rick_h_hmm, where's tjagoda when you need him to help keep the flames stoked a bit00:23
rick_h_DBO: ping00:28
snap-lDBO: ping00:32
rick_h_k, added00:40
rick_h_will call up in a sec00:40
jcastroso it went well?01:34
jcastrorick_h_: did DBO profess his love for tiling window managers?01:34
rick_h_jcastro: no, but his love os extra pixels01:36
rick_h_so I agreed with him01:36
DBOextra pixels FTW01:36
jcastrodude you gotta give it props01:37
jcastrognome-do-ish things by default01:37
jcastrokeyboard shortcut's all planned out to a tee01:37
jcastromaximum terminal space when you maximize01:37
DBOi love the gnome-do-ish feature01:38
rick_h_http://uploads.mitechie.com/awesome.png && http://uploads.mitechie.com/awesome2.png && http://uploads.mitechie.com/awesome3.png01:38
rick_h_that's what I want :P01:38
DBO4 finger tap, type, enter01:38
rick_h_but you need two hands to type on a keyboard01:38
rick_h_how do you four finger tap from home row? :P01:38
rick_h_very cool conversation though, and learned some stuff I definitely didn't know01:40
rick_h_so can't wait to get this out start of next week for sure01:40
DBOrick_h_, unity supports some limited tiling01:40
rick_h_ty DBO and quick phone dialer jcastro01:40
DBOsimilar to Aero Snap (for a blasphemous windows comparison)01:40
rick_h_DBO: yea, but I'm not into that. I do all my resizing/etc via keyboard. The first link is my fav dev environment when docked01:41
rick_h_where I have the double terms below the full width vim instance01:41
rick_h_but I'll play with it when it comes out for sure.01:41
DBOyeah :)01:41
DBOits not for everyone01:41
DBOI'll get you sooner or later01:41
rick_h_well, I'm extreme edge case. It's not me I'm worried about. It's the snap-l, wolgers (well he's an old kde junkie though), etc01:42
DBOjcastro, I land the love handles, and what does OMG ubuntu blog: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/new-look-ubuntu-mug-goes-on-sale/01:42
rick_h_woooo! new coffee!01:43
rick_h_but I think the thing to remember is that this is really stage 1 of a few stages (don't want to count maverick/unity/netbook)01:43
rick_h_though that doesn't help when you install and it's what you see/get. "6mo it'll have more xx/yy for you", but the cost of 6mo release cycles01:44
greg-guhhhh, I got an in-person interview01:48
greg-gyay indeed01:48
_stink_greg-g: YAY01:48
greg-gjust gotta figure out how to get there and back during a pretty busy time for me01:48
rick_h_dude, beers01:48
DBOgreg-g, for a job?01:48
_stink_greg-g: don't you ride a bike everywhere?01:48
greg-gyeah, with Wikimedia Foundation01:48
greg-g_stink_: it'll take a little longer than I can afford to get to SF and back :P01:49
DBOgreg-g, KUDOS!01:49
greg-gthanks DBO01:49
greg-gthanks all! :)01:49
greg-gso uh, guys, I might have to bail on the UGJ :/01:50
greg-gnot sure yet, still trying to figure out when I'm going, but it is a possibility, unfortunately01:50
greg-gubuntu global jam01:51
greg-gget on th emailing list! :)01:51
DBOthe who to the what now?01:51
rick_h_greg-g: I'll get you a hall pass01:52
rick_h_now greg-g , this position is telecommute right ;)01:52
rick_h_I wouldn't want to have to root against you or anything secretly01:52
* greg-g whistles01:52
rick_h_brousch: get ready then, greg-g has some grooming to do01:53
rick_h_seriously though, good stuff, can't cross my fingers enough for you01:53
greg-gthanks so much, man01:54
DBOgreg-g, was your previous job telecommuniting01:54
rick_h_greg-g: we still good for the interview date you think?01:54
rick_h_or should we look at moving that?01:54
greg-gDBO: no, just in Ann Arbor, for the University01:54
rick_h_it's the week after GJ01:54
DBOah good, then I dont have to remind you to wear pants01:54
greg-grick_h_: nah, I need to be back on Friday for an event anyways, and I can't really do a wed/thurs thing out there, so the interview time is fine01:56
rick_h_greg-g: ok cool, just wanted to dbl check01:56
rick_h_alright, I'm out all, have fun01:56
greg-gyeah, thanks though01:56
brouschgreg-g: congrats! it sounds like they were into you02:00
greg-gbrousch: I hope so :)02:02
brouschso you have to fly out to san francisco during the GBJ?02:03
brouschok, well i fell asleep on the couch at 8:30, so i'm gonna finish that sleeping thing now02:06
DBOrick_h_, how would you like charline to get in contact with you?02:06
DBOsnap-l, ^^02:08
snap-lOK, off to watch DBO02:21
snap-lDr Who, rather. :)02:21
snap-lDBO: Contact us at feedback@lococast.net02:21
DBOtoo late02:21
snap-lor rick_h_ will mention a more preferred method02:21
DBOalready gave her ricks email02:21
rick_h_yay for blocked internet access11:43
brouschbeen surfing too much tiling porn?11:49
rick_h_at a dealership and their wifi blocks gmail/amazon11:49
brouschif you'd implemented the wifi proxy you could be surfing through your home internet right now11:51
rick_h_yea, actually I'd just tether the phone11:52
rick_h_but found gmail and amazon blocks funny11:53
rick_h_twitter open11:53
rick_h_though they are blocking twitter's cdn11:54
rick_h_so no avatars, css when I pull up the site11:54
brouschthe move to samba3 is going well12:18
brouschi may get to retire this dapper server soon12:18
snap-lrick_h_: Seriously? Blocking a CDN?12:18
snap-lMaybe they just block 443 access. ;)12:19
rick_h_snap-l: yea, Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category "Chat/Instant Messaging (IM)"12:19
rick_h_when I hit http://a0.twimg.com/profile_images/572829723/original_normal.jpg12:19
rick_h_however twitter.com loads12:20
snap-lI would think that IM would be the last thing that a dealership would block12:20
snap-lUnless they have you on the same wifi as the employees12:20
snap-lIN which case, that's just dumb on several counts. :)12:20
rick_h_I'd see blocking twitter, but hitting the cdn vs the main url seems strange to me12:20
brouschnmap it all12:21
brouschh4x0r them12:21
rick_h_it's more just a curoisity12:21
rick_h_must be a sonicwall bug out there, take over the router12:21
rick_h_I'd bet it's not been updated12:21
snap-lbrb, reboooooot.12:22
brouschug, i may be working with visual studio next month. have to pull some crap out of autodesk inventor with its .net api12:23
* rick_h_ sends beverage assistance12:24
brouschvery ouch since my windows machine is 5 years old and has 1.5GB of ram12:24
brouschthat's not much room to run inventor and VS12:24
brouschi saw a couple of examples using ironpython, so i might have slightly less pain12:25
rick_h_crap, save me, sitting in a waiting room, with fox news on, and a bunch of guys sitting around discussing how hot/not the picture of the lady in this story is12:27
rick_h_ooh, now we're on to egyption leaders dumping their swiss accounts and starting a 7-11 with the 'billions' they probably have12:27
brouschengage them in intelligent discussion. it is your duty.12:28
* rick_h_ sits mute typing on work code12:29
rick_h_man, someone cut my ears off, this is painful12:36
snap-lrick_h_: Whatever you do, don't look into their eyes12:54
snap-lor they'll suddenly become very real, and get inside your brain12:54
snap-lbefore you know it, you'll be taking Rush Limbaugh seriously12:54
brouschyou will be safe if you mumble, "goddam obama"12:54
snap-lalso, is identi.ca blocked?12:54
snap-l"where's the God damn birth-certificate"?12:55
snap-l"Fuck healthcare, just as long as my medicare check still cashes"12:55
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
snap-lhttp://bestiary.ca/ <- Had I had this as a kid, it would have been awesome13:15
snap-lLove mythology.13:15
snap-lConsider that when I was 7-8, D&D was starting to hit the mainstream13:20
snap-lI had never been exposed to so many mythical, and (to an 8 year old) magnificent creatures as I had been in the Monster Manual of AD&D 1st edition13:21
snap-lLater finding out that these creatures were based on myth and folklore only added to my curiosity13:21
snap-lhttp://www.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/gb92l/open_metalcast_instrumetalcast_2_40_minutes_of/ <- upvotes, if you please.13:29
greg-ghehe, great for scream haters :)13:29
greg-gthat's me!13:29
snap-lgreg-g: Definitely check this episode out13:29
snap-lCloudkicker is amazing13:30
snap-ltrying to get him (them?) on the show13:30
snap-lput another way, one of the higher-ups at Earache records had one of their songs posted in a blog post about Djent music.13:31
snap-lyay, new battery shipped for my UPS13:42
snap-lfunny enough, didn't pay anything for shipping, but had to pay tax.13:42
wolfgerOK, I upvoted for snap-l and will definitely check this episode (and instrumentalcast #1) out. Metal rocks. Screaming sucks.13:45
snap-lwolfger: Thanks. :)13:46
binbrainhopefully this is just a temp thing to jump start the big shots that want 1st dibs at the market14:09
jrwrensnap-l: D&D? Creatures?   NERD!!!14:12
snap-ljrwren: Right, and if you can tell me that the first place you saw a Medusa wasn't either D&D or Clash of the Titans, I'll be impressed.14:35
MilyardoPretty sure first time I've heard of a Medusa was from Illiad, or the Odessy, whichever one it was in.14:44
MilyardoI think it was the Odessey14:45
jrwrenit was probably some hanna barbara cartoon of the 70s or 80s14:50
jrwrenthey loved to have medusa or medusa like characters.14:50
* greg-g nods14:54
tjagodasomebody already posted14:59
MilyardoGoogle won't commit unfishined code to public repositories?15:02
MilyardoMY GOD15:02
snap-lMan, could there be more of a tempest in a teapot with this?15:02
snap-lwill the code be released: likely15:03
greg-git isn't "unfinished" though, it's just "not ready for all platforms" and the excuse of "you're going to use it wrong" is no excuse15:03
snap-lI'd worry more if Google suddenly said "we're never releasing this"15:03
greg-gBUT I WANT IT NOW! DADDY!15:03
snap-ljesus, you'd think Google suddenly witheld the internet from people15:04
* greg-g removes the Veruka(sp?) personality from his head15:04
greg-gsnap-l: http://i.imgur.com/OGc20.jpg15:08
jrwrenveruka salt!15:11
jrwrengreg-g: i LOLed15:12
snap-lgreg-g: Totally15:15
Milyardogreg-g: "not ready for all platforms" sounds unfinished to me. Problem is there are public available products that use Honeycomb, that however doesn't mean it's to a point where Google would considered Finished. Not being supported on All platofrms is a big part of that.15:16
snap-lfolks say you can't tell the differnce between regular and decaf, but I can15:16
snap-lit totally depends on how they process the beans15:16
snap-lfermaldahyde is not your friend.15:16
snap-lAlso, Tomato is awesome. That is all15:17
snap-ljust created two DHCP entries for two virtual machines with a few mouseclicks.15:17
MilyardoTomato is awesome, not sure whats particularly awesome about static DHCP entires though15:18
snap-lMilyardo: so when I want to ssh into those vm boxes, I don't have to hunt. ;)15:18
MilyardoI wonder why you can't set up static DHCP through Avahi or Zerconf yet15:19
MilyardoThat would be awesome15:19
snap-lThat would be chaos. ;)15:20
Milyardoubiqitous DDNS would be nice too15:21
snap-lcan't dispute that. :)15:22
snap-lI should look into doing dynamic DNS via my own domain instead of relying on dyndns.org15:22
snap-lIt's not like i don't have my own DNS that I pay for15:23
MilyardoTHat sounds good to me, but I'm kinda attached to my Dyn-DNS name now15:24
snap-lI want to get away from DynDNS for some bonkers stuff they were doing15:27
snap-land OpenDNS15:27
MilyardoI haven't heard of anything they've done recently15:29
Milyardowhat have they been up to?15:29
snap-ldicking with nxdomain15:30
snap-lso you get landing pages instead of what you should be getting15:31
Milyardozpowers@zpowers-devel:~/workspace/mumble/overlay$ host unkonwdmain.dyndns.org15:31
MilyardoHost unkonwdmain.dyndns.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)15:32
MilyardoI got an NXDOMAIN15:32
snap-lMilyardo: Are you using them for DNS service?15:35
MilyardoLocally no, just to resolve the address of my box from home, right now UM-Flint host my current resolver15:37
Milyardozilog.ath.cx is the free domain I use from them now15:38
Milyardomispelling zilog and trying to resolve zigol.ath.cx returns an NXDOMAIN though15:38
DBOsnap-l, i got you some fresh fish16:39
DBOyou'll see16:40
DBOyou'll see in like 2 minutes when he gets here16:40
DBOhere to set up his interview16:40
snap-lHi JohnLea!16:41
DBOsnap-l, make sweet love to this manes schedule until you message yourself an interview with this man16:41
snap-lI'm one half of the team that put together Lococast (http://lococast.net)16:42
snap-lThe scheduling piece is rick_h_16:42
snap-lI just do snarky comments and engineering. :)16:42
DBOrick_h_? you here?16:42
DBOsnap-l, we need rick to do scheduling?16:42
rick_h_do what?16:43
rick_h_schedule what?16:43
snap-lWell, his schedule is a little more tight than mine16:43
snap-lInterview with JohnLea16:43
rick_h_ah, ok sorry16:43
rick_h_busy today, JohnLea == ?16:43
snap-lUnity Design, iirc?16:44
DBOlead designer of u-nighty16:44
rick_h_ah, awesome16:44
snap-lU-nightie. ;)16:44
snap-lUbuntu-branded sleepwear for women16:45
DBOJohnLea, speak up man :) I know you're here16:45
DBOsnap-l, nah, thats just what the DX team thinks the official name is :P16:45
rick_h_I think John is who evan told me to get a hold of16:45
JohnLeaI'm back - yes, when would be a good time to talk?  I'm really busy today and Mon, but could do anytime between Tue to Fri next week?16:46
rick_h_but jcastro was protecting him so he could work more16:46
JohnLeabut not doing a good enough job of protecting me ;-)16:46
snap-lTue I have MUG board meeting16:46
rick_h_sure, can do next thurs16:46
snap-lThursday works for me16:47
rick_h_after 8pm?16:47
JohnLeawhich time zone16:47
DBOhes in england rick_h_16:47
rick_h_so that's what, +3 or 4 these days?16:47
wolfgerHe's responsible for Unity? Get the lynch mob together. ;-)16:48
rick_h_we can bump it back a bit if that's late16:48
snap-l6pm ET would be 10pm UTC16:48
JohnLeawolfger; yes you can blame me ;-)16:48
DBOi know I do16:48
snap-lrick_h_: Would 6pm work for you?16:49
JohnLeaearlier is a bit better if possible??  but if not I can do 1016:49
rick_h_yea, I can make it16:49
rick_h_I can do whenever16:49
snap-lJohnLea: 6pm is right around when I get off of work. ;)16:49
JohnLeasnap-l; it's also right around when I get off work ;-)16:51
snap-lso, 10pm local for you works?16:52
JohnLeaok, so 10pm UTC  Thursday16:52
snap-lrick_h_: good?16:52
JohnLeaIRC or mumble (I prefer voice chat)16:52
rick_h_yea, sounds good16:52
snap-lJohnLea: Skype preferred16:53
JohnLeapopping away from my computer, will be back in 516:53
JohnLeaSkype is good for me16:53
rick_h_pm'd you for contact info16:53
rick_h_whever you get a sec16:53
snap-lThank you, JohnLea !16:53
brouschsnap-l: i think i'm going to dig into the latest omc this afternoon16:55
snap-lbrousch: Cool. I hope you enjoy it16:57
nixternalyou all tired of this cold shit yet?17:03
nixternaldid you guys have spring this past week as well, only to end up back in winter the past couple of days?17:03
snap-lnixternal: You coming up to Penguicon this year?17:03
nixternalwithin the past week we went from 70s and insanely spring like to a freakin' snow storm yesterday, and today is even colder17:04
snap-lnixternal: Yeah, we went from having the windows open, to wanting to put in storm windows.17:04
nixternalsnap-l: doubt it, but you never know17:04
snap-lnixternal: I still tell the story about how you put on the FSCK ribbon, and couldn't contain all of the attention.;)17:05
nixternalyeah, i sure learned not to pick up random ribbons and just put them on17:06
_stink_wonder if i'll get fired for viewing that17:13
snap-lI'm sure that man's junk was a danger to national security17:15
snap-lOn an unrelated note, I wonder if Ron Jeremy can still fly?17:15
jrwrenhe could fly?17:57
jrwreni'm so tempted to paste that into a campfire chat17:58
greg-gman, I need to listen to this show with my real headphones at home, snap-l, this is good stuff (still on song 1)18:21
snap-lgreg-g: Glad you are enjoying it. :)18:31
wolfgerNow who was it spreading Android-violating-GPL FUD last week?18:32
snap-lI can't stand zdnet18:33
wolfgerYeah, I know, but this is a good, brief, to the point article18:33
MilyardoI should write a script what take output from /dev/urandom, run it through spellcheck, randomly replace words with the tech buzzword of the week, and make ass tons of ad revanue posting it to tech journalist sites. Think it'll work?19:15
snap-lMilyardo: could do the same with the words for dict19:18
snap-ljust pull them out at random, throw them through a grammar check19:18
Milyardodict would be more cpu efficient indeed19:20
Blazeixjust feed techcrunch and zdnet through a markov generator19:21
greg-ghow do you know that's not what they've been doing the last 2 years?19:21
MilyardoWell my original idea was to mash my face againt the keybaord, I think thats how real braindead tech journalist do it.19:22
snap-lI think they write one good piece, then they keep cutting it up ala William S. Burroughs19:23
snap-land resubmitting the same words in different order, adding new buzzwords as they go along19:23
snap-lso something like "The Honeywell computer is a revolutionary design" becomes "design revolutionary cloud computer is a"19:24
MilyardoJust tried mashing "Udfnjkalk;sf" into Openoffice and spellcheck offered Evangelical as a corection, I think I jsut found my buzzword for the week19:24
greg-g"ok guys, this week the buzzwords will be 'cloud,' 'WINNING,' and 'oh my god I hate my life.'"19:24
snap-l"design revolutionary cloud computer is the WINNING"19:25
snap-lNow, add a random David Hasselhoff appearancee, and it's Family Guy.19:26
snap-ladd an anecdote about how you were one of the three journalists in the room when they unveiled core memory for the first time, and you're Jerry Pournelle. :)19:27
snap-l(and yes, I totally respect Jerry Pournelle)19:27
snap-l"design revolutionary cloud computer is an affront to computing freedom" - Now it's Boycott Novell19:28
snap-lI think we're on to something here19:29
_stink_Milyardo: gahaha re spellcheck19:31
snap-lWe should totally create tech journalist filters, like jive / chef19:35
snap-lgreg-g: What's this about arduino stuff this weekend?20:58
greg-gsnap-l: a very basic intro to arduino at the hacker space in A2, All Hands Active20:59
greg-gthere will be coffee and such though :)20:59
jrwrenDavid Barrett is dumb as shit and I sure as hell don't want to work with him at expensify. That said, I think I understand what he was trying to say20:59
lotiagreg-g: thanks much for that catch.21:00
snap-lgreg-g: Looks interesting21:00
greg-glotia: oh, no worries21:01
greg-glotia: should we /join #OERbit ;) (probably not, really)21:02
lotiasince #oer has sooo much traffic.21:02
lotiamust differentiate between the two.21:02
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, not sure what will happen, but could be fun. it'll be my first time doing any arduino21:03
greg-glotia: but, to be honest, I just wanted to get my name in the commit history :) (and, holy 43 meg git repo batman!)21:04
lotiais it just 43 meg.21:06
lotiait was 181 on my local machine since i cloned our local dev repo.21:07
lotiaso you got the LITE version21:07
snap-ljrwren: This sentence alone discounts this entire blog post about not hiring .Net developers: Now let me clarify . .NET is a dandy language.21:09
greg-ghah, "thanks"21:09
lotiasnap-l: i was just about to ask if that was a bit of a misstatement21:10
snap-lThat's like saying te JVM is a dandy language.21:11
lotiayeah isn't it describing largely the CLR and a set of specs rather than a language?21:12
snap-l"Instead, we look for a very different sort of person.  The sort of person who grew up cooking squirrels over a campfire with sharpened sticks . squirrels they caught and skinned while scavenging in the deep forests for survival.  We don.t want a short order chef, we want a Lord of the Flies, carried by wolves into civilization and raised in a French kitchen full of copper-bottomed pots and fresh-picked herbs.  We need people who can not on21:12
snap-lso essentially they want rednecks21:12
lotiarather rednecks who hang out with Thomas Keller21:13
lotiagreg-g: yeah it's a bit... big boned?21:15
snap-lSo, essentially you want redneck coders that will kill it and grill it. Yeah, good luck building anything useful.21:15
snap-lAlso, .NET is a platform, not a language, but I guess those squirrel-cookers you have might see it otherwise.21:15
snap-l(That's what I posted on their site)21:15
lotiasnap-l: you're off their christmas card list21:16
jrwrensnap-l: agreed.21:19
snap-llotia: I'm oover it21:22
snap-lHonestly, if someone won't hire an otherwise qualified developer because they have a particular technology on their resume, I don't want to work there21:23
snap-lNot everyone gets to work in their ideal utopian development environment21:24
snap-lI'm more interested in the person that can make something awesome out of VB than I am with someone that makes shit with Haskell21:24
snap-lpoor craftsmen blame the tools21:25
lotiagood point. but IMHO one can never underestimate the value of good tech enabling nice creative code.21:26
lotiaagreed that as long as a language is turing complete you can do anything that any other language can do. but i have way more fun wirting ruby/python/clojure/scheme than php.21:28
lotiawriting even more than wirting21:28
snap-lOh no doubt21:28
snap-land this gets into the part-time developer rant that rick_h_ has as well21:29
lotiaand i think if an environment reduces drudgery it frees me up to be both more meticulous and gives me more motivation to burnish stuff.21:29
lotiabut i fully agree that great programmers can come from any background.21:30
lotiathanks for the link to an entertaining post snap-l i'm off to dinner.21:33
=== lotia is now known as lotia-away
snap-llaterness, lotia-away21:37
snap-land than jrwren for the link. :)21:37
lotia-awayoh sorry thanks jrwren for the link21:40
* lotia-away fails at attribution. sorry greg-g 21:40

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