* genii-around sips14:17
bregmadark roast or what?14:22
genii-aroundbregma: Timmies that I made at work a little stronger than they make it at the store :)14:23
bregmaugh, pencil shavings14:26
bregmaI'm not a fan of Timmies roast14:27
bregmanow a nice medium-roast Costa Rican brewed strong enough...14:27
genii-aroundWhen I can afford, I get Jamaican Blue Mountain in the beans.14:28
bregmagah, every day brings a new crisis at work16:47
genii-aroundbregma: Yup. Same thing here today.17:00
dscasselWell, at least C-32 is dead.20:12
genii-aroundSince we already pay the stupid piracy tax on recordable media, i should hope so20:46

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