Joeb454time to call it a night. Bye! :)00:01
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mmiller235steemed, will unity work inside virtualbox?00:29
steemedI assume so...00:31
steemedIf you are talking about 11.04 maybe00:31
mmiller235steemed trying out a beta of it right now00:33
mmiller235 Okay, after detecting the keyboard, i am staring at a pink screen00:40
mmiller235is this normal?00:40
mmiller235oh there it goes00:40
mmiller235steemed are you there?01:47
steemedyes but I'm busy01:47
mmiller235well I need help :(01:47
steemedmmiller235, what do you need?02:44
mmiller235steemed to get unity to work in vbox02:53
mmiller235which apparently can't be done02:53
steemedI wouldn't know: I don't run 11.04 02:54
s-foxI will be back later.18:09
falco_I need help: I tried installing kde with kde-full on ubuntu (not kubuntu) i realize now that this is a mistake, but i need some way to restore gnome locally (net doesn't work on recovery console)18:55
Picifalco_: you're better off asking in #ubuntu, this isn't exactly a support channel.18:56
falco_Pici: they didn't know18:56
Picifalco_: No, one person didn't know.  You can ask again and see if someone else can help you.18:57
Bachstelzefalco_: you shoult be able to bring your net up from the console with ifconfig18:57
falco_Pici: okay18:57
Bachstelzeand either way, you shouldn't need it18:57
falco_what do i do without it to restore?18:57
Bachstelzewezll, it would depend what exactly the problem is18:58
falco_i (partially) installed kde and i need to restore gnome18:58
Bachstelzeby "the problem" I mean "why X doe"sn't( start" since you say you're stuck in the console19:00
Bachstelzeyou don't really need to "restore Gnome", gnome is still here19:00
falco_ah. the error message is: 'Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127' and after that it takes me back to the login screen. i can get into recovery console tho19:01
Bachstelzeit just doesn't start for some reason which is not obvious19:01
Bachstelzeare you ytrying to log in a KDE or Gnome session?19:01
falco_KDE, Gnome isn't an option for some reason.19:02
Bachstelzehasq the login screen changed?19:02
Bachstelzeformerly yoou had GDM, maube the KDE installation changed it to KDM19:03
Bachstelzetry to go back to GDM19:03
Bachstelzesudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm19:03
falco_lemme try again now that i did that19:04
falco_it's taking a REALLY long time to boot19:06
BachstelzeI think you cna press ESC to see the boot messages19:07
Bachstelzeit might just be fsck'ing your disks19:08
falco_okay, the last message it gave me was 'Starting TiMidity** midi emulation...' but it says ok, so it's doing something else. ur right tho, it may just be fsck'ing my discs.19:09
falco_sry, thats ALSA midi emulation19:10
BachstelzeI think fscl happens before19:11
falco_hmm... so what's happening?19:11
Bachstelzehmm you cna alwyas hard-reboot and boot without quiet splash19:11
Bachstelzeno idea19:11
falco_'boot without quiet splash'?19:11
Bachstelzeboot without passing the "quiet" ans "splash" parameters to the kernel, so you can see what's going on19:12
Bachstelzeyou can edit the boot command line in GRUB19:12
Bachstelzeyou cna press a key to edit a GRUB entry, I think it's 'e', but it's described on the GRUB menu19:14
falco_when do i press e?19:15
Bachstelzehughlight the entry you want to modify and press 'e'19:16
Bachstelzethen edit the kernel line, remove "quiet splash" and boot19:16
falco_i can't do anything like that. trying to highlight anything only switches from the graphical (four dots) boot to the non-graphical one.19:18
Bachstelzebefore that, when you're in the GRUB menu19:18
Bachstelzeif you don't have it, press shift at boot19:18
falco_pressing shift doesn't work19:19
Bachstelzeit should19:19
Bachstelzeyou're probably doing it too late19:19
falco_do i do it right when it starts rebooting?19:20
Bachstelzeyou have to do it right when the computer boots19:20
Bachstelzeafter the BIOS screens, before it qtarts the OS19:20
falco_huh. i tried it at every possible place before my machine booted. nothing happened.19:21
falco_no, before it loaded ubuntu19:21
falco_wording error.19:21
falco_or tried to load ubuntu19:21
Bachstelzeit definitely should work19:23
Bachstelzeunless you are running GRUB 1, but that's unlikely19:23
falco_strange... because it isn't working. but hypothetically, if i had grub 1, what would i do?19:25
Bachstelzeyou would know it19:25
Bachstelzethere would be a "Press ESC to enter GRUB menu" at the top left corner of your screen19:25
falco_ah. that's very odd. do you have any ideas about why i cant open the grub menu?19:27
Bachstelzeno :(19:27
falco_:/ dang19:27
Bachstelzeyou cn alaways edity the grub config from the recovery console, though19:28
Bachstelzeto change the boot settings19:28
Bachstelzebut it's still weird that you can't just enter the menu19:28
falco_how do i get into the recovery console if ubuntu doesn't load?19:28
Bachstelzegood point19:28
Bachstelzewell the next step is boot a live CD and tinker with your system from there19:29
Bachstelzethough at that point, if you didn't have anything important, you might as well reinstall19:30
falco_well... i do have some stuff. but anyways, i'll go get the live cd19:30
Bachstelzethen yeah, you can access your installed system from the live cd and hopefully fix it19:31
falco_okay... i'm having trouble finding it, but i started dloading it, and i'll look for it in the meantime.19:42
falco_Bachstelze: i've booted the live cd. what do i do now?21:22
Bachstelzefalco_: you mount the root partition of your installed system and do whatever you want to do21:27
Bachstelzeeither get your data back and reinstall, or try to fix it21:27
falco_how do i mount the root partition of the existing installation?21:28
Bachstelzeusing the mount command, like you mount any other filesystem21:29
falco_ah. sorry. i wasn't thinking.21:30
falco_how do i navigate to my actual drive?21:33
Bachstelzelike you navigate to any other location, using Nautilus or the terminal21:34
falco_it's only showing a file system for the live cd21:34
Bachstelzedid you mount your drive ?21:34
falco_how do you mount your drive? sry, n00bish question21:35
CharlesAfalco_: Is it listed on the places menu?21:36
falco_oh! i found it. thanks!21:36
falco_now is there a way to install ubuntu onto my drive without interfering with any of my personal files, or do i have to back everything up?21:42
Bachstelzennot easily, and I wouldn't recommend it21:50
Bachstelze(this is why you should always have a separate /home partition)21:50

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