prpplaguegreetings earthling01:08
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uragano2Hello! how can i solve this problem? install: cannot stat `xbmc.bin': No such file or directory01:38
uragano2make: *** [install-binaries] Error 101:38
uragano2i downloaded th source code and runned bootstrap, configure and make without error (i haven't seen it maybe ) on my pandaboard, but when i send make install it returns this error01:39
Amaranthwell it ended up taking me two days but I now have up-to-date natty with gles acceleration on my panda01:43
Amaranthapt-get build-dep compiz will probably be an overnight job though01:43
rsalveticooloney: don't know if you noticed, but the kernel build failed because of abi changes02:25
rsalvetiAmaranth: getting an usb disk based rootfs helps a lot02:25
rsalvetidpkg is quite io intensive02:25
cooloneyrsalveti: really? i built it locally successfully02:25
Amaranthrsalveti: Isn't usb IO still like 6MB/s?02:25
cooloneyrsalveti: which version? 1206.8?02:25
rsalvetiAmaranth: nops, a lot faster than usual sd cards02:26
rsalveticooloney: yup02:26
rsalveticooloney: tim just updated it02:26
rsalvetistill not built, update was 22 min ago02:27
Amaranthrsalveti: the linaro wiki page links to a bug report that shows it's horribly slow02:27
AmaranthBut it's probably still faster than the SD card which is also apparently horribly slow02:27
rsalvetiAmaranth: well, I got two pandas with usb disk, and for sure it's a lot faster02:27
rsalvetito build and use02:27
rsalvetiprobably not full speed, but for sure faster than sd :-)02:28
AmaranthYeah, I've noticed most of my issues are IO wait02:28
AmaranthI guess it's time to get a usb hub and external HD02:28
cooloneyrsalveti: i'm also working on the HDMI audio updates from andygreen.02:38
cooloneyrsalveti: will try to fix this thing and send out update02:39
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rsalveticooloney: what kind of updates, fixes?02:50
cooloneyrsalveti: patches for HDMI audio, andy got them from TI guys02:56
rsalvetioh, ok02:56
uragano2Amaranth: did u have any problem when you up-to.date natty?03:16
Amaranthuragano2: had to pull a kernel directly from launchpad to get hdmi to light up03:17
Amaranthand I have a weird system, it created my image with a linaro hwpack and rootfs then pulled in an ubuntu kernel and other stuff03:17
uragano2i have just installed natty, but screen is black :S03:18
rsalvetiuragano2: are you using the dvi output?03:19
uragano2nope, hdmi03:20
rsalvetihdmi is only supported with the kernel that was just uploaded03:20
rsalvetilatest daily image just supports dvi03:20
Amaranthrsalveti: that's not quite true though, I was able to plug an HDMI cable in to it03:26
uragano2hmmm...my tv doesn't support dvi03:27
AmaranthBut you need to plug in to port 2, don't use any adapters (other than HDMI->DVI if needed) and you get 640x480 if you don't edit your boot.script03:27
Amaranthuragano2: but ubiquity doesn't fit on 640x480 so you'll need to use alt-button1 (left mouse) to drag the window around to finish the setup03:28
* uragano2 is going to try03:29
Amaranthhmm, I think I should just get a USB flash stick for the panda instead of a hard drive03:29
rsalvetiAmaranth: yeah, I mean the dvi output from panda03:30
Amaranthrsalveti: that's confusing though because it's actually an hdmi port :)03:31
uragano2ok, i linked my tv to hdmi port (the nearest to eth)03:35
uragano2is this right?03:36
uragano2my screen is still black03:44
* uragano2 is coming back to ubuntu 10.1003:57
rsalvetiuragano2: you should use the other hdmi port03:59
rsalvetithe nearest to eth is the hdmi03:59
rsalvetithe other is dvi-d03:59
rsalvetiand it's the only one currently supported by natty's daily image04:00
uragano2i tryed to use, but screen is black04:00
rsalvetiyou could get the newer kernel and install at your rootfs, to have hdmi support04:00
rsalvetibut for that you'll need to mount at your host and use qemu to install the newer kernel04:00
uragano2i am a beginner in linux. i am reading about qemu04:04
uragano2hmmm...exists standard options for pandaboard? :D04:14
* uragano2 decided to wait for a working release!04:44
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hrwdoes someone uses 460+512 memory setup on panda?09:05
ndechrw: there is a known issue with this config related to HIGHMEM09:43
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ndecogra_: hi. i just an email. no weekly call today, sorry... ;-)14:02
ogra_ndec, fine with me14:02
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rbelemrsalveti, pign19:22
mikcHi, I have trouble with Ubuntu on the pandaboard - It's slow, crashes often, does not play HD files, sometimes sound does not work, and screen resolution is incorrectly detected (640x480 on a Full HD monitor)20:12
mikcI follow the procedure on omappedia.org - Is it up to date? I did it 4 times, with the same result each time...20:12
rsalvetimikc: with maverick?20:50
rsalvetimikc: are you using the tiomap-dev/trunk ppa?20:50
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mikcrsalveti: I follow the procedure to the letter21:29
rsalvetimikc: http://omappedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_OMAP_trunk21:29
rsalvetimikc: try updating your packages with this ppa21:30
mikcThanks, I'll try that21:30
mikchttp://www.omappedia.org/wiki/PandaBoard_Ubuntu_PPA I used thsi one21:31
rsalvetishould have new kernel and updated packages for gst and sgx21:32
mikcrsalveti: ok, sry I'm in a SC2 game right now21:32
rsalvetiat least I'm using this ppa and I'm able to play fullhd videos just fine21:32
rsalvetimikc: np21:32
mikcrsalveti: cool!21:33
mikcWill try that21:33
mikcrsalveti: Thanks for the pointers21:43
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rbelemrsalveti, ping22:39
rbelemHi all, do you know if usb otg work on natty?22:43
rsalvetirbelem: hey, sorry, just saw that you also pinged me23:30
rsalvetirbelem: omap 3 or omap 4?23:30
rsalvetithat depends on the kernel used23:30
rbelemrsalveti, np23:31
rbelemrsalveti, omap323:31
rsalvetirbelem: need to check, last time I remember it still needed one additional patch that cooloney sent upstream but wasn't applied23:31
rbelemrsalveti, i got the image from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-mobile/daily-preinstalled/current/23:32
rsalvetirbelem: will check later today if beagle is working with it23:34
rsalvetistill need to download latest image, or update it23:34
rbelemrsalveti, it is working here, but i could not plug keyboard, mouse, etc...23:35
rsalvetirbelem: are you using it with a powered hub?23:35
rsalvetiand proper cable?23:35
rbelemrsalveti, yup23:35
rsalvetiso could be a bug23:36
rsalvetiit's probably the same bug we had with maverick23:36
rbelemrsalveti, i turned a mini b into mini a :-)23:36
rsalvetigot it :-)23:36
rbelemrsalveti, i subscribed myself in that bug23:37
rsalvetirbelem: do you have the bug number?23:38
rbelemrsalveti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60831223:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 608312 in linux "Usb host mode on OTG doesn't work on Maverick with BeagleBoard" [High,In progress]23:38
rsalveticool, thanks23:39
rbelemrsalveti, do you know if usb otg works in the pandaboard?23:40
rsalvetirbelem: not with current kernel23:41
rsalvetibut should be fixed soon23:41
rbelemcool :-)23:42
rbelemrsalveti, do you have any spare pandaboard that you could sell? :-)23:42
rsalvetirbelem: unfortunately no23:50
rsalvetiI have 3 pandas, but all from canonical23:51
rbelemrsalveti, do you know if the digikey send to here?23:52
rsalvetirbelem: don't remember, but should be able to send it just fine23:52
rbelemrsalveti, cool! but the major problem would be the taxes23:54
rsalvetiyeah :-(23:54
rbelemplus 17% of icms23:55

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