dmkryladded the -o umask=0022 to fstab00:00
ScorpKingDaskreech: it could be the mount folder permissions00:02
Daskreechdmkryl: paste the line from fstab00:02
dmkryl/dev/sda3                                  /media/sda3  autofs rw,users,-o umask=0022         0 000:03
Daskreech /dev/sda3                                  /media/sda3  autofs rw,users,umask=0022        0 000:03
Daskreechdmkryl: change it to that00:04
dmkrylwrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda3, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so00:05
dmkrylhow do i see what kind of file system the partition have?00:06
Daskreechdmkryl: Unmount the file system00:06
Daskreechfdisk -l00:06
Daskreechsudo that00:06
Daskreechdmkryl: right. are you sure you don't want /dev/sda4 ?00:07
dmkrylno that one is already mounted and is the right one00:08
Daskreechso did you unmount /dev/sda3 ?00:09
Daskreechok sudo mount -t auto -o umask=0022 /dev/sda3 /media/sda300:09
dmkrylwrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda3, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so00:10
dmkrylthis is the output of df -T00:12
poyntzis there any way to shrink terminals to the system tray?00:22
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Daskreechdmkryl: try sudo mount -o umask=0022 /dev/sda3 /media/sda300:22
Daskreechpoyntz: yakuake?00:22
Daskreech!info yakuake00:22
ubottuyakuake (source: yakuake): a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.7-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 299 kB, installed size 2104 kB00:22
poyntzhow does it compare to konsole?00:23
dmkrylno Daskreech it keeps sending me the same mistake...00:23
Daskreechdmkryl: Ok take out the -o umask=0022 and see what it says00:24
Daskreechpoyntz: it is konsole00:24
dmkrylit works on root, but doesn't give me access in normal user00:24
Daskreechdmkryl: ah ok :) hold on I can fix this00:25
Daskreechdmkryl: try unmount it then just mount it as yourself00:32
Daskreechwithout sudo00:32
dmkrylit works00:33
dmkrylbut i can't access00:33
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ScorpKingdmkryl:  ls -l /media/00:34
Daskreechdmkryl: Without sudo you cant access it?00:34
dmkryldrwx------  5 ledah ledah 4096 1969-12-31 19:00 KY00:35
dmkryldrwxr-xr-x  2 root  root  4096 2011-03-02 01:27 sda200:35
dmkryldrwx------ 19  1000 ntfs  4096 2011-03-24 13:33 sda300:35
dmkryldrwxrwxrwx  1 root  root  4096 2011-03-24 19:18 sda400:35
FloodBotK2dmkryl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:35
Daskreechdmkryl: This is from a different computer ?00:36
Daskreechthe partition isn't owned by anyone00:36
Daskreechdmkryl: try sudo chmod o+rwx /media/sda300:37
james147!info ntfs-config00:37
ubottuntfs-config (source: ntfs-config): Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-3ubuntu5 (maverick), package size 87 kB, installed size 844 kB00:37
* james147 suggests trying that ^^00:37
Daskreechjames147: sudo fdisk -l suggests that the filesystem is Linux00:38
dmkrylyes now it works thank you so much00:38
Daskreechthough you know .. could be lying00:38
dmkryltalked to soon00:40
dmkrylnow it show me the folders00:40
Daskreechdmkryl: Yes it should00:41
dmkrylledah@Sasha:/media/sda3$ cd dosprog bash: cd: dosprog: Permission denied00:43
Daskreechpastebin ls -l00:43
poyntzDaskreech: I don't understand how yakuake minimizes to the systray00:45
poyntzalso it seems to exit when i change windows..00:46
Daskreechpoyntz: press F1200:46
poyntzDaskreech: ahh cool. Do you use it?00:47
Daskreechjames147: I don't know if I can hang around for this. You want to look at it?00:47
* james147 should be in bed ^^00:48
DaskreechSeems to be a NTFS filesystem of some sort but none of the NTFS mount options work on it and it has a strong user lockout on mounting00:48
DaskreechAh ok good night00:48
james147dmkryl: the drived used by any other system?00:48
dmkrylnight and thx00:48
dmkrylno just linux00:49
* james147 suggests getting the data off it and formatting it as ext4 ^^00:49
james147why use ntfs if your not using windows :p00:49
dmkryli'm not sure if is really ntfs but i believe is ntfs00:50
Daskreechdmkryl: You can run a find command against it hold on00:50
* james147 would still format it after getting the data off it ^^ ntfs goes screwy with linux premissions @(00:52
james147^^ how big is it?00:52
poyntzDaskreech: do you use yakuake?00:52
Daskreechpoyntz: Not right now but used to use it lots00:53
dmkryl114 gb00:53
dmkrylthis is df -T00:54
poyntzDaskreech: why did you stop?00:55
Daskreechpoyntz: moved system and haven't gotten around to reinstalling everything00:55
poyntzDaskreech: ahh k. thanks for the help. i'll see how it goes00:55
Daskreechdmkryl: try sudo find /media/sda3 -type d -exec chmod o+rwx {} \;00:58
Daskreechpoyntz: ok enjoy :)00:58
dmkrylnow i can enter to every folder01:04
dmkrylbut doesn't open any file01:04
dmkryli'm sorry i'm new to this01:04
Daskreechdmkryl: sure I just didn't want you to make all the file executable01:05
Daskreechdmkryl: try sudo find /media/sda3  -exec chmod o+r {} \;01:05
rosco_yDoes anyone know why my Google Desktop Search's Preferences don't open?01:08
dmkrylDaskreech it worked thank you so much01:22
DaskreechSure :)01:24
beastI'm having trouble getting new widgets to download it appears to work but they never appear to add to my desktop02:02
beastam I missing something?02:02
Daskreechbeast: What are you expecting?02:04
beastI expect them to show up in the widget bar that comes up at the bottom of the screen02:04
beastlet me describe my steps02:05
beast1. Click on top right corner to add widget02:05
beast2. widget bar appears and I click get more widgets02:05
beast3. I select widgets to install they appear to install with no errors02:05
beast4. I got back to widget bar but they are not there so I cannot add them to my desktop02:06
beastIs there another installation step I am missing?02:08
S74rk7I've seen that before too02:08
beastThere doesn't seem to be a file downloaded that I can install manually02:09
S74rk7ages ago - this might sound silly but I tried a reboot...02:10
DaskreechS74rk7: eek02:10
beastThat was my first thought but I've rebooted several times and still nothing02:10
Daskreechbeast: try this02:10
Daskreechbeast: open a terminal and kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 5 && plasma-desktop02:11
S74rk7I'm paying attention here too :)02:12
beastok done02:12
beastthat threw a bug notification02:13
beastkind of cool though because all my windows are open but my desktop is empty blackness LOL02:14
beasttoo bad I can't use it02:14
beasthow do I start it back up?02:14
Daskreechbeast: plasma-desktop02:15
Daskreechbeast: part of the joy of building things in independent parts02:15
beastok its back up should I try the widgets again or is there more?02:16
Daskreechtry the widgets again02:16
DaskreechWhat version of KDE is this by the way?02:16
S74rk7Daskreech:  I'm just realising what you mean about the reboot thing... no real need in linux is there... if something is just messing around for no aparant reason - when in windows you rebooted...somtimes cured it - are you saying in linux is easier to narrow it down to the suspect service/app and run the command to restart it ??02:18
beastnope didn't work. let me check on version just recently installed 10.10 so whatever the default is02:18
poyntzis there a PPA for openoffice.org ?02:18
tertl3_openoffice ftw!02:19
beastDaskreech: It's version 4.5.102:20
Daskreechpoyntz: not for very long but you can just install from openoffice.org02:21
Daskreechbeast: hmm I'm ... not sure why its not working. IF you want to run a small adventure you can upgrade to KDE 4.6 if you like02:21
beastsounds fun! LOL02:22
DaskreechS74rk7: Pretty much unless you have a new kernel there is no >Need< to restart the machine.02:22
Daskreechbeast: Look in the topic for the link02:22
DaskreechS74rk7: Granted there are a number of occasions when rebooting is quite a bit faster than hunting things fown02:24
S74rk7Daskreech: you see that approach to an OS is genius to me!02:24
DaskreechS74rk7: There are easily computers that have not been restarted in very literally years02:25
Daskreechbut have things upgraded and patched and reasonably new02:25
S74rk7Daskreech:  Servers running linux?02:25
S74rk7always heard linux has a hand in the running of the internet... apache or something - I'm still new to all this...I got a list of names I'm gonna research lol :)02:26
DaskreechThe internals are all linked to each other and rely on each other but can all individually and selectively be brought down, shut off, diagnosed, upgraded, fixed and reintroduced to the system without harming anything else02:26
Tr0074can somebody please walk me through on changing the dark color on non native kde menus02:27
DaskreechNo the internet is Linux02:27
Tr0074they are really hard to read02:27
DaskreechTr0074: You mean Gtk menus?02:27
Tr0074yeah I think so02:27
DaskreechTr0074: Which application is giving you problem?02:29
Tr0074Transmission, firefox, thunderbird,etc. non of them I can read the menus because they are really dark02:30
Daskreechha ha ok02:30
Daskreech!info oxygen-gtk02:30
ubottuPackage oxygen-gtk does not exist in maverick02:30
Tr0074I am in maverick yes02:31
S74rk7is it a particular theme or something you have applied?  And the default colour is too dark?02:31
S74rk7and so you want to know how to access the theme/appearance settings and change the colours?02:32
Tr0074I am using the default theme02:32
DaskreechTr0074: do you know how to add a PPA?02:34
S74rk7Daskreech: ALT+F2  "Colours"  ... press Enter?   think this would help out Tr0074?02:34
DaskreechS74rk7: not from what I understand of the problem02:34
Daskreechmore like alt+F2 -> Gtk02:35
S74rk7ok I'ma shut up and listen :)02:35
DaskreechTr0074: What do you see set when you press alt+F2 -> gtk and open Gtk+ appearanc?02:35
Tr0074the GTK +appearance only display use the font on Gtk applications02:37
DaskreechTr0074: is there anything set for Widget style?02:37
Tr0074I am using the QTCurve for style02:37
Tr0074should I select something different?02:38
DaskreechHmm that .. should make some difference02:38
Daskreechsee if you can add that PPA02:38
Daskreech the instructions are ther on the page02:38
S74rk7anyone ever tried out BURG?  http://code.google.com/p/burg/wiki/Screenshots02:50
S74rk7was thinking of giving it a shot - just wondering is it straight forward enough or should I wait and do a full system backup before messing with the likes or GRUB n stuff? -apologies if it seems off topic :)02:50
Tr0074this irc is very unestable02:51
DaskreechTr0074: What client are you using?02:52
Tr0074this is Quassel02:53
Tr0074what is the name of this server?02:55
tertl3node of freedom02:56
tertl3libre el node'02:56
tertl3la libertinaneous nodeus02:56
DaskreechTr0074: ah Netsplit that might explain it02:57
DaskreechTr0074: Freenode02:57
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TroN-0074no much of a quassel type of guy02:59
TroN-0074I rejoined in Xchat02:59
tertl3konversation alw03:00
tertl3quasssel on kubuntu?03:01
tertl3how inappropiate03:01
semewow!!! long time ubuntu user but recently switched to kde 4.6 and I have to say I'll never go back to gnome03:01
S74rk7I'm using Quassel on Kubuntu?03:01
Daskreechseme: Welcome03:01
TroN-0074haha seme03:01
DaskreechS74rk7: That's fine :) lots of people like Konversation better03:01
tertl3S74rk7: you don't count :P03:01
TroN-0074hey seme are yous till using gtk applications?03:01
TroN-0074I am having a hard time with them03:02
S74rk7Daskreech: lol right, gonna check it out - see what the fuss is about03:02
S74rk7tertl3: lol03:02
semethe only apps I am using that aren't native qt/kde are monodevelop and firefox03:03
TroN-0074what is your email manager?03:03
semeI use web based email03:04
semesha haa03:04
semehey it works03:04
TroN-0074with a bunch of advertise about viagra sure03:04
semeI use like 5 different computers a day and I hate keeping things in sync... imap and pop blow03:04
semenaah... I block all ads03:04
dustin_whats up everyone03:05
TroN-0074you can select to keep all your mails in server so only from your main pc can delete them03:05
TroN-0074yeah I just switch from gnome too03:06
semeI have to say that honestly 4.6 is a huge leap... very nice03:06
semejust feels complete and stable03:06
semefonts look great03:06
TroN-0074mmm I dont know man03:06
TroN-0074I dont feel quite at home in KDE03:07
semeonly thing that feels like it isn't great is rekonq... lots of sites with flash aren't working03:07
DaskreechTroN-0074: Black menus? :)03:07
TroN-0074I still have konqueror too03:07
DaskreechRekonq is very very young :)03:07
TroN-0074yes I hate black menus03:07
Daskreechit will mature with time03:07
DaskreechTroN-0074: Try that ppa and switch the widget style to oxygen-gtk03:08
TroN-0074I couldnt get that app to add in my sources03:08
TroN-0074dude rekonq is like they wanted to make chrome for kde03:08
DaskreechTroN-0074: Not too far off :)03:09
semeI also hate that every time I go to the help docs on an app it usually says no docs found03:09
semethe only thing worse would be for it to find something but it only being boilerplate stuff03:10
TroN-0074Hahaha and how do you like that crazy kwallet thing03:10
Daskreechseme: which applications do that?03:10
semeat least thats the one I just tried03:10
Daskreechseme: Works here03:11
DaskreechTroN-0074: Kwallet is quite nice but needs some usabilty polish :)03:11
semealso the authentication for software installation always has the password dialog below the other dialogs03:12
Daskreechhmm that works for me as well03:12
semeperhaps I don't have something running that I should03:12
Daskreechor maybe I just press alt+ctrl+A without thinking about it03:12
Daskreechseme: This is KDE 4.6 right ?03:13
TroN-0074After adding those links to my software source I got the couldn't  download all repository index problem03:13
semekmail too03:13
semeyeah 4.603:13
TroN-0074kmail too ask for too much information03:13
DaskreechTroN-0074: hmm03:13
TroN-0074I think evolution just works03:13
TroN-0074too bad evolution has very little support for web mail03:14
Daskreechseme: Kmail doesn't work for me03:14
Daskreechsays Preparing Document and stays there forever03:14
semeha haa just install konqueror and went to youtube... first video that I tried to play crashed it03:15
TroN-0074thunderbird is a good one03:15
DaskreechTroN-0074: What information is Kmail asking?03:15
Daskreech I don't remember much about setting up the accounts but other than your real name I can't recall it needing anything out of the way03:15
semecan someone else test something... go to youtube and click the plus sign on any of the videos... don't click the image itself or it will go to the video page... the + button is on the bottom right of the image and queues the video03:16
semecrashes the app every time03:16
S74rk7Think I like Konversation better too :)03:17
Daskreechseme: Nope Kmail just popped up the handbook03:17
DaskreechI don't have flash installed so...03:17
TroN-0074amarok is the best thing KDE has03:18
TroN-0074and k9copy03:19
DaskreechKonqueror as well03:19
Daskreechk3b is pretty good too03:19
TroN-0074k3b is not quite brasero03:19
DaskreechFirst burning software in the world to support Bluray I think :)03:19
DaskreechWell as long as neither of them are XcdRoast03:20
TroN-0074takes 7 min in brasero to burn a dvd and takes 2 hours in k3b I dont know is something is not set right in my computer03:20
S74rk7What you guys make of blueray then?  Was looking at a couple of drives for a media centre I want to build....run XBMC or something on it??03:21
DaskreechXBMC might work but officially it's not legal to watch a commercial BluRay under Linux03:21
DaskreechTroN-0074: Hmm that's interesting I'll have to try that. Wonder what would cause that03:22
TroN-0074yeah I dont know why k3b takes that long03:22
TroN-0074I wish I had a blue ray burning installed in my PC03:23
S74rk7Daskreech: whats that you were saying about it not being legal to watch BluRay under linux?03:23
TroN-0074but I am not at that level yet03:23
DaskreechTroN-0074: this is KDE 4.5 or 4.6 ?03:23
TroN-0074how can I find that out?03:23
DaskreechS74rk7: The firmware that Blurays run on make it legally doubtful for them to be legally watched on anything that the User has control over03:24
TroN-0074I remembered I had the kinfocenter03:24
DaskreechTroN-0074: Any KDE app -> help -> about KDE03:24
TroN-0074now when you said you like konqueror were you talking about the internet browser of the file manager?03:25
DaskreechTroN-0074: I seem to remember something about K3b and Wodim03:25
Daskreechcan't recall if that was for KDE 4.6 or 4.703:25
Daskreechbut thatshould make things faster03:26
DaskreechI like Konqueror as a viewer03:26
TroN-0074yeah I am too new to KDE I still need to figure things out03:26
DaskreechI can open just about anything in the world in konqueror as long as KDE recognizes it and it should work03:26
TroN-0074even M4a files?03:27
TroN-0074I hate them03:27
Daskreechtext files, JPGs, movies, Comic books, HTML files, SSH sessions to other computers, Git servers03:27
Daskreechlong as Amarok or Juk can read them then yes Konqueror can read them too03:28
TroN-0074that is good03:28
DaskreechIt's ridiculously versatile but I guess jack of all trades doesn't really count unless you are a cell phone03:29
TroN-0074dude bed time for me have a good night. Thanks for the help. I will keep trying03:30
S74rk7Daskreech: I am trying out Konqueror - pretty handy being able to view files and webpages under the one application :)03:34
DaskreechS74rk7: It's much worse03:34
Daskreechpress ctrl+L03:34
DaskreechYou can view them side by side03:35
Daskreechedit one and watch thechanges live on the other03:35
S74rk7Daskreech: when I press Ctrl+L - only thing it does is show a green light in bottom left corner and the world Cancelled... am I missing something?03:35
Daskreechand this works even if the file you are editing is on a computer on the other side of that <insert expanse here>03:35
DaskreechWhoops Ctrl+shift+L03:36
DaskreechThat's vertical03:36
S74rk7S74rk7 ** Jumps up and down with excitment :)03:37
DaskreechCtrl+Shift+R for horizontal03:37
DaskreechSo you can have one file open for the HTML one under it for the CSS and then view the results in the wide screen section03:37
DaskreechOr you know ssh into two different machines and manage moving files across from both of them to and from the local machine03:38
S74rk7Konqueror is starting to look like a savior to me now lol03:39
DaskreechIt's immensely neat03:39
S74rk7great thought has went into that :)03:39
DaskreechI guess :)03:39
S74rk7Daskreech:  Thanks for showing me that mate! :)03:40
DaskreechS74rk7: Want one more palpatation of the heart?03:40
S74rk7Daskreech: Always :)03:40
Daskreechopen konqueror and type ~ in the address bar03:40
DaskreechWhat does that get you?03:40
S74rk7My home directory? :)03:41
DaskreechIsn't that Cooool? :)03:41
S74rk7that I would call sexy lol03:41
DaskreechClick on View -> View Mode -> File Size View03:42
S74rk7I think I've been converted from a Chromium user - I'm gonna play with this for a while - so handy :)  --- how secure is it though, should I add the ppa?03:42
DaskreechS74rk7: Converted to what? Konqueror?03:43
dustin_so anyone know much about gimp editoring etc?03:46
S74rk7Daskreech: yeah - It would be much more tidy for me atm - I'm moving a lot of files around, but reading up on things too... switching from desktops etc... the tab layout is great03:46
DaskreechS74rk7: oh yeah It has tabs too03:46
Daskreech :-D03:46
Daskreech the number of things you can do in Konqueror alone is amazing03:47
S74rk7Daskreech: I am already starting to see - thanks for the suggestion mate! :)03:47
S74rk7Daskreech:  Just a quick question though, how does it way up in terms of security compared to the likes of chromium etc?  Just in your opinion?03:48
DaskreechIt's pretty good. I mean it was made to be both a File manager and Web browser so some thought went into Security for it03:49
S74rk7Daskreech: I mean "security" in terms of malicious coding/spyware etc online - and stability03:49
DaskreechIt's still not as good a web browser as something dedicated03:49
S74rk7Daskreech: cool - gonna see if I can find an article or review on konqueror03:49
DaskreechIn fact it's not as good a anything as something dedicated but it sure does get a lot of stuff done for one application03:50
Daskreechprobably won't Konqueror has been around for closing in on Decades at this point03:50
DaskreechPeople review shiny things :)03:50
S74rk7Daskreech:  Konversation is great too - its somehow more clear to use - but hey what do I know - only been on IRC 2 days lol03:50
DaskreechS74rk7: Quassel has some interesting tricks but Konversation is pretty straight03:51
S74rk7Daskreech: I think I'm gonna stick with something straight at the minute - I've got a lot to be taking in here with everything - but I did see something about executing commands when certain things are flagged?  sounds interesting if I interprited it right :)03:52
DaskreechWhat's that in relation to?03:53
DaskreechS74rk7_: What's that in relation to?03:54
DaskreechIn case you were starting quassel and missed that03:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:55
DaskreechS74rk7: you can add a pastebin plasmoid03:55
Daskreechmakes uploading text and images way way way easier03:55
S74rk7Daskreech: does the cool s#it stop :)03:56
S74rk7Just when you were asking "What's that in relation to?"  when I was talking about noticing something in Quassel - Seen something about running commands - heres a screenshot just for quick reference... http://imagebin.org/14479003:57
S74rk7I only glanced... but it sounds pretty neat for my imagination lol :)03:58
DaskreechS74rk7: Oh yes standard KDE thing03:58
Daskreechall notifications can fire off events so things like flashing the Window or playing a sound03:59
DaskreechPopping up a bubble with info etc03:59
DaskreechYou can also write your own commands and have them run so Like having someone in IRC say Who's up for a game of Multiplayer Solitare and the response is to just start the game04:00
DaskreechOr write a comand to send you a text message anytime a news article comes in about the company you started up04:00
S74rk7Your blowing my mind here!04:00
Daskreechmost people are far too lazy to do that :) but it's pretty much all doable if you want to04:01
DaskreechOr if you have nothing doing you can have a command that triggers a notification in another app that triggers a command that calls someone and triggers off somethign in another app that sets off fireworks in the yard and calls something else ....04:02
S74rk7Yeah that was something I heard about before - some guy one night - was pretty sleepy, but was waiting on a new distro of linux being released or something, so he didn't want to over sleep - he wrote some kind of script - something that was monitoring an RSS feed, so when it was updated it sent him a txt message to his phone with his own personalized message lol04:02
S74rk7I think thats what I recall - something along those lines - I just remember when I was reading it --- I wanna do that some day lol! :)04:03
Daskreechyeah pretty easy to pull off once you have somethings setup04:03
DaskreechI'd probably go as far as check a server for the release, pull the file and then compare it with the hash on the server to ensure it's complete( otherwise try again!) and when it's done shoot off an e-mail and a text to let me know it's done04:05
S74rk7Daskreech:  See this is exactly the platform I wanna learn on - I wanna build and have everything talking - a custom built media center - but I've recently just found a package called "motion" --more or less can turn and USB webcam into a motion detecting camera... so I want to setup my own little personalised Mainframe... you know... big screen in the living room and can control everything --- Geeky I know lol - just for04:05
S74rk7fun - I'm a big kid lol04:05
DaskreechS74rk7: This is your playground04:06
Daskreechafter a while playing here sitting in a living room looking through the Windows is just so ... soo04:06
S74rk7Daskreech: You must never get bored with all your knowledge so far with all these toys at your disposal :) I cant wait to get the hang of it all!! lol04:07
DaskreechS74rk7: no just frustrated04:07
S74rk7Daskreech: really how come?04:07
DaskreechCause I really wanna play with that. But I'm still playing with this!04:07
* Daskreech breaks down sobbing04:08
S74rk7Daskreech:  Believe me when I say I know exactly what you mean - Linux has kicked off my imagination for so many different ideas - but I'm lost in where to start - when I'm just trying to pick up the basic's even now - I get distracted cuz I learn of something new and want to mess around with that - then I'm writing notes and have got about 500 bookmarks of things I wanna go back and try out.. lol.... I think I get what04:09
S74rk7your talking about lol04:09
DaskreechIt really is very very sad04:10
S74rk7Daskreech: How did you write that action ???  you know you said "Daskreech breaks down sobbing" in blue writing lol04:10
* Daskreech shrugs04:10
* Daskreech is just skilled04:10
Daskreechlook at /me04:10
Daskreechwhich is like /join04:11
Daskreechirc commands start with a / at the beginning of a line04:11
S74rk7bot commands with !      ???04:12
Daskreechwell yes for here04:13
DaskreechYou can make a robot do whatever you like but for here ! is the bot command04:13
S74rk7opps - I forgot I had launched Quassel too lol04:13
S74rk7Daskreech:  thanks again - I appreciate all the information and patience :)04:15
DaskreechSure glad to help04:15
S74rk7Can you PM from within IRC?04:15
S74rk7or would that be the same really as setting up a channel and inviting someone to connect?04:16
dustin_hey dask?04:22
S74rk7ok - see to install the widget for uploading images to Imagebin etc - is the widget part of plasma or konversation/quassel?04:22
dustin_I could use some help configureing "tork" if possible ive installed and compiled it right finally but the configuration needs alittle adjustment if you got time to help me quick so i can have this up and running smoothley04:23
DaskreechS74rk7: try /msg nick but you shoudl always ask before you do that04:24
DaskreechWhat's Tork?04:24
dustin_it helps manage tor networks from what ive read anyways ?04:27
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is not in Ubuntu's repositories. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl04:28
Drunkjedi1I have a 3DLAB wildcat vp990 is there a ubunut driver for it?04:29
dustin_i need another way to dl the tor program i guess apparently04:31
Daskreechdustin_: read the link04:33
dustin_i seriously can't find my tor < application for some reason04:39
dustin_i need another name for "the tor application itself apparently anyone know the name of one?04:40
Drunkjedi1can you install windows specific drivers with wine?04:41
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: I wouldn't try it04:42
Drunkjedi1well i can't find a driver for my wildcat video card its driving me nuts04:42
Drunkjedi1and i really don't want to have to install that junk of software windows04:43
Drunkjedi1can you install drivers in a virtual machine in Ubuntu.04:46
Drunkjedi1or does it use software drivers like VMachine on windwos04:46
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: You could. What's the manufacturer for the card?04:52
S74rk7Daskreech:  This any use - http://www.3dlabs.com/content/Legacy/drivers/driverSelect.asp  ??04:56
S74rk7doesn't seem to list distros like ubuntu etc - but if linux is a backbone could they be of any use?04:57
Drunkjedi1i have searched for drivers on that site it doesn't have the driver for linux04:58
dustin_okay im lost daskreech04:59
S74rk7Drunkjedi1: is your card model a VP990 Pro by any chance?05:00
Drunkjedi1yes a 3dlabs wildcat vp990 pro05:00
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: can you type lsmod and pastebin it please ?05:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:01
Daskreechdustin_: With?05:01
dustin_configureing this tork application05:01
Drunkjedi1Module                  Size  Used by05:01
Drunkjedi1binfmt_misc             6599  105:01
Drunkjedi1parport_pc             26058  005:01
Drunkjedi1ppdev                   5556  005:01
Drunkjedi1snd_via82xx            20140  005:01
FloodBotK1Drunkjedi1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:01
dustin_1min need to finish this smoke05:01
Drunkjedi1sorry i typed before i read i thought you was answering someone else05:03
Daskreech!paste | Drunkjedi105:03
ubottuDrunkjedi1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:03
Drunkjedi1sorry new to irc help05:05
dustin_okay daskreech i got the the app compiled and up but i get a error when trying to run the application and not sure how to fix it or configure it properly05:06
dustin_the error says: it can't locate the tor application for some reason05:06
S74rk7Random Question time! :)  See if you have drivers source...so you can compile them in linux to suit the OS.... is it possible if we were to have drivers that have been compiled to suit Windows - is it possible to "uncompile" them back to source ?05:16
DaskreechS74rk7: not to source but to instructions05:16
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: Seems that 3Dlabs has no interest in having the cards working in Linux05:17
S74rk7Daskreech: What do you mean instructions if I may ask? :)05:18
Drunkjedi1i was afraid of that but i thought maybe someone would have come up with a open source one05:18
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: Looks like 3DLabs might sue them if they do. You can write to 3Dlabs and ask them to update thier drivers or open the current ones05:19
Drunkjedi1i guess its back to dual boot any recommendation on how to install windows with out messing up the boot record or the easiest way to fix it so i can dual boot05:19
DaskreechA legal way to write open source drivers for them would be great05:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:20
Drunkjedi13DLabs is no more i believe05:20
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: You can read that first link05:20
Drunkjedi1ok i have installed windows after Ubuntu before but never can get booted back up in Ubuntu.05:21
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: You need a live CD05:22
Daskreechthen follow the instructions in the first link above05:23
Drunkjedi1yea i think that was my biggest problem i think my live cd wasn't being read right by my cd drive didn't know it at the time.  then installing Ubuntu on my parents computer there drive wasn't reading it either had to do research and found some drives have problems reading the live cd.05:24
DaskreechDrunkjedi1: burn it at a  slower speed05:26
Drunkjedi1ok thanks weird part i have another computer it worked just fine never had a problem.  Thats how i installed the Ubuntu version i am running now i installed the hard drive in the other computer and install Ubuntu. Thanks again for the help05:28
* S74rk7 is worried.... coffee supply is getting low :P05:49
S74rk7Daskreech:  You still awake?06:08
DaskreechSeems so06:08
S74rk7Daskreech: you must drink as much coffee as I do :)06:09
DaskreechI hate coffee actually06:09
S74rk7Daskreech:  caffeine substitute? lol06:10
DaskreechS74rk7: Reading man pages :)06:10
S74rk7Daskreech:  Ah...explain a jedi's wisdom it would :)06:10
S74rk7Daskreech: anyhow lol - I wanted to ask, did you suggest the OReillys Linux in a Nutshell ?06:11
Daskreechclassic book06:12
S74rk7Daskreech:  I got myself a copy of 6th edition... just got browsing through it there... gonna have to print some pages off tomorrow!!!06:12
S74rk7Daskreech:  I need a kindle or something to keep up.... lol06:13
DaskreechI think direct injection of fiber to the cortex might work06:13
S74rk7Daskreech:  Just wanted to say thanks again for the suggestion!  It looks very promising!06:13
S74rk7Daskreech:  If only... lol - I'd love to live in a time like Deus Ex or something lol06:14
DaskreechOh you probably will06:15
S74rk7Daskreech: If I the money I would remodel and decorate a bit more....I think I'd have the place looking similar lol :)06:16
DaskreechWhen the singularity hits you'll have that done for you06:16
S74rk7Daskreech: I'm not following mate sorry... think its getting time for a power nap lol06:18
DaskreechYou were not intended to :)06:18
DaskreechSo all is right06:18
S74rk7Daskreech:  you liking playing with me aren't you... lol06:18
Daskreechjust a little06:18
S74rk7wait and see... I'll learn the ways of the force... I'll be able to joke back :)06:19
=== brian is now known as Guest72595
S74rk7Daskreech: How many years of linux you got under your belt if I may ask?06:20
DaskreechI forget06:20
Daskreechmight be more06:20
DaskreechThat might be when I got more serious about it06:20
DaskreechWiped Windows off the machine06:20
DaskreechMy brother thought I was crazy till I found Xkobo06:21
S74rk7Daskreech: You know my first pc was linux..n I been messing around on pc's for near 13 years myself - still dont know how/why I didnt hear or catch on to linux sooner!  Wish now I'd 13years of linux experience rather than windows distros :)06:21
DaskreechI liked Linux before I ever got a computer. I saw a picture of some very early version of enlightenment06:21
DaskreechIt had this gothic skin to it06:22
DaskreechBut the max/min/close buttons fell off the top of the window and flowed down the side like a waterfall06:22
S74rk7Daskreech: Whats xkobo?06:23
DaskreechIf I could get that much control of the computer I knew I had to use it06:23
S74rk7Daskreech: Niiiiiiice :)06:23
DaskreechA game :) my brother wasn't about to give up Warcraft so I could spend two weeks trying to work out how the soundcard could be turned on06:23
DaskreechLots of people turn up now and wonder why people haven't been using Linux since ages ago. It's cause Linux sucked back then :)06:24
DaskreechBut it was a suck that you could own which made all the difference I guess06:24
Daskreech!info xkobo06:25
ubottuPackage xkobo does not exist in maverick06:25
S74rk7Daskreech:  I was just about to ask actually... what do you think when you look at linux back then and now?  What stands out to you?06:25
DaskreechS74rk7: The steps I suppose06:25
DaskreechPeople always doing just enough that someone who wouldn't be interested at all would now do something06:25
Daskreechcause if it would just do this one thing I could use it06:26
Daskreechthen when they got that working someone else who wouldn't use Linux said well if that's working I can stand it .. well if this other thing worked. I wonder if I can get it working?06:26
DaskreechJust keeps adding in one more person till it's the huge thing today with countries turning over to use it06:27
DaskreechThings that took weeks to work back in the day now are frustrating if they don't work automatically06:28
S74rk7I watched a few documentaries n stuff about open source software and linux was always mentioned... its amazing the things its made possible - and also...its crazy to think its actually exsisted infront of peoples eyes...like they've been using some form of it and not been aware....06:28
Daskreech!info kobodeluxe > S74rk706:29
DaskreechS74rk7: yeah that's the thing about it. Other than desktop computers Everything else in the world pretty much is either linux, unix or going to be06:30
DaskreechThe last big one I would say is Symbian and that's dying out for Linux and Unix Phones06:30
DaskreechTVs? All running on LInux06:31
Daskreechthe modems to get on the net?06:31
DaskreechMicrowaves? Linux06:31
DaskreechGPS systems? All Linux06:31
S74rk7I think its something pure.... opens the door to so many possibilities.... I find it inspiring... its opened all the locked doors to using something like windows...06:32
DaskreechOnly problems is making sure that while Linux gets adopted it remains true to the idea that you have the freedom to do what you want with it06:32
Daskreechpeople keep trying to take it and put it in a box then charge you for the box with no way for you to build one yourself06:33
S74rk7I think that community is something that will help keep it that way.... like I say... to me linux is something I'm real glad I stumbled apon... its give me lots of inspiration for things/projects etc.... but the best part I have to say about it is the support community...06:34
Daskreechwhich of course really sucks from a philosophical stand point but more so as being fair. You didn't build any of this and you want to profit AND prevent others from doing the same?06:34
Daskreechno choose one06:35
S74rk7I haven't encountered as many "keyboard gangsters" as I call them.... (lol) you know the snotting replies you get from some guys/girls when asking a question that seems childish to guru's?06:36
DaskreechS74rk7: Ubuntu is built to prevent that06:36
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .06:36
DaskreechIf you want those people I can point you at a few places where you can get abuse06:37
S74rk7Thats what I mean.... I was looking at that earlier... that how I have faith that it will remain even as it popularity grows06:37
S74rk7Daskreech: lol no thanks mate - I think I'm good lol06:37
Daskreechhi BIGIDIOT06:38
S74rk7Daskreech: no not at all - I dont intend to get any form of profit - know what I'd like to do.... make my own distrobution... even if its as something as silly as a preconfigured desktop - with icons placed and sized etc... things just layed out more conviently etc... just something for the fun of it...you know :)06:40
Daskreech!search kobo06:41
Daskreech!find kobo06:41
ubottuFound: kobodeluxe, kobodeluxe-data06:41
Daskreech!find rekons06:41
ubottuPackage/file rekons does not exist in maverick06:41
S74rk7Daskreech: offer it to anyone who would want to chop or change anything about it - thats where inspiration n stuff comes from... when you see a great idea ... sometimes you notice another that isn't there - and build on that... just for the fun of it - and for everyone to play their part lol06:42
DaskreechThere was a package called rekonstuct I think that would allow you to build your own distro06:42
DaskreechWonder if I can track it down06:42
S74rk7Daskreech:  awwww great :)06:43
Daskreech that might work I guess06:45
DaskreechStill some amount of work to put into it though06:45
S74rk7Daskreech:  I'm willing you'll see :)06:47
S74rk7Daskreech: btw - kobodeluxe is pretty cool :)06:48
DaskreechIt's a *#^$@_(*_)__@#(&*&*#^%% game06:48
DaskreechTook us a whole summer playing like 4 hours a day to reach level 7006:49
Daskreechit gets soooo unfair against you it's amazing but pulling off wins is the most amazing feeling06:49
S74rk7Daskreech: thats one of them addictive as hell games lol06:50
Daskreechyeah pretty much it replaced every other game. You get a certain number of lives then everything resets but on the last level that you were on06:50
S74rk7Daskreech: see all the old games from the good ole days are like that - no fancy graphics like the games today - but the games today dont hold as much of the gameplay I think.... hours you can spend happily on a simple little game lol06:51
DaskreechSo if you are on level 36 when you die whatever damage you did stays. Till you run out of lives then everything resets and you start on level 36 again.06:51
DaskreechSo what would happen is we would get packs of lives06:51
DaskreechI would play through a whole pack and see how far I could get and then he would play06:52
Daskreechstarted out with races to see who could get through the most levels given a certain number of lives06:52
DaskreechThen the game got bastard hard06:52
Daskreechwe would swap back and forth through like 3 packs of lives and couldn't pass one single stage06:53
DaskreechThen it suddenly switched from competition to strategy and co-operation06:54
DaskreechI was much more methodical and patient and he was kinda brash06:54
DaskreechSo we would flip over to the other if we thought that the stage lent itself to that06:54
DaskreechThere was one stage that started you out on the very edge of the map and had one huuuuuuuuuuge cube take up all the space so you had no where to go. I went and slowly chipped at the outside till there was room to run then he watched me and told me to attack this one position. i eventually died and though it wasn't his turn he took over06:57
DaskreechDid the craziest run through tiny little passages in the pipes and crashed into the core. Massive explosion and the whole thing blew up and we passed the stage06:57
DaskreechWe started screaming and running around the place it was so star wars crazy cool06:58
S74rk7Daskreech: Sounds amazing!07:00
S74rk7Daskreech: my brother wouldn't be that into computers as much as me.... I think I would be more the methodical and patient one and he'd be a bit more brash lol07:01
DaskreechIt was just from utter despair of we can never ever win this to omgomgomgomgomgomgomggonnadiegonnadiegonnadiekeeeepgoing!! WE WON!!!!07:01
S74rk7Daskreech: ROFL - excellent :)07:02
DaskreechI Installed the game years later07:02
DaskreechNever have again07:02
DaskreechWaste days playing it07:02
S74rk7Daskreech: I can seriously see why..07:03
DaskreechI'm really tempted to install it now .....07:03
S74rk7Daskreech: I nearlly choked on my coffee there ... I was just about to write that... lol07:04
S74rk7I was gonna say - bet your really tempted now you've thinking about it :) lol07:04
DaskreechMust be strong07:04
DaskreechMary would be proud07:04
S74rk7Daskcreech:  I say you've been rather good n patient... can't always be all work no play... :)    Have to let the be some time to be at one with yourself :P lol07:05
S74rk7Daskcreech:  Who's Mary if I may ask?07:05
DaskreechA fictional person I just made up who would be very proud of me if I'm strong enough to resist the call of evil evil fun07:06
Daskreech!tab  | S74rk707:06
ubottuS74rk7: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:06
S74rk7Daskreech: Ah legendary! :)07:06
DaskreechVery much so07:07
DaskreechAfter a year or two you will learn to hate the tab key07:07
S74rk7lol what makes you say that?07:07
DaskreechCause you will be so used to pressing tab and have it complete what you were thinking about you will start being upset it doesn't work everywhere07:08
DaskreechDear... who was I writing this to again? Why doesn't tab autocomplete it damnit!07:08
DaskreechThis year I made 43<tab> ... <tab> ?? <tabtabtabtab>07:09
DaskreechOh right I actually have to write it out07:09
S74rk7lol - I can see what your getting at there - rofl07:09
DaskreechIt works in IRC and most shells krunner and Libreoffice07:10
S74rk7Listen to this.... see for some reason... in windows I picked up the habbit of right clicking on the desktop.... and selecting refresh after I'd finished doing someting.... started the computer up.... returned to it after going to the kitchen etc etc.... lol07:10
Daskreechkate does it quite a bit as well07:10
S74rk7see when I start using linux... I caught myself so many times trying to do the same darn thing.... lol - It was because sometimes you would see the screen seems laggy.... or part of an icon remained the same colour or something as if it was still selected/highlighted ....07:12
S74rk7what the heck does that or why would it act like that - would you know... cuz its happening sometimes with windows in linux here ... and I dont have  my right click refresh anymore lol -07:13
S74rk7I mean is it a grfx issue... memory issue.... plasma etc?  You ever seen it or know what I mean? it happens on loads of OS's like07:14
DaskreechS74rk7: kinda like me on windows I keep pressing alt+F2 or ctrl+Shift+I or Alt+ctrl+a07:14
DaskreechYeah I know it07:14
S74rk7whats ALT+CTRL+A ??? It doesn't seem to do anything for me?07:15
DaskreechS74rk7: how many windows do you have open07:16
S74rk7on this desktop... only 3 now thanks to Konqueror lol :)07:18
Daskreechok jump to a different desktop. in 45 seconds I'll say your name in the channel. When you see the bubble press alt+ctrl+A07:19
Daskreechor 45 seconds from when you say ok you are going07:19
DaskreechS74rk7: go07:20
DaskreechS74rk7: Doh forgot someting07:20
Daskreechhaha come back Kubuntu turns this off07:20
S74rk7I'm back lol07:21
Daskreechok heres what you do go to Settings -> configure notifications07:21
Daskreechscroll down to Nick written and then you want to select Mark Taskbar Entry07:22
DaskreechOk and then it should work after that :)07:22
DaskreechSo when you are ready you can tell me and jump to the other desktop07:22
S74rk7ok done - heading to another desktop07:22
DaskreechS74rk7: go07:23
S74rk7NICE :)07:23
DaskreechSo anytime any window wants your attention you can just jump to it directly07:24
DaskreechI have 4 desktops and maybe 20 windows on each07:24
DaskreechNot a problem If something wants me I don't even have to think  press alt+ctrl+A and it pulls me to whatever the issue is07:24
DaskreechOn windows it just gets annoying to me07:25
Daskreechwhy is the window calling me if CAN"T ANSWER IT???07:25
Daskreech*throws a cat outside from fustration*07:25
S74rk7Daskreech: 1sec sorry mate (phone call) :)07:26
S74rk7Daskreech: Awww dude... sounds like you look at things the same way I do... lol - I seen so much of that over the years.... thats what has me excited about linux so much.... now I'm on a platform where I can change/personalise/correct things I see like that.... thats the icing on the cake for me :) lol07:29
Daskreechwell that's good07:30
Daskreechcause the cake is a lie07:30
S74rk7Thats how I came up with the ideas I got for my layout and structure of my distro I wanna put together.... just to see what something can be like if you can make you own logic in it :) lol07:30
S74rk7lol why's the cake a liar?07:31
S74rk7I don't know the cake that well.... more of a cheesecake kinna guy myself lol07:31
S74rk7Daskreech: lol lol you're not wise mate lol07:31
Daskreechha ha07:35
S74rk7Daskreech: lmao @ The cake is a lie07:37
S74rk7I played portal before :)07:38
S74rk7actually I think it was the older version - unless I'm mistaken :)07:38
S74rk7more of a little stick man if I remember or else I'm getting confused with something else07:39
Daskreechmaybe :)07:42
Daskreechyou were female in Portal07:43
S74rk7Daskreech: really?  I couldn't tell.... does a sticklady not had a triangle blackskirt on?  - suppose she'd bear wearing an all-in-one if she was doing all that jumping like in Portal :)07:47
noaXessgood morning..07:48
noaXess.. hey Daskreech07:48
Daskreechhi noaXess07:48
noaXessstill haven't found a solution, why my command not work in a bin/sh scipt.. any hint?07:48
DaskreechI asked what the files command does07:49
noaXessthe command on line 12 works if i use just this direct in command line07:50
noaXessDaskreech: you mean !(files)? that will exclude the folder files from the diff07:50
noaXessDaskreech: but it seems that !(files) will kill the command if i use it inside a script..07:51
DaskreechnoaXess: run the script with sh -X and see what it's doing07:52
noaXessDaskreech: ok..07:52
Daskreechbut you can always ask in #bash07:52
DaskreechThey will give you an answer and a cursing :)07:52
noaXessDaskreech: ah.. yes.. that was the channel ... grrr.. don't remember.. grrr07:52
Daskreechthey are pretty harsh but never fail to give you something useful07:52
noaXessDaskreech: i know.. was there times ago.. will try my luck there.. but anyway.. thanks a lot07:55
DaskreechnoaXess: I don't think it's much to do with luck. You'll get an answer07:57
jemandHi, since I did the normal Update 2 days ago FLASH doesn't work anymore.08:02
jemandAny idea?08:02
S74rk7Daskreech: Once again fine sir... Mucho respect - the pulse packages I installed earlier will let me configure my sound to HDMI output - gonna test it on my TV shortly!... :)  Many thanks 8)08:15
krystofurrHi all. I have a question on how to move the panel at the bottom to the top of the screen.08:31
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TheKroquick question: I know the latest stable version of google chrome is 10.0.648.204 .  But I have 5.0.375.127, and apt-get update says nothing about nuwe version. can this be because I'm still running lucid LTS?  How do I find out if this is an issue with my updates, or if 5.0.375.127 is the latest version to ship for lucid?11:01
TheKros/nuwe/ a new/11:01
Tex-Twilhello, I have problems reading a partition image create with dd : http://pastebin.com/eRcg6JCT11:03
noaXess_kubuntuhey all11:46
noaXess_kubuntui hae problems since upgrade to 10.10 with microphone. it doesn't work.. have waited for some kernel updates tht maybe fix that.. but still same problem..11:47
JoniiDoes anyone know where to ask about how to tweak kde mouse behavior?11:48
noaXess_kubuntuaudio controller.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/585331/11:48
noaXess_kubuntudetails of audio controller.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/585332/11:49
bloodsmithGood morning! Wondering if anyone would know of any good free webspace sites out there. I need a place to stash my pictures until I find my USB drive...11:53
bloodsmithI've browsed google already, but I want a server that someone already has dealings with and could give me a good report on.11:54
JoniiAlso, does anyone know why on kubuntu-installed-on-top-of-ubuntu konsole opens every link using konqueror, even though firefox is set as default browser11:54
kujulesI upgrade to the newest firefox and now miss the mplayer plugin, anyboy knows how to install that plugin? (mplayer package is already installed) thank you11:55
noaXess_kubuntukujules: maybe dpkg-reconfigure mplayer? or the plugin it self?11:56
kujulessorry, dpkg? what is this? i am a new user11:57
noaXess_kubuntuhere are more informatino about my audio device, maybe someone can give a hint: http://paste.ubuntu.com/585334/11:58
noaXess_kubuntukujules: hm.. have you ever used command line? konsole?11:59
kujulessometimes.. via terminal.. okie11:59
noaXess_kubuntukujules: you can try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mplayer, but maybe search befor in google for a answer... cause i don't use mplayer plugin in ff12:00
kujulesnothing happens.. what plug should i install for watching divx? before i upgrade to ff 4.0 i was able to watch many vids/movies12:02
noaXess_kubuntukujules: hmm.. maybe vlc?12:03
kujulesokie thank you.. hopefully problems will resolved by themselves one day :D12:09
JoniiAlso, it is possible to hide windows from other virtual desktops from bottom panel?12:15
noaXess_kubuntuhey all.. may mic problem.. still exists.. and i booted fomr ubuntu 10.10 live cd.. and there the mic works fine.. ???? just in my current kubuntu 10.10 install not.. any hint?12:40
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jimmy51_hello, what are some recommendations for an email/calendar client that will work well with Exchange 2010?13:39
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lotutuhow to configure brightness in kubuntu?15:19
giovanahumm + -15:20
lotutuI can configure brightness in gnome-desktop with the power-manager, however kubuntu doesn't work15:20
giovanayes ?15:21
marxjohnsonHmm I logged in just now for the first time today, got an error from ConsoleKit (somthing about setuid?) then once the desktop had loaded I got a message saying all my sound devices had been disconnected (I use onboard sound)15:43
marxjohnsonI installed some updates yesterday, is that likely to be connected?15:45
marxjohnsonah, sounds like updates had trouble http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170522315:48
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dustin_hmm, when you wanna edit a file whats the command -edit a sources file from the terminal its like gkedit or something i forget anyone remember?16:11
marxjohnsondustin_: are you after a command-line editor, or do you want to open a file in a GUI editor from the command line?16:16
marxjohnsonnano provides the former, kate provides the latter16:16
dustin_heheh i got it now i guess :)16:19
dustin_thank you marx16:20
dustin_brb marx16:29
dustin_need a fresh restart16:29
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is not in Ubuntu's repositories. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl16:33
rosco_yWhy can't I pipe the output of a "find . | grep filename" command into an "ls -l" command?16:43
rosco_y(i.e:   "find . | grep thisFile | ls -l ")16:43
genii-aroundrosco_y: Try instead: ls -l `find . | grep thisFile`16:58
dexhuWHAT APPLICATION do I use to use to UPGADE Kubuntu to latest version16:58
dexhuI'm a NOVICE17:00
dexhuWHAT APPLICATION do I use to use to UPGRADE Kubuntu to latest version? HELP!17:03
genii-arounddexhu: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install update-manager-core && sudo do-release-upgrade -p17:03
genii-arounddexhu: From in konsole17:03
dexhuOK THANKS Gen17:05
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone17:51
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phoenix_firebrdwhen firefox will be available for kubuntu 10.10 in a normal update?17:54
marxjohnsonphoenix_firebrd: I'd guess it wont be, your best bet is to use the PPA17:56
marxjohnsonin the past there haven't been major Fx updates between releases17:56
phoenix_firebrdmarxjohnson: is it just for 11.0417:57
phoenix_firebrdmarxjohnson: is there any specific reason for this?17:58
marxjohnsonThe PPA is for 10.04 and 10.10 I think17:58
marxjohnsonI dont know the exact reason, other than no other software is updated between releases, so it's nothing special about Fx17:58
shravanwell my usb transfer sppeds are unbelievably slow in my kubuntu10.10... cant figure out wat to do.. im a newbie to linux.17:59
shravanand i havent quite got this chat figured out yet.17:59
phoenix_firebrdmarxjohnson: ok. thanks buddy17:59
shravanwell my usb transfer sppeds are unbelievably slow in my kubuntu10.10... cant figure out wat to do.. im a newbie to linux.18:00
phoenix_firebrdshravan: what is your usb version?18:01
shravanmy laptop is usb 3.0 enabled..18:02
phoenix_firebrdshravan: how much data transfer speed are you getting?18:03
shravanstarts at good speed... in seconds it becomes 2.3 mbps or lesser18:03
phoenix_firebrddo you mean a file transfer speed?18:04
shane4ubuntudigikam not installed by default?18:04
shane4ubuntuwhat is the photo app for kubuntu?  organizer or whatever it is called if it isn't digicam?18:05
shravanyeah... i transferred a 1.7 Gib file that took me ten mins or so..18:05
shane4ubuntubrb time for lunch.18:05
phoenix_firebrdshravan: what are the two file systems?18:05
shravanumm  wat does that mean?18:06
phoenix_firebrdshravan: ntfs or ext4 ?18:06
shravanok how do i find out?18:06
phoenix_firebrdshravan: sudo fdisk -l18:07
phoenix_firebrdshravan: run the above command in a terminal18:07
phoenix_firebrdshravan: when aqsked for the password enter it18:07
phoenix_firebrdshravan: the terminal wont show the charectors entered when you enter the password18:08
shravanyeah got it18:08
phoenix_firebrdcorrection ->characters18:08
shravanit shows hpfs/ntfs18:09
shravandoes thatanswer ur qestn?18:09
phoenix_firebrdshravan: can you try transfering any file from a ext4 file system18:10
phoenix_firebrdshravan: and check the speed18:10
shravanhow do i do that now?18:10
phoenix_firebrdshravan: copy any a file from your home directory18:12
phoenix_firebrdshravan: assuming your root file system is ext418:12
phoenix_firebrdshravan: one more thing18:12
phoenix_firebrdshravan: did you check your bios for any usb settings?18:13
shravanumm no... i dont even kno wat that means18:14
shravanohk i tried copying a file from my 'home'... but stll getting 3.1 mbps18:15
phoenix_firebrdshravan: i have to check to see if kubuntu supports usb 3.0 well18:16
shravanwait i dont get such slow speeds in windows so i dont think bios settings is the problm18:17
Guest52178shravan: are you sure your usb kabel is 3.0 and not 2.0?18:17
genii-aroundphoenix_firebrd: usb3 has been supported since Karmic Koala18:17
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: does kubuntu support usb 3.0 well. shravan is getting a very low data transfer speed18:18
shravanits a pen drive and i dunno if its 2.0 or 3.0... i just kno that my laptop can handle usb 3.018:18
phoenix_firebrdgenii-around: ok18:18
phoenix_firebrdshravan: omg18:18
phoenix_firebrdshravan: ha ha ha18:18
shravanumm wats funny?18:19
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd:  Sorry, I couldn't tell you.  My system does have USB 3.0 but I've never used it.  I have no USB 3.0 devices.18:19
Guest52178ok, if it's a pendrive then no usb 318:19
phoenix_firebrdshravan: i assumbed that it was 3.018:19
Guest52178no not he pendrive18:19
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: ok18:19
shravanohk.. maybe that was dumb.. :P18:19
phoenix_firebrdGuest52178: thats not true18:20
Guest52178your motherboard may support 3.0 but your pendrive is prob 2.018:20
phoenix_firebrdGuest52178: usb 3.0 pen drives are available now18:20
shravani dint know pendrives couldnt be 3.018:20
genii-aroundIf you do: lsmod | grep xhci     then the 3.0 driver is loaded18:20
genii-around( if it shows as there )18:21
shravanohk am i supposed to b doin anything?18:22
phoenix_firebrdshravan: nope18:23
shravanok... so is there anything i can do to set this ryt?18:24
Guest52178shravan: if you could borrow someone's external hdd, which is 3.0 and test on your pc?18:25
shravanohk gimme a min18:26
phoenix_firebrdshravan: set what right?. If you mean the speed, i think that is speed offered by your device. check your device tech specs18:26
phoenix_firebrdshravan: sample spec http://www.transcendusa.com/Products/ModDetail.asp?ModNo=107&LangNo=0&Func1No=1&Func2No=7618:28
phoenix_firebrdshravan: it says maximum write speed for a 512 mb flash drive is 2 mbps18:29
phoenix_firebrdshravan: got to go now. bye18:30
shravanwell no go on the the 3.0 exthard drive but i manged t get a 2.0 hard drive18:35
Guest52178you will prob get gihger speeds with the extern hdd than with the pendrive18:36
shravanyes i did... 23 mbps18:41
Guest52178that is pretty nice for your usb 2 extern hdd18:41
mrenhi, after the latest updates flash isn't working in Firefox properly, a reinstall fixed it for some sites (e.g. youtube) but not for others (e.g. Google Maps); any ideas?18:43
joeb_hi all .. anyone got netflix running in virtualbox and if so how is the video quality .. im tired of boot into windows just to watch a movie19:19
dustin_this there a GUI client of sorts that allows you to do things in ROOT i forget again im sure or semi sure but can't remember the name of it so could someone help me quick?19:22
dustin_anyone availible for some much needed help?20:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:08
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genii-arounddustin_: eg: Describe your problem specifically to the channel20:16
dustin_im trying to open and edite a program "openarena and i downloaded a patch for it that needs to be unzipped to the original folder" as well problem is i need ROOT to do it and i forgot the program or name of the program that will alllow me to do this20:21
genii-aroundsudo for command-line stuff and kdesudo for graphical ones in KDE20:23
genii-aroundeg: sudo nano somefiletoedit     or  kdesudo kate somefiletoedit20:23
shane4ubuntuAaaahhh, Google Chrome just ate my passwords????  What is up with that?20:36
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dustin_thanks geni20:54
dustin_im on unbuntu thou not kubuntu thou :(20:55
dustin_i mean geni i need to move some files around and to the specified folder but need root enabled :) if you still there20:58
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genii-arounddustin_: sudo mv file-you-need-moved /path/to/move/it/to21:05
dustin_aint there a way to do it through GUI?21:06
genii-arounddustin_: Since you're on ubuntu and not kubuntu: gksudo nautilus21:08
genii-arounddustin_: Ubuntu specific help is usually in #ubuntu , so you know21:08
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dustin_sorry, ya my bad i ask there but they never have much time to help it seems like all you folks always answer me and explain in detail more clearer :) thank the clam version worked21:09
sourcemakerhow can I sync kontact with google?21:14
sourcemakerI have installed the akonadi-kde-resource-googledata already, but it does not work21:15
shane4ubuntudual-screen how to take a screenshot of just one of those monitors?  I get both21:15
shane4ubuntuwow, am I asking hard questions today?  :)21:17
gomiboyshane4ubuntu: note everybody has dualscreen, not everybody takes screenshots: cut the images with the gimp :P21:19
shane4ubuntugomiboy: understood, I was thinking there was an easy way to take a screen shot of a specific app though, what ever app was being used.21:19
dustin_ lemme know if any of you know alot about tork/tor clients i could use that alot talk to you all in afew and again thank you folks21:19
shane4ubuntuthat is like the third question today with no replies.21:20
gomiboyshane4ubuntu: yes, for a single app ksnapshot can do it21:21
shane4ubuntugomiboy: thanks!21:21
shane4ubuntuOh, my other question was what is the default photo manager for kubuntu?  I thought digicam was the kde photo managing program?21:40
tsimpsonshane4ubuntu: should be gwenview last time I checked21:43
tsimpsonand even though it starts with a 'g', it's a KDE app ;)21:43
Torchshane4ubuntu: digikam for the managing, gwenview for quick browsing21:45
gomiboyshane4ubuntu: depends on what you intend for "photo manager". For example i "manage" my photos moving them in folders with dolphin... but yes, digikam is another good candidate :)21:46
tsimpsonis digicam installed by default? I don't think it is21:47
Torchi don't think so either, but it's only a few clicks away21:47
tsimpsonso it's not "the default photo manager" :)21:48
Torchright ;-)21:48
Torchbut gwenview isn't a "photo manager" at all, so the answer would be "there is no default" ;-))21:48
tsimpsonwell it's almost like a specialized dolphin, for images21:50
tsimpsonbut it's generally good enough for viewing images/photos/whatever21:50
shane4ubuntuI'm surprised that digikam wasn't already installed though, not a big deal, just kind of surprised.21:51
shane4ubuntuI do like gwenview for the quick view, that works fine for that.21:52
tsimpsonit would be installed, but it's part of koffice and koffice is not considered "ready" yet21:53
tsimpsonor maybe I'm thinking of something else...21:53
Torchtsimpson: how would digikam be related to koffice, though?21:54
tsimpsonyeah, I was thinking of kritta21:54
Torchtsimpson: i see ;-)21:54
tsimpsondigikam may be a little advanced for the default install, considering we'd probably have to remove something else to put it on there21:55
tsimpson(CD size constrains what is default installed)21:55
Torchit's also rather big, AFAIK21:56
shane4ubuntukritta?  I think I installed that21:56
shane4ubuntuahh, that would explain it being excluded, didn't realize that.21:56
shane4ubuntukeep the cd size, I can easily download the various add ons I use.21:57
tsimpsonit's apparently ~30M, so yeah21:58
shane4ubuntuok is there a Google support irc?  Google chrome ate all my stored passwords in preferences, password manager thing, it is now empty!21:59
shane4ubuntuwas it a google bug that didn't get fed enough?21:59
heavy_softhello ppl22:01
tsimpsonshane4ubuntu: not that I can see, at least not on freenode22:01
shane4ubuntuok, thanks all!22:02
heavy_softam askin about kwin in kde 4.6.1 it freez yet !! or bug fixed ?22:02
Torchheavy_soft: you're experiencing hard freezes and you wonder if kwin is to blame for that?22:03
heavy_softthe problem in kde 4.6.1 was reported to kwin it's not me who say taht !22:05
Torchheavy_soft: do you have a kde bug number?22:05
heavy_softno :/22:06
heavy_softbut searching in goole in found the same prob reported22:07
heavy_softfor exemple here http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=9300822:07
mu3enis there a channel for natty devel?22:08
Torchheavy_soft: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=266182 is mentioned there22:10
ubottuKDE bug 266182 in effects-various "Desktop is frozen during cube rotation with direct rendering" [Normal,New]22:10
Torchheavy_soft: and it's not fixes and martin graesslin marked another bug as duplicate this week22:10
Torchheavy_soft: so all in all this does not look good. if it's really this bug you're hitting.22:12
heavy_softso it's not fixed on kde 4.6.1 ! coz the problem waz reported for kde 4.622:12
Torchheavy_soft: not all bugs get fixed as soon as they are reported, unfortunately.22:12
tsimpsonmu3en: #kubuntu-devel for development, #ubuntu+1 for support22:13
heavy_softok ty Torch22:13
mu3entsimpson. thanks, heading over.22:14
lolmac32hello there, how do i make my wireless adapter in my notebook to work|?22:24
marxjohnsonlolmac32: I'm no expert, but I can give a few pointers22:29
marxjohnsonif you press Alt+F2 it should bring up a run dialogue22:30
marxjohnsonif you type "additional" in there, it should show "Additional Drivers" with an icon22:30
marxjohnsonclick on that22:30
marxjohnsonit should prompt for your password22:31
marxjohnsonwith me so far?22:33
doctoras_тут есть кто22:36
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_sophiastill haven't gotten my headphones to work. Can I have some more help with it today? :)23:35
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lrussellhi, I have a few questions about kubuntu23:47
marxjohnsongo on23:49
lrussellwhat are the minium system requirements23:49
lrussellI cant find them23:49
_sophiai think it's on the main site?23:49
lrussellwill 256 mb of ram work?23:50
marxjohnsonThat'd be a stretch with KDE I reckon23:50
marxjohnsonXubuntu or Lubuntu might be a better choice23:50
lrussellxbuntu i had to use the alternative to install and it was too slow... and lubuntu i cant even get install to start23:51
lrussellI tried them23:51
lrussellbut they should work fine23:52
lrussellI have more than 192 mb of ram23:52
marxjohnsonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements That lists for Ubuntu (Kubuntu should be similar) Xubuntu and Ubuntu Netbook23:53
marxjohnsonI'm afraid I cant help with X or L problems23:53
marxjohnsondid you try their channels/forums?23:54
lrussellI have an HP Pavilion ze4900 laptop23:54
lrussellfrom 0423:54
lrussellnot very new23:55
lrussellit is my newest pc though.,, :/23:55
lrusselli still have a pc from 96 and another from 0123:56
marxjohnsonCrunchbang might do the job? I believe it's fairly lightweight23:56
marxjohnsonI know people who use it and say good things about it23:56
lrussellwill it support wifi and all of the regular ubuntu apps23:57
marxjohnsonIt's based on Debian now, not Ubuntu, but most of the packages available for Ubuntu are available for Debian too23:58
marxjohnsonIt uses APT too23:58
marxjohnsonWifi support depends on the chipset your laptop uses really23:58
lrussellso what site would be good for software? or does it have an app store thing23:58
lrussellwell, my card is supported with ubuntu, xubuntu, and kubuntu23:59
marxjohnsonit uses APT, like Ubuntu does. It doesn't have the software center though23:59
lrussellwhere would i get software?23:59
marxjohnsondo you have to install restricted drivers under Ubuntu or does it work out of the box?23:59
lrussellout of the box23:59

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