nigelbmhall119: one more bug down :)01:13
mhall119and it's not even Friday yet01:14
mhall119well, i mean it is for you01:14
mhall119but not me01:14
mhall119good morning, by the way01:14
nigelbmorning :)01:14
nigelbtoday seems a good day altogether01:14
nigelbIndia kicked australia last night in the world cup :p01:14
mhall119have you started your new job yet?01:15
nigelbI'm hoping 3rd April.01:15
nigelbYou got your nw job after me and you're already 1 week into it!01:15
mhall119dude, even I'm tired of waiting for you to be done there now01:15
nigelboh yeah? Think about me!01:16
mhall119give me your boss's email, I'll have you off the job tomorrow ;)01:16
YoBoYgood morning06:53
dholbachgood morning07:40
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nigelbcjohnston: its early10:10
cjohnstontodays b shift10:10
nigelbDST.  Ugh, I hate tz.10:10
czajkowskialoha 10:37
mhall119nigelb: didn't I warn you?11:32
cjohnstonlol mhall119 12:26
Ronniemhall119: ping12:39
mhall119Ronnie: pong12:43
Ronnieim currently brainstorming on the virtual event12:43
mhall119in the wiki I hope12:43
Ronniecurrently on xmind12:43
Ronnieresults will be on the wiki tough12:44
mhall119so what are your thoughts?12:44
Ronnieif we add another event, which share almost all the functions, it could become a complete mess12:44
mhall119I agree12:45
Ronniecurrently im investigating to have 1 type of event (on the backend)12:45
mhall119I wanted to just add 2 new fields to TeamEvent12:45
Ronnieand show it to the user as 3 different events (normal event, meeting and virtual)12:45
mhall119I don't want to separate physical and virtual events12:45
mhall119I consider them both "events"12:45
Ronniethats ok too12:46
Ronniebut im event thinking a meeting as an event (on the backend)12:46
mhall119it's just a matter of collecting the info needed to make our TeamEvent capable of supporting online participation12:46
mhall119no, meetings collect different information12:46
mhall119in the community, meetings and events are different things12:47
Ronniei think meetings can be the same on the backend12:47
Ronniei think we even may be able to support 'classes'12:47
Ronnieand maybe other types of 'events'12:48
Ronniemeetings for example can also be physical and remote combination12:49
Ronniethe meeting has a chair, but other events (like classes) could have a chair/teacher too12:49
Ronnieeach event could have some sort of log (meeting minutes, chatlog, audio/video log, some wiki page, flick photo's)12:50
cjohnstonI like having a little selecter that you check which type of event, and then it displays venue, channel, or venue and channel based on your choice12:53
Ronniecjohnston: indeed, but have only one 'backend'12:53
cjohnstonya.. thats on just the current create event page12:53
cjohnstonEvent Name12:55
cjohnstonType (in person, vitrual, mixed)12:55
cjohnstonand then if you tick in person it displays venue, virtual it displays a box for entering a channel, mixed it displays both12:56
cjohnstonon the same page we already have12:56
Ronniethis is my brainstorm part12:58
Ronniei think we should not be limited to IRC chat only12:58
YoBoYRonnie: missing "content" (description, meeting agenda, ...) in your reflexion :)13:04
Ronnieindeed, missing a lot of stuff :)13:05
Ronnieill add is asap13:05
YoBoYnot so much13:05
Ronnieupdated, YoBoY, cjohnston: do you have any noted on this map?13:26
mhall119Ronnie: little steps, we can limit to IRC only for now, and expand more later13:26
YoBoYseems a bit complicate for me ^^"13:27
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mhall119YoBoY: we already have most of that13:28
mhall119he's just trying to group similar data items into logical categories13:29
YoBoYmhall119: yes I know, I was just refering to his schema13:30
Ronniemhall119: yes, but we have to watch to not build too much on IRC, because it can be hard to add other items13:30
Ronnieothers are uesually easy. for example: skype, you only need to provide username13:31
mhall119Ronnie: but we'll cover at least 80% of the use cases with very little effort13:31
mhall119we can add 2 fields to TeamEvent and get almost as much benefit as we would refactoring the entire data structure13:32
mhall119with much fewer introduced bugs13:32
YoBoYhow this is developed ? a main class and sub classes for each type of events ? or one class to rule them all ?13:33
Ronniemhall119: we can indeed easily solve this by adding two fields. thats a quick fix, but not future stable13:35
Ronniewhen we keep adding single fields for everything without thinking, the app will be unmaintainable in the future13:36
mhall119I agree13:36
mhall119but on the other hand, major refactoring doesn't come without a price either13:37
mhall119the question is just where to draw the line13:37
Ronnieso we could add those fields to solve the bug, but in maintime we need to make progress on the 'buigger part'13:37
mhall119+1 on that13:37
Ronnieshould it be possible (in the new concept) to have multiple physical/remote locations?13:51
Ronniefor example a classroom, can have to IRC chatrooms, but if thats the only example. i think we should restrict to one physical and one remote13:53
Ronniemhall119, YoBoY ^13:53
Ronnieto = two13:53
YoBoYchat channels can be referenced in the description, not really necessary to have them as part of the location. Btw when we need a separated channel for chat, we also have more than one with the foreign language channels14:01
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YoBoYwe can't put all the informations in separated fields, I can think of so many links we can add to only one event, it's overwhelming ^^"14:03
mhall119Ronnie: I think trying to cover the classroom requirements is too much for this feature14:04
YoBoYkeep it simple, and if you want to add more, we can always create a token/micro-content/something object containing (linked_event, type, content) where we can put tags, urls, hashtag, photo_stream, facebook pages, ...14:05
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mhall119does anybody know if/how well CDMA phones work in Europe?18:03
nigelbmhall119: -uk might be a good place to ask18:04
mhall119I'm not concerned about hungary, actually18:05
cjohnstonnot concerned about hungary?18:06
cjohnstonwe bought a sim card over there in belgium to not have to pay18:06
cjohnstonthe international rates18:06
mhall119cjohnston: I don't think you can do that with cdma phones though18:07
Pendulummhall119: generally pretty badly in Europe18:10
mhall119I'm wondering if I should switch carriers18:11
Pendulum(Verizon phones as a rule don't work except for a couple phones that I think you can 'borrow' and pay their ridiculous fees to use)18:11
mhall119it's unfortunate, cause they have the best coverage and service around here18:11
Pendulumyou might be better off to either use phone cards and landlines or to see if you can get a cheap PAYG phone once you're over18:12
mhall119yeah, I think paygo is what I'll end up doing18:12
mhall119I still need an andoid phone though...18:12
PendulumI'm on AT&T and while I certainly can (and do) use it in Europe, it's expensive to do so18:12
Pendulum(and I just turn data roaming off because it's soooo expensive)18:13
mhall119well there will be wifi at the hotel at least18:13
mhall119so I can get a cheap paygo phone for calls if I want to18:13
Pendulumtbh, in Brussels I barely used my phone18:13
PendulumI used it early on to hook up with people18:13
Pendulumbut used skype to call hom18:13
mhall119so, HTC Incredible or Samsung Galaxy S18:14
mhall119or Droid 218:14
PendulumI know people who've loved their Droids (probably of those 3 it's the one I've heard the most raving about)18:14
Pendulum(that said, I don't know if I know anyone with an Incredible)18:15
mhall119my brother has an incredible and has been happy with it18:17
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newuserI have a question for the professionals of linux based programming, my question is can linux programming be compatible with pc,mac operating systems and the internet? Thank you for the response.22:08
mhall119newuser: I don't quite understand22:13
mhall119newuser: you mean can you write a program for linux, and run it on Windows or OSX?22:15
newuserIt's ok. I'll figure out. Thanks for the help22:17

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