JohnTeddyI don't know how to program, I'm trying to setup a script so my ssh tunnel is working on local host, so I can proxy out on my web browser and avoid the great Chinese firewall.. so I can get to facebook and youtube, etc.09:42
JohnTeddyCan someone look at that url and tell me what is wrong with the script. Doing service china.firewall status keeps showing a new pid. How can I debug upstart scripts, is there a log somewhere?09:42
SpamapSJohnTeddy: start on startup is too soon16:28
SpamapSJohnTeddy: you need to have a network first16:28
SpamapSJohnTeddy: try 'start on net-device-up IFACE!=lo'16:29
jMCgion/Keybuk - is it intendet for intendant to leave a mess in /tmp? http://pastebin.com/944LsUKr17:36
ionjmcg: It’s just a test program. That doesn’t matter.21:25
Keybukion: there was kudos for your ionice stuff in mountall earlier23:00
ionYeah, i noticed :-)23:00

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