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MutantTurkeyred lion for breakfast is so nice13:27
jedijfwhat are you doing in horsham?13:44
MutantTurkeyeating breakfast that is all.13:45
jedijfgood choice, that's my client13:45
MutantTurkeyoh yeah?13:45
jedijfcertainly, what toast did you have with breakfast...white, wheat or rye13:46
jedijfrolls, bagels13:46
MutantTurkeyrye of course13:46
jedijfitem 0768, #4 rye sliced13:47
MutantTurkeyhahaha you sure know your bread13:47
jedijfit's a curse13:47
MutantTurkeydo you find yourself hating bread more and more as the days go by?13:48
* jedijf doesn't think the bread hate can increase13:49
JonathanDyay bread.13:49
JonathanDI love me some rye bread.13:49
jedijfthat's a lie.....actually I love it, that's part of the curse13:49
MutantTurkeyD: even worse.13:50
jedijfwell, not the bread so much, but the selling it.....super excited about new roll(s) I am working on13:50
MutantTurkeyI am sure they will be delicious13:50
jedijfi really don't care about that either; i let the clients decide that, i just like the *activity* of selling13:51
* jedijf <----whore13:52
* jedijf goes back to the corner13:53
* InHisName notes that he has no rye in the house. And too cold to leave.14:17
InHisNamejedijf: do the new rolls  have a NEW grain besides the big four?   oats, wheat, corn, rice ?14:24
JonathanDThey have rubber grain.14:25
InHisNameWill they bounce like a super-ball ?14:27
InHisNameback online for a bit again14:54
MutantTurkeyget off the roads ladies and gents, the turkey has gotten his permit!17:32
ChinnoDoguh oh17:38
ChinnoDogHow will we recognize the turkeymobile?17:40
EvilPhoenixbecause it'll have a big red target on it :P17:49
EvilPhoenixbecause the police will be keeping an eye on him17:49
andrewChinnoDog: http://images2.travbuddy.com/1301348_12277294435397.jpg17:49
EvilPhoenixthat is lol :P18:14
EvilPhoenixwhat ChinnoDog said, turkeymobile++18:14
EvilPhoenixgrah, vbox crashed while i was testing natty18:47

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