Koslinski
drcnicholas_: I'd re-ask to the general channel02:11
lanclinonce I connect the ext drive, it mounts then few minutes, it disconnected and it mounts again..02:11
guedesavWell, I've got some progress here. I managed to load the 9.10 kernel and got sis671 driver working with it. Now, all I need is to solve the issue with my video card and 10.04. Anyone can help me here?02:11
nikkiii did "uname -m" and i got i686, does that mean i can download amd64 or i386?02:11
nicholas_Update problem: Could not download all repository indexes02:12
nicholas_The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.02:12
francesc1nikkii: that mean s u have 32 bit02:12
edbianlanclin, The drive is probably going into powersave mode when it's not being used.  This usually forces the drive to be unmounted.  If you create an entry in fstab for it it should automount for you.02:12
nicholas_Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/plaxx/random-fixes/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found02:12
nicholas_Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.02:12
boxuseri just bought a giada n20 and am trying to setup ubuntu on it ... everything is great except for the hdmi resolution. i'm not sure if it's a tv problem or ubuntu problem. could somone please step me through adjusting the resoltuion on ubnutu to the native resolution of my hdtv?02:12
opiatehow can I make 10.10 find my built-in mic, acer laptop02:12
lanclinCan you help me in creating in fstab02:12
nicholas_A drink to whoever solves that one02:12
nikkiifrancesc1, so i can download the package marked i386? thx02:12
plitterI know this isnt the forum, but is it possible to use latex and make a document without pages? Like just a scroll?02:13
francesc1nikkii: yes u do02:13
francesc1lanclin: what do u need?02:13
edbianlanclin, Yes, but first read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab02:13
lanclinsure -02:13
sacarlsonnicholas_: that sounds like the server is down try later, if it wasn't a ppa you could try another mirror site but in this case that may not be an option02:13
boxuserhelp would be much appreciated ... i'd like to set the resolution when connected via hdmi to 1366x768 ,,, right now it's only lets me select 720 and 1080 ... which look horribleon this tv02:13
ac7ssgreg__, I am not so good at network sharing.02:14
guedesavokay, i'm gonna take it to the forums. Thanks for all the help and good intentions o02:14
nicholas_sacarlson, It has been going on on and off for weeks02:14
greg__ac7ss, Thanks anyway :-)02:15
sacarlsonnicholas_: well you don't need to upgrade every day if it worked a few weeks ago it probly about the same02:15
lanclinHow do i find out the device name02:15
nicholas_sacarlson, I must say I am a lot less paranois about updating than on windows02:16
nicholas_sacarlson, BTW do I need an antivrus ? A firewall ?02:16
lanclinwhen I type df -h, it is not picking up like /sdb1 or something02:16
mmiller235is there ANY way to get unity to work in virtual box?02:16
francesc1lanclin: try mount02:16
sacarlsonnicholas_: I only update when I need to, if a new feature I see can be added.  notice many people here are here because they upgraded02:16
lanclindev/sdb1 on /media/Lance type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks,uid=1000,gid=1000,shortname=mixed,dmask=0077,utf8=1,flush)02:17
lanclinthis is the output02:17
nicholas_sacarlson, And my question about antivirus and firewall?02:17
edbianmmiller235, Just install unity?02:17
mmiller235edbian, no because unity refuses to run02:18
mmiller235edbian it keeps throwing up errors and then crashing02:18
sacarlsonnicholas_: don't need them,  firewall is only needed if you have other nodes in you network that you want to have access to differnet things02:18
francesc1lanclin: the device is sdb102:18
edbianmmiller235, mmm, I've never tried something like that.  I'm afraid I can't offer any help!02:18
nicholas_sacarlson, Merci02:18
sacarlsonnicholas_: and virus in linux I have never seen one02:18
francesc1lanclin: did u want to add that drive to the fstab?02:18
lanclinYes ..02:19
mmiller235yup, I log in, unity tries to start up, an then crashes02:19
edbianfrancesc1, His issue is that the drive keeps randomly unmounting.  I told him to put it in fstab so that it remounts automatically02:19
sacarlsonnicholas_: instead of a firewall just close the open services on your system you don't want,  see sudo netstat -pant to see what port you listen to and close what you don't need02:19
francesc1edbian: ooo okay .. didnt see that part... that is weird that it just unmounts ... but wouldnt a mount -a solve it02:20
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edbianfrancesc1, mount -a will say 'no such device in fstab' for the external.02:20
edbianfrancesc1, I think the external hdd is going into powersave mode and therefore is unmounting02:21
drcnicholas_: do you have a ppa for plaxx in your package manager?02:21
ac7ssnicholas_, I update all the time. (Security usually. but sticking with the LTS on the server.) Only here to help.02:21
francesc1edbian: i apologize... i thought it was already in the fstab ... yea .. that is a very good possibility for it unmounting02:21
ok_waithi all :) is there a way to identify a linux operating system without actually booting it?02:22
nicholas_drc how do I find out?02:22
edbianfrancesc1, No need to apologize.  Really lanclin should be telling you all this02:22
francesc1edbian: lol that s for sure02:22
lanclinSorry.. I really wanted to create the entry in fstab02:22
edbianlanclin, Did you create something?02:22
lanclinNot yet..02:23
drcnicholas_: System>Admin>Package Manager>Settings> Repos>Other Software  Look in there02:23
nicholas_drc http://ppa.launchpad.net/plaxx/random-fixes/ubuntu02:23
lanclincan i create like this /dev/sdb1  /media/lance and then..02:24
nicholas_drc thats what I have02:24
sl33k_where could i find the folder /eclipse/dropins?02:24
edbianlanclin, That's the general idea.02:24
drcnicholas_: I'd delete it, reload and try updating again02:24
francesc1sl33k_: locate dropins02:24
edbianlanclin, So far so good  (better not be guessing on the /dev/sdb1 part!)02:24
Eagle_Iwhat was offtopic channel again?02:25
drcnicholas_: I'll bet that ppa (on lucid) is not valid anymore...just a guess02:25
nicholas_drc bingo02:25
lanclinwhen I typed mount - I found /dev/sdb102:25
rwwEagle_I: #ubuntu-offtopic02:25
Eagle_IAh. Should've guessed.02:25
nicholas_drc Thanks again I am turning into a geek02:25
drcnicholas_: <sing> One Shot, one Burbon, one Wine </sing> :)02:26
phixlibvirtError: operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'02:26
sl33k_francesc1: ah, still not02:26
edbianlanclin, Good call.02:26
nicholas_drc heard it thru the grape wine...02:26
boomtntanyone know how to hide ip address in xchat?02:27
nathriteIs there a command prompt command that will mimick a connection to a website in ubuntu?02:27
ac7ssboomtnt, use a proxy02:27
lanclin/dev/sdb1 /media/lance fat32 after that I don't know02:27
sporkbombor get a cloak from freenode02:27
drcboomtnt: go to #freenode and ask for a cloak02:27
edbiannathrite, mimick a connection?02:27
ac7ssboomtnt, to hide yours or suppress the others.02:27
nathriteI'm playing around with a voting website and everytime it reconnects its a new vote. I need something similar to wget, or a wget command, that will register as if I refreshed the page02:27
jiffe99with upstart why can't I stop mysql by typing 'stop mysql', it says I need to provide a job or process id, isn't mysql a job name?02:28
lanclinwhen I opened up the /etc/fstab - entries like this way..02:28
edbiannathrite, wget will register as refreshing the page.  Refreshing just means downloading the html and other files.02:28
lanclinI'm not sure about the options in fstab02:29
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?02:29
edbianvhdl, yes02:29
=== Theravadan|afk is now known as Theravadan
nathriteI'm getting 403 Connection Refused Errors from trying to use wget02:29
edbiannathrite, It's probably checking your user/agent string and denying.02:29
nikkiihow do i do this:Try allowing the maverick-security repository02:29
nathriteI know that the URL string is correct since I put it into Firefox and I get a new vote. I just need some way to do it from the command and send it over and over again02:31
lanclinI just the beginner in ubuntu..02:31
lanclinPlease help me on creating the entry02:31
sl33k_where could i find eclipse/dropins folder?02:31
eosswhere are the implantable processor chips02:31
eossi need to learn kung fu02:31
nathriteI've got a program written to access the website and get the new token for every new vote but just can't quite get an access to the website with the URL string to work02:31
edbiannathrite, Write a script that sends firefox to that url then kills it and repeats02:31
greg__Can anyone help with this please?  net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /home/greg/Downloads as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.02:31
greg__Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false"02:31
greg__to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this02:31
nathriteThat would work, do you have any tips on where I'd find info on how to open Firefox to a page?02:32
edbiannathrite, while true:; do; firefox $URL; sleep(5); killall firefox;02:32
edbiannathrite, Would be the jist of it02:32
nathritesec, will try02:32
edbiannathrite, sure02:33
nicholas_Anyone know if I can update a Garmin GPS with Wine ?02:33
sacarlsonnathrite: I use firewatir to drive firefox with ruby to automate things like maybe what your are tring to do02:33
ac7ssnicholas_, I was not able to. I had to do it at work.02:33
drcnicholas_: Third time the charm...but I'd ask in #winehq02:34
nicholas_drc what do U mean ?02:35
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sl33k_where could i find eclipse/dropins directory?02:35
nathriteHmm, okay I gave that a try and it "kind of" worked. It did open firefox but for some reason it didn't open the entire URL. The url is something like: http://answers.polldaddy.com/vote/?va=10&pt=0&r=0&p=4676 but it stops at the "&" sign02:35
drcnicholas_: you might have better luck in (obscue) wine questions going to #winehq02:35
ac7sssl33k_, try 'locate eclipse|grep dropins$'02:36
nicholas_what is #winehq a chat ? how do i get there ?02:36
soreaunathrite: From CLI? Try "$URl"02:36
ac7ssnicholas_, /join #winehq02:36
drcnicholas_: type /j #winehq02:36
bazhangnicholas_, /join #winehq for app support with wine02:36
_antantHey guys, I'm really hoping someone can help me here02:37
drcnicholas_: you might have to be patient, not all channel are as populated and busy as this one02:37
soreau! help | _antant02:37
ubottu_antant: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:37
ac7ss_antant, ask away.02:37
iqbalaanyone know of a good snmp mib browser ? i have this mib.. i want to get the numeric oids for all the leafs02:37
nicholas_bazhang, drc ac7ss Thanks how do I join?02:37
nathriteTried "firefox $http://answers.polldaddy.com/vote/?va=10&pt=0&r=0&p=4676100&a=20802789&o=7257600&t=" + number + "&token=" + token" but it stops after the 10 again still02:37
_antantsyslinux just won't move past the 'syslinux 3.82 2009-06-09 etc...' screen. Just sits there with a flashing cursor02:37
ac7ssnicholas_, /join #winehq02:37
_antantI was typing02:37
ac7ssnicholas_, thats the command.02:37
_antantDidn't wait to be asked to ask. lol02:38
drcnicholas_: type /j #wine hq  wher you normally type to us...that will add #winehq to your channels02:38
sacarlsoniqbala: I use cacti with my snmp I'm not sure it fits you needs but I like it02:38
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=== faizul_ is now known as faizul
iqbalasacarlson: that would be lot of just to browse a mib file02:39
iqbalasacarlson: thanks for the suggestion tho02:39
synderwhat does sudo apt-get -f install do?02:39
sacarlsoniqbala: browse?  you can use the cli for it I"m not sure what your goal it02:39
_antantanyone have any idea what could be the problem?02:40
soreaunathrite: You need to either do 'URL=http://www.some.url.com; firefox "$URL"' or, use firefox http://www.some.url.com, no need for $http02:40
iqbalasacarlson: i have the mib file.. i want find out how to display numeric oid of a leaf02:40
soreau_antant: syslinux?02:40
ac7ss_antant, what was the trouble? I never saw the question.02:40
mister_mis it possible to add space to my ubuntu partition? I have something like 10 gigs of unallocated space on my harddrive that I would like to add02:40
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soreaumister_m: Use gparted from a live session02:41
iqbalaspBGPEvent OBJECT-TYPE .... :: { peakflowSPCMI 6 }  like this ..02:41
iqbalasacarlson: ^02:41
edbianmister_m, Yes, you have to grow your Ubuntu partition.  Use a live CD02:41
iqbalait will be lot of work to walk backward to get the complete oid02:41
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?02:41
soreau! ask | vhdl02:41
ubottuvhdl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:41
iqbalasacarlson: i dont have access to the host.. just the mib file02:42
bazhangvhdl, about ubuntu support? ues02:42
ok_waitif there's no kde or kde4 * folder in /etc that means the DE is gnome or something else right?02:42
_antantsoreau: yeah, syslinux02:42
jamie4Anyone know about using Gnome3 for Ubuntu? (not looking forward to Unity desktop after f15a) Should I look to Debian instead?02:42
soreau_andyl: Elaborate on how you are getting this error exactly02:42
_antantac7ss: syslinux won't go past the initial 'syslinux 3.82 etc...' and sits there with a flashing cursor02:42
soreau_antant: Elaborate on how you are getting this error exactly02:42
Aginorjamie4: most likely the gnome packages will still be around so you can just install them yourself02:43
_antantsoreau: I set my bios to boot from usb, it goes to 'syslinux 3.82 etc...' and then just sits there02:43
_antantthat's it02:43
temptest_antant: what did u use to put the image on the usb02:43
jamie4Aginor, thanks I'm thinking of coming back to Ubuntu after some adventures (I want my computer to work for me, not the other way around) but I've been using Fedora 15 alpha (with Gnome3) and it's sublime. I'm scared to downgrade!!02:44
soreau_antant: What are you booting from? Did you create a usb bootabl or install to a usb hard drive?02:44
_antantbootable usb made in windows02:44
Aginorjamie4: just make sure it's got gnome3 before you decide if that's your killer feature02:44
temptestwhat did u use to make it02:44
soreaujamie4: I have to say from personal experience that fedora might be better than ubuntu02:44
_antantthe live usb maker02:45
mister_msoreau: can you extend ext4 partitions like that no problem? the system is a windows/linux dual boot02:45
soreaumister_m: Yes, just boot a live session and start sys>admin>gparted, so no partition on the drive are in use02:45
jamie4soreau, this is my first time with rpm/yum and of course its broken, it's in alpha, so it's a bad experience (my first .deb was great, and I've been using deb derivatives almost exclusively for a few years now)02:45
soreau_antant: You might want to try again or use a different method to create the usb stick02:46
soreau_antant: check the md5sum for the image you're using02:46
ac7ss_antant, try tying 'help' on the BOOT prompt then pressing enter.02:46
soreaujamie4: Of coure, this channel isn't the place to discuss rpm/yum/fedora02:47
chaorainI kinda messed up my window managers, I was playing around with compiz, metacity and kwin. Is there an wasy way to get back to just basic Ubuntu?02:47
soreauchaorain: Which DE are you using currently?02:48
jamie4soreau, sry, just pointing out that I'm a fan of .deb and why not go where the most support is, i.e. Ubuntu02:48
edbianchaorain, compiz --replace&   (or just log out and back in)02:48
afeijohi guys02:48
ac7sschaorain, basic ubuntu is gnome.02:48
chaorainsoreau, gnome. I want to use it with compiz02:48
afeijoI configured samba to share my /var/www in my local network, but when I access \\ubuntu, nothing shows up... whats next?02:48
soreauchaorain: What happens when you log in?02:49
soreauchaorain: Try edbian02:49
soreauchaorain: Try edbian's suggestion and see if that doesn't start compiz02:49
chaorainsoreau: I go into gnome an error gets thrown about kwin, it loads gnome with no top bar (min/maximize & close)02:50
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edbianchaorain, What do you mean you 'go into gnome'?02:50
=== luster is now known as Logan_
aromanwhat happens when I run `make` as root?02:50
sacarlsonaroman: the object files and link bins will belong to root:root02:51
soreauchaorain: Try 'metacity --replace & disown'02:51
synderwill "libcurl3-gnutls " contain header files for libcurl?02:51
soreauedbian: log in, I assume02:51
chaorainsoreau, I've rebooted several times02:51
aromansacarlson: and what would that affect?02:51
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soreauchaorain: Can you get to a terminal?02:51
soreauaroman: a thousand kittens die02:52
chaorainsoreau: yes02:52
soreauchaorain: From your terminal, try 'metacity --replace' to get the default gnome wm running02:52
edbianchaorain, sudo apt-get remove kwin02:52
sacarlsonaroman: well depends on who you want to be able to run delete manipulate the files,  normaly when the files end up being installed to the sytem the become belonging to root anyway unless you compile and install to your local/bin02:52
soreauedbian: Can't all the packages just live happily together? ;)02:53
aromansacarlson: alright. Suppose I have run make a root, how do I reverse the change?02:53
edbiansoreau, You'd think!02:53
chaorainok, removing packages and such, back in a min02:53
sacarlsonaroman: sudo make clean; make02:54
soreauaroman: chown the directory to your user again?02:54
soreauedbian: Alas, not so easy ;)02:54
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?02:54
bazhangvhdl, ubuntu support?02:54
soreauvhdl: I told you once already..02:54
soreau! ask | vhdl02:54
aromansacarlson: soreau: re-running make after clean gives me this: config.status: gdk/gdkconfig.h is unchanged02:55
aromanecho timestamp > stamp-gc-h02:55
aroman/bin/bash: stamp-gc-h: Permission denied02:55
Joe___can somebody help me with a question?02:55
bazhangJoe___, ask first02:55
soreauaroman: What is the directory you're in? Use 'sudo chown -R $USER /path/to/src/dir/' as your normal user02:55
meowsusDoes anyone know how or where i can update my english dictionary? The more and more i use it for spell check, the more i realize that it doesn't really work very well.02:55
soreaumeowsus: elaborate02:56
sacarlsonaroman: ok and now who owns the bin file?  or lib02:56
aromansoreau: oh I see now02:56
soreauaroman: I am hoping you will ;)02:56
aromansoreau: ls -lah reveals all02:56
aromanwoot, working correctly now02:57
* aroman is compiling gtk+ from source02:57
aromanoh lord02:57
aromanIOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/aroman/.cache/g-ir-scanner/0c8dcaa7ab6bbaf96e9cb2e0f57c58bef57fb3ac'02:57
aromanwhat on earth is that?02:57
Joe___k. just installed ubuntu 10.10 on a pentium 3 box, 512 mb ram...but when i boot it, i dont get an application bar or any icons. I just get a pointer with the background. what do i do?02:57
soreauaroman: As you normal user: sudo chown -r $USER $HOME02:57
soreauaroman: As you normal user: sudo chown -R $USER $HOME02:57
aromansoreau: oh, it's more root owned stuff02:58
soreauaroman: As your normal user: sudo chown -R $USER $HOME02:58
ac7ssJoe___, sounds like there is no WM loaded.02:58
soreauShould have typed it right the first time :P02:58
chaorainBUGGER! I killed compiz and Metacity, big time. no panels02:58
Joe___tell me how to load WM02:58
ac7ssJoe___, something like that you will want a small WM, like flux or ice.02:58
chaorainI'm able to get to a terminal still02:58
soreauJoe___: chaorain: Try matacity --replace02:59
mickster04!panels > chaorain02:59
ubottuchaorain, please see my private message02:59
meowsussoreau, I guess i since i've been using Ubuntu solely for the last 3 years, i've noticed that the spell checking support is more lacking than in MS Windows. I was wondering if it was a dictionary issue and if i could just update ubuntu to use a better, more univeral spell checking dictionary02:59
meowsuscase-in-point "univeral"02:59
sacarlsonaroman: if your not experienced with compiling I think gtk+ isn't a good place to start02:59
soreaumeowsus: For me, aspell checking in xchat is at least superior.. which app are you reviewing?02:59
Joe___sorry. ive never used linux before...could you step me through the process02:59
meowsussoreau, Hahaha, actually, i just realized that as i was trying to come up with examples.03:00
ac7ssJoe___, do you have a terminal window on the screen?03:00
meowsusI guess in chrome and firefox mostly is where i see the most problems03:00
soreauJoe___: First, see if you can move windows with Alt+Drag or if a dialog box pops up when you do Alt+F203:00
aromansacarlson: gotta learn somewhere. But gtk+ compiles fine, i accidentally compiled as root, which is why I'm here03:00
aromanhad to pass the no introspection flag first, though03:00
sacarlsonaroman: true start somewhere you must but many apps depend on gtk+ so if you break that you break many things,03:01
aromansacarlson: well that's kind of why I'm installing it03:01
aromani'm writing an app in gtk3 :)03:01
soreauaroman: General rule of thumb: you should be able to compile anything as user (provided the user owns the src dir) but should use root when installing (to a perfix the user doesnt own, like standard /usr )03:01
meowsusSo i guess my question would be is there a way to make aspell the universal spell checking application for my system? Or tell specific programs to say "to hell with this spellcheck dictionary, I want 'aspell!'"03:02
sacarlsonaroman: can't you use the repository for gtk3?03:02
aromanyeah that much I've got03:02
Joe___yeah. everything is running in the background. i can get a terminal window open.03:02
aromansacarlson: I could for this project, but there is another program that I'd like to run that depends on the latest gtk303:02
sacarlsonaroman: oh you not compiling the lib but you app that links to gtk+03:02
aromansacarlson: I'm wanting to compile against the gtk3 devel headers, yes.03:02
soreausacarlson: That's what I gathered ;)03:02
researchewr123hello friends03:02
sacarlsonaroman: I would think gtk3 should be avalable on the ppa03:03
soreauhi researchewr12303:03
researchewr123I cant login .Please help03:03
ac7ssJoe___, 'sudo apt-get install fluxbox'03:03
soreauresearchewr123: login to what?03:03
ac7ssJoe___, this is a small windows manager.03:03
aromansacarlson: like daily builds? or just significant milestones?03:03
researchewr123cant login to to ubuntu 10.1003:03
soreauac7ss: fluxbox isn't going to work any better than metacity03:03
smwresearchewr123, why not? did you forget your password?03:03
nathriteI need to know why this doesn't work. "firefox http://answers.polldaddy.com/vote/?va=10&pt=0&r=0&p=4676100&a=20802785&o=7257600&t=397&token=115954696f4593eb506a91b491499979" It opens firefox, and tries to go to the URL, but the URL stops at the first '&' sign and isn't complete03:03
soreauresearchewr123: Elaborate. Were you able to log in at one point? Have you installed ubuntu? Is the a live session?03:04
researchewr123I just see welcome menu when I enter username and password the same screen comes back.I have not rofgotten username03:04
ac7sssoreau, Ok. replace fluxbox with metacity03:04
soreauac7ss: Why?03:04
smwresearchewr123, did you forget password?03:04
josheee12hey guys.  i use softraid.  i now have a dedicated drive to use for swap.  is it possible to remove the softraid swap partition?03:04
sacarlsonaroman: I'm not sure what your asking me daily builds?03:05
researchewr123soreau: I used to login until few hours ago then  I uninstalled few applications from Synaptic therafter I cant login03:05
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:05
nathriteI need to know why this doesn't work: "firefox http://answers.polldaddy.com/vote/?va=10&pt=0&r=0&p=4676100&a=20802785&o=7257600&t=397&token=115954696f4593eb506a91b491499979" It opens firefox, and tries to go to the URL, but the URL stops at the first '&' sign and isn't complete03:05
Wanking\join #ubuntu03:05
johndebowfuck off03:05
soreaunathrite: Try this: firefox "http://answers.polldaddy.com/vote/?va=10&pt=0&r=0&p=4676100&a=20802785&o=7257600&t=397&token=115954696f4593eb506a91b491499979"03:05
johndebowu prick03:05
bazhangWanking, johndebow stop that03:06
soreau! ops | johndebow03:06
ubottujohndebow: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!03:06
johndebowok im sorry03:06
ohsixnathrite: & is a special character that runs the command in the background, quote or escape it03:06
johndebowsay ur sorry03:06
Wankingim not03:06
researchewr123smw: I remember my password but the login screen as if tries to check from database the stored p[asswords and fails to get it03:06
DocfxitThe size of / in Ubuntu is zero Is that a problem? You can see the entire disk here: http://cid-5b24c4477fa4734d.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Ubuntu/UbuntuDiskUsage2011-03-23.jpg03:06
johndebowu must be03:06
Wankingim not amused03:06
johndebowi said sorry03:06
ac7sssoreau, either one will work I suppose. (there are so many flavors anyway.) icewm mwm wm2 etc.03:06
Wankingi dont care03:06
chaorainarg, everything is really messed up now. Is there a way to just re-install metacity and compiz?03:06
nathriteSoreau, I want to have your babies, and I'm a guy!03:06
bazhangWanking, thats enough03:06
smwresearchewr123, I have no idea then.03:06
hansinI am getting dual-screen setup via: "xrandr --output HDMI-0 --left-of DVI-0 --rotate left". Thing is, I need to set an offset of some sort on the Y axis so that I can align monitors (since I have left rotated.) Anyone know anything about xrandr as applied to this? Thanks.03:06
soreaunathrite: A bit over the top, but you're welcome03:06
Wankingsorry i do it too much03:06
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?03:07
rwwsoreau: thank you :)03:07
* soreau watches as the smoke clears03:07
ubuntuhey guys I have an emergancy03:07
soreaurww: No problem.03:07
smw!ask | vhdl03:07
ubottuvhdl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:07
nathritesoreau, you want a copy of this polldaddy voting script I just completed?03:07
researchewr123any body knows why login fails when username and paswords are correct but the welcome screen come back again n again03:07
aromansacarlson: nevermind actually. do you happen to know where a PPA for gtk3 is?03:07
=== aaron is now known as Guest65399
ubuntumy Ubuntu 10.10 was working perfectly. I had grub2 and everything with single OS so I decided to add xp for the dual boot because I needed some software but after I installed Xp it automatically goes to boot xp without even asking me if I want ubuntu. Basically Xp partition became a boot partition. I logged from live cd and changed boot partition back to the ubuntu partition with Gparted and when I restarted it hanged at blinking "_" doing nothing. I need h03:07
ubuntuelp please, I have everything on my Ubuntu and I can not tolerate loosing it so how would I possibly boot and make my Ubuntu Partition as a default boot partition because that is where my Grub2 is03:07
Joe___what would cause Gnome not to load like this? do i not have enough ram?03:08
soreauresearchewr123: It could be that X is crashing. Is there any way you can get to a terminal?03:08
tonyyarusso!grub | ubuntu03:08
ubottuubuntu: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:08
ac7ssJoe___, sounds like it.03:08
researchewr123soreau: yes I can Im on live CD now03:08
chaorainwhat is the new command to restart x?03:08
sacarlsonaroman: this is one of them there may be many https://launchpad.net/~matthaeus123/+archive/gtk-3.0-bleeding03:08
Aginorubuntu: windows always nukes the bootloaders, you need to restore grub03:08
ac7ssJoe___, how big is your swapfile?03:09
mmiller235ubuntu, if you did the partitioning correctly your ubuntu install should still be there but you have to make grub start up on boot and have it chain the xp boot loader03:09
Guest65399can someone help me with step by step direction to fix my wireless connecton?03:09
mmiller235ubuntu at the very least you can rest easy knowing your data should still be there03:09
Joe___i have no clue....how to check?03:09
nicholas_Can anyone help me with installing a WIFI Brother MFC 490 CW scanner printer on Ubunto 10.403:09
ubuntuAginor: Grub2 is on my ubuntu partition but its not a default boot partition anymore, because windows took over...03:09
Joe___never used linux before03:09
ac7ssJoe___, free03:09
soreauresearchewr123: Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the ubuntu install (on the hard drive)?03:09
hansinubuntu: you need to reinstall Grub (as stated.) Best to install XP first on a dual-boot setup, but you should be able to reinstall Grub (though I have never done it that way.)03:09
researchewr123soreau: let me try03:09
Aginorubuntu: grub lives in the mbr, master boot record, that windows puts its own bootloader into03:10
Aginorubottu: !grub | ubuntu03:10
ubottuubuntu: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:10
ubuntuso do i have to reinstall it ?03:10
Aginorubuntu: follow the restoregrub howto03:10
soreauGuest65399: What wifi chip is it?03:10
tonyyarussoubuntu: Do you see the link ubottu gave you (twice)?  That's how.03:10
ubuntubut I can't even get into my ubuntu03:10
ubuntuhmm ok thanks I ll try that03:10
Aginorubuntu: that the bot just told you about03:10
sacarlsonubuntu you will need to livecd boot to fix it03:10
ubuntuye I am on liveUsb right now03:11
Joe___any suggestions on what i should do next ac7ss?03:11
ubuntuthank you a lot!03:11
hansinIf you just install Grub, it will check to see what OS'es you have installed and make menu entries for them. No need to reinstall any operating systems. Just reinstall Grub.03:11
mmiller235ubuntu if you are on the live CD right now you should be able to follow the dirrections03:11
draven_soli'm unable to get my system to shutdown with the sudo shutdown -r command i keep getting thrown back to command line03:11
Guest65399broadcom 431103:11
ubuntummiller235: ok I ll go read on that link thanks03:12
soreau! broadcom | Guest6503:12
ubottuGuest65: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:12
soreau! broadcom | Guest6539903:12
ubottuGuest65399: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:12
Aginorac7ss: linux doesn't use swapfiles, it uses a swap partition. The command "free" will, amongst others, tell you how much swap is available03:12
dindraven_sol: what's wrong with sudo reboot?03:12
ac7ssJoe___, try lxde it is designed for older hardware.03:12
soreaudraven_sol: Try sudo shutdown -r now03:12
=== ok is now known as Guest12113
draven_solsoreau, that's the command i've been running and it just drops me back on command line03:13
ac7ssAginor, You are right. I used the wrong term, right command.03:13
soreaudrag0nz: Does din's suggestion work?03:13
soreaudraven_sol:  Does din's suggestion work?03:13
* soreau curses #ubuntu03:13
draven_solsoreau, that command is just hanging, no output is on the screen03:13
researchewr123soreau: please http://paste.ubuntu.com/584599/03:14
Joe___just what are the ram requirements for 10.1003:14
soreaudraven_sol: Anything from 'dmesg'?03:14
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu03:14
Joe___thank you03:14
draven_solsoreau, last messages in dmesg relate to issues with an external usb drive which has some hardware issues.03:14
soreauresearchewr123: Are you sure that's the complete file? (it appears to be incomplete)03:14
Guest65399here's the result 01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01)03:14
soreaudraven_sol: Could be an issue03:14
researchewr123soreau: im sorry03:15
=== Guest12113 is now known as ok_wait
soreauresearchewr123: No worries03:15
ac7ssJoe___, it depends on what you load into it. :)03:15
soreauresearchewr123: Are you sure that's the complete file? (it appears to be incomplete)03:15
researchewr123soreau: its incomplete. I dont know how to get it complete? No editor available03:15
soreau! broadcom | Guest6539903:15
ubottuGuest65399: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:15
soreauresearchewr123: sec03:15
ac7ssJoe___, 512mb ram 5G hd.03:15
draven_solsoreau, where should i go from here, should i just manually power down, unplug the bad drive and then reboot the system and fsck to make sure nothing else was corrupted by not properly shutting down?03:16
soreausudo apt-get install curl && cat /path/to/your/ubuntu/mount/point/var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us03:16
soreauresearchewr123: sudo apt-get install curl && cat /path/to/your/ubuntu/mount/point/var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us03:16
soreauresearchewr123: You have to change the path to point to your X log on disk03:17
najibhi, how can i disable /var/run mount as tmpfs (shm)?03:17
najibnone         tmpfs    746M  332K  746M   1% /var/run03:17
soreaudraven_sol: That's a question I'd ask ##linux03:17
jamie4Anyone on 11.04 yet? or is that not for another week?03:17
thraspicI changed my password, and now my home folder is not automatically decrypting. how can i fix this?03:17
draven_solsoreau, ok thanks for your time03:17
bazhangjamie4, in #ubuntu+1 April 28-ish03:17
soreaudraven_sol: no problem03:17
dindraven_sol: try sudo init 6 for reboot03:17
Aginordraven_sol: your system is currently waiting to hear from the broken drive, it will eventually come back but it'll be a very long time03:17
Aginoreverything that touches the mounted drive will hang, including the umount command03:18
jamie4bazhang, that's full release - I meant beta or even alpha for testing03:18
bazhangjamie4, check #ubuntu+103:18
DocfxitThe size of the folder / in Ubuntu is zero Is that a problem?03:18
timecop12GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE - GNAA status update from Leon Kaiser. http://www.gnaa.eu/wiki/pr/2011-03-23-gnaa-wiki - GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE timecop12 StepNjump _Tristan Senix gyyrog nit-wit thraspic zeleftikam StrangeCharm nessus najib Roasted Gnea Athenon ok_wait cypha master_of_master programmingart cjcopi iflema Emilou3 Guest65399 ubuntu hansin Inumedia zvonkorp researchewr123 gloscon terry_zyy kikau multipass saganbyte plustax chuy_max ron_ jc scorch_ PhineasGa03:19
timecop12GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE - GNAA status update from Leon Kaiser. http://www.gnaa.eu/wiki/pr/2011-03-23-gnaa-wiki - GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE stephaaan synder HPtwhite almoxarife Inconcessus boomtnt Afrix iqbala blag paq7512 psycho_oreos Vampire0 cfchris6_ hylinux alphur guitar431 BentFranklin tauntaun htat mmiller235 bildramer tmandry int3nz0r CarlFK din osunzhimingo evilsushi Error404NotFound jpmonette plitter rgoytacaz max_ penalvch shang edbian EnigmaticCoder Pro03:19
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timecop12GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE - GNAA status update from Leon Kaiser. http://www.gnaa.eu/wiki/pr/2011-03-23-gnaa-wiki - GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE SuparNoobie100 zabomber shak cheerschopper HelloWorld321 peregrinator_six Zero0hm wsargent Dmstrdj Justice PleXs PastarzOwieczek cpf_ ymasory_ eoss Nephyrin trigrou zilla Fluttershy jmoya samusz|3 dinexi khoubeib garrybaal psusi s3r3n1t7 jhesketh trism samusz pvo nicholas_ Osagasu brendan- Amaranth the|herbivore Visual` sacarls03:19
timecop12GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE - GNAA status update from Leon Kaiser. http://www.gnaa.eu/wiki/pr/2011-03-23-gnaa-wiki - GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE Zorlin Kirovski sigue osxfr33k red2kic sa`tan scarleo jenia dvz- e1ven_ _The redboat Axlin` zkriesse rebirth ibraunsc carlos_guerrilha xilo Cibort jmirra secoif Claudinux skomorokh Lithrem bazhang mjathree lelu sbell Scott271 tpt_ Barridus kdub_ JohnnyDavidson dmichael xindz lzbl surreal7z_ LordOllie FCTW Gunni zaggynl shentino03:19
StepNjumpDoes Ubuntu run on Google Android?03:19
zeleftikamthe fuck?03:19
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?03:19
alphurjust ask03:19
IdleOne!language | zeleftikam03:19
ubottuzeleftikam: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:19
* zeleftikam facepalms03:20
draven_solAginor, based on the issues can i determine if this a hardware failure and i should just toss the drive or could it still be software and fsck or a reformat might fix it?03:20
alphurStepNjump, it does use the linux kernel03:20
StepNjumptimecop12 what is that spam?03:20
jamie4zeleftikam, ooh, ubottu'ed ;-)03:20
rwwzeleftikam, Silivrenion: Spam. Please ignore, it's being dealt with.03:20
smw!ask | vhdl03:20
ubottuvhdl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:20
rwwvhdl: yes03:20
Joe___so if i want to install linux on an old Pentium 3 box, what version of linux should i use? Kubuntu, Xubuntu???03:20
StepNjumpalphur oh really? didn't know that! But is there a way to run the front end like Ubuntu?03:20
Aginordraven_sol: it depends on the issue, dmesg should be able to tell you more03:20
alphurJoe___, xubuntu would be better03:20
smwJoe___, in order of mem usage (ascending) xubuntu, ubuntu, kubuntu03:21
alphurStepNjump, don't know, but you can build android yourself at google's website whatever03:21
AginorDocfxit: what exactly do you mean by your question?03:21
synderhow do i know if i have libcurl libraries installed or not?03:21
synderwhere are they located?03:21
dinJoe___: jeos :)03:21
StepNjumpok thanks alphur03:21
jamie4Joe___, it's not *buntu anymore, but #! might be worth a real shot03:21
AginorDocfxit: and yes, it might be a problem depending on how you partitioned the system03:21
shentinosorry, just aggravated about the spam.03:21
alphurStepNjump, good luck :)03:21
shentinocarry on and I'm sorry for swearing03:21
jamie4LXDE*buntu easier than Xubuntu (on mem)?03:22
bazhangjamie4, much03:22
smwjamesgecko, correct03:22
bazhangjamie4, its open box and lxde03:22
draven_solAginor, mostly all i_mode failures and i/o errors03:22
mmiller235rww why did you only use a name ban?03:22
jamie4bazhang, I meant for Joe___ 's PIII03:22
rwwmmiller235: because I'm crafty.03:22
bazhangjamie4, yep03:22
mmiller235oh ok03:23
jamie4bazhang, Lubuntu > #! ?03:23
bazhangjamie4, crunchbang? no idea, try #crunchbang03:23
Aginordraven_sol: read/write failure kind of thing?03:23
Joe___hey so what do you mean by "but #! might be worth a real shot"03:23
DocfxitAginor My / has run out of room. It's 100% full. If you want I can post a clip of the entire drive.03:23
Aginordraven_sol: and timetouts?03:23
StepNjumpthanks alphur03:23
draven_solAginor, yes03:23
ac7ssDocfxit, have you cleaned out the apt cache?03:24
AginorDocfxit: that's probable a problem, yes, check the size of /var/log and see if you have some giant files there03:24
jamie4bazhang, it's just openbox - it's probably lighter than xfce or lxde, just not a *buntu anymore03:24
Aginordraven_sol: it is most likely broken, yes03:24
najibhi, how can i disable /var/run mount as tmpfs (shm)?03:24
najibnone         tmpfs    746M  332K  746M   1% /var/run03:24
bazhangjamie4, I am aware of that, you can get even more minimal with lubuntu03:24
draven_solAginor, thanks for all the info.03:24
Aginordraven_sol: without seeing the info it's hard to tell though03:25
Aginordraven_sol: it might be worth rebooting the machine and have a look at the drive with smartctl03:25
jamie4Joe___ I mean (crunchbang linux, i.e. #! see #crunchbang perhaps) is lighter than xubuntu, bazhang says lubuntu can be lighter, but #! comes very very light already - openbox on debian (used to be on ubuntu)03:25
DocfxitAginor I have one file I know of that is 14 Mwa ha ha ha ha ha...... I'd like to copy it off the system and delete it.03:26
lashaI reinstalled grub03:26
dinJoe___: jeos + openbox03:26
lashabut when I open Gparted the boot flag is still on Xp partition03:26
DocfxitAginor I have no idea where that mess came from.03:26
lashalast time I changed boot flag manually it didnt work03:26
jfanggrub 2?03:26
lashaI have it but not on that partition03:27
Guest65399soreau: I received this after completed the help:  WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it will be ignored in a future release.03:27
lashai have it on my ubuntu partition03:27
nicholas_I am missing the volume icon and control03:27
researchewr123soreau: please help me here http://paste.ubuntu.com/584602/03:27
Docfxitac7ss How can I clean out apt cache?03:27
delinquentmefiltering the OPEN files from LSOF  by ONLY network connections to my computer ...  ? how do i do this ?03:27
soreauGuest65399: It's a warning, not an error03:27
draven_solAginor, eh that drives been giving me too many issues, it's at about that time to toss it so i already have scrapped it.03:27
nessusdo not click on that link from timecop1203:28
nit-witlasha, do you want to boot xp03:28
Aginordraven_sol: fair enough03:28
ac7ssDocfxit, sudo apt-get clean03:28
Guest65399ok, so everything is fine then? i followed the help to the letter.  I just started using Ubuntu yesterday03:28
lashanit-wit I can boot xp because it was a default boot partition03:28
lashanit-wit my problem was that i cant dual boot03:29
ac7ssDocfxit, this may be enough to give you some wiggle room. that and purging old log files.03:29
soreauresearchewr123: It looks fine to me. Are you sure that's from the hard drive and not from the live system?03:29
AginorDocfxit: unless you have a tiny, tiny, partition, that's not too bad. and it's probably just one of the system logs03:29
nit-witlasha, so what is the problem it is not clear03:29
lashanit-wit basically it overided the grub2 of ubuntu03:29
researchewr123soreau: how do I confirm where it is from?03:29
WRAzheya, how do I change the theme of empathy messages?03:29
nit-witlasha, you tried to reload grub2 and it didn't work?03:29
researchewr123soreau: im not very expert I work as adviced by supportes here03:29
jfanglasha, you need to run update command in grub203:30
lashaI didn't restart, afraid to see blank screen again03:30
jfanglet it automatically refush you MBR03:30
lashai ll reboot03:30
lashai ll be back03:30
geegeegeewhat chmod do i do to stop people using ls in my home directory?03:30
Docfxitac7ss Thank you. It didn't give me any room.03:30
ac7sswhat does 'df -h' show for space?03:31
researchewr123soreau: Im trying from different folder perhaps right one http://paste.ubuntu.com/584606/03:31
Guest65399soreau:  ok, ty,03:31
Docfxitac7ss You can see the entire disk here: http://cid-5b24c4477fa4734d.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Ubuntu/UbuntuDiskUsage2011-03-23.jpg03:32
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?03:32
bazhangvhdl, you did03:32
ac7ssDocfxit, what is the big file in red on lower right?03:33
lashanit-wit I am back grub worked but only ubuntu appeared :S03:33
nit-witlasha, run sudo update-grub in the ubuntu03:33
lashahow do i include xp partition now ?03:33
lashanit-wit ok sek03:34
r0fs3ck5lasha: have you deleted your other bootloader by any chance?03:34
=== jarvis_ is now known as dougpiston
nit-witlasha, xp has to have the bootflag03:34
ac7ssDocfxit, you need to migrate some of those files in /media that is too small of a drive. (I have thumb drives larger than that.)03:34
lashanit-wit thank you man you are my hero, it wrote that it detected xp !03:34
Docfxitac7ss I will run it again to see if it will tell me.03:34
lashanit-wit thank you so much my 4 hours of horror just ended03:34
nit-witlasha, others helped we all do it .03:35
soreauresearchewr123: Still looks ok, not sure what is going wrong03:35
lashaok thank you guys very much :)03:35
researchewr123soreau: how do I reach the folder from which u want me to paste log03:35
AginorDocfxit: look into /media, that seems to be your space hogger, are you sure that it only contains mounted devices?03:35
soreauresearchewr123: You have to mount the root file system from the ubuntu install o the hard drive03:36
researchewr123soreau: how to do that03:36
soreau! mount | researchewr12303:36
ubotturesearchewr123: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:36
researchewr123soreau: ok.im trying03:37
Docfxitac7ss Media is not being used. It's a dual boot. That partition is Windows XP03:37
ratiusHey guys do you have made the flash player "square" work in Lucid 10.04 with firefox 4 on a 64 bits system? It does not seem to work for me and the flash plugin for 32 bit is very glitchy for me to the point of unusability.03:37
rebirthhow do i set a script to run at shut down time?03:38
researchewr123soreau: when I typed the mount command in terminal I got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/584607/03:39
ac7ssDocfxit, according to what you posted, /media is the biggest user.03:40
DocfxitAginor It looks like Media only contains mounted devices. I don't see any of Ubuntu there.03:40
ac7ssDocfxit, what does df report? (post to pastbin.)03:40
imperfect-Anyone know if there is a syslog-ng-3 package/repo for 8.04 LTS03:40
imperfect-all i can find is a git for the source but git doesn't install any execuable called git03:41
rww!info git-core03:41
ubottugit-core (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (obsolete). In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.7.1-1.1ubuntu0.1 (maverick), package size 1 kB, installed size 28 kB03:41
rwwis the package name in hardy, later changed to 'git', hence it being obsolete in maverick03:41
Docfxitac7ss Here is df report http://pastebin.com/2qSUUFwB03:43
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?03:45
bazhangvhdl, yes03:45
ac7ssDocfxit, looks like the biggest thing is in /var03:46
imperfect-rww: this is relevant to 8.04LTS?03:46
* drc puts money on vhdl being a bot03:46
rww!info git-core hardy03:46
ubottugit-core (source: git-core): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (hardy), package size 3007 kB, installed size 6492 kB03:46
rwwimperfect-: git in 8.04 ^^03:46
ac7ssDocfxit, try 'du /var/ |sort -nr|head ' and report the biggest file.03:47
Docfxitac7ss I just deleted a 600M file. This link shows what is in var now. http://pastebin.com/Nb5PN0wW03:50
draven_solwhen using the sudo cryptdisks_start data command if i enter the wrong passphrase how may i reattempt to enter the correct one?03:51
ac7ssDocfxit, looks like the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory is what is filling it. check its contents (delete old wav files) and check your asterisk config.03:52
glitchdhow would i make a shortcut on my top panel to launch a java application??03:53
ActionParsnipglitchd: make an item in the menu to run the command to execute the right stuff (make a script if needed). Then right click it and click 'add to panel'03:55
BAIXADASANTISTAAlgum brasileiro ???03:56
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:56
glitchdActionParsnip, im not sure how to do that, i jus want a shortcut on my panel so i dont have to go to the folder each time i want to launch it03:56
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.03:56
bfreisHi, I'm having an issue with my internet connection in Ubuntu. It is *very* slow. When I boot to Windows on exactly the same machine, internet is very fast.03:57
bfreisFor example, time host www.google.com shows me almost 2 seconds!03:57
policyqanyone know why 'apt-get search --installed' doesn't search only installed packages? how do you do that03:57
policyqapt-cache i mean03:57
htatbfreis, I had a similar problem, then I changed to google's public DNS, and it was fixed.03:57
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?03:57
superbobis there a way to resize the root partition while logged in?03:57
bfreishtat, I'm already using google's public dns03:57
bfreishtat I've already tried other dns servers, it is always the same thing!03:58
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=== t-boxmy is now known as tboxmy
superbobi made it too small on a netbook, and the nb doesn't have a cd drive03:58
ac7sspolicyq, Perhaps the cache has been cleared?03:58
superboband i have no other way to run a boot disk or anything.03:58
policyqso how to rebuild it03:58
superbobno external cd drives03:58
htatbfreis, are you sure it isn't looking for IPv6 first? That is the other possible problem03:58
raidopolicyq: that is not what that command does, see dpkg03:58
bfreishtat, I've seen suggestions to disable IPv6, I've tried that as well, but the connection is still slow03:58
ActionParsnipsuperbob: as long as the partition is unmounted you can resize, obviously the system partition needs to be mounted to be used, so no. use a live cd / usb03:58
bfreishtat, currently, IPv6 is disabled03:59
policyqwhen i do a search, it shows all packages. i read the man page, and apt-cache doesn't give any error using --installed with search so i thought it should work03:59
tboxmyis the app in JAR file?03:59
ActionParsnipglitchd: do you simply double click the jar file?03:59
Aginorbfreis: have you looked at the mtu?03:59
Aginormight be that it's too high in linux and lower in windows03:59
ac7sssuperbob, resize2fs can do it.03:59
superbobActionParsnip:  that's what I'm saying... i have no cd drive and no usb stick... is there anything else i can do?03:59
bfreisAginor, no, do you have any links explaining what should I try?04:00
superbobac7ss: is it risky?04:00
BAIXADASANTISTA<ubottu>: Ta ai parceiro04:00
glitchdActionParsnip, i just figured it out, i wasnt putting the correct slash before the space.04:00
ActionParsnipsuperbob: netboot to a pxe server on your lan, grab an SD card, ANYTHING will do04:00
glitchdActionParsnip, thx anyways man, i appreciate the intended help04:00
ActionParsnipglitchd: smooth :)04:00
glitchdActionParsnip, adios bud04:00
ActionParsnipglitchd: you got the gold, that's all we need04:00
BAIXADASANTISTAubottu: Ta ai ???04:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:00
ac7sssuperbob, Yes, always. backup data first. (use a live usb helps as well.)04:00
glitchdActionParsnip, indeed thx again=)04:00
superbobActionParsnip:  where would I go to install a gparted boot disk on an SD card?04:01
ac7sssuperbob, I have not lost data doing a resize yet. YMMV04:01
WRAzhow do I change the empathy IM theme?04:01
Aginorbfreis: I only have about 10 minutes until I need to leave, not sure I will have time to help you, it might also not be the issue04:02
raidopolicyq: you interpreted the man page incorrectly, try "dpkg --get-selections"04:02
bfreisAginor, ok04:02
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?04:02
superbobac7ss:   cool.  I'll use that as a last option if I can't get the SD card thing to work......04:02
bfreisAginor, I've found something on MTU, I will try that04:02
superbob(thanks guys)04:02
Aginorbfreis: how do know what your problem is?04:02
Aginorbfreis: by pinging?04:02
Aginorbfreis: because if that's how you find out, mtu wont change it04:03
bfreisAginor, I don't know what the problem is, I just know the symptom: internet is very slow, and time host www.google.com takes forever (almost 2 seconds!)04:03
ac7sssuperbob, Backing up is ALWAYS a good idea when messing with the partitions.04:03
bfreisAginor, I've tried disabling IPv6 (it is currently disabled), but the it is still slow04:03
superbobac7ss: agreed...  if i had a way to do it!!04:03
Aginorbfreis: so it's only while doing dns lookups?04:03
bfreisAginor, it looks like that04:04
Aginorbfreis: or what's your latency when you actually ping google.com?04:04
bfreisAginor, latency is good (around 10ms)04:04
bfreisAginor, download speed is good as well (from the Ubuntu mirrors closest to my home, I download at about 2MB/p (with a 20Mbps connection))04:04
ac7sssuperbob, tarball it and place on a i-net host if all else fails. (a few around for temp storage.)04:04
Aginorbfreis: so, does /etc/resolv.conf look like what you expect it to?04:04
superbobgood idea.  thx04:05
bfreisAginor, yes, it lists nameserver, google's public dns04:05
superbobActionParsnip:   I'm looking for a way to install gparted to SD, not seeing anything (googling, etc)04:05
Aginorbfreis: and that's what you use in windows as well?04:05
bfreisAginor, yes, exactly the same04:06
ac7sssuperbob, should work like any usb drive.04:06
Aginorbfreis: and why don't you use one of your ISP's DNS servers?04:06
brophathow can i find out if ia32-libs is installed?04:06
superbobac7ss: so this should work?  http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2833298/how_to_install_gparted_on_a_usb_flash.html04:06
Aginorbfreis: and pinging that ip is fine? - and you only have one server configured?04:06
bfreisAginor, I've got configured as well (google's secondary public dns)04:07
ac7sssuperbob, it should work. the netbook sees it as a usb I believe.04:07
bfreisAginor, pinging gives me 10ms04:07
superbobgotcha.  cool, thanks ac7ss04:07
Aginorbfreis: does "host -v www.google.com" give you anything interesting?04:08
Aginorbfreis: and how do you connect to the Internet?04:08
raidobrophat: You can look it up in synaptic or at the terminal do$dpkg --get-selections | grep ia32-libs04:08
ActionParsnipsuperbob: there is a gparted live cd with just gparted and you can use unetbootin to make the bootable SD. If you still have your Ubuntu ISO then you can use that too04:09
c001what is a ubi installer04:09
ActionParsnipc001: do you mean wubi?04:09
bfreisAginor, it looks alright04:09
brophatraido it said do: command not found04:10
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?04:10
raidobrophat: do everything after $04:10
bazhangvhdl, a real question, sure04:10
raidobrophat: dont include do$04:10
brophatoh ok bwshhahaha04:11
brophatraido it returned  "ia32-libs                                     install"04:11
brophatdoes that mean it is installed? or does it mean i have yet to install it04:12
raidobrophat: then you have it04:12
Aginorbfreis: how long did it take according to the last line? :D04:12
raidobrophat: You could also do "apt-get install ia32-libs" and it will tell you you already have it04:12
ActionParsnipraido: that'll need sudo ;)04:13
brophatraido i will try that04:13
bfreisAginor, actually, quite fast right now, strange04:13
raidobrophat: see^^^ what ActionParsnip said04:13
superbobok.... dumb question....  i'm sleepy, or i'd remember how to do this:  how can I check which /dev/XXXX is the one for the SD card04:13
superbobobviously it's not sda1 :D04:13
bfreisAginor, maybe it has been cached?04:14
superbobmight it be /dev/mmcblck0p1?04:14
bfreisAginor, I've tried another host, that I've never tried before04:14
bfreisAginor, it took very long04:14
ac7sssuperbob, that could be it.04:14
bfreisAginor, almost 2 seconds again04:14
ac7sstry a 'df' and see if it is the right size.04:15
superbobthere we go!  thanks ac7ss04:15
brophatraido that apt-get said it said "ia32-libs is already the newest version" whatever that means04:16
brophatis that ubuntu's way of saying already there?04:16
ActionParsnipbrophat: i don't think it can be made any clearer really...04:16
ac7ssDocfxit, how is it going?04:16
rwwbrophat: yes04:16
raidobrophat: yep your good to go04:16
Aginorsorry bfreis, my time is up04:16
Aginorbfreis: I'll be back later though04:16
bfreisAginor, ok, thanks for your help!04:16
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?04:16
Aginorbfreis: but try a different dns server04:16
bfreisAginor, ok04:16
bazhangvhdl, no04:17
bfreisAginor, well, I will leave soon. It's late here, 1AM04:17
bfreisAginor, thanks again04:17
ActionParsnipvhdl: what cpu does it have?04:18
brophatraido yeah well my lexmark driver that used to work on my 32 bit ubuntu is not working on my 64 bit ubuntu04:18
brophatvhdl you are getting too excited about ubuntu04:20
raidobrophat: http://www.awakecoding.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20:installing-lexmark-linux-drivers-in-64-bit-debian-based-distributions&catid=1:home04:20
sacarlsonbrophat: I had the same problem with my canon that didn't have a 64bit driver04:20
brophatsacarlson did you resolve it?04:21
thauriswulfaHELP: after power cut-off, when i restarted my xubuntu everything is fine but something is wrong with desktop, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-thursday24march2011-094959ist.php        plz help04:21
sacarlsonbrophat: after days of trying to get it to work and failing I ended up running a vitualbox 32 bit version of ubuntu and had it drive the printer and I shared the printer from it04:21
Avetechi there, I have download firefox-4.0.tar.bz2 how can I install it on ubuntu 9.04?04:22
brophatsacarlson nah i would just get a new printer before doing that04:22
sacarlsonbrophat: I"m poor can't aford that04:22
ActionParsnipAvetec: jaunty is no longer supported in any way04:22
DaPenguinthauriswulfa, just reset the wallpaper04:22
raidobrophat: is it a MFC or just a simple ink or laser04:23
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?04:23
ActionParsnipvhdl: sure, ask away04:23
sacarlsonbrophat: and virtualbox isn't bad it's cool to have to test different things04:23
bazhangvhdl, you justr did04:23
brophatsacarlson ok04:23
rebirthdoes anyone here know how to set a script to run at shutdown time?04:23
bazhangvhdl, please respond04:23
c001ActionParsnip: yeah i meant wubi04:23
brophatraido it is an ink jet04:23
AvetecActionParsnip: do you mean firefox 4 can not run on ubuntu 9,04?04:23
c001is there a way to just execute wubi without any interaction04:23
ActionParsnipAvetec: it can but your release is no longer supported04:24
sacarlsonrebirth: you don't need a script just create a cron event to do it04:24
ActionParsnip!eol | Avetec04:24
ubottuAvetec: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:24
thauriswulfaAvetec: you should install it from ppa  http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu/maverick04:24
raidobrophat: try picking a driver for another inkjet, something that sounds generic, see if you get lucky04:24
thauriswulfaAvetec: i have installed it from ppa and its working fine04:24
brophatraido ok and thanks for that other article04:25
raidobrophat: np04:25
sacarlsonrebirth: oh sorry I didn't read the correctly04:25
mylistohey folks04:26
WRAzheyo, what does do-release-upgrade -d do? (specifically the -d argument)04:26
revetutlewhich is more reliable, .04 or .10?04:26
mylistoI'm wondering if there is any kind of screen scraping (data mining) application for Ubuntu04:26
ActionParsnipWRAz: it will install the development release (currently natty)04:26
WRAzcool, so I have an install I just muck around on it I can install natty that way04:27
thauriswulfaAvetec: you can also use the package you downloaded , just  go to terminal and run firefox from there04:27
ActionParsniprevetutle: both, you wil get a mixed reaction from everyone, 10.04 is supported longer04:27
raidorevetutle: FOR STABILITY, ID GO WITH 10.0404:27
ac7ssrebirth, install the script in /etc/rc0.d04:27
WRAzI didn't want to bother with grabbing the CD image/burning it/etc04:27
raidoOOPS caps errer04:27
revetutlefor stability im not going with the guy that types in all caps ;p04:27
ac7ssrebirth, make sure it is executable04:27
Avetecthauriswulfa: I downloaded the .tar.bz2 package and when I open it there are many files04:28
ac7ssrevetutle, I use 10.4 for the main box, my wife doesn't like changes. I use latest for my laptops.04:28
revetutlethats really neat04:29
thauriswulfaAvetec: wait let me give u the commands04:29
Avetecthariswulfa: don't know which file to call04:29
WRAzis Alpha3 full of bug fail or decently stable ?04:30
thauriswulfaAvetec: wait i am writing the procedure04:30
rebirthac7ss: ok i will try that, where can i find a description of what all the rc folders do?04:31
Avetecthauriswulfa: thanks04:31
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?04:31
ActionParsnipWRAz: ask in #ubuntu+1  natty is offtopic here04:31
ActionParsnipvhdl: what cpu does it use?04:31
WRAzthanks action04:31
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thauriswulfaAvetec:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:32
ActionParsnipvhdl: if it uses a cpu ubuntu can run on then i'd give it a go04:32
thauriswulfaAvetec: and then just type sudo apt-get install firefox-4.004:32
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thauriswulfaAvetec:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade    and then just type   sudo apt-get install firefox-4.004:33
=== bd is now known as Guest99747
Avetecthauriswulfa: i got this: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not fou04:34
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?04:35
thauriswulfaAvetec: copy and paste the following and press enter and give ur password , it works sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable04:36
revetutleyes go ahead vhdl04:36
ActionParsnipAvetec: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties04:36
ActionParsnipvhdl: ask away04:36
ac7ssvhdl: stop asking that question.04:36
bazhangvhdl, you asked that 10 times now04:36
ActionParsnipbazhang: it may have changed (doubt it)04:36
ac7ssvhdl, ask a different one.04:36
thauriswulfaAvetec : here is the whole procedure http://askubuntu.com/questions/6339/how-do-i-install-firefox-4/6348#634804:36
speedrunnerG55can i replace the backlight of a laptop screen seperatley04:36
ohsixspeedrunnerG55:  yes04:36
ActionParsnipAvetec: i suggest you upgrade to at least Lucid, Karmic (9.10) is EOL next month too. Your release is no longer supported04:37
ohsixspeedrunnerG55: they're removable, for recycling and replacement04:37
ac7ssspeedrunnerG55, Yes, a lot of work. finding the part is difficult.04:37
speedrunnerG55ok, where can i buy them04:37
speedrunnerG55i know its the problem04:37
bazhangspeedrunnerG55, try ##hardware04:37
ac7ssspeedrunnerG55, depends on the model and type.04:37
bazhangspeedrunnerG55, this is ubuntu support only04:37
speedrunnerG55i dont feel like buying the whole lcd, or is that a better idea04:37
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: ask in ##hardware04:38
ac7ssspeedrunnerG55, instructables has a tutorial for that.04:38
ohsixbut yea, this isn't really ubuntu related04:38
AvetecActionParsnip: can i upgrade using live cd?04:38
rwwAvetec: no04:38
ActionParsnipAvetec: you can upgrade with the alternate cd, not the livecd04:38
speedrunnerG55i dont like ##hardware they never stay ontopic and everyone ignores me and talks about the goverment videogames ant the economy04:38
bazhangAvetec, no, using alternate cd04:38
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: this is ubuntu support only04:38
bazhangspeedrunnerG55, no matter, this is not the place04:38
rwwspeedrunnerG55: so your solution to a channel being offtopic is to be offtopic in another channel?04:39
rwwthis does not seem like a sustainable idea :(04:39
speedrunnerG55ok, sorry04:39
Avetecbazhang: where can i download alternate cd? i have just download ubuntu 10.10 live cd04:39
speedrunnerG55i do use ubuntu tho =3, but it was off topic04:39
bazhang!alternate | Avetec04:40
ubottuAvetec: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal04:40
bazhangAvetec, from ubuntu.com04:40
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal04:40
ruanmy internet connection cut off _completely_ just as the date changed to 24 march. what log should i check for this?04:40
c001is it possible during WUBI installation to tell it we want to DEFAULT to linux instead of sitting at a screen that has windows highlighted first?04:41
ruanc001: at boot when you have linux and windows as a choice?04:41
DaPenguinyou actually have to edit the windows bootloader to do that04:42
thauriswulfaspeedrunnerG55: you are right about ##hardware04:42
speedrunnerG55ive never sen a channel so bad04:43
ruanMar 23 21:56:53 Gamers NetworkManager[959]: <info> (eth0): deactivating device (reason: 0).04:43
ruanreason 0? what's that04:44
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?04:45
robotti^vhdl: what model?04:46
ruanvhdl: is it a smartphone?04:46
user1_can we have a single server and multiple terminals.04:46
robotti^Nokia has some linux-based smartphones running with arm cpu04:46
user1_single cpu and multiple displays04:46
ruanuser1_: multiple workspaces?04:47
ohsixmultiple seats04:47
jquest71new Ubuntu IRC user, test message04:47
raidouser1_: Yes, look up the linux terminal server project04:48
Starminnjquest71: Your test is correct.04:48
user1_ruan: ok thanks04:48
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?04:48
ohsixyou can do it with one machine as well04:48
jquest71starmin, thank you!04:48
ohsixura joek maker04:49
ohsixsomehow i think it's lost on him04:49
ruanNetworkManager[959]: <info> (eth0): device state change: 7 -> 9 (reason 5)04:49
mocha0rangewith apt-get, how can i install security updates only?04:49
ohsixruan: theres a faq on the networkmanager website that tells you how to figure those out04:50
raidoruan: maybe its sleeping for powersave04:50
ruanit's never slept for powersave :S04:50
Starminnmocha0range: You mean the things that Update Manager gives to you? Just the software updates?04:50
ruanbesides, it did absolutely nothing when i tried to connect04:50
mocha0rangeStarminn: yeah, i'm running ubuntu server 10.04, and i want to install the security updates only04:51
c001ruan yes where you choose between windows and linux04:51
c001i want it to default to linux not windows04:51
c001or blow windows away and just boot off linux.04:51
Starminnmocha0range: I believe it's just << sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade >> ("update" brings everything to get the most recent versions, "upgrade" upgrades everything to that newest version.)04:52
ActionParsnipmocha0range: only way I know it can be done is to edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out all but the security lines04:52
ohsixmocha0range: just make sure your sources include *-security, and none of the -proposed or -backports ones04:52
ruanc001: to just boot off linux you'll need to do a proper install04:52
ohsixmocha0range: look at /etc/apt/sources.list04:52
ruanc001: since wubi install depends on windows04:52
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe04:52
Starminnmocha0range: Ah. Disregard my statement. I thought you were speaking of something slightly different04:52
DaPenguinc001, you'll need to migrate wubi to it's own partition for that and set up grub as the default bootloader04:52
ruanwubi works off of a .disk file04:53
DaPenguinc001, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935404:54
jrmcmIs it possible to prevent ubuntu from locking the screen automatically?04:54
ruanif it matters, there appeared to be a power failure at the same time eth0 failed04:54
DaPenguinjrmcm, screensaver and powersave options04:55
ruansadly my UPS doesn't have enough space at the moment for my connection04:55
ohsixjrmcm: just disabling it alltogether; but if you want to toggle it, you can add the inhibit applet to the panel04:55
ActionParsnipjrmcm: look in power settings, there is also a button to edit screensaver settings there04:55
c001depenguin: I am interested in installing linux on a remote system from the windows desktop via rdp and have it default to linux at bootup04:56
Abhijithi guys.04:56
Abhijitis pendrivelinux available for linux? i can find its .exe download only04:56
c001so i won't be able to first initially boot into linux to do those things04:56
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:56
ActionParsnipAbhijit: there is unetbootin for Linux04:56
ayakaI can open compiz,glxinfo | grep direct show http://paste.ubuntu.com/584628/04:56
AbhijitActionParsnip, i want persistent install. not to burn iso. i want full installation.04:56
SuspectZerohey there, im trying to help a friend out with his first time in ubuntu. anyone know if ubuntu comes with a program like wgetpaste or pastebinit?04:56
ohsixAbhijit: then just install it to the drive like a regular disk from a livecd04:57
Abhijitohsix, i tried. it dont work.04:57
ruanAbhijit: check the second link - persistent usb install04:57
jrmcmThanks all, this has been frustrating me for awhile. I didn't know it was the screen saver04:57
rwwSuspectZero: it doesn't come with pastebinit, but pastebinit is in the repositories.04:57
thauriswulfaAbhijit: go for puppylinux its better than pen drivelinux04:57
Abhijitohsix, i install software and when i reboot that software is not there ActionParsnip ruan thauriswulfa04:57
Abhijitthauriswulfa, but i dont like its look!!! :-p04:57
ohsixAbhijit: that wasn't a regular install then04:58
SuspectZerorww, kk thanks04:58
=== cactuar is now known as svm_invictvs
thauriswulfaAbhijit: latest release has xfce04:58
Abhijitohsix, i have iso file and i have one pen drive. how should i install this iso to pen drive? i dont have blank cd!04:58
Abhijitthauriswulfa, ok will try it!04:58
DaPenguinc001, i have exactly 0 experience with RDP, does it give you drive access, or is it client side?04:59
ohsixAbhijit: i'd use a virtual machine04:59
Abhijitohsix, i want pen drive.04:59
ohsixthink real hard04:59
Abhijitohsix, to be able to boot college ocmputer and my home computer as well.04:59
c001thats where you are remotely connected to the windows box04:59
Abhijitohsix, you think real practical!!! :-p04:59
ohsixyou boot the cd as an image with a virtual machine, then install it to the flash04:59
Abhijithow can i take my virtual machine to college?04:59
c001so once you reboot to that menu to choose between windows and linux, you've lost your connection.05:00
Abhijitohsix, virtualbox dont support usb booting!05:00
ohsixyou make me angry, good luck05:00
Abhijitohsix, thank you.05:01
jrmcmAbhijit: Boot the vbox from the iso then install to the usb05:01
DaPenguinc001, there's a way to edit the windows bootloader from windows itself, just can't remember it off the top of my head05:01
DaPenguinc001, i'd just say make ubuntu the default option with a short timeout05:02
J11can i mount a disk in portable ubuntu and get it unmounted in windows?05:02
Blue1portable ubuntu?05:03
c001DaPenguin: i don't see that option in the ubuntu installer before it loads05:04
J11Blue1: yes the sf project which alows you to run ubuntu on windows using colinux05:04
DaPenguinc001, you're using wubi right? or am I getting my channels crossed?05:04
ruanJ11: windows doesnt deal with linux device names05:04
Blue1J11: new one on me.05:04
Saturn2888if I wanna setup a RAID with md0p1 and md0p2 using gpt, would I also have to setup a partition table on top of it using the md device? is that a good idea at all?05:05
Blue1J11: do you mean....wubi by chance?05:05
raidoSaturn2888: You want to raid 2 partitions on the same physical disk?05:06
J11Blue1: no i don't think it's the same: http://sourceforge.net/projects/portableubuntu/05:06
RoganAlrighty guys. Tricky question, possibly a bug, most likely my own fault. I installed xubuntu-desktop via the package manager and switched to that session (coming from normal ubuntu, v10.10)... When in there, I was suddenly booted to the login screen again - Now whenever I try open an xubuntu or xfce session it loads for a bit, flashes the terminal for half a second (too short to read anything) and kicks me back to the login screen05:06
RoganAny suggestions?05:06
c001yes wubi05:07
Saturn2888raido: naw05:07
Blue1J11: wow.  I must be behind the times.  I had no idea this even existed.05:07
c001DaPenguin: there is no option when you are installing it to default to linux before it loads the windows or linux menu05:07
c001none that i know of05:07
Saturn2888I wanna take two physical disks and raid one large partition on each so I end up with something I can create a /dev/md from05:07
Blue1J11: so kinda like wine, but in reverse?  iow run linux apps under windows?05:08
raidoSaturn2888: Yeah thats normal05:08
DaPenguinc001, it's not done from the installer. you have to run the install, edit the bootloader before reboot from a windows app, then reboot05:08
DaPenguinc001, think that should accomplish what you're after05:09
J11Blue1: yes you get individual apps, although you get the ubuntu gnome'menu'bar at the top and the windows one on the bottom05:09
brophati have a .deb driver file, what do i do to install it?05:10
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.05:10
brophatubottu how about from terminal?05:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:11
rww brophat sudo dpkg -i package.deb05:11
Blue1J11: I'll have to play with that.  but usually if the device isn't mounted first in the host os, you can't mount it in the guest os.  so to answer your question - my experience with vbox anyway, is if you unmount it in the host os, it gets unmounted in the guest os.05:11
brophatok thaks05:11
raidoSaturn2888: You threw me on md0p1 and md0p2, those would be the same disk, More likely it would be like md0p2 and md1p205:12
Saturn2888oh oik05:12
jrmcmIm trying to mount and use a usb drive in a vbox, it shows on the host, but not in the vbox05:13
J11well don't really need it mounted yet, as i need to copy linux partions from one disk to another usb disk and possibly i have to shrink it first or enlarge it later05:13
Hodrhi, I set up Firestarter, DHCP and ICS inside Firstarter, I can connect to the DHCP server and get an IP, but can't access the internet05:13
RoganSo, no ideas regarding xubuntu sessions kicking me straight back to the login manager?05:14
_antantI'm having a massive fail with my nvidia card. It just sits on a purple screen when i try and boot05:14
raidoRogan: Sounds like a problem with the Xserver. Did you install any new video drivers?05:14
_antantif I delete my xorg.conf then I can at least boot in, but if I try and get a decent resolution no luck05:14
_antantIt's a fresh install05:14
Saturn2888raido: nope, I'm not using different md devices. Either way, I have a question. I accidentally put two drives together in an md which shouldn't have gone together and already had data. How do I delete the md I created by accident?05:14
ohsixRogan: login on a terminal and check the permissions of ~/.ICEauthority05:14
J11Blue1: maybe i just have to mess around in the portable_ubuntu.conf05:15
DaPenguin_antant, might want to try the restricted driver for it05:15
_antantI am05:15
raidoSaturn2888: Id have to read the man page myslef, I dont often user the linux raid tools05:16
brophatare there any wirless printers that works with 64 bit ubuntu?05:16
_antantI'm living in one huge steaming pile of fail05:16
Roganraido: Nope, haven't installed any drivers. It let me in fine the first time, was playing with the desktop settings at the time it kicked me out first05:16
raidobrophat: Brother is well suppoerted, I have a nice MFC here myself.05:16
Saturn2888raido: oh ok. Because I can't seem to get it to --remove it. --stop works fine.05:16
brophatwhat does MFC mean05:16
Roganohsix: *noob* here, what's the check permission terminal command05:16
ohsixls -a05:17
Saturn2888raido: --remove gives me no errors though05:17
DaPenguin_antant, that's weird, I've usually had good luck with nvidia cards. ati ones are the only ones i've ever had give me trouble05:17
raidobrophat: Multi Function05:17
brophatahh ok05:17
raidobrophat: print scan fax05:17
_antantI swapped OUT an ati card05:17
jrmcmls -l05:17
ohsixyea that's the one05:17
_antantand then I get this05:17
jrmcmRogan: ls -l05:17
Roganoh, ls -l? I retard.05:17
brophatraido you got it running on ubuntu 64 bit with linux out of the box drivers?05:17
DaPenguin_antant, what model card?05:17
Rogan-rw------- 1 rogan rogan 3410 2011-03-24 07:33 /home/rogan/.ICEauthority05:18
raidobrophat: I think I had to get the drivers from Brother, but I think they did have 64 support05:18
brophatraido so you have it running on ubuntu 64?05:18
raidobrophat: Xerox is also well supported, we use them at wotk with 64 bit desktops05:18
Hodrhi, I set up Firestarter, DHCP and ICS inside Firstarter, I can connect to the DHCP server and get an IP, but can't access the internet05:19
raidobrophat: indeed05:19
=== administrator is now known as Guest75600
brophatok so brother and xerox thanks05:19
raidobrophat: np05:19
raidobrophat: look at their support sites before you choose a model05:19
DaPenguin_antant, http://askubuntu.com/questions/3024/good-nvidia-drivers-for-ubuntu/3027#3027, may actually have to get the driver straight from nvidia05:20
brophatraido yeah for sure05:20
_antantI'll give that a go, cheers pingu05:20
DaPenguin_antant, ubuntu video drivers can lag behind a bit sometimes due to the testing process05:20
raidoRogan: You may have corrupted some of your window manager files in your home dir05:21
raidoRogan: Ive done that before05:21
jrmcmI need to access a usb drive from within a vbox. It shows up on the host machine but not on the vm05:21
Linuxpwnsjrmcm: Which software are you using to run VMs (Vmware player/workstation, virtualbox, etc?)05:23
Roganraido: Alrighty, I'll ignore the fact that they got corrupted somehow in the first place... Reinstalling xubuntu-desktop going to be the simplest fix?05:23
jrmcmvirtual box05:23
physically_fithi, is twitter.com up or down? i can't connect since 2 hours ago.05:23
Linuxpwnsdo you have the virtual box tools installed?05:23
raidoRogan: I always hate that solution, however if you are very noob then it may be the most efficient, but...05:24
Linuxpwnsjrmcm: the "guest additions"05:24
Starminnphysically_fit: ^^05:24
yinee_hi, is there any chinese?05:24
raidoRogan: You can make a new user, then login as that new user and see if the WM is ok05:24
RoganWould trying to log into it as root work just aswell? I'm cool with a new user if not05:25
physically_fitStarminn, thanks. that site says that is up. it must be my DNS.05:25
raidoRogan: do a new regular user, you can remove it later05:25
raidoRogan: do you know how to do that?05:26
RoganHahaha, yea, I'm not disgustinly noob, just crap at memorising commands05:26
ac7ssRogan: man -k [what you want to do] is your friend.05:27
raidoRogan: ok, if that works, you can try overwriting you other users sfxe files with the new users and see if that works05:27
amh345is there a way to configure FTP (commandline) to connect to a server and upload files everynight using a cron or sometihng?05:27
ac7ssamh345, yes, or use rsync, or mount the ftp, or .....05:28
Roganbrb then, we shall see :) Thanks05:29
amh345ac7ss: ok, thank you. i shall begin my google jounry05:29
amh345journey, even05:29
Linuxpwnsamh345: Something like this perhaps? http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/11951005:29
jrmcmLinuxpwns: ok i have the guest additions, what now?05:29
Linuxpwnstry to install the USB device through settings on virtualbox itself...05:30
ac7ssamh345, I use a mount and then r-sync.05:30
amh345Linuxpwns: can i also execute commandline script in this ftp txt file?05:30
ActionParsnipamh345: you can write a script (ftp can be scripted too)05:30
Linuxpwnsamh345: I wouldn't see why not its a bash script05:30
ActionParsnipamh345: or mount the ftp then rsync as ac7ss says05:30
amh345what i need to do is 1)run a script to dump contents to a txt file, encrypt the txt file (gpg) and then upload it.  im trying to put the pieces together. i've  never done this before.05:31
Linuxpwnswell in that case its macro..but you can use bash I suppose... i wouldn't see why not05:31
rogan_Bingo, easy as that. Now where do xfce files live for this copying? :)05:32
Linuxpwnsamh345: Here's a very rudimentary way of automating the ftp process http://willcode4beer.com/tips.jsp?set=bashftp It all depends on which ftp software you use I guess.05:32
DaPenguinamh345, http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/, good bash scripting reference05:32
ActionParsnipamh345: have the ftp permanently mounted at boot using fstab05:32
ac7ssamh345, if it is a single file, use mput05:33
LinuxpwnsActionParsnip: Only disadvantage is your password will appear in clear text. Can you encrypt the file and still run in stealth?05:33
kalingacan someone please help me to make my nvidia graphics card to work on Ubuntu10.1005:33
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: i guess, there may be ways around but it will need putting some place05:34
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: another reason why ftp sucks05:34
LinuxpwnsActionParnship: Another reason to use a VPN05:34
user1_ruan: i have  a 1gb ram netbook and a 6gb ram laptop . i would like to use netbook as thin client to laptop. is a ethernet cable a good option or a USB connector on both ends a better option05:34
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ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: sftp + keys rather than ftp is much better ;)05:35
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest94784
=== Guest94784 is now known as Guest48150
LinuxpwnsThere is FTP with SSL but normal web browsers don't support FTPS05:35
rogan_raido: Bingo, easy as that. Now where do xfce files live for this copying? :)05:35
ac7ssamh345, you won't have to load ftp, just 'mput filename ftp://host/directory'05:36
Hodrhow do I save a read only file in Terminal vi?05:36
ac7ssoops too late.05:36
Saturn2888raido: I think I've got it thanks :)05:36
SwedeMikeHodr: :w!05:36
Jordan_UHodr: :!w05:36
ac7sshodr: :w filename (as a new file.)05:37
raidorogan_: you will have to snoop around but they will all be in the home dir, but if the other user  home dir is basically empty you could just copy everything over.05:37
Jordan_UHodr: I mistyped, it's :w! as SwedeMike said.05:37
LinuxpwnsActionParnship I suppose if the FTP is inside the perimeter firewall outside the DMZ where no public users would see the traffic I wouldn't see the harm in creating a bash file with clear text password. Most of the time your problem is on the inside anyways HAHA05:38
user1_i have  a 1gb ram netbook and a 6gb ram laptop . i would like to use netbook as thin client to laptop. is a ethernet cable a good option or a USB connector on both ends a better option05:38
kalingaanyone there..kindly help me i am stuck from the last 3days...05:38
Karen_mso weird, my win7 shares .. sometimes get knocked out and requires a reboot of win7 for them to work again.  It says something like "invalid ..." .. I forget what it says now, but I just noticed it did it again!  Anyone ever experience this?05:38
raidorogan_: some of them will be hidden too, so dont miss those05:38
ActionParsnipuser1_: ethernet wil be easier to configure05:38
user1_ActionParsnip : can server and client have different OS?05:39
TheBuntuwhat is the faster file system....ext4 ...jfs or xfs ??05:39
Starminn!nvidia | kalinga (not sure if this will help?)05:39
ubottukalinga (not sure if this will help?): For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:39
ljsoftnetTheBuntu i think ext405:39
ActionParsnipuser1_: sure, if the client is windows and you are using x forwarding then you will need to run xming05:39
StarminnkalingaL Gives you something to read until somebody who can actually help comes along.05:39
ljsoftnetTheBuntu i never tried the others05:39
user1_ActionParsnip : and what if server is windows 7.05:39
HodrAny idea why ICS isn't working through Firestarter?05:40
kalingathanks  ubottu and Starminn..05:40
r0fs3ck5I have achieved very high speeds with ext405:40
ActionParsnipuser1_: then you can use rdesktop to connect to the desktop and use it thinly05:41
rogan_cp /home/test/* /home/rogan/* going to do the trick?05:41
rogan_Don't care about rogan's stoed home data05:41
r0fs3ck5Just out of interest, has anyone else got really high write speeds with ext4 by manually matching the physical and logical blocks on your hdd?05:41
ActionParsnipuser1_: obviously if you only have  single license then it will lock the local desktop05:41
user1_ActionParsnip : ok but it won't be a network boot setup then?05:42
raidorogan_: yeah, youll have to use sudo for that though and then do chown -R rogan:rogan /home/rogan05:42
physically_fiti still can't connect to twitter.com and i fixed my DNS. is it up for anyone of you?05:42
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: It is fine on my end.05:43
ActionParsnipuser1_: it can be if you run a pxe server on the windows side05:43
raidorogan_: and you have to use -r with cp as well to copy recursively05:43
superbobhow does one get into screen to choose what distro to load usually?05:43
physically_fitLinuxpwns, thanks05:43
rogan_Had to use -r, seemed to work... But I did get "cp: will not overwrite just-created `/home/rogan/Videos/examples.desktop' with `/home/rogan/examples.desktop'"05:43
motaka2How to install .jar files on ubuntu05:43
ActionParsnipmotaka2: open it with your java binary05:44
asoltyshi, i had nginx running on port 80, i stopped it with /etc/init.d/nginx stop.  I'm trying to start another server on port 80 but apparently it's still being used.  netstat -ano | grep 80 doesn't show me any processes using it though. what gives?05:44
raidorogan_: delete that anyway, you dont need it05:44
sparky44i am trying to do last ubuntu update but keep getting this message how do i fix it Requires installation of untrusted packages05:45
sparky44The action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources.05:45
user1_ActionParsnip : what if i have a ubuntu via wubi inside windows there?05:45
motaka2where is it the normal path for to instal apps in linux?05:46
tonysanHow do I disable the USB automount feature?05:46
ActionParsnipsparky44: can you use a pastebin to give the output of: lsb_release -a; sudo apt-get update      Thanks05:46
V3NOMgood morning05:46
ActionParsnipuser1_: on which system?05:46
user1_ActionParsnip : on windows05:46
ac7ssmotaka2, depends on the application. usually /bin or /usr/bin05:46
sparky44actionparsnip thanks05:46
user1_ActionParsnip : on server05:47
rogan_The deed is done, chowning and all, hopefully see you in a second and I'll be stoked :D05:47
raidoro k05:47
V3NOMsomeone know the best way to install firefox 4 on ubuntu?05:47
ActionParsnipuser1_: then you will need to reboot to get the ubuntu OS loaded...05:47
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: Open terminal and run sudo gedit /etc/hosts   .... Do you see          twitter.com ?05:47
sparky44v3nom; one sec and ill send you a link05:48
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.505:48
ActionParsnipuser1_: you could virtualize an ubuntu install and have the client connect to that05:48
user1_ActionParsnip : cool.05:48
=== rogan is now known as rogan_
illmortalanyone know of widgets that will only show text/script for Time, Date, and weather (like making the opacity 0%)?05:49
ac7ssV3NOM,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:49
physically_fitLinuxpwns, nope my hosts file is fine05:49
ac7ssV3NOM,  sudo apt-get install firefox-4.005:49
rogan_Surprisingly it didn't work raido05:49
V3NOMMust I uninstall firefox 3.6 before?05:49
ActionParsnipuser1_: you can then use vnc or x forwarding to have the app running on the server but show on the client. Win7 is a bad choice as the server OS dude, too constrictive05:49
ActionParsnipV3NOM: it'll upgrade it for you05:50
Hodrplease help me figure out why ICS is not working through Firestarter05:50
rogan_But I'm sweet as with this user, so unless you've got a super urge to solve problems like an ocd thing (which I'd be willing to do) then I'll just use this guy and delete my old user05:50
raidorogan_: ok, then since rogan had no real user files just remove him and delete the rogan home dir and remake him.05:50
V3NOMalso for ubuntu 10.04?05:51
rogan_Oh you cleverer then me! I shall do that! cheers mate, catch you round :)05:51
physically_fitLinuxpwns, brb05:51
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: Do you have access to your default gateway of your router?05:51
user1_ActionParsnip : ahhh. it's windows 7 that i have. i think will get wubi and reboot.05:51
raidorogan_: later, cheers05:51
V3NOMthanks i will try05:51
LinuxpwnsLinux is a thing of beauty.05:52
Karen_mI keep getting "invalid argument" while copying to a win7 share.. WHY?  Only happens from ubuntu side.. never happens win7->win705:52
ohsix20:19 -!- timecop12 is "timecop8" using gibson.freenode.net on #ubuntu05:52
ac7ssLinuxpwns, Sometimes beauty takes time to appreciate.05:52
=== administrator is now known as Guest33513
user1_ActionParsnip : also tell me if it's macmini server and ubuntu hybrid clients.05:52
ActionParsnipuser1_: the hardware is moot05:53
sparky44v3nom i was trying to find the like i used this morning but no luck but looks like they answerd your q sorry was not much help05:53
motaka2I wanna install druid  in /usr/bin but it says it /usr/bin can not be written05:53
illmortalanyone know of widgets similar to the ones like this: http://rainmeter.net/RainCMS/05:54
brophatanyone know of a good inexpensive pci x1 wireless card?05:54
ActionParsnipbrophat: ask in ##hardware05:54
ac7ssmotaka2, how are you installing it? apt, untar ?05:54
brophatActionParsnip they know about ubuntu there?05:54
thauriswulfaHELP: need help to install virtual box05:54
V3NOMdon't worry05:55
ActionParsnipbrophat: they will know good and inexpensive wireless cards there05:55
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: use software centre05:55
user1_ActionParsnip : so mac wont support any other client other than thin ones05:55
icedteathauriswulfa: whats wrong?05:55
ActionParsnipuser1_: depends on the OS installed05:55
physically_fitLinuxpwns, what did you say about the gateway? i can connect to all the internet except twitter05:55
brophatActionParsnip my question is an inexpensive wireless card that is good with ubuntu05:55
V3NOManyone know if in future canonical will official support firefox 4?Or will be only for ubuntu 11.04?05:55
brophatthat is what good means in this room05:55
ActionParsnipbrophat: you didnt say that though...05:56
thauriswulfaActionsParsnip , icedtea : its saying  that need unauthorised sources to install05:56
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: I was just going to have you check to make sure www.twitter.com isn't listed under your URL filter settings on your router.05:56
brophatActionParsnip in this room it is implicit05:56
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: can you give the output of: sudo apt-get update     use a pastebin to host05:56
user1_ActionParsnip : which ones? win and mac i suppose and not *nix05:56
ac7ssphysically_fit, can you ping www.twitter.com?05:56
motaka2ac7ss: no i first ran java -jar /path/to/jar_location/name_of_jarfile then it poped up a wizard to instal it asking the installation place which was desktop by default , I tried to change it to /usr/bin but after clicking next it tells me the directory can not be written05:56
ActionParsnipbrophat:  no, its not. be exact with your questioning to avoid amiguity. We get all sorts of users asking all sorts of questions in here05:57
brophatok anyone know of a inexpensive pci x1 wirless card that works well with ubuntu05:57
superbobman, i used both unetbootin and tuxboot to try to create a gparted SD card bootable for a netbook.... but it just sits at a blank screen!05:57
physically_fitLinuxpwns, no filter there05:57
* superbob is at his wits end05:57
brophatActionParsnip ok05:57
ActionParsnipmotaka2: then prefix with sudo05:57
physically_fitac7ss, yes, it's replying to me.05:57
ActionParsnip!hcl | brophat may help05:57
ubottubrophat may help: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:57
brophatok thanks05:57
ActionParsnipuser1_: you could run a fat client on the client system, full OS just using some apps on the server05:58
sparky44actionparsnip; got this when sudo apt-get update W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278305:58
sparky44W: Failed to fetch http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/lucid/Release05:58
sparky44W: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.05:58
sparky44W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable/non-free i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/download.skype.com_linux_repos_debian_dists_stable_non-free_binary-i386_Packages)05:58
ac7ssmotaka2, you may want to have it install to a directory in your filespace. /home/motaka2/myjavaap/ or something like that.05:58
FloodBot1sparky44: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:58
motaka2ActionParsnip: I told you it is a wizard05:58
ActionParsnipsparky44: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2EBC26B60C5A278305:58
ac7ssphysically_fit, you are trying to use a client, right? is the port blocked in the router?05:59
ActionParsnipmotaka2: sure, but if you prefix with sudo it will run as root so will have write access as needed.05:59
thauriswulfaActionparsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584641/06:00
ActionParsnipsudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2EBC26B60C5A278306:00
motaka2ActionParsnip: you were right thank you06:00
Jordan_Usuperbob: Have you ever been able to boot from SD card on this machine?06:00
NDROfTheLineHi, i'm having trouble with my DVD drive not working properly in Linux. Is there a way to check for an updated driver?06:00
ActionParsnipmotaka2: the fact its a wizard is moot06:00
superbobJordan_U: i haven't ever tried06:00
superbobit's an asus eeepc06:00
superbobso it has no cd rom06:01
ActionParsnipsparky44: or you can run: sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring06:01
motaka2ActionParsnip: this time it recomends me /usr/local/druid as the default folder is that a good folder for my apps or i have to chanbge to .usr/bin ?06:01
superbobi don't have a usb stick or anything to install a copy of gparted on06:01
Jordan_Usuperbob: Does it have an explicit option for booting from the SD card?06:01
physically_fitac7ss and Linuxpwns don't worry for me, i think that my ISP is having problems because PING is replying but very slowly, and my router settings like the MTU can't handle the slow connection, that's my theory. i'll wait till tomorrow06:01
superbobJordan_U:  yeah06:01
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: Open terminal, run: ping -i 1 -p 5 www.twitter.com    Is your results 5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received (100%)?06:01
physically_fitac7ss and Linuxpwns thanks for your help06:01
NDROfTheLineis there a way to update my DVD driver in ubuntu?06:01
superbobJordan_U: i can even pull up a list on boot that lets me select the card06:01
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: ok you see the long Hex key on the end of the lines at the bottom of the pastebin?06:02
user1_ActionParsnip : a gigabit crossover cable would be perfect for thin clients?06:02
* critical_max Just posted a blog article about how to get help on #ubuntu.06:02
Jordan_Usuperbob: I can walk you through setting up Ubuntu to boot on the SD card via grub2. (Ubuntu's live image contains GParted).06:02
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: run: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com         but add each of those codes to the end06:02
sparky44actionparsnip; thanks i think that worked06:02
Linuxpwnsphysically_fit: Good assesssment.  isitdownforeveryoneorjustme verifies the site itself is working, as well as working fine on my side. It must be network connectivity issues on your end with your router itself or ISp.06:02
SSShvbwhen i load my ubuntu resolution is fine when i log in it changes the resolution of my screen to low  so i all time have to change the resolution by hands when i loggin   how can i save  the resolution that i need ?06:03
ActionParsnipuser1_: sounds fine, you will need to use static IP, or install a dhcp server on the serving PC06:03
superbobJordan_U: that might work.  it's only a gig, though, would that work?06:03
ActionParsnipsparky44: no worries dude06:03
user1_ActionParsnip : ok thanks a lot06:03
Jordan_Usuperbob: Yes.06:03
ActionParsnipsparky44: the app was running as your user which doesn't have write access to those folders06:03
superbobsweet.  ok. i'm ready06:03
Jordan_Usuperbob: What OS do you have to make the SD card from?06:04
sparky44actionparnip:after thisSetting up medibuntu-keyring (2008.04.20) ...06:04
sparky44 is it done then06:04
FloodBot1sparky44: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:04
ActionParsnipsparky44: medibuntu-keyring adds the GPG key you were missing06:04
Jordan_Usuperbob: What is the output of "grub-install --version"?06:04
LinuxpwnsSSShvb: Have you installed your graphics driver for your system via the manufactures website or via the "Additional Drivers" software suite in Ubuntu to locate and install your video card driver?06:04
superbobgrub-install (GNU GRUB 1.98-1ubuntu10)06:05
SSShvbLinuxpwns yes06:05
NDROfTheLinehow can i check if my dvdrom driver is correct?06:05
sparky44actionparsnip: it has been doing that to me alot so when ever it says that should i just do what i just did? or should i not have any more trubles with it06:05
LinuxpwnsSSShvh: what does the resolution reset to when you restart? (800x600)?06:06
Jordan_Usuperbob: Good. Do you have an iso image of Ubuntu 10.10?06:06
motaka2ActionParsnip: the instalation is finished, now I dont know how to run it !!06:06
superbobJordan_U:  um.  not sure.  lemme look06:07
superbobJordan_U: negative.  i'll start downloading now06:07
sparky44actionparsnip:its still telling me the same thing after i look for updates06:07
Jordan_Usuperbob: It can also be done with previous versions of Ubuntu, but it's easiest with 10.1006:07
illmortalanyone know of a good source for 3840x1080 wallpapers?06:08
ActionParsnipmotaka2: not sure there dude, sorry06:08
SSShvbLinuxpwns: not really it put 1280x1024 but i need 1920x1200  i cnaged it and save  config  but when i load int again  it go to 1280x1024  again06:08
LinuxpwnsI think Ubuntu needs to create its own mintmenu as standard in future generations... I like the mint menu so much its so helpful06:08
motaka2ActionParsnip: I havew intalled a soft I dont know how to run06:08
HodrSetup up ICS and DHCP in Firstarter and cannot connect to internet from client machine, and Windows troubleshoot doesn't even see a problem06:08
superbobJordan_U:   it looks like i don't have *any* distro iso's dl'ed so, i'll snag it06:08
ActionParsnipsparky44: did you install the medibuntu keyring ok?06:08
ActionParsnipmotaka2: i'd check the app menu06:08
superbobI should probably get 32 bit right?06:09
ActionParsnipmotaka2: or try typing part of it's name in terminal and pressing enter06:09
motaka2ActionParsnip: what is the app menu ?06:09
LinuxpwnsSSHvb: Open up Control Center and under Hardware click "monitors"06:09
ActionParsnipmotaka2: at the top left, see the word "application", that.06:09
sparky44action parsnip: it asked if i wanted to download unvarified documents and i said yes then a few lines came up and said OK06:09
Jordan_Usuperbob: If it's a 32 bit machine (or you think you'll want to use the SD card with 32 bit machines).06:09
sparky44so i think it did06:09
superbobright.  yeah, it is.  though, i was thinking in terms of the card.... hm... it must be late!  :)06:10
ActionParsnipsparky44: can you run: sudo apt-get update      and pastebin the whole output please06:10
sparky44how do i past bin?06:10
superboblooks like it will take about an hour to download, what should I prepare in the meantime?06:10
motaka2ActionParsnip: it is not in any oif those categories . what have I missed?06:11
SSShvbLinuxpwns: where can i find control center ?06:11
ActionParsnipmotaka2: if you type the first few letters of its name and press tab, does it complete?06:11
HodrSetup up ICS and DHCP in Firstarter and cannot connect to internet from client machine, and Windows troubleshoot doesn't even see a problem06:11
ActionParsnipmotaka2: its some weird app, so i'm not sure. did you check the website?06:12
thauriswulfaActionParnsip: i did what ever you told but it still giving error Requires installation of untrusted packages06:12
motaka2ActionParsnip: it is for designing mysql databases. I am checking it but I cant see a ny manuals for that06:12
LinuxpwnsSSShvb: or better yet click on Ubuntu start menu and go to System > Preferences > Monitors06:12
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: if you can rerun the apt-get update command I'll give you a huge command to import the keys you need06:13
sparky44actionparsnip:i put it in pastbin now what do i do06:13
motaka2ActionParsnip: should I chack the path /usr/local/bin , where I have installed the app to see if there is anything special ?06:13
SSShvbLinuxpwns: "It appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool.  Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?" yes no ?06:13
Linuxpwns choose no06:13
superbobJordan_U: looks like it will take about an hour to download, what should I prepare in the meantime? (don't know if you saw that) :)06:14
ac7sssparky44, post the link to the pastebin here.06:14
LinuxpwnsClick drop down menu next to "Resolution:" change to 1920x1080, click the Make Default button.06:14
sparky44ac7ss: thanx06:14
SSShvbLinuxpwns: k  thanks i will try to relog x06:15
Linuxpwnsrestart and log back into chat and give me your results06:15
ActionParsnipsparky44: thats a completely different error06:15
ActionParsnipsparky44: in software centre, remove the skype ppa06:15
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: looks great :)06:16
thauriswulfaActionparnsip: problem solved , thanks a lot06:16
ActionParsnipsparky44: the repo you added to install skype...you have it twice on your system, you need to remove one06:16
Jordan_Usuperbob: What you're going to want to do is 1: copy the iso (the file itself, no extracting) to the SD card, any fileystem will work for the SD card 2: create a /boot/grub/grub.cfg on the SD card following this template: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Loopback.cfg 3: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mountpoint/ /dev/sdX06:16
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: no worries, you NEED to add the keys for repos you add or you will get that error06:16
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: its not essential, just really annoying06:16
Jordan_Usuperbob: If you don't know what to put for /mountpoint/ I can help you there. Be sure that for the /dev/sdX you give the device node for the entire drive, like /dev/sdb *not* to a partiton like /dev/sdb106:17
hiexpo|boy ActionParsnip busy tonight06:17
ravenhow to reset the cmd history?06:17
sparky44actionparsnip:how do i find a ppa when i go to software centre only one skype comes up06:18
Jordan_Usuperbob: You can do the grub-install step right now, if after that grub loads when you try to boot from the SD card then the rest will almost certainly work.06:18
Karen_mmy font inside of wine got messed up somehow.  Anyone know how to fix it?06:18
sparky44actionparsnip:found the other one now what is next step06:18
thauriswulfaActionParnsip: :)06:19
sparky44actionparsnip:i tried deleting one it did both. tried downloading one it did it 2 times06:21
superbobok.... doing now06:21
superbobJordan_U: so, steps 2 and 3, then?06:21
SSShvbLunuxpwns: i tried to do it by nvidia driver but i deos not   now as you said  it helped  thanks06:22
physically_fitraven: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/how-to-clear-the-terminal-command-history/06:22
ActionParsnipsparky44: you may have added in in /etc/apt/sources.list as well06:22
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest61552
Jordan_Usuperbob: You don't even need to do step 2 just to test, but it won't hurt anything either.06:22
sparky44actionparsnip:how do i find out06:22
ActionParsnipphysically_fit: all you have to do is delete ~/.bash_history06:22
ActionParsnipsparky44: run:  gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:22
LinuxpwnsSSShv: NO problem06:23
superboboh... hey... wait....  the grub output... did you want that from the target computer?  the one i want to boot on?06:23
Linuxpwnssudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:23
superbobJordan_U: the grub-install --version   ?06:23
Jordan_Usuperbob: No, I wanted "grub-install --version" from the machine you're using to create the SD card.06:23
superbobok. phew06:23
DarkSector_hello, this is the output of my building qemu from source, I am unable to find the binary so as to execute it, I've tried /usr/local/bin but there's nothing there, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584515/06:24
=== cristian is now known as Guest65193
sparky44actionparsnip: windo opened and its blank06:24
Guest65193alguien habla español06:24
revtuttlthank you; please assist me debug my dysfunctioning wireless adapter i bought specially for ubuntu;06:24
Jordan_U!es | Guest6519306:24
ubottuGuest65193: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:24
superbobJordan_U:   OK,  so what should I be putting for the "mountpoint"?  (the /dev/sdX should just be the card, right?)    sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mountpoint/ /dev/sdX06:25
Karen_mhow do you fix fonts in wine!?!06:25
ActionParsnipsparky44: copy and paste the command, it will work06:25
Jordan_Usuperbob: Can you pastebin the output of "mount"?06:25
ActionParsnip!fonts | Karen_m06:25
ubottuKaren_m: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/06:25
ActionParsnipthats flash06:25
=== Guest65193 is now known as STALKER
ActionParsnipKaren_m: i'd ask in #winehq06:26
sparky44actionparsnip: wont let me coppie and paist its being stupid06:26
revtuttli have a belkin n wireless usb adapter;06:26
DarkSector_er.. nevermind, I just saw what I did06:26
revtuttli bought it specially for ubuntu;06:26
ActionParsnipsparky44: use tab to complete the folder names and the final filename06:26
=== root is now known as Guest6975
SSShvbwhen i am down the system it said  gnome-keyring-daemon  not responding  how can i fix it ?06:27
JohnTeddyI can't get my microphone to work, what should I do to troubleshoot it?06:27
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh06:28
sparky44 actionparsnip:still nothing i hit tab after gedit where elce was i soposed to06:28
JohnTeddyUnder sound preferences for hardware it says 'internal audio 1 output/ 1 input, analog stere duplex', for 'input tab it says microphone, and everything is at 100%06:28
LinuxpwnsKaren_m: Cities in Motion game runs perfect fine on Linux under wine with no configuration tweaks needed.06:28
ActionParsnipsparky44: linux is VERY case sensitive06:28
superbobJordan_U:  my guess is you are looking at line 1906:28
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:28
Karen_mi like to play on full tilt poker once in a while and it comes up all wrong, the fonts work initially but after the game crashes (rare, but happens), then the fonts will be messed to the point you can't read06:29
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4d7429fb0efccb5f507e75e769eb139c6d92f17f06:29
sparky44actionparsnip: what are keycodes for copie and paist06:29
revtuttlthank you; please assist me debug my dysfunctioning belkin n wireless adapter i bought specially for ubuntu;06:30
Jordan_Usuperbob: Yes. You want to run "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/Kingston /dev/mmcblk0"06:30
sparky44actionparsnip:not using any caps06:30
LinuxpwnsKaren_m: Full Tilt Poker is listed as a supported game under Play on Linux ver 3.8.1206:31
revtuttlit talks but it doesn't connect to the internet; it did before06:31
Jordan_U!es | cristian_06:31
ubottucristian_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:31
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: I tried two different headsets, they both work on the same laptop, with the same plugs in the same places on Windows06:31
Karen_mLinuxpwns, what does that mean?  I don't have to run it under wine?06:31
JohnTeddyThey both don't work on ubuntu06:31
superbobJordan_U: Installation finished. No error reported.06:32
LinuxpwnsPOL uses wine06:32
silentstormHi everybody, is there anyone knows the reason that why recordtitnow captures 1 FPS and how we can fix it on kubuntu My distro is Maveric 10.10 Kernel 2.6.35-28-generic06:32
jewboyI've searched the internet for an answer to this but can't find anything, when I go to youtube and try to watch a video it says "An Error has Occured Please Try Again Later" and I've installed the Adobe flash and the gnash flash player that it said to install with "install missing plugins." and I am at a loss, what do I do from here?06:32
superbobJordan_U:  should I try to boot from now?06:32
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: add: options snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv5 enable_msi=1    to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf06:32
Linuxpwnsbut it will resolve all your dependecies fo ryou...like if it requires directx, .net framework, c++ redist package, etc06:32
Jordan_Usuperbob: Yes.06:32
superbobJordan_U: I get a GNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu1006:33
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: How do I reload alsa after changing the config file?06:33
superbobblink blink blink  :)06:33
Jordan_Usuperbob: Great, then the rest should work fine once you have the iso downloaded.06:33
JohnTeddyor what do I do next after changing the config, so it works06:33
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: i just tell folks to reboot, if you remove the module then reload it, it will apply the options06:34
Karen_mLinuxpwns, what is POL?06:34
silentstormHi everybody, is there anyone knows the reason that why recordtitnow captures 1 FPS and how we can fix it on kubuntu My distro is Maveric 10.10 Kernel 2.6.35-28-generic06:34
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: i'll just reboot06:34
Linuxpwnsplay on linux06:34
Linuxpwnsdo you have 32-bit ubuntu 10.10 or 64-bit Karen_m?06:35
r1zaGood afternoon, prompt the program for pasting of video and music in a single whole, that that so to say is necessary on similarity camtasia studio but not for record of video and for the subsequent processing06:35
Karen_mwhen he says "full tilt poker" is listed as Play On Linux.. what does that mean?06:35
superbobJordan_U:   I must be very tired, but having a hard time parsing through the loopback page.... is it telling me i need a file named loopback.cfg on the sd at /media/Kingston/boot/grub/  ?06:35
jewboyI've searched the internet for an answer to this but can't find anything, when I go to youtube and try to watch a video it says "An Error has Occured Please Try Again Later" and I've installed the Adobe flash and the gnash flash player that it said to install with "install missing plugins." and I am at a loss, what do I do from here?06:35
r1zaWrite in personal please06:36
thauriswulfajewboy: try  installing ubuntu restricted extras06:36
LinuxpwnsKaren_m: http://www.playonlinux.com/script_files/PlayOnLinux/3.8.12/PlayOnLinux_3.8.12.deb download this06:36
Jordan_Usuperbob: No, that's just explaining the template that you need to use as the contents for /boot/grub/grub.cfg. /boot/grub/loopback.cfg is a file inside the iso. (I need to make those instructions a bit clearer).06:36
ActionParsnip!info playonlinux06:36
ubottuplayonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.7.6-1 (maverick), package size 753 kB, installed size 2020 kB06:36
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: hmm, it still doesn't work.06:37
LinuxpwnsActionParnsnip: I cannot verify Full Tilt Poker exists as supported game under 3.7, thats why I recommended 3.8 as it is the version i have06:37
superbobJordan_U:  ohh... *you* wrote that?06:37
JohnTeddyThough on my skype call testing service, I did get a bit of white noise fed back to me on a test call.06:38
Jordan_Usuperbob: Yes.06:38
JohnTeddyWhich is an improvement from nothing, which is what I got before.06:38
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: you are looking for entries like that for alsa-base.conf for an HP DV606:38
ndxtghi does anyone know what file store host thing? like "nameserver 192..." I forget its location06:38
superbobJordan_U: awesome06:38
superbobOK.... so....06:38
raidondxtg: /etc/resolv.conf06:38
superbobJordan_U: what I *really* need, then is....    a file at     /media/Kingston/boot/grub/loopbac.cfg?06:39
ndxtgraido: got it, thank you06:39
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: try changing it to: hp-dv6 enable_msi=206:39
cad3fyhow do I change my root password in the gui?06:39
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: you can find other example lines to change it to, eventualy you will strike gold06:39
ActionParsnip!noroot | cad3fy06:39
ubottucad3fy: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.06:39
Jordan_Usuperbob: You need a file at /media/Kingston/boot/grub/grub.cfg06:39
cad3fywhat the fuck?06:40
Jordan_U!language | cad3fy06:40
ubottucad3fy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:40
ActionParsnipcad3fy: keep it family friendly please06:40
sparky44actionparsnip:nomatter what way i type it in nothing comes up when the window does06:40
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: options snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv6 enable_msi=2 ?06:40
icerootcad3fy: there is not a single reason to have a root-account06:40
superbobJordan_U: oh right....  that's what I meant.  told you I was sleepy!06:40
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: yes, change the line you added earlier06:40
cad3fyare you kidding me? i need to login as root but can't remember the password, or if i even set a root pass.06:40
Jordan_Usuperbob: :)06:40
ac7sscad3fy, you use your login password. you can change that.06:40
icerootcad3fy: and we can help to fix systems if someone is doing silly things a root, so ots not supported here06:40
ActionParsnipcad3fy: you don't just use sudo06:41
LinuxpwnsKaren_b:  Full Tilt Poker is working perfectly fine for me under POL installation. Did you have font issues with the game itself?06:41
tsimpsoncad3fy: you don't need to login as root06:41
cad3fyno no, i'm trying to use sudo and it asks for the pass for root, i cant remember it, or not sure if i even set it06:41
ActionParsnipcad3fy: if you need a user pass reset, reboot and hold shift, select recovery mode then select root and you can run: passwd username06:41
cad3fyahh thanks06:41
tsimpsoncad3fy: sudo asks for _your_ password06:41
icerootcad3fy: sudo is asking for your user-password, not for root password06:41
ActionParsnipcad3fy: you don't need root06:41
cad3fyoh right06:41
cad3fy1 sec06:41
ActionParsnipcad3fy: sudo and gksudo will give you all the access you can ever want or need06:42
cad3fyok ta06:42
cad3fynetbook@ubuntu:~$ airdriver-ng06:42
cad3fyRun it as root06:42
superbobJordan_U:  OK, so the loopback.cfg is going to be in the Ubuntu .iso I am downloading right now, right?06:42
icerootcad3fy: sudo airdriver-ng06:42
Jordan_Usuperbob: Correct.06:43
cad3fyso if i ever need to use root, i will put sudo before the command?06:43
iceroot!sudo | cad3fy06:43
ubottucad3fy: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo06:43
cad3fylol, thanks.06:43
SoftdroidHow do you change the default sound driver in skype? I have both pulse and alsa installed on the system and pulse are chosen in skype and I cant change it from the combobox list in the skype setup06:43
qwertypulsehow to fixed ubuntu 10.10 sound problem: my sound card will randomly stop working?06:44
sparky44action parsnip: if i uninstall skype from software center would it work to download it from terminal instead?06:44
Karen_mLinuxpwns, thanks for that Play On Linux thing.  it's installed, now I am just waiting on the application list update download to finish... :)06:44
superbobJordan_U:  does this look right for the file grub.cfg?   http://pastebin.com/YRjbBX4K06:44
sparky44softdroid:not a built in cam? usbcam?06:45
ActionParsnipcad3fy: sudo airdriver-ng06:45
brophatwhat was that command that lists all the modules installed so i can see what it is using for my wireless adapter06:45
ActionParsnipbrophat: lsmod06:45
cad3fythanks guys06:45
Softdroidsparky44: No, no camera at all06:45
ActionParsnipbrophat: sudo lshw -C network    will show the ones used for the network interfaces06:45
ActionParsnipcad3fy: forget root and you'll have an easier life :)06:45
ohsixor get used to sudo -s06:46
ActionParsnipcad3fy: use gksudo for graphical apps and sudo for command line apps06:46
sparky44softdroid cant help you there sorry i know when i plug in my camra i have to manualy got and reset the mic to the right now everytime06:46
Jordan_Usuperbob: Except for 10.04 instead of 10.10 in the title, yes :)06:46
Softdroidsparky44: Ok, thanks anyway :)06:46
LinuxpwnsKaren_m: No problem. I just installed the Toy Story 3 video game for PC. It works perfectly fine under wine! You'll never catch me evil Doctor Porkchop. hahA06:47
thauriswulfaQUESTION: how to solve error," please install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and execute 'modeprobe vboxdrv' as root"           ????????????/06:48
Karen_mSo far so good with the fonts with Full Tilt!06:49
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-dkms06:49
superbob_Jordan_U:  I'm back (with a different name) ... internet cut out for a sec06:49
tensorpuddingthauriswulfa: install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package, open a terminal, type 'sudo modprobe vboxdrv'06:49
yutingfor test :)06:49
superbob_Jordan_U: last thing I asked was....06:49
jewboymy buddy just wanted to say "<convict> convict said they're all queers" so from convict to all of you, you're all queers06:49
superbob_Jordan_U:  does this look right for the file grub.cfg?   http://pastebin.com/YRjbBX4K06:49
Jordan_Usuperbob: Except for 10.04 instead of 10.10 in the title, yes :)06:50
LinuxpwnsKaren_m: Here's my list of games i've got working on Ubuntu via Wine/POL:  Battlefield 2, Build-a-lot 4,5, Burger Shop2, COD4 MW, Cities in Motion, Plants vs. Zombies, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, Sims 3, Way to Go Bowling (pogo), Tri-peaks 2 (pogo).06:50
superbob_Jordan_U: oh yeah!06:50
superbob_Jordan_U: (btw, my name got changed to having an underscore)06:50
=== superbob_ is now known as superbob
superbobJordan_U: nm06:50
superbobgot it back06:50
superbobSilly internet06:50
Karen_mLinuxpwns, do games work without issue?06:51
Karen_msigh, font issue is back!  darn06:51
ActionParsnip!appdb | Karen_m06:51
ubottuKaren_m: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:51
superbobJordan_U:  OK, so to confirm, what I pastebinned is all that I need in the grub.cfg file, and that's the only file I need to create.  Does that sound right?06:52
Linuxpwnssome only run in windowed mode but the frame rates are flawless06:52
superbobJordan_U: (i mean, other than the 10.10 change)06:52
LinuxpwnsCrysis 2 multiplayer demo works average but you need the mousewarpoverride fix to play the game06:53
sparky44will windows 7 run in VMplayer?06:53
JohnTeddyActionParsnip: What other interations should I try?06:54
Karen_mfixed the font issue!   I configured wine to use 1024x768, yaaaaaaaaayyyy06:54
Linuxpwnssparky44: unfortunetely the installer will fail with error 7843, ERROR: Better operating system detected (Ubuntu 10.10) Uninstalling Windows 7 ....06:54
Jordan_Usuperbob: Correct.06:55
JohnTeddyoptions snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv6 enable_msi=1; and options snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv5 enable_msi=2 ?06:55
sparky44Linuxpwns:so then what can i use?and how do i get a disk if microsoft wont send me one06:55
superbobJordan_U: and then the only other step is to copy the .iso to the root of the SD card, unmount, and boot from it?06:56
Jordan_Usuperbob: Correct.06:56
chackohow are you06:56
superbobi think this has all been so much more simple than my head has been making it!! :)06:56
chackowhat is this06:57
chackobye bye06:57
Linuxpwnssparky44: it will work fine i was just pulling your chains06:57
superbobJordan_U:  even if this doesn't work (though I have a feeling it will), you rock!06:57
chackothank yo06:57
LinuxpwnsHas anyone seen the Killer Tux (Linux vs. Windows) video on YouTube. OMG its funny as crap06:58
chackoyes i have06:58
sparky44linuxpwns:lol hey seams like something microsoft would try to pull lol thanks06:58
chackoit was great06:58
shatlyI am trying to sudo apt-get bulid-dep wine but i get this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/584667/06:58
sparky44is there a way do get rid of bottom bar on ubuntu and move all that to top one?06:59
ljsoftnetLinuxpwns do you have the link?06:59
chackowho knows06:59
shatlysparky44: right click on the bar07:00
shatlyany one can help me?07:00
linuxuz3r where do i get sys/processor.h07:00
jhattarasparky44, yes there is07:00
murphylanshatly: hi07:00
shatlymurphylan: hi07:00
shatlyI am trying to sudo apt-get bulid-dep wine but i get this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/584667/07:00
jhattarasparky44, can't help you more right now, as i don't have an ubuntu desktop available in here07:00
murphylando you have skype07:00
ac7ssLinuxpwns, saved by the BSOD!07:00
murphylanshatly: do you have skype?07:00
Linuxpwnsac7ss, haha yep07:01
shatlyyes but no speakers or mic atm07:01
sparky44shatly:i know i can deleat the bar but then how do i get everything in it to the top one like the windows i have open and such07:01
ac7ssljsoftnet, justs google youtube killer tux07:01
sparky44jhattara thanks anyway:)07:01
murphylanshatly: I can help you, you need update reposity of ubuntu07:01
jhattarasparky44, right click on the top bar and tell me the menu options you get, i know the menu options once i see them07:01
murphylanshatly: I'm in china, need a people to talk english07:02
shatlysparky44: i am in peppermint atm but i think when you right click n the menubar and there should be a menuebar option on that07:02
murphylanHi wo have skype07:02
murphylanHi all, who has skype07:03
murphylanHi all, who can talk to me07:03
shatlymurphylan: i have done sudo apt-get update alredy, here are my /etc/apt/source.list : http://paste.ubuntu.com/584671/07:03
sparky44jhattara: addto panal,properties,deleat panal,new panal,about panal,help07:03
ac7ssmurphylan, I have it in 10.4, 10.10 and maemo,07:03
shatlymurphylan: i would say something stupid like revlution and we would get d/c anyways07:03
ActionParsnipmurphylan: use the test call07:04
murphylanActionParsnip: how to do it?07:05
murphylanActionParsnip: use the test call, how can I do it?07:05
sparky44have to restart be right back07:06
ActionParsnipmurphylan: its in the skype interface07:08
JohnTeddyHow can I have a command be executed once I am connected to the Internet. Meaning once I connect to wireless or wired, I want a command to be executed. I'm in Shanghai for a few months.. and various sites are blocked. So I just ssh tunnel to a server in California.. ssh -fND 1080 me@myserver.com; then I just use localhost:1080 on my browser/pidgin for a socks proxy. I don't want to type this ssh command everytime I start my computer though, I want it to07:08
JohnTeddyI'm not sure what the char limit is on this ircd, tell me if that was truncated.07:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:09
murphylanActionParsnip: my skype is 'murphylan'07:09
JohnTeddyshatly: Is that your way of telling me it was truncated?07:09
shatlyit eneded with i want it to07:09
JohnTeddyI want it to be executed as sooon as I am connected to the network.07:09
JohnTeddyI want the condition of the command to be dependent on a successful connection to the Internet.07:10
shatlyyou can add it to the startup script07:10
shatlyon that hummm07:10
JohnTeddyright, but if I execute the command before I'm on the wireless, it will fail.07:10
JohnTeddyI don't want some random sleep timer, I want it to be quick.07:10
JohnTeddyyou know, I turn on my computer, I want to brose right away.. I don't want to wait for sleep 10 or something.07:11
ActionParsnipmurphylan: i don't use skype07:12
JohnTeddyI could modify the browser icon, so it executes the ssh command.07:12
ActionParsnipmurphylan: the test call will enable you to test all aspects of sound07:12
JohnTeddyThat seems like the best solution right now.07:12
murphylanActionParsnip: where is the test call?07:12
ActionParsnipJohnTeddy: could have a script pinging and when it passes then you are connecteded and it can launch the browser then terminate07:13
ActionParsnipmurphylan: https://support.skype.com/en-us/faq/FA265/How-can-I-make-a-test-call;jsessionid=840A0544A835A086433496D72E993FBB07:13
ActionParsnipmurphylan: like I said; I DON'T use skype, all I did was websearch and I found that...07:14
murphylanActionParsnip: thanks07:14
ac7ssmurphylan, if the regular test call doesn't work, right click on the tooltray icon and go to preferences/sound and there is a link to test audio there.07:14
ActionParsnipmurphylan: you could have found it with a simple websearch too07:14
guicps89anyone here?07:15
bullgard4guicps89: Yes.07:15
shatlyguicps89: no07:16
guicps89i have a little question, would u mind to try to help me?07:16
ActionParsnipguicps89: ask away and see ;)07:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:16
root____[Amarok] [title: 9000 Series (feat. DJ Red)] [artist: Stakka & Skynet] [album: Clockwork]07:16
ActionParsniproot____: please disable that07:17
bazhangroot____, please dont do that07:17
root____running Amarok, IRC, web server and smoking a bong as root07:17
shatlyroot____: diable that07:17
* root____ doesn't give a fuck07:17
bazhangroot____, watch the language07:17
* ActionParsnip expects root____ to be around all of 60 seconds07:17
ohsixzomg shatly has an offensive name!07:17
=== shatly is now known as shadghost
root____[Amarok] [title: 9000 Series (feat. DJ Red)] [artist: Stakka & Skynet] [album: Clockwork]07:18
shadghostohsix: is this better, this is my normal one07:18
guicps89ok. i've just installed ubuntu here (last version) and i've installed code:blocks to compile C codes. when I try to compile and run, I get this error message: "sh:  /home/guilherme/documents/test:  Permission denied" ... it doesnt allow me to compile and run07:18
linux_probewell, that didnt take long07:18
* ActionParsnip was right07:18
murphylanac7ss: sorry,I only training my enlish07:19
root____WHO HAS AMAROK?07:19
ac7ssmurphylan, I could hear you fine, my mike is not working.07:19
Kimmenyou apparently07:19
root____APART FROM ME07:19
shadghostseeing amarok is a kde not gnome ap07:19
shadghostprobaly not07:19
* ac7ss needs to fix his skype. (I think I need a seperate mic.07:19
Flannelroot____: Please mind your capslock, and it's easier to ask your real question instead of trying to find someone first.  If someone knows the answer, they'll answer.07:20
murphylanac7ss: ok, when your mike is fine, I will call you, thanks07:20
Kimmenshadghost: amarok runs fine in gnome07:20
cladI am really impressed by the traditional chinese input method from 10.10, much better than the common chewing lib07:21
ac7ssmurphylan, one moment, I will have my nokia up...07:21
shadghostKimmen: i know but people genarly install kde stuff in kde and gnome in gnome, but i use openbox07:21
root____shadghost noone asked what you used07:21
shadghostany one know if there is a way with out getting rid of the packages that are listed under "The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:07:21
cladBut I can't find exactly what is the name of that input method, I looked it up on synaptic and couldnt find anything07:21
bazhangclad, ibus07:21
cladNo I mean the actual input method, not the software that makes it run07:22
cladNop, the bopomofo based one07:22
bazhangohsix, among others07:22
root____shadghost: I know a guy called "man apt-get" and he knows about all kinds of stuff link that07:22
murphylanac7ss: which command to exit ubuntu server and restart it?07:22
bazhangclad its called zhu yin07:22
Flannelroot____: cool it.  If you're here to help, be helpful.07:23
cladYes but I mean, usually it uses the lib chewing07:23
cladHowever Ubuntu is using another one and I can't figure out which07:23
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus clad07:24
linux_probesome days it seems only newbies and trolls are here07:24
root____linux_probe: #ubuntu-offtopic07:24
Kimmenwelcome to the internets07:24
cladThis page isn't any help07:24
cladTyping "ibus" in synaptic gives me the lib used to type simplified chinese in pinyin07:25
cladBut I can't seeem to see any lib related to the bopomofo based input method07:25
critical_maxshadghost, "sudo apt-get autoremove". check "apt-get --help" for an easy reference to the other options.07:26
bazhangibus-table-zhuyin clad07:26
cladNop it's not07:26
ac7ssmurphylan, what do you mean by restart ubuntu server? the entire machine? or just part of it?07:26
cladSynaptic reports it as not installed07:26
murphylanac7ss: yes, I use reboot07:27
ac7ssmurphylan, 'reboot now'07:27
murphylanac7ss: I want install a desktop for ubuntu server, but I do not know whcih one can I use?07:28
cladBeside zhuyin isn't an input method, it only allows to type bopomofo directly (like ㄨㄛˇ not 我)07:28
cladKimmen, nop it's not chewing it's another one that's actually much better07:28
ohsixclad: run ibus-setup and see what input method it's using07:28
ac7ssmurphylan, I believe you can just install gnome-desktop and it will take care of the dependancies.07:28
ohsixsince i reinstalled it's not actually using ibus, but the gtk input methods07:28
cladIt is only listed as"Bopomofo" nothing more precise ohsix07:29
murphylanac7ss: thanks07:29
cladEven the "about" button isnt any help07:29
ohsixclad: gcin?07:31
cladNop it's ibus07:31
cladgoogling the email adress on the about dialog box I found what seems to be the blog of the developper07:32
cladBut it's all in chinese which I am currently unable to read well07:32
ac7ssclad: use google translate. :)07:33
ActionParsnipclad: try babelfish07:33
ohsixhrm i thought they just used existing input methods07:33
ac7ssActionParsnip, I find it interesting that babelfish.altavista.com still works.07:33
ohsixibus-pinyin: It includes a Chinese Pinyin input method and a Chinese ZhuYin (Bopomofo) input method for IBus.07:33
ActionParsnipAc7ss: why wouldn't it?07:34
spectacularhi, i have a laptop that dual-boots ubuntu and windoze...  after dist-upgrade, grub doesn't detect my windows partition anymore.  it used to always do so automatically in menu.lst. now grub is using a cfg instead of a lst, and no windoze.  thoughts?07:34
mehdiguys i dl firefox4 tarball and how can i upgrade my old one with new ?07:34
ac7ssActionParsnip, it's just a very old web address. (one of the first as far as I know.)07:34
cladHaha I can't seem to find anything on the bopomofo input on the chinese blog however I find articles complaining about the maintener of glibc07:35
cladUniversal topic it seems07:35
ActionParsnipspectacular: try: sudo apt-get install os-prober; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub07:35
cladAlso, thank you ohsix it actually seems to be that07:36
ohsixi've just used anthy a bit, and none of the chinese imes07:36
ActionParsnipAc7ss: freenode is probably older. I don't see your point07:36
techbreaki downloaded ff4 and extracted. how do I compile ?07:36
ohsixActionParsnip: hurf07:37
ohsixac7ss: nowhere near one of the first :]07:37
ActionParsnipTechbreak: why bother, there is a ppa with it already compiled in deb form07:38
=== ghisen is now known as Ghis|Work
techbreakActionParsnip: where can I get that >>> ?07:38
ActionParsnip!ff4 | techbreak07:38
ubottutechbreak: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox07:38
ac7ssActionParsnip, it was assimilated by yahoo. I would have expected them to change the name....07:39
=== root____ is now known as ranunculoid
ac7ssohsix, I know, I visited the cern site when it opened.07:39
ActionParsniptechbreak: natty has it as default as far a I'm aware07:39
techbreakm in maverick ActionParsnip07:40
ActionParsnipAc7ss: name change may harm userbase but it is quite old :-)07:40
=== ranunculoid is now known as eamon
spectacular_ActionParsnip, tried that. I had os-prober already. tried what you said, but same result -- it finds a few linus kernels but no other OS's.07:41
ActionParsniptechbreak: the command will get you the browser07:41
techbreakActionParsnip: i nstalled that.. but still when i go to app>internet> ff it opens old one07:41
ActionParsnipSpectacular: that's all my personal knowledge of grub is. I don't dual boot so have never had to bother with it07:43
ActionParsniptechbreak: did you see the debs install ok?07:43
cladOh I discovered something nice, you can actually switch between traditional and simplified chinese with ctrl+shift+f no matter if you use pinyin or chewing07:44
techbreakActionParsnip: no I did that command07:44
ActionParsniptechbreak: press ALT+F2 and type: fire   you may see 2 versions07:44
techbreakclad: english here07:45
eamon[Amarok] [title: Decoy] [artist: Stakka & Skynet] [album: Clockwork]07:45
techbreakActionParsnip: no, just firefox it shows07:45
ActionParsniptechbreak: did you run it all. Its one command with 3 sections07:46
ohsixclad: theres a million key combos for those things, its great; probably why so many different ones persist too, learn one and you're stuck07:46
techbreakActionParsnip: yes, all07:46
sinistradI installed enlightenment e17 on top of ubuntu. GDM is still managing things, but when I try transparent apps in e17, the pinkish GDM wallpaper shows through. Is there a way I can remove that?07:46
ActionParsnipeamon: please disable that07:46
MindPhreak* Now talking on #Christianity07:47
cladYes I tried a standard chinese winXP installation,it's a nightmare with 20+ chinese input method to choose from07:47
BenwaHi, i think i got a postfix problem : http://paste.debian.net/111782/07:47
eamonMindPhreak: there's noone in #christianity ?07:47
MindPhreakI just did that on the wrong server07:48
MindPhreakIrCQNET actually sets ban on the nick " Jesus "07:48
ActionParsniptechbreak: ok if you run: apt-cache search firefox     do you see anything which looks like firefox 4?07:48
MindPhreakJust recording a comic scene, mate.07:48
eamonMindPhreak: That should be in the jewish room!07:48
techbreakActionParsnip: holy cow!! that command gave so amny things07:49
MindPhreakeamon, Least of my concern. Jizz just dwells in my pants07:49
techbreakand yeas firefox-4.0 too. so many.. ActionParsnip07:49
MindPhreakANy how, nevermind.07:49
MindPhreakI feel like using proxy again07:49
* MindPhreak is away: Goto=”hell" do while hell=”hot” { you=”burninginHell” + 1 if burninginHell=”infinity” || hell=”cold” endif loop ;07:50
ActionParsniptechbreak: then run: sudo apt-get install firefox-4.007:50
techbreakActionParsnip: ok07:50
ActionParsnip!away > MindPhreak07:50
ubottuMindPhreak, please see my private message07:50
MindPhreakHate bots...07:50
TwisolI have a brand new Asus G73sw laptop, and Ubuntu isn't recognizing most (any?) of the function key actions. For example, the brightness keys produce a gauge on the top-right but it doesn't actually affect the brightness, and the volume keys don't do anything. Also, nothing shows up in acpi_listen for the volume keys.07:51
bazhangMindPhreak, take the chat elsewhere07:51
TwisolMy old laptop was a G73jh, and there's no visible difference between the keyboards, but the old one work(ed|s) fine.07:51
TwisolI've looked high and low for information but it's really sparse. =/07:52
MindPhreakTwisol, Maybe it is a keymap problem.07:52
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts07:52
MindPhreakTry setting your keyboard map to 104key general Intl'07:52
TwisolMindPhreak, well, the old laptop worked out of the box, no configuration needed07:52
TwisolMindPhreak, I'll try that07:52
rebirthhelp! I just updated to maverick and now my wifi won't work. :(07:53
ac7ssrebirth, what is your wifi chipset?07:54
TwisolMindPhreak, there's no 104 intl. There's 105 intl though... but that's what it was already set to!07:54
MindPhreakTwisol, try setting up the shortcuts in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts to use the FN key in combination with the Function key for hotkey support07:54
MindPhreakSee if that helps07:54
TwisolMindPhreak, I tried that and it wouldn't recognize the keypress07:55
rebirthac7ss I don't know07:55
MindPhreakTwisol, what was the latop model again, If I may know?07:55
Twisollike I said, the acpi_listen program didn't show anything when I hit the volume keys07:55
TwisolAsus G73sw07:55
MindPhreakThank you.07:55
MindPhreakJust wait07:55
Twisolold one was G73jh07:55
ac7ssrebirth, is it internal, or USB?07:56
timlkim using ubuntu 10.10. I have a couple of digital certs which i want to install. The certs have to be installed at the OS level.On windows we double click on each  cert to install it. What is the procedure for installing digital certs on ubuntu ?07:56
Mr_BondHi, is it possible to run tasks that fork into the background with upstart?07:56
rebirthac7ss internal07:56
maxillusionistrebirth did you mind restarting ??07:57
TwisolMindPhreak, if it would help, I can paste the output from acpi_listen on both models. I know some things appear on the old one that don't appear on the new one.07:57
jarnosUpdate manager is very slow in 10.10. E.g. building data structures takes ages.07:57
MindPhreakTwisol, Go to System->Preferences->Keyboard and select the type of keyboard to " Asus Laptop"07:57
MindPhreakInstead of the system-wide default " 105key Intl' "07:58
MindPhreakSee if that helps.07:58
TwisolIt doesn't seem like it.07:58
MindPhreakThat did once happen with my Asus VX507:58
ac7ssrebirth,  'lshw -class network'07:59
timlkThe cert names are BuiltinObjectToken-RSASecurity2048v3.crt and RSAPublicRootCAv1.crt07:59
rebirthmaxillusionist, I tried restarting07:59
TwisolMindPhreak: acpi_listen displays the acpi events as they come in, right? It's not displaying the events that the old one's getting, which makes me think that the events aren't being received at all07:59
timlkhow should i install these certs in ubuntu ?07:59
Mr_Bondseems can use pre-start and post-start07:59
MindPhreakTwisol, Yes, acpi_Listen reports to all acpi events.08:00
TwisolMindPhreak, and the keyboard backlight isn't working either. I had a Windows install once that didn't have the Asus ATK driver installed and it was like this, but I installed it and the backlight and everything came on. Could this be a driver issue?08:00
MindPhreakWell, I can't say about the backlight bit, for I never used backlit keyboards.08:00
MindPhreakThis can't possibly be a driver issue.08:00
TwisolHeheh. It's not so much the specific functionality as it is the fact that none of this is working08:00
MindPhreaksince most keyboard drivers are generic.08:00
MindPhreakand not proprietary.08:00
TwisolAsus provides its own ATK driver, though.08:00
MindPhreakAnd they usually come with kernels.08:01
Twisolwithout it, the media functions weren't working08:01
MindPhreakI see....08:01
TwisolI can provide a link on their site08:01
MindPhreakMaybe, roll back the ATK drivers08:01
MindPhreakand Install a fresh one08:01
MindPhreakThat is of the later version08:01
* MindPhreak is back (gone 00:11:24)08:01
FloodBot1MindPhreak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
rebirthac7ss, lots of info, I'm typing on an iPhone so I can't cut and paste.08:01
TwisolMindPhreak, um, where would I start with that?08:01
sinistradI installed enlightenment e17 on top of ubuntu. GDM is still managing things, but when I try transparent apps in e17, the pinkish GDM wallpaper shows through. Is there a way I can remove that?08:01
MindPhreakTwisol, Just hold on a second. I'll look that up for you.08:01
TwisolMindPhreak, thanks!08:02
ac7ssthe important line is the product in the wireless section.08:02
MindPhreakSystem->administration-> Hardware Drivers08:02
MindPhreakSee if that has lists any hardware with missing/out-dated drivers.08:02
TwisolI don't see a Hardware Drivers option. :D08:02
TwisolI see "Additional drivers", but that just has my NVidia graphics driver.08:02
ac7ssrebirth, mine says product: BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY making it a broadcom 4312. a good start for finding your solution.08:03
ndxtghi. I have a process PID="9979" PPID="9978", which command to kill it by PPID ?08:03
MindPhreakTwisol, then you can try installing a driver manually08:04
MindPhreakwith the libraries08:04
MindPhreakTwisol, see http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Libraries/ATK-18089.shtml08:04
ac7ssndxtg, kill -9 997808:04
TwisolMindPhreak, thanks, I'll look into it08:04
voltalocoshow to prevent facebook spam oin ubuntu?08:04
ac7ssvoltalocos, you mean the e-mail?08:04
ndxtgac7ss: it's still alive, but now with different PPID , .... how to kill it with PID then ?08:05
rebirthac7ss; product: pro/wireless 510 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection08:05
voltalocosac7ss : no, this is about facebook chat08:05
rebirthac7ss: *5100 not 51008:05
syrinx_what does facebook have to do with ubuntu?08:07
thauriswulfaQUESTION: I want to install windows how to restore grub again?08:07
maxillusionistrebirth ok can't you even find the wi-fi network actually08:07
Aginorubottu: !grub | thauriswulfa08:07
ubottuthauriswulfa: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:07
rebirthac7ss: I should mention that before the update the wireless would only work I' disabled the radio before shutting down. now it doesn't work at all08:07
maxillusionistfacebook or *uckbook08:08
bazhangmaxillusionist, watch the language08:08
rebirthac7ss: if I*08:08
StepNjumpCritical_max I will be darned! I can't believe Ubuntu at times. It's amazing! I had an old hard drive that I used to use in a different computer. I was about to reformat it to start over and believe it or not but ubuntu came up and running! You wouldn't see something like that to happen in any way in Windozed!08:08
ohsixexcept when it does08:08
ac7ssrebirth, try 'sudo rfkill unblock wifi'08:09
StepNjumpI'm apalled08:09
maxillusionistrebirth in either case you can uninstall something and reinstall08:09
ac7ssStepNjump, I'm aGlenn.08:09
maxillusionistit works most of the time08:09
Twisoldrat, that didn't work either...08:09
maxillusionistif you don't know any commands etc08:09
StepNjumpac7ss, hi Glenn08:09
arjunak011does anyone know how to perform audio jack retasking??08:10
StepNjumpac7ss ahah funny Glenn. Just did get it!08:10
StepNjumpac7ss, I'm VE2EBP lol 7308:10
Twisolsince MindPhreak left... anybody have any idea why Ubuntu isn't recognizing my Asus laptop's function key functionality, like the volume buttons and brightness settings? I just tried installing the open-source ATK driver from source with no luck08:11
maxillusionistStep what is that ??08:11
rebirthac7ss: that command returned nothing08:11
Karen_mhow do I get the X on the window to the top right instead of top left?08:11
StepNjumpGlenn got it...08:11
ac7ssrebirth, command not found or just no change.08:11
rebirthac7ss, no change08:12
StepNjumpDo you know KD7REM Glenn?08:12
ac7ssStepNjump, from north of the border eh?08:12
bazhang!ot > StepNjump08:12
ubottuStepNjump, please see my private message08:12
maxillusionistit is in new in ubuntu inspiration  from mac os08:12
StepNjumpNah! W0 land now08:12
ac7ssrebirth: there is a thread in forums.ubuntu.com on this 'wifi issue in ubuntu 10.10'08:13
StepNjumpac7ss and other hams, please /join #ubuntu-hams as well please... Ubottu will get upset at me here08:13
rebirthac7ss, can you provide a link please?08:14
StepNjumpNo but seriously, I can't believe it mounted and booted everything in a totally new computer. It's really amazing08:14
StepNjumpAm I right to think that I should reinstall from scratch in order to speed up my system since this install was not originally installed for this sytem?08:15
carpeaHY TO ALL08:15
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:15
ac7ssrebirth, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?159604308:17
critical_maxStepnJump, no don't reinstall08:20
critical_maxStepNjump, i'm on a system drive originally installed to in a different box with a different mobo/vid mfg/everything. It was 8.04. It's now 10.0408:20
rebirthac7ss, I found the thread but it doesn't address my problem. my radio is enabled but I can't connect to the network08:20
critical_maxStepNjump: just make sure the currently installed software matches your needs. You should be good to go.08:21
motaka2how can I check what port mysql is using to connect mysql ?08:21
critical_maxmotaka2, start with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers08:22
motaka2critical_max: it says 3306 , how can i see if mysql jdbc is installed on my ubuntu machine?08:23
ac7ssrebirth, sorry I cannot help anymore on this. perhaps someone else can..08:23
rebirthac7ss, thanks for your help08:23
critical_maxmotaka2, you are connecting from your mysql client to a mysql server on the same machine?08:23
motaka2critical_max:  to no I am trying to import my mysql database on my local machine into an ER java software called Druid ,08:24
XeliHey, flash just stopped working after i installed it's update. How can i revert back or is there a known fix?08:24
critical_maxmotaka2, I haven't used that, but it looks like the ubuntu package is 'libmysql-java'08:25
critical_maxmotaka2, that is the jdbc driver for mysql08:25
critical_maxmotaka2, i found that by doing "apt-cache search jdbc | grep mysql"08:26
alamiany one know a conflict between apache and ssh, can libssl make problem?08:26
motaka2critical_max: what I don't know is where that file is located08:28
critical_maxmotaka2, probably /usr/lib/mysql/plugin08:28
user__i am experiencing a problem with windows 7 and ubuntu installation. i installed windows prior to ubuntu and made the partitions correctly but now i cant boot to windows. someone can help with the mbr?08:29
critical_maxmotaka2, 'dpkg -L libmysql-java' to get a file list08:29
critical_maxmotaka2, i'm assuming you already installed the package libmysql-java right?08:30
motaka2critical_max:  i just ran sudo apt-get install libmysql-java08:31
critical_maxmotaka2, ok cool. the dpkg -L should work then on that package08:31
critical_maxmotaka2, you only get the file list from dpkg if the package is installed08:32
iNeedHelp07Hello how to uninstall Namoraka in Ubuntu? I tried to uninstall it from synaptic, also with sudo apt-get remove firefox.. but when I install it again with sudo apt-get install firefox, Namoraka comes again. I want the older firefox look, not Namoraka. How to do that?08:32
riptlyIs there a reason why x86 version of ubuntu 10.10 is recommended? I installed the x86 v. but I feel I'm not using my computer to full potential by not running the x64 version? I'm a completely new ubuntu user.08:33
critical_maxriptly, mostly because Adobe Flash plugin for x64 is in early alpha for linux08:33
motaka2critical_max: here is the result:  http://pastebin.com/sXwqCJh008:33
critical_maxriptly, so if you like using the web most people will tell you use 32bit for less pain08:33
psilocybeHi everyone, i am trying to download a file through a remote machine using a ssh session, it is running ubuntu, but if i use the command get i get a error "file not found : /usr/share/codeaster/STA10.1/config.txt", anyone know what to do ?08:34
riptlycritical_max, well I installed Ubuntu mainly to use and learn for everything. So gaming (under Wine), Python development, Apache and the utilities alike. But those shouldn't be any problem?08:34
ikoniapsilocybe: it means the files not there08:34
cryptodiraanyone have a solution for keeping the backlit keyboard lit, beyond POST..... ubuntu 10.04.2 amd/64 toshiba satellite08:34
psilocybeikonia: i dont even know what file that is08:34
ikoniapsilocybe: then why are you trying to download it08:35
ohsixriptly: nothing that'd affect you, but theres no frame pointer and debugging stuff is a pain in the butt08:35
psilocybeand the file i am downloading is there, i copy & paste a adress from inside a ftp08:35
psilocybeand it has a http server running08:35
ikoniapsilocybe: you're not using ftp - your using ssh08:35
ikoniapsilocybe: what is the exact command you are using08:35
iNeedHelp07When I uninstall in in Windows, it removes with everything but in Ubuntu it's not. It's look like it's installing it from cache or something... and always give me the Namoraka logo.. etc.. It's annoying.. Can somebody help please?08:35
critical_maxmotaka2, some of those files are probably symlinks, do "ls" on them to find out which one you should point  your Java app too08:35
psilocybe"get http://..." and i tried "get ftp://..."08:36
Xelicritical_max, how is 64-bit adobe flash? is it usable? or still very unstable08:36
riptlyohsix, huh :(. Well, I guess I'll stay on x86 then for a while until I feel more comfortable with it. Thanks ohsix and critical_max for taking your time :)08:36
ikoniapsilocybe: on - you said you are trying to download in ssh, please give me the exact command you are suing08:36
ohsixXeli: it's great, and far preferable to nspluginwrapper + 32bit plugin08:36
psilocybeikonia, i just gave u the command08:36
ikoniaXeli: it will vary, some people will have a positive experience others won't08:37
ikoniapsilocybe: get http://.... is not a command, give me the exact command08:37
ohsixthat's very handwavy08:37
psilocybei googled it and i found that command, then can u tell me what command i need to use ?08:37
ikoniaohsix: what is08:37
ikoniapsilocybe: give me the exact command you are using08:37
critical_maxXeli, ohsix has the lowdown on that. I'm still on 32bit because 64bit flash from Adobe didn't exist when I installed years ago.08:37
psilocybeikonia: I JUST GAVE YOU THE COMMAND!08:37
ikoniapsilocybe: that is not an exact command08:38
psilocybelike i said 10 times before08:38
motaka2critical_max: I have added them, now  the soft wants me to fill this:  jdbc:mysql://<host><:port>/<database>   I dont know if i should remove <>s or not08:38
bazhangpsilocybe, that command does nothing08:38
ikoniapsilocybe: I assume you mean "wget" rather than that, however http:// is not a command08:38
ikoniapsilocybe: hence why I'm asking you to give me exactly what you are tryping08:38
jclinepsilocybe: try wget http:/....08:38
critical_maxmotaka2, yeah the <> is just to tell you to replace that with the actual value08:38
Xeliah oke, i'll give it a try then i think :)08:38
iNeedHelp07Hello can anybody help please?08:38
psilocybejcline: thanks :)08:38
ikoniapsilocybe: I'm not laughing, you're asking for help but refusing to give people the information08:38
motaka2critical_max: ok wait ...08:38
critical_maxmotaka2, jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/yourDB08:39
psilocybeikonia: i dont know what channel you are reading08:39
ikoniapsilocybe: this one08:39
psilocybebut i gave you an answer several times08:39
ikoniapsilocybe: you didn't you said get http://.... that is NOT a command, that is just words08:39
psilocybei just needed to put a W infront08:39
psilocybeits wget instead of get08:39
critical_maxmotaka2, or whatever your database name really is.08:39
ikoniapsilocybe: yes, as I told you, however if someone asks for the exact command, give them it08:39
psilocybeikonia: like i said08:40
psilocybei gave you the command08:40
psilocybeseveral times08:40
ikoniapsilocybe: get http://www.mydownload.com/file.txt would have been the exact command you used08:40
bazhangpsilocybe, you did not08:40
critical_max!help | iNeedHelp0708:40
ubottuiNeedHelp07: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:40
psilocybeso you want to know what i am downloading ?08:40
ikoniapsilocybe: then it's easy to correct to wget http://www.mydownload.com/file.txt08:40
ohsixfight fight fight08:40
ikoniapsilocybe: a lot of people don't put the url in a valid format, it's good to know08:40
bazhangohsix, stop that08:40
ikoniaohsix: please don't08:40
psilocybeikonia: i work at a hosting company08:40
psilocybeleave url's to me ;)08:40
iNeedHelp07critical_max: I already asked the question. :)08:40
ikoniapsilocybe: then you should know what wget it08:40
ohsixthe point was, you're doing no better08:40
psilocybeikonia: i am  M$ certified08:41
ikoniapsilocybe: so ?08:41
ikoniapsilocybe: I'm trying to help you, in future, it's easier to give people the exact command, so they can help you08:41
ikoniapsilocybe: if you don't want to give the url, just say08:41
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, asking again is preferable to looking like you  haven't asked. :)08:41
psilocybeikonia: not that it was very interesting it was a iso image, but it was the command i needed, i know how a url needs to look like08:41
iNeedHelp07critical_max: Okay, I'm asking it again. How to uninstall Namoraka in Ubuntu? I tried to uninstall it from synaptic, also with sudo apt-get remove firefox.. but when I install it again with sudo apt-get install firefox, Namoraka comes again. I want the older firefox look, not Namoraka. How to do that?08:42
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, ok what is Namoraka?08:42
Fricasshi ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584698/ <= I would like to know why the pam module "pam_script.so" is not called?08:42
critical_maxa FF theme?08:42
psilocybebut thanks for answering anyway ikonia :P08:43
fyodorI have installed linux-firmware-nonfree but my Prism54 USB wifi does not work. It used to work under Dapper. see: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/filelist08:43
fyodorHow do I get my Prism54 wifi adaptor to work?08:43
ohsixcritical_max: firefox has other names than "firefox" during beta/alpha/given versions not current, that's one of them08:43
rebirthsince updating to 10.10 I can't connect to my wifi network.  I tried rebooting and using an older kernal.  it tries to connect and then continually asks for authentication.08:43
iNeedHelp07critical_max: sorry a typo, it's namoroka, see there: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Namoroka08:43
ohsixi pinned natty's ff4 on mav so i got the branded ff; otherwise i'd have to run with namoroka08:43
riptlyYea Tom, I'm actually really enjoying Ubuntu. I wasn't expecting it to ... "work" so easily.08:44
blackguard-someone can help me repair the master boot record? i istalled windows 7, then ubuntu and windows 7 wont load. grub loads, and there are all options available, but when i choose windows loader it returns to the grub menu.08:44
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, so you are trying to make FF4 look like 3.6? I believe most of the UI changes are configurable... if that's not what you're asking, I apologize08:44
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, I'll check that link08:44
milamber!grub2 | blackguard-08:44
ubottublackguard-: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:44
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, or is your goal to actually install FF3.6 so old plugins work again08:44
ohsixhe wants a branded ff408:45
iNeedHelp07critical_max: Firstly I want to remove that Namoroka with everything in it (even from cache).08:45
blackguard-milamber: grub2 right, i am now to ubuntu08:45
=== mirco_ is now known as mirco
iNeedHelp07critical_max: so, I can re-install FF3.6 again freshly.08:45
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, use "apt-get purge <package>" to remove settings, "apt-get clean" "apt-get autoclean" for caches..08:45
rebirthis there a wifi guru here who can help me?08:45
critical_max*settings and package08:46
iNeedHelp07critical_max: trying..08:46
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, there should be a metapackage that you can install that will depend on FF3.608:46
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, unfortunately i'm in a different state because I have 10.04 and installed the PPA to get FF4, so it's easy for me to return to FF3.608:47
iNeedHelp07critical_max: I did that too.08:47
iNeedHelp07How to remove PPA then?08:47
rebirthok.. how about this. is there a way to downgrade to 10.4 without an Internet connection?08:47
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, Aha!! You can remove the PPA easily in the GUI by going through Software Center08:47
mn__join #cricinfo08:48
iNeedHelp07critical_max: I don't find it. Can you tell me the command?08:48
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, Ubuntu Software Center > Edit > Software Sources08:48
critical_maxIn the Software Sources dialog, go to the "Other Software" tab08:48
critical_maxyou will see the ppa for mozilla team, delete it08:49
blackguard-need help rapairing master boot record, i installed ubuntu after windows 7 and now windows wont load.08:49
iNeedHelp07critical_max: then I have to remove all ppa.launchpad.. things?08:50
Fricasshi ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584698/ <= I would like to know why the pam module "pam_script.so" is not called?08:50
Freeway92Blackguard, update grup08:51
Freeway92Blackguard, update grub08:51
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, I am not sure if the packages offer to remove themselves when you remove the PPA.08:51
kirilosi have some trouble mounting a dvd-rom.my fstab: http://pastebin.com/GSD9WbGt , when i insert an audio-cd dolphin shows it as /dev/sr0 and if i browse to /media/cd nothing is in there08:51
blackguard-Freeway92: i installed windows 7 yesterday and after that i installed ubuntu 10.10 desctop08:51
blackguard-Freeway92: i think i have latest grub no ?08:51
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, the PPA is specific to FF4 though08:51
critical_maxso it shouldn't affect other software on your system08:52
iNeedHelp07critical_max: so, I'm removing it..08:52
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, after the PPA is removed you can use Software Center or apt-get to check for updates (will rebuild the available list and FF4 won't be there anymore) and then install FF, 3 being the only available option08:52
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, actually Update Manager if you want to do it graphically, software center doesn't have an "check updates" button08:53
ohsixit still won't do downgrades08:53
iNeedHelp07critical_max: yeah :S08:54
iNeedHelp07critical_max: does firefox 4 is in ubuntu repo yet?08:54
=== omar_ is now known as omargeek
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, nope that's why we had to use the PPA :)08:54
ohsixit is in natty08:54
ohsixwould not suggest switching if it's just for that08:55
critical_maxwhich is in alpha 308:55
=== ac7ss_ is now known as ac7ss
critical_maxexcited for beta next month.08:55
iNeedHelp07critical_max: mm, I thought it wasn't in repo because it's in beta (i used PPA from beta), but it's final version now.. repo is being late. :S08:55
ohsixyou can pin from natty on mav though ;] that's what i did08:55
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, you've lost me. Do you have FF installed right now?08:56
=== KRS_ONE is now known as k_1
heverIs there no business card support in evolution for own business cards?08:56
blackguard-is it possible that a problem occurs on MBR when installing ubuntu after windows 7? or even grub2 cant point to windows loader correctly?08:56
=== KRS_ONE is now known as k_1
=== KRS_ONE is now known as k_1
iNeedHelp07iNeedHelp07: I'm downloading and installing firefox now, after cleaning the cache..08:57
iNeedHelp07From apt.08:57
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, ok08:57
=== KRS_ONE is now known as k_1
iNeedHelp07critical_max: one thing, can I install FF4 differently after it's being available in the repo? Or I have to upgrade to FF4?08:58
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, for what it's worth, the cache cleaning stuff really isn't necessary for this situation. but it can be handy for an old machine with limited drive space, the package cache gets biiiiig08:58
nonix4how should I recreate ecryptfs homedir after password reset? (afterwards data shall be restored from backups)08:58
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, you can decline the update to the package that Update manager offers you08:58
critical_maxshouldn't be a problem08:58
Starminn!grub2 | blackguard-08:58
ubottublackguard-: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:58
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, i don't think it will be packaged for 10.04 though08:58
Starminnblackguard-: I can't really assist, but I can give you the above bot call. :)08:58
iNeedHelp07critical_max: but what if I want both working simultaneously?08:59
massisorry i search the lubuntu-channel, do you help me please?08:59
PSN|VegaMananyone know how to install a theme?08:59
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, that's a separate question and one I don't know the answer to.08:59
ikonia !theme | PSN|VegaMan08:59
ubottuPSN|VegaMan: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:59
ohsixiNeedHelp07: then you need to run namoroka09:00
critical_maxmaybe someone else has done that09:00
iNeedHelp07ohsix: oh, not again. :S09:00
PSN|VegaManikonia: i have a theme i just dont know how to install it.... i'm getting an error message09:00
ikoniaPSN|VegaMan: what is the error09:01
Fricasshi ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584698/ <= I would like to know why the pam module "pam_script.so" is not called?09:01
ohsixthat's why they're named differently, they're expected to be used at the same time09:01
PSN|VegaMan"This theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme 'Rocker' is not installed"09:01
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, one workaround that comes to mind immediately is to run FF4 on Wine. No prefs folder clobbering, etc. But you can probably find a detailed how-to for the "right" way to run FF4 and FF3 on the same Linux system somewhere..09:01
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, ohsix has it :P09:02
ikoniaPSN|VegaMan: ok, so it's telling you it needs another GTK theme installed, and that theme is called rocker09:02
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
critical_maxso the dev builds don't write to .mozilla eh?09:02
PSN|VegaManso i have to install 2 themes to install this one?09:02
critical_maxerr .mozilla/firefox09:02
ikoniaPSN|VegaMan: according to that error09:02
PSN|VegaManok lemme try to find the other theme09:03
iNeedHelp07critical_max: damn.. now I have firefox, but the icon in application > internet is Namoroka's!!!09:03
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, yeah my gnome menu is crufty as hell too :(   was about to search for a script to clean it up in fact.09:03
iNeedHelp07critical_max: how to get rid of this namoroka shit.. I can't really resist..!09:03
ikoniaiNeedHelp07: control the langauge09:03
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, System > Preferences > Main Menu09:03
iNeedHelp07critical_max: there it's okay.. but on the bar..09:04
vinuxHello, I need help with DVB usb stick configuration. Can anyone help please ...09:04
critical_maxiNeedHelp07, remove it and readd it from the bar?09:05
iNeedHelp07critical_max: how to do that?09:05
ljsoftnetvinux whats wrong with your usb stick?09:05
critical_maxright click, remove... right click, add to panel09:05
iNeedHelp07critical_max: got it.09:05
vinuxHi ljsoftnet, None of the application see the device. It reports no device found.09:06
* critical_max teatime09:07
ljsoftnet@vinux have you tried to do a restart?09:07
vinuxYes I have. The lsusb lists the device as Bus 001 Device 005: ID eb1a:2885 eMPIA Technology, Inc.09:07
iNeedHelp07oh critical_max I misunderstood.. It's okay in the panel, but not okay in the applications > internet09:07
vinuxI am wondering if this device is supported at all by linux yet.09:08
ankerscan someone help me get sound on my sony vaio laptop? no one replys on the ubuntu forums ;/09:09
iNeedHelp07critical_max: maybe that'll be okay with a restrat.. but if not, I don't care. Thanks for your help.09:09
iNeedHelp07and ikonia thanks for that poke, though I think it's not that offensive to control.. but yeah that varies. ;)09:10
ankersuinstalled alsa reinstalled alsa made sure its not muted, checked pulse audio while playing a song and it shows sound is coming out, but its not.. :(09:11
xuqiangwhat is this09:11
_antantRight. I did an upgrade and now my keyboard and mouse won't work09:12
xuqiangzen me bu neng da zhong wen a09:12
Fricasshi ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/584698/ <= I would like to know why the pam module "pam_script.so" is not called?09:13
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=== Guest81338 is now known as KrisDouglas
oCeanFricass: hm.. you created custom pam_script.so ?09:15
adrian_kxanyone know how can in change that ugly network icon in appindicator?09:16
adrian_kxi like the blue debian one:))09:16
=== stepnjump is now known as ve2ebp
=== ve2ebp is now known as stepnjump
vinuxHello, I need help with DVB usb stick configuration. Can anyone help please ...09:18
FricassoCean: in my paste, pam_script.so is not called if pam_unix or pam_perso succeed right?09:19
oCeanFricass: my point is, what is pam_script.so?09:19
PSN|VegaManis there a way to keep ubuntu from automatically logging off after 5 minutes of inactivity?09:19
Fricassjust a called to one of my script oCean09:19
Fricassbut i need it09:19
oCeanFricass: I don't think it works that way09:20
FricassIf I put pam_script.so before the two others it's called oCean09:21
blackguard-how i run anything as root ?09:21
oCean!sudo | blackguard-09:21
ubottublackguard-: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:21
=== stepnjump is now known as StepNjump
oCeanFricass: ok, so you have established that you have succesfully added a pam module? in that case I don't know. why it does not work on 3rd line. Sorry09:22
FricassoCean:  I think it's because of sufficient etc09:23
oCeanFricass: you could try in #ubuntu-server09:23
JenniferB2how can I change the mouse scroll steps in ubuntu gnome 10.10 ?? my hand cannot scroll so much.. vertascrolldelta is not working in xorg.conf09:23
Fricassthx oCean09:23
oCeanJenniferB2: there are some accessibility settings in menu > system > preferences > mouse, but not sure if there is *such* an option on the scrolling09:25
JenniferB2oCean: no, there isn't :(09:25
wadynïðèâåò âñåì, ïîäñêàæèòå åñòü êàêîéíèáóòü ñïîñîá óçíàòü ïàðîëü ðóòà èëè ïîäîáðàò åãî â óáóíòå09:25
vinuxHello, I need help with DVB usb stick configuration. The applications report no device found.09:26
oCean!ru > wadyn09:28
ubottuwadyn, please see my private message09:28
foowafflehey guys need some help09:28
elkyfoowaffle, you'll need to say what you need help with. explain the problem that's occurring09:28
eZtaRWhat do you need help with foowaffle? :)09:28
oCeanfoowaffle: best thing is just to describe your issue (detailed, try in single line) to the channel.09:28
FricassoCean:  I think I'm gonna find a way to call a script manually (without pam) at the session opening09:29
PSN|VegaManI need help turning off the automatic logout function09:29
foowaffleim trying to share the net from my linux computer (using a 3g stick) over lan to my windows machine but i cant fiqure out how09:29
_antantshould I use the open source or propriety nvidia drivers?09:32
ohsixthe open source nvidia driver is "nv", and it sucks, nouveau is a 3rd party driver that does some things, but is still in heavy development, you might be able to get by with it09:33
_antantbut if I want nvpau then propriety?09:33
critical_maxohsix, is Nouveau the driver for Wayland+Nvidia?09:33
KrisDouglas_antant, if you want to fully utilise your graphics cards abilities, the proprietary nvidia driver is best.09:33
ohsix_antant: as far as i know, yes09:34
_antantcheers guys09:35
_antantjust gotta pray they work this time09:36
evidenceHi guys09:36
=== foowaffle is now known as aperitifs
evidenceSome guys use pdf2swf ?09:36
ohsix_antant: sacrifice a goat, if you're going to give into superstition you might as well go all in09:36
evidenceswftools (pdf2swf) oesn't work with some PDF : FATAL   Internal error: badly balanced softmasks/transparency groups09:36
critical_maxcool, i found confirmation that nouveau is the solution for nvidia+wayland since Nvidia won't be supporting with official drivers just yet http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/wayland-devel/2010-November/000121.html09:37
_antantwell I've tried installing them in the install process 3 times, all of which it's gone comlpetely wrong09:37
_antantthe propriety09:38
ljsoftnethow do i know what kind of i865 of intel chipset i have?09:38
critical_max_antant, uninstall whatever nvidia driver you have installed. Then use the "System > Hardware Drivers" wizard to install the official Nvidia drivers.09:38
SwedeMikeljsoftnet: lshw might show it.09:38
ohsixeither use jockey or apt to install them09:38
critical_max_antant, what is the exact version of Ubuntu that you are running?09:39
critical_maxohsix: yeah jockey is what "Hardware Drivers" calls, right?09:39
ohsixcritical_max: yep09:39
critical_max_antant, knowing your Nvidia card model would also be useful09:40
redHow do I remove "temp/" folder from a archive in command line?09:40
critical_maxand that should have been System > Administration > Hardware Drivers09:40
redI've a 27GB tarball which I want to remove a few folders from (since they aren't required)09:41
redI know how to do it in the GUI, but not from the terminal09:41
critical_maxred: tar xzvf yourtarball.tar.gz09:41
oCeancritical_max: well, that would just unpack the entire archive, that is not the question09:42
redcritical_max: read again09:42
critical_maxoCean, red, i am unaware of any tool to do the task a different way09:42
oCeanred: it might just work with the --delete option in tar09:43
redI don't really fancy waiting 3h to re-pack the whole archive, removing some files from an open archive works in the GUI09:43
redocean: I'll try09:43
critical_maxred: yeah, tar --help shows --delete09:43
critical_maxred: gotta have the folder structure of course, tar tzvf to see it09:44
eZtaRman tar is helpful aswell09:44
Guest46620Hi, some persons use Firefox 4 with Ubuntu?09:44
critical_maxoCean, nice one :)09:44
botcityPSN|VegaMan: what auto logout function?09:44
critical_max!ff4 | Guest4662009:44
ubottuGuest46620: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox09:44
Azzy_112358Hello.The headphone jack and inbuild mic from my toshiba is not working. Any ideas?09:46
rougehello :)09:48
=== lzbl is now known as Guest51099
rougeis there any good visual , side bar thing that monitors harddrives and cpu and ram etc ??09:49
riptlyIs the an application launcher for ubuntu that is widely used/recommended?09:49
Guest46620@ubottu Thanks for you answer, so if I understand we must be wait few days again for to have FF4 on Ubuntu 10.10?09:49
icerootGuest46620: no you can do what ubottu say with ubuntu 10.1009:50
aperitifshey guys any ideas why my09:50
heverIs there no business card support in evolution for own business cards?09:50
icerootGuest46620: ff4 will never be official in the ubuntu 10.10 repos, just in the ppa ubottu was naming09:50
Kimmennever as in never ever?09:51
jjpHi, yesterday some1 pointed out a kind of graphical stuff to configure grub. What was the related package ?09:51
Azzy_112358No one?09:51
* Boothk waves09:52
rougeis there any good visual , side bar thing that monitors harddrives and cpu and ram etc ??09:52
Guest46620@iceroot: Stange? Are you sure? I don't understand why is not updated with the system?09:52
botcityrouge:  right click top bar, add to panel , system monitor09:52
Boothkanyone here familiar with chroot for Karmic?09:52
icerootGuest46620: because within a ubuntu-version you will only get security-updates from the repo, never major updates09:52
icerootBoothk: just ask your question09:52
jukBoothk: is it any special for Karmic09:53
Azzy_112358Only inbuild speakers working, no one?09:53
=== Nibble_ is now known as nibbles
rougenot really what im looking for :/09:54
rougeah well09:54
BoothkI did. o_o Well, I'm trying to set up a chroot for a fresh install of UNR 9.10. The install will have an admin user "user", and a non-priveledged user "student". I basically want to lock down the students access to /home/student09:54
=== nibbles is now known as nibbler
=== bryan is now known as Guest1206
BoothkThey can still access /media/ through a symbolic link09:54
Guest46620@iceroot: So, ok I understand the problem know, it's a pity... But the next version of Ubuntu (11.04) coming soon...B-)09:56
Azzy_112358I kinda want my microphone. And my headphones working.09:56
jukBoothk: you can open nautilus in su mode and restrict student's freedom09:56
=== nibbler is now known as edge
vinuxHello, I need help with DVB usb stick configuration. The applications report no device found.09:57
=== edge is now known as Guest92736
Boothkjuk: Can I do this via .sh script?09:57
=== Guest92736 is now known as smurk
=== smurk is now known as smurf
=== smurf is now known as smurk
jukBoothk: yes, just chmod + chown it09:58
icerootGuest46620: you dont need to upgrade to 11.04 just for ff409:58
icerootGuest46620: ubottu told you how you can get ff4 with 10.1009:58
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Benkinoobyvinux, what does dmesg say?09:58
=== ve2ebp is now known as stepnjump
Boothkjuk: I don't follow. Students would be able to navigate outside their home directory, still?10:00
jukBoothk: nope10:00
vinuxHi Benkinooby, it says "10216.503968] usb 1-8: USB disconnect, address 510:00
vinux[10221.282534] usb 1-8: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 6"10:00
jukBoothk: well, you said you just want to restrict for /media so that's it in your case10:00
_antantI'm trying to write a script to add all the extra packages I need after install and it's telling me that sudo apt0get update isn't a valid line. any idea why?10:01
=== eiji is now known as Guest6840
Benkinoobyvinux, does the manufacturer say it's linux compatible?10:01
hateball_antant: because you typed a 0 instead of - ?10:01
botcity!sound | Azzy_112358:10:01
ubottuAzzy_112358:: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:01
vinuxand lsusb shows "Bus 001 Device 006: ID eb1a:2885 eMPIA Technology, Inc."10:01
hateball_antant: that is, it's apt-get10:01
Guest46620@iceroot: It's just I was surprise to haven't FF4 yesterdays with an update, but I will wait the next version of Ubuntu10:01
Boothkjuk: That is, they should be able to use usb drives they plug in. I don't want them accessing apps they shouldn't be in /etc/share/applications, or trying to mess with other files10:02
_antantyou know what i meant. lol10:02
hateball_antant: could you pastebin your script?10:02
hateball!paste | _antant10:02
ubottu_antant: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:02
vinuxI believe there is support for em28xx devices but not sure my device is supported or not10:02
Boothkjuk: I -could- lock down the other folders with chmod, but I'm pretty sure the system needs to be able to access them too10:03
_antantyeah, hold on a sec10:03
jukBoothk: i think then chroot might suit you, im not familiar much with it10:03
hateball!who | _antant10:03
ubottu_antant: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:03
Boothkjuk: Anyway, I was asking about chroot because Ubuntu apparently uses a different variant that seems to work differently from how I've read10:04
ohsixi bet he can keep track of 2 people10:04
ikoniaBoothk: it doesn't10:04
_antanthateball: http://pastebin.com/J28xYGvF10:05
jukBoothk: you could strip student's privilegies too10:06
_antantor just strip students10:06
_antantas long as they're at college of course10:06
BoothkThese are standalone netbooks, for a school10:06
juk_antant: that's a bit radical solution10:07
_antantwhy does it have to be a solution?10:07
s3r3n1t7Boothk, you could just remove them from the groups they shouldn't have access to, such as admin.10:07
exichello, nubby here who screwed up my desktop ... i'm having a problem with ubuntu 10.10,  got everything installed fine and was messing with the taskbars, i was adding shortcuts, and i moved the top one to the bottom, and a 'new' blank one, but now all i have is one solid grey, kinda flashing, bar at the bottom and can't right click on it or move it. no other menus, only the desktop.  (sorry for just jumping in/interrupting with all th10:08
Boothkby default, they're only in the student group10:08
hateball_antant: thats strange indeed. I always use /bin/bash myself, but for something as simple as that dash should work. I dont have a good idea, I'm afraid :|10:08
user_1sono tornato10:08
s3r3n1t7Boothk, and what can they still do that you wish they can't?10:08
jonesyNHhi, how do i add a user to access "sudo" command?10:09
jonesyNHexisiting user10:09
jonesyNHnot new user10:09
s3r3n1t7jonesyNH, sudo adduser username admin10:09
jonesyNHdo all userrs in "admin" group have "sudo" access?10:09
jonesyNHby default?10:10
zvacet!it| user_110:10
ubottuuser_1: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:10
BoothkI haven't actually put my script into action yet. Right now the default build gives them admin and they're messing with passwords, wallpapers, webcams and so on10:10
ikoniajonesyNH: correct10:10
jonesyNHwill adduser work with exisitng user?10:10
botcity!panels | exic10:10
ubottuexic: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:10
_antanthateball: Yeah, it gets stuck at the update bit10:10
exicthank you i will try now10:10
Boothkmy script is supposed to be an automatic rebuild for a machine that creates the student user, lock down their access and remove any unnecessary packages10:11
_antantanyone else care to have a look?10:11
zvacetjonesyNH: sudo adduser <username> admin10:12
jonesyNHwill it matter if the user is already made??10:12
headsethi all hear 11.4 fixed ati drivers is that true ?10:12
zvacetjonesyNH:  no if it doesn't have admin privileges10:12
oCeanheadset: natty support/questions in #ubuntu+110:13
s3r3n1t7Boothk, don't make it so hard on yourself. Do not make the student user part of the admin group, remove the student user and recreate that user again. You can also use the clone packaging information and use that to set it all back to the way it was.10:13
stepnjumpnetbook users: #ubuntu-netbooks10:13
oCean!cn | liuhao10:13
ubottuliuhao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:13
zvacetjonesyNH:  sorry you have to boot in recovery mode and type  adduser <username> admin10:14
=== 64MAAKD35 is now known as Twin_ge_
s3r3n1t7jonesyNH, you can add a user to the admin group by typing: sudo adduser username admin10:14
zvacets3r3n1t7:  but he can not use sudo without admin privileges10:15
s3r3n1t7zvacet, He doesn't say that he's talking about the user that is currently logged in10:16
jonesyNHmy question is:     <user>  is already made...  but i can still add it using that command??10:17
oCeanjonesyNH: yes10:17
BoothkjonesyNH, what are you trying to do again?10:17
botcity_antant: why all those sudo's run the script as sudo ?10:17
KimmenjonesyNH: you can also use: sudo usermod -a -G admin <username>10:17
oCeanjonesyNH: the command is called 'adduser', but it *will* add an existing user to the admin group10:17
zvacetjonesyNH:  is that only user you made?10:17
oCeanjonesyNH: the only thing is, that your CURRENT user, so YOU, has sudo privileges, because you have to run the adduser command in sudo mode10:18
adimanhai..does anyone know where can i get free downloads games for linux at googles?10:18
oCean!games | adiman10:18
ubottuadiman: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/10:18
adimanis it free to downloads?10:19
oCeanadiman: read the links10:19
zvacetjonesyNH:  yes you can add existing user to admin group10:19
headsetis it me ati drivers dont work well ubuntu10:19
soreauheadset: It depends on which driver you are referring to. There is the proprietary fglrx and the default open radeon driver10:20
soreauheadset: Also it depends on what you mean by not working well10:21
headsetwhich one works best10:21
Kimmenbest for what?10:21
scarleoadiman: You can also check out http://www.playdeb.net10:21
soreauheadset: Which card do you have?10:21
headsetati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64 one i just installed10:21
jonesyNHoCean: I have a root user and a regular user10:21
jonesyNHoCean: this is a GANDI VPS10:21
zvacetheadset:  fglrx for me but to make it work I have to remove radeon driver10:21
jonesyNHoCean: My regular user has already been made... now I need to add it to admin group10:22
soreauheadset: What is the output of lspci|grep VGA10:22
soreauzvacet: You do not have to remove any radeon components10:22
headsetVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200]10:22
jonesyNHhow do I exit "sudo -"? back to regular user?10:22
zvacetjonesyNH:  you don't need two users with admin privilrges10:22
soreauheadset: Then you have installed a driver that entirely does not support your card10:22
jonesyNHzvacet: I'll have what i want..10:22
zvacetsoreau: it was solution for me10:23
headseti have ?10:23
oCeanjonesyNH: by default, on ubuntu, there is no login for the root user. A regular user in the admin group can use sudo to run root commands.10:23
soreauheadset: Yes, fglrx hasnt supported your card for a few years now10:23
zvacetjonesyNH:  sorry your comp your decision you can add second user to admin group10:23
oCeanjonesyNH: but if you are able on your current vps to switch (or even login) as root, that you can perfectly well use the command that was shown to you10:23
jonesyNHoCean: when i run sudo.. it says access denied or whatever10:23
jonesyNHoCean: i can login to root10:23
jonesyNHoCean: so there is root...10:23
jorisHi. Howcome symlinks are world writeable in ubuntu?10:23
soreauheadset: You need to remove it. 1) Look int /usr/share/ati/ for an uninstall script 2) dpkg -l|grep fglrx and remove any package with ii next to it 3) Reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx and -dri 4) Cross fingers 5) Cold boot the machine10:24
oCeanjonesyNH: ok, login/become root, and run the adduser command on the existing user.10:24
headsetdamn so got to go back to windows10:24
soreauheadset: No, you broke your drivers so you fix them10:24
jonesyNHoCean: i think maybe vps are different.. they modify it so u can login as root...10:24
ikoniajonesyNH: use the admin gui10:25
jonesyNHoCean: or so it seems10:25
jonesyNHikonia: i said its gandi vps10:25
juk!sudo | jonesyNH10:25
ubottujonesyNH: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:25
ikoniajonesyNH: VPS builds are often modified ubuntu versions, so it's best to ask your vnedor for support10:25
soreau! who | headset10:26
ubottuheadset: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:26
=== doodoo is now known as Dart
headsetsoreau fglrx-uninstall.sh10:27
soreauheadset: Yes, run that10:27
zetherooI was asking the other day about a system monitor that runs like a screenlet and people mentioned conky which seems ok but not what I am looking for as it seems that you have to customise it to your particular hardware setup etc ... I am looking for something more automated ... anything like that?10:27
SianFHi what is the suggested way to update the packages on a new server?10:28
SianFor upgrade, I'm not sure10:28
soreauSianF: apt ?10:28
zvacetSianF:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:28
SianFsoreau: Yes but is it 'apt-get update; apt-get upgrade' or 'apt-get update; apt-get full-upgrade'?10:28
SianFI don't know the difference10:29
Kimmenzetheroo: you customize conky once then you can use the same config on many different machines. Only hardware specific monitoring is hardware specific ;)10:29
headsetok i uninstall it soreau10:29
soreauSianF: apt-get dist-upgrade10:29
soreauheadset: On to the nest step 2)10:30
ljsoftnet@zetheroo gnome has already have a system monitor you can try10:30
exicubutto: ha, well, took me a minute, but it worked.. thank you10:30
zvacetSianF:  sudo apt-get update wil just update your source list with server and sudo apt-get upgrade will upgrade packages10:30
SianFWhat is the difference between apt-get upgrade, and apt-get dist-upgrade?10:30
zetherooKimmen: well I downloaded a config and it was not intuitive enough to know I did not have X numbber of hard drives and it did not show my USB hard drive10:30
amalgamai am using x-chat to go on irc... though it usually works well, every time i look for another channel (network->channel) by typing its name, xchat crashes big time. Any ideas on how to solve it??10:31
zetherooljsoftnet: wdym?10:31
botcity!ubottu  | exic10:31
ubottuexic: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:31
SianFamalgama: use ALIS "/msg alis help list"10:31
zvacetSianF:  in case that some packages are not installed you can use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:31
anthony_hi there. experienced linux user having trouble setting up adhoc network so that both me and the gf can use her 3G dongle.  following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc#NetworkManager%20Method . host ubuntu 10.10 with Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, connected to web via usb 3g dongle.  client has lubuntu 10.10 and a belkin usb dongle.  host is not connecting to the adhoc network created as described in the10:31
anthony_ guide.  any one have any experience with this?10:31
iflemaSianF: upgrade will *upgrade* installed packages, dist-upgrade will update to newer veersions of them10:31
amalgamaSianF : how exactly to use that?? :))10:32
SianFiflema: isn't that what 'upgrade' should do?10:32
Kimmenzetheroo: hard drives are machine specific, although you can use other things to monitor disk usage10:32
soreauSianF: update syncs with the repos you have enabled, upgrade downloads and installs any packages that have available upgrades. dist-upgrade is will upgrade select packages, usually the more important ones10:32
jukjonesyNH: recovery thing is outdated sorry10:32
ljsoftnet@zetheroo never mind forget it10:32
jorisiflema: I don't understand either. What type of upgrade does 'upgrade' do to installed packages? find new minor versions?10:32
ljsoftnet@zetheroo conky is customizable10:32
zvacetSianF:  see http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:igREFf3FFpwJ:files.bullgr.org/ebooks/linux/en/apt-howto.en.pdf+apthowto&hl=hr&gl=hr&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESihu1H65fgzCNgliB8CjDxmTW1FaUEFIUhostkoh0AhxA42YE658Wjh5OjycUukERBVALzbUzPXpEvaEnTwxx9mLLQ0gxdiO6jloBcz5JPwxI_o-E5yDRjLmQ7u99dp0VL0Q-3X&sig=AHIEtbSaAYsQdVtxBHNZHCQzX1L5MhTB7g10:32
SianFis the suggested way to do it?10:32
zetherooKimmen:  yeah so is there anything more intuitive?10:32
SianFjust 'upgrade?10:33
soreauzvacet: how about a ubuntu wiki? :P10:33
zetherooKimmen:  I am looking for something I can suggest to other Linux users without the need to customise it10:33
soreauSianF: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:33
zvacetsoreau:  that too  8-)10:33
psilocybeDoes anyone know if it is possible to send a video to youtube through ssh ? i found some python script but its not really working10:33
soreauSianF: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:34
soreaupsilocybe: Just download the flv and scp it10:34
jorisover here, a dist-upgrade suggests:  linux-headers-2.6.32-30 linux-headers-2.6.32-30-server linux-image-2.6.32-30-server10:34
joriswill that replace my kernel?10:34
iflemai ment upgrade will update (security fixes, show stopers) and dist-upgrade will move to newerversions10:34
zvacetjoris:  it will add new one10:35
psilocybesoreau: scp ?10:35
alex3f!seen mvc10:35
ubottuI have no seen command10:35
jorisso it will boot into a new kernel next time?10:35
Kimmenzetheroo: I don't know of any good "conky"-like programs, though it ought to be a gui config tool for conky?10:35
alex3f!seen mvo10:35
zvacetjoris:  if you choose to10:35
headsetsoreau ii  fglrx-modaliases to10:36
_antantis it possible to make and install disk from my current install?10:36
jorisis it recommended to regularly do dist-upgrades and boot new kernels?10:36
vincenzomlHi all, anyone has experience with arm processors?10:36
hateball_antant: like a clone for backups, or for installing more machines?10:36
zvacet!clone | _antant10:36
ubottu_antant: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate10:36
soreauheadset: yes go ahead and get rid of it10:36
psilocybesoreau: i am trying to send a flv from a remote machine to youtube through ssh, i think there is scripts for that but i cant seem to find them :S10:36
headsethow bro10:36
headsetrm -rf ?10:36
zetherooKimmen: yeah, I found a GUI for conky but it's not very well made either ... imo ...10:37
soreau! scp | psilocybe10:37
ubottupsilocybe: scp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/10:37
soreaupsilocybe: Yes, scp ;)10:37
psilocybecool thanks :)10:37
zvacet_antant:  and his tool http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/10:37
zetherooKimmen: I thought there would have been a widget or something like that which people use10:37
zvacet_antant:  read http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html10:38
hateball_antant: and if you're looking to backup your whole system, I prefer CloneZilla10:38
Kimmenzetheroo: I don't, I use conky. Take a look at gkrellm, has been awhile since I used it10:38
headsetsoreau cant find folder its in10:38
soreauheadset: ?10:39
headsetsaid to remove ii  fglrx-modaliases                     2:8.780-0ubuntu210:39
headsetnot sure how to remove it10:39
soreauheadset: apt-get remove10:40
soreauheadset: dpkg -l shows all packages installed, so this is a package you remove with your package manager10:40
headsetnice tips10:40
headsetonly been using ubuntu for week10:41
psilocybesoreau: You maybe know if there is a manual somewhere i can use to send movies to youtube using scp ?10:41
headsetok thats uninstall10:41
soreauheadset: after you finish removing fglrx completely and reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri, cold boot the machine and come back. I will show you how to install gallium driver for your card10:42
soreaupsilocybe: By send, do you man stream?10:42
psilocybehahaha no, i now read what scp is, this is not what i need for this, but i can still use it for something :)10:43
headsetsudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri10:43
soreaupsilocybe: scp (securely) copies files over a network10:43
psilocybeNo i think i asked it wrong, the thing is, i just encoded a movie on my remote linux machine and i want to upload it to youtube10:43
soreaupsilocybe: What are you trying to do?10:43
psilocybeI have found 2 scripts that say they can, but they are not working correctly10:43
soreauthat is different10:43
ikonia /last psilocybe10:43
psilocybeikonia :D10:43
soreaupsilocybe: You would have to take that up with youtube (not really a ubuntu problem)10:43
m00panyone can give me support on this pls? http://askubuntu.com/questions/31791/does-ubuntu-have-drivers-for-a-nvidia-geforce-gt525m/10:44
psilocybeNo i know its not a ubuntu problem, i just wondered if someone here knew how to do that10:44
soreaupsilocybe: Well this *is* #ubuntu so..10:44
psilocybei am using ubuntu :P10:44
dydhi all10:44
soreauhi dyd10:45
dydanyone knows why evolution filters are not working? i've checked some old threads but didn't help :(10:45
coz_hey all10:45
soreaupsilocybe: youtube changes things so often, any scripts become out of date quickly10:45
soreaueveryone keep quiet until coz_ gets hungry and leaves to feed (it shouldnt take long)10:48
psilocybesoreau: i think im gonna need to try code something myself10:48
soreaupsilocybe: shhhh10:48
psilocybeshhhh  ? xD10:49
=== donald is now known as Guest85394
headsetsoreau sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri already the newest version10:49
soreauheadset: reinstall != install10:49
Rowan`anyone else running natty and the cursor is always saying it's busy? also when logging out it always gives me a message about the file manager not responding10:49
oCeanRowan`: natty support in #ubuntu+110:50
soreauheadset: Have you rebooted since removing fglrx?10:50
Rowan`thank you10:50
SlimGHow do I get support for SftpUmask in sshd_config?10:50
soreau! natty | Rowan`10:50
ubottuRowan`: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.10:50
soreauheadset: What is the output of glxinfo|grep renderer ?10:50
soreauheadset: (NOTE: you must install mesa-utils to get glxinfo)10:50
_antantNo matter what I do I can't get the nvidia drivers from the website to install. I've followed pretty much every tutorial I can find and it still says that the nouveau drivers are in use10:51
soreauhelp _antant10:52
ikonia_antant: drivers from the nvidia website aren't supported10:52
ikonia_antant: you're supposed to use the ones packaged within the ubuntu repos10:52
headsetUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...10:52
soreauikonia: But wouldnt that be too easy?10:52
ikoniasoreau: probably10:52
_antantwell last time I tried using those they made it so that all I got was a purple screen on boot up10:52
soreauheadset: glxinfo|grep renderere10:52
soreauheadset: glxinfo|grep renderer10:52
soreauikonia: I think the users need to feel like they are actually interactively doing something to help their gpu10:53
headsetglxinfo|grep renderer10:53
headsetOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RS880 9712) 20090101 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE2 TCL DRI210:53
ikonia_antant: that is something we can help you with and potentially guide you through any upgrade, however as I don't know what you've done and changed your system I can't really help10:53
m00pare there any drivers for NVIDIA GeForce GT525M ?  - http://askubuntu.com/questions/31791/does-ubuntu-have-drivers-for-a-nvidia-geforce-gt525m/10:53
soreauheadset: Yay, now you have 3D again. But lets go one more step and install gallium. You are on 10.10, correct?10:53
_antantwell on install I used the open source drivers, and since then I've updated everything10:54
soreauheadset: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental && sudo apt-get upgrade10:54
pyronydo any of you know how to move the cursor to the start of the line whilst in bash and running the `screen` program?10:54
ikonia_antant: that means nothing10:54
pyronysince ctrl-a is a meta char for the application..10:54
soreauheadset: This will upgrade the entire open driver stack. After it is complete, restart X (by logging out) and check the output of glxinfo|grep renderer again (it should say gallium)10:54
_antantthe first 3 times I did a fresh install I tried using the proprietary drivers from the outset and just got nothing but a purple screen once booted10:54
juk_antant: opensource graphics afaik wont let you enable effects10:54
_antantno, juk, I know10:55
_antantwhich is why I'm getting so irked with this card10:55
oCeanpyrony: the home key maybe?10:55
_antantso I want to apt-get nvidia-current and anything else10:56
juk_antant: use nvidia binary or disable effects10:56
soreau_antant: Get a radeon and side step the whole nvidia non-foss-helping-people :P10:56
pyronyocean: mac has no home key10:56
oCeanpyrony: ah10:56
_antantI wanted vdpau, so I got an nvidia10:56
pyronyound it!10:56
pyronyi found it!10:56
pyronyit's ctrl-a a10:56
pyronyworks like a charm :)10:56
_antantwhat apart from nvidia-current do I want to apt-get?10:57
juk!nvidia | _antant10:57
ubottu_antant: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:57
soreau_antant: nvidia-current and you want to make sure /etc/X11/xorg.conf has Driver nvidia10:57
ikonia_antant: have you actually looked if your card is supported ?10:57
soreaujuk: I hate that factoid10:58
soreauits so ignorant10:58
juk!hardware | _antant10:58
ubottu_antant: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:58
soreaujuk: better :)10:58
juksoreau: what?10:58
=== xiaona is now known as zhouna
soreaujuk: !nvidia and !ati point to the same thing, and they suggest you need a binary (proprietary) driver which is simply not the case for most cards10:59
soreauvery annoying10:59
_antantNice one, cheers10:59
ikoniasoreau: worth writing an update ?11:00
headsetsoreau OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RS880 9712) 20090101 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE2 TCL DRI211:00
soreauikonia: Yes, I asked the crew and they told me to update the link it points to. I did, but the name of the actual link is the problem11:00
soreauheadset: Nope, you didnt install xorg-edgers (or you installed it but didnt restart X yet)11:01
ikoniasoreau: ok, lets change that too, jump into -ops when you are free and lets see if we can sort it out11:01
headsetinstall and rebooted11:01
soreauikonia: ok11:02
headsethow do i restart x ?11:02
erez_Hi, I have an asus eeePc which has no problem connecting to a WEP wireless network, but fails to connect to a WPA one11:02
jukheadset: pkill X11:02
headsetpkill X11:03
headsetpkill: 1199 - Operation not permitted11:03
jukwhat that factoid just because you can doesnt mean you should11:04
headsetsoreau log out back in11:05
headsetstill saying same11:05
soreauheadset: Well you must have not successfully installed xorg-edgers. Did you run that big command I gave?11:06
headsetThe following packages have been kept back:11:07
headset  libgl1-mesa-glx11:07
headset0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.11:07
soreauheadset: Can you verify xorg-edgers repo exists in software-properties-gtk ?11:07
soreauoh hmm11:07
soreauheadset: Try apt-get dist-upgrade or reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx ..11:07
soreaunot sure whats up11:08
jukfuhao: hi;11:09
enriqhello. I try to create a slideshow on digikam with mp3 soundtrack, but they're not recognized by digikam, through they play ok in other sound apps. I use ubuntu 10.04 with gnome11:10
soreauheadset: Were you able to see that xorg-edgers is listed in software-properties-gtk > other software tab?11:13
jorisHowcome symlinks are world writeable in ubuntu?11:15
headsetis it ati binary ait driver ?11:16
headsetsee it under ubuntu software center11:16
shomonhi, what is the best way to be able to open a window with ehm, windows, in it? I need to check stuff on ie7, ie8 etc...11:21
headsetsoreau libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental  say i have lastest11:21
tsuni just installed ubuntu server 10.04 with raid1 (software) and get error ( target filesystem doesn't have sbin/init ) after first boot, what's my problem?11:21
shomonI used to use vmware, but it's a pain. are there other options?11:21
oCean!vbox | shomon11:21
soreauheadset: Yes but you are not answering the question I am asking you11:21
ubottushomon: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:21
soreauheadset: Were you able to see that xorg-edgers is listed in software-properties-gtk > other software tab?11:22
arandshomon: or kvm.11:22
shomonthanks oCean and arand !11:22
shomonwill have a look.11:22
headsetthink so11:22
gnu-dioHi. I need to find the OAFIID for the applet listed as "Log Out..." in 10.04. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to google it up, and failed. I believe it's one of the applets listed at /usr/lib/bonobo/servers, but I've tried the 5 or so that seemed most likely and they weren't it. Anyone know which it is?11:22
soreauheadset: I have to run, hope you figure it out. Just know that fglrx does not support your card and never will again11:23
headsetnot see it11:24
soreauheadset: You are going to have to try harder11:24
headsetim still newb11:24
headsetbut im getting better11:24
soreauheadset: pastebin the output of the big command I gave, to paste.ubuntu.com11:25
headsetsoreau http://pastebin.com/GG0S0cjX11:26
soreauheadset: What about apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade?11:27
headsetsudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:28
headsetReading package lists... Done11:28
headsetBuilding dependency tree11:28
headsetReading state information... Done11:28
headset0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:28
FloodBot3headset: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:28
headsetReading package lists... Done11:28
soreauheadset: Use pastebin for more than a few lines11:28
_antant_I have hopefully just one more problem. My splash screen just will not change from the 640x480 ugly splash11:28
_antant_I've followed all the tutorials on getting plymouth to work with no results11:28
soreauheadset: So afaict, it is installed. Now restart X and show the output of glxinfo|grep renderer again11:29
headsetrestart x just need log out11:29
soreauheadset: yes11:29
headsetglxinfo|grep renderer11:31
headsetOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RS880 9712) 20090101 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE2 TCL DRI211:31
soreauheadset: Oh man. What is the output of lspci|grep VGA ?11:31
headsetlspci|grep VGA11:32
headset01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200]11:32
soreauheadset: I thought you had a different card11:33
soreauheadset: fglrx does actually support the HD series..11:33
headsetso i need reinstall drivers again ?11:33
soreauheadset: But Im still not sure why xorg-edgers doesnt provide gallium for it11:33
soreauheadset: This is what I recommend: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers11:34
soreauheadset: Then after that is done, reinstall fglrx-modalias package and use sys>admin>additional drivers to install the blob11:34
headsetfglrx-modalias ?11:35
PhibreOptixHey guys does anyone know how good the support for sandy bridge on-die GPU is in ubuntu?11:36
jrzDoes anybody know how to implement the simplest X11 server?11:36
jrzsomething like:  draw rect and send mousevents11:37
headsetsoreau fglrx-modalias additional drivers11:37
headsetinstall that11:37
Dan_Ehow do i upgrade to firefox 411:37
headsetmovies on vlc are fucked11:37
Kimmen!ff4 | Dan_E11:38
ubottuDan_E: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox11:38
soreau! language | headset11:38
ubottuheadset: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:38
Dan_Ethank you11:38
eiji__i-winwrap dosn't run in my ubuntu10.04, what should i do now11:38
hihihihihi does wordpress require php-pear.. or just php5?11:39
jukhihihihi: #php-pear + #php11:39
hihihihijuk: so it needs both?11:39
jukhihihihi: you need both11:40
hihihihijuk: both packages?11:40
jukhihihihi: channels11:40
hihihihijuk: huuh?11:40
soreauhihihihi: /j #php-pear,#php11:41
jukhihihihi: yep ^11:41
headsetsoreau sys/admin additional drivers not showing my ati drivers11:42
headsetwas where be before11:42
soreauheadset: Try rebooting? idk what is supposed to make the drivers show up there but I thought its the modalias packages11:42
headsetwas there before11:43
paulus68Is it possible to configure putty in such a way that I can connect over the same router to 2 different internal ports?11:44
soreau! putty | paulus6811:44
ubottupaulus68: PuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)11:44
headsetodd not there now11:45
paulus68ok let me rephrase my question is it possible to connect over ssh to over the same router to 2 different ports?11:45
soreauheadset: Well if you install fglrx package and edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to say Driver fglrx, it should work. But by default, X uses the radeon driver so there is no need for xorg.conf (it may not exist)11:46
s3r3n1t7paulus68, yes, look for tunnelling.11:46
headsetxorg.conf is there11:48
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com11:49
CavoI am new to this Ubuntu but have installed ok, but I need help in finding a tutorial for tethering with iPhone pls11:50
paulus68s3r3n1t7: well I use tunneling to connect to internal port 22 at the moment which is functionning correctly exemple external port 1000 to internal port 22  now I want to use port 2000 and set up the connection to internal port 40) without changing the config on the server that I want to connect to11:50
wizardken!iphone | Cavo11:50
ubottuCavo: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:50
s3r3n1t7!fishing | wizardken11:51
ubottuwizardken: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:51
s3r3n1t7paulus68, you're probably not using tunneling, but you're using port forwarding. If you can SSH into the machine, look at tunneling, and you will see that you can indeed use tunneling. I have to run, best of luck!11:51
paulus68s3r3n1t7: I use vpn tunneling11:51
lucid_jHI, I need some help about rhythmbox desktop art11:53
lucid_jI have installed it and it runs ok11:53
lucid_jbut it does not display the cover art11:53
lucid_jmaybe because the image is not stored as a file on the album folder11:54
lucid_jbut is ambedded in the mp3 tag11:54
lucid_jis there anyway to view the embeded on tag image on rhythmbox desktop art?11:54
elFidelyou might ask aswell in: #rhythmbox channel on irc.gnome.org11:55
paulus68anyone else that can help me out here?11:55
juklucid_j: drag picture over the 'drop artwork here'11:57
jukor drop*11:58
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?11:58
lucid_jjuk: The mp3 has an image on its tag11:58
Logan_!ask | paulus6811:58
ubottupaulus68: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:58
wizardkenvhdl, if it has enough resources and you can reverse11:58
lucid_jI can see that image inside rhythmbox but not on desktop art plugin..11:58
wizardkenbut don't take my answer as the right11:59
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?11:59
elFidel!ask | vhdl11:59
ubottuvhdl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:59
paulus68Logan_ if you should have followed the chat you should know what my question is all about11:59
Sanwhich is the best ubuntu version?11:59
juklucid_j: ah, i dont about that plugin11:59
elFidelSan: there is no BESt in general11:59
wizardkenvhdl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/Nokia12:00
wizardkenuse google next time my friend12:00
elFidelasking for BEST is ....well ...let's call it *stupid* ;)12:00
Logan_!google | wizardken12:00
ubottuwizardken: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:00
SanelFidel which one do u use12:00
wizardkenLogan_, why you do that to me bruh12:00
gnu-dioHi. I need to find the OAFIID for the applet listed as "Log Out..." in 10.04 so that I can disable it.  I've spent the last 4 hours trying to google it up, and failed. I believe it's one of the applets listed at /usr/lib/bonobo/servers, but I've tried the 5 or so that seemed most likely and they weren't it. Anyone know which OAFIID it is? Or maybe a good clue how to tell?12:00
elFidelSan: linux mint debian && ubuntu 10.1012:00
wizardkendon't abuse it logan12:00
Logan_wizardken: please drop the subject12:01
Logan_paulus68: sorry about that, it seemed that you were asking to ask a question12:01
wizardkenLogan_, you got mr.12:01
paulus68Logan_Is it possible to setup SSH in such a way that I can connect over the same router to 2 different internal ports?12:01
deenaWhen ubuntu 11.0  stable version will be released ?12:01
elFideldeena: there is no ubuntu 11.012:01
Picideena: Ubuntu version numbers are named for the year.month of release. So: 11.04 = April 2011.   On the 28th to be exact.12:02
paulus68deena: in april there will be a new version12:02
wizardkendeena, it's called 11.04... it goes by .04 and .1012:02
roveI'm italian and I have a problem with nautilus (Ubuntu maverick) that fill my ram unitll 400-500MB12:02
Logan_!it | rove12:03
ubotturove: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:03
deenaso we will expect 11.04 on april 28 th right?12:03
Logan_!natty | deena12:03
ubottudeena: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:03
Picipaulus68: If I understand your question, it sounds like you need to setup a new forward on your router from port 2000 to port 40.12:03
roveno one can answer me to ubuntu-it chan!12:03
juk!ssh | paulus68:12:04
ubottupaulus68:: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:04
deenaok thanks12:04
paulus68Pici: that is corre12:04
Picipaulus68: So those are changes on your router.12:04
paulus68Pici: that is correct12:04
Picipaulus68: http://portforward.com  may be able to help, but besides that, its not really an Ubuntu issue, unless12:04
Picipaulus68: I misunderstand part of the question.12:04
jukpaulus68: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring12:05
ehwrove: how did you arrive at this 500MB figure?12:05
botcitygnu-dio: what problem are you faced with for you to want to disable the logout ?12:05
paulus68Pici: true but I use now internal port 22 and want to be able to use port 40 at the same time without changing anything on the config on the server besides my iptables ofcourse12:05
roveehw:I read that with gnome system monitor12:06
jribpaulus68: in your /etc/ssh/ssh_config you can configure sshd to listen on multiple ports.  Just add a "Port NUMBER" line for each port you want it to listen on12:06
Picipaulus68: Ah, it may have helped to state that in your question. Its not at all obvious that this is what you were asking.  Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about iptables configurations.  Perhaps someone else can help you.12:06
DarsVaedahi, what is the fastest easiest way to grab a whole cd to single mp3 files (each for one track)12:06
paulus68Pici: I use a ssh tunnel to set up a socks5 to my server which is working but to avoid that my boss is finding out about this connection I would like to change the ports that's why I asked my question here12:07
paulus68Pici: Iptables are not a problem here12:07
paulus68jrib: thanks I will have a look into the config file12:08
ehwrove: there are some bugs in nautilus that cause memory leaks. usually happens for example when browsing directories with large files or large numbers of files.12:08
ehwrove: you can restart it with "nautilus -q" or "killall -HUP nautilus" to get the memory back12:09
mitcoesI have a problem with baobab reporting there are no space and i have 30 gb free at / partition12:09
soreaumitcoes: df -h12:09
mitcoesi think the problem is baobab adds the space used from other partitions to the / one12:09
gnu-diobotcity: I actually don't want to disable logout, I want to disable user switching. I have successfully done that, except that particular applet still allows it even thoug it's otherwise disables. The shutdown applet is the one I want the users to have access to.12:10
mitcoesI use AMD64 10.1012:10
soreaumitcoes: See if any are full with df -h12:10
mitcoesI try now12:10
roveehw: Yes, I know that kill nautilus it restarts with less ram :D This problem appear indeed as I copied my entire old HD on a directory in my home!12:11
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?12:11
mitcoesIt reorts 100% but inside only 10.5 Gb of 44 Gb12:12
ehwrove: sounds like you've hit a bug in nautilus; maybe report it with ubuntu-bug?12:12
soreau! ask | vhdl12:12
ubottuvhdl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:12
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?12:12
gnu-diobotcity: I need to disable user-switching because the machine is used by 30 different users, all editing the same file. With user switching, there keep being issues with people failing to edit the correct copy of the file (they user switch, and end up saving over an updated version with the older version they already have loaded in their account)12:12
roveehw: can you suggest any alternative file manager?12:12
lucid_jIs there any way to display the cover art embedded in the ID3 tag of an mp3 file on rhythmbox-desktop-art plugin?12:13
ehwrove: I use pcmanfm myself12:13
elFidelvhdl: try your luck with that: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html12:13
mitcoesI did df-h , it reports 100% use, but it only has 10 GB of 44 Gb of data12:13
ehwrove: thunar (from xfce) is also supposed to be good.12:13
soreaulucid_j: no it d/ls art from t he net12:13
roveso, I'll use thunar (if it's good) until bug'll be fixer :D12:14
rove*ehw: fixed, thanks for help :D12:14
ehwrove: np ;-)12:14
itai_michaelsonhi, running karmic, if i install firefox4 will it install over namoroka or parallel to it ?12:16
maxJadiHi, I want to install an ubuntu on a arm base processor board, Do have any idea that where I can find an arm version of the ubuntu or I should compile source files for that?12:16
mitcoesi0m prepared to reinstall, but having a 44 Gb / ext4 partition reported full when it only has abaut 10 Gb of data reported inside seems a shame12:17
Logan_!arm | maxJadi12:17
ubottumaxJadi: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.12:17
NCS_Onemy screen blocks after 2 or 3 minutos, but on energy settings it is to 30 minutos, whats wrong?12:18
NCS_Oneof inactivity12:18
maxJadiubottu, ok thanks :)12:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:19
anupanyone there to help12:20
Azzy_112358Ok, once more, my laptop's internal mic and headphone jack don't work, when I plug my headphones in, sound keeps coming from the speakers.12:20
Cube``hey, in beamer, using [allowframebreaks] beamer beautifully breaks the frame after some amount of lines. how can i make that amount of lines smaller?12:21
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Cube``yes i already asked in LaTeX12:21
roveehw: I had a "look-like" bug on gentoo, I had a file named "à" on home, and it caused memory leak and nautilus freeze :D12:21
DemoOnI have that triangle picture on my panel, when i hover it it says that something has failes related with updates and that i need to check for updates if something fails, when i run update it doesn't gives any errors, but says that "This package information was last updated 62 days ago" How can i fix that?12:22
ehwrove: oof12:22
anupplz anyone private me12:22
anupi want to ask a Q12:22
roveehw: oof??12:22
anupthere is a lot of file inside a directory12:22
soreauanup: Ask here if its is related to ubuntu12:22
ehwrove: as in, ouch12:22
roveehw: :D12:23
botcity!here | anup12:23
ubottuanup: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com12:23
soreau! pm | anubhav_12:23
ubottuanubhav_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:23
syn3rgyIs there a # for Ubuntu Natty programmers/users?12:23
soreau! pm | anup12:23
ubottuanup: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:23
soreauanup: 1 person vs over 1500..12:23
soreauits better to ask here12:23
Azzy_112358over 900012:24
anuplisten to my Q soreau12:24
anupthen answer here in public12:24
[TK]D-Fender! natty | syn3rgy12:24
ubottusyn3rgy: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:24
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?12:24
soreauvhdl: You will be kicked12:24
soreauvhdl: Quit asking to ask a question12:24
[TK]D-Fendersyn3rgy: not sure how much of your needs are programming specific and limited to that version...12:24
Azzy_112358Ok, once more, my laptop's internal mic and headphone jack don't work, when I plug my headphones in, sound keeps coming from the speakers.12:24
elFidelvhdl: in case you are having language issues - try to join an ubuntu-channel in your language. Might help solving problems.12:25
soreauanup: Quit pmming me and ask here12:25
gnugrsoreau: behave12:25
soreaugnugr: ???12:26
soreaugnugr: He got kicked yesterday for the same thing12:26
gnugrbe polite12:26
botcitygnu-dio: sorry i would not now where to start on your problem have you tried the Indicator Applet developers in launchpad ? or ask again here.12:26
anupthere are a lot of files inside a directory12:26
anup there i have to find only those filenames, whose file content have the pattern "a" used only once12:26
anup i wrote a script12:26
anup for i in *; do if [ `grep -o "a" $i | wc -l` -eq 1 ]; then echo "file is "$i; fi; done12:26
anup this works fine12:26
anup but i was asked to do it by command12:26
FloodBot3anup: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:26
vhdlcan I run ubuntu on a nokia flip phone?12:27
anupi have asked sorya12:27
anupanswer now12:27
DemoOnhttp://pastebin.com/RxwSja6c how to fix that?12:28
s3r3n1t7anup, we're all volunteers. It's common to be nice. We're not getting payed, nor do we owe anyone. The least you could do is add "please" to your question.12:28
gnu-diobotcity: Sadly, I have gotten everything related to this problem fixed, I just need to figure out the OAFIID for that one applet so I can blacklist it... Then it will be problem solved. Thanks for thinking on it anyway.12:28
anupdavid i know12:28
anupso please answer to my Q12:28
anupthere are a lot of files inside a directory12:28
anup there i have to find only those filenames, whose file content have the pattern "a" used only once12:29
anup i wrote a script12:29
anup for i in *; do if [ `grep -o "a" $i | wc -l` -eq 1 ]; then echo "file is "$i; fi; done12:29
anup this works fine12:29
FloodBot3anup: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:29
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soreau! repeat | anup12:29
ubottuanup: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:29
hilarieHalp, my google-fu has failed me, I have a WD mybook 500gb HD, and I just re-installed ubuntu 10.10, and I can't mount the drive, it has *everything*12:29
DemoOncan some1 help me?12:29
soreau<anup>  but i was asked to do it by command <-- what do you mean by this?12:30
soreau! someone | DemoOn12:30
ubottuDemoOn: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:30
elFidel!ask | DemoOn12:30
ubottuDemoOn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:30
DemoOnelFidel: ok, nobody can, nvm12:30
soreauanup: What do you mean doing it in command?12:30
anupsoreau, the interviews told me that i have to do the same by using commands instead of script12:30
s3r3n1t7anup, that is a command. In fact, these are multiple commands chain together.12:30
soreauanup: what commands? What interviews?12:31
czardozjob interviews I guess12:31
soreauanup: and what does this have to do with ubuntu?12:31
elFidelthis channel is just insane ...bye12:31
soreauanup: Try ##linux or #bash12:31
anupfind all those files, whose content have the pattern "a" repeated only once12:31
s3r3n1t7soreau, if i may jump in .... i think he should use find12:31
soreaus3r3n1t7: rock on12:31
soreauI have no idea what he is talking about12:32
anupdavid. find won't work12:32
anupsee this link soreau12:32
anupu will understand from the script12:32
anupwhat i want to say12:32
czardoztry to cat all files and grep <space>a<space>12:32
soreauanup: Yes, I saw it and I asked you what you meant by commands12:32
s3r3n1t7anup, find will work. In fact, it has worked, does work, and will continue to work.12:33
soreauanup: but i was asked to do it by command <-- what do you mean by this?12:33
anupgrep -io a *|awk '{count[$1]++}END{for(j in count) print j,""count[j]""}' FS=:|awk -F " " '$2==1{print $1}'12:33
jinkanup: wth? :S12:33
czardozwhy ask if you have the answer :-S12:33
jinkgrep -ic a *12:33
anupbut my command doesn't work12:34
soreau! work | anup12:34
ubottuanup: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:34
anupas grep -o a * has differnt output12:34
anupwait i show u12:34
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s3r3n1t7anup, i can't say i'm really surprised. You're trying to go the impossible way. Use find (which is a command) or just grep. But i wonder, why do you need our help to complete an assignment from an interview? You'd still flunk out.12:35
jinks3r3n1t7: :>12:35
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se12:35
vhdlhi, can I ask a question?12:37
czardozfire away :P12:37
s3r3n1t7vhdl, please do12:37
jukvhdl: i'll hunt you down for that!12:38
soreaus3r3n1t7: lol12:38
gnugrSlasken: SE is also the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for Sweden, it was included in the standard 1974.12:38
czardozwhy lol?12:38
soreaugnugr: Sorry, that guy has been asking to ask for at least two days now12:39
SanWhich Ubuntu version is most preferred?12:40
ruanSan: the latest?12:40
anupsee now12:40
anuphope u understand it12:40
soreauanup: What is your native language?12:41
DemoOni get this error when i Reload in package manager http://paste.ubuntu.com/584792/12:41
San10.10 or 11.0412:41
jribSan: what about them?12:41
ruanSan: for now, 10.10 because 11.04 is a beta12:41
soreauanup: Did you read what s3r3n1t7 said?12:41
anupi am from india12:41
ruanSan: or alpha12:41
ruanSan: stable and updated versions are preferred12:41
SanThanks Ruan12:41
anupif u can help then do12:41
soreau<s3r3n1t7> anup, i can't say i'm really surprised. You're trying to go the impossible way. Use find (which is a command) or just grep. But i wonder, why do you need our help to complete an assignment from an interview? You'd still flunk out.12:42
anupelse don;t start lectureship12:42
bazhanganup, please be polite12:42
anupfirst see the link then suggest me12:42
soreauanup: You would likely get better support for this in ##linux or #bash since it is not specific to ubutu12:43
FirefisheI'm using ubuntu 10.04.  I'm trying to transfer files to a sansa e260 music player/data drive.  I've never had any problems before when I wanted to transfer files, I'd just do it.  Now when I try to move files to the player, it says it's in read-only mode.12:43
anupwhat is that12:43
s3r3n1t7anup, so now you're changing the assignment. Instead of showing which files have an a, you're trying to count how many .... could you 1. be more specific and 2. do your own homework please?12:43
anupi am totally new here, just today i came12:43
soreauanup: They are other channels on this network12:43
KyokanHello, could someone help me move my home folder to another partition please?  I have booted from livecd and have not had any success with info found elsewhere. thanks12:43
anuphow to go there12:43
anuptell me12:43
soreauanup: Type this here to join them: /j ##linux,#bash12:43
jrib!separatehome | Kyokan12:44
ubottuKyokan: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome12:44
bazhang!home | Kyokan12:44
Firefisheanup:  If you're new, it might help to read the channel guidelines or watch the conversation for a while.12:44
czardozKyokan, if you have the partition ready, you just need to edit fstab (I think)12:44
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Cube``hey, in beamer, using [allowframebreaks] beamer beautifully breaks the frame after some amount of lines. how can i make that amount of lines smaller?12:45
jribCube``: try #latex for that12:46
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XoDso WHY is system monitor the most crashing applet? it disappears after some days or weeks on several boxes. and WHY doesn't it restart wiel 'killall gnome-panel' (10.10, 10.04,even 9.04 i think)12:48
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ajinhey, guys12:49
soopanyone know if there's a channel for fogproject?12:49
w00tw00tanyone knows how to enable monitor mode for sniffing packets on my intel 2200? using maverick here.12:50
w00tw00tdoesnt seem to work ===> sudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor12:50
ajini's love to share with you some useful LINUX TOTORIAL if you want  http://www.thelinuxdoctor.org/Articles/7_tutorials.html12:51
juk!aircrack | w00tw00t12:51
bazhangajin, dont paste here please12:51
soreauw00tw00t: Try #aircrack-ng12:51
soopwootwoot: wireshark?12:51
w00tw00tor tcpdump12:51
w00tw00ti have aircrack btw12:51
ajinbazhang: ok, sorry12:52
ruan!info aircrack-ng12:54
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.1-1 (maverick), package size 1541 kB, installed size 2776 kB12:54
w00tw00t~$ aircrack-ng --help  \n\n   Aircrack-ng 1.1 - (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Thomas d'Otreppe12:55
w00tw00ti have it installed long ago. i was able to sniff and cracked several WEPs12:56
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ruanhmm. how does it work, brute force?12:56
gnugrw00tw00t: get help there: #aircrack-ng12:57
w00tw00tthe usual method is not brute force. it's a kind of dictionary attack12:57
w00tw00ti collected quite a lot of IVs12:57
w00tw00tgnugr, im there.12:57
ruanmy pass is not in the dictionary so im safe :D12:58
scotty^Can anyone help me with transcoding a video with FFMPEG?  I'm having trouble getting it to recognise the audio output track.12:58
=== anomie is now known as Guest58360
w00tw00tok it is not really a kind of dictionary attack. sorry to confuse u12:59
w00tw00tit doesnt matter if u used a complex password or a simple password like "password"12:59
botcity!ot | w00tw00t12:59
jukw00tw00t: in real world everyone using wpa-psk nowadays12:59
ubottuw00tw00t: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:59
soreauw00tw00t: What does this have to do with ubuntu? Get support i #aircrack-ng means quit asking here12:59
w00tw00tin the real world, here in my country, it's still WEP (unfortunately)12:59
Frotshi there12:59
jjpw00tw00t: where u u ?13:00
w00tw00tsoreau, if you do not understand, STFU13:00