kerneloops_anyone to help me00:06
kerneloops_audio problem00:06
kerneloops_im trying to play a file but no sound00:07
kristian_hi kerneloops_00:09
kristian_aplay -l00:09
kristian_start by opening a terminal, then type alsamixer00:10
kerneloops_yes i tried those00:11
kerneloops_and unmute00:11
kerneloops_It has so many channels00:12
kerneloops_│ Chip: C-Media Electronics CMI9738,0x800f800f P00:12
kristian_I think I have that, acutally... always worked without a hitch00:14
kristian_do you have another sound card?00:14
kerneloops_kristian_: it's an old computer00:15
kerneloops_i got it working in xubuntu but i had to unmute something using sound preferences00:15
kerneloops_now im trying to make sound work in ubuntu server00:15
kerneloops_to play music with nyxmms200:15
kristian_kerneloops_, I know it's old if we have the same onboard sound ;)00:15
kerneloops_kristian_: some stuff is muted in alsamixer00:16
kristian_try unmuting it?00:16
kerneloops_00:01.4 Multimedia audio controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] SiS PCI Audio Accelerator (rev 02)00:16
kerneloops_kristian_: they are many channels00:21
kristian_try googling the id of the unit00:22
kerneloops_what is that00:22
kristian_a unique id that it has, something like x123:y12300:23
kerneloops_Current setup00:23
kerneloops_Mic gain         : +0dB [+0dB]00:23
kerneloops_POP path         : pre 3D00:23
kerneloops_Sim. stereo      : off00:23
kerneloops_3D enhancement   : off00:23
kerneloops_Loudness         : off00:23
kerneloops_Mono output      : MIX00:24
kerneloops_Mic select       : Mic100:24
kerneloops_ADC/DAC loopback : off00:24
kerneloops_Subdevices: 32/3200:24
kerneloops_doesnt help :(00:28
ibuclawkerneloops_, generic sound driver. :>00:33
kristian_kerneloops_, try unmuting everything and turn everything up00:34
kerneloops_ibuclaw: huh?00:34
kristian_(the blind leading the blind, I'm afraid)00:34
ibuclawor in your case, the mute leading the mute00:34
kerneloops_kerneloops_: install pulseaudio00:36
kerneloops_ActionParsnip said00:36
ibuclawActionParsnip would say that.00:37
ibuclawkerneloops_, #ubuntu?00:38
ibuclawI actually won a bet on that channel once.00:39
ibuclawask bodhi_zazen :>00:39
dollarbangIs there a trick to getting a Logitech PS/2 wheel mouse (wheel) to work? Mouse movement and left/right click are functional, but the wheel isn't.00:41
kerneloops_im getting frustrated00:41
kerneloops_oh yea00:41
kristian_kerneloops_, I'm sorry but I'm super tired and my alsa skills never went beyond "mess around till it works"00:42
kerneloops_reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544900:42
jhanafrogi've had problems with audio, i never got to a point where i could distil the problem down between driver module, alsa, or pulseaudio00:49
jhanafrogoh yeah, and gstreamer00:49
jhanafrogi remember having some interesting effects though, where audio output would work in chromium, but would work in gstreamer, unless i killed pulseaudio and restarted, but this was in karmic, audio issues have been solved pretty much in maverick00:50
jhanafrogwhat ver. of ubuntu are you using kerneloops_?00:52
jhanafrogthat's interesting, never tried getting sound to work on 10.10 server00:53
jhanafrogi can only assume all the necessary packages for audio are installed by default00:53
kerneloops_alsa-utils are not00:53
kerneloops_pulseaudio neither00:54
jhanafrogi don't know what packages are necessary for audio.00:54
jhanafrogi mean, sure alsa-utils and pulseaudio, but is that all?00:55
jhanafrogdo you need to install gstreamer?00:55
jhanafrogdoes the driver module get loaded with alsa-utils?00:55
jhanafroggoogle says "huh?" :|00:56
jhanafrogmaybe make a liveusb of desktop, and see if that works :)00:57
kerneloops_jhanafrog: i tried in xubuntu it works.00:58
jhanafrogbefore i ask anything else, i have to ask, what do you need audio support for on a server, anyway?00:58
kerneloops_I want to play music01:00
jhanafrogis it a media server?01:00
kerneloops_it's too slow01:02
kerneloops_but plays music :)01:02
kerneloops_I remember that i unmuted something in xubuntu01:02
kerneloops_now I did the same in alsamixer01:02
kerneloops_didnt work01:02
kerneloops_im playing it with nyxmms201:03
jhanafrogi thought you unmuted with alsamixer already01:03
jhanafroggood to know01:03
jhanafrogmaybe try sudo apt-get install gstreamer01:03
kerneloops_I need to sudo alsamixer01:04
kerneloops_via SSH01:04
kerneloops_is it normal?01:04
jhanafrogi don't understand your question01:05
kerneloops_im configuring it01:05
kerneloops_via SSH server01:05
jhanafrogis what normal?01:05
kerneloops_need to use sudo01:05
jhanafrogthat shouldn't matter01:05
kerneloops_to run alsamixer..01:05
jhanafrogthat's strange01:05
holsteinyou shouldnt need sudo01:06
jhanafrogit doesn't run otherwise?  it says you need sudo privileges to run?01:06
kerneloops_cannot open mixer: No such file or directory01:06
kerneloops_even with /usr/bin/alsamixer01:06
holsteinkerneloops_: alsamixer01:06
holsteini thought maybe you had typed mixer in01:07
kerneloops_gimme ur weed01:07
holsteinhey, ur the one with the superuser audio ;)01:08
jhanafroggive me your meditation01:08
kerneloops_r u telling me normal user cant access audio?01:08
jhanafrogon my system i can do it with normal user01:08
holsteinim saying you shouldnt have to run sudo alsamixer01:08
jhanafrogmaybe there's a security bug in alsa-utils01:09
jhanafrogfor server01:09
holsteini dont have alsamixer on my server01:09
kerneloops_im sshing from gnome terminal01:09
holsteini just dropped out of screen01:09
holsteinand tried alsamixer01:09
holsteinand i dont have it01:09
holsteindidnt try sudo alsamixer01:09
jhanafrogyou're supposed to have alsamixer on your server?01:09
holsteinjhanafrog: if kerneloops_ wants to contol the audio level01:10
holsteinon a server install01:10
holsteini thought that would be a goog way to go about it01:10
jhanafrogi'm pretty sure alsamixer is not included by default on 10.10 server01:10
kerneloops_jhanafrog: i installed it01:10
holsteinjhanafrog: agreed01:10
jhanafrogkerneloops_: right, and then you need sudo to run alsamixer.  i think you should ask in #ubuntu-security01:11
jhanafrognot sure why that's happening01:11
jhanafrogi know on desktop i don't need sudo01:11
holsteinkerneloops_: probably some configuring you need to do01:12
jhanafrogmaybe you need to chown alsamixer or something01:12
holsteinsince, usually, servers dont need audio01:12
holsteinyeah, could be user privs01:12
jhanafrogthat means nothing to me01:12
holsteinwont hurt to try sudo playing something01:12
jhanafrogwell, since nobody else is asking, i'll ask in #ubuntu-security01:13
kerneloops_ei yofel01:16
kerneloops_ok now i can run alsamixer with my user01:17
kerneloops_sudo nano /etc/group01:17
kerneloops_and added to audio grou01:17
jhanafrogi wonder if i should write that down01:17
jhanafrogi was answering myself :)01:18
kerneloops_what do you mean to write it down01:18
jhanafrogput it in a file for later reference01:18
kerneloops_jhanafrog: just like I do :)01:18
jhanafrogwe're wonder twins!01:18
kerneloops_since I started using GNU Linux01:18
jhanafrogyeah, same here.  i probably should've put more into it01:19
kerneloops_im gonna show you my alsamixer config01:19
jhanafrogdid you install gstreamer?01:20
holsteini would probably01:20
jhanafrogi know that has been necessary for playing files in totem01:20
jhanafrognot sure if xmms or whatever your using needs it01:20
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:20
jhanafrogthanks holstein i didn't know that01:21
holsteinlots of stuff in that package though*01:21
holsteindepends on what the goal is i suppose01:21
jhanafrogi'm searching apt-cache for gstreamer01:21
kerneloops_holstein: for playing mp3 files etc01:21
holsteinmaybe overkill for a server install01:21
holsteinyou sould sudo apt-cache search fluendo01:22
holstein    could*01:22
holsteinthey offer us a nice free mp3 codec :)01:22
holsteinanyhow... BBL01:23
kerneloops_take look at my alsamixer http://i56.tinypic.com/2rxzpdf.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/2hptw1u.png01:23
jhanafrogwell there's gstreamer0.10-alsa  and gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio apparently01:23
r4ywhat's the name of the ubuntu channel that is off topic exactly?01:23
r4ythank you01:24
ubot2#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:24
r4ythat was simple01:24
jhanafrogwhat's all the pcm stuff?01:25
kerneloops_no idea01:26
kerneloops_32 subdevices01:27
kerneloops_WORKING SONG01:27
kerneloops_it was permissions problem01:29
kerneloops_i think01:29
kerneloops_now im gonna remove pulseaudio lol01:29
jhanafrogkerneloops_: yay, it works!  now i'll try to break it!  :P01:39
kerneloops_jhanafrog: I already broke it01:40
kerneloops_purged pulseaudio01:40
kristian_the lulz are on you, kerneloops_ ;)01:45
kristian_glad you're making progress01:45
kerneloops_<charlesno> thanks ubottu, where are you from?01:47
r4ydoes anyone remember me asking about how to get recordmydesktop to work on Ubuntu 10.04?, Well, I never mentioned that recordmydesktop worked with Ubuntu 8.0401:47
r4yDinner is ready, I will be back01:47
kerneloops_How can I reset alsamixer settings? need to know01:49
r4yOK, I am done eating02:41
r4yWith Ubuntu Hardy Heron recordmydesktop worked with jack and hydrogen drum machine02:41
r4yI am now using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and recordmydesktop and xvidcapture doesn't work02:42
r4yI am going to try something02:43
jhanafrogsorry r4y, i got nothing02:44
jhanafrogi can't even get cheese to work with my webcam consistently02:44
r4yWhen I installed recordmydesktop it asked me if I wanted realtime which it didn't ask before with Hardy Heron02:45
r4yI am uninstalling it02:45
r4yand I am going to delete the files under home for recordmydesktop02:45
r4ythen try again02:46
jhanafroggo fig02:46
r4yI should use synaptic package manager as well to completely un-install it, right?02:46
jhanafrogsudo apt-get purge package-name should do it02:46
jhanafrogbut package manager should work as well02:47
jhanafrogsudo apt-get remove maybe sufficient for your purposes02:47
r4yOK, I will add that to my list of useful commands02:47
jhanafrogi can paste you mine if you want, r4y02:47
r4yDoes your work then?02:48
jhanafrogmy list of useful commands02:48
r4yYes, pastebin it, that would be great02:50
r4ythank you02:50
r4yI should remove jack control as well  guess02:51
holsteinr4y: you need JACK?02:51
holsteinthere are changes with the RT setup02:52
holsteinreally, since JACK got promoted to the main repo02:52
holsteinwhich is great02:52
holsteinnow we dont have to build packages from scratch with JACK support02:52
holsteinwhich was often the case with hardy02:52
r4ywhat just happened?02:58
holsteinr4y: i have friends over in #opensourcemusicians02:59
holsteinthat use JACK and recordmydesktop02:59
holsteinin 10.04 and 10.1002:59
holsteinfeel free and hop over there and ask :)02:59
r4yI am there now as well02:59
holsteini gotta run...02:59
r4y>first I had to open jack control, then start it, then open the other 2 then open connect in jack control, then connect hydrogen drum machine, then open advanced in recordmydesktop and go to the far right tab I think and click on use jacked or something, then at the bottom hold down ctrl and click on all that is shown and close that window02:59
r4ythat is what I posted before the netsplit03:00
r4yokm you can go if you want03:00
r4ysorry and thank you03:00
holsteinr4y: no worries03:00
holsteinthe drivers are different03:00
holsteinim sure its just a learing curve on the package changes03:00
r4ythank you for telling me03:00
r4yright, always something new03:01
r4ytake care dude03:01
kerneloops_alsamixer: simple.c:160: snd_mixer_selem_get_id: Assertion `(elem)->type == SND_MIXER_ELEM_SIMPLE' failed03:18
kerneloops_what the hell03:18
kerneloops_bye all04:53
earthling_I'm trying to boot up an ubuntu live USB on a 2001 compaq desktop, won't recognize it on bootup, says "non system disk or disk error"05:16
earthling_how do I get it to recognize it?05:16
holsteinearthling_: sounds like maybe the hard drive is getting booted05:17
holsteinand is bad05:17
holsteinwell, not bad*05:17
earthling_oh, and it has no hard drive05:17
earthling_was thinking of using a usb as a hard drive05:17
holsteinthat seems like a message the bios would kick out05:17
holsteinearthling_: if its that old05:17
holsteinit probably doesnt boot USB05:18
holsteinprobably a work around for that though05:18
earthling_I changed the boot order on bios to usb first05:18
earthling_perhaps it has the capability then05:18
holsteinearthling_: i would try booting a CD05:18
holsteinmaybe installing to the USB05:18
holsteinand see if it boots05:18
earthling_yeah, I had an old ubuntu 8 CD and it booted up05:19
earthling_I kinda wanted the ability to save on usb though05:19
holsteinearthling_: maybe format that stick05:19
holsteinand make it again05:19
holsteinwith unetbootin or whatever05:19
earthling_the usb worked on another computer05:20
holsteinwell, you're going to have to do something ;)05:20
holsteini mean05:20
holsteinthat leave the USB ports i suppose05:20
earthling_maybe the usb has to be in FAT05:21
earthling_or whatever the windows file format is05:21
holsteinthats typically what i use05:21
holsteinwith unetbootin05:21
earthling_I think I created the usb on that website with all the distros...05:22
holsteinearthling_: unetbootin05:22
holsteinthats the tool05:22
holsteintheres a USB disk creator in ubuntu05:22
holsteinbut, i preffer unetbootin05:23
earthling_will it make it in fat?05:23
holsteinhows about i link you to it..05:23
holsteinunetbootin is in the repos05:24
holsteini format befor using it05:24
holsteinwith gparted or whatever05:24
earthling_downloading it05:25
earthling_so it says it was fat3205:38
earthling_perhaps I should try fat1605:38
holsteinearthling_: why?05:40
earthling_because its an old computer, but I see now fat16 is from before win9505:41
earthling_so fat32 should be good enough I think05:41
earthling_how long does take it make the usb?05:42
earthling_I was going to try xubuntu 10.0405:42
earthling_I didn't download ubuntu on this comp05:43
earthling_already downloaded xubuntu05:43
holsteinearthling_: you can let unetbooting DL whatever iso05:43
holsteinOR you can point it to an ISO you alreay have DL'd05:43
earthling_will take awhile though05:43
earthling_round to cylinders?05:45
earthling_on gparted05:45
earthling_whats that about?05:45
holsteinsure :)05:47
earthling_gotta reboot bbl05:49
earthling_says partition couldn't be modified05:52
earthling_probably because they are in use05:53
earthling_now its working05:55
earthling_usb created06:06
earthling_still doesn't work06:13
glivezoobonjour a tous10:08
glivezooje teste le chat je n'ai pas de question10:09
glivezooest ce qu'il y a des personne qui parlent francais10:09
glivezoosome answer about next ubuntu 11.0410:11
glivezoohave a date probability10:11
MrChrisDruifHai glivezoo :)10:13
glivezooso it works........10:13
MrChrisDruifglivezoo: you want to know when Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is expected?10:13
glivezooyes thanks10:14
szczurglivezoo, 11.04 willl be released in 28th of April 201110:14
szczurplease take a look at  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule for more information10:15
MrChrisDruifThat one I was looking for, thanks szczur :)10:15
glivezoono questions bye :-))10:17
glivezoohave some troubles ?please ask10:18
kristian-aalborgokay, this is embarrasing10:50
UndiFineDpeople who blush are beautiful10:50
kristian-aalborgwhen I start a program from the command line and I don't want it to take over my terminal, the command I should use is...?10:50
xardas008does it have a graphical user interface?10:51
xardas008or is it a command line tool?10:51
bioterrorkristian-aalborg, command&10:52
kristian-aalborgI use both kinds10:52
bioterror& means that it is left background10:52
bioterrorto get back into that program, you have to type "fg" which means foreground10:52
bioterrorsame thing with irssi10:52
bioterrorif you happen to press ctrl+z, it will be sent to background, and you can resume with "fg" -command10:53
kristian-aalborgright now, I'm going to start ncmpc10:53
xardas008alternatly you can start a program using alt + f2 (works only with graphical user interfaces i think)10:55
xardas008hello s-fox11:24
s-foxHello xardas008 .11:25
MrChrisDruifHai s-fox, congratz on getting on the board :)11:31
bdfhjkhi s-fox :-)11:31
s-foxThank you MrChrisDruif .11:36
s-foxHello bdfhjk11:36
s-foxHow are you?11:36
bdfhjkI'm fine, thank. And You?11:37
s-foxI am okay thank you. Writing pseudocode11:38
bdfhjkfor what?11:38
bdfhjks-fox: I used You template to create my own wiki at wiki.ubuntu.com11:39
s-foxbdfhjk,  For a work project.11:39
s-foxbdfhjk, You did?  /me looks :)11:39
bdfhjkI am still working at it11:40
MrChrisDruifIndeed you are :)11:40
MrChrisDruifBtw, isn't this kind of conversation better on -team? (Just wondering :))11:40
bdfhjkYes MrChrisDruif, sorry11:41
Mamontinhi all13:10
bdfhjkHi Mamontin13:14
aztekhello s-fox...13:32
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
=== TheDaniel0108 is now known as Daniel0108
kerneloops_hi all16:57
MrChrisDruifHai kerneloops_, s-fox16:58
xardas008that's where fun beginns: SystemError:installArchives() failed16:59
xardas008got that error while trying to activate my graphics card driver17:00
skrappjawAnyone here? I'm looking to start playing with SSH. Specifically, accessing a program on an X server.17:36
skrappjawRemote x server rather. How ever that is properly said.17:36
MrChrisDruifI'm here....let's see your problem..17:38
MrChrisDruifskrappjaw: I'm no star in SSH, but there should be lots of tutorials about it on google :)17:43
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stlsainthe left17:52
MrChrisDruifLeft at the same time as my comment :P17:52
IAmNotThatGuyHola lukjad and MrChrisDruif17:53
MrChrisDruifOla YouAreNotThatGuy :P17:54
IAmNotThatGuyMrChrisDruif, IAmNotThatGuy :P17:55
kerneloops_it's possible to start X apps from SSH?17:55
skrappjawI was at my ReLoco meeting and our organizer had brought up GNUcash over SSH17:56
skrappjawlike a remote X server17:56
MrChrisDruifM0hi :P17:56
skrappjawshe ran GNU cash on her home pc from her netbook17:56
IAmNotThatGuyMrChrisDruif, how are you?17:57
skrappjawI figure that since I know how to run a Vbox I might be able to use that to test it out.17:58
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xardas008how can i remove the top panel of gnome?18:41
stlsaintxardas008: create a new one else where and then move/delete that one (i think)18:41
xardas008but that would mean i will have another one, but i don't need the panels any more18:42
M0hixardas008, any reasons to remove the panels?18:43
xardas008I'm using avant-window-navigator, on that i have everything i need18:43
stlsaintxardas008: than delete the panel (though ensure you know how to get them back if you ever need them agai)18:44
xardas008the option is grayed xD18:44
xardas008that's the problem18:44
M0hixardas008, the panel at the top has many features that you will use often. make sure that you got all in AWN18:45
stlsaintthey prolly jacked something up18:46
M0histlsaint, go and work. dont sit here and waste time :P18:46
M0hiI am going to sleep. night all18:47
stlsaintM0hi: hush you18:48
charlie-tcamight have to go to classic-gnome to delete panels now. I don't know if they are removable in Unity18:48
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xardas008i'm not using unity18:49
xardas008no netbook remix installed18:49
MrChrisDruifxardas008: unity is also in natty18:49
xardas008i know but i don't install natty on my working machines18:50
xardas008and i don't like that unity need 3d acceleration because i don't get 3d working in virtualbox18:50
charlie-tcasorry, wrong channel18:50
MrChrisDruifxardas008: +1, but some people have extra machines18:50
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skeddyHello! Would this be the right place to get some help mounting an Ext2 partition?20:29
charlie-tcasure, what kind of help?20:30
skeddyThanks :-) I've taken a drive out of a digital recorder, and I'm trying to mount it via an external USB case. But I'm getting the following error20:32
skeddyError mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd320:32
skeddyError mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd120:32
skeddyI can see the drive in the Disk Utility, that's how I know it's Ext220:33
charlie-tcaIt may not be readable by Ubuntu20:33
skeddyahh ok20:33
charlie-tcaYou did create a mount point/directory somewhere to mount it to, right?20:33
skeddyNo, I simply plugged it in, like I've done with an old Fat32 drive before20:33
charlie-tcait is just     sudo mount /directory_created /dev/sdd320:34
skeddyok, let me give that a bash20:34
charlie-tcaif it is ext2, normally, it is read automatically. If need be, you can specify the file system with:20:34
charlie-tcasudo mount -t ext2 /direct_created /dev/sdd320:35
anshwhere does opera 11 stores the cached video files in ubuntu 10.10??20:35
skeddyOk Charlie, I've tried this. Opened up terminal, and then "mkdir HELLO" (HELLO then created in my home directory) and then "sudo mount -t ext2 /direct_created /dev/sdd3"20:39
skeddyI'm getting "special device /HELLO does not exist"20:40
charlie-tcasorry, try this then:      sudo mount -t ext2 /HELLO /dev/sdd320:40
charlie-tcawrong again20:41
MrChrisDruifansh: I don't know about Opera, but I read something about it on OMG...I'll take a quick looksy...btrb20:41
charlie-tcasudo mount -t ext2 /home/skeddy/HELLO /dev/sdd3         but replace skeddy with your own user name on the computer20:42
skeddynow: mount: /home/TheSkeds/HELLO is not a block device20:43
skeddywhich makes me think it can't read the partition?20:44
charlie-tcatry using /dev/sdd1 and see if it says the same thing20:44
charlie-tcabut, yeah, I got a feeling it can't read it20:44
skeddyYep - exactly the same message :-/20:45
MrChrisDruifansh: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/saving-flash-videos-in-linux-tmp-no-longer-works/20:46
charlie-tcamight be a hard disk gone bad, too20:47
anshMrChrisDruif : thanks20:47
skeddyIt could be. Like I said, I pulled it from my old digibox recorder (it was working in that)20:48
skeddyJust wanted to backup the last few programs that were on it20:48
charlie-tcaYou might try different file systems instead of ext220:48
charlie-tcaext3, ext4, fat32, fat16, ntfs  are just a few20:48
skeddyOk, I'll give that a try. Could Disk Utility be lying then, even though it says it's Ext2?20:50
charlie-tcayup, sometimes it uses ext2 to mean "I don't recognize this filesystem"20:50
skeddyAhhh I see. Cheers20:53
charlie-tcaGood luck20:53
skeddythank you20:54
MrChrisDruifGood luck skeddy20:55
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panel_pixelI am trying to hide panels but they still show a pixel... is there a fix for this? or can I use -1 value in metacity?23:04
MrChrisDruifpanel_pixel: Hide or remove?23:04
panel_pixelMrChrisDruif: just hide23:05
MrChrisDruifHmm...auto-hide not good enough?23:05
panel_pixelI even setup a shortcut for them23:05
panel_pixelthats why im asking :)23:05
panel_pixelim gonna try -1 value..23:06
panel_pixelMrChrisDruif: /apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0/auto_hide_size 023:07
panel_pixellooks the same as /apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0/auto_hide_size 123:07
panel_pixelhm doesnt seem to work.23:09
MrChrisDruifWell...apparently the gnome-panel devs wanted to let everyone know their still there...not just crashed :)23:09
panel_pixelI heard KDE  is better for this23:10
MrChrisDruifI don't know :)23:10
MrChrisDruifI've got a pretty custom set up :)23:10
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