kristian_md5sum please?00:01
ohsixyou're going to break your keyboard pasting that thing that much00:03
kristian_ohsix: huh?00:04
ohsixkristian_: jjohansen has pasted that url like 100 times :D00:05
kristian_ohsix, no, exactly two times00:05
ohsixi see, i guess they were mostly different00:06
jjohansenohsix: not quite, I have pasted similar urls, the base is the same but the name of the deb is slightly different00:06
kristian_ohsix, believe me, there is a limited market for this .deb ;)00:07
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DrDetroitjjohansen: back, up 6 1/2 hrs with no problems, i am currently playing music via rythembox03:48
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, kicking off the next kernel03:48
DrDetroitthis will probably be the last one for me tonite03:52
DrDetroiti will most likely let it run till morning03:52
DrDetroitsorry i fell asleep watching Arkansas PBS, they had The Cate Brothers Band on tonite, really great stuff03:53
jjohansenDrDetroit: no need to apologize, I am just happy you are so willing to test03:54
DrDetroitI don't mind at all03:55
DrDetroitafter all the stuff the linux community has given me over the years, it is the least i can do03:55
DrDetroithehe I have to check George's Majestic Lounge's happy our schedule to see if the Cate Brothers are playing there soon03:56
jjohansenDrDetroit: kernel.ubuntu.com/~jj/linux-image-2.6.32-28-generic_2.6.32-28.50~lp740549.db8219_i386.deb04:08
DrDetroiton my way04:09
DrDetroitrebooting back in a min04:16
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fairuzhi, morning07:34
fairuzjjohansen: it never succeed doing make install on the board with it recompiling all the files =(07:54
fairuzjjohansen: but now it boots and i have /lib/modules/mykernel07:54
jjohansenfairuz: rebuild it on the build machine07:54
jjohansenfairuz: ?07:55
fairuzjjohansen: yesterday, i do flash-kernel and apparently it create a new initrd07:56
fairuzjjohansen: on the boot partition07:56
jjohansenfairuz: ah, interesting07:56
fairuzjjohansen: so right now it boots without errors, but still not display07:57
fairuzjjohansen: but thats not a problem07:57
jjohansenwhat is the problem now07:57
fairuzjjohansen: the problem is that it dont want to compile my external module07:57
jjohansenwhat errors is it giving?07:58
fairuzjjohansen: when I do module_install, it create a symlink build that points to my mounted build machine..so before compiling I have to mount build machine using sshfs. Then when i try to copile it gives me a few lines of scripts/basic/fixdep : 1: cannot create P : permission denied08:00
fairuzELF not found08:00
fairuzand some wirds symbols, all with not found errors08:01
fairuzjjohansen: symbols problem?08:01
jjohansenfairuz: I don't know08:02
fairuzjjohansen: ok08:03
fairuzjjohansen: btw, how to generate the linux-headers-xxxxxxxxxxx folder?08:03
fairuzjjohansen: headers_install don't do the job08:04
jjohansenfairuz: make headers_install_all08:05
jjohansenI think, its not a step I usually do for the type of building and testing I do08:05
fairuzjjohansen: ok, I understand. You already helped me a lot08:06
tayalwhile building the lernel, root bradcasted the system shutdown command.. :(  then the system booted again.. is the building process completed?08:06
tayalthe three debfiles are also not created.. only one 08:07
tayalalis created "all.deb"08:07
tayal*that is08:08
jjohansentayal: it sounds like it didn't finish08:52
tayaljjohansen: yes.. as i find now this commad "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)" is not successfull 08:53
tayalshowing the error "E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_lernid-devs_lernid-releases_ubuntu_dists_maverick_main_source_Sources - open (2: No such file or directory)"08:53
tayaljjohansen: so may be the fakeroot command is not successfull08:54
jk-tayal: `sudo apt-get update` first08:58
tayaljjohansen: ok08:58
tayalrunning... 08:59
tayaljjohansen: done..09:00
tayalwhat to do next? :)09:00
jjohansentayal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel09:02
tayaljjohansen: i am using this tutorial only09:02
tayalbut the command "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)" is not successfull09:02
tayaljjohansen: its showing error "E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_lernid-devs_lernid-releases_ubuntu_dists_maverick_main_source_Sources - open (2: No such file or directory)"09:02
tayaljjohansen: how can i correct it.. dont find anything on google also :(09:03
jk-tayal: the 'apt-get update' didn't fix that?09:03
tayaljk-: no :(09:04
tayalstill showing the same error09:04
jjohansentayal: what does uname -r report09:04
jk-did the 'update' give you any errors?09:04
* jk- heads out09:05
tayaljjohansen: it gives "2.6.35-23-generic"09:06
tayaljk-: it gave an error as "used old files  for the new...."09:06
jjohansentayal: and sudo apt-get update doesn't give any errors?09:06
tayali run it again .. so waiitng to complete09:07
tayalcommand is still not completed.. 09:09
tayaljjohansen: jk- : this is teh error "E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. "09:11
tayaljk-, jjohansen : here is the complete commad process "http://paste.ubuntu.com/585277/"09:13
jjohansentayal: I'm not sure why some of those are failing, I'll have a closer look in a bit09:18
tayaljjohansen: thanks.. i am waiting... :)09:18
jjohansentayal: are you behind a proxy?09:20
tayaljjohansen: no.. 09:21
tayaljjohansen: yes actually.. it is set in firefox.. 09:22
jjohansentayal: I meant an apt proxy09:22
tayaljjohansen: i am not sure.. 09:22
tayalhow can i check this?09:23
jjohansenif a proxy gets out of sync you can get weird errors like this09:23
jjohansenthen likely not09:23
tayaljjohansen: how can i chech it now? 09:23
jjohansentayal: check /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01apt-cacher-ng-proxy09:25
tayaljjohansen: let me check09:25
jjohansenits not the only way but the one I know/use09:26
tayaljjohansen: there is no file named  "01apt-cacher-ng-proxy" in the directory09:27
jjohansentayal: any other files that mention proxy or cache09:27
jjohansenit really doesn't sound like you are using a proxy09:27
tayaljjohansen: may be.. i think i am not using any proxy.. 09:28
tayaland there is no such file09:28
tayalall files are "00trustcdrom  05aptitude      20archive              70debconf 01autoremove  10periodic      20dbus                 99synaptic 01ubuntu      15update-stamp  50unattended-upgrades  99update-notifier "09:28
tayaljjohansen: its not able to acess the archive links09:31
jjohansenyeah, I am looking and some of these sources don't seem to exist09:31
jjohansendid you upgrade your box, and how?09:31
tayaljjohansen: yeah09:32
tayali updated things today only using the update manager09:32
tayaljjohansen: and the updates dint complted beacuse it wasnt able to acces the archive links09:33
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jjohansentayal: hrmm, I would say wait and try again in a bit09:37
jjohansenactual try ping in.archive.ubuntu.com09:38
jjohansenand host -v in.archive.ubuntu.com09:38
tayaljjohansen: ok09:38
tayaljjohansen: its pinging "64 bytes from 37.snat-111-91-91.hns.net.in ( icmp_req=20 ttl=56 time=53.1 ms"09:39
jjohansenokay, you are seeing it at least09:39
tayaljjohansen: second is also working09:39
tayal"host -v in.archive.ubuntu.com"09:39
jjohansenmy http: requests to it are responding really slow right now09:39
tayalyes.. :(09:40
jjohansentayal: you can try sudo apt-get update again but my bet is it will time out again09:40
tayaljjohansen: let me try and see :D09:40
jjohansenbut I will say my first try completely failed so getting anything is an improvement09:41
tayaljjohansen: its all ignored and all09:41
tayalno connectivity agagin09:41
jjohansentayal: okay, well its definitely slow and that might be the problem09:42
tayaljjohansen: yes.. then i will try later.. and the backup is also gonna over.. i will ping you if i will hav any problem09:43
jjohansentayal: the other option is trying another archive09:43
tayaljjohansen: ok.. let me try kubuntu09:43
jjohanseneg. I am using us.archive.ubuntu.com09:43
tayalok.. let me try this09:43
* jjohansen reboots09:44
tayaljjohansen: its pinnging  "64 bytes from caryopsis.canonical.com ( icmp_req=5 ttl=50 time=208 ms "09:47
jjohansentayal: did you change your sources.list09:48
tayaljjohansen: no09:49
tayalits d same09:49
jjohansentayal: what is pinging caryopsis.canonical.com09:49
tayaljjohansen: when i was pinging "us.archive.ubuntu.com"09:50
tayalit give this "caryopsis.canonical.com"09:50
tayaljjohansen: i am so sorry. but battery is gonna over09:51
tayali am sorry09:51
jjohansentayal: ah okay, us.archive.ubuntu.com will cycle through a few different hosts09:51
tayaljjohansen: yes.. and this in  imine09:52
tayaljjohansen: but i need to leave now :(09:52
jjohansenokay, bye09:52
tayalthankyou so much.. i will be back 09:52
tayaljjohansen: :)09:52
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DrDetroitGood morning to all10:36
amitksmb`: already know about this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/585307/10:36
amitksmb`: lucid server here...10:37
DrDetroitjjohansen: I think this one is good it ran all night, if you want to prepare a new one before you hit the rack I will dl it10:37
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay kicking off the next one10:38
DrDetroitgonna be stormy here, I might have to shut down for awhile today if the lightening gets bad10:38
jjohansenamitk: no I don't think we knew that one10:39
amitkjjohansen: anything I can do to help debug?10:42
jjohansenamitk: hehe, well you could find the bug :)10:45
jjohansenamitk: I'll take a look at it and see whats up, it shouldn't be hard to track down10:45
amitkjjohansen: i found it. /boot is out of space10:45
jjohansenah, well then it might have been hard to track down  :)10:46
jjohansenreally should give a better message than the when it runs out of space10:46
jjohansenDrDetroit: kernel.ubuntu.com/~jj/linux-image-2.6.32-28-generic_2.6.32-28.50~lp740549.f17140_i386.deb10:47
amitkjjohansen: it did, earlier in the log (that I didn't look at). update-initramfs failed (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/585313/)10:48
jjohansenamitk: ah so it did :)10:48
amitkjjohansen: I had kernel since -14 installed10:50
DrDetroiton my way10:50
DrDetroitand back11:10
DrDetroitJJohansen: back, I know you tend to get some sleep soon so I will see you later on with a report11:11
DrDetroitjjohansen: back, I know you tend to get some sleep soon so I will see you later on with a report11:11
jjohansenDrDetroit: no I'll be around a while yet11:11
jjohansenDrDetroit: but let it run for a while :)11:12
DrDetroitstorm's a brewin11:13
kristian-aalborgokay jjohansen - let's fire up that baby11:47
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: crossing fingers11:47
kristian-aalborginteresting... your .deb seems bigger than anything i build11:56
kristian-aalborghurm, not really11:58
kristian-aalborgthe one I got from make oldconfig is 7 mb... I suppose I could get about that small, then11:58
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: its possible I messed up the config11:59
kristian-aalborgconfusing it with another one?12:00
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: maybe I messed up copying it in, not sure, I'll take a look and see12:01
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* kristian-aalborg reboots12:05
kristian-aalborgwe'll find out soon ;)12:05
DrDetroitjjohansen: ok this is the first mess up I have seen12:05
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: hey, it boots!12:06
DrDetroitjjohansen: i have tried to start up rythembox to play some music, it shows that it is running, but it does not show up on my desktp12:06
jjohansenDrDetroit: really, I was starting to worry, lets see what sar, vmstat, latencytop etc say12:06
DrDetroitroot@bashful:~# vmstat12:07
DrDetroitprocs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ----cpu----12:07
DrDetroit r  b   swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in   cs us sy id wa12:07
DrDetroit 2  0  43992  39736  38732 126952    5   13   190    86  343 3269 46  9 40  512:07
jjohansenDrDetroit: can we paste this information into the bug report12:07
DrDetroitjjohansen: is that something I have to do?12:09
DrDetroitI can't figure out how to copy latencytop 12:10
jjohansenDrDetroit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/74054912:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 740549 in linux "Ubuntu 10.04LTS runs slow after kernel updates" [High,Confirmed]12:10
jjohansenI am going to put and entry in for which kernel bisect is failing, and then I would like you to put some entries in for output from sar, vmstat, latencytop, and a few others12:11
DrDetroitok except that i cant figure out how to copy paste from latencytop12:13
jjohansenDrDetroit: yeah that one is a pain12:15
jjohansenDrDetroit: we can try falling back to a screenshot for that one12:16
DrDetroitjjohansen: its strange because i did play rythembox in the previous bisect12:16
DrDetroityeah, i can probably do that one12:16
jjohansenDrDetroit: well we are bug hunting12:17
DrDetroitthe results of sar 1-10012:17
DrDetroitAverage:        all     10.97      0.00      4.04      0.63      0.00     84.3612:17
DrDetroit07:15:21 AM     CPU     %user     %nice   %system   %iowait    %steal     %idle12:17
jjohansenDrDetroit: can you do copy the output into the bug instead of pasting here12:17
DrDetroitsure sorry12:18
jjohansenthat will help has others can look at it12:18
DrDetroitjjohansen: i have top, vmstat, sar 1 100 average, and top there, besides latencytop which i will do a screen capture, is there anything else you want in it 12:25
jjohansenDrDetroit: cat /proc/interrupts12:26
DrDetroitjjohansen: ok got that...anything else before i do the screen capture?12:27
DrDetroitand its still pretty perky, no real mushy feeling, just the program doesnt display12:28
jjohansenDrDetroit: iostat -x 112:30
jjohansenDrDetroit: oh its perky, I thought it was showing the slow down :(12:30
jjohansenprogram not displaying could be a different bug12:30
DrDetroitits the first time i have ever seen that happen12:31
jjohansenright, well lets add a note to the bug about the failure seen here, I don't want to call it a bad bisect if we aren't seeing the slowdown12:31
jjohansenbut we can still use the information to compare against12:32
DrDetroitno problem, anything else before I post?12:32
DrDetroithehe maybe i will try and open other stuff12:33
DrDetroitjjohansen: all posted12:34
jjohansenDrDetroit: please do12:34
DrDetroitjjohansen: after killing the rythmbox pid several times and restarting it, if finally works. all other apps work without problems12:42
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, keep testing this one for a while more then, my guess is that rythmbox failing to start is a different bug12:43
DrDetroitnod, i stopped it normally then restarted it and it failed again12:43
jjohansenany message in the logs?12:44
DrDetroitlet me look12:44
DrDetroitjjohansen: not sure what I should be looking for, but this is the last entry in messages12:47
DrDetroitMar 25 07:41:07 bashful pulseaudio[1374]: ratelimit.c: 1 events suppressed12:47
DrDetroit(END) 12:47
jjohansenDrDetroit: I'm not sure what we are looking for either just failures that might be related, and that seems like it could be12:48
DrDetroitjjohansen: Mar 25 07:38:48 bashful kernel: [ 5468.553104] __ratelimit: 18 callbacks suppressed12:49
DrDetroitMar 25 07:38:48 bashful kernel: [ 5468.553113] soffice.bin[2252]: segfault at 149f5e9 ip 0149f5e9 sp b3d8b1a0 error 4 in libX11.so.6.3.0[1541000+119000]12:49
jjohansenDrDetroit: hrmm, another crash interesting12:50
DrDetroitI thought that was when i opened and closed open office word12:52
DrDetroiti was testing what would open, they all did except rythmbox12:52
DrDetroitjjohansen: thats about all i can see12:54
DrDetroitjjohansen: Rythmbox no longer shows up on my desktop as normal, but I have found it sitting as an icon in my top panel13:08
DrDetroitif i click on it i can then display it13:08
jjohansenit was just "minimized"13:08
DrDetroitit starts out up there now13:08
DrDetroitlet me see if i can get it back to normal13:09
DrDetroitsorry 13:09
DrDetroitit has never behaved like that before, so i was not looking in the panel13:09
DrDetroitok well13:11
DrDetroitjjohansen: i apologize, i have never seen it behave like that13:11
jjohansenDrDetroit: np, it happens I've been confused by similar things13:12
DrDetroitjjohansen: i guess we should remove my last comments eh?13:12
DrDetroitfrom the bug report?13:12
MamontinHi all13:14
Mamontin If I have a processor with "SMT (Hyperthreading) scheduler support" do I need to "Multi-core scheduler support" and Symmetric multi-processing support?13:16
jjohansenMamontin: define need.  The answer is no because you can select them separately in the config13:22
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ppisatibjf: bug 72394513:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 723945 in linux "CVE-2010-4258" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72394513:56
ppisatibjf: you marked dapper and hardy as "fix committed" but i didn't find the fix there13:56
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* ogasawara back in 20min14:31
sforsheecnd, got a sec?15:15
cndsforshee, heh, depends how long that sec is15:16
sforsheecnd, I'm having a discussion on lkml trying to determine what key code to send for a funny button on an eeepc convertable netbook/tablet15:17
sforsheeyou know anyone who is a good candidate to make suggestions?15:17
cndwell, you could ask dmitry torokhov, the input maintainer15:17
cndpeter hutterer is the main X input maintainer too15:17
cndhe may be of help15:18
sforsheeyeah, I was thinking someone on the userspace side who might know better how the keys are actually being used15:18
cndif it's keyboard like keys15:18
cndthen daniel stone may know some stuff too15:19
sforsheeAsus made this button bring up some touch screen interface on short press and rotate the screen on long press15:19
sforsheeso it's not a normal keyboard button15:20
sconklintgardner: what's the status of the hppa build investigation?15:20
cndsforshee, that sounds odd...15:21
sforsheecnd, it is, very odd15:22
tgardnersconklin, lamont is creating a new chroot thats only -release/-security. my theory is that something environmental changed since -28 won't even build correctly now.15:22
sconklintgardner: thanks15:22
tgardnersconklin, this has been an enormous pain in the ass. you get to fix the next one :)15:23
sconklintgardner: well, I started on this one, and then asked you for a little advice . . . 15:23
tgardnersconklin, yeah well, you probably have better things you should be doing...15:24
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bjfskaet, is there a clear message of how long lts-backport-maverick will be supported (or any other lts-backport for that matter)16:03
skaetbjf,  see my note for the test windows available.    we can figure a schedule based on that.16:04
sconklinskaet: sorry I'm not parsing that16:05
skaetnote I sent to the sru mailing list.  hosting other meeting now16:06
skaetsconklin, bjf - will follow up with you in early afternoon.   16:14
* bjf -> errand16:23
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
tgardnerskaet, who approves uploads during the natty freeze? linux-ti-omap4 is stuck in the queue (and doesn't really affect the beta freeze)16:41
JFo<- lunch17:08
* tgardner --> lunch17:20
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aakshayjjohansen, hey.. :) still apt is not accessing the archives. :(18:58
jjohansenaakshay: try a different archive, in.archive seem if you get better ping times18:59
aakshaycan i try urs ? may give better result :)19:00
aakshayjjohansen,  us.archive is givin "64 bytes from prat.canonical.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=52 time=248 ms19:01
aakshayjjohansen,  and here is may apt/sources.list "http://paste.ubuntu.com/585520/"19:02
jjohansenaakshay: anything wrong with the ping times you are getting, its better than what I was getting for in.archive19:03
jjohansenyou will need to update your apt/sources.list  just replace in. with us.19:03
aakshayjjohansen, ok in the begibing?19:03
aakshayjjohansen, ok.. changing everywhere19:05
aakshayjjohansen, but for "in.archive.." i have ping as "64 bytes from 37.snat-111-91-91.hns.net.in ( icmp_req=8 ttl=56 time=51.3 ms"19:06
aakshayso i think its better than us.archive?19:06
sconklinI''m looking at create-release-tracker and neo-create-release-tracker. I only see one change in the git log to create-release-tracker since neo- was split out on Mar 15th19:07
jjohansenaakshay: it might be for you but it doesn't seem to be responding, give the us.archive a try, if it doesn't work its easy to change back19:07
sconklinThat's the addition of qastaging19:07
aakshayjjohansen, ok.. let me do this.. :)19:08
aakshayjjohansen, its working now!!!!!!... but lets see that no error will generate after apt-get update :)19:11
fairuzjjohansen: my setup is working now. thanks to you19:12
jjohansenfairuz: nice, I am glad to hear it is working19:13
fairuzjjohansen: hey you online until now. Not sleeping?19:14
aakshayjjohansen, err.. again showed the same error :(... "E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.19:15
jjohansenfairuz: uhm, no its been a long thursday19:15
tgardnersconklin, to whom are you addressing your comments?19:15
sconklintgardner: that was in the wrong window, I'm coming up to speed on some of brad's code19:15
jjohansenaakshay: okay, can you paste bin the results19:15
aakshayjjohansen, sure.. :(19:16
sconklinit was sort of random without any context ;)19:16
tgardnersconklin, actually, I kind of understood it after reading your todo list19:16
sconklinheh, the wonders of an open process ;)19:17
aakshayjjohansen, please check "http://paste.ubuntu.com/585553/"19:17
aakshayjjohansen, what you observed now? any error?19:26
jjohansenaakshay: sorry haven't gotten to it yet19:28
aakshayjjohansen, np... :).. please suggest  me which channel i go to get it corrected?19:29
jjohansenaakshay: try #ubuntu19:31
tgardneraakshay, lernid-devs doesn't have a maverick repository. there is only karmic and lucid.19:31
aakshayjjohansen, thanks :)19:32
jjohansenaakshay: oh missed that one, when I was looking at your in.archive failures last night19:33
aakshaytgardner, ok.. but i am building maverick kernel in lucid19:33
aakshaytgardner, so do i need to add something? or so? basically i  am novice..19:34
tgardneraakshay, if you're a novice, then methinks you should learn the fundamentals first.19:35
aakshaytgardner, yes.. so for that i am learning to build the kernel. or there is something other i should start with? please suggest19:36
jjohansenaakshay: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel19:36
tgardnerstart simple19:36
jjohansenthat has all you need, if you follow that you should be able to build a kernel19:36
jjohansenget through that first19:37
fairuzcan't agree more with jjohansen19:37
aakshayjjohansen, i am building the kernel using this only.. but stucked at the same command19:37
aakshaytgardner, what are the simple things? like?  please suggest19:38
tgardneraakshay, as jjohansen suggested, build a kernel, then install it.19:38
jjohansenaakshay: remove the lernid tools ppa from your sources19:38
jjohansenthen sudo apt-get update again19:38
aakshaytgardner, ok.. this is  what i am doing.. :D.. but stucked :(19:39
aakshayjjohansen, did. but getting the same error.. :(19:39
aakshayjjohansen, again got the same error19:40
fairuzaakshay: it stucked on what line now?19:42
jjohansenaakshay: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/lernid-devs/lernid-releases/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found19:42
jjohansenW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/lernid-devs/lernid-releases/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found19:42
jjohansenthat sure looks like you still are pulling lernid19:42
aakshayfairuz, same output "http://paste.ubuntu.com/585553/"19:42
jjohansencan you pastebin your /etc/apt/source.list again19:43
aakshayjjohansen, yes.. please wait.. :)19:43
jjohansenaakshay: add how about running this   grep -l lernid /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*19:44
aakshayjjohansen, here is the sources.list "http://paste.ubuntu.com/585573/"19:45
aakshayjjohansen, let me run this command 19:45
aakshayjjohansen, showed this output "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/lernid-devs-lernid-releases-maverick.list19:46
jjohansenaakshay: open that file and add a # to the front of any line containing lernid19:47
jjohansenthat should comment it out, save it and then try apt-get update again19:47
aakshayjjohansen, ok.. yes19:47
aakshayjjohansen, u r great!!!!... it worked.... o/19:49
aakshaythankyou so much19:50
aakshayyiipieee...!!!!! now apt-get update completed with no error19:50
aakshaytgardner, fairuz : thankyou so much :)19:51
jjohansenaakshay: make sure to do an upgrade again.  either sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, or through the update manager to make sure your packages are in a consistent state19:52
jjohansenhaving a partial upgrade around can be problematic19:52
aakshayjjohansen, okay....  :)19:53
DrDetroitjjohansen: ready for the next one i think19:56
jjohansenDrDetroit: so that one is good19:57
* tgardner --> beer thirty19:57
DrDetroitjjohansen: been running it for 9hrs not problems19:57
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, I'll kick off the next one19:57
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: any clue why your version worked and mine did not?20:20
brycehpgraner, I understand you're having some multimonitor woes?21:30
kristian_hi again21:38
kristian_stupid old box, keeps quitting on me21:38
bjfJFo, still around ? was it regression-potential that we were doing away with ?21:50
JFoto both21:52
JFowe assume a bug naturally has regression potential21:52
JFomy pleasure21:52
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* bjf -> break22:17
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DrDetroitjjohansen: are we done for the weekend?22:44
jjohansenDrDetroit: 22:45
jjohansenDrDetroit: if you want to be22:45
DrDetroitjjohansen: No, I just thought yhou were gone for the weekend, I was waiting on the next one22:45
jjohansenotherwise I just need a minute more for your kernel22:46
DrDetroitno problem22:46
DrDetroitthere is no hurry22:46
DrDetroitI apologize 22:46
jjohansenNo not gone, just got distract by other items22:46
jjohansenthanks for pinging otherwise I would have forgotten until too late22:46
DrDetroitno problem at all i understand perfectly, I fixed a leaky eve and put a new wax ring on my toilet while waiting22:47
jjohansenDrDetroit: kernel.ubuntu.com/~jj/linux-image-2.6.32-28-generic_2.6.32-28.50~lp740549.04023f6_i386.deb22:49
jjohansenhehe, well I least least you weren't sitting around waiting :)22:50
DrDetroitI double checked quite often though22:50
DrDetroitjust to be sure22:51
DrDetroitwhen I am home, I am not too far from my computers, it'st the only thing I am decent at22:51
DrDetroitjjohansen: i have received a number of security updates and other stuff, I figure I should not do those until we are finished with our work. Is that correct?23:05
jjohansenDrDetroit: yeah its best not to change what is in your system when hunting for bugs23:06
DrDetroitok will get back to you later on, I assuem that at some point you will be gone for the weekend23:07
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