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j_hnHi all08:24
j_hnI'm having problems with random freezes. Have installed multiple versions and tried un-installed nouveau. Anyone have a clue?08:29
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nigelb5 more minutes folks!16:24
jcastrolet's get started!16:30
jcastroWelcome everyone to our Weekly Q+A16:30
jcastroThis week we have skaet, who is the release manager for Ubuntu16:31
jcastroskaet: ok, it's all yours!16:31
skaetThanks jcastro16:31
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skaetHi,  my name is Kate Stewart and I'm having a lot of fun these days working with the release team and all the development team to get Ubuntu release out for Natty.   Beta-1 will be coming out next week!  :)16:31
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skaetAs release manager,  I mostly try view the release as a whole and make sure there's some balance between teams as the code enters the archive.  This means making sure the important bugs aren't lost in limbo,  getting the latest features in from the various development teams and upstream projects, and having something stable enough to ship.   My knowledge tends to be broad and how the key areas need to interact/de16:32
skaetpend  on each other.  For specific details of the individual projects I lean on the tech leads and managers a lot (Ubuntu's got lots and lots of packages after all ;) ).16:32
skaetThe release team does most of the heavy lifting and are awesome to work with.  I couldn't do this job without them.16:33
skaetMostly day to day,  I herd cats, and ask questions,  lots of questions..16:33
skaetNow its your turn...   are there any questions?16:33
jcastro(one sec while she figures out the bot)16:35
ClassBotmhall119 asked: What's the future plans for adding or updating packages in the archives mid-cycle?16:36
skaetthanks mhall11916:36
skaetpackages are able to update now until feature freeze16:36
skaetso, there's no plans to change that.16:36
skaetas we get closer to shipping a release though16:37
skaetwe need to cut down on the amount of churn and interaction between packages16:37
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skaetso we enter a feature freeze mode,  where only approved packages are allowed16:37
skaetto go into the archive.16:37
skaetthis is done by a Feature Freeze Exception, being filed.16:38
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skaetso, package can still get update.   The rate just slows down after mid cycle or so.16:38
ClassBotIdleOne asked: Besides Unity what can we expect from the 11.04 release in terms of "new stuff" ?16:39
skaetthanks for the question IdleOne.16:40
skaetthere will be lots of updates beyond Unity landing, although as you know that is a major one.16:40
skaetWe'll see updates to the toolchain and some of the infrastructure to support the next release16:41
skaetthere will also be alot of key desktop packages updated, as well as server, etc.16:41
skaetthe kubuntu team and other flavors will be seeing their packages update as well.16:42
skaetProbably best to refer to the release notes that will come out with the beta though, rather than me trying to go into them all here.16:42
ClassBotjcastro asked: What kind of things do you do on release day before the final image is pushed to the servers?16:43
skaetthanks jcastro16:44
skaeton the release day its mostly a matter of making sure all the images are working as advertised, and we have evidence (thanks to QA team and community volunteers)16:44
skaetand then for the bugs we know about,  reviewing that we've got them documented so we can try to help folk avoid stumbling into them16:45
skaetafter it all looks good, and my typos/grammar errors/etc. have mostly been caught :P16:46
skaetwe work with the IS team to get the images up to the mirrors and start populating them.16:46
skaetoh yeah,  and make sure the annouce goes out to the16:46
skaetappropriate IRC channels ;)16:46
jcastroFor the question about what features are coming in 11.04: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview16:46
skaetthanks jcastro   :)16:47
skaetand expect it to be changing alot over the next week ;)16:47
ClassBotsemiosis asked: sometimes primary distribution site (archive.canonical.com/security.ubuntu.com) gets real busy... lots of people are starting to use ubuntu in EC2, how about making the EC2 mirror first-class official?16:48
skaetthanks semiosis16:48
skaetgood question16:49
skaetI'll make a note of that and look into it, with robbiew and the IS folk as to what the space implications are like for supporting it on themirrors.16:49
skaetIts a balancing act here too, and there are economic considerations,  but if its starting to be a bottleneck. Yes it is well worth revisiting.16:50
skaetthanks again for excellent question.16:50
jcastroProtip: We do support apt mirrors now, just not by default: http://mvogt.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/the-apt-mirror-method/16:50
skaetgood point.   Thanks for mentioning, Protip.   Will add mvo to the discussion ;)16:52
ClassBotanadon asked: is there anything in this release to help foster or support resource sharing?16:52
skaetanadon,  resources in which context?16:53
nigelbresources such as disk storage pooling over a network, hopefully sharing processing power, sharing distributed resources to help  scalability at my university16:54
skaetThere are work groups investigating distributed development practices, that may be relevant.16:54
skaetLet me check with robbiew and others and get back to you offline.16:55
skaetWe're mostly pulling in what debian supports and it probably depends on what you're already using as well.16:56
nigelbnigelb asked: Do we have a plan for deb delta like the rpm delas that seem to have come out? Updates always seem to suck a lot of  bandwitdth -- There are 0 additional questions in the queue.16:57
skaetThanks nigelb16:58
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skaetwe tend to be updating our stable releases in regular point releases, as deltas already.16:59
skaetand are pushing out fixes and updates to the supported releases as we get them figured out.16:59
skaetnot to mention security fixes :)16:59
skaetis there some particular function that we're missing that the deb deltas is providing?17:00
jcastroI think he means this spec: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-m-rsync-based-deb-downloads17:01
jcastrowhere apt would download only the deltas instead of the full deb, at the expense of more CPU/IO consumption17:01
jcastroColin's already answered though: http://askubuntu.com/questions/10167/will-11-04-include-delta-updates/13198#1319817:02
jcastroso you can go on to the next question. :)17:02
nigelbskaet just lost her connection, she'll be right back.17:03
skaetsorry about that17:04
skaettyping error on my part.17:04
ClassBotareloaded asked: I just heard about ubuntu planning for a rolling release instead of the 6 month release cycle, how do you plan on implementing that? How do you think that will be beneficial?17:05
skaetthanks areloaded17:05
skaetthats news to me...17:05
skaetwe've got the shedules drafted for O, P, etc.  ;)17:06
skaetcan you provide a pointer to where you've heard that?17:06
jcastroYeah that was just a rumor where someone misquoted Mark17:07
skaetmaybe I can see if I can help figure out the disconnect?17:07
skaetthanks jcastro17:07
skaetanyhow,  to be clear17:07
skaetwe're keeping to the 6 month release cadence for the "forseeable" future.17:08
skaetany more questions?17:10
ClassBotrickspencer3 asked: can you tell us a little bit about your background in release management, and how that helps you see opportunities for the Ubuntu Community to improve how we release?17:13
skaetthanks rickspencer317:14
skaetprior to joining the ubuntu team,   my last 10 years was working on putting out an embedded distro with Freescale17:14
skaetwe were at the stage of putting out about 1 release a week17:14
skaetso the one release per month (including alphas, beta, candidates, etc.) feels pretty familiar.17:15
skaethowever the breadth of the packages that ubuntu supports is QUITE different.17:15
skaetIn terms of opportunities,17:16
skaetI'd like to work with the community to get earlier testing of the candidate integrated, and more automated testing to come on line.17:17
skaetso we're less likely to introduce regressions, and then a bunch of them suddenly show up.17:18
skaetby candidate integrated,  I mean the images that are about to be put out17:18
skaetas alpha, betas, etc.17:18
skaetand by community,  I'm meaning Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu,  Mythbuntu, etc.17:19
skaetI think the more we have automated testing in place, and regressions available for folks to run, before they submit packages that impact at the system level due to dependencies,17:20
skaetthe more productive we'll all be.17:20
skaetI'd also like to see us all work on making sure we've got launchpad being used effectively17:21
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skaetits an awesome tool for collaboration.17:21
skaetbut there's alot of individual practices that have emerged on how to do certain things.17:21
skaetfinding the best practices and and getting them known wider, would be awesome.17:22
skaetI could probably go on for a bit more,  but should check if there are more questions.17:22
skaetThe other area I'm personally interested in is getting tools available to help with license and copyright identification17:23
skaetso we can make sure the code base is easy to use for those building ontop of it.17:24
skaetWhat debian's been doing with DEP-5 is a welcome addition to moving this down the road.17:24
ClassBotfosterdv asked: I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I find most talk around the Desktop version of 11.04. I was wondering, what good is coming to the server version of 11.04?17:26
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.17:26
skaetfosterdv,  thanks for asking.17:26
skaetyeah, there is a lot of focus on desktop, since that's where Ubuntu's roots are.17:27
skaethowever the server team is busy making lots of plans.17:27
* skaet checks some notes17:28
skaet11.04 has the Open Stack technology preview in it.17:29
skaetthere are also several things easier to use.17:29
skaetand scroll down undeer the server section to see some more of the specifics.17:30
skaetthanks for asking though.   Robbiew and the server team hang out in #ubuntu-server if you have questions about specific packages.  :)17:30
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skaetThanks all for good questions.17:32
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EvilPhoenixskaet:  thanks for coming in to answer our questions :)17:32
skaetThanks!   I'll move over to chat now and take questions informally for a bit,  before breaking.17:33
skaetyou can find me (or others of the release team) in #ubuntu-release17:34
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