duanedesignmorning all06:23
akgranerduanedesign, good morning06:23
duanedesignhey akgraner !06:24
duanedesignakgraner: hows things?06:24
akgranerfinally :-)06:24
duanedesignakgraner: are things getting back to normal (home-wise)06:25
akgranerI have an office now  :-) with a white board and cork board - so it's official now ;-)06:26
duanedesignaha, I <3 white boards06:27
akgranerWas at a lab yesterday whose walls were all white boards06:28
akgranerit was awesome06:28
nigelbakgraner: do you have a server now? :)06:29
akgranerhehe I do06:30
akgranerwell I have 2 of them - one is a dell mini that I am using as a server and one is in the cloud <----kim0 :-) (see I am embracing the cloud on the personal user level)06:31
duanedesigni have 3 old power pc macs that i would like to use as servers06:32
akgranerI am learning a lot ...and I found a lot of helpful information in the Ubuntu Server Book...06:34
nigelb+1 for that06:34
nigelbEven I boght that one06:34
duanedesignakgraner: i am always finding fun things to use my server for06:34
nigelbakgraner: Weren't you a reviewer for that book..? ;)06:35
akgranernot for the server book06:35
akgranerjust the official ubuntu book06:35
duanedesigninteresting the technical board votes 5-0 to not enable ubuntu-restricted-* installation by default06:53
duanedesignthat happened 12hrs ago, probably old news in our twitterific world.06:54
nigelbIt makes sense.06:55
duanedesignnigelb: yeah. I am reading the ubuntu-meeting loogs now07:02
duanedesignthe loogs and the logs07:03
nigelbduanedesign: bad day for spelling huh?07:03
duanedesignlately it has been worse then usual07:04
duanedesigni dont know what is up07:04
duanedesignmaybe i need to work on some typing refresher coureses07:04
duanedesignnigelb: i like this quote from the meeting "for me, this is a line in the sand - I don't really see a point in taking a stance on free software if we're going to give up when it's hard"07:05
dholbachgood morning07:40
nigelbohai there dholbach07:41
dholbachhi nigelb, duanedesign07:41
kim0dholbach: nigelb duanedesign hey o/07:57
dholbachhey kim007:57
duanedesignhello kim008:01
kim0hey :)08:01
duanedesignwhat is a lens, in regards to unity?08:08
duanedesignahh, i see08:09
dholbachduanedesign, pun intended? :)08:10
dholbachI'm sure jcastro would love that one :)08:10
duanedesignhow is a lens different then places?08:10
* dholbach doesn't know08:11
duanedesigndholbach: found the answer - Lenses used to be known as Places.08:12
dholbachhola dpm08:15
dpmhola dholbach08:19
dpmgood morning all08:19
kim0dpm: Morning man o/08:27
dpmhey kim0!08:29
nigelbhey kim0 :)09:01
kim0nigelb: hey :)09:01
nigelbduanedesign: good one :)09:01
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kim0guys .. is irc logs fully permenant .. like will #ubuntu-classroom logs of yesterday be available years from now ?12:32
Picikim0: There are already a few years of irc logs out there, I don't see why they'd ever be removed.12:35
ubot2Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/12:35
kim0Pici: thanks12:35
Picikim0: no problem12:35
nigelbPlease RT http://twitter.com/#!/nigelbabu/status/5131109473989427215:56
cjohnstonnigelb: no hashtags?15:58
nigelbcjohnston: I fail15:58
nigelbcjohnston: rying again15:58
nigelb*trying again15:58
cjohnstonJust rt mine15:58
* nigelb does15:59
nigelbfixed http://twitter.com/#!/nigelbabu/status/5131217724363161615:59
* kim0 joins the RT fest16:02
cjohnstonhey kim016:02
kim0cjohnston: hey o/16:03
jcastrojono: can you tweet skaet's Q+A? it's in 30 min16:03
jonojcastro, yep16:04
dpmdoctormo, did you have the chance to think about the ground control session we were talking about the other day for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek?16:06
dpmnigelb, are you up for your project lightning talks on any of the extra slots? ^^16:07
nigelbdpm: yup16:07
dpmnigelb, fantastic - do you think you could add it to the timetable?16:09
nigelbdpm: doing that right now :)16:09
dpmexcellent :)16:09
nigelbjcastro: who built the app for stackexchange thing?16:27
jcastrohe's in #ayatana now btw16:28
nigelbawesome, I'll catch him16:28
jcastrojono: you introing kate or should I?16:30
jonojcastro, can you do it16:33
jonoI am on calls16:33
jcastroalready started16:33
jonothanks jcastro16:34
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kim0dholbach: so why are those 17 opportunities hidden http://harvest.ubuntu.com/opportunities/package/iptraf/ :)17:53
dholbachkim0, the only explanation I have right now is that it's opportunities that are already closed17:56
dholbachin any case it's misleading17:56
dholbachdo you think you can file a bug on lp:harvest about that?17:56
dholbachI'm sure Dylan can figure out what's going on there17:56
dholbachthanks a bunch kim0!17:57
dholbachnow it's weekend time for me17:57
dholbachhave a great WE every one17:57
* dholbach hugs you all17:57
nigelbg'nite dholbach :)17:57
cjohnstonjcastro: is it not possible to click both buttons on the lappy mousepad to open a new window18:01
jcastrothat should work18:04
cjohnstonit isnt on 2d18:05
jcastrooh that could be a bug18:07
jonojcastro, btw, the askubuntu place still doenst work for me18:17
jcastrojono: you have the PPA?18:17
jonojcastro, yep18:17
jonothe one I installed the other day18:17
jcastroand you're all up to date?18:17
jonoyep, as of yesterday18:17
jonohow do I debug this?18:18
jcastroyou need to be uptodate as of today18:18
jcastrothe unity packaging was broken for python so they had to upload a fix18:18
jcastroI wasn't around when they found the problem, the author told ken and he uploaded a fix early today iirc18:19
jcastrojono: the fix was in dee, you need this update: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-March/010184.html18:21
jcastrowhich was published about 2 hours ago18:21
jonojcastro, which package is the fix in?18:22
jcastroyou need to be on dee 0.5.16-0ubuntu518:22
jcastrothen restart unity (which gets old after a while, heh)18:22
jonoupgrading now18:23
jcastrojono: worked?18:42
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jonojcastro, nope18:44
jononot sure it installed dee though18:44
jonojust libdee18:44
jcastrohmmm, join me in #ayatana, I'll snag ken18:44
MeanEYElooking for mr. jono :)19:26
jonohey MeanEYE19:26
MeanEYEgood evening :D19:26
MeanEYEI tried finding ppl responsible for Lernid19:26
Picijono: MeanEYE was looking into trying to help with Lernid, I thought I'd point him in your direction.19:26
MeanEYE^^ thanks Pici19:26
MeanEYEdoesn't really have to be Lernid. I just happen to have some free time and lot's of good will19:27
MeanEYEso :D19:27
pleia2#ubuntu-classroom-backstage is probably a better place to ask, the only active dev on lernid right now is nhandler and he's just there to help push along patches (doesn't have time to actively work on it, it's pretty broken for maverick and we don't recommend people use it)19:29
jonoPici, thanks!19:29
jonoMeanEYE, yeah, Lernid needs a new maintainer19:29
jonobut you should contact it's current maintainer mbudde19:29
jonohe doesn't have time for it these days19:29
pleia2he hasn't responded in a while :(19:29
MeanEYEhm, so is the project abandoned19:30
MeanEYEI mean do you plan on developing it19:30
MeanEYEnot YOU but... you know :D19:30
pleia2if you're interested in taking a lead on it we certainly welcome it :) nhandler can get your patches merged and such, and add you to the dev team when it gets to that point19:31
MeanEYEhm, am just asking what are the plans because if its broken in Maverick, are there plans to be used in Natty?19:31
MeanEYEbut yeah, I can help out19:31
pleia2no, since there is no one to work on it19:32
MeanEYEbut generally that's the only problem?19:32
MeanEYEno biggie then19:32
pleia2I suggest to get started you grab the source, pick a bug, and come hang out with us in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage :)19:32
MeanEYEhm, sure, give me a moment19:32
MeanEYEshould I leave from here?19:33
pleia2you're welcome to stay19:33
pleia2the classroom team just hangs out in the other channel, so it's a better place for development discussion19:34
jonoMeanEYE, the project is in desperate need of help19:34
jonoI don't have time19:34
jonothanks MeanEYE!19:34
MeanEYEit's ok :D19:34
MeanEYEI'll see what I can do19:34
MeanEYEjono: quick question, who can I ask about some basic things about Lernid, to get me started?20:11
jonoMeanEYE, I haven't hacked on it for ages, it is all different now, so I am not a good person to ask20:14
MeanEYEhm, ok... thought you might know who was in charge (or is now)20:15
akgranerwoo hoo - I gots more screen real estate  - I now have a 25" monitor...my hubby <3's me..20:19
akgranerhow did I ever live with just a 15" notebook...  thinking dual monitors would now be the bees knees20:19
jcastroI can't live without multiple monitors20:20
akgranerthis is awesome...20:20
akgranerPete has dual monitors and he says the same thing20:21
jcastroactually I have 320:22
akgranerthat's awesome!20:23
TechnovikingI just want one BIG monitor20:24
akgranerTechnoviking, how big is big...20:34
jcastroone of those wrap around ones20:37
Technoviking24" viewsonic, want to get a 27" one one day21:03
akgranerhey jcastro are do you have multi-monitor support working with natty?21:10
czajkowskipeeka boo21:15
akgranerjcastro great thanks21:19
akgranerjcastro what graphics cards are you using21:19
akgranerahh we have intell here and well guess what is not working21:20
jcastroI didn't even know intel could drive 2 monitors21:20
jcastro(other than the laptop use case I mean)21:20

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