ubottuFeature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.00:41
dustin_could anyone help get my tork application up and running ive got 3 errors the main is - it is haveing problems commincateing with the router and the other is it cant locate tor on my system. i seriously could use someone who knows alot about this if possible the help would be greatly appreciated.05:13
dholbachgood morning07:40
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ari-tczewhi hrw15:43
hrwhi ari-tczew16:00
hrwari-tczew: I think that on Tuesday I will have dpkg-cross.debdiff16:00
ari-tczewhrw: ok :) just then delete old debdiff and attach fresh16:13
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hrwhm. time to dig into debhelper7 docs16:24
ari-tczewhrw: debhelper8 is on tour already :)16:25
hrwari-tczew: compat=9 is on a way16:25
hrwI needed override_dh_auto_build16:26
ari-tczewhrw: I don't see debhelper 9 in Debian >.<16:26
ari-tczewoverride rox16:27
ari-tczewjust need to know how to do it >.<16:27
hrwari-tczew: http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation16:28
hrwcompat 9 is in development anyway16:28
ari-tczewhrw: do you work with slangasek on multiarch implementation?16:29
hrwari-tczew: I test cross builds16:32
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ScottLScottK, we spoke weeks ago about the ubuntu studio team preparing backports for lucid20:13
ScottLScottK, we have some tested if you are ready for them20:13
ScottKScottL: OK.  Please file bugs against lucid-backports and ping me with bug numbers.  If you're backporting from Natty, you'll also need to prepare a backport for Maverick.20:17
ScottLScottK, bugs are already filed, i don't think any of these are from natty but i'll double check and i'll start pinging with bug numbers presently20:41
ScottKScottL: I'd prefer one big ping than having them dribble in.20:42
ScottLScottK, can do20:42
ScottLScottK, none from natty currently, but here are the ones we have ready:   681873, 729450, 729430, 729474, 729998, 73018120:44
ScottLif this isn't your preferred form, just tell me and i'll change the next time i ping you :)  (maybe you would prefer links)20:45
ScottKI would, actually.20:46
ScottKScottL: How about if you email me the links.20:46
ScottLScottK, absolutely :)   email address from launchpad account i presume?20:47
ScottKYes.  The one that starts out ubuntu@.20:47
ScottLScottK, done, thank you for your help :)20:50
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