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cjohnstonAlanBell: ping10:10
nigelbNot sure where to say this, but http://www.ubuntu.com/server/get-ubuntu/download 404s10:18
nigelband its linked from http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download10:18
nigelbfor server images10:18
cjohnstonnigelb: pretty sure that bug already exists12:25
cjohnstonAlanBell: since your the wiki guy.. do you know if there is a bug report about the links on the wiki?12:26
AlanBellwhich links?12:52
cjohnstonartwork and marketing AlanBell13:01
AlanBellum, what what is buggy about them?13:02
cjohnstonthe big space below them13:03
AlanBellinteresting, the ones in links are in a <p>13:05
AlanBellok, so <p> in <li> should have margin 0 really13:07
AlanBellnormally <p> has 1em afterwards13:07
nigelbAlanBell: there shouldnt be a <p>13:13
cjohnstonnewz2000: ^^13:15
AlanBellnigelb: well true, but that is what moin does13:15
nigelbAlanBell: ah, a moin thing!13:16
AlanBellthe theme based fix is to fettle it in css13:16
nigelbyeah, so margin 0;13:16
nigelbli p {margin:0}13:16
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cjohnstonalejandraobregon: you around today?13:38
newz2000I don't see spaces around links in the wiki, can you clarify?13:39
nigelbnewz2000: not around, under13:39
nigelbnewz2000: especially when a link is inside a list13:39
newz2000nigelb: can you point out the best way to see that?13:40
nigelbnewz2000: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Home look at Artwork and Community in that list13:40
nigelb(and Marketing and.. and Quality Assurance..)13:40
newz2000nigelb: oh, I see13:40
nigelbI've put the css that's need to fix above13:41
nigelbif you can pass it on to the people who can actually fix it, that'd be great13:41
newz2000Should I upgrade to FF 4 or wait?14:09
mhall119newz2000: http://i.imgur.com/uaoRC.jpg14:11
alejandraobregoncjohnston: hi, sorry keep missing you14:12
mhall119that's my new favorite graphic, think I'm gonna keep the link handy14:12
newz2000mhall119: should I take that as a +1 then?14:12
mhall119sure, won't hurt me any14:12
mhall119actually, it might if I have to pick up your work while you re-install your system14:12
newz2000I'm only concerned that testing websites in FF4 may not indicate problems that would be visible in FF3.14:13
newz2000So if I update I'm banking on most other people also updating14:13
mhall119there is that, yeah14:13
mhall119alejandraobregon: I think he's working this morning, so he'll be off and on14:14
alejandraobregonmhall119: thanks for letting me know14:15
nigelbmhall119: good graphic15:23
nigelbmhall119: but it should have expanded J*F*DI ;)15:29
mhall119without sudo?15:31
nigelboh, with :D15:32
cjohnstonjust fplease do it?15:33
cjohnstonalejandraobregon: hello15:56
cjohnstonstas: ping16:00
cjohnstonalejandraobregon: I just emailed you.. easier.. lol16:03
nigelbcjohnston: you have really bad timing you know16:03
alejandraobregoncjohnston: hi chris!16:04
cjohnstonThere she is!16:04
alejandraobregoncjohnston: sorry :)16:04
nigelbFinally! A miracle :p16:04
cjohnstonNot a problem.. I've been busy this week too.. I sent you an email with what I wanted to ask about, so just get back to me when you can please :-)16:04
alejandraobregonnigelb: :)16:04
* cjohnston throws something at nigelb 16:04
alejandraobregoncjohnston: okay chris, will have a look16:05
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