jo-erlendis it possible to share a couchdb with other ubuntuone users?06:45
faganMorning all07:48
nhainesfagan: good morning!07:48
nhainesAnd congrats on your internship by the way.  :)07:48
fagannhaines: thanks :)07:48
* fagan just did a ninja catch on some biscuits that were about to hit the ground and is very happy with himself 07:50
nhainesIt just won't do to waste good biscuits.07:50
faganyeah :)07:51
faganOk im going to fix the hue on my monitor before work since its terrible07:51
faganmuch better my nvidia card be weird with the colours07:55
nhainesI need to pull all my important drives and get natty installed on the spare drive on my main computer.  Just to see if Unity will work. :)07:58
fagannhaines: well mine works perfect on all my machines out of the box :)07:59
faganI even have 2 graphics cards in one of the machines and its cool08:00
faganthe only beef I have is a problem with my card's dvi controller it makes the text blurry08:00
fagannot all text just ones not in black08:02
faganso gmail looks very funny with its mix of colours08:02
* fagan contemplates switching to black and white 08:02
duanedesignmorning all08:04
faganmorning duanedesign08:05
faganmorning karni08:06
faganmorning mandel08:06
karnimorning everyone, hi fagan08:07
mandelfagan: , karni: morning!08:07
duanedesigni need to update the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/ThirdPartyProjects page08:07
karniduanedesign: uuu anything new :) ?08:07
mandelfagan: I own you a review, on it in a few min08:07
karniduanedesign: hi! by the way :)08:07
duanedesignkarni:  i noticed the page is showing up in a lot of google results08:08
faganmandel: its cool take you time08:08
duanedesignkarni: technically Android U1 is not a 'third party' project anymore?08:08
mandelfagan: is more like… bloody 56 email in the inbox than anything else ;)08:08
karniduanedesign: good catch. it's discontinued, and Ubuntu One Files is not third party party anymore08:09
* fagan probably wouldnt turn on the file sync anyway on his phone08:09
faganIt has about a day battery with no real processes running08:10
jo-erlendGood morning, everyone. I asked before, but I guess everyone was asleep. :) is it possible to share a couchdb with other ubuntuone users?08:11
karnifagan: I charge my phone on daily basis too, anyway. But the sync granulity is way up to 'daily', or off, so it's your choice ;)08:11
duanedesignhello jo-erlend08:11
duanedesignjo-erlend: i just saw that question in the scrollback08:11
fagankarni: I suppose it wouldnt be too bad if the sync was daily08:12
karniduanedesign: should I remove myself from ThirtPartyProjects ?08:12
duanedesignjo-erlend: their is the CouchDB pairing tool08:12
karnifagan: the user has choice. 15 min, 30min, 1h, 12h, 24h08:12
duanedesignkarni: if you have a second that would be great08:12
karniduanedesign: sure08:13
fagankarni: I dont actually even think there is anything on my u1 that has a place on my phone08:13
jameshduanedesign: that tool is more for syncing on the local network though.08:13
faganBut i suppose I only got the upgraded account yesterday08:13
duanedesignjamesh: you are right08:15
jo-erlendduanedesign: yes, but let's say I make a "remember the milk" application. I use my desktopcouch as storage for it and I sync it with ubuntu one. Others in the family also has ubuntu one accounts and uses the same application. It would be nice if I could sync one of my couchdbs with them so that we all have the same data in our todo lists. But is that possible?08:15
karnifagan: 1) free account is enough to have file sync handy ;) 2) it's useful to (sync) carry around a few documents which are imporatnt to you wherever you care :)08:15
fagankarni: yeah I have my college notes and stuff but still its not really the form factor that id like to be studying on. I suppose the u1 sync will come in really handy for the android pad devices08:16
karnifagan: you mean tablets, is that right?08:17
jameshjo-erlend: there is nothing to stop you running a replication job like that, although the permissions system isn't granular enough to give access to only one of your databases to another user.08:17
jameshjo-erlend: IIRC there are plans to change that, but I don't have any dates.08:17
fagankarni: yeah08:23
mandelfagan: I'm taking a look at your branch now, are you working on something atm?08:32
faganmandel: nope08:32
faganmandel: it still needs resizing and the text and all that so expect it to be really bad08:33
mandelfagan: then you can start working on that, right :)08:33
faganmandel: ok thats cool then08:33
faganid say it will take about 2 hours or so to get that perfect so ill ping you when im done08:34
mandelfagan: is either that, or taking a look at lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_3, there you will find a setup.py, take a look at it and try to understand what is going on, once you do, create something similar for the installer08:35
mandelfagan: ping me when done then, do the work on a diff brach so I can review the current one with no problems :)08:35
faganmandel: sure08:35
mandelfagan: I'll probaly will approve it, and will file bugs agains you :P08:35
fagannooooooooo :)08:35
* fagan doesnt like bugs08:36
karniIt's good for you! [Regular Orginarny Swedish Meal]08:36
karniFeels like I'll have to upgrade to a batter hardware than my good, old HTC Hero08:38
fagankarni: wow thats old08:38
karnifagan: ~1yr 3months08:39
karnior wait.. was it 2 years x]08:39
fagankarni: yeah thats old in current tech standards08:39
karnifagan: exactly08:40
faganbut using old hardware helps when developing08:40
fagansince you have to program better because of the slower cpu, smaller memory..etc08:40
Chipacamoin all08:52
faganmorning Chipaca08:52
karnigood morning Chipaca08:53
Chipacait is, surprisingly08:53
Chipacaalthough I can't get onto the canonical irc08:53
* fagan wonders if its a sign of the apocolypse that Ireland has like 20 degree weather atm08:53
faganChipaca: its lagging a lot too08:53
faganim getting like 5 sec lag on it08:54
Chipacafagan: run to the hills!08:54
mandelfagan: comment added in the review proposal08:55
faganmandel: cool will check it out08:56
mandelChipaca: morning! today looks like a good morning for windows, if the branches land, we will have a fully port ubuntu sso :D08:56
Chipacasee? told you the sky was falling08:57
faganmandel: isnt every day a bad day for windows?08:57
faganmandel: so I have to add a layout and remove the buttons?08:58
mandelfagan: some times, I'm happy, I was up til 2am yesterday getting it to work, we can login, register, etc.. it also integrates with the Windows Credentials manager… so for once its indeed a good day :)08:58
faganoh and remove the menu bar08:59
mandelfagan: change the widget class… maybe if I show you how to do it it will go faster, skype has a screen cast or something like that, right?08:59
faganyeah it does for windows yeah09:00
mandelfagan: shall we? that way I can tell you how to do it faster, we can go through an imaginary one and then you tackle the rest, does that sound good?09:00
faganmandel: sure im just installing it on my ubuntu machine09:01
mandelfagan: skype you mean? cool09:01
mandelfagan: I'll try to find in the mean time how to screencast the vm :P09:01
faganit will only be 10 secs more09:02
mandelsure, no worries :)09:02
Chipacaooh, can i watch?09:03
Chipacayou probably can't screencast to a group, huh09:03
faganChipaca: you can I think09:03
mandelChipaca: we can try09:03
faganyou just do a group call and share the video of what you are doing09:03
faganok im logged in09:04
duanedesignnice feedback on new U1 preferences http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=1124409:06
Chipaca_duanedesign: the article, or the comments do you mean?09:09
duanedesignChipaca_: i try and stay away from the comments :P09:11
Chipaca_duanedesign: the comments are a very good barometer of ... *something*09:12
mandelfagan: work in the same branch so that you have the different version09:24
faganmandel: kk09:24
JamesTait"What a beautiful day, hey hey, what a beautiful day!" Good morning everyone! :D09:48
faganJamesTait: U2 such a good Irish band09:48
* fagan loves the quote 09:49
JamesTaitfagan: U2? I thought that was the Leve11ers?09:49
JamesTaitPretty sure it was someone from your part of the world anyway!09:50
faganJamesTait: damn it I thought you were doing beautiful day by U209:51
faganmandel: this is actually working out a lot easier than I though09:51
JamesTaitI'll save that for tomorrow, assuming it still is. :)09:51
mandelfagan: nice, it is one of those things that if you show it, it is straigtf foward to understand, at the pace you will be a Qt master ;)09:53
faganmandel: yeah the only problem im having now is dragging and dropping correctly :P09:53
faganits reversing the order when I drag it to the vert layout09:54
mandelfagan: the drag and drop is the worst bit, specially when you have complicated designs.. it gets on my nerves09:55
faganmandel: i wonder if there is a bug report somewhere against qtdesginer about it09:56
mandelno idea09:57
faganIm just going to create the layout and put in some bad spacers for the moment and then push it to the branch for you to look at to make sure im doing it right09:59
* fagan is trying to do it to the design 09:59
faganmandel: what was the size constraint again?10:02
Chipaca_fagan: can I quote you on that?10:02
faganChipaca_: if you want :P10:03
Chipaca_fagan: done10:03
* fagan knew he would get quoted for something eventually 10:03
mandelfagan: there are two diff things, the size constraint that states which are the min and max sizes the widget can use, eg width between 40px and 50px and the size policy which is the one that states if the widget should have a fixed size, stretch etc...10:04
faganmandel: I mean the setting for the vert layout that you did at the start10:05
mandelfagan: I dont understand, why are you trying to do?10:06
* mandel talks a lot10:06
faganmandel: I mean the default constaint that you set at the start of what you were doing on skype10:07
faganyou placed the vert layout then set the constraint so it would expand with the window10:07
mandelfagan: oh, that, right click on the widget, got to layout, and set the overall layout of it10:09
mandelfagan: is like doing .setLayout by code, you are telling the wizardpage which layout to use10:09
faganmandel: you can morph windows into widgets I just found10:10
faganor not10:10
faganI was clicking on something else10:11
mandelfagan: there are some widget that you can indeed morph, but I cannot remember which ones10:11
mandelthere is some setting somewhere in the context menu for that, unfortunatly you can do from widget to windows, but not the other way around10:12
mandelif I remember correctly10:12
faganmandel: you can morph any layout to any other layout it seems I just played about with it10:12
faganoki doke first screen done and since the first one is the hardest it shouldnt be too much longer for the rest10:13
faganand the one I did was the hardest one so its good from here10:13
mandelnice, let me know when you are done so I can take a second look10:14
faganmandel: sure I havent done any of the spacer stuff yet or sized any of the objects on the window but they are in a layout and shouldnt take too long to set all those10:15
mandelfagan: cool, remember you can try the layout in real live from qtdesigner, is a good way to find layout issues.10:17
faganmandel: yeah im just giving them all a first pass and then going into detail afterwards.10:18
karniJamesTait: hey listen. this is really low priority and I don't quite understand what's the problem, but since few days, the "Confirm Computer Access" page is not horizontally scrollable. This is using the default Android browser, so I have nothing to do with it. But it kina feels strage if I can't scroll around the page. Has the layout/divs been changed recently?10:30
JamesTaitkarni: I believe you will want to nudge rockstar about that - I've been meaning to do exactly that myself, actually.10:30
karniJamesTait: You have noticed the same thing?10:31
JamesTaitIn fact, I think there is a mobile interface in the works from ivanka's team, but I wouldn't swear to that.10:31
karniI see10:31
fagan4 left yay10:36
faganalthough coffee is needed10:37
fagan2 left11:05
faganmandel: check out the branch11:25
faganI didnt size stuff yet11:25
faganbut added the layout and spacers11:26
mandelfagan: ok, gime me 10 min, I'm in the middle of a failing test :P11:28
faganmandel: your cool take your time11:28
* fagan watches last night american idol :P11:28
karnifagan: TV is not good for you! (TM)11:33
fagankarni: yeah I dont think coffee is either but that doesnt stop me :)11:34
karnifagan: you're procrastinating ;) /me learned a new word11:34
karniI'm just kidding :11:34
fagankarni: hah im not procrastinating im playing guitar11:35
teknicofagan, playing guitar is always good! :-)11:35
faganteknico: I have 5 within arms reach from my computer11:36
teknicofagan, and definitely better that watching TV ;-)11:36
faganteknico: doing both>all11:36
teknicofagan, currently I have 5 too, but selling one, interested? ;-)11:36
faganteknico: im in the market for a yellow telecaster11:37
* fagan is looking to get one with itern pay 11:37
faganyellow is my fav guitar colour11:38
faganbut only gloss yellow11:38
faganoooh I just was looking at the gibson website and I may get one of them instead11:42
teknicofagan, why not get this one instead? ;-) http://www.mercatinomusicale.com/mm/a_Chitarra-classica-silenziosa-elettrificata-Yamaha-SLG100N-Silent-Guitar_id2016108.html11:45
faganinteresting one11:46
faganok I cant afford a gibson :P11:46
claritabonjour fagan11:53
faganhey clarita11:54
claritafagan: howdy doody - any news on getting some grabs of where you are at with installer?11:54
faganclarita: I have them a little better still no text and they are still really rough11:55
faganI need mandel to have a look before I go ahead and finish them11:55
mandelclarita: I'm reviewing it atm, I'm going as fast as  can ;)11:55
faganclarita: they will be done a little after lunch11:56
mandelclarita: I will have the sso app running for you this afternoon, I need to find a way to send it  to you so that you do not have to install a dev enviroment11:56
faganmandel: we should make a wiki page with the stuff you need anyway11:57
mandelfagan: yes, I did one for the old code but not for the current one, it would be very nice to have one11:58
mandelbut I'm not going to ask you to do it, is waaaaaay boring11:58
faganmandel: isnt that the kind of thing you should be putting me onto11:58
* fagan hides just in case mandel agrees 11:58
claritamandel fagan: super!12:00
mandelfagan: is something you can do if you are blocked by me doing the review, certainly, but I dont believe hat interships are for you to be 'making coffee' you have to get your hands dirty :)12:01
claritafagan mandel: btw I am still taking a look at the folder selection and sync again today12:02
faganmandel: yeah thats cool. I can fix the layout a little bit12:02
faganclarita: thats cool I have the folder things and all "done" ish but it doesnt take much to change it so go ahead12:03
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
faganmandel: the layout still sucks pretty bad and I could be playing about with the spacers12:03
mandelfagan: let me finish with the comments so that you have some feed back12:03
mandelclarita: feel free to go will, I'm open enough to tell you when you went crazy :P12:04
faganIm pretty honest too so I can say when design is funny12:05
claritamandel fagan: funny ha ha? ;-)12:05
claritamandel fagan: i'll try to include some appropriate comedy mmoments12:05
faganclarita: ill make sure I throw in the proper polite laugh12:06
claritafagan: if you don't mind12:06
* mandel wonders if those two are lol at the screen, apparently last time fagan and clarita waved at each other over a conf call...12:08
* fagan confirms the wave 12:09
faganIm going nuts with horizontal spacers12:13
mandelfagan: added the comments, take a look, and dont take them hard, I'm just very picky :)12:14
faganmandel: kk12:15
faganim fixing the spacing issues now12:15
mandelfagan: sometimes is easier when you group things together, maybe that helps12:16
faganmandel: Oh on the label on the checkbox comment. I did that on purpose just in case we needed to space them out a bit12:17
faganso I did that on purpose12:17
mandelfagan: we can do that with styling, no need to add extra labels12:18
mandelfagan: all the styling will be done later, ralsina should be the boss on that :P12:19
faganmandel: oh ok I didnt know that12:19
faganI can just remove the extra labels then its coo12:19
claritafagan: yes to confirm styling is on its way...thanks to lisette who has just joined the Design team12:20
claritalisette will now be listening :-)12:20
mandelfagan: in Qt you can have the default style per widget, or define your own so that you can have the same UI but diff styles12:26
claritamandel fagan and lisette: there was a question in the wireframes about progress indication during the installation process (both step-by-step as well as actual installation)12:27
faganOh so you mean like a step 1,2,3...etc12:27
claritaexactly - for the screen step by step this is quite simple (she says) but for actual installation am I right in thinking this can't be reported as it happens?12:28
faganWe could do 1, installing u1 2, select plan 3, select folders 4, done12:28
faganthat would be fine12:28
faganDont know what kind of widget to use to display it but I know what you mean12:29
claritaok thanks - would be good to know if there are any restrictions when using the widgets on style..?12:29
faganmandel: ^12:30
mandelclarita: the only things that would be hard, yet doable would be a progressbar similar to the one that was proposed a while back, but mainly due to time contrains12:31
mandelclarita: for me, the best would be to go for a design you consider ok, and then we sit down and talk about the diff compromises12:31
lisettewhere can i find this progress bar that was proposed?12:32
claritalisette: in the.....Googledoc!12:32
mandelclarita: is there the one with the circles etc...?12:32
mandellisette: I do have an email with it if needed :)12:33
* fagan is almost finished his attempt at the bandwidth windo 12:35
faganmandel: ill ask you to look at just that to get it perfect12:36
mandelfagan: sure, I need to walk the dog, I'll do it asap I'm back, is that ok?12:36
faganmandel: I need to go on break too soonish so ill go do what I have to do and have it ready at 2 after the standup12:37
mandelsure, np12:37
faganmandel: can you set a layout to a frame?12:38
faganit doesnt seem to be offering it to me12:39
mandelyes you can, just drop it there12:39
faganoh ok12:40
faganit looked like it was just working for a little space in the frame12:40
mandelwell, I need to go12:42
* mandel walking beast12:42
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
* fagan has a pain in the neck and cant turn left 13:40
faganso sore13:40
dobeyfagan: make 3 right turns13:40
karnidobey: xD13:42
* fagan went crazy trying to fix a monitor problem just there only to find that the monitor wasnt on the right channel 13:46
karnifagan: That's not that bad. Once a guy formatted my harddrive because the printer wasn't working. It turned out the printer was connected through the scanner, which was AC unplugged.13:49
mandelI did not know we had zoolander with us13:50
faganits actually pretty sore13:50
mandelralsina: ping?13:51
thisfredmandel: he's at pycamp.ar13:52
mandelthisfred: that i what I though so is there a point of doing the weekly?13:52
thisfredI don13:52
thisfredt know, I always just do it, no matter who's there13:52
fagando we still do standup when he isnt around?13:53
dobeywell half our team is at pycamp.ar :)13:53
nessitastand up in 8'crowd!13:53
mandelthisfred: the standup makes sense, but the weekly call...13:53
thisfredkeep up with what your colleagues are doing, and realize your life isn't so bad kind of thing? :)13:53
thisfredmandel: ah, that I don't know13:53
nessitadobey: could you please do some follow up in bug #741529?13:53
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741529 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "package ubuntuone-client 1.5.8-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/emblems/emblem-ubuntuone-downloading.icon', which is also in package ubuntuone-client-gnome 1.4.5-0ubuntu1 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74152913:53
nessitadobey: half of our team? is only alecu and ralsina :-)13:53
faganI still have to make mumble work right too13:54
nessitafagan: yes, we do13:54
nessitamandel: and yes, I don't think we're doing the weekly unless Chipaca wants otherwise13:55
mandelnessita: that's what I though, weeklies are more a manager thing, right?13:56
Chipaca_nessita: depends on which "team" dobey meant, because afaik facu and lucio are there also, no?13:56
Chipaca_I got my fill of desktop weekly yesterday, thank you13:56
nessitaChipaca_: right, I assumed desktop+ since we were talking in the context of our stand up13:57
thisfreddid I miss a meeting yesterday?13:57
Chipaca_thisfred: no, you didn't13:57
nessitabut if we consider online services, 4 people is not half ;-)13:57
Chipaca_not one I was also in13:57
Chipaca_nessita: your point is excellent, so I am now forced to punch you13:57
Chipaca_you brought this on you for being right all the time13:58
* nessita feels punched13:58
* nessita drops dead13:58
dobeyi was only counting people who will be at the BA sprint :)13:58
* Chipaca_ opens up a position for a new godess of tdd gtk python dev13:58
thisfredquick, unfix all the doc strings!13:58
mandelthisfred: Il take care of the spelling ;)13:59
nessitadobey: ah, ok. So, does that report sound familiar/make sense to you?13:59
thisfredyou should totally put that on your business cards now, nessita13:59
nessitathisfred: my business card reads the following, on the back:13:59
dobeynessita: i just uploaded a fix13:59
Chipaca_nessita: what was your job description at except?13:59
nessita"women and tests are always right"14:00
thisfred"See other side"14:00
dobeyweird that it wasn't reported before though14:00
nessitadobey: thanks14:00
nessitame time!14:00
* dobey needs to take some me time14:00
nessitamandel, fagan?14:01
nessitafagan: say me please :-)14:02
nessitaok, let's go!14:02
nessitaDONE: released ussoc, u1cp (twice! so we could also include last minute tweaks to the account tab). Reviews.14:02
nessitaTODO: evaluation (boring!), SRU for bug #709494, continue hunting replacement for london sprint14:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:02
nessitaNEXT: thisfred14:02
thisfred* DONE reviewed https://code.launchpad.net/~beuno/ubuntuone-servers/really-show-third-party-contacts/+merge/5461714:02
thisfred* DONE reviewed https://code.launchpad.net/~vds/ubuntuone-servers/better_view_abstraction/+merge/5455714:02
thisfred* DONE http://pad.lv/740377 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/tune-notifications/+merge/5451014:02
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]14:02
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:02
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:02
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:03
ubot4`nessita: Bug 709494 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/709494 is private14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfred* TODO peer review James T.14:03
thisfred* TODO testing knowledge sharing meeting thingy14:03
thisfredNEXT: dobey14:03
dobeyλ DONE: ubuntuone-client release/upload, repository addition for codec install, #74152914:03
dobeyλ TODO: UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release, nightlies updates14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:03
dobeymandel: go14:03
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:03
mandelDONE: Fought with the travel agency which is run by people who could not find there ass even if they had a map of it. Got the Qt application running with the Qt twisted reactor. Got Validation in sorted in SSO Qt ui.14:03
mandelTODO: ask for reviews, clean up a little SSO, propse UI branches.14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandelfagan: go14:03
fagan* Did a few more iterations of the screens to get everything right14:03
fagan* Finish the screens14:03
fagan* nope14:03
faganI think im last :)14:03
nessitamandel: what problem are you having with the agency?14:04
nessitawho are you talking with (name)?14:04
nessitamandel: if they are being unhelpful, we need to report that to marianna14:04
mandelnessita: I've been talking with marianna about it already, after 18 emails etc.. they have not managed to do what I asked them for and offered a 700 eur more expensive solution...14:05
Chipaca_I guess the "field full of horny clues" metaphor doesn't work too well with asses14:05
Chipaca_or rather, it works *too* well14:05
nessitamandel: ouch. So marianna is aware of the situation, right?14:06
* fagan is waiting on his travel agency to get back about the tickets 14:06
nessitamandel: any solution in sight?14:06
mandelnessita: yes, she is up to date14:06
thisfredmetaphors are like similes14:06
Chipaca_unsmiling similies14:06
Chipaca_fagan: your travel agency, or the company's?14:06
mandelnessita: yes, will get the tickets they offer if is ok wth marianna, it has been more a waste of time than anything else14:07
faganChipaca_: companies14:07
fagancompany's I mean14:07
Chipaca_fagan: ok, phew14:07
thisfredmandel: you just don't work well with belgians14:07
faganI know emailed them 2 days ago so they must be on it14:07
mandelthisfred: don't get me started….14:07
nessitamandel: right, something similar happened to me (though it wasn't 700 euros more expensive, but 20 USD)14:07
nessitafagan: where are you based?14:08
fagannessita: Ireland14:08
faganso not far to travel14:09
nessitafagan: so you're using BTS as your agency, right?14:09
fagannessita: nope I used the UK one14:09
nessitaah, ok14:09
nessitayou may have better luck then :-P14:09
faganIreland wasnt on the list so I presumed we were just lumped into the one agency14:09
fagan(with the UK)14:09
mandelfagan: well, you are all british...14:09
* fagan notes down not to buy mandel a beer 14:10
thisfredmandel: you could get kneecapped for saying such things :)14:10
nessitathisfred: would you be able to do a review in your maverick box? is the branch for the SRU about setting a name when resgitering for SSO (you already reviewed the branch for trunk)14:11
mandelfagan: well, you are british, not english but brit which is diff, otherwhise why do irsih player play in the british lions?14:11
thisfrednessita: sure thing14:11
nessitathisfred: thanks! https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname-stable/+merge/5470214:11
thisfredmandel: they don't14:11
thisfredoh in rugby? DOn't know a thing about that14:11
nessitamate time! I'll be right back14:11
thisfrednessita: it shows 8 conflicts14:12
thisfrednessita: I assume that's just launchpad being slow?14:12
nessitano, is me being slow14:12
mandelthisfred: they do: /14:12
nessitaI didn't set the target to be stable14:12
* nessita re fixes14:12
mandelthisfred: http://www.lionsrugby.com/14:12
karniCardinalFang: could you make a trivial review please https://code.launchpad.net/~karni/ubuntuone-android-files/file-status-feedback/+merge/5470314:13
thisfredmandel: it says british & irish, at the top14:13
karniah crap, the diff's not yet there14:13
mandelmeh, that just to keep them happy, also the wikipedia is on my side :)14:13
faganmandel: I cant get my buttons to be the right size14:13
nessitathisfred: fixed in https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname-stable/+merge/5470514:13
thisfrednessita: thx14:14
nessitathank you!14:14
mandelfagan: what are you trying to do?14:14
karniCardinalFang: ok, trivial diff available.14:14
mandelnessita: have we eom? 'cause I have a comment :P14:14
faganmandel: make my buttons bigger14:14
nessitamandel: comment please!14:14
mandelfagan: why?14:15
faganmandel: to be more like the mockup14:15
mandelnessita: I have a working brach on ubuntu sso on windows in my machine, there are lots of branches waiting to land to trunk. can I get reviews so that on friday I can try to make a package?14:15
mandelit would be a bloody huge mlestone, it has bugs, but are minor14:16
mandelfagan: have you played with the min size of the buttons?14:16
faganand as well as that im having a weird issue with the space between things and resizing makes some stuff move a lot and some stuff not as much14:16
mandelfagan: property box, under the QWidget part14:16
faganoh I know14:17
faganI didnt hit preview14:17
mandelfagan: hmmm have you pushed the code to the branch?14:17
fagannot yet14:17
faganjust trying something14:17
nessitamandel: still reading and parsing your comment14:17
mandelok, when you do, we can take a look at what is going on14:17
nessitamandel: you need windows or linux reviews? is there anyone else already doing windows revuews?14:18
mandelnessita: mlstone is a milestone in my ltping lingo :P14:18
mandelnessita: I need at least 1 linux review in each of them14:18
mandelnessita: windows is a diff story14:18
nessitamandel: I can do all the linux reviews, shoot me the link, I'll work on that today14:19
mandelnessita: superb, before you kill me, there is only one big one, the rest are rather small :)14:19
nessitamandel: no problem :-). And you also need someone to do windows reviews?14:19
mandelnessita: there you go: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_214:20
mandelnessita: yes, I was hoping that I coul get fagan to do some.. but he cannot approve yet AFAIK14:20
faganmandel: I can14:20
mandelfagan: can you? cool, the there you go https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_3/+merge/53409 the new added tests should pass, and maybe I did some errors in my code14:22
faganmandel: ok cool my window manager just crashed so give me 1 min to fix14:23
mandelfagan: you have all the time you need14:24
faganmandel: ill push my changes after that so you can look14:24
faganthere is progress but still it looks a little weird14:24
* fagan <---- noob14:25
mandelfagan: visteme despacio, que tengo prisa :)14:25
* fagan doesnt have a clue what that means 14:26
karnifagan: I feel you man, they do this every day ;) (and I'm not hoping to google translate any more :D )14:28
fagangoogle translate says mandel doesnt make much sense :)14:30
mandelfagan: dont listen to that guy, it makes sense14:31
faganok the update thats going on will take 10 minutes more14:31
faganthen my window manager should be working14:31
* fagan curses unity 14:31
faganor compiz which ever is breaking14:32
thisfrednessita: +1d the branch, works perfectly on maverick14:32
nessitathisfred: awesome! thanks14:34
faganmandel: am I doing a windows or/and a linux review?14:34
* fagan can test both 14:35
mandelfagan: windows, nessita will tackle all the linux ones14:35
nessitafagan: do not steal linux reviews from me! :-P14:36
fagannessita: as a superior you would have to order me to steal them14:37
* fagan is a good little intern :)14:37
nessitafagan: hehehe. I may be bossy (ask thisfred :-P), but I will not give away work (at least not linux work)14:37
thisfredI never said you were bossy, I think, just contrarian :P14:38
fagannessita: not giving work away is very bad for the stress levels14:38
mandelfagan: she is bossy, actually I;m pretty sure she is the only one that would manage to make me shut up, and that is hard, very hard14:39
* nessita LOLs14:39
* fagan thinks bossiness is good for company progression since bossy people become bosses :P14:40
faganmandel: ok im doing the review now14:42
faganso if it passes the tests then +1 yeah?14:42
faganany need to run the code?14:42
* fagan could click a few buttons to make sure14:43
mandelfagan: no, but you should read the code to see if I forgot something, for example, a PEP8 issues, typos (very possible) stupid logic (less possible) etc..14:43
mandelfagan: also you can ask if you don't understand what the code is doing14:44
faganmandel: kk14:44
* fagan looks 14:44
faganoh so I need to grab 2 and 3 then14:44
nessitamandel: I would ask something for your commit messages. Could you please be more specific about what you're changing/adding/removing? we use the final commit message to build the changelog, and adding stuff like "Second step of the implementation of main on windows." is not very helpful14:48
mandelnessita: hehe, sure I can update that with a longer one, on it14:48
faganmandel: failed the tests14:49
nessitamandel: not necessarily longer (generally speaking), but more specific about what the branch is improving/solving in the project14:49
faganjust 114:49
faganmandel: was that expected or is this news to you?14:50
nessitamandel: also, could you please add at the end of the commit message (LP: #123456) when the branch solves a bug? (replace 123456 as necessary, we don't want every branch of your solving the same bug #123456 :-P)14:50
ubot4`Launchpad bug 123456 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "podcast crashes amarok (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345614:50
mandelfagan: did the new test fail? there are some that do,but not the ones I added14:51
mandelnessita: I've added the linked bug to the last branch of the big change, rather than linking to each of them. I can add in the commit that is part of the bug fix, is that ok?14:52
nessitamandel: yes please!14:52
faganmandel: what do you mean? I just ran run_test on the first branch and it failed on 1 thingy14:52
* fagan pastebins 14:52
faganshit wrong one14:54
mandelfagan: those to failures are expected, they are due to bug #732112 and bug 732057 which I fix in other branches14:59
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732112 in ubuntu-sso-client "AccountTestCase.test_generate_captcha fails on windows (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73211214:59
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732057 in ubuntu-sso-client "test_request_is_signed_with_credentials fails on Windows (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73205714:59
faganmandel: Ah ok then thats fine14:59
* fagan goes to the bit where he looks at the code 14:59
faganNOTE: that may take a little time since ive looked at the code only a little15:01
mandelnessita: I just remember somehting, with SSO I saw a coment from you regarding deferToThread not being fired, that is because you do not have a reactor runnning, they dont state it very clearly in the docs15:02
nessitamandel: yes. And we don't want to have a reactor running either (at least for now).15:03
mandelnessita: shall we update the comment with the right reason then? or just remove it15:04
nessitamandel: we shall update. Wanna do it or shall I?15:04
mandelnessita: I think you know the reasons better for not running the reactor15:04
nessitamandel: I'll do it, then. TO share those with you: running the reactor generates having a process that awakes 10 times per second hitting too much your system, and being counterproductive to battery usage15:05
nessitamandel: given the above, we only need the reactor for hitting an url that right now takes less than 2 seconds, so is not worth it15:06
mandelnessita: wow, interesting…15:07
nessitamandel: as an example, I tweaked a bit your commit message in main_215:08
faganmandel: I cant see anything jumping out at me thats wrong with it but ill make sure15:12
mandelfagan: for me is also important that you understand what is going on, if I die, they'll ask you about it ;)15:13
faganmandel: I know whats going on :) I looked at last week, just need to look at the changes to see whats up15:13
faganlooked at it I mean15:14
* fagan didnt just sit around waiting all week for HR to get on to him just waited to do actual work15:18
nessitamandel: styling fixes for main_2:15:18
nessita* add an empty line below the module docstring and before the import section in main/tests/test_windows.py15:18
nessita* remove empty space at the beginning of  """ A PBServerFactory that saves the latest connected client."""15:18
nessitamandel: so, you do are using deferToThread in main/windows.py? so you have a reactor running on windows?15:19
nessitamandel: * typo in main/windows.py: """Append remte_ to the remote methods.15:20
* fagan doesnt know what nessita said there 15:20
nessitafagan: there is a typo in "remte_"15:21
nessitaa missing o15:21
faganah ok15:21
faganI actually had gedit open so should have run a spell check15:21
faganOh I meant with the defertothread bit15:22
faganand the reactor bit15:22
nessitamandel: also, I think this piece "attrs['remote_' + current] = attrs[current]" should be "attrs['remote_' + current] = attrs.pop(current)". Let me know when you're around so we talk about that.15:23
mandelnessita: got it15:23
nessitafagan: I'm not sure what you don't understand. Can you repeat your question please?15:23
nessitamandel: ack to the rest as well?15:23
mandelnessita: we will have a reactor running, which iwill make all the defertoThread work15:24
nessitamandel: ok then15:24
mandelnessita: you have scared me with the battery thing, but I'm hoping that the qtreactor will work well15:24
fagannessita: I mean I dont know what deferToThread does and I dont think I know what a reator is, unless its a object for the engine15:25
nessitamandel: don't be so scared, syncdaemon is already weaking up 10 times per second due to the twisted reactor ;-)15:25
* fagan goes back to the code to see 15:25
mandelnessita: I'mm fix the docstrings and the remote_ thin in the meta class15:26
nessitafagan: all that is twisted terminology. And I'm not saying that the terminology is twisted, but that they belong to the twisted project ;-)15:26
faganah ok15:26
nessitafagan: are you familiar with twisted?15:26
fagannessita: not at all15:26
* fagan tried to look at it a while back but had no real reason to so didnt go into it hard 15:26
nessitafagan: I honestly don't know what your task assignments are (did I miss an email?), but you may wanna take a look to twisted and try to understand it (is not simple, at least from my POV)15:28
nessitamandel: will fagan be working with twisted related stuff?15:28
fagannessita: my assignment is literally what ever mandel needs help with but I suppose its mildly hindered since im pretty new I suppose15:29
nessitamandel: another typo: "# ignore bus_name and object path so that we do not brak the current..." <- s/brak/break/15:29
faganoh we correct comments as well15:29
mandelnessita: no, he will be focusing on the installer atm, so qt and maybe a little of c, not more15:30
faganI ignored them other than to acutally understand what the methods were doing15:30
nessitamandel, fagan: ok, so no need to study twisted (yet :-))15:30
* fagan takes in a sigh of relief 15:31
nessitamandel: one important note: recently (2 days ago?) I added a new param to register_user, the "displayname". So you would need to change that, otherwise new users are created with empty (blank) names and the universe explodes15:33
nessitamandel: not sure if I explained myself properly, but for further info, this is the bug report: bug #70949415:34
ubot4`Launchpad bug 709494 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949415:34
faganok so then the merge needs fixing then?15:34
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:35
nessitafagan: as long as mandel fixes the things I mention before merging, (so far) I'll approve15:36
nessitamandel: would it be better for you that I put all the needs fixing together in one comment instead of writing them here?15:36
faganwell I didnt see anything major wrong and it passed the tests so as long as what nessita said is fixed ill give +1 on it too15:37
faganwell it passed the tests it should have15:37
faganalthough im still scrolling the code to see15:38
faganat least as a last sweep15:38
mandelnessita: it would be very appreciated indeed15:40
nessitamandel: ok, I'll do that15:41
mandelnessita: do you want me to take care of the review you need for maverik? I have a vm with it15:41
nessitamandel: that would be awesome! https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname-stable/+merge/5470515:41
nessitamandel: detailed instructions are in the linked bug15:42
* mandel looks15:42
* CardinalFang updates distro to see if synch daemon is less chatty now.15:42
faganok done15:45
* fagan still is getting used to reviews so it takes a good long time 15:45
faganand as well not knowing stuff doesnt help :P15:45
faganill +1 after its fixed15:46
* fagan was just looking for a comment from mandel in the code saying SHANE THERE IS AN ERROR HERE IF YOU READ THIS MESSAGE YOU ARE AWESOME :D15:47
mandelfagan: hehe that wont happen :P15:48
faganmandel: good I dont like that kind of tom foolery15:49
* fagan will stay an extra half hour since there was a little bit of hanging around 15:49
faganmandel: want me to go back to the designer thingy15:50
nessitamandel: main_2 marked as needs fixing with all the comments added. Please note there are 3 comments with things to tweak/answer.15:50
mandelfagan: yes, get back to the ui work15:51
* fagan restarts since its on his ubuntu partition15:52
mandelnessita: I was just reading them, I understand the need of the name field (just reviewing that too) I'd prefer to add a bug about that for windows, and merge this beast, that way we can move to more size manageable reviews15:52
mandelis easier to review, easier to test, etc...15:52
mandelis that ok with you?15:53
nessitamandel: just reply to my comments with your thoughts and I will probably approve :-)15:53
nessitamandel: yes, that may work just fine15:53
mandelnessita: specially since we have no releases for windows just yet15:53
nessitamandel: I think the lack of displayname will break your sso implementation, but as you say it can be broken for a few days15:54
mandelnessita: I knew about your changes and I did write the UI with the name fields, is a matter of merging, running and see the broken tests15:55
mandeltest_common.py should brake on windows atm15:55
mandelas in with the name changes15:55
nessitamandel: I'm looking at main_3 now, and I wonder:15:56
rodrigo_rye, I've been working a bit on evo-couchdb, with the system-wide couchdb instance, and it works ok15:56
rodrigo_rye, it crashes a lot when using desktopcouch, and can't even start asking it for documents, as it crashes on the initial dbus dialog15:56
nessitamandel: in linux, SSOCredentials is a deprecated class (we have not marked it as such, but it's). Are you implementing it for completeness sake or because you actually need it?15:57
ryerodrigo_, were you testing on natty or maverick?15:57
rodrigo_rye, natty15:57
ryerodrigo_, is there a link to the branch?15:57
mandelnessita: completeness sake, I want to get to a point with the diff between the two platforms is related to the IPC and the gui15:57
rodrigo_rye, no, I'm working on git, but doing a release now, so that you can test with the latest fixes15:58
mandelnessita: I prefer to say I did too much than I did too little :)15:58
nessitamandel: ok, thanks. Sorry for not being explicit about this before15:58
ryerodrigo_, well, i can pull from git, i guess15:58
mandelnessita: not a problem what so ever15:58
rodrigo_rye, ok, if you want, just make sure you ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr, so that it gets installed system wide15:59
rodrigo_rye, you'll need both couchdb-glib and evo-couchdb15:59
rodrigo_rye, doing the release anyway, so try with git, and if it doesn't work, I should have the packages almost ready16:00
faganmandel: I cant get the layout working on the frame16:02
nessitamandel: is your commit message in main_3 correct? it reads "...so that the IPC on linux can use twisted.pb" and I would expect "...so that the IPC on windows can use twisted.pb"16:02
mandelfagan: give me a sec, I'll finish nessitas review and I'll take a look16:03
faganyeah cool16:03
mandelnessita: up, sorry, bug in my brain while typing16:03
nessitamandel: I'll change it :-)16:03
mandelnessita: you have two green lights in stable, feel free to merge16:05
mandelfagan: is the code in the branch already? do you recond we can try and do another shared screen to see your machine and try to fix the problem you have?16:05
nessitamandel: thanks!!!16:06
faganmandel: nope its not will push now16:07
mandelfagan: ok, ping me when ready, I'm going to grab a coffee16:07
faganmandel: ping16:09
faganOk so my problem at the moment is half I need some text in there to know if it looks weird, some of the sizes still need a little looking at but shouldnt take too much more effort to fix and I cant get the frame to have a layout for some reason so its not sizing properly16:11
faganI only did bandwidth16:11
fagan(so far )16:11
nessitamandel: is this proposal https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_732057/+merge/52740 lacking of a prerequisite branch? or is it really 2564 lines big?16:12
mandelnessita: there is a lack of pre, i deleted the branch because it was too big and lp things that16:13
mandelnessita: it is like 10 lines max16:13
nessitamandel: can you please "resubmit" the proposal setting the proper prerequisite?16:13
mandelnessita: sure, I dont know why I did not do it16:14
mandelnessita: I'll let you know when the diff is ready16:15
nessitamandel:  thanks!16:15
mandelnessita: is ready16:16
nessitalooks good now!16:17
mandelyeah, it does make more sense16:18
mandelfagan: let me boot the windows vm and I take a look at your problem16:18
nessitamandel: main_3 approved (let me know when comments in main_2 are replied/fixed to re-review)16:18
mandelnessita: I'll lot at fagan problem and will fix it asap16:19
nessitasure, I'll have lunch now16:19
* nessita is starving16:19
fagan+1 too16:19
mandelfagan: cool thx16:20
faganmandel: so anyway if you can find a way to apply a layout to a frame that will fix one of my problems16:22
faganthe others will come with some tweeking of numbers here and there16:23
mandelfagan: I'll take a look, it should not be too hard16:23
* mandel wonders why the windows vm takes this long...16:23
faganyeah I tried as much as I could but it didnt work for some reason maybe im doing it wrong16:24
faganoh its almost quitting time too16:24
nessitamandel: seems like main_4 is adding a regression here:16:24
nessita178-    """Client that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""179+    """Cleint that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""16:24
nessitaoops, I meant:16:24
nessita178-    """Client that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""179+    """Cleint that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""16:24
nessitano! I mean this:16:24
nessita178-    """Client that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""16:24
nessita179+    """Cleint that can perform calls to the remote SSOLogin object."""16:25
mandelnessita: ag, that was when I splitted the code, I'll fix those too16:25
mandelfagan: which is the screen that is not working (filename please)16:27
mandelfagan: can you merge lp:~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/initial-ui with your branch, it should be done16:36
mandelfagan: let me know if that was what you needed16:36
faganmandel: kk ill do that and then finish for the day16:37
* fagan needs a nap16:37
faganmandel: nope sorry I meant around all the stuff except the bottom two buttons16:40
faganthats how it is in the design16:40
faganbut I can probably fix it myself16:40
mandelfagan: so you want to have space around everything, give me a sec16:41
mandelshould be quick16:41
faganmandel: yeah just the big box around everything16:41
faganrather than checkboxes16:41
* fagan still wonders how mandel did it 16:41
faganI created the frame and then dragged in the layout into it and it didnt fill the frame it just made a little box16:43
faganoh now I got it16:44
faganyou drop it onto the frame then you right click the frame and select the layout and then it fills16:45
faganok now that I know that I can run away knowing I learned something16:45
faganIll fix the rest of the screens tomrrow for clarita since she is very nice16:46
mandelfagan: give me a sec, I;m on the phone16:46
faganmandel: cool16:46
mandelfagan: re-pull branch to see if that is what you needed16:49
faganmandel: kk16:49
mandelfagan: I added spacers at the top, bottom and both laterals16:49
mandelfagan: the layout thing  for the frame is a common mistake, is not very intuitive16:50
faganmandel: yeah thats not what I meant, I mean instead of putting the frame around the checkboxes it should be around all of the objects except the two buttons on the bottom16:51
faganI can fix it tomorrow16:51
fagansince i know how to do it now16:51
faganbut you fixed almost every other problem with the frame though16:52
faganso thanks for that :)16:52
mandelfagan: np, as long as it helped16:53
pmatulisi have tomboy notes sync'ing ok but my files don't anymore.  can someone help?16:53
mattgriffinnessita: ping16:53
claritafagan: kind and charming words... :-) I'm still tweaking wireframes and haven't actually made it to the folder select yet - shouldn't be long16:53
faganmandel: so I have something to keep me occupied for the rest of the day anyway16:53
faganclarita: ill have a look tomorrow and tweek what ever changes now that I know how to use the Qt designer it should be trivial to tweek16:54
claritafagan: have tweaked the service selection screen if you have any questions on that16:54
claritafagan: fab16:54
nessitamattgriffin: pong16:58
mattgriffinnessita: is this expected behavior or a bug? bug #74183516:58
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741835 in ubuntuone-client "All cloud folders show in Nautilus as synced even though I've only selected 1 cloud folder to sync (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74183516:58
nessitamattgriffin: is not, smells like a bug. I would guess that the nautilus plugin is not checking the "subscribed" flag when setting the emblem16:59
mandelnessita: when done with your lunch late me know16:59
nessitamandel: I'm done17:00
mattgriffinnessita: ah. ok. who should i bother :)17:00
mattgriffinassign to ralsina ?17:00
nessitadobey: is there any chance you either confirm or deny bug #741835 at code level? (I'm not asking for a fix but a diagnose only)17:00
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741835 in ubuntuone-client "All cloud folders show in Nautilus as synced even though I've only selected 1 cloud folder to sync (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74183517:00
nessitamattgriffin: I'll see if I can gather more info, and then I'll assign and prioritize properly17:01
nessitamattgriffin: thanks a lot!17:01
mattgriffinnessita: np17:01
mattgriffini break things :)17:01
nessitamattgriffin: and we're thankful for that17:02
nessitamandel: shoot!17:03
dobeyi don't quite understand the bug description17:04
mandelnessita: the attr.pop  will have an issues, the remove_ prefix is required by twisted.spread.pb but it is not by the other implementations, there I'm leaving the method without the remote_ so that all implementations follow the same interface17:04
dobeymattgriffin: what is showing something is synced exactly?17:04
nessitamandel: makes perfect sense, thanks for clarifying17:05
nessitadobey: I think mattgriffin refers to the u1 plugin for nautilus17:05
mattgriffindobey: i see emblems on folders in nautilus on Cloud Folders that I'm not syncing on my netbook17:05
dobeymattgriffin: so you have a local folder that is the same name as one you've synced from elsewhere?17:06
nessitadobey: maybe the plugin is setting the emblem to every listed UDF, instead of filtering those which subscribed is True?17:06
mattgriffindobey: right. a folder with the same name exists on my netbook. for example, i'm not syncing my ~/Music folder to my netbook (disabled folder in Control Panel) but Nautilus shows the checked emblem on the netbook's ~/Music folder17:07
dobeymattgriffin: ok, i see. i just replicated it with my new laptop, so i can confirm it does happen17:07
mattgriffindobey: cool17:07
nessitadobey: thanks!17:09
nessitamattgriffin: is this natty or maverick as well?17:10
mattgriffinnessita: natty17:11
iheartubuntuHello! I have a file I want to share in U1, but its 20mb. Is there an easy way to link this so when a friend goes to the file, it downloads it, instead of trying to open it?17:18
dobeywhat is the file type?17:18
mandelnessita: main_2 has been fixed, comments added to the review so that there is a record about what we talked somewhere17:21
nessitamandel: great, checking it now17:22
nessitamandel: both fix_<something> are approved now17:22
mandelsweet :)17:23
mungo-could someone tell me how i can share a file using a web link ?17:23
dobeyi hope all the other branches land before the 20K line fix_something one17:23
mungo-i would like to see if i can use ubuntu one as a dropbox repalcement17:24
dobeyiheartubuntu: and your friend is using ubuntu? PDFs normally result in a dialog asking me if i want to open or save the file, in firefox17:24
iheartubuntumungo- right click the file and click UbuntuOne17:24
iheartubuntuthen click publish17:24
mungo-did that17:24
iheartubuntuwhat a few seconds and then click Copy Weblink17:25
mungo-oh.  thank you17:25
mandelnessita: whenever we have all this things merged etc… it would be nice to talk about how we could make tarmac run so that tests are always ran in both platforms… it should be an interesting conf call one of this days17:25
dobeymungo-: you can also get the public link for a file on http://one.ubuntu.com/files/ by clicking the "More" link in the far right column there17:26
dobeymandel: i don't even want to think about the complexity of that17:26
mungo-thank you17:26
mandeldobey: that is why I said it would be interesting :)17:26
dobeymandel: do they run under wine?17:26
nessitamandel: my windows expertise is little. How would you run tests on both windows and linux envs from within the same "location"?17:26
mandelnessita: launch a vm?17:27
nessitamandel: we may aim for having a dedicated windows env to run the test suite every 15 minutes17:27
mandeldobey: they should17:27
* dobey launches a vm in the general direction of mandel17:27
* mandel hides like a bastard17:27
mungo-is ubuntu one very slow to upload ?17:27
iheartubuntuok, in Google Chrome it opens the PDF into the browser. In Firefox it downloads it17:27
pmatulismy files do not sync anymore and i would like to start from scratch.  how do i do that?  my tomboy notes are sync'ing fine though17:28
iheartubuntuI am guessing the other party is using XP with either FF or IE17:28
dobeymungo-: mostly depends on your upload bandwidth17:28
dobeyiheartubuntu: if they are on windows, they probably have acrobat reader installed, which has a plug-in to open PDFs in the browser :-/17:29
* iheartubuntu dobey is busy :)17:29
iheartubuntui'll find out what they are using, thanks for the help!17:30
nessitamandel: main_2 approved!17:30
nessitamandel: so, back to the windows stuff, I would try to have a continuous integration thing running in a window box17:31
ryehow come that shotwel has overlay scrollbars now and gnome-terminal does not?17:32
mandelnessita: that would be good enough at least we would not need to make people have a windows vm since that would be a problem17:32
mandelnessita: I can try and setup a small test to see what we can get17:32
mungo-i'm getting a file sync in progress message yet no data is being upload there are no applications on my computer uploading anything to anyone17:33
nessitamandel: awesome, let me know!17:33
ryemungo-, i suppose you are on natty, is that correct?17:34
dobeymungo-: it might be processing metadata or creating the files on the server. it creates all the metadata in the server database before uploading file contents17:34
nessitamandel: ok, so I only need to review main_4. I'll take a little break from reviews and then I'll do it17:34
mandelnessita: sure, you have done a big bunch of them already, it has been a great day for windows :P17:35
mungo-yes, natty17:35
ryemungo-, ok, then could you please run u1sdtool --waiting in the terminal and see what it is doing?17:36
mungo-i was able to start syncing -- i think using that command17:37
mungo-thank you17:38
nessitamandel: did any of your already approved branches land?18:56
dobeynessita: your displayname-stable sso branch... it adds UI and strings?19:09
nessitadobey: depending how you look at it. It un-hides a text entry that was already there. And no new strings since all the strings were already defined (but not shown(19:10
dobeyugh, and it breaks API19:10
nessitadobey: which API?19:10
dobeynessita: the sso dbus API19:11
nessitadobey: no public API is broken (public as in meant to be used by others)19:11
nessitadobey: it does not, the public API is the ApplicationCredentials which is not touched19:11
dobeyit's python, it's all public API19:11
nessitadobey: no app uses the API that is changing19:11
nessita(except our same GTK UI)19:11
dobeyno app you know of19:12
nessitadobey: yes, but I'm vegetarian ergo I'm clairvoyant19:13
nessita(since meat is the substance that inhibits telepathy)19:13
dobeyit breaks freezes, so it needs a freeze exception19:14
nessitadobey: this is maverick we're talking about19:14
dobeyand there isn't one, so it really shouldn't have been approved yet19:14
dobeynessita: yes, the stable branch19:14
nessitadobey: I know you like being strict about this, but seriously, no app should be using the API that is changing. That is (sort of) documented.19:15
dobeynessita: it doesn't matter if anyone does or not.19:16
nessitaanother option would be to create a new register method that receives the new param19:16
nessitaI can do that19:16
nessitaand leave the old register_user as is19:16
dobeynessita: the policy is that we shouldn't be making such changes to stable releases of Ubuntu19:17
nessitaI honestly don't think is needed. If something gets broken we can detect apps that are using something that are not meant to use19:17
nessitadobey: the bug that is fixed is very, very important. We may argue about how we implement it, but the bug needs to be ported to maverick19:17
nessitaevery single new user for SSO is created with an empty name, and that is jeopardizing share behavior on sycndaemon19:18
dobeynessita: then you need to get appropriate freeze exceptions and such.19:18
nessitadobey: isn't a SRU the proper procedure to follow?19:18
dobeynessita: no. an SRU is not a freeze exception. your change breaks UI freeze, so any documentation in Ubuntu that contains screenshots of that dialog would now be incorrect. it also breaks public API (whether or not you as the developer want it to be public is irrelevant).19:20
nessitaI see19:21
nessitaI will hold the release until I talk about this with ralsina, so we define a path to follow19:21
nessitadobey: thanks for pointing this out.19:21
dobeyif a third party develops an app in say, F# or something, and uses that API via dbus, your change will break their app19:21
nessitadobey: I understand that. I would like you to understand that the dbus app that is being changed provides no useful functionality for a third party app19:22
nessitabut again, I'll hold this19:22
nessitaI will comment on the bug19:23
nessitadobey: do you have a link about how to file a UI FE?19:26
dobeynessita: i understand how you feel about it. i am just telling you what needs to be done, because if I was on the SRU team and I saw those changes come in for SRU without such exceptions I would have to reject it.19:27
dobeyi don't have a link now19:28
nessitadobey: ok, I'll ask desktop people next week. I added a comment in the bug stating what you said, feel free to add any relevant/missing info.19:28
dobeynessita: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess19:30
dobeyjust found it19:30
nessitathisfred: ping19:34
thisfrednessita: pong19:34
nessitathisfred: could you please update bug reports for bug  #702176 and bug #702183? mostly I would like to know the status of those19:34
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702176 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Syncdaemon needs to open the control-panel to volumes when a folder shared to the user exceeds the owning user's quota (affects: 1) (heat: 55)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70217619:34
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702183 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Syncdaemon needs to open the control panel in the background and change the launcher icon to urgent when the user exceeds their quota (affects: 1) (heat: 55)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70218319:34
nessitathisfred: since I'm doing some cleanup in blueprints, and those are the only 2 left for closing the shares blueprint19:35
thisfrednessita: have the packaging changes wrt the new dbus service in the control panel landed yet?19:36
nessitathisfred: yessir, as per version 0.9.319:36
nessitathisfred: let me know if it works properly :-D19:37
thisfredawesome, those two were sort of waiting on that. Now I can hopefully add the tab switching to the servive19:37
thisfredas well as the attention drawing19:37
thisfrednessita: will do19:37
nessitathisfred: great. Could you please add a tiny comment on each stating status?19:38
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mandelnessita: you were askiing?19:57
nessitamandel: let me refresh my wasted memory20:01
dobeyi also just fixed the nightlies packaging20:02
nessitadobey: was it broken?20:09
nessitamandel: I was wondering about your branches status re: merging, but I answered myself20:09
nessitamandel: main_4 is on its way20:09
dobeynessita: no, but didn't have the new file added to the .install, and the version number was still old20:10
mandelnessita: ok, cool, 2 is merged, 3 had a small conflict which I fixed, 4 is whenever you can + I need an extra review, so don't be to stressed :)20:11
nessitaah, good, so thisfred can use the dbus service20:11
mandeland I'm done for the day :)20:11
nessitamandel: get some rest!20:11
nessitamandel: btw, how's your hand doing?20:11
nessitamandel: one thing, for main_4 I m getting:20:11
nessitaText conflict in ubuntu_sso/main/tests/test_windows.py20:11
nessita1 conflicts encountered.20:11
mandelnessita: is broken, but I dont have a cast any longer, I wont be able to play rugby til next season, so is fine :)20:12
mandelnessita: that conflict is probably from main_3 which I just fixed, let me merge them to remove it20:13
nessitamandel: great, thanks20:14
mandelnessita: you can pull from the branch, it should be fixed now20:19
* mandel goes to watch tele, laters!20:24
* dobey goes to take a break for a bit20:26
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nessitabye all!21:38
=== anders__ is now known as AJenbo

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