pleia2actually the wikipedia tells me it came out in 2002, so only 9 years ago :)00:00
jhanafrogplus the frozen throne came out even later00:00
pleia2I never got the expansion pack00:01
jhanafrogi did, it was fun00:01
pleia2I used to play the game aaaalll the time with my ex-husband, I am not sure why, he always lost00:02
pleia2I even tried mixing it up by playing random every time so I didn't get too good at one faction00:02
jhanafrogdid you use cracks?00:02
jhanafrogi used to play online with random00:03
jhanafrogi think my highest level was 1500:03
pleia2I always played through wine, so no battle.net for me00:03
jhanafrogor was it 14?  i don't remember, it was pathetic though00:03
pleia2only played at home or at lan parties00:03
jhanafrogoh, battle.net doesn't work through wine?00:03
pleia2it's complicated00:03
pleia2the wine support back then wasn't great, so you could get it to run, but it fell over itself when you tried to download the battle.net patches00:04
jhanafroghmmm, yeah, battle.net "doesn't work" through wine for me either00:04
jhanafrogeven now00:04
jhanafrogbut i suspect it's this "demo" i'm trying00:04
pleia2I got Diablo 2 working with battle.net in 2006: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=98000:05
jhanafrogand there were like a ton, since there were all these cracks00:05
jhanafrogi wonder when blizzard will make "Angeles 1"00:05
pleia2but then I never played it because I was bored of it and battle.net is scary00:05
jhanafrogha. :|00:05
pleia2it didn't used to be so spammy00:05
* pleia2 nostalgia00:05
jhanafrogi got "instakilled" once and then stopped playing it on battle.net00:06
jhanafrogi never got the diablo 2 expansion set00:06
jhanafrogfemales seem to like that game a lot00:07
jhanafrogi don't know why00:07
pleia2we like killing things00:07
jhanafrogor...maybe it's because they always like the "bad boys", and who's badder than satan himself?00:07
pleia2I named one of my cats Baal00:07
pleia2I've moved on since then, my cats now are Simcoe and... oh darn... Caligula00:08
jhanafrogor, herself, i'm not sure anyone has verified The Accuser's gender00:08
jhanafrogah, Baal is nostalgic00:09
jhanafrogKaligula, isn't that the murderous disciple of the Buddha with the bad Karma?00:09
pleia2oh, this is good: http://bash.org/?1440900:09
jhanafrogbad stuff kept happening to him :(00:10
jhanafrogthis is scary:  WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!  remastersys  Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y00:10
pleia2nah, Caligula is the murderous, perverted emperor of rome00:10
jhanafrogoh, i always think of Nero00:10
pleia2perfect name for a cat, no?00:10
jhanafrogi guess they had a few00:10
jhanafrogi named my cat Shinobi00:11
jhanafrogi had another one named Boshido00:11
jhanafrogBoshido is dead :(00:11
jhanafrogShinobi is missing a tooth00:11
jhanafroghaha, funny00:11
jhanafrogwrt bash.org00:11
jhanafrogokay then, i guess i'll go over there now00:13
aadityaI'm tempted to respond to the last message on the mailing list informing them about the event tonight (though they would probably know about it), but that'd make me even more late for the Ubuntu hour.01:21
* aaditya throws smoke bombs around and fades away.01:22
gadgetdevilThe Sony Z is 1080p sub 13 inch, but it is no way under 1300001:35
lfitzis the intel 855gm module available in the latest kernel? we are at ubuntu lake forest, trying to figure this out...01:47
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours edited01:51
quavmoI'm at Ubuntu Hour in Mountain View!01:51
quavmoI n the Red Rock Cafe, woohoo!01:51
quavmoHey, jtatum, pleia2, see you soon?01:52
jledbetterquavmo, I think jtatum is on his way :)01:53
quavmoHe's right here!01:59
jtatumand here i am02:41
jledbetterjtatum, Welcome to California02:44
pleia2sorry, HOA meeting tonight, couldn't make it down :(03:30
pleia2(my boyfriend is on the board, so he has to come home for meetings, no ride home from mt view for me!)03:32
jtatumno worries pleia203:42
jtatumgreetings violajack03:42
violajackHi, coming to you from Ubuntu hour Mountain View03:42
violajackYou're too far away jtatum, voice communications don't work across the table03:43
akkI can pass messages ...03:43
dragonoidHi all03:44
dragonoidHow's it hangin'?03:45
dragonoidHello byron03:58
* dragonoid pokes violajack03:58
* dragonoid types something03:59
akkHI, byron!04:00
dragonoidFor those who are wondering why I'm acting a bit different - we're testing xchat here..04:00
akkIRCing with people sitting at the same table FTW04:03
byronGreat for an IRC noob04:04
jinjorgejust discovered there was a Ubuntu Hour this evening and I missed it04:16
iheartubuntuno luck on the monitor or projector for me tonite04:54
iheartubuntui just took my entire dekstop computer and set it up in the board room04:55
iheartubuntuit worked04:55
iheartubuntuthe laptop i tried to get to work with the projector also has Win7 on it and it could not connect to the projector either. so maybe im doing something wrong. ubuntu sees the monitor but doing Fn+F5 just gives me a blank screen on both the projector and laptop04:56
jhanafrogis fn+f5 the right key sequence?  it should have a little monitor icon, i'm not sure if it's always fn+f505:15
nhainesiheartubuntu: ignore what everyone is saying.  Power down the laptop, plug in the monitor, then power on the laptop.  Once you're in Ubuntu, use System > Administration > Monitors to configure your monitors.05:21
nhainesThat's the very first thing to try.  You can move on to other instructions if that doesn't work.05:22
iheartubuntui have two monitor looking icons05:22
iheartubuntuF5 and also F605:22
iheartubuntuone of them seems to do nothing05:22
iheartubuntuthe other turns my screeen black05:22
iheartubuntuI had ubuntu seeing the projector and when i tried to switch to it, it just did nothing.05:23
iheartubuntui tried to do it all in Win7 side and nothing also. My next attempt was to boot into Ubuntu again with everything plugged in, but Win7 would not shut down :) like, ever.05:23
iheartubuntui had to disconnect the battery to turn it off so i never got to finally try.05:24
iheartubuntuso yah i was in the monitors setting, but only after plugging in the projector05:25
nhainesYou're under no obligation to follow my advice, of course.  :)05:28
iheartubuntui will give that a try tomorrow when i get into work05:34
iheartubuntumy speech went well05:34
iheartubuntusorta like a prep to get back into the speaking ring for me05:34
iheartubuntuwas a toastmaster back in boy scouts05:34
iheartubuntunow hope i can somehow use this to help ubuntu05:35
iheartubuntuoff to bed. did not sleep last nite. good night nathan. nice talking as always!05:36
jhanafrogi had assumed he tried restarting :)05:58
jhanafrogoh he left :(05:58
jhanafrogi'm up crazy early this morning12:21
iheartubuntuakk - i didnt have luck last night with the projector :(16:13
akkbummer, iheartubuntu :(16:13
iheartubuntui know it was hooked up right too16:13
iheartubuntuso something im not doing right i guess16:13
akkThe hookup is pretty easy. The problems are almost always bios/software.16:14
iheartubuntunhaines gave me some tips, i'll bring the projector home tonite and test things and check the forums16:14
akkDoes it talk to a monitor but not the projector?16:14
iheartubuntuhow hard can this be :)16:14
iheartubuntuthey both acted the same16:14
iheartubuntumonitor or projector16:14
iheartubuntui can see the desktop wallpaper, but no icons on the desktop16:15
iheartubuntuno top and bottom bars either16:15
akkOkay, so probably not a resolution problem. When it only happens on a projector, it can be that it's sending a resolution the projector doesn't like.16:15
akkOh, wait, so it is a resolution problem.16:15
iheartubuntuyou think?16:15
iheartubuntuit looked like the wallpaper was the right size16:15
akkDid you go through that dialog I pasted yesterday, where you set the resolution of the second monitor?16:15
iheartubuntui'll have to go through it again. i was pressed for time16:15
iheartubuntuthanks to OO Impress, people were impressed :)16:16
akkAnd, wait, gnome by default uses a second monitor as a second monitor, not as a dup of the first one.16:16
iheartubuntuI ended up setting up my desktop system with big monitor in the room16:16
iheartubuntuyah, i had to go into monitors setting and switch it16:16
iheartubuntueven monitors recognized the monitor and projector16:17
iheartubuntustrange i didnt at least see desktop icons16:17
iheartubuntucould the projector be too old?16:17
akkYou switched it to make the second monitor be a dup of the first, but it wasn't showing the same thing?16:17
iheartubuntumonitor is only a year old16:17
akkIf you were seeing anything at all, it isn't a too-old problem.16:17
iheartubuntui dont know if i duped thme16:17
iheartubuntuprojector was bought in 2008 i believe16:18
iheartubuntuhas the typical vga to vga connector16:18
akkIf gnome (or compiz or whatever) is treating them as separate screens, then you can drag a window from your laptop to the projector or back16:19
akkbut you won't see the same desktop on both, and only one will have top/bottom panels.16:19
iheartubuntushould i not use compiz maybe?16:19
iheartubuntuok thanks16:21
akkI don't know if gnome + another wm would make it easier or not.16:21
iheartubuntui'll copy/paste all our chat and see if i can trouble shoot this. i should be proficient at it all16:22
jhanafrogbtw iheartubuntu when you get a chance, what video chip?16:22
iheartubuntui can make a website but cant connect a projector. embarrassing :)16:22
jhanafrogwell, chipset might be a better term16:22
akkMy setup is a lot more straightforward and I just type an xrandr command to send output to another monitor16:22
akkwhich in a way is a lot simpler, but it's also a lot less gui and I don't have desktop effects, wobbly windows and all that.16:22
iheartubuntuhmmm... its a laptop... not sure... i think it could be intel?16:22
jhanafrogwell, it's a notebook, i'm not sure if "card" really applies16:22
jhanafroglike nvidia, ati, intel16:22
jhanafrogah, interesting16:23
iheartubuntuOHHHhhh and i wonder if i have a problem because im using wubi on that system too16:23
jhanafrogi have intel too, but i think the i915 driver is used for all intel chipsets16:23
jhanafrogvideo chipsets that is16:23
akkyes, I believe that's true16:24
jhanafrogah wubi, that's when i'll bow out16:24
jhanafrognever used it16:24
akkexcept maybe g500 which is some evil proprietary thing16:24
* akk has no clue about wubi either, had to google it just now16:24
akkbut if ubuntu is running directly on the hardware, not in a vm, I wouldn't think it would matter16:24
jhanafrogi've read stuff on it, but...well...yeah, never used it16:25
iheartubuntui didnt want to delete Win7 on that laptop since im sorta borrowing it. I'll wipe Ubuntu off of it when i get around to shipping the laptop to inlaws16:25
jhanafrogdo you have a liveusb iheartubuntu?16:25
iheartubuntui shoulda ordered one from the ubuntu store16:26
jhanafrogperhaps something to invest in.16:26
jhanafrogyeah, i guess that would've been good16:26
jhanafrogi may have an extra one you can borrow16:26
jhanafrogthere is one sitting in my mom's room that has been sitting there for like a month16:26
jhanafrogwell, if you have a livecd you can boot from that and see how the video works16:27
akkwish they'd make it easier to make liveusb16:28
akkyou could always make a fedora liveusb and try from there :)16:28
iheartubuntuim going to Frys at lunch16:28
iheartubuntu3TB drive for $13016:28
iheartubuntuthat should do me for a while16:28
iheartubuntui'll pick up a chip or two16:28
jhanafrogha, i've never succeeded in making a fedora liveusb16:29
jhanafrogwhoa, dude, isn't that overkill?16:29
akkI just dd it onto the usb stick16:29
iheartubuntutwo chips?16:29
iheartubuntui need backup for all my data16:29
jhanafrogwell, for one, why?16:29
iheartubuntu3TB for backup16:29
jhanafrogand for two, do you have a lot of movies?16:29
iheartubuntua TON of movies16:30
iheartubuntuall russian16:30
jhanafrog3TB for seeding :D16:30
iheartubuntudownloaded form russian sites16:30
iheartubuntuold soviet cartoons, movies, etc16:30
iheartubuntuno seeding16:30
jhanafrogwaaaaat?!  cartoons?!16:30
iheartubuntuwhen my wifes family visits i want them to feel at home16:30
jhanafrogah, no torrents16:30
jhanafrogno torrents make me sad16:30
iheartubuntuhave a library of their fave shows16:30
jhanafrogi put up some torrents on my site http://fictionalphilosophy.org/share16:30
iheartubuntuthey can just plug into the TV and have fun16:31
jhanafrogthe movie "spring summer fall winter and spring" is good16:31
jhanafrogsad T_T16:31
jhanafrogwell, i guess it's not "good" in the traditional sense16:32
iheartubuntuis T_T a sad face? sorta looks like one16:34
jhanafrogyeah, it's supposed to be16:34
jhanafroglike this:  http://www.ericashenfelter.com/old/Wallpapers/autobot.jpg16:35
jhanafrogi'm a sad robot :(16:35
iheartubuntupliea2 is there anything i need to post today? Palo Alto Ubuntu Hour?17:12
pleia2nope, nothing today17:13
iheartubuntumm k thanks17:13
pleia2palo alto isn't until next friday :)17:13
iheartubuntuohh is that the one that got moved17:13
pleia2now it's the same day as jono's jam in walnut creek17:14
pleia2but it's in the evening and the jam is in the dyatime17:14
akkProbably not many people will drive from WC to PA.17:16
pleia2I live in between, so if I didn't have work I'd consider both17:16
iheartubuntufrom West Coast to Pennsylvania?17:19
iheartubuntuohh walnut creek17:19
iheartubuntu8GB flash drive at Frys = $917:45
iheartubuntualso at Frys = acer 10.1" netbook, 160GB hd and 1GB mem = $18917:49
iheartubuntuwow thats cheap17:49
pleia2it's sad that they don't do the SSD thing so much in netbooks anymore17:50
pleia2I guess consumers assume bigger harddrive is always better :(17:50
akkYes, it is. SSD netbooks are so awesome.17:50
iheartubuntuthat would be great17:50
akkThey never figured out they should advertise that as a great feature17:50
akkwhereas they know how to advertise "160GB"17:50
iheartubuntuim considering to extend the life of my desktops to switch them to SSD for the main drive and put my current drives as slaves17:50
akkThey need to stress the battery life, or speed differences, or something.17:51
pleia2to me the old harddrives make the netbook pretty much useless17:51
iheartubuntui jsut want to see Ubuntu FLY17:51
pleia2ssd means I can play catch with it!17:51
akkI still have a spinning disk in my laptop and it's okay -- but I do appreciate the advantages of SSD.17:51
akk(do they make 1.8" IDE SSDs?)17:51
iheartubuntui wonder if you can plug in an SSD into the SSD card reader slot and boot off of it?17:51
pleia2akk: I don't think so17:52
iheartubuntuits no fun taking apart laptops :|17:52
akkiheartubuntu: Most laptops don't boot off SD card, AFAIK, but you could probably set up a grub entry and PLOP to do that.17:52
pleia2oh hey, the internet tells me they do17:52
* iheartubuntu has three that are apart laying around the house17:52
KB1JWQI had a laptop running Lucid in the early beta phase.17:52
akkMaybe really new ones do.17:52
KB1JWQSSD in it.  Boot time according to bootchart was 12.93 seconds.17:52
iheartubuntui was thinking just point it in the bios like u can do to boot off of usb first or whatever17:53
iheartubuntuhi KB1JWQ17:53
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: Booting off of an external USB key isn't going to save you any time.17:54
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: You're going to find that the USB drive becomes a bottleneck.17:54
iheartubuntujeez... 1.5TB western digital for $6917:54
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: What's the real-world problem you're trying to solve though?  How often do you boot your machine, and how fast do you want it to go? :-)17:55
iheartubuntu2TB internal for $7917:55
KB1JWQYeah, it's crazynuts these days.17:55
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: Crappy 5400 though?17:55
iheartubuntui shut my machine off every time i go to bed or leave the house17:55
iheartubuntuits a dekstop so i dont want it using electricity17:55
iheartubuntu32mb transfer17:56
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: Depending on how long you're gone for, low power mode may be better powerwise.17:56
iheartubuntuu mean hibernating?17:56
iheartubuntuat work i dont have a choice since all the main power switches get turned off17:57
* iheartubuntu needs computer connected to brain17:58
KB1JWQiheartubuntu: Where the heck do you work that KILLS POWER TO THE BUILDING? :-)17:58
iheartubuntuown biz17:59
iheartubuntuwe have machines generating hundreds of thousands of Kv17:59
iheartubuntuwe shut off EVERYTHING so no power surges destroy the machines at night17:59
iheartubuntucant afford to lose any expensive machines17:59
* kdub_ updates wiki page18:00
* iheartubuntu still cant get frankenstein to come alive tho18:00
yantrashilpiiheartubuntu: and saves a load on the power bills I bet?18:00
jhanafrogtoo bad you couldn't isolate the electricity18:01
jhanafroglike computers on this circuit18:01
jhanafrogother machinery on something else18:01
jhanafrogthen you could suspend18:01
jhanafrogwhich would save time18:01
jhanafrognot much, but it could add up to something significant18:02
iheartubuntuthere are some things we are thinking of and taking to the electric company when we increase to 440v setup18:02
yantrashilpiiheartubuntu: does that mean you'll have a tesla charging station, hahaha.18:07
iheartubuntui wish :)18:20
jhanafrogi wonder at what point it makes sense to shutdown a system instead of using suspend18:21
jhanafrogit probably costs less than 7 cents to power a system that is suspended for a day i'm guessing18:22
jhanafrogsince it's like 7 cents an hour to power an lcd tv18:22
yantrashilpijhanafrog: I think it's more of a time factor than power, right?18:23
jhanafrogyantrashilpi: you mean $ factor?18:23
jhanafrogthat actually brings up an interesting question18:24
jhanafroghow much electricity is generated each day, it could be a power factor if green is the goal18:24
yantrashilpiahh yes, then I think it is still better to turn everything off or hibernate might be an option.18:25
yantrashilpiwhat are the most hungry components?18:26
iheartubuntuin a house or in the ocmputer18:26
iheartubuntui know a desktop draws a lot more than a laptop18:27
iheartubuntudont know how much off hand18:27
yantrashilpihow much cna we really save? is it easier to just turn off the monitors18:27
yantrashilpiand not worry about the desktops18:27
yantrashilpialso there is component degradation.18:27
yantrashilpiyou can keep the desktops running all the time but fans will degrade much faster than when they are turned off and not working I'd imagine.18:28
yantrashilpiit is ALWAYS more green to extend life of a component or reuse it rather than buy a new low power one.18:28
yantrashilpiif that's the goal that is.18:28
akkSome desktops can draw around 70-100 watts, like an incandescent bulb, just sitting there (not counting the monitor).18:34
akkOthers are more like 20-25.18:34
kdub_coming from a kernel development point of view, power management is a reeaallll PITA :P18:34
akkhmm, actually no, 25 is about rock bottom for a desktop, 40 is more typical for an efficient one.18:35
akkI got my dual atom machine down to 25W idle with a PicoPSU and a laptop disk.18:35
kdub_25 would surprise me too18:35
akkThis faster Intel machine can get down to 35 at idle, with a laptop disk and no services like hal running.18:36
kdub_i know DarkwingDuck is in San Diego county,  is there anyone else in San Diego county in IRC?18:36
yantrashilpiso I'd guess turning it off/hibernate would be the best option18:39
akkyes, though suspend isn't much worse -- only 1-3 watts typically, for a machine that suspends properly.18:41
akkIf you're interested in power usage, a kill-a-watt (about $20) is a great investment -- it's fun and sometimes surprising to see how much power things use.18:42
akke.g. plug the tv-vcr-stereo complex into it when they're all "off"18:42
yantrashilpiahhh akk that's a smart tool... I should do that. Now i usually just turn everything off when I leave the house.18:43
akkWe do too -- but "turn off" these days doesn't mean "off", since most devices just go to standby mode.18:43
akkIncluding computers -- for instance, macs use just as much power "off" as they do in "sleep".18:45
akk(still not much, though, 2W or something)18:45
akkI shouldn't say "macs" as it that's all macs ... that's mac minis, we don't have any others to measure.18:46
akkOn one desktop machine I found that unplugging the internal DVD saved 2 watts.18:47
akkI wasn't using it to read or burn DVDs; just having it plugged in (I think that was IDE, not SATA) upped the machine's power use by that much.18:48
jhanafrogi wonder if suspend is better for component life than hibernate, since there is more power cycling through.  not sure how to test that one19:11
jhanafrogprobably need some solid EE theory to figure it out19:11
jhanafrogi guess that is only true for mechanical devices, like hard drives and fans, i guess because of newton's 2nd law19:13
jhanafrogobject in motion and all that19:13
iheartubuntusys76 sells an ion meerkat netbox (or something like that).. a desktop that draws only 10w19:52
iheartubuntutheir prices are pretty out of line the more i investigate.19:52
iheartubuntui can but something equal for half the price elsewhere.19:52
iheartubuntui dont mind supporting open source community, but when prices reach almost double... i dont know19:53
iheartubuntuthats like people selling ubuntu discs for $2019:53
iheartubuntuok not exaclty like it, but still19:53
pleia2you pay for the testing and support that goes along with the assurance that it'll work flawlessly with linux (can be vital for servers and high end laptops)19:54
pleia2but admittedly I haven't bought from a linux vendor either19:54
iheartubuntui just picked up a 1TB portable hard drive at frys for $80.. awesome. so small! no power cord either :)19:57
iheartubuntufrys is only a couple miles away :) :)19:58
DarkwingDuckWhat's up kdub_?20:03
pleia2oh fail, I'm going to be in the wrong bit of the world for the typical day for the SF Ubuntu Hour day these next two months20:14
yantrashilpipleia2: there is no such thing as wrong bit of the world :). Enjoy your times away, hahah.20:15
pleia2thanks :)20:16
DarkwingDuckSomeone gave me a little Acer AspireOne netbook today20:19
DarkwingDuckNot used the the keyboard20:20
DarkwingDuckBut, I put my ubuntu graphic on it20:20
DarkwingDuckThinking about putting Arch on there and have a non gui netbook20:21
kdub_DarkwingDuck: i was just trying to see if you knew any other san diego area people who hang out in irc20:25
kdub_and, arch is a good distro, i used it for a year when it was starting. hopefully only got better since 200820:25
DarkwingDuckI'm just looking for CLI only :)20:26
iheartubuntuCongrats DarkwingDuck for joining the beginners team!20:46
pleia2he joined the beginners team *council* :)20:47
DarkwingDuckI've been part of the BT for a while20:48
DarkwingDuckI was just elected on the council20:48
jhanafrogcongrats DarkwingDuck on joining the beginners team ;)20:52
jhanafrogapparently FAFSA thinks linux and firefox are an "unsupported browser", but at least it allows the viewing of the page20:53
jhanafrogwith chromium it flat out denies it20:53
yantrashilpicongratulations DarkwingDuck !20:54
yantrashilpijhanafrog: I think many of those govt sites still support only IE6 I think :)20:55
yantrashilpiI wish Aneesh would do something about that.20:55
jhanafrogwho's Aneesh?20:56
yantrashilpithe US CTO I believe.20:58
yantrashilpikinda like a CTO for the government.20:58
yantrashilpiI may have his name wrong.20:58
jhanafrogAneesh Chopra, i see20:59
iheartubuntuohh yes sorry :)20:59
jhanafrogcool yantrashilpi thanks for info21:00
yantrashilpisure no problem!21:00
yantrashilpiI remember him being appointed and then suddenly a bunch of twitter people were talking about him being at SXSW21:00
jhanafrogsxsw?  what was he doing there?21:01
jhanafrogdoes he play a musical instrument?21:01
yantrashilpihaha, i don't know. networking I guess... it's like a tech + arts thing right?21:01
yantrashilpilots of techies and artists.21:02
jhanafrogi thought sxsw was just music21:02
jhanafrogas if music wasn't enough ;)21:04
yantrashilpihahaha jhanafrog music is never enough ;)21:07
yantrashilpioh wait... yes it is.21:07
jhanafrogi can use my computer like i can play a flute...not well21:08
jhanafrogi love this flute piece:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgmEgrX5aWc21:12
iheartubuntuwow, ubuntu didnt even give me a time frame for transferring 4 GB of data. QUICK21:15
iheartubuntui need another 1TB now :)21:16
akkpretty, jhanafrog21:16
jhanafrogi find it gut wrenching21:18
jhanafrogif i allow it to be21:18
jhanafroger, hold on while i learn to write 0's and 1's to a platter iheartubuntu21:19
* akk just got back from looking at flooded creeks and coots and egrets ... the music is going nicely with the photos21:19
yantrashilpiit is what I call wonderful melancholy jhanafrog ... on that note did anyone else enjoy the rain at all?21:20
jhanafrogon that note, what is the note for wonderful melachnoly, a C flat?21:21
pleia2I enjoyed the rain at first...21:21
yantrashilpijhanafrog: I think it is the B minor scale... I am probably wrong.21:22
jhanafrogi neither enjoyed the rain nor despised the rain21:22
jhanafrogwhen it got on me, and the wind made me cold, i went inside21:22
jhanafrogwhen i felt claustrophobic inside, i went outside under a tree21:23
jhanafrogthis is interesting:  http://www.youtube.com/creators?x=creatorinstitute  you might be interested iheartubuntu21:23
iheartubuntuwhat is standard for doing presentations? just running the Impress file from within Impress? What I ended up doing was convert it to PDF so it could be viewed easy on any machine.21:58
iheartubuntuwith PDF it must embed my transitions too. Very nice.21:59
akkYou're getting animated transitions in PDF?21:59
iheartubuntuin evince YAH21:59
iheartubuntueven in adobe reader 9 and okular21:59
akkHuh, wonder if that's that embedded javascript thing that news articles keep saying to turn off because it has so many security holes?22:00
iheartubuntupdfs with javascript?22:00
akkMost people seem to present impress from within impress, but it's helpful to keep a PDF around (or a ppt,if it's for a nonlinux group) in case you need to present on another machine.22:00
jonohey fokks22:00
jonocan anyone make it to the Walnut Creek Global Jam a week today?22:01
akkand yes, adobe added JS to PDF some time ago, and that's part of why PDF is now the leading vector for malware, surpassing even MS Word.22:01
yantrashilpihmmm I"m using nitro on windows and evince on ubuntu so hopefully that alleviates the issue.22:02
yantrashilpiI'm thinking if you can get an net connection just do it using one of hte online utilities22:02
yantrashilpiif possible.22:02
akkI use html so I know my presentations work from online. :)22:03
kdub_walnut creek's a bit far for me down here :P22:03
akkyeah, walnut creek's a long way, especially on a weekday.22:03
iheartubuntubut is there javascript within PDF files generated in ubuntu?22:03
akkiheartubuntu: I don't think standard PDF includes animation, does it?22:04
iheartubuntui dont think so22:04
iheartubuntunot unless you print it out and flip the pages real fast :)22:04
iheartubuntuor roll your scroll wheel22:04
akkso it must be doing javascript, if you're seeing animated transitions22:05
akkor flash -- apparently you can embed flash inside pdf22:05
* akk liked pdf better when it was a format for printed documents22:05
jhanafrogit's too bad we can't just utilize technology to have like a video conference22:06
iheartubuntuwait. so evince and openoffice needs java installed to handle transitions?22:06
jhanafrogthat could potentially be a killerapp22:06
* jhanafrog writes a word of code, gives up22:06
akkjava != javascript22:06
iheartubuntuwe could skype22:06
akkthey're not even related, completely different languages with confusingly similar names22:06
jhanafrogwhat about empathy?  how does it handle voice and video?22:07
iheartubuntuyou have my empathy janafrog22:07
jhanafrogwe could try skype, i've used it before22:07
jhanafrogbut if there's an foss tool, i'd rather use it22:07
iheartubuntui have no camera hooked to this system. empathy thinks my tv card is the webcam22:07
jhanafrogi've never tried empathy, since i don't know anybody that uses it22:08
iheartubuntuyou know me22:08
jhanafrogyou use it?22:08
* iheartubuntu wishes we could do avatars in irc22:08
iheartubuntuim using it now22:09
iheartubuntucant you tell?22:09
jhanafroglet me see if i can turn the camera on even22:09
akkI've heard good things about Big Blue Button for web conferencing.22:09
akkThey had a booth at SCALE but I couldn't really tell much about it from there.22:09
jhanafrogis it in the repositories?22:09
jhanafrogit's hard to remember the words on the screen are supposed to represent people22:09
iheartubuntuu can do a demo on their page22:11
jhanafrogah "new call" that's pretty cool22:11
jhanafrogis it FOSS?22:11
iheartubuntutheres nothing to download? its all on the web?22:12
jhanafrogthere's no way this will work if i can't get cheese to work22:12
jhanafrogthat's my bet anyway22:12
iheartubuntuthat would be EXCELLENT for Ubuntu Classroom22:12
iheartubuntuoverview: http://www.bigbluebutton.org/overview22:13
iheartubuntuvoice and camera, even screen sharing22:13
jhanafrogi'm joining a demo :D22:13
iheartubuntupresentations area22:13
iheartubuntuvery nice22:13
iheartubuntuhow to install on ubuntu - http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/InstallationUbuntu22:14
iheartubuntuakk i did not see them there. did they have any examples running?22:15
akkNo, at least not when I was there. That would have made for a better booth.22:16
iheartubuntuon the verge of doing a fresh install on my computer im using right now. is it advisable to use a gparted to format the drive or even do a complete write to zero of my drive?22:20
iheartubuntuor is the tool on the ubuntu disc adequate22:20
iheartubuntuive always just used the disc22:20
akkgparted is a bit easier, more visual, but the tool in the installer is fine.22:21
akkI usually use the installer if I'm installing anyway, gparted if I'm partitioning an external drive on a machine that's already running.22:21
iheartubuntui was just curious if there are any benefits doing a complete wipe of the drive separate from what the livecd does (like speed up the drive since its wiped clean??)22:25
* iheartubuntu asks the dumb questions22:25
akknone that I know of22:26
akkunless you have super seekrit data you're trying to erase22:27
iheartubuntuwow u can even call a phone # to do the conference on big blue button to get the audio22:28
Guest28722it looks like they weren't too keen on the idea of self-defense training at noisebridge23:12
=== Guest28722 is now known as jhanafrog
jhanafrogi guess they want to narrow down the center, to keep it relatively specialized, which i can understand23:13
jhanafrogbut it's an interesting exploration to see how it would be received...23:13
pleia2it's pretty packed in there stuff-wise, not sure they'd have the room for it23:13
jhanafrogwhere there's a will there's a way23:13
jhanafrogbut yeah, it isn't optimal23:13
jhanafrogwhen i was in san francisco i was training with some guy i met on craigslist23:14
jhanafrogoh yeah, you met him pleia2, i met up with him at that ubuntu hour23:14
pleia2ah, cool23:15
pleia2also, I just realized who you are, I can't keep track of your nicknames :)23:15
jhanafroghe's a shorter japanese dude23:15
jhanafrogjust trying to keep everyone on their toes, either that, or keep things interesting :)23:16
jhanafrognow if i could only figure out why my nickname gets changed to guest, i should probably just reinstall irssi.23:19
jhanafrogoh right, big blue button, forgot23:19
jhanafrogwell, it looks like the webcam is working in flash on bigbluebutton23:30
jhanafrogwhich is shocking23:30
jhanafrog(for dramatic effect)23:30

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