c2tarungood morning :)00:25
c2tarunwhy my kde is not supporting transparent screens?00:39
c2tarunRiddell: ping00:44
Daskreechc2tarun: drivers?00:59
c2tarunDaskreech: I think I have ATI Radeon graphic card and its driver is installed00:59
c2tarunDaskreech: I have ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver installed, I am using KDE 4.5.101:01
bambeelovely http://pinheiro-kde.blogspot.com/2011/03/qt-quick-and-qml.html07:39
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Lots to do https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | beta 1 bugs http://goo.gl/23eui | Meeting Tuesday 29th 19:00UTC
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c2tarunRiddell: ping13:14
Riddellhi c2tarun 13:14
c2tarunhi Riddell :) I packed newer version of cb2bib, its a kde apps. can you please upload it?13:15
Riddellc2tarun: we're in feature freeze and beta freeze just now, so the question is does it have new features?13:16
c2tarunRiddell: I dont think, because in CHANGELOG there is just one entry 2011-03-21   "Fixed build error, set explicit X11 (Thanks to F. Rusconi, J. Corneli, and A. Wintcher)"13:18
* c2tarun so no question of uploading newer version :/13:19
c2tarunRiddell: is there anyother work left?13:19
Riddellc2tarun: fixing bugs is good, however we're in beta freeze so it can't be uploaded until next week13:19
c2tarunRiddell: is there anyother work left?13:20
RiddellI think anyway13:20
Riddelloh no, universe should be fine if I read the beta freeze announce right13:20
Riddellc2tarun: so groovy, give me the package and I'll take a look and upload13:20
Riddellc2tarun: there is that new ktorrent version you started on13:21
c2tarunRiddell: how can I give you the package?13:21
c2tarunRiddell: I started on your ec2 but encountered few errors, I poked you to look but you missed :)13:21
Riddellc2tarun: file a bug and attach.  upload to revu.  put it on online storage somewhere.13:21
c2tarunRiddell: I tried filing a bug thats not possible I'll upload the required files, just give a second13:22
c2tarunRiddell: can I upload it to my ppa? will it be ook?13:23
Riddellc2tarun: yes that's fine13:25
c2tarunRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~c2tarun/+archive/new-versions/+packages13:31
Riddellc2tarun: looks good, have you checked that it compiles and runs?13:36
c2tarunRiddell: yup13:36
Riddellc2tarun: your changelog isn't clear, it should say why the patch has been dropped, I'll add in "now upstream"13:38
c2tarunRiddell: ok, sorry, how can I change it directly in the ppa?13:38
Riddellc2tarun: you can't, you would need to delete it from the PPA, change it and reupload13:39
Riddellc2tarun: I'll just make the change, easier that way :)13:39
c2tarunRiddell: ok13:39
c2tarunRiddell: thanks :)13:39
c2tarunRiddell: can you please setup a natty ec2 for me now?13:48
c2taruncan anyone please help me with this error: E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/in.archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_partner_source_Sources - open (2: No such file or directory) I am getting this error while running build-dep for ktorrent13:52
Riddellc2tarun: ok13:53
Riddellrun  sudo apt-get update13:53
c2tarunRiddell: tried, nnothing happening :( update is failing for some links13:53
* apachelogger does not think canonical partner gets populated until release13:53
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Riddellreleaselogger: it gets populated when I'm told to do so, but I don't know if it'll be much used for natty, they should use the software centre stuff instead13:54
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-184-73-132-66.compute-1.amazonaws.com13:55
releaseloggerRiddell: k ^^13:55
c2tarunRiddell: ktorrent build failed, can you please take a look at this error http://paste.kde.org/8094/14:10
shadeslayer../../libktcore/dbus/dbustorrentfilestream.h:26:39: fatal error: torrent/torrentfilestream.h: No such file or directory14:11
shadeslayer!find torrentfilestream.h14:12
ubottuPackage/file torrentfilestream.h does not exist in maverick14:12
shadeslayer!find torrentfilestream.h natty14:12
ubottuPackage/file torrentfilestream.h does not exist in natty14:12
shadeslayermeans someone missed a new file in libktorrent14:12
c2tarunthere is no torrent folder in dbus folder.14:13
shadeslayerc2tarun: there ya go : https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/network/libktorrent/repository/revisions/master/changes/src/torrent/torrentfilestream.h14:14
c2tarunshadeslayer: that may work, how did you figure it out?14:16
shadeslayerc2tarun: calculated guesswork14:17
c2tarunshadeslayer: the tarball on that page is something else. but I think I should include file torrentstre*.h in dbus/torrent folder manually. here is the content I will write in that file https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/network/libktorrent/repository/revisions/master/entry/src/torrent/torrentfilestream.h14:19
shadeslayerwhat no14:20
shadeslayerc2tarun: you need to package the new libktorrent14:20
shadeslayerand then include it as a build dep with new ktorrent14:20
shadeslayerc2tarun: why would you want to do what you just said? :O14:21
c2tarunshadeslayer: because I just thought that file is missing in source code :/14:21
shadeslayerhehe .. nope, package the new libktorrent and include that file in the packaging14:22
c2tarunshadeslayer: I am still not getting what do you mean? because that tarball has on *.sh file with just these four lines http://paste.kde.org/8095/14:24
kubotuc2tarun meant: "/s/one/one/"14:26
shadeslayerc2tarun: is that all the tarball contains? O_O14:28
c2tarunyep :/14:28
shadeslayerwhere did you download it from?14:28
c2tarunshadeslayer:  wget -c http://anongit.kde.org/libktorrent/libktorrent-latest.tar.gz14:28
c2tarunshadeslayer: sorry, I have to run that .sh14:29
shadeslayerc2tarun: you need http://ktorrent.org/downloads/4.1.0/libktorrent-1.1.0.tar.bz214:29
shadeslayerc2tarun: you have the wrong tarball14:29
shadeslayerc2tarun: did you download the wrong ktorrent tarball as well?14:32
shadeslayerdownload the one from ktorrent.org14:32
* c2tarun downloading14:32
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok, I got the correct tarball, what should I do now, grab its older version and pack the newer version? and then?14:35
shadeslayeruh .. what?14:36
c2tarunshadeslayer: I got the tarball of libktorrent's newer version, for packing it I need a debian folder. where can I get that.14:37
shadeslayerc2tarun: from the older one in natty14:37
shadeslayerbe sure to include new files and stuff14:38
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok, what after packing it?14:38
c2tarunshadeslayer: I guess first I have to put libktorrent into archives. for packing ktorrent I'll install this libktorrent and then I'll pack it.14:40
shadeslayerfirst you upload libktorrent and then ktorrent14:40
shadeslayeryou can put libktorrent into a ppa, make the pbuilder or whatever you are using depend on that and then test build it14:41
c2tarunshadeslayer: what is this error: http://paste.kde.org/8098/14:52
bambeec2tarun: libgcrypt is found ?14:54
bambeeapparently not, paste the full log14:55
c2tarunbambee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/585428/14:56
bambee-- Could not find libgcrypt includes.14:57
bambee-- Could not find libgcrypt library.14:57
bambeemissing dependency ?14:57
c2tarunbambee: how come? there is no mssg for unmet-dependency14:59
bambeec2tarun: : gcrypt is a required or an optional dependency for libktorrent ?15:02
c2tarunbambee: there is no package named gcrypt :/15:02
bambeeI mean libgcrypt15:03
c2tarun!find libgcrypt15:04
ubottuFound: libgcrypt11, libgcrypt11-dbg, libgcrypt11-dev, libgcrypt11-doc15:04
bambeewhen I say libgcrypt I talk about the package which contains the gcrypt library :)15:06
Riddellbug 74237715:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 742377 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Karmic) "blacklist fake Comodo SSL certificates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74237715:09
shadeslayerRiddell: don't we have a patch against that now?15:10
Riddellshadeslayer: yes, the bug contains the debdiffs15:11
shadeslayerneato :D15:11
shadeslayerthe internet is ... *very* slow here15:11
bambeeshadeslayer: 2 MB/s here :P15:15
shadeslayerbambee: they have something called Fair Usage policy here ... my speed drops to 30KBps after i download more than 10 GB15:16
shadeslayerand since i have 3 computers in the house right now .... you can imagine the speeds15:16
c2tarunbambee: I installed libgcrypt11-dev and building progressed, should I include it in Build-Depends15:16
shadeslayeri wish they implement Content Centric networks soon15:16
bambeeshadeslayer: ohhh, I did not know that15:16
* bambee hides15:16
c2tarunI installed libgcrypt11-dev and building progressed, should I include it in Build-Depends15:20
ScottKRiddell: Are you available to do the Kubuntu report at the release meeting?15:26
RiddellScottK: yes, although I don't have much to say15:26
Riddellanything I should include?15:26
ScottKI'd mention that Qt is currently building with a security fix that it's good we got in beta 1.15:27
ScottKProbably worth mentioning when 4.6.2 is expected.15:27
ScottK(I had thought it was due today)15:27
c2taruncan anyone please look at this error http://paste.kde.org/8102/15:28
shadeslayerc2tarun: line 1815:29
shadeslayerwhat do you understand from that?15:29
c2tarunI installed libktorrent2 and libktorrent-dbg still getting that error.15:30
afiestasanybody knows when the ubuntu-monospace font will be released?15:30
c2tarunshadeslayer: ^^15:30
Riddellhi afiestas, am I right in thinking we want libbluedevil 1.8.1 in natty and to wait for bluedevil 1.1?15:30
afiestasRiddell: In natty we want 1.9 probably and bluedevil 1.115:31
Riddellafiestas: the font doesn't tend to have a public release schedule, usually they try to squeeze it in when it's far too late, ask sladen if you want access to the reponsitory for testing15:31
afiestasI'm right now smashing the lasts bugs in both  sides (lib and wizard) and that should be it15:31
afiestasRiddell: oks, thanks15:32
c2tarunshadeslayer: ping15:35
yofelc2tarun: you need to understand *what* is giving that error15:44
yofelhaving libktorrent installed isn't going to fix this15:45
c2tarunyofel: one thing I dont understand is what does this location mean? debian/tmp/usr/lib/15:45
yofelc2tarun: well, debian/tmp/ is where the package management installes the files in during build15:46
c2tarunyofel: so this means that I also have to add libgcrypt11-dev into Build-depends and then continue building?15:47
yofelI don't see gcrypt in that error anywhere, why do you think so?15:47
yofelc2tarun: you didn't understand what gives that error15:48
c2tarunyofel: nope, that was an error I got earlier, so I installed libgcrypt11-dev and then continue the build15:48
yofelthe *build* itself went fine, debuild is already past that15:48
yofelwhat fails is shown in line 1915:48
yofelso it already ran make, make install installed the files in debian/tmp/usr, now dh_install tries to install the files into the different packages15:49
yofel*that* fails15:49
yofelsince debian/tmp/usr/lib/libktorrent.so.2 wasn't installed during build15:49
yofelyour log doesn't show why that's the case though15:50
c2tarunyofel: I think I am getting little bit, let me check that again15:50
yofelc2tarun: also remember that dh_install gets the list of files it's supposed to install from the install files15:51
yofelfor now you need to find out what happened to libktorrent.so.215:51
yofelc2tarun: if you run debuild, you should still have the debian/tmp/ folder15:52
yofelcheck what the contents of debian/tmp/usr/lib are15:52
bambeeare there things to do this week end ?15:55
c2tarunyofel: I looked into CMakeLists.txt files of previous version there is nothing like libktorrent.so.2 + libktorrent2.install file is responsible for its installation and it is there. :( I can't figure out what is the prob :(15:57
yofelc2tarun: what are the contents of debian/tmp/usr/lib ?15:58
yofelif it's  a new version, it might be they bumped the so-version15:58
yofelso it might be libktorrent.so.3 now, not 215:58
yofelthat's what I would look for first15:58
yofelalso, your full build log should have the output of make install15:59
yofelyou can look at that to see what it actually installed15:59
c2tarunyofel: oh yup there is a libktorrent.so.315:59
yofelsee, issue found15:59
c2tarunyofel: so what should I do? first I'll update the libktorrent2.install file. then?15:59
yofelno, that's a major version, so you need to rename the package too from libktorrent2 -> libktorrent316:00
yofelupdate the install file then16:00
c2tarunyofel: well the package name is libktorrent only.16:01
yofelc2tarun: not the *binary* package16:01
yofelwait a moment16:01
c2tarunsorry :( not getting exactly16:01
yofelRiddell: there's a libktorrent 1.1.0-1 package in debian/experimental, maybe we should use that?16:01
yofelc2tarun: well, what is the package named in debian/control? and why is the install file named libktorrent2.install, not libktorrent.install ?16:02
yofelc2tarun: you really should read the shared-library packaging part in the debian policy16:03
c2tarunyofel: let me look for it.16:03
yofelthe policy is long, but it helps a lot to understand this complex thing called dpkg16:03
yofelc2tarun: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ - we also have a pdf version in the archive16:04
Riddellyofel: that would seem sensible16:04
c2tarunyofel: you read this whole? :(16:04
yofelc2tarun: I did16:04
c2tarunyofel: its an epic :(16:05
yofelc2tarun: just shows how complex packaging can get, but it explains most things quite well16:05
* c2tarun reading16:05
yofelc2tarun: as for libktorrent, debian already packaged that, so you should rather file a sync request and coordinate with Riddell about the FFE16:06
yofelsame for ktorrent16:06
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Riddellyofel: well it's not certain we want this is natty yet, so a manual sync to a PPA would be the way to start16:15
c2tarunyofel: where is the pdf version? I think of getting a hard copy and then read16:26
ScottKRiddell: Did you see the update on the SSL situation on KDE packagers?17:12
RiddellScottK: yes, I'll do that now17:15
Riddellremind me never to work in security, it's so slow and tedious doing the same thing 5 times17:16
ScottKDoes this affect Qt3?17:18
ScottKIt's in Main for a number of supported releases.17:18
RiddellI don't think Qt 3 does ssl17:23
Riddellit was previously in QCA which as Rich says means apps using that need to be patched individually17:24
shadeslayerouch ^^17:27
ScottKRiddell: Looks like you're right (Qt3 doesn't build-dep on anything SSL like)17:27
Riddellgosh, a Tonio_ 17:29
ScottKHello Tonio_.17:29
Tonio_hi guys :)17:30
nigelbRiddell: ouch, doing the same type of patch to /every/ app with the SSL problem?17:30
ScottKJust the ones that use QCA.17:31
debfxQCA2 has a TLS class so it probably needs to be fixed as well17:40
Riddellthat Ahmadinejad guy knows how to annoy people17:44
FurkanHello. Can anyone tell me how to get the developer version of KDevelop on Kubuntu, please?17:44
Riddellalthough it's really Comodo who should be taken to ask, how on earth do they allow an account to create certificates for domains own by entirely different companties17:44
RiddellFurkan: what do you mean by developer version?17:45
ScottKAnd this isn't the first time, apparently.17:45
ScottK(for Comodo)17:45
FurkanRiddell: The latest version fro git.17:45
Riddellyou install KDevelop through System Settings -> Software Management same as anything else17:45
releaseloggerclearly it is time for skynet and the rise of the machines17:45
releaseloggerhumans break everything17:45
RiddellI don't think we have daily builds of kdevelop17:45
shadeslayernot yet ^^17:46
tazzi suggested17:46
releaseloggershadeslayer: why not?17:46
releaseloggerneon is slow.... :P17:46
tazzbut the thing is space and efforts...17:46
tazzshadeslayer, ^^17:46
shadeslayerreleaselogger: i was referring to KDevelop17:46
tazzit is slow.17:46
releaseloggershadeslayer: I know17:46
shadeslayeruh .. okay ..17:46
releaseloggerthere is no doubt the machines should be in charge17:46
shadeslayerfeel free to put in improvements17:46
FurkanRiddell: OK. Thanks. I think I'll compile it.17:47
releaseloggeronly earlier today I had a chat about what a perfect AI would look like17:47
shadeslayerreleaselogger: i hope it doesn't look anything like your circle?17:47
releaseloggeractually it does17:47
shadeslayerokay, we are doomed then17:47
releaseloggerpretty much not what currently thoughts on AIs look like17:48
shadeslayertazz: routing is completely shot here 17:48
releaseloggerrdieter: Riddell: btw, phonon 4.5.0 on ktown17:48
shadeslayerhere as in India17:49
releaseloggerbackends arriving within the next couple of days17:49
Riddellreleaselogger: what's new?17:49
tazzcant do much about it.17:49
shadeslayeryeah .. :(17:49
releaseloggerRiddell: zeitgeist support, qt designer plugin, ground work for 100% reliable url encoding in backends, ground work for 100% reliable streaming from a QIODevice, DVD menu support17:50
releaseloggerlatter is to be implemented in upcoming phonon-gstreamer release17:50
releaseloggervlc backend will have to wait for vlc 1.2 :/17:51
c2tarunyofel: ping :(17:53
releaseloggerRiddell: and phonon-demos17:53
c2tarunRiddell: it will take me weeks in reading the debian policy manual completely :( meanwhile can you please help me with ktorrent error?17:57
Riddellc2tarun: what's the error?17:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: what do you make of bug 515138 comment 13?17:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515138 in kdelibs "kded4 (lucid, amd64) defunct on latop" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51513817:58
c2tarunit require new version of libktorrent which on building give this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/585506/17:59
c2tarunRiddell: ^^17:59
JontheEchidnaRiddell: distupgradeevent is not compiled18:00
Riddellc2tarun: probably libktorrent has a new .so version, what's in debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ?18:00
shadeslayerc2tarun: you still didn't get that sorted? :(18:00
c2tarunthere is libktorrent.so.318:00
c2tarunshadeslayer: nope :(18:00
shadeslayerc2tarun: yeah so switch libktorrent.so.2 with libktorrent.so.318:00
shadeslayerin the install files18:00
Riddellyou'll also need to change the name of the package18:01
shadeslayerand add breaks/replaces18:01
ScottKshadeslayer: Why?18:01
shadeslayerScottK: so version bumps require those .. right?18:01
ScottKshadeslayer: Why?18:01
shadeslayeror can the 2 libs remain in the system?18:02
Riddellshouldn't need any breaks/replaces if it's just the library in the library package18:02
* shadeslayer goes to read the debian policy again18:02
ScottKshadeslayer: It only needs that if it provides the same file names, which a proper library packag won't.18:02
ScottKThere are exceptions where things aren't split out as much as they should be in theory, but those are exceptions.18:03
shadeslayerScottK: in this case, what would happen to libktorrent.so.2 ?18:03
shadeslayerwill it be removed? will it stay there?18:03
ScottKShould be up for autoremoval once nothing depends on it.18:04
c2tarunwhat about this error? http://paste.kde.org/8108/18:05
c2tarunshould I change all the occurences of liktorren2 to 3 in control file?18:06
c2tarunshadeslayer: ^18:07
shadeslayeri think so .... 18:07
shadeslayerc2tarun: pastebin the control file please18:07
c2tarunshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/585514/18:08
shadeslayerc2tarun: line 31 needs to be fixed18:08
shadeslayerline 54 as well18:08
c2tarunwhat about 4318:09
c2tarunshadeslayer: ^18:09
shadeslayeryep that too18:10
shadeslayerhmm .. flash install issues18:10
c2tarunshadeslayer: same error18:11
shadeslayerreleaselogger: so instead of spending 3 days banging my head against QGraphicsWebView ... i spent 3 mins and made a new browser in QML18:15
shadeslayerc2tarun: i have no idea18:16
shadeslayeri'm googling18:16
* c2tarun :( googling packaging issues??18:16
shadeslayerc2tarun: most error's are googlable 18:17
c2tarunshadeslayer: may be I am not smart enough in googling ;) I'll also try18:18
Riddellc2tarun: what's the problem?18:18
c2tarunRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/8108/18:18
Riddellc2tarun: probably a debhelper cacheing issue, I'd start the compile over again18:19
Riddellc2tarun: but debian already has a package of this library, better just to take it from there http://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/libktorrent18:20
c2tarunRiddell: I am compiling, if it didn't work, I'll take debian's18:21
* c2tarun didn't worked :( taking debians18:21
c2tarunRiddell: in order to use the debian's package, what I have to do? downloading the source code, packing it and uploading to a personal ppa and then updating and packing ktorrent?18:26
c2tarunthe source code about is of libktorrent.18:27
Riddellc2tarun: download it to your machine or the ec2 machine, build the package and install to make sure it all works18:28
Riddellthen you can upload the the PPA with a ~ppa1 version number18:28
Riddellto get it into the main archive you would make a sync request, but we don't want to do that until we know we want the new ktorrent in, so PPA only for now18:29
yofelc2tarun: pong18:35
c2tarunyofel: hi :) I was fiddeling with some issues regarding libktorrent so I pinged :)18:35
yofelyeah, finished reading the backlog now18:36
c2tarunyofel: now I am reading debian-policy manual, it will take me at least a week to finish :)18:37
yofeltook me a while too, the problem is that if you plan to continue packaging in the long time you need to know it18:38
yofelother than that, it's mostly lerning my doing, and reading other people's packages18:39
c2tarunRiddell: this debsign is not working debsign ubuntu@ec2-184-73-132-66.compute-1.amazonaws.com:~/libktorrent/libktorrent_1.1~rc1-1ubuntu1~ppa_i386.changes is anything wrong18:51
ScottKRiddell: Qt accepted again.18:53
Riddellc2tarun: what are you wanting to sign it for?18:53
Riddellthanks ScottK 18:53
shadeslayerjussi: i see licensing nightmares18:53
c2tarunRiddell: for uploading it to my ppa :/18:53
Riddellc2tarun: you need to build a source package to upload it18:54
c2tarunRiddell: this one is also not working :/ debsign ubuntu@ec2-184-73-132-66.compute-1.amazonaws.com:~/libktorrent/libktorrent_1.1~rc1-0ubuntu1~ppa_source.changes18:56
Riddellc2tarun: I think it needs a  -r18:57
Riddelldebsign -r ubuntu@...18:57
c2tarunRiddell: may be I am doing something wrong, I packed it and signed it and then uploaded it to my personel ppa. then I included that ppa to sources.list and updated but it failed due to gpg not verified.19:05
ScottKc2tarun: If you are signing it in the amazon system then you probably don't have your key available.19:06
ScottKWhich means the PPA system won't know about whatever key you managed to sign it with.19:06
c2tarunScottK: true. so what can I do?19:06
RiddellScottK: he signed it remotely, that's fine19:06
ScottKRiddell: ok.19:06
ScottKc2tarun: Actually that's probably not it.19:06
c2tarunbut I think ScottK is refering to .gnupg folder in home folder19:07
Riddellc2tarun: if you care about the PPA gpg key you need to import the gpg key manually or use apt-add-repository to do it automatically19:07
Riddellthe package won't appear in the PPA instantly, it'll take some minutes for the source to appear then longer for the compiled packages to appear19:07
bambeec2tarun: when the package appears you receive an email19:08
c2tarunbambee: I already got that mail.19:09
bambeeso, wait until build succeeds :)19:09
bambeew00t "no such slot" message in amarok (for gpodder) :\19:11
c2tarunI got this mail :( http://paste.kde.org/8115/19:15
Riddellc2tarun: you need to run   debuild -S -sa  instead of just debuild -S19:16
Riddellthat forces the .orig file to be in the .dsc file and get uploaded19:16
Riddellcan anyone see the error in this? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/arkj11936.uncompressed19:28
yofelRiddell: [ 50%] make[3]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libX11.so', needed by `lib/libcompoundviewer.so.4.6.0'.  Stop.19:34
Riddellyofel: ah hah19:40
yofelsearch for ***, only the make lines have those19:41
ScottKRiddell: Artwork accepted.19:42
RiddellI was searching for "error" 19:42
Riddellthanks ScottK 19:42
ScottKRiddell: Is there a reason why for the Qt SSL fix you fixed hardy-backports (4.4) and not the main repository (4.3)?19:48
c2tarunRiddell: can you please take a look at this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/585575/19:53
c2tarunyofel: if you around please take a look at above error ^^20:11
yofelerm... can it be that dh_installs error out on a file in not-installed o.O?20:24
yofelc2tarun: did you add that file to anything?20:26
yofelor is that the plain build?20:26
c2tarunyofel: nope, I did add that file to anything20:27
yofelI have no idea ™20:31
c2tarunyofel: I installed libktorrent's newer version but didn't changed it's control file version entry,.20:31
RiddellScottK: I don't know how to upload to -security and I think micahg wants to review it20:57
ScottKAh.  OK.20:57
ScottKYeah, you can't upload to -security.  Forgot about that.20:58
Quintasanshadeslayer. yofel: ping21:05
Quintasanyofel: do you use the Remote tab in Dolphin for browsing remote file systems?21:05
Quintasanoh I see now21:06
yofelerm, what remote tab? ^^21:07
yofelah, that one, works fine for samba here at leats21:07
Quintasanyofel: can you create a FTP entry which has a space in its name?21:08
Quintasanthen try deleting it21:08
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yofelQuintasan: worked fine (added "file folder" for ftp.kde.org and deleted the folder after that)21:10
Quintasanpics or didnt happen :O21:10
Quintasancant delete "Droid FTP" link here21:10
Quintasanpoints to
micahgScottK: I'll review it over the weekend, we'll probably release the fix on Monday21:10
Quintasanyofel: http://i.imgur.com/KltOy.png21:12
yofelQuintasan: http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/ftp.png21:12
QuintasanI see21:13
QuintasanYou can delete the link from there?21:13
Quintasanat my screen shot21:13
Quintasanlook at the link selected and then at the path21:13
Quintasanin the dialog21:13
yofelQuintasan: I don't quite get how you set that up.21:15
QuintasanNor do I21:15
QuintasanI just named it Droid FTP21:15
Quintasannow I found WebDAV server which works way better21:16
Quintasanand I wanted to remove that FTP entry21:16
Quintasanbut I can't :O21:16
yofelwell, problem is, I can't even create the entry if I don't know the correct data to connect to id21:16
kubotuyofel meant: "well, problem is, I can't even create the entry if I don't know the correct data to connect to it"21:16
yofelshut up kubotu21:17
Quintasanherp derp21:17
Quintasanyofel: do you know what I mean?21:17
QuintasanLook the link to the FTP connection is called "Droid FTP"21:17
yofelyeah, that much I understand21:17
QuintasanWhen I want to delete it, it tries to delete remote:/Droid21:17
Quintasannot "remote:/Droid FTP"21:17
QuintasanAnd it fails21:18
yofelerr.. No idea, as I said 'KDE FTP' can be deleted fine here21:18
QuintasanI just deleted it21:18
mu3enso: current kernel is crashing at suspend/resume. unfortunately it keeps failing to submit the bug due to "permission denied". this is afterfollowing through the report and giving password via kdesudo for retrieving data...22:22
ScottKmu3en: We don't do much with the kernel in Kubuntu.  I'd suggest #ubuntu+1 for Natty support.22:23
mu3enthat makes sense.22:23
mu3enwhat about the more kde related issues (couple around kdepim [experimental]), and a couple just in the general environment in natty.22:25
mu3enis there a specific reporting mechanism (and is it technically alpha 3 or beta 1?)22:26
ScottKIf they are Natty related, a certain amount of it is OK here, but mostly in #kubuntu.  This channel is for development coordination.22:26
ScottKFor PPA packages you can file bugs against ~kubuntu-ppa via the LP web site.22:27
mu3enunderstood. will do so.22:27
yofelmu3en: if apport gives permission denied you'll need sudo, the crash data is kept in /var/crash/22:30
mu3ensudo apport-bug /var/crash/whateverwhatever.crash22:35
mu3enthanks yofel22:35
mu3enehh... "This is not a genuine Ubuntu package"22:37
mu3engrin. sounds very M$...22:37
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