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iktthey just don't make cpu's like they used to11:26
iktlowered the fan speed down11:26
iktinstalled folding at home so all 6 cores are at 100% cpu usage11:26
iktand the heat coming out of the pc has barely risen :/11:26
iktneed to get some pentium 4's up in here11:26
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head_victimikt: I'm trying to revive my p4 as we speak :/ Hence the webchat12:22
iktwhat are you going to use it for?12:35
head_victimikt: it's just an IRC/IM box running Lubuntu that I use for email and web browsing22:46
iktah that's cool22:55
head_victimIt's quickly getting to the stage I'm seriously considering replacing it with a mini itx atom or something, I'm sick of having this one in pieces to fix something22:56
iktI wonder if you can purchase new hardware that is about the same power for like $5023:16
iktmucking around with my android phone23:19
iktflashed it from 2.1 stock htc rom to cyanogenmod 623:19
iktphone has been brought back to life23:19
iktcould use it to sit in irc all day but would dc when I take it away from wifi23:21
head_victimI could buy a whole new pc for around 500 that would overpower it but if I'm spending that much (it's about as cheap as you can get a whole pc to be these days) I may as well get a low power itx dual core atom that would save my power but should still be enough to run what I use it for23:24
head_victimI just bought a Motorola Defy yesterday, I'm yet to set it up. Going to see if I can get my local sync over bluetooth working but until I have the 2+ pc's that are strewn around the lounge sorted I don't want to start any other tech projects23:25
iktyeah I know what you mean23:30
iktespecially about the ultra low power pc23:30
iktI went to build a similar system as a torrent box23:30
head_victimI'd have to do some real tests but I'm sure a dual core atom could run what I need on a cut down system like Lubuntu without much of a performance hit. Would save heaps of power23:33

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