jcastrorobert_ancell: around?00:35
robert_ancelljcastro, hey00:37
robert_ancellpitti, can you look at bug 736349 and see if it is feasible to have sound-theme-freedesktop on the CD?  It's 1/2 a meg, but we really need it to have proper fallback sound events00:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 736349 in oem-priority ""Test speakers" is silent" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73634900:38
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cdbschrisccoulson: ping05:51
micahgcdbs: probably won't be around for a few more hours05:52
cdbschrisccoulson: What would you say about the FF bug having both options: Open a New Tab and Open a New Window?05:52
cdbsmicahg: :o05:52
pittiI'll be back in some 2 hours, have an appointment07:48
didrocksgood morning08:29
duanedesignmorning didrocks08:43
didrockshey duanedesign08:45
seb128hey desktopers08:58
seb128hey rodrigo_08:58
seb128how are you?08:58
didrockshey rodrigo_, salut seb12808:59
seb128hey didrocks09:00
rodrigo_hi seb128, didrocks09:00
desrtdbarth: good morning09:03
desrtand seb and rodrigo and didrocks :)09:03
dbarthdesrt: hi Ryan09:03
didrockshey desrt! :)09:04
* desrt is on european time today09:04
seb128hey desrt09:10
seb128pitti, do you read the GNOME desktop-devel-list?09:10
dbarthdesrt: how come?09:12
dbarth(the european time zone)09:12
desrtdbarth: in frankfurt right now09:12
desrtlong connection before moving on to india09:13
dbartheh, nice trip09:13
desrtya.  i'm going to be at the release hackfest next week09:13
desrtyou should notice the corresponding spike in my productivity :)09:13
rodrigo_hi desrt09:15
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:17
rodrigo_hi chrisccoulson09:18
chrisccoulsonhi rodrigo_09:18
* desrt loves the n*(n-1) thing that always happens09:18
desrtchrisccoulson: hi =)09:18
chrisccoulsonhi desrt, how are you?09:18
chrisccoulsoncdbs, re, adding both a "new window" and "new tab" item to the static quicklists - i'd prefer just the new window for now. it makes more sense, and i don't want to clutter up the menu09:19
chrisccoulson(there will be a dynamic quicklist at some point)09:19
desrtchrisccoulson: a bit sleepy, but nicely caffinated09:20
chrisccoulsonheh :)09:20
chrisccoulsoni think i need to grab some caffeine09:20
kklimondarodrigo_: hey, I did install g-s from gnome3 ppa09:25
kklimondarodrigo_: I've had to install gnome-themes-standard to get the new gnome3 theme, mutter was missing the theme too - I've had to manually change it in gconf-editor and restart g-s-d09:26
didrocksseb128: do ou know if the retracers are working?09:27
didrockshey chrisccoulson09:27
seb128didrocks, let me check09:27
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?09:27
didrockschrisccoulson: I'm fine thanks! the rush is (hopefully) behind us now :)09:27
didrocksand you?09:27
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, i'm good thanks. looking forward to a more relaxing day ;)09:28
didrockstoday is launchpad and paperwork day. Some hacking if I have time! :)09:28
rodrigo_kklimonda, hmm, ok, I guess we need to add a dependency there then09:30
kklimondarodrigo_: also gnome-screensaver doesn't start09:30
rodrigo_kklimonda, any error message?09:30
kklimondarodrigo_: yeah, Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.screensaver' does not contain a key named 'power-management-delay'09:31
kklimondarodrigo_: some gnome-contorl-center applets are also missing schemas09:31
rodrigo_kklimonda, I guess you need a gsettings-desktop-schemas update09:31
kklimondarodrigo_: I've cloned git repo, and power-management-delay is not there09:32
kklimondarodrigo_: also, I can't figure out how to change the icon theme09:33
rodrigo_kklimonda, only via gsettings on the command line09:34
kklimondaunless what I have is the right icon set, but then it's fugly ;)09:34
rodrigo_kklimonda, II guess we need a g-screensaver upgrade to 2.91.9209:34
* rodrigo_ does it09:34
kklimondarodrigo_: also, is update of network-manager to 0.9 hard?09:35
rodrigo_kklimonda, haven't tried yet, but shouldn't afaik09:35
kklimondai've tried upgrading gnome-control-center (some capplets are also crashing with missing schemas) I've noticed that it depends on n-m 0.9+ for network capplet09:36
kklimonda(updating didn't help, still can't access Background capplet)09:36
kklimondacan I help? :)09:36
rodrigo_kklimonda, with nm 0.9? yes!09:37
kklimondaok, cool09:37
rodrigo_kklimonda, any help on the gnome3 ppa is more than welcome, so go ahead09:38
rodrigo_kklimonda, the branches for that ppa are in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gnome3-team09:38
rodrigo_kklimonda, I'm doing g-screensaver now, so feel free to do any other09:38
kklimondainteresting, we have a really recent snapshot09:39
rodrigo_well, it's missing 2.91.9209:39
rodrigo_I started this week upgrading some packages, but not many, as I was busy with other stuff09:39
kklimondanah, I was talking of NetworkManager09:39
kklimondaah, we are not following the 0.9 branch09:40
rodrigo_kklimonda, new g-screensaver uploaded, uploading g-c-c in a bit09:53
rodrigo_but need to reboot 1st09:53
aquariusmvo, ping?10:02
mvohey aquarius10:03
aquariusmvo, heya, pal! Odd software-centre problem; s-c complained about the package system being broken (old version of unity-2d) and suggested running apt-get -f install, which is fine. However, it started aptd and dpkg. I've quit s-c, but the aptd and dpkg processes are still running, eating lots of CPU, and I can't see any way of quitting them.10:04
aquariusmvo, (well, I could obviously kill -9 them, but my dad couldn't, and I'm always scared of killing dpkg in case it decides to make my machine unbootable as revenge :))10:04
mvoaquarius: *ick* that sounds nasty. anything in /var/log/syslog ?10:05
aquariusooh, loads of Processing transaction /org/debian/apt/transaction/c1cff228f3b6461b973cbcc90175b71e stuff (http://paste.ubuntu.com/585295/)10:06
mvoaquarius: what is "ps afx" showing? is it always the same transaction id its processing? or constantly creating new ones?10:06
aquariusnew transaction ids10:07
aquariusthree processes are using all the CPU; aptd, dpkg, and update-python-m(something)10:07
aquariusoh, and firefox, but that's not your fault ;)10:07
mvothat sounds like its really doing lots of work, but its very odd that it keeps adding new action ids10:08
mvocould you still mail me / msg me (privately if you prefer) the ps afx output?10:09
aquariusmvo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/585298/10:11
mvoaquarius: I'm confused now, I can't see dpkg in that list?10:12
aquariusmvo, grr! it's stopped now!10:13
aquariusright, fine, the universe is just trying to screw me up10:13
aquariusmvo, ignore me, for now. I'll poke around.10:14
mvoaquarius: heh :) there should be a log of what happend in /var/log/apt/term.log hopefully10:14
mvoaquarius: did that happen when you selected to install something? i.e. did something break during the install or was the system in a inconsitent state before?10:15
mvoaquarius: /var/log/apt/history.log should have some idea about this10:15
aquariusbroke during the removal (of unity-2d)10:15
aquariusyeah. What I think was the problem was this: I selected to remove about twenty things in software centre. One of them (unity-2d) failed, and I got the "run apt-get -f install" warning. So I quit SC to run that, but quitting SC didn't stop doing all the removals. And I couldn't go in and cancel the removals, because when SC started up it says "the package system is inconsistent, do you want to fix it".10:16
mvoohhh, that makes sense10:17
mvoI think we need to teach aptdaemon to stop all further transactions on error10:18
mvowould you mind to file a bug about that ? against aptdaemon?10:18
aquariussure; what shoudl it say? just describe what happened to me?10:19
Sweetsharkdidrocks: hey, sorry that i didnt even reply yesterday, but I really wanted to get the 3.3.2 release in before the beta and there was some nasty trouble because some dependencies changed in oh so interesting ways breaking the LO build. so: no, unfortunately I did not do anything about #720716.10:20
didrocksSweetshark: hey! do you think you can tackle this just post-beta?10:21
pittiseb128: no, I'm not sub'ed to desktop-devel10:25
Sweetsharkdidrocks: so that would be just patching the static desktop entry, right? shouldnt be too hard then, but what about UI freeze?10:25
seb128pitti, hey, wie gehts?10:26
didrocksSweetshark: I think the freeze exception will be easily granted as it doesn't impact too much the doc (last time I checked)10:26
didrockshey ivanka10:26
didrockshey pitti10:26
ivankahey didrocks10:26
pittibonjour didrocks10:27
pitticava seb12810:27
pittisorry, my appointment took a little longer today10:27
seb128pitti, ok, walters just posted an SoC idea email about doing a "desktop file cache"10:27
seb128pitti, I'm wondering what happening to your gnome-menus patch if that was ever upstream and maybe if you were going to reply to that email10:27
seb128like it's in bugzilla? was it blocked on something?10:28
seb128vuntz, ^10:28
cdbsHi, as for bug #729074, is it not implemented yet? Or is it implemented but a bug is not making the quicklist come up?10:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 729074 in unity-2d "dynamic quicklists are not working" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72907410:31
MezIs there now a working nvidia driver for natty?10:31
pittiseb128: (@phone again -- I hate that day)10:32
seb128pitti, (no worry)10:32
pittiseb128: hm, I'm actually not sure, let me look10:32
seb128pitti, b.g.o is down10:33
pittiseb128: I think back then the status was that vuntz didn't particularly like the text cache format and preferred a binary cache or so10:33
pittiseb128: argh, still?10:33
seb128pitti, yeah...10:34
pittimeh, for a few days now the firefox global menu bar is totally broken :/10:34
seb128pitti, I think you said by then you redo the caching using gvariant when those would land10:34
seb128rather than a key file10:34
pittiseb128: right; I'm not so sure that will be faster, but it's worth a try10:34
Sweetsharkdidrocks: Ill do backports today, but I will give it a try on monday.10:35
seb128pitti, well in any case it seems stupid to redo the work from scratsch so I was wondering if you were going to reply on the list10:35
pittiseb128: can you bounce the mail to me? (not just forward)10:35
seb128pitti, I will probably at least reply with the bug number of bugzilla ever comes back running10:35
pittimeh, our patch doesn't have a bug ref10:36
pittimight be that this was discussed on IRC only or so10:36
seb128pitti, not sure the bouncing worked, the evo way to do it is confusing10:39
seb128not to mention that the canonical smtp apparently doesn't allow to "relay" the email it seems10:40
seb128I think bug #742120 is multiarch path changes screwing running session10:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 742120 in gnome-control-center "Square blocks where text should be" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74212010:43
seb128mvo, I guess that's not something we can easily deal and people dist-upgrading should be restarting anyway?10:44
mvoseb128: indeed, however we need to make sure it does not break the upgrade itself10:46
pittiseb128: hm, not really, it's destroying all the headers; I guess I'll look up the message-id in the archive10:48
seb128pitti, try asking rodrigo or njpatel maybe if they can bounce it10:48
seb128they probably are on d-d-l10:48
pittiseb128: oh, btw10:57
pitti$ cp -a /usr/lib/libcairo.* /tmp/l10:57
pitti$ cat /etc/ld.so.conf.d/zz-libcairo-gl.conf10:57
pittignome-abo 2516 martin  mem    REG                8,2  1020400 1184740 /tmp/l/libcairo.so.2.11000.210:57
pittiseb128: so tacking it to the end works10:58
pittiseb128: sorry, forgot to tell you yesterdya10:58
pittiseb128: (you need to run sudo ldconfig after changing the file)10:58
seb128pitti, ok, I need to sit and think about it for a bit still, I'm unsure what to do know with the .pc etc11:05
seb128pitti, like what path those should have11:05
seb128pitti, not sure the ld hack is enough, i.e if wayland will build with that11:05
seb128or we need tweaking the .pc paths etc11:06
seb128it's really work over what is worth, the ppa would have been just fine for natty :-(11:06
pittiseb128: for building you need a .pc with the right -L, yes; ld.so.conf.d is only for runtime searching, gcc doesn't care about it11:07
pittiseb128: in particular, gcc searches for the unversioned .so11:07
pittiseb128: so for building wayland you need to install the libcairo-gl-dev instead of the libcairo-dev, then there is only one .so to pick11:07
seb128pitti, right, which means just installing the extra .pc in libcairo2-gl... might not work11:08
seb128we might need to c,r,p the standard one and tweak the .pc files11:08
pittiseb128: well, I'm sure it can be made working as well, but then you need to ensure that it searches in the lib//cairo one first11:08
rodrigo_so any idea why I get this C/C++ compiler cannot create executables?11:12
rodrigo_it only happens when building packages, it seems11:12
rodrigo_I can compile fine stuff from git/bzr11:12
rodrigo_oh, no, I can't if I re-run autogen.sh :(11:12
chrisccoulsonpitti - what issue are you having with the firefox menu bar?11:12
seb128rodrigo_, can you bounce walters' SoC email to ddl to pitti btw?11:13
seb128or someone on ddl who has an email client and smtp server able to bounce properly an email11:13
rodrigo_seb128, yes, sure11:13
pittihey rodrigo_ , thanks11:14
pittirodrigo_: can you look in config.log what it's complaining about?11:14
rodrigo_pitti, forwarded11:14
pittirodrigo_: can you bounce instead of forward, so that all headers remain intact? (to avoid breaking the thread)?11:15
rodrigo_pitti, ah, sorry11:15
rodrigo_hmm, how do I bounce from evolution?11:17
rodrigo_pitti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/585320/11:17
rodrigo_ah, found it11:18
pitti/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s11:18
pittiit's in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.111:18
pittiactually, not that one, the unversioned .so is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5/libgcc_s.so11:18
rodrigo_pitti, now bounced hopefully ok, let me know if you get it correctly11:18
rodrigo_$ ls /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5/libgcc_s.so11:19
rodrigo_ls: cannot access /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5/libgcc_s.so: No such file or directory11:19
pittirodrigo_: perfect, thanks!11:19
pittirodrigo_: are you on i386?11:19
rodrigo_pitti, what package does that file be,o11:19
rodrigo_long to11:19
pittirodrigo_: but anyway, the file should be in the gcc-4.5 package11:19
rodrigo_belong to11:19
pittistill strange11:19
rodrigo_hmm, ok11:19
rodrigo_no, on x86_6411:19
rodrigo_only have gcc-4.5-base11:20
rodrigo_I guess that's it11:20
rodrigo_installing gcc4.511:20
pittihm, "gcc" depends on it11:20
pittirodrigo_: just curious how you could build stuff at all then (in git) :)11:20
rodrigo_pitti, no, I couldn't11:21
rodrigo_I just ran 'make' in a dir which had all built11:21
rodrigo_so I thought it was built correctly11:21
pittirodrigo_ | I can compile fine stuff from git/bzr11:21
rodrigo_but it built nothing11:21
pittiah :)11:21
rodrigo_pitti, yeah, but see my comment after that :)11:21
pittichrisccoulson: when I start it, it all works, but after some time it's just empty11:21
rodrigo_so, for some reason that gcc-4.5 got removed/not upgraded in my last upgrade11:22
pittichrisccoulson: i. .e the title works, but if I move the mouse to the panel it gets empty and no menu at all; this started a few days ago11:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 71892611:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 718926 in bamf "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71892611:22
chrisccoulsoni guess it happens after you've minimized it at some point?11:23
pittichrisccoulson: I don't even have a file menu, and I basically never minimize ffox11:23
* pitti tries11:23
chrisccoulsonfor some reason, bamf sends a spurious view-closed followed by a view-opened signal sometimes when you minimize windows, and that causes the menu to get discarded11:23
pittichrisccoulson: no, minimizing and re-maximizing works11:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, it only happens sometimes. i bet if you do it enough times, then it will lose the menu11:24
pittiI didn't find a pattern yet11:24
pittichrisccoulson: hm, but I by and large never minimize windows11:24
chrisccoulsoni've seen it occasionally too, but it's basically the same issue (the menubar thinks the window has been closed)11:24
pittiffox is sitting on work space 2, maximized, all the time11:24
pittichrisccoulson: ah, ok; well, there's a branch, I'll see if that helps once it gets merged :) thanks11:24
chrisccoulsonpitti - the branches on the bug fix a previous issue with a similar symptom11:25
chrisccoulsonthat's a bit confusing actually, it should probably be another bug really11:25
ricotzchrisccoulson, hi, is libmozjs185-dev suppose to replace xulrunner-dev?11:35
chrisccoulsonricotz, it depends what you're doing with it11:35
ricotzchrisccoulson, like for gnome-shell?11:36
chrisccoulsonthat would use libmozjs11:36
chrisccoulsondon't change just yet though, there's still some discussion upstream about the naming of the library11:36
chrisccoulson(we currently only have couchdb using it)11:36
ricotzchrisccoulson, alright, i will use xulrunner-dev11:37
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didrockspower breakage in a large part of Lyon…11:57
didrockssomeone was stuck in the elevator11:57
pittididrocks: it's back now?11:59
didrockspitti: yeah, just now11:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - does compiz crash for you at all?12:06
pittichrisccoulson: yes, two or three times after login12:07
pittifrom then on, only once a day or so12:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - ah, ok. that's another thing which tends to break menus12:08
chrisccoulsoni just remembered after i had compiz crash here ;)12:08
pittichrisccoulson: ah, perhaps12:08
SweetsharkI you guys want to see something awesome, you gotta run "subsequentcheck" -- the LibreOffice system tests on unity. 30 windows popping up and closing like crazy. Also triggers a pretty reliable bamfdaemon suicide.12:13
pittiSweetshark: seems command-not-found doesn't know about it yet?12:13
pittior is it only in git, not shipped?12:13
Sweetsharkpitti: only in git. you need a complete build for that.12:14
pittiah, pretty big obstactle then; but that sounds great!12:14
pittitest suites FTW12:14
pittiSweetshark: does it have a lot of external dependencies? if not, perhaps it's worth packaging in a separate binary, then QA coudl integrate that in their daily autotests12:15
pittithat would certainly be a great addition12:15
Sweetsharkpitti: no, not many extra deps subsequenttests are mostly just junit tests.12:17
Sweetsharkpitti: However, I just reenabled them on LO and they are currently still failing left and right. They will need a bit of a fixup o be useful to QA. After all you are mostly interested in regressions and not in "was broken before, is broken now".12:20
Sweetsharkhehe, my launcher is seriously confused now, showing every existing window at least six times.12:21
Sweetsharkno: exactly six times12:22
kklimondarodrigo_: I think we should sync libseed from debian experimental into gnome3 ppa?12:32
kklimondaif only it built ;)12:33
mterrySweetshark, oh, duplicate launcher icons that crash unity if hovered over?  I filed a bug about that a while ago -- you have reproducable steps?12:34
rodrigo_kklimonda, what is it needed for?12:36
Sweetsharkmterry: you wouldnt like the reproducable steps, they would start with "build libreoffice from source ..."12:41
mterrySweetshark, nm :)12:41
kklimondarodrigo_: for the newer libpeas (it's actually stuck in dep-waiting in the main archive), which is required by... I can't find the package right now, but something did depend on libpeas >= 0.7.412:42
rodrigo_kklimonda, ah, yes, eog12:43
kklimondabut I get a really weird error when building seed12:44
rodrigo_which error?12:44
kklimondabut there is a debian/tmp/usr/lib/libseed-gtk3.so.012:45
rodrigo_in which subpackage is it in?12:45
rodrigo_I think you'll need a .symbols file12:46
kklimondadh_shlibdeps -pseed12:46
rodrigo_I mean the libseed-gtk3.so, where is it? in which subpackage?12:46
kklimondaright, good question - it looks like it's not actually installed in any package..12:47
kklimondalets see12:47
kklimondaok, it builds fine now - I didn't copy one .install file properly12:49
rodrigo_kklimonda, not sure if we want the lipeas/seed upgrade in natty, rather than the ppa12:50
rodrigo_seb128, ^12:50
kklimondarodrigo_: I agree, it may be a little too late to push it to natty at this point, even if libpeas 0.7.3 in archive doesn't build... maybe we should revert it back to 0.7.2?12:51
kklimonda(and push libpeas 0.7.4 to the ppa, along with seed)12:51
rodrigo_kklimonda, or upgrade to 0.7.4 if it doesn't break API/ABI12:51
rodrigo_if not, yes, let's put it in the ppa12:52
kklimondarodrigo_: wow, the difference between adwaita, and the old theme is huge.. are there plans to port adwaita back to gtk 2.0?12:59
rodrigo_kklimonda, not that I know, it uses the new CSS-based themes afaik, so it's hard to port13:00
seb128rodrigo_, is anything using libpeas or seed in natty?13:01
seb128rodrigo_, seems fine to update those if the update is not likely to break things13:02
rodrigo_seb128, no, just needed for eog in the gnome3 ppa13:03
seb128rodrigo_, somebody should merge seed on debian then we can sync the new libpeas13:04
rodrigo_seb128, ah, on natty eog and gedit at least13:04
rodrigo_kklimonda, ^13:04
seb128seems not since libpeas is in universe13:04
seb128so eog and gedit can't be using it13:04
rodrigo_oh, I guess it's a new dep on 2.91.*13:05
seb128they are both in universe13:05
seb128somebody should merge seed on debian so we get the gtk3 binary13:05
seb128then libpeas will build13:05
kklimondadebian doesn't build gtk2 binaries anymore in seed package13:06
seb128do we use those for anything?13:07
kklimondaepiphany-browser depends on libseed013:08
kklimonda(debian has updated it to 2.91.91 in experimental, we are still shipping 2.30.6)13:09
rodrigo_ok then, let's do the updates in the ppa for now, right?13:09
kklimondaI'd say it's a safer bet at this time - it's not like we really need it in the archive, as most of gnome3 stuff is only in ppa13:10
seb128is there anything stopping to update epiphany-browser in natty?13:11
kklimondaseb128: Freeze? :)13:11
seb128well we need to update libpeas to fix the depwait issue then13:11
seb128well it's universe and it's not building13:11
kklimondaI can download epiphany package from experimental and check what it needs13:11
seb128well the easy way out otherwise is to update libpeas to still build with gtk213:12
ricotzrodrigo_, are you using the gnome3 package locally?13:18
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rodrigo_ricotz, which gnome3 package?13:18
ricotzrodrigo_, if so could you test these https://edge.launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/testing/+packages13:18
rodrigo_but yes, I'm using the ppa13:18
rodrigo_ricotz, ok13:19
ricotzrodrigo_, you might need to wailt for g-s build313:19
rodrigo_ricotz, yes13:19
bcurtiswxrodrigo_, when pushing build to the GNOME3 PPA, are you building in pbuilder to test the build or locally building?13:19
rodrigo_bcurtiswx: locally building and installing before pushing13:20
bcurtiswxrodrigo_, OK, so i haven't looked yet, but most of your builds that fail then are from depwaits ?13:20
rodrigo_bcurtiswx: well, not all, but a few of them13:21
rodrigo_g-c-c from the ppa now indeed looks like it's a depwait13:21
bcurtiswxrodrigo_, eog too13:22
rodrigo_bcurtiswx: eog is failing because of missing libpeas >= 0.7.413:22
rodrigo_which is what we were discussing with kklimonda13:23
bcurtiswxrodrigo_, cool :) thx i was j/w13:23
rodrigo_bcurtiswx: feel free to fix any package btw :)13:23
bcurtiswxrodrigo_, i try to if i get the time :)13:23
rodrigo_I don't think I'm going to push more updates today or the w/e, since there's 2.91.93 on Monday13:24
seb128rodrigo_, reminder about the g-s-d race thing in natty13:24
seb128rodrigo_, natty bugs should be worked before ppa updates if possible ;-)13:25
rodrigo_seb128, yes, still looking at that :)13:25
ricotzseb128, could you review this https://edge.launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/testing/+sourcepub/1565167/+listing-archive-extra13:27
seb128ricotz, review what? if it works upload, or ping the people who worked on the egl support, I've no clue about that13:28
ricotzseb128, this bug is caused by the clutter backend patch again13:29
seb128seems your build it working so is there any issue you want discussed there?13:30
seb128is your concern that the clutter patch is wrong?13:31
ricotzyeah, this patches need to be changed a lot, but it should work13:31
ricotzseb128, btw i cant upload packages13:31
seb128upload to the ppa for now and open a sponsoring request13:32
seb128this can probably wait after the beta1 freeze end to go in natty13:33
seb128well in any case I will not likely do that today, I've to catch up on other non packaging work I delayed for some time13:33
ricotzseb128, alright13:36
seb128we should sort the clutter patch thing with the linaro guys though13:37
ricotzseb128, this can be fixed upstream, mutter is just missing a explicit link against "gl"13:38
seb128does it use it directly? in which case yeah, it seems a bug there13:38
ricotzyes, it uses some symbols13:38
seb128ok, so yeah you should send your patch upstream then13:39
ricotzit is mentioned in to bug report13:39
ricotzno this patch is not upstream worthy13:39
ricotzit would be a small patch of configure.ac/in to fix this13:39
seb128ricotz, right that's what I meant, get a proper patch upstream for it13:42
seb128pitti, kamstrup: hey13:43
* pitti waves to seb12813:43
seb128pitti, is there any known breakage in apport about the .xsession-errors info collecting code?13:43
seb128pitti, kamstrup suggests it's not collecting what bug #431807 describe in current natty13:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 431807 in apport "would be nice to send xsessions-errors warnings and errors" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43180713:43
kamstruppitti: i was just asking seb128 why https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dee/+bug/742085 didn't have some .xsession-errors info attached13:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 742085 in dee "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PlaceEntryRemote::GetResult()" [Medium,New]13:44
kamstrupthe regex from the apport bug would match what i needed13:44
seb128kamstrup, oh it has a "XsessionErrors:" key13:44
seb128but that has 3 lines and nothing from compiz or dee13:44
kamstrupyeah, but way too little included there13:44
seb128kamstrup, you are sure there is extra info in the .xsession-errors?13:45
kamstrupi just looked at a s-i bug with ronoc and it had no relevant xsession-errors info as well13:45
kamstrupand we know that crash was a sigabrt in a g_Error()13:46
kamstrupso that really should have been there I guess13:46
pittikamstrup: do you have an example message which should appear? I guess that just didn't match the regexp after all13:47
pitti(<unknown>:2782): libindicator-WARNING **: Shortcut Group does not have key 'Tar13:48
pittigetEnvironment' falling back to deprecated use of 'OnlyShowIn' and 'NotShowIn'.13:48
pittiI have a few like this ^13:48
seb128doh, apport is spamming my .xsession-errors13:48
seb128"/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk", line 74, in ui_present_crash13:48
seb128    heading = _('Sorry, %s closed unexpectedly') % glib.markup_escape_text(desktop_entry.getName())13:48
seb128UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe8' in position 17: ordinal not in range(128)13:48
seb128it seems to do that in a continus way today13:48
pittiseb128: fun, I see the same13:48
seb128pitti, I think the .xsession-errors think is broken13:51
seb128pitti, or does it just tail a few lines?13:52
seb128pitti, it could be that things like that apport spam just quick any warning out of the part of the log it reads?13:53
pittiseb128: no, it doesn't pre-select lines, it just matches over all of them13:53
seb128ok, so that's broken13:53
pittiseb128: could be13:53
seb128like the apport-gtk crash from 1 minute ago has no XsessionErrors key13:54
seb128pitti, hum, it worked on a C crash though13:56
seb128kamstrup, well I guess it needs debugging locally with a testcase13:56
pittiseb128: ok, I'll investigate this next week then13:57
seb128pitti, I will try to come back with a testcase13:58
seb128pitti, do you want a bug about the UnicodeEncodeError spamming thing?13:58
pittiseb128: sure, easier to remember13:58
bcurtiswxanyone here even have an issue when they plug in headphones to their laptop the sound doesn't switch to the headphones?14:04
ari-tczewmvo: around?14:05
dobeybcurtiswx: i did, until i tweaked the alsa config as described on the ubuntuforums thread about my laptop :)14:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - for the localised searchplugins - we want to keep the maverick ones in langpack-o-matic too don't we? (i'm just testing the natty plugins now)14:07
bcurtiswxdobey, maybe it will help me?14:07
bcurtiswxdobey, if i reboot it will work fine if i have my headphones plugged in when i reboot14:08
dobeybcurtiswx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165863514:08
dobeybcurtiswx: the "Fixing the Microphone" instructions there, made my headphones work right14:09
chrisccoulsonit's nice to get google search results that are relevant to me again :)14:09
pittichrisccoulson: do we need per-release ones/14:09
mvoari-tczew: on the phone currently14:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i think so (firefox 4 and 3.6 have a different base set of plugins)14:09
bcurtiswxdobey, thx14:10
pittichrisccoulson: ah, then I guess we'll need to make the paths per-release14:11
pittichrisccoulson: would you mind committing the natty ones to extra-files/searchplugins/11.04/ ?14:11
pittichrisccoulson: I'll move the 10.10 ones accordingly, and update the code/test cases14:11
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, sure14:11
chrisccoulsonthanks :)14:11
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pittiseb128: what was the cairo memleak bug again?14:20
seb128pitti, 72543414:20
pittiseb128: merci14:21
seb128pitti, de rien14:21
bcurtiswxdobey, what laptop do you have perchance.  that also seemed to fix my microphone and headphone proble (thus far)14:27
bcurtiswxi have an HP DV714:27
dobeybcurtiswx: dell inspiron duo :)14:28
bcurtiswxdobey, Intel sound, thats the link probably then14:28
Mezis there a log for compiz somewhere that I might be able to find out what error it's crashing with now I'm on natty?14:51
bcurtiswxMez, /var/crash ?14:53
ricotzseb128, how do you feel about putting network-manager-0.9 into the gnome3-ppa?14:53
dobeyricotz: i'd be very hesitant right now, as it breaks compat, so some apps not yet ported will break14:55
seb128ricotz, no real opinion but what dobey says, seems we should rather stay away from it14:56
seb128it seems not worth the work on the issues in natty14:56
ricotzdobey, i know, i dont meant right now, but it is needed by some packages already like g-c-c14:56
seb128it's optionally needed14:57
seb128debian experimental doesn't have it either14:57
seb128pitti, when is the meeting today? now or one hour?14:57
dobeywell i'm just saying, it breaks API compat with the D-Bus API14:57
bcurtiswxseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/585429/ this may be an old thing i just haven't seen yet, look familiar at all?14:57
dobeyso if you use some things, like ubuntu one, they will break :)14:57
seb128bcurtiswx, don't run it under sudo that's wrong14:58
ricotzseb128, dobey, ok14:58
seb128bcurtiswx, the warning is usually when DISPLAY is not set14:58
bcurtiswxseb128, hmm.. OK thx14:58
seb128bcurtiswx, could be that sudo is cleaning the env14:58
bcurtiswxi had someone tell me skype shows up in software-center with a reccomend to add a partner repository.. i don't see it.. do i need another package other than software-center?14:59
pittiseb128: now15:02
kiwinotebcurtiswx: are you on maverick or natty? It should work fine on maverick. On natty skype is not yet in the partner archives, nor is app-install-data-partner up to date.15:05
bcurtiswxkiwinote, that would be it then.  Muchas Gracias15:05
pittiseb128: do you think you'll have time to get bug 703230 into beta-115:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 703230 in pango1.0 ""rm: cannot remove `/usr/share/doc/libpango1.0-0': Is a directory" when updating to 1.28.3-4" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70323015:07
seb128pitti, yeah, it's likely a trivial fix, I was just unsure of what brings system in the broken case and how to workaround it15:16
seb128pitti, like if we should only handler the empty dir case and rmdir it, or just || true the call or ...15:16
seb128mvo, ^ do you have any opinion on that?15:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, i've pushed the new searchplugins now (and i've merged in some of the localizations from http://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central too. i didn't realise that we are shipping english plugins for pretty much everybody)15:17
mvoseb128: I can have a look15:18
pittichrisccoulson: thanks; did a followup push to move the maverick ones to 10.10/, and will now sort out the test regressions15:19
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks15:19
didrocksmterry: bug #742429 has no dup AFAIK. do you reproduce this particularly with thunderbird?15:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 742429 in unity "Duplicate icons sometimes appear and hovering over them causes a crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74242915:21
mvoseb128: maybe I don't get it, but "ls -ld /usr/share/doc/libpango1.0-0/" is a dir for me as well15:21
mterrydidrocks, it happens for several apps.  I get it a lot for deja-dup when it's opening and closing during its automated test suite.  I believe I've seen it for banshee too.  Maybe others, I'll try to keep track in case there's a theme15:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - i notice also that mozilla ship additional (more relevant) plugins for each locale, which we also aren't doing atm15:22
didrocksmterry: yeah, that will be sweet, thanks!15:22
chrisccoulsoni think i need to fix that, with the translations stuff too ;)15:23
didrocksmterry: ok, it's time for me to do a backup and see ;)15:23
didrocksmterry: oh, it doesn't match the deja-dup icon one start, isn't it?15:24
seb128mvo, well that 's an upgrade issue, it's supposed to be now15:24
didrocksmterry: there isn't the triangle showing there are some instances running15:24
seb128mvo, it was supposed to be a symlink before, so the preinst rm the symlink so the dir can be created15:24
seb128mvo, but it seems some people had a dir before upgrade already for some reason15:25
mvoseb128: right, well, it odd that I haven't seen it in the upgrade tester. clearly does not affect all people15:27
mvoseb128: but given how trivial the fix is I would say just add it and don't worry how people managed to get into it (might be going back and forward between versions maybe?). /var/log/apt/history.log hopefully knows15:28
* mvo checks the dupes15:28
bcurtiswxseb128, do I need a FFE for getting empathy 2.34.0 into natty ?15:29
seb128mvo, if you have an opinion on how to fix it please feel free to just upload taht ;-)15:29
seb128bcurtiswx, kenvandine uploaded it yesterday?15:30
mvoseb128: sure, I can do that :)15:30
seb128mvo, thanks15:30
bcurtiswxkenvandine, ^^?15:30
seb128bcurtiswx, ups, no15:30
kenvandineseb128, i didn't, was waiting for after beta 115:30
seb128I misread my email15:30
Q-FUNKsorry, is anybody working on fixing the libappindicator icon caching issue?15:30
seb128kenvandine, was there any reason to wait?15:30
seb128Q-FUNK, no, ted is off today15:30
bcurtiswxseb128, lol.. mdeslaur said on the merge req i needed a FFE15:31
kenvandineno... but there wasn't a reason to try to rush it in15:31
kenvandineit is tiny...15:31
seb128bcurtiswx, mdeslaur is wrong15:31
seb128kenvandine, ok15:31
Q-FUNKseb128: ok. thanks for the info.  afaik cyphermox_ figured out the solution, but I'm not sure if it's been committed.15:31
seb128kenvandine, well I would just upload today and let it in the queue15:31
seb128Q-FUNK, what is the issue?15:31
bcurtiswxi don't mean to push the issue, just a FFE question.. lol15:31
cyphermox_Q-FUNK, can't say I really figured out what's wrong with the icons yet15:31
seb128Q-FUNK, is that will fallback cases for those who don't use an indicator applet?15:31
mdeslaurseb128: how am I wrong? :)15:32
seb128mdeslaur, 1- GNOME has a standing freeze exception15:32
Q-FUNKseb128: ubuntu-mono has a broken postinst that produces incorrect icon cache content15:32
cyphermox_I believe the hash gets calculated wrong but I'm not quite sure why yet15:32
seb128mdeslaur, 2- it's a unstable serie to the first stable version following it update15:32
seb128mdeslaur, 3- bug fix updates don't need a ffe15:32
Q-FUNKseb128: yup, for normal gnome without unity.15:32
mdeslaurseb128: oh, didn't know about the standing exception...sorry about that15:32
kenvandinepitti, fyi i am uploading dee and libunity to fix bug 74235015:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 742350 in libunity "Dee and Unity GI overrides fail to import with pygobject 2.28.3-1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74235015:32
pittikenvandine: sounds fine, thanks15:33
mterrydidrocks, sorry, had a wifi disconnect, you were saying about deja-dup?15:33
kenvandinethe pygobject upload yesterday broke both15:33
didrocks16:24:31      didrocks | mterry: oh, it doesn't match the deja-dup icon one start, isn't it?15:33
mdeslaurbcurtiswx: sorry about that, feel free to ignore me :)15:33
didrocks16:24:46      didrocks | mterry: there isn't the triangle showing there are some instances running15:33
Q-FUNKcyphermox_: I thought that you mentioned that it's related to using some gtk3 alternative?15:33
seb128Q-FUNK, is that using an indicator-applet or not?15:33
Q-FUNKseb128: just notification area.15:33
bcurtiswxmdeslaur, no prob.  just wanted to make sure things were done by the books.  didn't mean to stir up anything15:33
seb128<Q-FUNK> seb128: ubuntu-mono has a broken postinst that produces incorrect icon cache content15:33
cyphermox_Q-FUNK, it's what I thought, but the gtk-update-icon-cache from gtk2 also does the same15:33
seb128someone should mention that to sladen15:34
mterrydidrocks, that's odd.  do you have it pinned?15:34
cyphermox_seb128, I will15:34
didrocksmterry: no, I don't, and start it from the application place (so it's the desktop file which is launched)15:34
Q-FUNKseb128: e.g. nm-applet is there but displays the "broken icon" icon.15:34
seb128it should be in the indicator-applet15:34
mterrydidrocks, so it's smart enough to know that it's running, but not smart enough to match a window?  works for me here15:35
Q-FUNKseb128: we don't have any indicator applet on a basic gnome. :)15:35
didrocksmterry: hum… interesting, so if you click again to switch to it, it doesn't spawn a new instance for you?15:35
mterrydidrocks, correct15:36
seb128Q-FUNK, we do since lucid15:36
didrocksmterry: maybe bamfdeamon is in an incorrect state here. I'll have a look at my next reboot15:36
Q-FUNKseb128: in new desktops, maybe, but that won't be automatically added to existing desktop preferences, so you cannot assume that it's gonna be there.15:37
seb128Q-FUNK, we do add it on upgrade since lucid15:37
seb128we don't again if someone removed it manually though15:37
seb128which quite some people did when there was only indicator-messages in that15:37
seb128and they prefered to have their pidgin icon on the panel rather than the indicator15:37
seb128but those are broken configs15:38
Q-FUNKright, so you indeed cannot assume that indicator-applet is used at all.15:38
seb128well I'm not saying it's not a bug15:38
seb128but it's not really a beta blocker15:38
Q-FUNKagreed, it's nothing more than a visual annoyance15:38
seb128it's not affecting any default install or upgrade15:38
seb128we will get it fixed for natty though15:38
seb128don't worry15:38
Q-FUNKor well, it might, if it doesn't get fixed on time for the natty release.15:39
Q-FUNKsure :)15:39
pittichrisccoulson: hm, why did some of the search plugins get dropped? i. e. es-ES (all of them)15:40
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, i must have just missed that one out15:41
chrisccoulson1 second15:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - i dropped bn-BD and bn-ID as they didn't have any localizations in them15:42
pittichrisccoulson: fun that I exactly picked this for my test case :)15:43
kenvandinepitti, libunity and dee are in the queue now... if you can move those along i would appreciate it... would like to stuff working again :)15:43
pittikenvandine: oh, I thought these have used dh_python2 all along and installed a pygobject compat symlink?15:43
pittikenvandine: at least that's what we discussed back then15:44
pittikenvandine: I'm sorry for breaking this then!15:44
kenvandineno worries :)15:44
pittibut I'm happy that we got that in15:44
pitticementing pysupport will only make it worse in the future15:44
kenvandineactually dee was using dh_python2 until wednesday15:44
kenvandineand it wasn't working...15:44
kenvandinei just changed that to match pygobject wed to get it working15:45
pittikenvandine: right, you'd need that _and_ a symlink into the pysupport dir15:45
kenvandinelibunity didn't have that either15:45
kenvandinei am glad they are all on dh_python2 now though15:45
seb128jibel: you already saw that dialog http://launchpadlibrarian.net/67264442/ubiquity.png before right?15:49
seb128jibel: I think I mentioned it during the a3 testing and you said you had it sometimes as well15:49
jibel_seb128, yes I did.15:50
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, i've pushed the missing es-ES plugins too15:50
pittichrisccoulson: saw, thanks15:50
jibel_seb128, I'll try to reproduce, it occurred when changing from the keyboard layout screen to the next. But I haven't found a pattern to reliably reproduce it.15:51
pittichrisccoulson: tests are happy now as well, committing the fix for the per-release dir15:52
chrisccoulsonbrb, going to restart my router, my connection speed is abysmal today15:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks15:52
seb128jibel: seems to happen every time I do a french install there (using the custom partioner if that makes a difference)15:53
seb128jibel: bug #742558 if you are interested to subscribe15:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 742558 in ubiquity ""Keep default keyboard layout ..." dialog is confusing" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74255815:53
jibel_seb128, yup, it happened to me with japanese.15:54
seb128mvo, danke16:01
seb128pitti, bug #737799 assigned to you btw, it's the one we discussed earlier16:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 737799 in apport "apport-gtk crashed with UnicodeEncodeError in ui_present_crash(): 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u017c' in position 5: ordinal not in range(128)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73779916:10
pittiseb128: cheers16:10
ari-tczewisn't it fixed in trunk already? ^16:19
seb128doesn't seem so16:22
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mterrypitti, is there a list of apport-bug symptoms somewhere?  Would be nice to have a list in the man page16:38
seb128mterry, hey, so today as part of my paper work day I just wrote a recommendation on your wikipage, sorry for the delay ;-)16:38
mterryseb128, hot!  maybe I should actually formally put myself in the queue then16:38
seb128mterry, yes please do16:39
pittimterry: just do "ubuntu-bug" :)16:39
seb128we will get at least didrocks and mvo to write there before the meeting16:39
seb128didrocks, mvo!!!16:39
mterrypitti, magic!16:39
didrockshum hum?16:39
seb128didrocks, mvo: you didn't write a recommendation for mterry application yet, what's going on with you guys? ;-)16:39
seb128kenvandine, you as well :p16:39
mterrydidrocks, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mterry/CoreDev16:39
mterryseb128, I didn't explicitly ping them16:40
didrocksmterry: did you ping me before?16:40
mterrywanted to get an exploration committee first  :)16:40
didrocksso, time to write that this mterry guy doesn't know what he does, we should also remove his MOTU power and such… ;-)16:40
* mterry hovers over the revert key in the wiki16:41
didrocksmterry: so easy! :-)16:41
seb128mterry, well I did for you because not a lot of people noticed your implicit pings on the channel I think ;-)16:41
didrocksseb128: remove the lock!!!16:42
seb128didrocks, done16:42
mterryseb128, yar, but what if didrocks really doesn't think I'm hot stuff but is too afraid to tell it to my face, because he thinks I'll have deja-dup eat his data?16:42
didrockshum, thinking about that16:42
didrocksmy gf just trusts déjà-dup having all her life backed up by it…16:42
didrocksmaybe not wise to write a bad comment :-)16:42
seb128mterry, I'm happy I don't use deja-dup in that case :p16:43
seb128speaking of which I was thinking about trying it16:43
mterrydidrocks, don't say stuff like that, makes me nervous that deja-dup will blow up16:43
didrocksmterry: afraid that people is using your app? :-p16:43
seb128mterry, be ready, we bring your software in the default install next cycle!16:44
kenvandinemterry, i will... after i finish this other administrative stuff... :)16:44
seb128kenvandine, don't tell me, I spent my day on administrative work16:45
mterrydidrocks, yeah, I'm afraid!  I never would have started deja-dup if I properly realized that I would be directly responsible for people's digital lifeboats16:45
didrocksmterry: yeah, that's a huge responsability :)16:46
mterrypitti, I'd like to see a 'networking' symptom16:48
pittimterry: if you can come up with some questionaire and/or automatic checks for that, that'd be great16:51
htorquedidrocks, i've sent opera a bug report with a link to bug 741731- hope they can fix it or provide more info, else i have to switch browsers :(16:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 741731 in unity "Launcher unhides and stays unhidden when dragging elements in Opera" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74173116:51
didrocksmterry: done :)16:51
mterrypitti, I don't want to do any of the work  :)16:51
mterrydidrocks, thanks!16:51
didrockshtorque: oh thanks, for forwarding upstream. I think it's the issue, you don't get it on other drag and drop application, isn't it?16:52
htorquedidrocks, no, opera is the only application that makes the launcher stuck unhidden16:53
didrockshtorque: yeah, they are doing something weird with dnd, I think16:53
seb128htorque, just curious what is better in opera compared to other browsers?16:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, you've got an e-mail from me now about translations ;)16:56
htorqueseb128, i started using it because a. it wasn't IE and b. it had mouse gesture support. i somehow stuck with it, but nowadays there's no real killer feature (imho).16:57
chrisccoulsoni don't like the menu button in opera ;)16:57
bcurtiswxmterry, gl with the app :)16:58
mterrybcurtiswx, thanks!  :)16:58
seb128htorque, ok ;-)16:59
chrisccoulsoni thought everyone was using chrome these days anyway? ;)16:59
htorquechrisccoulson, it's their version of a BFB ;) - opera has become so bloated, subconsciously i hope they don't fix that bug so i can finally let it go :P16:59
seb128bug #74084417:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 740844 in policykit-1-gnome ""Authenticate" window shows in launcher as "Polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74084417:04
seb128does anybody knows why gnome-panel,libwnck pick the right title but not unity?17:05
seb128the dialog has a title17:06
seb128I just reassigned it to polkit but I'm unsure now if that's not rather an unity bug17:06
chrisccoulsonb'ah, unity losing menu's is getting really annoying now ;)17:08
chrisccoulsonperhaps we should schedule "killall unity-panel-service" from a cron job every half hour to fix it ;)17:08
mterryseb128, it's official: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/devel-permissions/2011-March/000183.html17:10
seb128mterry, \o/17:10
mterrychrisccoulson, which apps?17:10
chrisccoulsonmterry, it just happened to gnome-terminal17:10
mterrychrisccoulson, did you restart unity?17:11
chrisccoulsonmterry - it's bug 71892617:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 718926 in bamf "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71892617:11
mterrychrisccoulson, (before this happened)  sometimes I find that if I restart unity, terminals have that problem.17:11
mterrychrisccoulson, oh, k.  /me lookss17:11
pittichrisccoulson: will digest it in the next days, thanks!17:23
pittiseb128: for coordiation, should I start slaughering langpacks, or do you think we'll get the cairo split into b1?17:23
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chrisccoulsonseb128, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrisCoulson/CoreDevApplication ;)17:56
bcurtiswxseb128, i am packaging gnome-terminal, is that like empathy where the 2.33.x is a GTK2 release only?17:56
chrisccoulsoni can't think of anything else to put on it yet though17:56
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/17:56
bcurtiswxoh cool chrisccoulson gl with that :)17:56
chrisccoulsoni thought i'd better start doing it :)17:56
seb128bcurtiswx, no clue17:56
seb128bcurtiswx, we don't want a new serie now though17:56
bcurtiswxseb128, OK hmm, GNOEM3 PPA ?17:58
bcurtiswxGNOME3 *17:58
seb128no clue17:58
seb128you can ask rodrigo, I didn't check on the ppa for a while17:58
seb128the focus is rather natty for now17:58
bcurtiswxseb128, i'm just taking things from the versions page... i seem to be a bad chooser17:59
seb128yeah, try rather the light green ones17:59
seb128brasero, gedit, etc18:00
bcurtiswxdarn, OK then :)18:01
bcurtiswxi can push it to my code page then, that way for Natty+1 we have something to work with18:01
bcurtiswxseb128, well those are all up-to-date based on the info presented18:05
seb128do you try to do ppa or natty updates?18:05
bcurtiswxseb128, ?18:07
seb128bcurtiswx, what are you trying to do?18:08
bcurtiswxanything for natty packaging wise18:08
bcurtiswxseb128,  ^^18:12
bcurtiswxi also have pidgin ready, but idk if thats FFE worth or not yet either18:16
seb128bcurtiswx, yeah, pidgin would be a nice one18:18
seb128bcurtiswx, sound-juicer18:19
seb128well those are in universe but outdated18:19
bcurtiswxseb128, for pidgin i did a apt-get source then uupdate, since it creates a new directory how do I make that a bzr to push to my code page ?18:23
seb128do a debdiff and add it to a bug18:23
bcurtiswxseb128, OK18:25
bcurtiswxi have .dsc source.changes will any of those do?18:25
bcurtiswxanyone? :P18:25
pittiseb128: replied to the d-d list about our desktop caching approach, and also subscribed (let's see how I can keep up with the traffic)18:56
seb128pitti, thanks18:56
seb128pitti, traffic is low, sometimes it's one mail a week, sometimes there is a bit of discussion and it's active18:57
seb128but it's not a noisy list18:57
pittiso, time for dinner, fetching my wife from the train, and pub18:58
pittihave a good weekend everyone!18:58
seb128pitti, have fun18:58
seb128dinner time there as well18:58
mvoa (maybe?) somewhat silly question, but how do I implement a gobject.GInterface with python? I have a custom widget and want to implement the atk.Action interface to it, how do I teach python to register the interface/to know about it?19:14
dobeymvo: just write it in C, so I won't have to rewrite it in C when I have to use it from a C library, because you write it in Python. ;)19:29
mvodobey: heh :)19:43
mvobut but but … I like python!19:43
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didrockshave a nice week-end everyone!20:58
patrickmwCan some one refresh me as to what the command is to check if the machine supports Unity?22:01
Ampelbeinpatrickmw: '/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p' ?22:07
patrickmw-p !22:07
patrickmwthank you22:07
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