CIA-31ubiquity: evand * revan.dandrea@canonical.com-20110325093421-38jnps9jeqpugrx7 ubiquity.trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/plugins/ubi-partman.py):09:34
CIA-31ubiquity: Do not consider Windows Recovery partitions in the list of operating09:34
CIA-31ubiquity: systems.09:34
seb128ev, hey13:19
seb128ev, should I open a bug on launchpad about the keyboard dialog I gave you a screenshot about yesterday?13:19
evseb128: yes please14:27
evand assign it to me as well14:27
evso it doesn't get lost14:27
CIA-31ubiquity: evand * revan.dandrea@canonical.com-20110325143318-m4lvuvv0gajv7shs ubiquity/ (9 files in 4 dirs):14:33
CIA-31ubiquity: Add unit tests, which can be run via ./tests/run or by building the14:33
CIA-31ubiquity: package. To override a failing test causing the package build to14:33
CIA-31ubiquity: fail, use the UBIQUITY_NO_TESTS environment variable.14:33
seb128ev, ok, do you need any log of details for it?14:57
evseb128: ideally a run with `ubiquity -d` followed by ubuntu-bug ubiquity, but if you don't have time for it don't worry too much14:58
seb128ev, well, I can take time for it, I just don't want to spend time collecting infos if those are not really useful14:59
seb128like if you can reproduce the issue and will debug it locally there is probably no need for my infos14:59
seb128ev, let's say I will open the bug with the screenshot and I'm available any day if you need extra infos?15:00
evI wouldn't worry about it, to be honest.  As you suggest, I should be able to reproduce it15:00
seb128it's easy to do, it does it on any french install I try15:00
evsounds good :)15:00
dlyneshomeIs there a reason why some pkgsel/include directives don't actually get installed, and some do?15:05
dlyneshomeIn particular minicom (the last pkgsel/include I have gets installed), and libqt4-dev (one of the middle pkgsel/include directives doesn't get installed)15:06
cjwatsoncheck the installer syslog15:08
dlyneshomecjwatson, if you're doing preseeding, where does it get dumped?15:09
cjwatson/var/log/installer/syslog in the installed system regardless of whether you're doing preseeding or not15:10
dlyneshomecjwatson, ok, thanks15:10
dlyneshomecjwatson, btw...in the installer is security.ubuntu.com an alias for archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-security/ ?15:12
cjwatsonI mean, they generally refer to the same content15:13
cjwatsonbut the installer doesn't implement any aliasing, it goes to security.ubuntu.com15:13
dlyneshomecjwatson, so are there any mirrors for security.ubuntu.com, then?  security.ubuntu.com only works about 5% of the time for me15:13
dlyneshomecjwatson, and all the mirrors on the ubuntu mirror listing only mirror archive.ubuntu.com15:14
cjwatsonI think you misunderstand me15:14
dlyneshomeOk, so the ubuntu website implements aliasing on their side, then?15:14
cjwatsonwe deliberately prefer security.ubuntu.com to be a single site, so that security updates are propagated quickly15:14
cjwatsonthe same packages are on archive.ubuntu.com in the *-security suites, so you can use those if it works better for you15:14
dlyneshomeah, ok...cool15:15
dlyneshomecjwatson, thanks, muchly15:15
dlyneshomecjwatson, so I'll just implement it as a symbolic link on my mirror, then15:15
dlyneshomecjwatson, it'll definitely free up drive space so that I can maintain more distributions, too15:21
dlyneshomecjwatson, btw...do you think a bash script that automates the mirroring process would be useful to other ubuntu users?15:22
cjwatsonthere are quite a lot of mirroring scripts out there already - it would be better to improve an existing one15:22
dlyneshomecjwatson, oh...didn't even know there were any15:23
dlyneshomecjwatson, I wrote one about a year ago, and I've been consistently ironing bugs out of it15:23
dlyneshomecjwatson, is there a worthy one you could suggest?15:24
cjwatsonthere are loads.  I use debmirror15:24
cjwatsonyou can 'apt-cache search mirror' and skip the ones that have nothing to do with package mirroring15:24
cjwatsonyou'll probably end up with half a dozen or so15:25
dlyneshomecjwatson, it looks like they're all agnostic as to which particular debian derivative you're using?15:26
cjwatsonI can't speak for all of them, but I expect they should generally not care15:26
cjwatsonthe archive format is the same15:26
dlyneshomecjwatson, so they'll allow you to fine-grain it as well, so that you can choose which distribution you want to mirror?15:27
dlyneshomecjwatson, I currently keep jaunty, lucid, karmic, and maverick in all completely separate directories, with their own pool directories15:28
cjwatsonI expect that not all of them will; debmirror does15:28
dlyneshomecjwatson, ok, thanks again15:28
cjwatsonit's a bit silly to keep separate pools for separate releases though, don't you think?15:28
dlyneshomecjwatson, No, not really15:28
cjwatsonthe purpose of the pool structure is to share common versions of packages across releases15:29
cjwatsonthat's the entire reason it was created15:29
cjwatsonthat's why it's called pool :-)15:29
dlyneshomecjwatson, It was actually a requirement put on my mirroring script from management15:29
cjwatsonyour management is daft then15:29
cjwatsonTBPH :)15:29
dlyneshomecjwatson, they wanted to be able to retire and archive old releases, so that they're not consuming drive space15:29
cjwatsonyou can do that just fine with pools15:29
cjwatsonyou drop the dists subtree and garbage-collect15:30
dlyneshomecjwatson, that will delete it...not archive it15:30
cjwatsonso you modify your garbage-collector ...15:30
cjwatsonthis honestly isn't that hard15:30
cjwatsona common pool saves a *lot* of space15:31
dlyneshomeyeah, but if you have separate pool directories, you don't have to write any additional code15:31
cjwatsonso if your management cares about drive space, they should care about this15:31
dlyneshomecjwatson, well, 32-bit and 64-bit lucid only uses up 63GB's15:32
dlyneshomecjwatson, and generally I'll only have four distributions on the mirror at any one time15:32
cjwatsonanyway, I suppose it's none of my business what way you want to manage your mirror15:32
dlyneshomeerm actually 6 distributions15:33
cjwatsonit's just not how I recommend people do it15:33
dlyneshomesuch as 8.04, 8.1, 9.04, 9.1, 10.0415:33
dlyneshomeso that there's always at least two LTS releases15:34
cjwatsonas a point of information, it's 8.10 (etc.), not 8.115:34
cjwatsonthe 10 is a month15:34
dlyneshomeoh, ok...thought it was just an arbitrary versioning15:34
dlyneshomethanks for the info15:34
dlyneshomeah...so releases every six months, and LTS's every 2 years15:35
dlyneshomedidn't realize ubuntu had been around for ten years15:35
cjwatsonwe haven't15:35
cjwatsonour first release was 4.1015:35
dlyneshomeah...even still six years15:36
dlyneshomeI didn't even hear of ubuntu until about 4 years ago15:36
dlyneshomeIt was being offered up as an OSX alternative at the one user group at that time15:37
CIA-31ubiquity: evand * revan.dandrea@canonical.com-20110325154319-3jt3n3v8rslgpqiz ubiquity/tests/test_ubi_partman.py: Fix broken tests around the advanced partitioning debconf string. Teach question_has_variables to check in extended descriptions as well.15:43
seb128ev, bug #74255815:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 742558 in ubiquity ""Keep default keyboard layout ..." dialog is confusing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74255815:45
evseb128: much appreciated, thanks15:45
seb128ev, thank you for looking into it ;-)15:48
seb128ev: btw jibel ran into that issue in a japanese install as well so it's not only me and not only french15:55
evokay, good to know15:55
CIA-31ubiquity: cjwatson * r4608 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/i18n.py):17:49
CIA-31ubiquity: Start debconf in ubiquity.i18n.reset_locale if it isn't already running17:49
CIA-31ubiquity: (LP: #649895).17:49

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