storrgiewhat is the package I need to install for 3d nvidia using nouveau?00:41
storrgiesomething like mesa-dir-expiremental00:42
storrgiei cant find it00:42
bjsnider!info libglu1-mesa-experimental00:43
ubottuPackage libglu1-mesa-experimental does not exist in natty00:43
storrgieuh ohs00:43
storrgiei dont see it00:43
bjsnider!info libglu1-mesa-dri-experimental00:44
ubottuPackage libglu1-mesa-dri-experimental does not exist in natty00:44
bjsnider!info libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental00:45
ubottulibgl1-mesa-dri-experimental (source: mesa): A free implementation of the OpenGL API -- Extra DRI modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.10.1-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 906 kB, installed size 3368 kB00:45
storrgietrying it now00:48
storrgiebjsnider, thanks, well see if it helps00:48
Sonjais it safe for average users to upgrade yet? :)00:59
Sonjai must wait 4 weeks :)01:00
reya276Ubuntu 11.04 messed up my GRUB menu and now my Ubuntu 10.10 entry is not available. How can I fix this? Please help01:00
Sonjanow i see why :)01:00
reya276Ubuntu 11.04 messed up my GRUB menu and now my Ubuntu 10.10 entry is not available. How can I fix this? Please help01:18
vividreya276, in terminal run 'sudo update-grub'01:19
reya276vivid, all is generating is what it changed it to01:20
reya276it removed my 10.10 entry01:20
reya276vivid, http://paste.ubuntu.com/585135/01:21
vividreya276, the 'update-grub' utility will search for and add any existing operating systems to the grub boot list01:21
mhall119reya276: GRUB was properly configured after your initial install of natty, right?  It was after an update that this happened?01:22
reya276vivid, ok so why is not finding 10.10, it was there because that is how I downloaded the 11.04 version and prior to an update I just did like 30 mins ago it used to pick up 10.10 in grub but after this update bam gone01:23
reya276mhall119, yes it was working 100% correct and after this partial upgrade thing everything got messed up01:24
vividreya276, maybe mhall119 knows why grub isnt working01:24
mhall119did you apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade?01:24
vividreya276, NEVER do partial upgrade01:24
reya276I used the update manager01:24
mhall119vivid: no, I was talking to him earlier01:24
mhall119I sent him here01:25
reya276I never use the terminal to upgrade because there is the update manager which pops-up so it said I had updates and that it was partial so I figured it was ok01:25
vividmy guess is that something is broken after the partial upgrade, its a common problem01:26
reya276so when you tell me never do partial upgrades which are coming from canonical/ubuntu that to me sounds crazy, put yourself in my position01:26
vividthat will not happen on a production release reya27601:26
vividit means that people are uploading new packages and arent finished yet01:27
reya276at this point I can care less about 11.04 right now I just want my 10.10 system back01:27
vividand you cant boot into it?01:27
vividdo you have a live cd?01:27
reya276I can't boot in to it because it does not show on the Grub list so I have no means of selecting it01:28
reya276I have a USB01:28
vividthen you need to restore 10.10's grub install01:28
vividusing a livecd environment or something similar01:28
reya276How can I do that01:28
vividget an ubuntu livecd or burn one to cd01:28
vividthen youll boot into that, and use it to restore maverick's grub01:29
vividtheres a walkthrough for it, let me see if i can find it01:29
reya276I understand what you mean by they are updating things but they should be careful when it comes to that. they ask us users to test it and then break the system. Not eveyone has two PC, Laptops laying around. I'm not trying to bitch but just saying that they should try not to do things like that01:30
vividthats why it says development release01:30
vividyou're taking chances, in the future, ignore partial upgrades would be my advice, but that doesnt mean its what went wrong01:30
reya276I know that, but it's killing GRUB which is the basic way to switch between versions, I can understand if after you log in nothing works, great01:31
reya276ok I will wait until I get safe confirmation from Ubuntu Blogs stating is ok to upgrade or something, thanks01:32
vividthis might help, ignore the windows thing, it just means after installing another system01:32
vividyoull need a livecd though01:32
reya276I have the live USB stick01:32
reya276is that ok?01:33
vividif it gives you a live session, yes01:33
reya276ok let me try it, thanks01:37
bprI've been reading a little about Gnome 3.  It says "messaging is built in" and that you can reply to a new IM directly in the notification pop up.  Does unity do that too?01:38
reya276vivid, you know what is the funny part of all this is that 11.04 is working like if it were an actual final released version, with the whole GRUB thing failing01:38
bpryeah, my experience w/11.04 has been great01:39
bprbut i don't have another os on this machine, so no chance for grub issues01:40
Tom__does unity replace gnome or does it sit upon it????02:18
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DasEi:) unity 2d works in vbox, nice thing to test02:26
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doodoowhen will we get fglrx in natty?05:51
rwwwhen ATI releases a version of fglrx that works with natty's kernel and Xorg05:54
hifithat said: open source radeon welcomes you06:07
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ktosiekHi! I've got an asus 1015pn, and I'm using intel GPU. Netbook interface is not showing, I only get a wallpaper and some notifications (no errors, just what's always there)08:16
ktosiekis it a known problem?08:16
uabn93Where can we report bugs when natty is released next month since fresh releases always have them?08:45
zniavreim trying to 'theme' the unity launcher somebody hav an idea how to do it please?09:01
zniavrei already try to modify launcher-background-top/bottom/middle.png with success09:02
noam_will vlc/totem have video hardware acceleration in the next ubuntu?09:04
zniavrei do not know09:04
j0llyr0ttensince upgrading to dev version (natty) wifi no longer works09:06
j0llyr0ttenplease help. i just get timeout errors09:06
j0llyr0tteni even removed wpa auth and made it an open access point but no dice09:07
j0llyr0tteni tried googling but to no avail09:07
j0llyr0ttenmacbook w/ broadcom09:07
j0llyr0ttenalso: gsettings-data-convert (or something like that) crashed/crashes just after login at times - maybe this is related to my problem?09:09
jnlsnl_hi, im new to linux, will programs line "gnome planner" work in natty with unity and all ?09:14
j0llyr0ttenwhy shouldn't it?09:21
psypher246hello all09:45
psypher246has anyone else have issues with unity not starting on a virtualbox vm? Since the latest updates unity has stopped working for me09:46
vincenzomlHi all. After recent updates to natty, my evince does not have fonts in the GUI. It only displays boxes; I have limited band width, can anyone suggest packages to upgrade?09:58
vincenzomlactually, I don't see any messages trough, can you see me or do I have a bug in empathy?09:59
vincenzomlHi, I don't know if I already asked, since empathy looks a bit weird today. I have garbled GUI fonts in evince, as of recent upgrades, and can't do a full upgrade10:02
vincenzomlso I need advice on which packages may be responsible10:03
UndiFineDvincenzoml: a font change might help, there was an update today on the ubuntu font10:06
vincenzomlUndiFineD: it's just a problem in evince, though10:07
UndiFineDhmm, maybe it uses a font that is broken10:07
vincenzomllet me see if I just update evince again...10:08
vincenzomlUndiFineD: it's very weird: the "open file" dialog in evince has boxes in place of letters, whereas the open file dialog in gedit doesnt10:08
UndiFineDwhat language do you on the desktop ?10:10
vincenzomlas we are speaking of weirdness, anyone has ever seen the empathy chat window enlarge as you type instead of going to a new line?10:10
vincenzomlUndiFineD: italian10:10
UndiFineDdo you use*10:10
UndiFineDso it is a latin / utf8 issue10:11
vincenzomlhmm, LANG=C evince does not change things10:12
UndiFineDseems a lot like: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evince/+bug/63108810:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 631088 in pango1.0 (Ubuntu) "Incompatibilty with Windows font Deja Vu Sans 9.9990234375 makes evince menu unreadable" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:13
vincenzomloh, thanks10:14
UndiFineDmark and subscribe :)10:15
vincenzomlthe funny thing is that10:16
vincenzomlI don't have windows at all10:16
UndiFineDit is the windows font, not ms windows10:16
UndiFineDit could be happening with other fonts too10:17
UndiFineDreport the font used to the bug10:17
vincenzomlUndiFineD: the point is, I never changed any fonts in the system, I'm using vanilla natty. What changed recently is that I wiped out all my dotfiles so to have a clean config10:18
vincenzomlthat's even weirder, as I'm using defaults everywhere10:18
vincenzomlthere's an update to the ubuntu fonts anyway10:23
vincenzomllet's see10:23
UndiFineDstill, from them knowing the font used makes it a little easier to rack down10:23
vincenzomlthanks UndiFineD10:33
decoderi'm still seeing:10:53
roffe_How would I know if I'm running unity 2D or 3D?10:53
decodergtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid.10:53
decoderWARNING: icon cache generation failed for /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark10:53
decoderfor mono-dark and mono-light10:53
decoderanyone else have this?10:53
roffe_How would I know if I'm running unity 2D or 3D?10:57
cdbsroffe_: By default you're running 3d10:59
cdbsroffe_: you can find that out easily. Check if you're running Compiz10:59
cdbsroffe_: Is compiz in System Monitor?10:59
roffe_cdbs, yes, though it says it's sleeping11:00
cdbsroffe_: then it means you're using 3d11:01
roffe_cdbs, Ok, thanks. Though I wonder why I cannot install fglrx. I thought it might have had something to do with it11:02
gnomefreakfglrx is still broken IIRC11:02
gnomefreaksee link in /topic11:03
roffe_gnomefreak, Thanks, I just figured it was a problem only for my hw. Great to know it's not11:04
psypher246ello all11:06
psypher246has anyone else have issues with unity not starting on a virtualbox vm? Since the latest updates unity has stopped working for me11:06
gnomefreakwell it seems apport-collect causes compiz to crash :(11:11
ali1234psypher246: bug 73833011:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833011:14
gnomefreaki have 2 white blocks, blocking the Ubuntu icon in upper left of screen. it started on this bootafter todays updates11:25
gnomefreakicon is still usable though11:25
psypher246yay unity is back, thanks ali123411:53
ali1234it is?11:53
psypher246when u mouseover the the ubuntu icon, should you not be able to click on the luancher?11:54
psypher246i actually have to click on the menu11:55
psypher246bug or feature?11:55
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ali1234psypher246: how did you make it work?12:01
psypher246installed virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 over the native guest additions12:02
ali1234i did that12:02
ali1234still doesn't work12:02
psypher246and now unity works and is actually stable12:02
psypher246did u turn on 3d accell?12:02
ali1234i just see the wallpaper, if i right click i get a menu12:03
ali1234to panel/launcher or anything12:03
ali1234also it is incredibly slow12:03
psypher246i did re-install the guest additions again before i installed virtualbox-ose-guest-x1112:04
ali1234virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 is the same thing as guest additions12:04
psypher246last time u updated, did u do a dist-upgrade as well?12:04
psypher246yeah but i installed the actuall virtualbox guest addiditons12:04
psypher246from the iso12:04
ali1234i did a fresh install from the daily image12:04
psypher246do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:05
ali1234there are no updates12:05
psypher246try install the vbox guest addit from iso then re-install the ubuntu one12:06
psypher246i also had the issue u had earlier today, but after upgrading it was fixed12:06
ali1234i can't12:06
ali1234i can't do anything because i don't get fallback12:06
psypher246right ctrl-f112:07
psypher246on sli12:07
ali1234ah thanks12:07
psypher246cd /media/virtualbox summing12:07
psypher246it should be mounted12:07
psypher246maybe :/12:07
ali1234now X won't start at all12:17
psypher246oh fun12:17
ali1234the Xorg module included on the guest additions CD is not compatible with natty xorg12:17
ali1234reinstalled distro packages, result is same as before12:20
ali1234it looks like compiz is restarting on an endless loop12:20
psypher246sudo find /etc -name "*vboxadd*" -exec rm {} \;12:21
psypher246sudo find /etc -name "*vboxvfs*" -exec rm {} \;12:21
psypher246sudo rm -r /usr/src/vboxadd-*12:21
psypher246sudo rm -r /usr/src/vboxvfs-*12:21
psypher246sudo rm /usr/sbin/vboxadd-timesync12:21
psypher246sudo rm /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/vboxadd.ko12:21
psypher246sudo rm /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/vboxvfs.ko12:21
psypher246try that to remove12:21
ali1234that's what uninstalling the package does12:22
ali1234ah... it's not even compiz that is causing the crash12:28
ali1234oh hang on12:28
tzangergood morning... Is it possible to find out what exactly crashreporter is trying to report about? it is asking me questions about the crash and I have no idea what to answer since I can't tell what crashed12:30
tzangeralso... where would the best place to report a loading "dependency" issue? My bluetooth driver is part of the omnibook (toshiba u300) driver, and in natty it seems that bluetoothd starts before omnibook gets a chance to load, so no bt. If I restart bluetoothd, bt works perfectly.12:31
ali1234ah here is the crash: OpenGL Error: Out of memory trying to allocate 1013234308 bytes12:31
ali1234that's nearly a gigabyte12:32
psypher246memory leak?12:41
susundbergthat wouldnt be single allocation?12:42
tzangerHow would one go about reporting a startup order regression? my bluetooth driver is part of the omnibook driver, but bluetoothd starts before this driver loads, so no bluetooth. If I restart the bluetooth service after everything's up bluetooth works beautifully.12:57
susundbergtzanger: report it as normal bug13:12
tzangersusundberg: under what package though, bluetooth?13:13
susundbergi would go for bluetoothd13:17
susundbergthat would be package 'bluez'13:18
lvhHow do I get to the files on my other ubuntu box in the network?13:49
lvh(without using ubuntu one, since we're talking multi-gb movies)13:50
yofeleasiest would be to install openssh-server on the other box, then you can use sftp to transfer things13:50
lvhwell, I know about sshfs, that's not really the problem13:51
lvhBoth boxes are running sshds, have shared public keys, and ssh-agent set up correctly13:51
lvhHowever, in ubuntu 10.04 I could just add a remote host, like I did for ftp13:52
lvhExcept ssh13:52
lvh(Gnome menu > Places > Connect to Server...)13:52
yofelk, I fear I don't know the networking UI of gnome that well :S13:52
lvhOkay, how do I mount a remote filesystem on some box on my network in unity, then13:53
lvhpreferably an answer that doesn't involve "open a terminal"13:53
yofelsomeone else hopefully has an answer for that, I'm on KDE13:53
lvh*I* understand how to use sshfs, my mom probably doesn't (and she doesn't want to either)13:53
yofelagreed, my dad doesn't even know what ssh is13:54
ali1234lvh: first, switch to gnome classic desktop, then it's places -> connect to server14:04
ali1234i have a feeling we're going to be hearing stuff like that a lot in a few months14:05
lvhali1234: Uhuh14:05
lvhali1234: I'm just trying this stuff out so I can tell people who just want to use their computers if it's okay ot use it yet14:05
ali1234it's not14:06
bcurtiswxwhat channel would I go to talk to someone about my headphone jack not redirecting sound to headphones when i plug headphones in14:06
lvhali1234: Isn't it going to be released in a month?14:06
ali1234lvh: supposedly :)14:06
bcurtiswxin natty of course14:06
lvhali1234: I did it yesterday because yesterday was the UI freeze14:07
ali1234bcurtiswx: i have a little bit of knowledge about that14:07
lvhali1234: don't worry about me: I just replaced by xinitrc with a full-screen no window manager emacs nightly14:07
bcurtiswxali1234, how do I fix that14:08
ali1234if you load up alsamixer (terminal) you will probably find a sound card option called "Independent HP"14:08
ali1234when it's turned off, it means line out/headphones will be independent14:08
ali1234sorry, when it is ON14:08
ali1234when it is OFF, plugging the headphones should mute the speakers14:08
ali1234i have to turn it ON because my motherboard is messed up and mutes the speakers randomly when i have no headphones plugged in14:09
ali1234i have a bug report about this too14:09
bcurtiswxHDA ATI SB/HDMI are my sound cards14:09
ali1234yep, HDA here too14:09
ali1234i don't use HDMI audio14:10
bcurtiswxi dont' see independant HP14:12
lvhali1234: I found a workaround14:12
lvhopen nautilus14:12
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roffe_is there any gui in ubuntu that could tell what graphic card and which driver you are using?14:15
ali1234bcurtiswx: you might have to scroll far to the right14:16
ali1234failing that i don't know any more14:16
roffe_am I really forced to use the terminal to find out such basic information? How user-friendly was ubuntu again?14:18
patdk-wkroffe_, heh, mine is right there in hardware drivers14:21
roffe_patdk-wk, allright, mine isn't. Only if I'd use the prop driver, though it still wouldn't say exactly which card I have. I think it would be rather obvious to have a system setting tell me which driver is currently in use14:24
zniavrenobody  tried to modify the launcher appearence?14:25
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs14:38
bcurtiswxwhats the easiest way to install skype on Natty?14:39
ankreloaded__bcurtiswx: search for it in software center, it will automatically recommend it as a partner repository which you can add14:47
bcurtiswxankreloaded__, hmm, i did and it doesn't come up.. just plugins for things like pidgin etc..14:49
ankreloaded__um well it did recommend for me14:50
MocAnyone can test something quickly ? (require a sound card and audio to playback ;)15:25
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cmyrlandHey guys. I just noticed something: In the Unity Dash the options "browse the web", "view photos", "check email" and "listen to music" should be sort of "symlinked" to the user's preferred program. I use Opera as default browser, but in the dash it's firefox. Not good.16:06
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EvilPhoenixare there any known issues trying to load the Alpha (for testing purposes) into a VBox virtual machine?17:44
farmerHi, how can I update a system running maverick to natty alpha?17:45
farmerAh, nevermind17:46
charlie-tcaEvilPhoenix: 3d is failing here, I can not run unity so I have to use the classic-gnome session17:46
EvilPhoenixcharlie-tca:  even with 3d acceleration enabled in the vbox session?17:47
EvilPhoenixcharlie-tca:  would I be better off installing this in a small partition on my non-production system and just share the swap space that my Maverick install uses?17:47
EvilPhoenixor am I likely to bork my computer then>?17:47
charlie-tcaI don't think I would share anything.17:48
charlie-tcaIt does work for me on hardware, though.17:48
EvilPhoenixeven though its a swap partition?17:48
charlie-tcaI don't really know the results of sharing it with maverick. I gave up that a couple of releases back when I screwed up my installation17:48
EvilPhoenixi have a feeling my computer is going to hate me for giving Natty Alpha 1GB of RAM to work with in VBox >.>17:50
charlie-tcaI only give it 512 MB here17:51
EvilPhoenixi've got 4GB physical RAM and like... i THINK 8-16GB of swap space though *shurgs*17:51
EvilPhoenixuhm... i think i froze my system o.o17:51
EvilPhoenixtime for tty-forced reboot >.>17:51
charlie-tcarunniong up a live natty desktop in VBox, let's see what it does today17:51
charlie-tcaIt worked for alpha3 testing, but has been failing me since then17:52
charlie-tcahm, no panels, no dash, no dock17:53
charlie-tcagot the desktop with two icons, one is Examples folder, and one is Install icon17:53
EvilPhoenixwhoo, now i've got to wait 4 minutes to get the iso >.>17:53
farmerUbuntu 10.10 is giving me an error for trying to upgrade a ubuntu install which started as Xubuntu with the ubuntu-desktop package, how can I install these?17:59
EvilPhoenixfarmer:  10.10 questions should be asked in #ubuntu, not here18:01
EvilPhoenixfarmer:  and FYI, you shouldn't upgrade to Natty from Maverick just yet18:01
EvilPhoenixbecause Natty is still in Alpha18:01
farmerI'm upgrading it to natty18:02
farmeraye, I'd like to test it, I updated this desktop fine18:02
EvilPhoenixfarmer:  yeah, when?  because Natty is in Alpha, and isnt supposed to be used in a production environment18:02
EvilPhoenixif you actually want to test Natty, don't upgrade Maverick to it, install Natty alongside (although i've seen times that the installer blows away your entire hard drive in the process anyways)18:02
farmerokay, is there a way to put the latest natty version of unity onto maverick?18:03
EvilPhoenixfarmer:  the latest version of Unity isnt even backported to Maverick.  AFAIK, the backports from Natty to Maverick will (maybe) occur after Natty is released stable.18:05
farmerah, okay, thanks18:06
EvilPhoenixfarmer:  so you may have to wait for the stable release before you can get the latest version of Unity put onto Maverick18:08
EvilPhoenixand that's assuming someone actually backports it18:08
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charlie-tcafarmer: if both Xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop packages are installed, the upgrade will fail18:19
charlie-tcaYou have to remove one of those packages.18:19
EvilPhoenixwow its being slow to install today... even in virtual environment (maybe because of the 1GB RAM I gave it, which overflowed into my swap space...?18:21
EvilPhoenixtis hanging on "Installing Software" on the install screen18:22
EvilPhoenixand i told it to update packages too (maybe that's why?)18:22
farmercharlie-tca, Thanks, am trying that now :)18:23
charlie-tcaIt took mine a very long time to install today.18:23
charlie-tcathe desktop installs took much longer than the alternate installs, too.18:23
farmercharlie-tca, It installs, thanks for your help! :)18:24
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:24
EvilPhoenixoop, there it is.  had to force ACPI reboot on the virtual system though.  oop, there's the 102degC thermal warnings >.>18:24
EvilPhoenixquick question... how can I tell if Unity is running, or whether classic-gnome is running?18:25
charlie-tcado you have panels top and bottom, or a thing on the left?18:26
EvilPhoenixtop and bottom18:26
EvilPhoenixso classic gnome then18:26
charlie-tcapanels top and bottom are classic-gnome18:26
EvilPhoenixany way to force-start unity, and see if it errors out?18:26
charlie-tcatop only with the thing on the left is unity18:26
charlie-tcalog out, choose "desktop-session" from the login screen, after hitting enter on the user18:27
trismEvilPhoenix: it probably did try and error out, check ~/.xsession-errors and you should see what happened18:27
EvilPhoenixspeak of the devil...18:28
EvilPhoenixUnity is running :P18:28
EvilPhoenixand is operational :P18:28
EvilPhoenixoop there goes the crash18:28
EvilPhoenixstrange... vbox crashed that time o.O18:29
aakshay apt is not able to access the archives.. what can be done to correct this? :(18:30
EvilPhoenixwoah, that's weird.18:30
EvilPhoenixtrism:  okay, unity died, so i put it up in classic gnome18:30
EvilPhoenixthe classic gnome feel of the dark panels just randomly changed to the not-so-streamlined theme, all white and stuff, reminds me a ton of ancient winblows' taskbar and theming18:31
EvilPhoenixthat might be a glitch in vbox or something :/18:33
EvilPhoenixso where do I report bugs in Natty, here?18:41
EvilPhoenixbecause an assertion error caused  the terminal program to crash18:41
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:43
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mungo-i got alot of updates over night does that often happen or was my system not fully updated perhaps yesterday ?19:36
yofelhappens often, at least if you mean 50 updates a day are a lot19:37
mungo-compiz is much more stable19:37
mungo-and ubuntuone works19:37
mungo-yep thats a bunch19:37
yofelcompiz stable? then be happy, crashes every time I try to login to unity here19:38
mungo-thats all i've been using.  it'll take time for me to adjust and learn all the new tricks.  after last night, not a single flip of a light switch so to speak19:38
mungo-i always liked docks, i suppose there is nothing too special about this one, i hope it get better themey or something i'm using it on a desktop but i suppose its just fine for that too19:40
mungo-will there be an option to use gnome instead of unity once natty becomes final ?19:40
mungo-my laser printer either bit the dust, or is non-functional on natty.  ironically i had a backup come in about the same time that one started to act weird.19:41
mungo-i've actually flipped through a number of things, and overnight, compiz hasn't given me a single issue while using nvidia propietary drivers19:42
mungo-is it just or is ubuntuone very inexpensive in comparison to dropbox ?19:43
mungo-just me19:43
yofelmungo-: you can already use gnome, select 'classic' on the login screen19:43
mungo-yes yofel.  and i have, back when i had problems.  i literally distro hopped and no matter where i went there was an issue that i couldn't tolerate, last stop was fedora, i installed natty one more time, i was too exhausted to realized that all i likely needed to get dropbox function was to nukes its .config dir though i'm thinking ubuntuone is a better value ?19:44
yofelno idea. I have both running here with 2GB profiles, both run fine, but ubuntuone is less work to set up19:45
mungo-ok thank you19:46
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PSN|VegaMananyone good at installing stuff?19:49
PSN|VegaMani downloaded vmware player but i dunno how to install it19:49
arandPSN|VegaMan: You running Natty?19:49
PSN|VegaMani dunno what natty is or if i have it19:50
PSN|VegaMani just know i have 10.1019:50
arandPSN|VegaMan: Support for that versio is in #ubuntu19:50
doodoowhen wil we get fglrx for natty?20:08
charlie-tcawithin the next 5 weeks?20:13
greyhatsalafianyone here know when natty will get the new paid games?20:53
greyhatsalafianyone here know when natty will get the new paid games?21:34
bazhanguplink and darwinia?21:36
bazhangprobably in final, I'd guess21:41
bazhangI've not checked the software centre of late, so cannot say for certain21:42
greyhatsalafimy guess is also that21:42
bjsniderwhy does the copyright on nautilus end at 2009?21:50
bjsniderare we using a 2 year old nautilus now?21:50
charlie-tcaMaybe they quit copyrighting it?21:51
hacknslashhi yall21:58
yofelmu3en: let's continue here, what kernel are you running?22:38
yofelor rather, what kernel crashed?22:39
mu3ennothing special at all, natty install, experimental ppa for kdepim (no kernel stuff there)22:40
mu3enthere were two different updates over the past three to four days22:40
yofelah yeah, that would be a not-genuine package for apport since that kernel has already been removed from the archive22:40
mu3en(kernel related that is)22:40
yofel(yeah, the message is nonsense)22:40
yofeltry to reproduce the crash with current 2.6.38-722:41
mu3enokay, sounds okay, however:22:43
mu3enlooks like this will remove grub-efi-amd6422:43
mu3enand i've literally been through hell to get a native efi boot for the first time ever...22:43
mu3endoes grub-pc provide the same functionality?22:44
mu3eni guess that's why my kernel hasn't auto upgrade?22:44
mu3ennot finding much info, the whole grub-efi thing is a little edgy anyway22:50
yofelmu3en: hm, here it wants to remove grub-pc if I want to install grub-efi-amd64, but the kernel only recommends grub-pc and is thus not removed22:51
mu3eni can see that22:51
yofelso that shouldn't be the reason it doesn't want to install it, do you have linux-image-generic installed?22:51
yofel(that's the meta package that takes care of the updates usually)22:52
mu3enah. hold on, you're onto something. i used the 'expert' install and selected the non generic kernel...22:53
yofelwell, linux-image-server then or whatever22:53
mu3ensame result though when trying to install linux-image-generic22:53
mu3enin fact all seem to want grub-pc22:54
yofelwell, they recommend it, but that shouldn't force a removal of the other package...22:54
mu3eni see from apt-cache search -f that it is indeed only recommended not dependent22:55
mu3enso seems odd that it is trying to replace grub-efi-amd6422:56
mu3envery strange 'apt-get install grub-efi-amd64 efibootmgr linux-image-2.6.38-7-generic' does just fine22:57
mu3enthough it reports efibootmgr and grub-ef-amd64 are latest versions...22:58
mu3enthat's one of the wierder things i've come across.22:58
mu3enbut looks like it's updating fine22:59
mu3enwillr eboot and relogin.22:59
graingertdoes anyone know what this is? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1353167/Workspace%201_005.png (Strange black dots in a regular pattern)23:03
graingerta bunch of duff pixels, but they are actually displayed and screendumpable23:04
Random832graingert: oes it persist if you drag the window over it?23:06
graingertno, but it returns as soon as pixels stop updating23:06
Random832have you tried restarting X? oes it do it on the console [if you fill the console with a color other than black]23:06
Random832what if you boot to a different OS?23:06
graingerthappens only after first x restart23:10
graingertie works fine from boot23:10
graingertthen forever more returns23:10
graingertit picks a screen at random always that pattern23:11
graingertonly on natty, used to happen a bit on 9.04 never on 10.*23:11
graingertI have win7 and it does not happen23:12
graingertdoes not happen on the console23:12
graingertany ideas?23:13
IdleOneused to happen on 9.04 also?23:14
IdleOnemaybe it is hardware related23:14
mu3enawesome. the suspend resume is not crashing with new kernel23:14
mu3en"however"... i guess some other people must be missing this updated kernel due to the 'unusual' issue surrounding grub-efi-amd6423:15
mu3enclearly updates via kpackagekit or apt-get are not getting this23:16
mu3enand if the manual install is done without specifying additional installs as above, people could get a nasty surprise23:16
graingertIdleOne, yes it's hardware and software related23:36
graingertare the new nvidia drivers out for ubuntu+1?23:36
bjsnider270.30 is23:37
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graingertbjsnider, does that work with latest x?23:59
bjsnideryes it does23:59

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