Davidc_3*downgrading like a pro*00:04
LLStarksi really like the new scrolling options for the dash. touchpad scrolling, scroll wheel, but no arrow/page key input.00:50
LLStarksstill nice though00:51
j1mchi all02:25
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bbigrasI 'compiz --replace' supposed to take a long time? It seems frozen.07:27
faganbbigras: are you trying to restart unity?07:28
bbigrasfagan: yes07:28
faganif you are try doing a unity --reset07:28
bbigrasfagan: I got an exception and a core dump. Is the instructions at http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source/28472#28472 still good?07:32
faganbbigras: hmmm interesting was unity working fine before?07:33
faganwell build instructions change a bit but should be fine07:33
fagan(some things get added sometimes)07:33
bbigrasfagan: I don't know, it's the first time I try it from source. I'll rebuild in case the lib packages changed.07:34
faganbbigras: if it was working before report a bug with the traceback and they will look at it07:34
faganjust say you are running trunk in the bug too07:35
bbigrasfagan: ok thanks07:35
oSoMoNgood morning08:02
MacSlowhi there everybody!08:21
faganHmmmm how exactly do you put a window onto the second monitor if there is that grid snap thing that makes the window half the size of the first monitor08:25
* fagan has his second monitor working now in unity but cant get anything onto the second window 08:25
didrocksgood morning08:29
zniavregood morning08:58
zniavrewhere are pictures for the launchers stocked please ? modify launcher-background-top/middle/bottom.png  did nothing on the launcher08:59
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cdbsHi, as for bug #729074, is it not implemented yet? Or is it implemented but a bug is not making the quicklist come up? I can work on the fix10:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 729074 in unity "dynamic quicklists are not working" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72907410:36
klattimerdbarth, mpt: I'm thinking about replacing a huge raft of bugs with a single bug for "IDO calendar should have a new calendar widget and not rely on GtkCalendar" as the gtk calendar is causing most of the difficulties with keyboard navigation, focus and interaction10:38
mptklattimer, I agree that a new calendar widget (or at least, calendar code plugged into IDO grid layout) would potentially fix many bugs10:41
klattimeras far as I can tell, I'm just yak shaving trying to find a solution to some of these with the current widget10:42
mptklattimer, I generally find though that bug reports describing solutions are risky. A new calendar widget may fix all those bugs, but it might leave one or two of them unfixed initially.10:42
klattimerwell, how about I create a new bug report, and reference all of the sub bugs?10:43
mptBug reports centered around solutions, I mean (describing a solution is fine)10:43
mptI'll be delighted to review the existing bug reports when you publish a branch with the new widget. :-)10:45
apinheironjpatel, you here?10:48
apinheirorodrigo has just approved one of my branches10:48
apinheironjpatel, can I merge it, or we are out of the deadline?10:48
njpatelapinheiro, merge it10:56
apinheironjpatel, ok, thanks10:56
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dbarthapinheiro: ping?12:11
dbarthrodrigo_: ping as well?12:12
rodrigo_dbarth, pong12:12
dbarthhave you guys seen luke's email with the issues he still mentions12:12
rodrigo_yes, was looking at it12:12
dbarthBug #740698 for example12:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 740698 in unity (Ubuntu) "Quicklist items are not yet accessible." [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74069812:12
dbarthor a slew of missing indicators description like Bug #74072312:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 740723 in gnome-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth indicator does not set accessible/icon description." [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74072312:12
rodrigo_dbarth, yes, luke's doing the indicators branches, afaik, isn't he?12:13
apinheirodbarth, here12:13
apinheirodbarth, about the quicklist, as I said in my answer12:14
apinheirowe knew that from a lot time ago12:14
apinheirobut we focused on launcher12:14
apinheiroand now in the dash12:14
apinheiroto get something12:14
apinheiroat least the alt+f2 dialog12:14
apinheirowith something meaningful12:14
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artfwocould anyone reopen bug 709461? I tried to, but all the statuses are disabled for me, weird12:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 709461 in unity "Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70946112:44
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lamalexnjpatel, the new multimonitor menubar is awesome!13:25
kenvandinelamalex, it really is... makes me want to go buy a second monitor so i can use it full time :)13:29
lamalexI need to find my mouse now13:29
lamalextouchpad across a massive monitor is not so good13:29
lamalexI think I could use a magic mouse13:30
mariokemperHi all, I have added support for static quicklist items to my application. What happens to those entries when the .desktop file is used with other distributions. Are those entries ignored silenty or will they generate any errors?13:49
lamalexmariokemper, they'll be ignored13:56
mariokemperok, thanks13:57
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apinheironjpatel, you know if jay will be connected today?14:37
njpatelapinheiro, yep, maybe a little later though14:43
apinheironjpatel, ok thanks, anyway, just in case, do you know something about the eventinspector on the windowthread? ;)14:43
njpatelHeh, sorry, that's out of my skill set :)14:44
njpateljaytaoko, apinheiro14:51
njpatelHave fun :)14:51
stefano-palazzokenvandine, are you around?14:51
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, yup14:51
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, what's up?14:51
apinheirojaytaoko, just a question about the event inspectors14:51
apinheirojaytaoko, hi, btw ;)14:52
jaytaokoapinheiro: hello14:52
apinheiroon the definition of the eventinspector14:52
apinheirothe first variable is a nux::Area14:52
apinheiroso I guess that it is supposed to be the Area receiving the event14:52
apinheirobut on the call inspector method14:52
apinheiroit is always NULL14:52
stefano-palazzokenvandine, it's happening again :-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/askubuntu-lens/+bug/74235014:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 742350 in AskUbuntu Lens "" unity-askubuntu-daemon" crashes with latest updates" [High,Invalid]14:52
apinheironot sure if there is something missing14:52
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, ugh!14:53
jaytaokoapinheiro: let me check14:54
apinheirojaytaoko, ok, thanks14:54
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, i can't look right now, but can you have him confirm he has gir1.2-dee-0.5 = 0.5.16-0ubuntu414:55
stefano-palazzokenvandine, just a sec, I have the same bug14:55
kenvandinei know he shows he ran an upgrade14:55
kenvandineoh you do?14:55
kenvandineand it was working for your right?14:55
stefano-palazzoyeah it happend after today's update (in my case, I downloaded a fresh ISO)14:55
stefano-palazzokenvandine, yep the version is 0.5.16-0ubuntu414:56
jaytaokoapinheiro: yes, the Area is null, I am not quite sure why I added it14:57
stefano-palazzosorry to keep bugging you with this, the package must be cursed (:14:58
jaytaokoapinheiro: can you use it with the area being Null?14:58
apinheirojaytaoko, yes, in fact Im using it for the key events14:58
apinheirofor that I don't need it14:58
apinheirojust trying to check if I could use it to get14:58
apinheirothe event nux_enter_focus14:58
apinheiroand the area14:59
apinheirobut no problem14:59
apinheiroI could do that in other way14:59
jaytaokoapinheiro: alright, I will try to figured out why I added it14:59
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, i see why...15:00
kenvandinepygobject update yesterday15:00
* kenvandine sighs15:00
* bcurtiswx hands kenvandine a few free coupons for coffee (a.k.a. caffeine)15:01
apinheirojaytaoko, ok, thanks15:02
kenvandinebcurtiswx, thx15:03
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, i'll get it fixed15:03
stefano-palazzokenvandine, thanks a lot15:07
lamalexhey jcastro can you fire up skype or mumble and tell me if you experience https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/74253015:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 742530 in unity (Ubuntu) "notication area only appears in one monitor" [Low,New]15:09
lamalexoh even better you're already on skype15:10
jcastroskype is my windows box15:10
jcastrobut I can confirm in mumble15:10
jcastrohappens in skype too, confirming15:11
cyphermox_sladen, ping?15:34
lamalexhm where is ted15:42
lamalexhe's never around when I have bugs I need to ask him about15:42
kenvandinestefano-palazzo, fix for dee and libunity uploaded... thx for pointing that out so fast!15:46
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo: ping15:49
lamalexis there a shortcut to initiate window picker for a single application?15:51
stefano-palazzoI'm here :-)15:58
stefano-palazzokenvandine, awesome! that was quick15:58
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, pong15:58
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo: is your place working with the new python-gobject?15:59
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, is that already published? I don't see any updates16:00
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo: I'm talking about the python-gobject update from last night :)16:01
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, that seems to have broken Dee, which broke my Place16:03
kenvandineDavidc_3, u just uploaded the fix for Dee and Unity16:04
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo, kenvandine: oh awesome.16:05
stefano-palazzosorry I'm a little preoccupied :-) Yes that problem was discovered rather quickly16:06
Davidc_3I'm currently having some difficulties with Python, I've never touched anything more than php and bash and my Place needs to deal with a lot of APIs. Where can I find the best Python doc ever? :)16:10
bbigrasDavidc_3: I have no idea, but maybe you could start with http://docs.python.org/tutorial/index.html . There was also a book 'dive into python' but I'm not sure if it's up-to-date.16:12
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, bbigras dive into python is up-to-date, and it's brilliant, if you already know _a_ programming language16:14
bbigrasstefano-palazzo: from this site http://diveintopython.org/toc/index.html ? The copyright ends in 2004.16:15
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, have a look at this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19481216:15
Davidc_3bbigras, stefano-palazzo: Thanks, all of your links seem great.16:16
bbigrasstefano-palazzo: oh there's a dive into python 3. and nice link btw. thanks16:17
bbigrasDavidc_3: yw16:18
stefano-palazzoI love this SO question, it's the first place to look if you want to learn pretty much anything to do with programming16:20
Davidc_3ATM, I'm not hitting walls and Google APIs are fairly easy to use (thanks to your code stefano-palazzo), but when I try to add others APIs, I'm pretty much running in the dark :)16:21
zniavregood afternoon > does launcher panel and icons for globalmenu are hardcoded please ?16:21
zniavrelauncher background **16:21
stefano-palazzoDavidc_3, be careful with the google API, it has hidden dangers :)16:22
Davidc_3stefano-palazzo, like the TOS?16:23
stefano-palazzoI've spend a day converting everything to use the StackExchange API instead. They are deprecating this API, and the successor is pretty expensive16:23
stefano-palazzoPlus _I think_ my code doesn't comply with the ToS16:23
stefano-palazzoWe've also looked into Bing and Yahoo, they're no good either. Bing has an awful contract for you to sign (which doesn't let you do anything with the search results), and yahoo is expensive and unreliable (i.e. they may change their pricing tomorrow)16:25
Davidc_3I'm using the Books and Images APIs, not the search one, AFAIK I'm still in the TOS lines, I hope.16:26
stefano-palazzoOh I think they are fine, it's the search one that they make a lot of money from. You should be okay16:26
stefano-palazzoyou might also want to have a look at the DuckDuckGo.com api. They do a 0-click thing, giving you things like definitions of words, amazon products and lots more16:27
nigelbstefano-palazzo: hey, got a minute? :)16:28
Davidc_3DDG api does Amazon? I was hesitating about taking an Amazon key... Hmm. Let's see.16:28
stefano-palazzonigelb, kindasorta :) I need to leave in a minute, what's up?16:29
nigelbstefano-palazzo: For Ubuntu Developer Week, we had this Project Lightning talks, where people would introduce cool project they've done for about 5 to 6 minutes and how folks can help, want to talk about the stackexchange app during the app devel week?16:29
nigelb(Logs from UDW https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1103/ProjectLightningTalks)16:29
stefano-palazzonigelb, yes that would be great!16:30
nigelbstefano-palazzo: awesme, I'll put you down for it! its on friday 15 apr at 2100 UTC16:31
stefano-palazzonigelb, that's fantastic :-)16:32
stefano-palazzonigelb, I don't see the 15th of april in the ubuntu wiki, am I looking at the right page?16:33
nigelbstefano-palazzo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable16:34
stefano-palazzoah there we are16:34
stefano-palazzonigelb, thanks a lot, I'll try to come up with something good (i.e. cram everything into five minutes)16:35
nigelbstefano-palazzo: you can probably take 7 to 8 minutes :)16:35
stefano-palazzolooking forward to it16:35
stefano-palazzoright I really need to go for a bit. see you16:36
nigelbthanks stefano-palazzo :)16:36
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InkwinaI was wondering if it is possible to have an indicator app written in pygtk with a menu more like that of sound menu instead of simple text entries.16:54
Inkwinathe docs say that GtkMenuItem can have any widget as a child, not just Label, but when I try it all i get is a seperator16:55
lamalexronoc, I really like the sound menu for checking what's playing. It's quite nice!17:18
ronoclamalex, thanks, looking good now I hope17:19
DaekdroomUnfortunately the sound menu isn't displaying the album cover for rhythmbox17:24
ftajcastro, hi, when is the xterm fix supposed to land?17:26
jcastrofta: not sure17:27
jcastrodidrocks: sam blogged that he fixed an issue with xterms but he just left a patch attached to the bug17:27
jcastrofta: do you have the bug # handy?17:28
ftabug 69246317:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 692463 in unity (Ubuntu) "xterms broken in unity" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69246317:28
didrocksjcastro: I think it's in upstream trunk17:29
didrocksjcastro: anyway, natty is frozen for beta17:29
jcastrofta: ok so probably the first update after beta17:29
ftawhich package is the patch for? it's not clear to me reading the patch17:30
ftai want to give it a try locally17:30
didrocksfta: let me look at the patch17:31
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didrocksfta: this is the main compiz package, so "compiz"17:31
ftaok, thanks17:33
fta(good it's not the whole xorg beast)17:33
robtaylordidrocks: smspillaz: hey guys, just to let you know, i'm going to be handing over to aruiz, who's awesome. I decided I'm far too rusty and out of practice...17:36
didrocksrobtaylor: thanks for the work you've done! :)17:37
robtaylordidrocks: thanks to you for helping out so much :)17:37
didrocksyw :)17:37
ftajcastro, \o/18:41
jcastrofta: I take it worked?18:41
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jcastrokenvandine: jono can't get the AU lens to work, I am suspecting this dee/GI thing again18:45
ftajcastro, looking at the patch, it was a more general issue than just xterms. windows geometry seemed broken.18:46
jcastrojono: in a terminal try: /usr/lib/unity-place-askubuntu/unity-askubuntu-daemon18:46
jcastroand tell me what happens18:47
jonojono@forge:~$ /usr/lib/unity-place-askubuntu/unity-askubuntu-daemon18:47
jonoERROR:root:Could not find any typelib for Unity18:47
jonoTraceback (most recent call last):18:47
jono  File "/usr/lib/unity-place-askubuntu/unity-askubuntu-daemon", line 28, in <module>18:47
jono    from gi.repository import Unity18:47
jonoImportError: cannot import name Unity18:47
jcastroaha, same issue we had before18:47
jonoI might not have got the new dee yet18:48
jonojcastro, is the package called dee or libdee?18:49
jcastroI am trying to figure that out18:49
jcastroBinary: libdee-1.0-1 libdee-dev libdee-1.0-1-dbg libdee-doc gir1.2-dee-0.518:50
jcastrothe source package is "dee"18:50
jcastrodpkg -l libdee-1.0-018:50
jcastrowhat version does that show?18:50
stefano-palazzo_Huh, I've never seen this error18:51
jonoI just installed libdee18:51
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: it's a packaging bug kenvandine fixed earlier today18:52
jonoNo packages found matching libdee-1.0-0.18:52
jcastrooh dude18:52
jcastrohere it is18:52
jcastrodpkg -l libdee-1.0-118:52
jonoii  libdee-1.0-1   0.5.16-0ubuntu model to synchronize mutiple instances over18:53
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, I see. That bug presented completely differently on my (and the bug reporters') machines18:54
jcastrojono: it seems to have truncated the version after the "ubuntu" part of the version18:54
jcastro0.5.16-0ubuntu5 is what I have18:54
jonohow do I find that out if it is trucating it18:55
jonolet me check in my cache18:55
jono-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  49738 2011-03-25 09:05 libdee-1.0-1_0.5.16-0ubuntu5_i386.deb18:55
jcastrobecause there's supposed to be a number after "ubuntu" in the version string18:55
jonomaybe I should reinstall the PPA package18:56
jcastrokenvandine will know how to fix it, he can fix anything!18:56
jonobrb testing18:58
jcastrojono: I take it you don't have the icon on the launcher?18:58
jonojcastro, I do18:58
jonojcastro, it throws a crash dialog for the daemon19:00
jonobut then won't allow me to file it19:00
jonoand doesnt tell me any debugging info, which is not useful19:00
jcastrothe error you are getting is it trying to run that daemon which I had you run in a terminal before19:01
jonoI had a few different binaries for the unity-place-askubuntu19:01
stefano-palazzo_jono, you can get the errors by manually running it in a terminal:19:01
jonoI removed the packages and reinstalled19:01
jonojono@forge:~$ /usr/lib/unity-place-askubuntu/unity-askubuntu-daemon19:01
jonoERROR:root:Could not find any typelib for Unity19:01
jonoTraceback (most recent call last):19:01
jono  File "/usr/lib/unity-place-askubuntu/unity-askubuntu-daemon", line 28, in <module>19:01
jono    from gi.repository import Unity19:01
jonoImportError: cannot import name Unity19:01
jonolooks like the libgi-dee might be broken19:01
jonolibgir, rather19:02
jcastroas soon as ken is online I'll poke him19:02
jonoVersion: 0.5.16-0ubuntu519:02
jonofor gir1.2-dee-0.519:03
jonothanks jcastro19:03
jcastrothis morning he was like "hey so the gir/dee thing was all broken but I fixed it"19:03
* jcastro luckily is still on the same session from yesterday19:04
jcastroI wonder if I restart if it will break my place19:04
stefano-palazzo_Is there another bug report? This was this morning's:19:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 742350 in libunity (Ubuntu) "Dee and Unity GI overrides fail to import with pygobject 2.28.3-1" [Medium,Fix released]19:05
stefano-palazzo_(not the one you're having)19:05
jcastrojono: fyi here's my file list: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/585548/19:05
jcastroI've had that gi.repository import Unity error before19:06
jcastrothough it doesn't make sense that it would work for us and not him19:07
jcastrolet me try it on my laptop, I never installed local stuff there19:07
stefano-palazzo_Okay that sounds better. I was thinking maybe it's something totally unrelated19:07
jonojcastro, looks the same as mine19:16
LLStarksbug 742720, mushihime-sama19:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 742720 in unity (Ubuntu) "Cannot switch between Dash and Alt-F2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74272019:42
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bbigrasI reported bug 742610 this morning about Unity19:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 742610 in unity (Ubuntu) "coredump when resetting unitty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74261019:43
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: works fine on my laptop, and ken says he tested it on 3 seperate machines, must be some other issue19:44
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, sounds about right, If the package was broken it shouldn't work on my machine either19:46
stefano-palazzo_"Cannot import Unity" sounds pretty weird too :)19:46
LLStarksjcastro, i can't alt-sysreq-k after compiz crashes. my lvds turns funky colors and i then need to restart.19:46
kenvandinedoes he have gir1.2-unity-3.0 installed?19:47
jcastrojono: ^19:47
carlos2Typo at   http://unity.ubuntu.com/about/  "A powerful desktop and netbook environment things brings consistency and elegance to the Ubuntu experience."19:47
LLStarksi've seen it in the past with compiz, but now it happens upon any unity crash that i can't restart unity from using an open and focused nautilus window.19:48
jonokenvandine, nope installing now19:48
jonobrb relogging in19:48
* kenvandine adds the deps19:48
kenvandinei guess the python deps aren't discovered19:48
kenvandinefor gir19:48
jonoit works! :-)19:50
jononice :-)19:50
jonothanks kenvandine19:50
jonothanks jcastro, stefano-palazzo_19:50
stefano-palazzo_phew :)19:50
jcastromaybe we should add a dependancy on the place?19:51
jcastrojono: ok so just search for something in the dash or the place and it should work19:52
jcastrolike "unity keyboard shortcuts"19:52
jonojcastro, cool :-)19:52
jonowow, it is *fast*19:52
jcastrounfortunately that google API is deprecated19:53
jcastroso we'll have to use something else19:53
stefano-palazzo_jono, if you right click the launcher, select users and type "jono", you'll notice something is missing ;-)19:53
LLStarksbug 742726, mushihime-sama19:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 742726 in unity (Ubuntu) "Alt-SysReq-K after Unity crash causes LVDS to display funky colors and force a restart" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74272619:54
kenvandinejcastro, i added the dep19:56
kenvandinecommitting now19:56
jcastrothanks kenvandine19:57
stefano-palazzo_oh jcastro did you get a chance to the the ungooglyfied version?19:58
kenvandinejcastro, please update the daily builds recipe to use lp:~ken-vandine/askubuntu-lens/packaging19:58
kenvandinei think we are finally past the project rename fallout :)19:59
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: I can check it now actually, let me update the recipe and ppa19:59
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: anything to commit to trunk before I fire off a build?19:59
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, nope, all is well19:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741861 in AskUbuntu Lens "AskUbuntu.com results are too prominent on the Dash" [Medium,New]20:00
jonostefano-palazzo_, :-)20:00
jcastrois this a lens' job to do that or is that the dash itself?20:00
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, not a clue. It could be either. I suppose kamstrup or kenvandine know more?20:01
kenvandinegood question20:01
kenvandinei don't know how it orders it20:01
stefano-palazzo_also, it's very hard to reproduce, most of the time it works fine. maybe it has to do with how fast results are returned20:01
jcastrolike, imagine if you had 5 lenses installed20:01
jcastrothe normal dash would become a mess20:02
kenvandinei think the dash should have a pretty well defined list of priorities20:02
kenvandineit would be cool if it was smart20:02
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: oh cool you landed gravatar support20:02
kenvandinelike usually jorge selects a result from askubuntu lense when he searches20:03
kenvandineso over time give you those first20:03
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, yeah, I did that in an hour or something, really stellar work by the places api people20:03
kenvandinebut if i usually select gwibber posts from the gwibber lense20:03
jcastrorock and roll20:03
kenvandinethose bubble up for me20:03
kenvandineand if someone else clicks on the application launchers most of the time those bubble to the top20:03
* kenvandine is probably dreaming too big :)20:04
kenvandinebut hey, that is what i do :)20:04
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, you will notice, the non-google version is pretty slow (it's close to unusable from my perfectionist perspective). I really need to think of something clever to make that work. It takes more than a second. But let me know if you have any thoughts anyway. It does some things differently20:06
c10udjcastro, this is the wrong place et. al. but i recently run into #402814 and seems like other projects did. i just wanted to ask if you could have some influence on the lp guys and help app devs out :)20:12
jcastroc10ud: it's a high priority thing that I've brought up a bunch of times20:13
c10udi wouldn't normally spam this channel, but it's has been two damn years, and we just need not to except, no need for handling the submodule20:13
jcastrothey're working on it unfortunately it wasn't as simple as I thought it would be20:13
jcastroright, which means without imports we can't do easy daily builds20:13
c10udi tried in the lp-dev channel, but they were very quiet (no response)20:14
c10udyou know, it's not a big deal.. but the recipe feature is really cool and we wanted to try it out :)20:14
jcastroI whine about it on a cron-like basis20:14
c10ud(especially when there's some good guy running his ppa-creation script by hand from his own box hehe)20:14
c10udif i remove the git submodule, $some_hardcore_distro guys won't be happy, if you could tell the devs yet-another-time "please just import without the submodule.. don't throw a failing exception" i would be happy20:16
c10udthanks for your time and sorry for the offtopic20:17
jcastroc10ud: well, at least we got the me menu support in for natty at least, heh20:26
jcastrostefano-palazzo_: do you have anything to commit today? It seems I can't just rebuild with a change in the packaging branch, lp wants a higher revision than 19. :-/20:27
stefano-palazzo_hehe, sure give me a second20:27
stefano-palazzo_we're at 19, right?20:27
c10udyeah that's great, but i found out ayatana devs to be usually friendlier than most of the category (i submitted a patch for changing icon paths for indicators from python, and was promptly accepted:))20:29
OmegaI wonder, is there a way to blacklist folders from the dash?20:29
Omega(maybe only hidden folders?)20:29
lamalexc10ud, good to hear!20:29
stefano-palazzo_I'll clean up the code to comply with pep8 guidelines20:29
jcastroOmega: yeah there's a blacklist in zeitgeist20:29
Omegajcastro: Oh, cool, I thought that only worked for activity journal though.20:30
jcastrowell I added things to the activity journal blacklist20:31
jcastroand it stopped showing up in my dash20:31
stefano-palazzo_jcastro, okay all done20:31
* jcastro clicks a button20:32
Omegajcastro: How does the blacklist work?20:45
OmegaDo you add folder paths?20:45
jcastroI add like file:///path/to/folder20:47
nmarqueskenvandine, LP#74276020:47
nmarqueskenvandine, patch attached ;)20:47
kenvandinenmarques, woot20:47
kenvandinebug 74276020:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 742760 in xchat-indicator (Ubuntu) "64bit compatibility issues" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74276020:48
kenvandinenmarques, i love patches20:48
nmarqueskenvandine, it was probably a glitch ;)20:48
nmarquesor a tipo20:48
kenvandineknowing me, a typo20:48
* kenvandine looks20:48
kenvandinenmarques, probably an oversight20:49
kenvandinenmarques, how current are all of your packages?20:50
kenvandinethe past couple of weeks have fixed tons of bugs20:50
Omegajcastro: With wildcards?20:50
nmarqueskenvandine, including all the updates till yesterday ;)20:50
kenvandinenmarques, excellent20:50
nmarqueskenvandine, for the indicator stack20:50
jcastroOmega: not sure, I'm not very zeitgeist proficient I'm afraid20:50
kenvandinewe are in beta freeze, so don't expect  much before the end of next week20:50
kenvandinenmarques, so you should be in good shape20:51
Omegajcastro: It seems to work with wildcards :)20:51
nmarqueskenvandine, you guys doing awesome job :)20:51
jcastrooh nice!20:51
nmarqueskenvandine, our official repository is being populated with the latest packages20:51
nmarqueskenvandine, gonna release it within a few days :)20:52
kenvandineofficial? like the opensuse repos?20:52
nmarquesit's a part of our GNOME Team projects :)20:52
nmarquesthe main problem to make it available on the distro relies on the GTK2 package20:53
kenvandineyeah :(20:54
nmarquesnot making politial comments on that20:54
nmarquesjust that I find it sad :/ my vision of upstream is that they should be as feature rich as possible20:54
nmarquesit's their game... I'm happy I can at least make this options available to our users :)20:55
nmarquesI have already prepared a GNOME2 Spin with this indicators by default and some other candies20:55
kenvandinenmarques, thanks for all that effort, we really appreciate it20:56
nmarqueswould you guys be available for a email interview? Would canonical allow it? if so, whats the right procedures ?20:57
nmarquesmainly focusing the indicators and their relation with user experience :)20:57
seiflotfyOmega, how can i help20:57
seiflotfyplease come to #zeitgeist20:58
seiflotfywe will help you there20:58
kenvandinenmarques, interview for what?20:58
kenvandinei think tedg would be the best person for that20:58
nmarqueskenvandine, a bit on the story on the indicators so I can include it on the release materials about this repository20:58
nmarqueskenvandine, because it's a repo only based on your work :)20:58
kenvandinetedg definitely then20:58
nmarqueskenvandine, I will send him a few questions and leave it for you appreciation. Gonna be published on news.opensuse.org and on the project wiki page... alongside with a 'thank you' message to your Team for the help you guys have given me so far. And so that everyone is aware, I never had a question unanswered from you side, and this is quite important for me.21:01
kenvandinenmarques, awesome :)21:03
jcastrothat'd be awesome21:03
nmarquesgotta run :) weekend and girlfriend to please ;)21:03
nmarquesguys, once more, a huge thank you for all the help21:03
jcastrothanks for your work nmarques!21:04
nmarquesjcastro, I am the one who is pleased with your commitment ;)21:04
nmarquesjcastro, differentiation and innovation are important... all the grunting and ranting from others isn't shared by me and by many users, never forget that!21:05
* kenvandine waves to nmarques21:05
bcurtiswxis there a way to minimize all open windows? cntrl+alt+d ?21:13
bcurtiswxah, super D21:15
bcurtiswxbut it crashed my compiz21:15
bcurtiswxwoo crash file !21:17
bcurtiswxnow i can apport that file right.. like apport _usr_bin_compiz....21:17
bcurtiswxah, seems it's similar to the alt+tab crash, but i did it with super+d21:23
bcurtiswxdo I need to report or are there already enough bugs for that crash?21:23
bcurtiswxah ha, found the bug21:32
bcurtiswxnvm, thanks for the help ;)21:32
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jcastrostefano-palazzo_: hey if you want to use a real API a launchpad lens would be amazing.23:12
jcastromy efforts to convince launchpadders to make one haven't been fruitful, they're all too busy, heh23:13
ftais there a pref somewhere to make the dashes bigger? they are taking less than 25% of my screen23:23
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