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xiaowangwangmy name wang13:08
ailoHello xiaowangwang, welcome to the ubuntustudio channel.13:09
xiaowangwangone question is: can i used a usb input keyboard (musical) with the music programs?13:10
ailoSure. Most keyboards will work with generic drivers.13:11
ailoxiaowangwang, Once you plug in the keyboard it should automatically appear as a alsa midi device. You can use qjackctl to route the keyboard to different programs.13:13
ailoxiaowangwang, Are you thinking of a specific brand of keyboards?13:14
xiaowangwangare sure?  I am only student.  The usb keyboards for music are near $20013:14
ailoxiaowangwang, You can check here for different brands: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main13:16
ailoxiaowangwang, Also, if you go to the website of the device you are interested of, see if they mention if the device will work without drivers. If it will work without drivers, it will work on Linux. Because of usb 1.1 standard compliancy.13:17
xiaowangwangi say thankyou!13:17
ailoxiaowangwang, no problem13:18
MeraXHey, im looking for an option to map the audio of a program with stereo sound to to just one audiooutput (which should not be the jack of the front speakers, but e.g. for the back oder mid speakers)  of my intern 7.1 soundcard.17:58
ailoMeraX, You want to keep the signal stereo, but only assign to one stereo output? Are you using pulseaudio for this?18:45
MeraXyes, yes18:45
ailoMeraX, Are you using Ubuntu Studio? Or regular Ubuntu? Which version?18:49
MeraXregular Ubuntu lucid18:50
ailoMeraX, I think all of that should be possible to control from "Sound Preferences", which you find from the volume control18:52
ailoThe tab "hardware", there is "setting for the selected device", right?18:53
ailoThat should be set to stereo, either stereo duplex, or stereo output, whether you want to be able use inputs or not18:54
MeraXailo, okay18:54
holsteintheres an advanced pulse thingy18:55
ailoAnd in the tab "Output" you should be able to choose between front and back connector18:55
holstein^ if that is helpful18:55
ailoholstein, It seems to hold the exact same configurations. I'm thinking that will become obsolete, once we include the volume indicator to Ubuntu Studio18:56
MeraXi can only choose between Analog Output and Analog Headphones18:56
holsteinailo: i hope so18:56
ailoMeraX, I think those should be the two18:56
holsteinmight be more integrated in maverick anyways18:57
ailoMeraX, Just trying myself, I have the same two options, and "headphone" should be the front jack18:58
MeraXah, misanderstanding, i dont mead the front jack on pc, i mean the front of 5.1 sourround sound18:59
ailoMeraX, Ok. But, you should have only stereo after making sure the device is set to stereo. I haven't investigated further, by testing. I assume pulsaudio takes good care of that configuration, so that all applications send their channels to only two outputs.19:01
MeraXokay, but my aim is to send one application to one output and an other application to an other output. I should have mention this before19:02
ailoMeraX, Ah, that's a little trickier, at least with pulseaudio, I think.19:03
ailoMeraX, Did you try jack? What applications will you be using?19:04
MeraXI want to use two Oracl Virtualboxes19:04
ailoTwo virtualboxes, with each having it's own output.19:06
MeraXailo, yes, thats what i want :)19:06
MeraXailo, VirtualBox supports Alsa, OSS and Pulse audo drivers19:07
ailoOk, I was just installing it again to find out. You don't have two audio cards by any chance?19:07
ailoholstein, Have you much experience from pulseaudio - jack?19:10
holsteina little19:10
holsteinMeraX: you could check that out19:10
holsteina lot of overhead though19:10
holsteinget JACK running on the actual box19:11
holsteinwell... that wont get seperate outs though19:11
holsteinfrom the VM's19:11
ailoholstein, He would want to route to different pulseaudio outputs. I'm wondering if that can be done using jack.19:11
holsteinMeraX: pulse has networking capabilities19:11
holsteinmaybe you could do that19:11
holsteinas if you have 3 seperate boxes19:11
MeraXokay, howto?19:13
MeraXwould it be much easier if purchase an usb-soudadapter for 4€?19:14
holsteinMeraX: i dont do much like that with pulse19:14
holsteini only know it *can*19:14
holsteinin theory19:14
holsteinhas lots of useful networking capabilies19:14
ailoWith pulseaudio at least you can route two applications to different soundcards using pavucontrol.19:14
ailoThat is btw the only difference I see between pavucontrol and "Sound Preferences"19:15
ailoOther than looks19:15
MeraXbut i cant just send each virtualbox to jack?19:16
holsteindepends on how Vbox is with JACK19:16
holsteini dont think its going to support it19:16
holsteinas a rule19:16
holsteinpro audio/video is not something to do in VM19:16
MeraX(20:07:01) MeraX:19:16
MeraXVirtualBox supports Alsa, OSS and Pulse audo drivers19:16
holsteinso, why have JACK support?19:17
holsteinBUT, it might19:17
ailoDoesn't seem like VB has jack capability.19:17
MeraXis there a chance to send one virtual box do jack via e.g. OSS ant the other via Pulse?19:18
holsteini wouldnt think so...19:18
holsteinMeraX: so...19:18
holsteintell me exactly what you want to do?19:18
holsteinin the most broad sense19:18
holsteinseems like you're comfortable buying hardware if necessary19:19
holsteinthats good19:19
holsteinyou might need to...19:19
ailoTwo cards would solve the problem, no doubt.19:20
MeraXokay I want to have two virtual boxes, each with ubuntu running to play music from varius sources like vlc, rythembox, firefox in them and then to send their signals to a simple external mixer to change between the sources and to have the possibility to listen to the sound of whats playing in firefox via headphones while the sound of the second virtalbox is connected to the big speakers19:23
ailoMeraX, Why are you using Virtualbox for this?19:24
holsteinyeah, i think i would use just a couple different browsers maybe19:25
holsteinOR multiple VLC instances19:25
holsteinpersonally, i dont think that use case justifies the overhead of Vbox19:25
holsteinthere are several nice DJ setups19:26
holsteinailo: whats the big one?19:26
holsteinsomething like that19:26
ailoI haven't used them myself, but there seems to be a couple of nice ones19:26
holsteinMeraX: i have a few sound cards19:27
holsteinone im thinking of in particular19:27
holsteinpresents itself to JACK with 4 outs19:27
holstein2 for the main outs19:27
ailoJack would be best to use. VLC will work with jack, however, browser is another story. Unless using the pulseaudio jack bridge19:27
holsteinand 2 for the headphones19:27
MeraXbut i was looking especially way to use browsers for mixing19:28
holsteinBUT, it should be easy, in theory, to find soemthing that routes to the headphones for monitoring19:28
holsteinand the main outs for playback19:28
holsteinDJ's do that routinely19:29
holsteinMeraX: you would still have pulse19:29
holsteinpulse has level controls19:29
MeraXbut you say with a second soundcards it would work with pulse and Virtualbox?19:30
holsteinMeraX: nope19:30
holsteini say19:30
holsteinin the software19:30
holsteinsomething easy19:30
holsteinwith pulse19:30
holsteinrunning natively19:30
holsteinwhere you monitor what is upcoming19:30
holsteinin headphones19:30
azmI don't get sound in browser in rt kernel + pulse-jack bridge anyone have experience with it ?19:30
holsteinwhile a 'main' signal19:31
holsteinits pumping out the the 'house'19:31
azmguess will have to wait tfor falktx19:31
holsteinazm: are you routed properly in JACK?19:31
holsteinazm: is this isolated to the -rt kernel?19:31
ailoMeraX, I think with two sound cards, you can use pavucontrol to route to two different soundcards, but it's not as handy as using dj mixing software.19:31
holsteinwhat RT kernel?19:31
holsteinthe -rt one from karmic/lucid?19:31
azmholstein, it isw isolated, Im not sure if IM routed properly19:32
holsteinazm: SO, with a generic kernel19:32
holsteinall is good?19:32
MeraXholstein, yeah, im understanding, how you would set it up, i will think about it.19:32
ailoMeraX, With jack you could route to the different outputs of your soundcard instead19:32
holsteinazm: is the performance increase worth the hassle?19:32
holsteinazm: there was an issue with the pulse-jack bridge and RT19:33
holsteinmost folks just use -generic19:33
azmholstein, I do not have any xruns sofar so yes19:33
holsteinor -lowlatency19:33
holsteinazm: i would suggest trying lowlatency19:33
MeraXailo, is there something to route from pulse to jack?19:33
holsteinMeraX: pulse-jack19:33
holsteinif your card doesnt present 2 sets of outs to JACK19:34
holsteinyou wont get what you need19:34
holsteinyou have the overhead of JACK19:34
holsteinand you really dont need that either19:34
holsteinazm: let me rephrase19:35
holsteinpulse-jack is not supported by the -rt or -realtime kernels19:35
holsteinBUT, -lowlatency should be very similar in quality19:35
azmwell ok19:35
azmI can try19:35
azmjust not sure if nvidia will work properly19:36
ailoMeraX, I think you could try using pulse-jack bridge first. On my soundcard there is 6 outputs to choose from19:36
holsteinazm: with -lowlatency?19:37
holstein-lowlatency is more like -generic19:37
azmye, I just installed nvidia for rt with falktx help19:37
holsteinIF the drivers work in -realtime, you should have an better chance in -lowlatency19:37
azmso Im kinda sad :)19:38
azmnot big deal19:38
azmI can try now19:38
holsteinnah, its not19:38
azmand ask him later19:38
holsteinit should be easy to install the drivers with that kernel19:38
holsteinnothing special i mean19:38
MeraXjust one other idea: If im running an application which uses 5.1 surroud sound there are 6 controller to control each of the 6 channels. But if a program only uses stereo there are just 2 of them. So if there is a chance to mixup virtualbox virtually to 5.1, i could mute the front outputs of one and the back outputs of the other virtualbox and every think would be fine19:40
ailoI guess so19:41
holsteinMeraX: you might want to try mythbuntu forums or the IRC channel19:41
holsteinwe dont really deal much with surround here19:41
ailoSurround is really just a standard way to route to many outputs.19:42
holsteinif the outputs are there19:42
holsteinin JACK or pulse19:42
holsteinyou should be able to route to them however you want19:43
holsteinstill, i think JACK and/or Vbox are way overkill for what you are trying to do19:43
MeraXi will think about it and figure it out. so thanks a lot for your help.19:44
holsteinMeraX: anytime19:44
holsteinim sure you can find a solution19:44
holsteinprobably without having an extra sound card too :)19:45
MeraXi'm, too, its linux, its free19:45

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