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guillemhsei, somebody has installed ayatana scrollbar in natty?08:30
primes2h1jibel: ping08:32
UndiFineDthis topic does not seem right08:51
* UndiFineD files a bug with ara08:52
araUndiFineD, do you know how I ask to be op?08:55
* ara always forgets08:55
UndiFineD/cs op #ubuntu-testing ara ?08:56
araUndiFineD, thanks!08:56
arajibel, jibel_ what topic do you want?08:57
UndiFineDwell, at least something that represents 201108:57
jibelprimes2h1, guillemhs ara UndiFineD , good morning08:57
UndiFineDgood morning08:58
primes2h1jibel: Good morning :-)08:58
jibelUndiFineD, 10.04.2 is 2011 but its behind us :-)08:58
jibelara, we will change the topic for Natty Beta 1 on monday, currently we are testing Overlay scrollbars08:59
* UndiFineD presses "start upgrade"08:59
arajibel, OK08:59
guillemhsara one question08:59
guillemhsVM easy install test case08:59
araguillemhs, yes?09:00
guillemhsone second I am looking a certain testcase09:01
guillemhsok, here i have it09:01
guillemhswhere can i find the VMWare app?09:02
primes2h1jibel: as a  workaround for the twice release name display, could you change the id of the natty fake, or, even better, delete it and make a new one?09:02
primes2h1jibel: This way we don't need to wait the patch to be applied09:03
jibelprimes2h1, sure, that was my intention. I'm busy on something else atm, but I'll do this  in the beginning of the afternoon.09:05
primes2h1jibel: That's nice! Then I can announce it. Thanks. :-)09:05
primes2h1jibel: one last thing. could you please also add this notice in pages like this http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/5164?10:46
primes2h1We are currently testing Lucid Lynx 10.04.2 (or Maverick etc). See testing procedures for details.  (testing procedures linked to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Procedures)10:46
ricardob24good morning13:05
jibel_primes2h1, I renamed Natty Fake to FakeNatty, that fixes the duplicate lines issue. Do you thing it's okay or that will have some undesirable side effects ?13:47
jibel_primes2h1, also, the notice is side wide. I can't set a different one for each release being tested.13:48
primes2h1jibel: It looks nice now!13:52
primes2h1jibel: oh, i see. About the notice, I think that "See testing procedures for details."  (with testing procedures linked to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Procedures)  should be sufficient.13:53
jibel_primes2h1, done13:54
primes2h1jibel: ehm, I think that bold font (like ISO tracker one) would be better.13:56
primes2h1jibel:then, there is a line just below the notice in the ISO tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/13:57
primes2h1Why it doesn't show up in the laptop tracker? :-/13:57
primes2h1really strange13:57
jibel_primes2h1, I added it, it's a <hr/>13:58
primes2h1jibel: ah, ok, now it's great"13:58
primes2h1jibel: thank you very much!13:58
jibel_primes2h1, my web designer skills are not really great ;-)13:58
primes2h1jibel: np, mine are worse ;-)14:00
primes2h1jibel: in fact I've just found out a side effect14:23
primes2h1make and model are inverted14:23
primes2h1jibel: really odd :-/14:25
jibel_I think that's because there's is no order clause when we query the settings14:26
jibel_primes2h1, ^14:26
primes2h1jibel: I think it too, but it's strange that it doesn't respect the order just after you changed the milestone name14:27
primes2h1jibel: I mean, without order clause, it should order it by id.14:28
jibel_primes2h1, not necessarily, without an order clause it returns the data in the order it's stored on disk14:29
jibel_so an update can change it14:29
primes2h1jibel: you are right,14:29
primes2h1jibel: so a wordaround could be to change the name again, meanwhile I prepare a patch for it.14:30
jibel_primes2h1, I'll deal with that. What would be better is to use stored procedures rather than queries embedded in php. This way I can update it quickly.14:32
jibel_primes2h1, wow that really sucks, when you update a row, it push the data at the end of the table.14:37
primes2h1jibel: it's because the query filter all value about laptop in the profile and the it pick up the first 2 to create the laptop name14:38
primes2h1jibel: and then others to display lspci output etc.14:39
jibel_primes2h1, yup. What I mean is that the database is constantly moving the rows when there's an update14:39
primes2h1jibel: you should try changing another time and see14:40
primes2h1jibel: yes14:40
jibel_primes2h1, I've updated all the rows in order, cna you check if it's ok14:41
primes2h1jibel: it's ok now, fiuu...14:41
primes2h1jibel: this bug really sucks :-)14:42
jibel_primes2h1, the bad news is that I'l have to do this each time there is an update in this table :(14:42
jibel_primes2h1, the good news is that this table rarely change14:42
primes2h1jibel: I make the patch ASAP14:44
primes2h1jibel: we are safe until Beta 1 I guess14:44
jibel_primes2h1, you can order by title rather than id. The titles are numbered and we can change them if needed unlike the ids14:45
primes2h1jibel: yes, that's the way I would like to do it. :-)14:45
primes2h1jibel: btw, murphy's law struck again, didn't it? ;-)14:53
jibel_primes2h1, indeed :-)14:58
primes2h1jibel:Done. I've committed the patch to the branch with pending merge.15:18
primes2h1I mean. Done. :-)15:19
patrickmwmvo: Hello. Are there supposed to be any apps listed under For Purchase in Natty with the default repositories?18:49
patrickmwmvo: referring to USC, of course :)18:49
mvohello patrickmw18:53
mvopatrickmw: I don't think so currently, but I think it would be good to push a test package18:53
patrickmwmvo: ok I am developing automated tests for USC and I would like to test the purchasing feature18:54
mvopatrickmw: if you check the code in s-c there is something there, but its not using mago, instead its driving the inernal classes. having a mago test for this would rock19:01
mvopatrickmw: is your stuff part of the normal mago repo? I'm keen to look at it and play with it19:02
patrickmwmvo: yes, there is a bare-bones starter test for isc19:02
patrickmwmvo, its not refactored and awesome yet, but there is something :)19:03
mvothe more auto tests the better, we have a bunch in the source as well, but not mago based19:03
jibel_patrickmw, ping21:42
patrickmwjibel_: yo21:42
jibel_hello patrickmw21:42
jibel_patrickmw, for the url launcher test in usc, i think that usc just needs to be called with the apturl like: software-center apt:python-wxtools21:44
patrickmwjibel_: I was experimenting with that too.21:44
jibel_patrickmw, if you test this way, it would be good to extend the test to the format supported by usc. I mean with an apturl , a package name and a deb file.21:45
patrickmwjibel_: i was trying to "simulate" a browser by using wget. using apturl is very direct21:45
patrickmwit wasn't the best, but I am happy to go with your suggestion21:46
jibel_patrickmw, testing with wget seems far from the real world. The dev have to fix bug 709125, then we'll test with a real browser.21:47
ubot4`Launchpad bug 709125 in firefox (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "User agent doesn't include Ubuntu in it so apt.ubuntu.com doesn't work (affects: 7) (dups: 2) (heat: 60)" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70912521:47
patrickmwjibel_: ok21:48
nagappanpatrickmw, jibel, most of our lab test machine has ATI ES 1000 VGA, any clues why I don't get Ubuntu Desktop edition ? It goes to Classic edition by default ! even though I select Desktop Edition during login21:54
patrickmwnagappan, Ubuntu falls back to Classic if it doesn't support 3D acceleration.  Right now, there are known issues with ATI21:57
nagappanpatrickmw, ah ! okay21:57
patrickmwnagappan, there is a command to check, for your future reference, one sec21:58
jibel_nagappan, I'm interested by the result. Are you using the opensource driver xserver-xorg-video-radeon ?22:03
nagappanpatrickmw, sure22:06
nagappanjibel, let me check22:07
nagappanjibel, just the default installed with 11.0422:07
nagappanjibel, I haven't installed anything specific22:07
patrickmwjibel_, do you know how to run the unity-support-test off hand?22:07
jibel_nagappan, this card has no support for 3D afaik and will use the software rasterizer so Unity won't start.22:07
nagappanjibel, for NVidia we usually install the nvidia-current driver through synaptic22:07
nagappanjibel, oops22:07
nagappanjibel, is there a list of supported card ?22:08
patrickmwnagappan: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p  (I forgot the -p)22:08
nagappanpatrickmw, sure, let me try now22:08
jibel_nagappan, right but the driver is not available for natty apparently22:08
nagappanpatrickmw,  http://pastebin.com/4cHFFsu122:11
jibel_nagappan, according to http://www.x.org/wiki/radeon : "Driver for ATI/AMD Radeon based video chips, everything from Radeon 7000 to Radeon HD 5890 series"22:13
jibel_nagappan, and what's the output of : glxinfo | grep -i render22:15
nagappanjibel, okay22:17
nagappanjibel, let me check22:17
nagappanjibel, irect rendering: Yes22:20
nagappanOpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer22:20
nagappan    GL_NV_conditional_render, GL_NV_depth_clamp, GL_NV_fragment_program,22:20
nagappanjibel, oops d is missing, its "direct rendering: Yes" :-)22:21
jibel_nagappan, interesting. Compiz won't start when software rendering is used. I don't know this card, but you can probably add an option in xorg.conf to use hardware acceleration. If we trust unity_support_test, Unity should run then. This HW has no 3D engine though.22:34
nagappanjibel, okay22:35
jibel_nagappan, man radeon for the list of option supported by the driver22:35
nagappanjibel, sure, there is no xorg.conf, probably I need to create it manually !?!22:35
meganerdcawhat card is this?  Sorry I am late to the party.22:37
nagappanmeganerdca, its Radeon ES100022:37
meganerdcaahh, I have been having problems with an hd545022:38
nagappanmeganerdca, okay22:38
meganerdcaIt is a sandy bridge system so it is not a happy machine in general22:38
jibel_nagappan, fully untested but something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585640/should be enough to start with.22:38
nagappanjibel, sure, let me check it22:39
jibel_nagappan, then there are option like Option "RenderAccel" "boolean"22:39
nagappanjibel, okay22:39
jibel_and        Option "EXAPixmaps" "boolean"22:39
jibel_nagappan, the content of /var/log/Xorg.0.log may help you.22:40
nagappanjibel, ya checking that22:40
jibel_the content of ~/.xsession-errors too.22:40
nagappanjibel, okay22:40
jibel_if it's really a pain, file a report against unity, attaching the files mentioned above and subscribe me, I'll redirect to the opengl gurus ;-)22:41
jibel_meganerdca, which release and which driver do you use ?22:42
meganerdcatried 10.10 and 11.04 Alpha 3, the sandy bridge machine does not install from cd, I can only get an install from a USB flashdrive (the USB dvd and SATA DVD failed even though they installed fine on an older AMD64)22:47
meganerdcaI do not get to try drivers as it kernel panics during boot22:47
jibel_meganerdca, the 'not boot from livecd' issue might be this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/linux/+bug/71289722:51
ubot4`Launchpad bug 712897 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "[SandyBridge] Fails to boot livecd when both hd and cd are on SATA III ports (affects: 1) (heat: 74)" [Undecided,Triaged]22:51
meganerdcaalready checked that, neither the HD nor the DVD drive were on the 6GBit ports.  It also fails on the alternate installer (the one I usually prefer)22:59
meganerdcaWith an nVidia or the built in GPU (this is the vanilla GPU, not the "K" one) it does not bring up a display, nor can I switch to a console.  The IP appears live though.23:01
meganerdcaI was just planning on waiting for the beta to drop, Intel dropped the ball a little with Sandy bridge.23:01
nagappanjibel, just noticed the issue is same with gnome3 as well ! need to update my manager to buy new card, but I doubt as they are lab machines23:05
jibel_nagappan, sure, gnome3 also relies on opengl. this hw is done for server, no fun with it.23:18
nagappanjibel, :-)23:18
jibel_nagappan, anyhow you should be able to run unity-2d, it's not installed by default23:20
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