faganmorning all07:27
airurandomorning fagan07:41
airurandomorning czajkowski09:08
czajkowskiairurando: howdy doody09:08
czajkowskidavem: you alive ?09:08
davemyup, in work09:10
czajkowskidavem: can you poke mark brenan to answer a mail please :D09:11
davemnot really, all I can do is drop him an IM09:14
davem*cough*on the other side of the country*cough*09:15
davemI've sent the IM anyway09:16
czajkowskihe's not answeing mails from infoturtle about an event09:16
czajkowskidavem: thanks09:16
airurandohey infoturtle,  what was the 'progress ' about last night?10:48
infoturtlehey airurando, I was drunk and also wanted to see if someone was online10:49
infoturtleMark got back to me about the venue10:49
infoturtleand I to him so we could be nearing confirmation10:49
airurandogreat stuff10:50
infoturtleat an odd 2:30 a.m. too10:50
airurandolittle old me hit the hay at 10:30 last night.10:51
* airurando is getting to old for shift work :)10:51
infoturtleha ha, shift work is though anyway tho, I was up till like 5 playing games and drinking, more drinking than games to be fair but the combo was there10:55
airurandoHappy Friday afternoon everyone!14:23
czajkowski whoo fridat14:35
czajkowskiand I'm buying a car14:35
czajkowskigood day14:35
airurandoohhhh. what kind?14:37
ebelczajkowski: oh nice!14:38
ebelczajkowski: FYI remember to keep up to date w.r.t. tax/insurance/etc. The UK cameras can spot you. Tisn't like here. Or talk to slashtom w.r.t. things to know14:39
ebelczajkowski: you sick of getting busses? :P14:39
airurandoenjoy the car czajkowski14:42
slashtomenjoy, and remember that if you're driving on a foreign licence you must always carry it when driving14:50
czajkowskialways in my wallet14:58
ebellovely weather for a friday afternoon aswell15:02
* slashtom is thinking of riding to the Slieve Bloom Hills tomorrow15:02
czajkowskioh pretty15:02
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=== IRWolfie is now known as IRWolfie-
mokmeisterevening all18:38
mokmeisterhi moylan, enjoying the nice weather? What a way to start the weekend, eh? :D18:39
moylanwell as a real nerd i shun the outdoors and am planning to rpg ad&d this weekend :-D18:40
mokmeisterNever really got into ad&d myself. Did a bit of CoC and MERP and stuff. Long time ago, still got all the bits up in the attic!18:41
moylanit's more an older nerd thing.  young gamers have their xbox/ps3. after that you have the pc gamers and then they go old school and go ad&d.  at least that's how most of the gamers i know go.18:43
mokmeisterWent the other way myself!18:47
mokmeisterStarted with RPGs and board wargames etc18:47
mokmeisterthen graduated onto PC gaming18:47
mokmeistergot sick of the upgrade cycle thing, so got a XBox18:47
mokmeister360, that's all I mostly play these days18:47
mokmeisterDon't ask!18:48
mokmeistertoo old!18:48
moylanthat old!  40 myself18:48
mokmeisterIt's my birthday this weekend18:48
mokmeisterah, sure that's where I'm heading too!18:48
mokmeisterNot quite there yet! ;)18:48
mokmeisterI dunno, just really feel the whole age thing this year18:49
mokmeisterI was supposed to meet up with the mates for Paddy's on the lash and work commitments dictated otherwise, I don't think that helped! Too responsible these days! ;)18:50
moylanthere's also the complicated simple game argument.  that people play simpler games when they are under stress or have little time18:50
mokmeisterI duuno, I find Hearts of Iron on the PC a great game. Can be a bit frustrating through wine, but still a great game to get lost in. It does take a lot of time though, so probably haven't played it in about a year or so18:52
mokmeisterI suppose that supports your argument re complicated / simple! ;)18:55
moylanperhaps.  but when you are young you can invest hours in getting a game to work and then more hours into learning it.  when you are older you have less free time so you have to find games that you can jump into quickly.18:59
moylani used to play simcity for hours but now i jump in and start a city.  build for 1-2 hours and then save till the next time i 1-2 hours.19:04
mokmeisterAh, yes, youth is wasted on the young! If only I had the time I used to have!19:06
moylani'd waste it all over again :-)19:07
mokmeister(I'd do it all again!)19:07
mokmeisterheehee, indeed19:07
moylani do know 1-2 older gamers with xboxes.  they usually buy them for 1-2 specific games but never use them online.19:08
mokmeisterUse mine online quite a bit.19:10
mokmeisterBattlefield BC219:10
mokmeisterGreat game19:10
mokmeisterFallout LasVegas and the Masseffect series are pretty good too19:11
moylanwhen i'm gaming on the pc at the moment it's either flash based games or really really old games like rogue.19:15
mokmeisterrogue! Wow! Haven't played that in about 20 years! Was good craic! :)19:36
moylanonly heard of it about around 99.  got a version for a palm iiix i had then.  and beat it in 12 months.  the guy who had told me about it had been playing it since the 80s.  he wasn't amused. :-)19:38
mokmeisterDo you have you played Evony or any of those type of games on the web?19:46
mokmeisterUsed to play Evony myself a bit til I got trashed when I was away from it for about a week, gave up on it after that!19:47
moylantried evony and gave up.  it didn't grab me.  i like that type of game but it just lacked... community?19:47
mokmeisterI thought I was in with a good bunch til I came back and found they were in all different alliances and I was sitting on my own....19:48
mokmeisterIt was a game you couldn't take time out from!19:49
moylani've also had friends disappear for months/years into games like eve19:50
mokmeisterEve, yeah, that's one of always wanted to try but never quite got it together to give it a go19:51
moylanwas a fan of frontier (elite ii) so quite tempted for a multiuser variant but the commitment level seems too high.19:52
mokmeisterfrontier, indeed. You ever check out oolite?19:52
moylanhave it installed... but don't play it much.  not sure why.19:53
mokmeisterhave it installed here now, rarely play it though. Give it a run for five minutes at a time for nostalgia's sake! :)19:53
moylanthere was something perversly fascinating with frontier where 1/4 of our galaxy's stars were on 1 720k floppy!19:56
mokmeisterhaha, I still have my 286 up in the attic19:58
mokmeister5.25 and 3.5" disk drive, 20MB HDD and 1MB RAM, it was a kick ass machine for it's day19:58
mokmeisterhad a turbo switch that wacked the processor speed up to 16MHz! :D19:59
moylani had an old samsung 286 until last year.   5.25 and 3.5 disk.  20mb hd and 640k of ram.  no turbo mode.  solid system. even played wolfenstein on it!19:59
mokmeisterYeah, wolfenstein was cool20:00
moylanand a lot of mahjong!20:00
mokmeisterWe have an old Compaq 386 connected to one of the PABXs at work, it's the same kind of machine I first starting using when I started work actually, but Wolfenstein is on it. Plays well still! ;)20:01
mokmeisterAh yes, good old Mahjong!20:01
moylanmy first work system was a mitac xt system with a dedicated fax card in it.  when a fax came a tsr flushed the contents of memory and loaded the fax software.  made writing BASIC code fun when you have the random chance of it been erased from memory and god forbid you were saving to the disk when the fax came in!20:03
moylanbut, but it had a cga screen! :-)20:04
mokmeisterjaysus, what were they on when they came up with the bright idea of CGA!20:05
mokmeisterWhat was it again, four colours?20:05
moylanibm never thought the pc was going to take off.  they expected to sell 10000 units.  cga was a kludge and meant that the system had an expansion slot that made the system open.20:06
moylanbut yeah 4 horrible colours.20:06
mokmeisterEGA was so cool compared to it!20:07
mokmeisterand as for VGA, wow! :D20:07
moylanwhen we got vga it was so cool.  i made a map system for dublin by scanning in a 1:20000 map of dublin.  on a scanner connected via serial port.  sllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwww. :-)20:08
mokmeisterwhen you think of it though, 10000 units would still have been a lot back in those days20:08
mokmeisterIt's quite amazing how far we've come in such a short space of time and how much computers allow us to achieve now.20:09
mokmeisterAs long as we spend more time being productive than surfing aimlessly that is! ;)20:10
moylanand don't forget it was knobbled by the mainframe division.  it had an 8088 instead of the more useful 808620:10
moylani did get the samsung 296 onto the web back in 99.  in dos.  15 minutes to render slashdot.  speed of the processor was the limitation on a 28000 modem.20:11
mokmeisterNo, my 286 never spent any time on the net. I had a gateway pentium II 350Mhz in 98. didn't spend much of it's time on the net either, was renting at that point and rarely had a telephone. Had a mobile and company landlines.... ;)20:16
mokmeisterI remember running fractal generators on the 286. The mandlebrot set.20:17
mokmeisterThought it was cool at the time! ;)20:17
mokmeisterTime consuming....20:17
moylanall this was done at work.  didn't have a landline then.  don't have a landline now!  was just proving to my bosses that we could connect any system to the web for a point of sales system so that they report back a days takings.20:17
mokmeisterCouldn't imagine being without a fixed line now for the broadband.20:19
mokmeisterWhat have you got in way of broadband?20:20
moylani'm piggybacking my landlords wifi with their permission.  i have an ap in client mode in the kitchen and 3 systems hanging off that.20:21
mokmeisterSo how do you find the quality? Good enough? I'll bet the landlord don't like you downloading distros! ;)20:34
moylan8mbs download.  pretty nice.  if i used wifi from my bedroom i'd get around 10% that as the walls and granite surroundings eat signal.  the ap gives me 95% of that link.  i try to do my downloads at night and limit my bandwidth during the day.20:37
moylanthat and i provide my landlord with 100% free 24 hour technical support :-)20:38
mokmeisterlol! Always helps! :)20:48
moylanah they are sound.  i got them to get a mac ages ago and it gives next to no problems.  or at least up till their current mac it gave no problems.  the current one crashes but never when i am around.  or run hardware testing software.20:50
infoturtleodd time to confirm, but just got off the wire and for anyone interested the Limerick UGJ venue is confirmed!23:37

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