xiaoshenhi all still the same problem no sound :(02:05
KrambaHow do I get the bell to work in xfce-terminal? I already did: http://n0nb.us/blog/2011/01/enable-the-pc-speaker-beep-in-xfce-terminal/ - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-terminal/+bug/60912 - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145498104:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 60912 in xfce4-terminal (Ubuntu) "No "beep" in irssi" [Undecided,Invalid]04:27
slookI went onto the Xubuntu website and noticed it's no in the Latest news for the latest alpha 3 download. Is there a reason for that or did I miss something? Alpha 3 was released March 2 or 3rd.07:32
differentSmokehello, I have a very silly support question, more general linux, I think, that xubuntu specific13:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:46
differentSmokeI'm using FireFTP(an FTP client built into Firefox), and I want to set up scite as the app that opens text files from FireFTP. On windows, there's a promt that asks me to set the app and I go to programFiles/Scite/scite.exe. Thing is, I don't know how to do the equivalent in linux13:46
differentSmoke(I know, sorry, it just took me long to write it, and I always think is polite to frame the question... I might be wrong though)13:46
ochosidifferentSmoke: do you want this setting fireftp-specific or generally?13:47
ochosihehe, np13:47
ochosiwasn't sure you were still typing13:47
differentSmokeochosi: thing is, I don't know where to find the executable 'ala ProgramFiles'13:47
ochosiusually in /usr/bin13:48
ochosibut also in /bin or /usr/local/bin13:48
ochosiif you don't want to search for them you can also check the package properties in synaptic and look through the "installed files"-tab13:49
differentSmokethat's it. Thanks13:49
differentSmokeuhm, I have another issue now but I guess it's scite specific13:51
differentSmokeit opens files in different tabs13:52
differentSmokebtw, is there a shortcut to open a terminal window? I see linux pro's do this all the time but I have never figured out how13:54
ochosiwell, if you just want to set a general shortcut, go to menu > settings > settings manager > keyboard settings13:55
ochosiand then the "application shortcuts"-tab13:55
ochosithere you can add a shortcut for the term of your choice13:55
ochosie.g. "xfce4-terminal"13:55
differentSmokelast n00b question for a while: do you recomend KOffice as an office suite?14:14
knomenot with xubuntu14:14
differentSmokewhy not?14:14
knomehave you tried abiword an gnumeric, which are installed by deafult?14:14
differentSmokedoes abiword open docx files?14:15
knomekoffice prbably uses Qt, which means you need to load additional libraries14:15
knometbh, i don't know. i use libreoffice myself since i need some of the advanced features14:15
knomeochosi, ?14:15
differentSmokebut will those slow down xubuntu a lot?14:15
differentSmokeI just figure that koffice should be faster than openOffice14:15
Sysikoffice can't open docx14:16
differentSmoke(libreOffice is a fork of openOffice, right?)14:16
knomeyes and no. if you don't use any other Qt apps, you need to load the Qt apps when you open Koffice14:16
differentSmokeSysi: google fail then14:16
knomedifferentSmoke, libreoffice is the new name for openoffice14:16
Sysiknome: libreoffice is a fork of openoffice and currently in repositories is openoffice14:16
Sysilibreoffice coming in natty14:17
differentSmokewell, the whole point of installing xubuntu in this machine is that a modern windows version was no longer feasible14:17
knomeSysi, right...14:18
knomeSysi, what's the difference?14:18
Sysii'm not 100% sure about koffice opening docx but it still won't be a lot lighter than OO14:18
Sysiknome: idk really, but separate projecs14:18
Sysiupcoming UI update will make the difference propably14:19
SysiOO is owned by oracle14:19
differentSmokeSysi: you mean lighter in size or in resources?14:21
knomedifferentSmoke, resources14:21
SysidifferentSmoke: how much RAM you got?14:21
knomedifferentSmoke, really, with xubuntu you should try using abiword and gnumeric if you want the lightest.14:21
differentSmokeok, will do. I just been dying to switch to KOffice for a while now. I'm java prejudiced and think it has a very cool interface. I use OpenOffice in my windows machine14:23
differentSmokeis xubuntu fully gtk compatible?14:53
Sysii'm not sure what you mean but very propably yes14:53
* likemindead plans to take the plunge & install Xubuntu Natty today. :D14:57
ochosilikemindead: i've been using natty since alpha2 and it's been working great so far15:00
likemindeadWoot. I've been running Linux Mint 10 since I got a new hdd on Black Friday. Missing Xubuntu something fierce.15:00
differentSmokeSysi: I meant if every app running on gtk would run on xubuntu(or in xfce really)15:08
ochosidifferentSmoke: yes15:10
differentSmokeso is xfce kinda like gnome light or is there a significant difference apart from performance?15:11
ochosicustomizability is also a difference15:12
ochosithere are in fact many differences, too many to name them in a list15:13
differentSmokea top 3?(again, apart from performance)15:14
likemindeadLots of good info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xfce actually, differentSmoke.15:15
likemindeadAlso http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_X_Window_System_desktop_environments15:15
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Sysixfce is totally different to gnome, but they have some similarities15:20
SysiGTK is library to create GUI apps15:20
likemindeadSo, this is my current laptop hdd: http://imagebin.org/14470415:25
likemindeadAnd I want to replace Mint 10 with Xubuntu15:27
likemindeadWithout screwing up my /home15:27
likemindeadMint 10 is on / right?15:27
likemindeadSo I just install Xubuntu there?15:27
likemindeadThanks, Sysi.15:41
likemindeadI don't know why, but partitioning always gets me confused. :-\15:41
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charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 2 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:58
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lrussellI'm have problems with xubuntu20:34
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.20:35
lrussellfirst of all the system is rediciuosly slow. but i have 256 mb of ram and a pretty good processor.20:35
lrusselland it keeps dropping wifi connections when the router is in the same room.20:36
lrussellcan anyone help me!!!20:36
lrusselloh, sorry20:36
lrussellI just saw ur message20:36
Sysi256mb isn't very much, what is model of your wifi card?20:39
lrussella trendnet tew-421pc20:40
lrussellit goes into my laptops side slot20:40
lrussellwhen it does work it is slow20:40
lrussellit worked fine on windows20:40
Sysii guess drivers are just bad, you could try windows drivers but compability makes them doubtful20:43
Sysiquite no-win :/20:44
Sysiwhat xubuntu version?20:44
lrusselli just installed it yesterday20:44
lrussellive used ubuntu in the past20:45
lrussellbut never on wifi20:46
lrussellwindows is faster... xD20:46
lrussellbut im tired of viruses20:46
Sysiyou could try lubuntu-desktop, install it and select on login20:49
Sysishould be a bit better with your ram, don't help with wifi though20:50
lrusselllubuntu? never heard of that20:50
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.20:50
Sysiyou could try that, but i'm not sure how to revert that if needed20:51
lrusselldoes it work the same as xubuntu?20:51
lrussellive got revert20:51
lrussellit was using windows on my laptop 4 hrs before xubuntu was on20:52
Sysiit has different UI but same HW and programs work20:52
lrusselli'll take a look20:52
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differentSmokethanks for your help a while back, everyone, take care21:38

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