reya276Anyone around I need some major help, Ubuntu 11.04 messed up my GRUB menu and now my Ubuntu 10.10 entry is not available00:35
reya276How can I fix GRUB to show me my install OS(s), Natty(11.04) messed it up?01:01
mhall119does it boot natty?01:02
reya276yes, I'm in it now01:02
reya276but 10.10 has all of my stuff and my wife's, she's going to kill me if I don't get that thing back up01:03
mhall119I think grub-mkconfig will give you a working config file01:05
mhall119one of the grub-somethings should be able to detect 10.10 and add an antry for it01:05
reya276the weird thing is that prior to this update I did on Natty today everything was fine then it asked me to reboot then 10.10 entry was gone01:07
mhall119probably someone broke the grub packages01:08
reya276These guys have to keep in mind that most folks are dual booting to test this thing and for them to do something like this man...01:08
mhall119testing isn't for the faint of heart01:08
mhall119even if you dual boot01:08
reya276yeah but think about it they ask us to help them out on the testing and then boom your system is done for01:09
reya276sorry not trying to bitch but I got a nagging wife behind me01:09
reya276Oh and god forbid you go in to the #ubuntu channel they totally ignore you before I use to go in there and it was Bam Bam problem solved now all you get is attitude most of the time01:10
reya276ok so I run this grub-mkconfig in terminal01:11
reya276woa I just got a bunch of things on the screen, what should I do now01:12
mhall119reya276: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for natty questions01:13
mhall119reya276: man grub-mkconfig01:13
reya276I went there and nothing01:13
mhall119I've never used it, but I'm pretty sure it's the right general direction01:13
reya276ok thanks, let me see if I can figure this out01:13
reya276ok the command you gave me does this  grub-mkconfig - generate a GRUB configuration file01:14
reya276man this it too complicated for me, I don't even understand 1% of this stuff01:19
mhall119ask in #ubuntu+101:20
mhall119maybe it's a common problem and they have a solution01:20
reya276mhall119, thanks01:33
reya276wow what a mission02:26
reya276mhall119, I finally got it working again02:27
mhall119and learned a little something about Grub in the process02:34
mhall119though I'm sure your wife doesn't appreciate that part02:34
reya276Morning Everyone12:46
maxolasersquadGood morning reya276.12:47
dantalizingmorning ... sry i missed your messages reya276 13:43
reya276is cool, mhall119 helped me out, thanks13:43
reya276Natty screwed up my Grub file, so it would not let me see the 10.10 install13:44
dantalizingsounds like fun13:44
dantalizingi have the opposite "problem"13:44
dantalizingi have about 30 entries in my grub list13:45
reya276so you know me I complaint and complaint and complaint some more and then fix the issue lol....13:45
reya276well what ever you do don't do a partial upgrade for Natty13:45
dantalizingi've been doing upgrades for a while13:45
DammitJimdantalizing, did you say you use xbmc remote from your android device?13:46
dantalizinghavent had your issue13:46
dantalizingDammitJim: yes!13:46
reya276that is how mine config got messed up yesterday13:46
dantalizingi still have lucid kernels installed :)13:46
reya276oh lol...no way man13:47
reya276I mean I still use lucid here at work13:47
reya276and to be honest it is pretty darn stable I have don't so many things to this box here and still keeps on going just as fast as it was on first installed13:48
dantalizingit is nice13:48
dantalizingDammitJim: is the xbmc remote working for you?13:48
DammitJimi'm trying to see if I can open my firewall to control it from outside13:49
DammitJimthe network13:49
dantalizingsweet... lemme know you're ip when you're done13:50
DammitJimyeah, I'm trying to make sure the password feature works ;)13:51
DammitJimwhat kind of apps do you have installed in xbmc?13:51
dantalizingthat actually would be cool .... i would use vpn.  i might try that13:52
dantalizingDammitJim: i use it mainly for revision3 content and youtube13:54
dantalizingi mean other than my local music/videos13:55
dantalizingactually, what i've been using more lately is my phone13:55
dantalizingimediashare (iirc) can fling stuff from my twonky server in the computer room to my tv13:55
DammitJimvpn from your phone?13:55
DammitJimis there a web browser?13:56
dantalizingDammitJim: potentially13:56
dantalizingDammitJim: use the std browser13:56
dantalizingDammitJim: check out imediashare in the market13:56
dantalizingfor the one-off playing of stuff, it works great13:56
reya276oh I got a quick question(when does he not have a quick Q, jeezz)13:57
reya276I tried to purchase something from the Ubuntu Software Center last night but I was not able to download the software the damn thing took my money though and quick too13:58
reya276is there anyone I can contact with regards to this issue?13:58
dantalizingthey dont have one of those customer service "real time" chat things in the corner?14:00
reya276lol, nah I'm afraid they do not14:05
mhall119reya276: using 10.10 or 11.04?14:06
reya27611.04 will not be touched again until release time14:06
mhall119IIRC, the store keeps a history of what you've paid for, and lets you download it again for free14:06
reya276not after yesterday's episode14:06
mhall119hey, you got it fixed didn't you?14:07
dantalizingits almost beta ... isnt that stable enough for you?14:08
reya276mhall119, yes...thanks14:26
reya276dantalizing, no way man. only on release time14:27
zoopsterreya276: do you still need help gaining access to what you purchased or did you go back and get it?14:35
zoopsterreya276: let me know I'll get you to someone who can help14:36
reya276well I can't get it here since I only have 10.04 which does not have that purchase feature, but when I get home I'm going to try and download it again and see if it will let me14:36
reya276basically what happens when I tired to purchase something is that it asks me for all my info including payment and all that works but when it gets to start downloading the software it just goes into somekind of  loop and it never finishes14:37
reya276the same thing happens with thins that are free like Vendetta online14:38
reya276World of Goo is also something I want to purchase for me and my kids but I bet I'll get the same issue14:39
reya276Man it feels so good to donate some cash to software projects, wish I was rich...14:56
maxolasersquadreya276: Have you seen OilRush.  That's a good project to support.15:02
reya276oilrush, nope I have never heard of it15:02
reya276link please15:02
maxolasersquadreya276: http://oilrush-game.com/15:16
reya276k, thanks I'll take a look15:16
zoopsterso reya276 if it happens in all apps, then check the logs...you'll get some good detail in there and you can turn it up...sounds like something is pending or missing something and if you continue to have problems with the software center, let me know and I get you to the right place to get it resolved.15:32
reya276cool, thanks man15:32
maxolasersquadHow do I "scan" barcodes on my Android to install apps?17:43
zoopsterinstall a barcode scanner and enjoy17:44
maxolasersquadAny recommendations?17:44
zoopstermaxolasersquad: rather...install Barcode Scanner and enjoy17:44
maxolasersquadGot it, thanks.17:45
zoopstermaxolasersquad: I use Barcode Scanner currently at v3.53 on the market17:45
zoopsternow if you want to use the barcode scanner to search for deals...use shopsavvy17:45
zoopsterand out of milk will use barcode scans to make a grocery list17:46
zoopsterall kinds of uses...it rocks.17:46
DammitJimgoogle goggles17:49
DammitJimzoopster, what's going on?17:49
DammitJimwhat phone version are you on now? LOL17:49
zoopsternada DammitJim17:49
maxolasersquadDamn, SLA4 looks like pure win.17:50
zoopstergoogle goggles is crap17:50
maxolasersquadSLA4: http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/17:50
dantalizingsla is huge17:51
maxolasersquadIn size, or in popularity?17:52
dantalizingnot as popular as it should be17:52
dantalizinghave yall seen that kyocera echo?17:53
dantalizinginteresting concept17:53
dantalizingdid anyone pick up the woot gtab deal?17:55
dantalizingtough crowd18:01
mhall119not me18:01
mhall119I heard that someone cracked the motorola bootloader encryption, now I'm considering a Droid again18:02
* mhall119 needs a new phone before UDS18:02
maxolasersquaddantalizing: Perhaps the next Ninto DS will be running Android.18:02
mhall119but Verizon only has one GSM capable phone, and it's a Droid18:03
maxolasersquadkyocera looks like a good way to make an Android phone that is distinctly different from the iPhone.18:03
maxolasersquadIf anyone here is into classical music, look up the YouTube Symphony 2011.  Very good stuff.18:04
mhall119maxolasersquad: wow that's ugly18:04
maxolasersquadmhall119: ????18:04
mhall119the echo18:05
mhall119and there's so much room taken up by something that isn't screen18:05
maxolasersquadI think the biggest problem is that not many app developers are likely to take advantage of the second screen.18:06
maxolasersquadAnyone here know how to get `git difftool` to open meld?18:43
maxolasersquadmhall119: Can you check your tracker?  My client is saying it's down.19:23
maxolasersquadAs of today, meld hates me. :(19:55
mhall119maxolasersquad: looks like it was rebooted20:26
maxolasersquadmhall119: Cool, thanks.20:26
mhall119maxolasersquad: go ahead and stop your client, that server has been scheduled to be taken offline "any day now" since the first of the year20:26
mhall119I need to get it setup somewhere else20:26
maxolasersquadAlright, let me know when you've got it all sorted out and I'll start seeding again.20:27
mhall119maxolasersquad: thanks20:28
reya276cool, the purchase from the Ubuntu Software Center installed correctly22:55

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