CyberKnetSo the drive that holds my video won't mount. It's an xfs partition on a 1.5tb drive mirrored to another 1.5tb drive by a 3ware Escalade 9500S-4LP. It looks like there was an incomplete write and now the superblock has an invalid magic number.02:09
CyberKnetrunning xfs_check indicates the bad magic number and floating point exception.02:10
CyberKnetxfs_repair says it can't find the primary superblock, runs for hours (over 12) showing dots and then indicates it couldn't find a secondary superblock.02:11
CyberKnetnow... earlier after I ran xfs_repair I noticed that the root filesystem was mounted readonly.02:12
CyberKnetI'm not sure if that would prohibit xfs_repair from functioning properly, so I rebooted, managed to get the root filesystem to mount readwrite, and am running xfs_repair again02:12
CyberKnetbut ... I'm thinking this isn't looking good?02:12
quentusrexAnyone know if there is a way to integrate a roku box into mythbuntu?03:43
quentusrexor enable mythbuntu to record a roku stream?03:43
Shadow__Xquentusrex: do you mean watch mythtv recordings on a roku?04:06
quentusrexnope, the other direction04:10
Shadow__Xwhat do you want to happen04:11
quentusrexa roku video to be recorded on mythbuntu so that I can watch it again.04:11
Shadow__Xyou mean like recording something from hulu plus to watch it again?04:12
quentusrexwithout the need to stream the video again.04:12
Shadow__Xthats breaking the law and is not appropriate04:12
Shadow__Xalso thats not what mythtv is designed for04:12
quentusrexThen is there a way to increase the roku storage? so that more shows could be stored?04:13
Shadow__Xi do not know the answer to the question but considering it is a streaming solution it is doubtful04:13
foxbuntuquentusrex, th roku device streams and decodes an encrypted stream...04:21
foxbuntuquentusrex, mythbuntu is not a device to rip Netflix/other streams04:22
quentusrexI set out to find a way to solve the issue of having an unreliable internet connection in the evenings(in my area) with the hope to cache the streams during the day when there was more reliable bandwidth. Now I see that the whole streaming system is broke unless you have reliable bandwidth at the time you want to watch the stream.04:24
foxbuntuquentusrex, sorry to hear that, but you are correct, its streaming for a reason04:25
Shadow__Xquentusrex: invest your time in getting a more reliable connection04:25
quentusrexThe only solution for the bandwidth issue is to move.04:25
Shadow__Xor you could record your tv on your own04:26
Shadow__Xwhich is what mythtv IS for04:26
quentusrexShadow__X, there is only one cable provider in my area, and they only broadcast in encrypted digital.04:26
quentusrexexcept a few local channels04:27
foxbuntuShadow__X, I am pretty sure its the Netflix or similar he is after, not TV in particular04:27
Shadow__Xi thought if you run netflix on a computer it might cache some files04:27
foxbuntuquentusrex, you can still record off the output of the cable boxes04:27
quentusrexShadow__X, for me only about 10 minutes of video at a time04:27
Shadow__Xquentusrex: you can still record from the cable box04:27
quentusrexI have not found a good way to record over component cable.04:28
foxbuntuquentusrex, HD-PVR04:28
Shadow__Xhauppauge hddvr04:28
* quentusrex googles.04:28
foxbuntuquentusrex, i can say from personal experience, its a great device...worth the cash04:29
quentusrexcan you import from the pvr into mythbuntu?04:29
foxbuntunot import04:30
Shadow__Xyou can record directly from the hdpvr04:30
foxbuntuits a full tuner04:30
foxbuntujust runs via usb04:30
Shadow__Xwell its not really tuning anything in the conventional sense is it04:30
foxbuntuShadow__X, it has an ir blaster to change channels...so yes04:31
quentusrexare there any issues controlling it from mythbuntu?04:31
foxbuntuquentusrex, nope04:31
foxbuntuquentusrex, its had great support in myth for quite sometime04:32
quentusrexsuch as with an ir blaster from mythbuntu, and one from this pvr to the cable box?04:32
foxbuntuquentusrex, depends on the cable box, but many can be controlled via serial or usb04:32
foxbuntubut ir blasters do work in the other cases04:33
quentusrexI'll look into this. Thanks for the recommendation.04:33
Shadow__Xsome boxes can be controller via firewire as well04:33
foxbuntuShadow__X, and beyond that you can record some channels via firewire on said boxes04:34
Shadow__Xyes, thats how i am currently recording my shows from my stb but ymmv widly depending on a few factors04:35
Shadow__Xany idea of when/if the colossus will gain linux support, i get that hdmi is encrypted but there are 2 component dongles included04:36
foxbuntuShadow__X, Its in process in the v4l project04:38
foxbuntuShadow__X, but its only recently started up so it will be sometime before its stable04:38
Shadow__Xyeah at that point i would get a hdpvr04:39
Shadow__Xplus since its external its easier to have more than one, but honestly i care more about silicondusts cablecard tuner04:39
Shadow__Xhdhomerun prime04:39
foxbuntuShadow__X, yeah, thats likely to never work in *nix04:40
Shadow__Xthe encrypted streams no, but the unencrypted streams should work04:40
foxbuntuShadow__X, the reason is the drm requirements on the cablecard standard04:40
Shadow__Xyes but i should be able to get the same channels as i do over firewire from it in the clear04:40
Shadow__Xnot everything has the do not record flag set04:41
quentusrexI see reviews of the pvr claiming that channel changing scripts do not work04:41
foxbuntubut you can get that qith clearQAM on the normal hdhr04:41
quentusrexhas this changed since early last year?04:41
Shadow__Xfoxbuntu: no i get more channels from my stb through firewire than through clearqam04:41
foxbuntuquentusrex, which scripts?04:44
foxbuntuquentusrex, there are allot of them04:44
quentusrexfoxbuntu, the review does not say.04:45
foxbuntuquentusrex, I have never had issues with that04:45
foxbuntubut I did all mine via serial04:46
CyberKnetanyone have any thoughts on the xfs recovery issue I mentioned?04:47
foxbuntuCyberKnet, hard to say since xfs_repair depends on the superblocks to function05:05
foxbuntuCyberKnet, you could try a metadump and asking the xfs devs about it05:05
foxbuntuCyberKnet, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man8/xfs_metadump.8.html05:06
Zinn[manpages.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Manpage: xfs_metadump - copy XFS filesystem metadata to a file05:06
CyberKnetfoxbuntu: Hmmm... I may keep a copy of the DB and one of the mirrored drives around to try that.06:05
MeraX1hey, I'm looking for something do mixup a stereo sound signal from one application to 5.1 in order to to set the volume of this special application different for each of the 5.1 speakers with pavucontrol (ore some thing like this)18:46

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