zniavregood morning09:40
zniavreany ideas how to trick the unity launcher ?09:41
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vishchaotic: no probs, I just mentioned that since Paul said "Otto knows".. just seems Paul sniffed too much of the ink from fonts and got carried away there ;)10:45
chaoticvish: you might be right10:46
stjohnmedranohi guys15:11
stjohnmedranoanyone around?15:11
stjohnmedranowhere can i download icons for every release?15:13
coz_stjohnmedrano,  yeah I am here also15:21
coz_stjohnmedrano,  essentially the logos on that link I gave are correct,, the logo didnt change for almost 5 years...until the recent one also on that page15:21
coz_maybe 6 years actually15:22
stjohnmedranohow about the logos of every release?15:22
stjohnmedranoi mean let say Lucid15:22
stjohnmedranoor Maverick? if there is? hehehe...15:22
coz_stjohnmedrano,  well I believe lucid was the first to exhibit the new logo15:23
coz_stjohnmedrano,  and its been the same15:23
coz_stjohnmedrano,  now the logo is essentially a red circle with a white ubuntu symbol in the center15:23
coz_stjohnmedrano,  before that it was just the typical orange/red/yellowish logo15:24
stjohnmedranobut now is the logo is orange?15:24
coz_stjohnmedrano, well the outside circle is somewhat orange yes15:24
coz_but the logo itself is white placed in the center of that circle15:24
coz_stjohnmedrano,  this is essentially the new logo   http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-logo-and-circle-of-friends/15:25
coz_stjohnmedrano, the first one on that list is the one you will see most often15:25
stjohnmedranoyou know i am a color blind person15:26
stjohnmedranobefore i really dont like strong colors15:26
coz_stjohnmedrano,  ah ok  ,, completely color blind = everything in black and white ,, or colour resitent like reds or greens?15:27
coz_resistent rather15:27
stjohnmedranoi would say i wont appreciate colors15:27
coz_stjohnmedrano,  and are you an artist as well?15:27
stjohnmedranonot really, just making it a hubby15:28
stjohnmedranoand practice15:28
coz_stjohnmedrano,  excellent  :)15:28
stjohnmedranothere is this website in our community and i wan t show off all the ubuntu logos from previus releases15:28
stjohnmedrano*previous releases15:29
coz_stjohnmedrano,  well in reality that would be only 2 logos ,, the previous one and the current one15:29
coz_stjohnmedrano,  i dont recall any other logos on ubuntu,, just thos two15:29
stjohnmedranoah, ok15:29
coz_I am looking for the previous one,, i think I have a copy here15:30
stjohnmedranohow long have u been with ubuntu?15:30
stjohnmedranocan i ask for it?15:30
coz_stjohnmedrano,  I started using ubuntu when it first came out and with this group s hortly after that15:30
coz_stjohnmedrano,  hold on let me check if I have both here15:31
stjohnmedranoi just started last 2009 and my first distro was karmic it was the release of karmic.15:31
coz_stjohnmedrano,  do you know about svg  images?15:32
coz_stjohnmedrano,  ok,, well first let me upload two images...these are both  "case badges"  the first I had only a minor role in the second is ,, as far as I know,, the one I created    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/00.svg     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/01badge.svg15:33
coz_the first is the older one the second the newer one15:33
coz_stjohnmedrano,  if you need just the logos  and in another format , I can convert t hat here15:34
stjohnmedranoi am using gimp15:34
coz_stjohnmedrano,  those will open in firefox15:34
coz_stjohnmedrano,  well do you want just  the logo itself?15:34
coz_stjohnmedrano,  I can extract that from those files ,, hold on15:35
stjohnmedranothis logos are cool, can we use it for printing stickers?15:35
stjohnmedranothe pink one is very cool15:36
coz_stjohnmedrano,  ok   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/logos.tar.gz15:38
coz_stjohnmedrano,  that is a package of the two logos by them selves in .png15:39
coz_stjohnmedrano,  download that,, extract it15:39
stjohnmedranothis will do15:39
stjohnmedranothis will help me  a lot15:40
stjohnmedranoi cnt save the first 2 that you give me15:40
coz_stjohnmedrano,  as I said,, I dont think I can recall any other logos... the orange one and the one inside the circle are the only two official ones I remember15:40
coz_stjohnmedrano,  well they should open in firfox and then  ctrl+s  to save15:40
stjohnmedranook, thanks coz15:41
coz_stjohnmedrano,  no problem15:41
stjohnmedranoi have to go now, thanks15:42
zniavregood afternoon16:14
coz_zniavre,  hey guy :)16:14
zniavrestill stuck with unity launcher mods, and now im wondering where are the close/maximize/minimize icon for maximized windows used on app-menu-indicator ?16:15
zniavrecoz_,  \o/16:15
coz_zniavre,  in 11.04 ?16:16
coz_zniavre,  I believe the close max min buttons are on the global menu  now16:16
darkmattermoving targets ftw! \o/16:16
coz_zniavre,  so , if the window is focused,, the min max close buttons should show up near the logo on the upper panel far to the left16:17
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy :)16:17
darkmatterheya coz_16:17
zniavrewhere inside a folder ...16:17
coz_zniavre,  mm a folder?16:17
coz_zniavre,  the buttons should also show up in the panel16:18
zniavrewhere are the .png of this 3 buttons16:18
zniavreenglish ...  pffff16:18
darkmatteriirc they're hardcoded16:18
coz_zniavre,  that one I am not sure of.. probaly in the gtk file16:18
coz_or as darkmatter  mentioned  they could well be hard coded.. which would be dumb16:18
zniavrearg that s what i did not wanted to know ...16:19
coz_zniavre,   check on #ayatana     that's where the main developers for natty are16:19
zniavredarkmatter,  launcher background also that s right ?16:19
darkmattercoz_: the entire panel used to be hardcoded. it was only fairly recently when they had it respect icons and colors :P16:20
coz_darkmatter,  I am wondering if they did this to the global menu on ubuntu 11.0416:20
darkmattercoz_: seems to be the new trend. not that it's _bad_ to hardcode, but with something like caption controls (window buttons) it's not sensible, since they are generally theme dependant16:21
coz_zniavre,  either  #ubuntu+1  or  #ayatana  ,, someone there could explain this better16:21
zniavrecoz_,  im asking right now in #ayatana16:21
coz_darkmatter,  so its likely that they simply pulled the min max buttons  out of the theme to show on the global menu,, this would make more sense16:21
coz_zniavre,  cool16:22
zniavrewait and see ...16:22
zniavrebut i hav the feeling it is hardcoded im not able to gives a pink look to this launcher16:22
coz_zniavre,  if not there ,, since that is a channel with "only" developers,, maybe #ubuntu+1 ,, although the min max close buttons are generally pulled from the current theme,, I could fire up the natty box and check later16:23
coz_zniavre,  are you taling about the left sied panel launcher or the upper gnome panel with global menu?16:23
zniavreleft side16:24
coz_zniavre,  ah ,, then most likely hard coded,, i was under the impression though that a few user settings were going to become available16:24
zniavrewas with mutter16:24
coz_not sure  I think I read something about themeing it  but I could be wrong16:24
coz_zniavre,  oh16:24
coz_zniavre,  oh that is for 11.0416:25
zniavreit's what i m using16:25
darkmattercoz_: I remember the Patel guy saying he _would_ respect a themes window buttons if he could find out a way to have them match the panel. dunno the progress on that though16:26
* darkmatter sneezes violently16:26
coz_darkmatter,  oh i see16:26
* zniavre opening harraps dictionnary to find the word sneezes *16:26
darkmatterfreakin' lingering cold or such. if it's sill around next week I'm having the dr.s kill it with an anti-viral16:26
coz_darkmatter,  yikes16:27
darkmatterzniavre: sneez is when you make the "ACHCHO!" sound ;)16:28
coz_darkmatter,  try saying "horseshit"  while sneezing :)16:28
darkmattercoz_: well. my immune sytem is still recovering. so best not to ignore the *pfft* things. last time I did that I ended up in the emergency ward xD16:29
coz_darkmatter,  yikes again guy16:29
coz_zniavre,  I am not sure how. the guys in #ayatana are about answering questions though16:31
darkmattercoz_: I had fifths disease (as they call it, basically a mild viral infection weaker than a cold that only lasts about 6 days. probably got it from my son), normally doesn't even bother an adult much, but attacks red blood cells. so yeah. hospital stay was fun and all :P16:31
coz_darkmatter,  oh man ..just promise me you will consistently take care of yourself16:32
coz_which I now you already do16:32
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/0jR2s.png    > launcher should be pink as a panther16:33
darkmattercoz_: I do. I'll be fine if I can go without getting sick again for about 4 months. should have reasonable immunity then. it's not my fault modern medicine is still in the dark ages. lol16:33
coz_darkmatter,  cool16:33
coz_zniavre,  this is your desktop?16:33
zniavreit is...16:33
coz_zniavre, very attractive :)16:33
zniavreho ?16:34
coz_zniavre,  why do you want a pink launcher?16:34
zniavreto really see if my mod is working16:34
coz_oh!  ok that makes sense16:34
coz_zniavre,  I like the look of your desktop,,, i stopped using dark themes because they were generally not well designed,, but yours seems quite attractive16:35
zniavre:o)  thank you16:35
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/p2X4y.png    > this is with gedit (as OMG mockups )  still bugged but almost possible16:37
coz_zniavre,  oh!  you mean the icon backgrounds as pink?16:38
coz_no sorry looking at that wrong16:38
coz_zniavre,  ooo I like that chrome icon,, is that default?16:38
darkmattercoz_: the issue with dark themes is redability. most are evil, you have to squint to see stuff16:38
coz_darkmatter,  yes and also choosing font and other colors associated with it,,, sometimes I dont know what the creator was thinking with some of the highlight colors and text values16:39
darkmattercoz_: I find a big help is using semi-bold fonts (I use dark in blender, gimp and stuff, just havent applied my dark themes on this install)16:39
coz_darkmatter,  there used to be a dark them I sort of liked  named  "miro"  but although I like the design,, I had to manually change many of the things in it inorder to see what the heck i was doing16:41
coz_zniavre,  the third icon down from the top on the launcher..is that a chrome launcher icon?16:41
darkmattercoz_: the worst part is most dark themes don't consider widgets. like "where'd that damn scrollbar go? I know it's here somewhere!". it's like a scavenger hunt xD16:41
coz_darkmatter,  oh for sure,,, widgets are exactly what I meant,,16:42
coz_darkmatter,  I just dont understand why they dont just step back and ask,.,, "is this the best for most users or just to my own liking"16:42
zniavrechrome yes16:42
coz_zniavre,  oo is that a default icon or one that you found or created?16:43
darkmatterI actually like chrome's new icon. but you know me. I prefer less blobs of color.16:44
coz_darkmatter,  is that the new icon?16:44
darkmattercoz_: yup. matte and not a blob16:46
coz_darkmatter,  i am going to have to find that one ,,  it is attractive16:46
darkmattercoz_: it's in the new build(s) of chrome, matching blue one in chromium16:47
coz_doesn anyone make the complete set of icons like this?  http://findicons.com/icon/70637/mute16:47
darkmattercoz_: yeah. you can grab the full token from deviantart (I think it's on gnome-look as well)16:49
coz_darkmatter,  do you know the name?16:49
darkmattertoken. just do a search on da. customization > icons16:50
darkmatteranyway. bbiab. gotta make a run to the store. out of coffee ;)16:50
zniavrecoz_,  sorry baby wes crying ...16:54
coz_zniavre,  :)16:54
zniavrebtw im trying the new scrollbars it's quite funny16:57
coz_zniavre,  oh!  I havent tried them yet,, are they buggy?16:58
zniavrenot really just some application can 't handle it16:58
coz_zniavre,  not surprised :)16:58
zniavrefirst of them all XUL things16:59
coz_zniavre,  ah, those are sort of nice17:02
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darkmattervish: it's sooo ugly! http://i.imgur.com/MWckQ.png20:40
vishdarkmatter: "it" ?20:44
darkmattervish: the theme :P (mines not ready yet. though as you can see. I'm starting work on a metacity)20:45
darkmattervish: next step, the button glyphs20:47
vishdarkmatter: you have switched to natty? are you on maverick?20:49
vish*or are20:49
darkmattermaverick atm20:49
* vish when troy will blog about Ubuntu wallpapers20:51
vishit's become like troy's 6 month regular feature!20:52
darkmattervish: one or two of the natty ons are of somewhat appealing quality imo. the rest are.. meh20:54
vishyea, if it were meh it would have been OK.. but some are whaaaaaaaaa!20:55
vish 3 narwhals is really too much!20:56
darkmattervish: I'm starting an awesome firefox mod. no tabbar and no menubar (and no scrollbars, well. tranparent floating scrolly thingy). tab 'indicator' toolbar bit with a number overlay. gives a alttablike interface (but better) :D21:13
darkmatterand a super minimal ui21:13
darkmatterprobably replace the progressbar-in-address with a loading indicator (I think the whole progressbar thing looks fugly in a browser)21:15
darkmattercustom bookmarks and history overlay-thingies21:18
darkmatterjust can't decide if the overlay bits should be actual overlays or custom dialog bits... hmmm21:20
darkmatteroverlay is simpler in some ways. but custom dialogs would alow for workflow presence (like history: could be a visual timeline you could resize and place below the browser window). both approaches have their ups and downs21:22
darkmatterespecially since I'm considering killing the forward navigation button ;)21:24
coz_zniavre,  did you get that question answered?21:24
darkmattercoz_: vish: ^^ opinions?21:24
coz_darkmatter,  I like the idea of the custom dialog instead21:25
coz_choices choices :)21:25
darkmatteryeah. I wan't to reinvent browsing. customizing firefox is the quickest way to experiment with ideas21:25
coz_darkmatter,  for sure ,, good luck :)21:26
vishdarkmatter: (thinking crazy out loud here) hmm, maybe just do the navigation as a pathbar in the address bar, completely dropping the back, forward buttons21:27
vishnot sure how tht would work, but just a crazy idea :D21:28
darkmatterbut basisically. toolbar is: <navigation> ( <-- --> or just <--) <location> (adress/search then stop/reload all in the field (hiden protocols. maybe 'smart' for certain (popular) sites, like just saying 'facebook" or 'google" instead of "www.<whatever>.com/org/net/etc for example) <dynamic site/service integration bit with the 'page' indicator-tab-replacement at the right side>. then fixed context bits21:30
vishthere was some rumour about chrome dropping the address bar itself..21:31
darkmattervish: I've considered it. but going back is kinda universal as a pattern (be it a "show all" context, or just back21:31
darkmattervish: I'm thinking of combining address/title. have it show the title by default after the back button, then show the entry when needed only21:32
darkmatterso basically its like the toolbar is the titlebar. with a wm that allows app specific decoration you could even strip the titlebar and have the close<whatever> on the toolbar21:33
darkmatterand have the address support breadcrumbs (mine does, but its an extention and it needs work. it _should_ support location as a trail instead of "replace the /", but that would require a ton of work, and probably most sites still wouldn't support it properly21:35
darkmattercomprimises are a pita ;p21:36
darkmattertypos not withstanding21:36
darkmattervish: i think the browser should be less browser, more 'web viewer' with site specific bits (be it though prism-like-functionality or just specific extensions to make popular sites less webby and more web/desktop convergence type of behaviour21:38
darkmatterso immersive. basically21:39
darkmatteryou can still browse with it, obviously, but it shouldn't be disjointed like the current generation of browser interfaces21:40
darkmattervish: like. for facebook. I want to do an extention bit (using stlyesheets et all) stripping out the cluttered bits (the right column on facebook) and facebooks topbar/banner, integrating the notification bits/session control in the dynamic, site specific space after the title/address combo thingy21:43
darkmatterif that makes any sense to you :P21:43
darkmattersimilar for other sites, though extending some of the integration would require additional thought (depending on the site21:45
darkmatterso kinda like web apps without web apps ;)21:45
vishkinda like unifying all sites..21:45
vishbtw, dint know you are a facebook addict !  ;p21:45
darkmattervish: yeah. basically a content viewer for the web21:45
darkmattervish: lol. I'm not a face-case. I just have relatives and contacts that haven't realized there are more efficent methods of communication :P21:46
darkmatteryay! more typos21:46
darkmattervish: and general searches (including web bits) are handled by the desktops search facilities(including image displays, etc) the 'lets be able to browse from the browser" bit is just for convenience. I like the "search is search, photos are photos (regardless of where they are located), same for music and such. basically, global providers. secondary apps provide more of a viewer/playback/edit/whatever functionality.. if you get my me21:50
vishyea, they are trying to do that with unity search21:51
darkmattersimplify the crap out of things21:51
darkmatterit become the activity instead of the application for the most part. you simply do stuff21:52
darkmatteruse the system search to search the web for news or whatnot. see an article that interests you? open it in a reader pane/window (humanized) to check it out. video search? same (live previews in search), whant to actually watch/save it, open it in the player ui21:54
darkmatterI wan't most secondary applications to be as simple as possible when it comes to chrome21:55
darkmatterstill making sense? :P21:55
vishheh, yup.. i just re-read it again a second time to be sure ;)21:56
darkmatterlike, checking/reading/reviewing new mail. I don't want to open my mail application (thats more of an organizer/library than anything)21:57
vishhmm, that would need quite some intelligent underlying semantics21:58
darkmatteryou can send the mail to whatever folder based on mail service or whatnot. but don't shove a list of _everything_ in my face just to get new mail21:58
darkmattervish: yeah. and that's why I drive most fellow designers/devs to a gasket blowing lightshow. I think and play around with such semantics. they just "meh.. good enough" :P21:59
* vish bbiab22:03
darkmattervish: as far as the mail bit goes. I came across a similar concept as an actual app for pod/pad/phone/mac that does basically the same thing (though differently in ui execution than my idea), you can optionally open you actual mail client/site(s) from it if you so choose, but thats just an "open in<whatever> type button thing.22:03
darkmatterso that is at least proof it can be done22:03
darkmatterjust the concept is generally the same22:04
darkmatteryou have your big fat bloated apps for when you explicitly need them, but common, everyday computing is handled simpler, more clearly and concisely than the way we do things now (conceptual atm, but still. the idea works. some similar concepts for portable devices, but they're not as.... robust... as what is ofen needed of full fledged systems)22:07

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