duanedesignmorning all06:23
nhainesduanedesign: morning. :)06:52
duanedesignhello nhaines06:54
faganmorning all07:15
karnigood morning #ubuntuone!08:14
faganmorning mandel  duanedesign and karni08:15
faganmandel: I know what im doing for the day so its cool no need for input08:16
karnihi fagan ! hello duanedesign08:16
mandelfagan, karni, duanedesign: morning08:16
karnimorning mandel :)08:16
* fagan checks out something on #ayatana 08:23
faganmulti monitors suck08:26
faganis it wrong that I am working really well to physical from olivia newton john :)08:31
mandelnot at all08:31
faganI woke up and said im going to listen to only 80s songs today so got the "top 100" out and is having fun08:34
mandelfagan: can I get some of your time to do a couple of reviews on windows?08:37
faganmandel: sure08:37
faganlink and ill go looking08:37
faganmandel: actually just about finished on the first screen anyway08:38
mandelfagan: give me a sec, I'm going to fix a typo that nessita found and will pate the link here08:40
faganmandel: I do still have that issue with it spreading out the checkboxes08:40
faganmandel: screw it ill leave the little weird issues with that screen for you since its blocking me a little08:43
mandelfagan: sure, I'll take a look, I'll branch now your code and will fix it so that you can continue08:44
faganmandel: kk08:44
mandelfagan: in the mean time, can you review the following: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_408:46
mandelfagan: all tests should pass except those related with oauth and 200 is not equal to None, which are the ones you had yesterday08:47
faganmandel: So ill just give it a run over to see if there is anything else wrong08:48
mandelfagan: yes, check that the tests do not give any problems and that the code is ok, more or less like yesterday08:50
faganmandel: passed the test other than that 1 failure and the changes that were proposed are done now08:54
mandelfagan: have you pushed the changes you have done so far to the ui to the branch?08:54
faganso I can give that one the +108:54
fagan10 secs and ill do it08:55
mandelfagan: cool, thx for both (review and pushing)08:55
mandelfagan: can I give you two very small reviews more?08:55
faganmandel: oh do I need to recomment the merge?08:55
faganmandel: sure08:55
mandelfagan: after doing a bzr merge, yes you have to commit it, since is an extra revision08:56
faganI meant comment it08:56
mandelyes, you have to08:57
mandelfagan: this is one of the other two reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_732057/+merge/5472208:57
faganok cool08:57
mandelit should fix one of the broken tests08:57
faganoh you linked me to that one last week when I was setting up I think08:57
faganmandel: ok pushed and commented09:00
faganlooking at the merge now09:00
mandelfagan: ok, cool, I'll grab your code, the issue you have is making the services screen look like the proposed wireframe, right?09:01
faganmandel: its the bandwidith screen still its just the checkboxes are spreading out a little and it looks ugly09:01
faganthe rest of the screen should be just about ok09:01
faganapart from moving the pixels around a little more which should be done after the text is added09:02
mandelfagan: ok, so it is the badwidth one, on it09:02
faganmandel: I already approved that one you linked?09:03
faganhave you changed it since?09:03
faganoh that was the one I just did09:04
faganwhats the other one mandel09:04
mandelfagan: this is the one I meant, sorry https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_732057/+merge/5472209:04
faganits cool09:04
faganmandel: still the same one09:05
mandelfagan: hs, stupid me, here you go https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_732112/+merge/5274109:06
faganmandel: so I understand what this is doing already and it is fairly straightforward can I just approve it or is there a special review type i should use for that?09:07
fagannessita tagged it as trivial so should I just copy that I mean09:08
* fagan is just wondering09:09
fagan+1 anyway09:09
mandelyes, but in this case, run the tests since she could no do so on linux09:09
faganmandel: so I should run it on linux too?09:09
mandelthat extra / will mean that tests should pass on windows in that branch09:09
mandelfagan: no, windows09:09
faganoh lol09:09
faganmy bad early in the morning sometimes lose my brain for spells of time09:10
faganI was just about to run the test anyway was just grabbing the branch just in case09:10
faganmandel: pass09:13
mandelcool, so we have all green lights on windows?09:14
faganmandel: yep09:14
faganeverything says gogogo09:15
mandelcool, we oficially have the sso backend ported to windows :)09:16
faganwell you not me :)09:16
mandelnext step, start proposing the merges for the ui which is already done, by today we should have a buggy ui added :)09:16
faganbut go team go :P09:16
faganmandel: thats fine by me I got right back to fiddling with qt desinger already09:17
mandelfagan: I'm done with the screen you had problems with, let me push it09:18
faganill merge it in09:18
mandelfagan: I just pushed it, merge it and let me know if that is ok with you?09:20
mandelthat ? is extra :P09:20
faganmandel: sure ill tell you if it fixes my problem09:20
mandelfagan: I've just noticed a small isssue with the spinbox aligments, let me fix it09:22
mandelwill be a min09:22
faganok cool09:22
faganmorning clarita I saw the changes already shouldnt be too hard to change the screens09:25
faganoh and you didnt add the progress thingy09:26
claritamorning! great - yes progress thingy still to do as well as some amends to the folder selection...watch that space!09:26
fagankk cool09:26
mandelfagan: you can merge with the new version, I added a long label to test that the stretching works correctly, feel free to remove it09:29
faganmandel: oh and we could do the done installing screen and the installing screen together right with just disabling the next button or something?09:30
faganmandel: Cool will do09:30
mandelfagan: yes, we can, anything that has an extra button can be the same, just create it with the button, and we can programatically disable it when needed09:31
faganmandel: the push button should be more right and where did the other two buttons go?09:32
faganthe cancel and the back buttons were needed right?09:32
mandelfagan: in the doc, there are not two buttons, and the apply this settings is centered09:33
faganoh that must have changed since I looked at it09:33
faganit looks kinda out of place centered09:34
mandelfagan: there is an issue with the alignment of the button and the checkboxes, you have to add spaces around the checkboxes group that expand so that the button and the checkboxes are aligned09:34
mandelclarita: ping09:35
faganmandel: so grouping them fixes the issue with them being out of place09:35
faganmandel: oh and the cancel button is there its just moved to the right hand corner09:35
* fagan re-adds it 09:35
mandelfagan: dont re-add it09:35
faganmandel: oh ok09:36
mandelfagan: hat is part of the QWizard and not the QWizardPage, the wizard page should not take care of back, cancel, help buttons09:36
faganoh ok09:36
mandelthose buttons follow the logic of the QWizard, pages dont care, they are just displayed09:36
mandelthe QWizard will render the buttons according to the nextId result of the page, in you case since we have just a cancel and a back button, we will be chaning the buttons logic in the QWizard, not the pages09:37
faganmandel: ah ok so you can style it to go to the other side then09:38
faganI didnt know that09:38
mandelyes, take a look at the Qt documentation of QWizard and QWizardPage, it explains the usage of the two diff widgets, the logic is the following, all navigation is done by QWizard, all input and display by the page09:40
mandelthe back button logic, cancel, finishe etc.. is a QWizard things to take care of, so we dont have to worry much09:40
* fagan checks it out09:41
claritahello mandel09:42
mandelclarita: good mrning! como estas?09:42
claritamuy bien gracias, y tu?09:42
mandelclarita: bueno es viernes, asi que muy bien :)09:43
claritaclaro ;-)09:43
claritaaunque amo mi trabajo :-)09:43
faganclarita: your english you should say something more like "mandel make me some tea"09:43
* clarita chuckles09:43
claritamandel fagan if I can help with your layout discussions above it might help to see where you've got :-) - I'm in a meeting in 15 mins for a couple of hours fyi09:44
mandelclarita: small remark in the installer doc, 4th page starting from the end has some extra buttons that are not needed (I suppose they were forgotten there)09:45
mandelclarita: layout is not something that worries me, when done I'll package what we have for you (I'm a little behind on that) and will do a doc similar to the one I sent of sso, that way you now how the widgets flow09:45
claritaokey dokey09:46
mandelclarita: other remark is the use of borders in the frames, 1 to 2c use a border, the rest done, is that on purpose?09:47
mandelsame with 5b, has a box, rest do not, we need to know tat so that we can use a widget that can be styled to have the border or not09:48
mandelis not much of a change, but the sooner we use the correct one the better09:48
claritamandel: sure - this really depends on the work lisette is doing - borders were originally used for grouping text and image on the same page - so please don't make efforts to include until the visual design has progressed09:49
mandelclarita: ok, so 'til other news, all screen should be 'border less'09:50
mandelfagan: got that ^09:50
faganmandel: kk09:50
* fagan did that originally 09:50
claritamandel: correctamundo09:50
faganclarita: what language is that?09:51
JamesTaitOh, hi everyone! :D09:51
claritafagan just keeping you on your toes!09:51
faganhey JamesTait09:51
fagannice day09:51
mandelclarita: I have to teach you how to use sms spanish ;)09:52
faganmandel: I have to teach you some Irish too09:52
claritamandel: por favor09:52
claritawe can all speak Spanglish or Spirish09:52
faganyeah I cant09:52
* fagan needs to learn a bit 09:53
fagan(well the curses are always fun to learn)09:53
JamesTaitLovely day again, yes. Apparently the temperature is set to dip for the weekend though, and be warm again on Monday.09:55
faganJamesTait: well heres hoping it stays nice enough for the weekend09:56
karnihi JamesTait :)09:56
JamesTaitfagan: Indeed. I gots plans. :)09:56
JamesTaitMorning karni. :)09:56
mandelJamesTait: I can just picture with a map behind you saying that, and a short skirt hehe09:57
faganmandel: hehe I worry about your mind when I hear lines like that :P09:57
JamesTaitmandel: What kind of girl^Wguy do you think I am?!? :D09:57
mandelJamesTait: a very well weather informed one :P09:57
mandelfagan: I'm strange, you'll get used to it :)09:58
faganmandel: ha im kinda strange too in a charming way09:58
faganmandel: Ok I fixed the start screen10:01
faganmandel: so should I remove the install button that I placed before?10:01
fagansince qwizard already has a next we can custom10:02
mandelfagan: which screen?10:05
faganI had a button there for cancel and one for starting the install10:05
mandelfagan: is that 2a in the current design?10:06
faganmandel: yep10:06
faganmandel: so what im wondering about is the big button that I put on my window for the install to start can we style the qwizard page next to look like that10:08
mandelfagan: no, that would be way too much work for what we get, we use the on you added, and call the next action from the page.wizard() that returns the parent wizard10:10
faganmandel: need a review on that merge proposal you just did?10:11
faganmandel: cool10:11
mandelso, in code words QObject.connect(big_button, SIGNAL('clicked()'), self.wizard.next())10:11
faganmandel: cool10:11
mandelfagan: sure, let me first add some instructions on how to test the setup.py10:11
faganmandel: does it add any big lot of code I can open the ui files in qt designer otherwise10:13
faganah it adds a little10:13
* fagan grabs it 10:13
mandelfagan: it adds code to the setup.py soothat you have to read, all the crazy xml you can open with the qt designer, but that is the initial version, so no need to worry about the ui just yet10:16
mandelI added the .ui so that I could test that the setup.py worked.10:16
faganmandel: passes on linux anyway10:17
faganafter looking at the code ill go into windows and check there10:17
mandelok, cool10:18
mandelfagan: later I'll change the setup.py so that the code can be used on kubuntu, but there are a number of changes to do there that I do not have yet10:18
* mandel is happy he will added Qt code on sso for kubuntu10:19
faganmandel: ah cool10:19
faganmandel: line 1248 in the diff there is a type ugle->ugly10:20
faganoh and w->we10:21
faganmandel: line 1308 in the diff case->cases10:23
mandelon it10:23
mandelfagan: can you type all the remarks in a needs fixing comment?10:23
faganmandel: kk10:24
faganalmost finished anyway10:24
faganmandel: ok other than checking out the .ui files the code review is done10:30
mandelcool, dd the needs fixing with the spelling issues10:31
faganand running the tests too on windows10:31
faganmandel: the qt is fine10:33
faganso onto the test10:33
faganmandel: passed10:38
mandelcool, I'll fix the issues asap10:39
faganmandel: cool10:39
karniCardinalFang: ping10:47
faganmandel: maybe we should leave the subscribe screen till clarita finalizes the design or should I give it a try11:16
faganat the moment it looks like the mockup but has no frames and all that11:17
mandelfagan: lets wait, no need to do work that will be thrown away11:18
mandeldo you want me to review it?11:18
faganmandel: well i only did 1 different screen11:18
faganthe start one11:18
faganif you want to have a look you can give it a go11:18
faganand could you do the last screen for me its an easy one but I think im missing something and its not sizing11:19
faganI set the minimum size and all but they arent getting any bigger11:20
mandelfagan: so you want me to take a look at the last one, which is the name of the file? have you pushed the changes you did?11:25
mandelfagan: I've fised the windows_ui_1 typos, can you take a look when possible?11:26
faganmandel: the file is Done.ui11:27
faganand I just pushed again so pull before you do that11:27
faganand look at start11:27
faganI think I have it almost right11:28
faganmandel: oh and ill look at that merge now11:28
mandelfagan: Start.ui which screen is it on the google doc?11:30
faganmandel: 2a I think11:31
faganthe second one11:31
* fagan hopes it hasnt been changed11:31
faganit has11:32
faganill fix it11:32
mandelfagan: he, I was going to say :)11:32
mandelfagan: now that you are chaging it, add an horizontal spacer under the button, in the version I've seen you are trusting on the way the vertical spaces span, which is ugly11:33
faganmandel: ok11:34
mandelsorry I switched vertical for horizontal11:34
faganoh so vertical you mean ok11:34
mandelfagan: so, you are trusting the horizontal spacers around the button for the vertical streching, if you run the paged and make it aller you will see what i mean in the button11:35
mandelis aligns in a funny way11:35
faganmandel: ok fixed on my machine ill push it11:35
mandelfagan: why are there 2 lables? Titles and subtitles are already present in the QWizardPage (setTitle and setSubTitle are the methods) we do not need to add labels for that11:39
mandelfagan: also, the button, still has a funny streching when we make the windows taller, since it has no spacer that pushes it to the label, you just have to add one under the button horizontal layout11:40
mandeldo I make sense?11:42
faganmandel: I was getting coffee sec just reading11:42
faganoh and ill +1 that merge11:42
mandelfagan: sure, I'm made those changes locally, if you want I can push them11:43
* mandel gets coffee and some other drugs too11:43
faganmandel: cool ill look down though them11:43
* fagan is happy with the coffee and some crisps11:43
mandelfagan: I'm back, so do you want me to push my changes?11:54
* mandel does it11:54
* fagan really needs some more practice with qtdesigner11:55
mandelfagan: I've pushed the changes to my branch merge accordingly11:58
faganmandel: kk so ill have a look and keep trying to get better at qtdesigner11:59
mandelok, let me know if you need more help11:59
mandelfagan: in the changes I added a big ass label to show how it stretches when moved around11:59
faganmandel: ok ill have a look to see how you did it12:00
faganmandel: the bottom part of the form doesnt scale any more12:02
faganit scales horizontally but not vertically12:02
mandelwhat do you mean?12:04
faganmandel: drag the bottom part and the button and text box stay at the top of the screen12:05
faganand the bottom part scales without it12:05
mandelfagan: oh, you mean that the label is at the top, and the extr space goes to the bottom, that is the way you want it, the QWizrd frame will add some space for the title and before the label appears12:06
faganmandel: no I mean if you make the window bigger the bottom button doesnt stay at the bottom of the window12:07
faganit stays just under the label12:07
mandelfagan: the install button? yes that is how I understand the wireframe, that the extra xpace goes at the bottom12:08
* fagan doesnt think he is getting his point across 12:09
faganmandel: http://ubuntuone.com/p/jOx/12:12
mandelfagan: o the problem is that the button stays under the label and adds the space to the bottom, right?12:13
faganmandel: yep12:14
faganlooks a little weird12:14
mandelfagan: I would add a small space between the label and the button, then we talk with clarita about the best way, if the button has to be as close as possible to the label, we set spacer at the bottom to expand and set the top as fixed, if not the other way around12:16
mandelso we have both options easily12:16
faganyeah thats cool12:17
mandelhust add a spacer on top of the layout used by the button and set it to be fixed, take a look, or a screeshot, swap the streching, and send to clarita both images, let her choose12:17
claritafagan mandel: what is the score with pop up info during Windows install....e.g. to avoid excessive text where explanations are necessary can we have a pop up on click?12:18
mandelclarita: is that a dialog, or a ballow kind of thing?12:19
faganwe could do a label thats hidden and show it when they click?12:19
mandelfagan: tool tip is a nicer thing to use12:19
mandelclarita: ballow (my own word) == tool tip12:20
claritamandel he he - tool tip12:21
mandelclarita: we can add click events to widget12:21
claritamandel: muy bien12:21
* fagan just suggested the label so we could do something fancy but tooltips are fine and easy 12:21
mandelouch, my english is shit today, I speak like and indian in a western movie12:21
faganlol mandel12:22
nessitahello everyone!12:22
faganhey nessita12:22
CardinalFangkarni, hi hi12:22
nessitamandel: did you see the trivial needs fixing in main_4?12:22
nessitahi fagan12:23
mandelnessita: yes, they are done12:23
fagannessita: I reviewed and approved12:23
karniCardinalFang: hi there! I came up with an answer, invalid ping ^^12:24
CardinalFangkarni, ACK RST12:25
mandelnessita: so, I've been thinking about the current situation with the code having to be tested and wanting a cont integration thing going, the idea would be to have a builbot slave for each platform, add connect the admin to an irc channel #u1-windows-builds or something so that we get the reports12:26
mandelnessita: maybe have a xp and 7 slaves at least, and have none for ubuntu since tarmac will make sure that the linux version is ok12:27
nessitamandel: makes sense, I would generate emails instead of IRC messages12:27
nessitamandel: since IRC messages may not be seen12:27
nessitamandel: also, if we can set that up, we should add cont int for u1client12:27
mandelnessita: sure, that is logical, I'm sending and rt with what we need, so we have all multiplatform projects running12:28
mandelnessita: I will ask for t to be setup, but offer my help to do it on windows, although I try to dodge the bullet :)12:28
nessitamandel: that sound perfect. Thanks!12:29
faganmandel: I added a spacer top and bottom and it looks a little better I think12:37
mandelfagan: bottom? we already had one at the bottom, didn't we?12:38
faganI mean top and just above the button and they all scale now12:38
mandelmay I see a pict?12:39
faganI dont know I like that the button moves a little bit with the size12:41
faganI dont mind either way12:42
faganclarita should look at both and see which one is better12:42
fagan(the button isnt the right size though)12:42
faganI think it would look better with the bigger button12:43
mandelfagan: looks good to me, anyway don't get block by this, finish the rest of the screen and then I can do a bigger review, ok?12:43
faganmandel: sure12:44
fagangoing for a break soon but will do it after standup12:44
mandelok, np12:46
mandelI need to walk the dog12:46
* mandel walking beast12:46
* fagan lunch 12:47
karniCardinalFang: I'm introducing some major changes to the FilesDatabase 1) cleanup and naming conventions refactor 2) more fields 3) the file_data column will be a URI (either file:// or content:// ), so it'll be my job to refactor your work once you're done. I don't want to bother you with those details.12:49
nessitamandel: apporoved13:08
popeycould someone please update bug 387308 - there is a comment (#42) from August that says proxy support for files is in 10.10 and desktop-couch should be in 11.0413:10
ubot4`Launchpad bug 387308 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "HTTPS Proxy Support for file sync (affects: 301) (dups: 29) (heat: 1182)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38730813:10
faganpopey: the merge is marked as needing a field test, too bad my college moved their proxy to hide it or id test it13:13
faganthey put a server between the proxy and the students so its unseen13:13
popeycan you browse through the proxy?13:14
faganpopey: yeah its like a direct connection they just put the proxy on the outgoing server13:15
popeycan I test it?13:15
faganpopey: check here https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/ubuntuone-client/very-basic-proxy-support-for-stable-1-4/+merge/3991013:16
faganand id suggest talking to the guys about it13:16
* fagan is just going from whats there 13:16
faganChipaca_: ^13:17
popeyOk, I would like to test that, but don't know what's necessary to do that.13:17
popeyideally I'd like a deb that I can install and test on my laptop (at work I am behind a proxy so this would be ideal)13:18
faganpopey: could you grab the bzr branch?13:18
duanedesignkarni: ping13:19
karniduanedesign: pong13:19
duanedesignkarni: have a quick minute for a PM?13:19
* fagan should probably actually take his break :)13:19
popeyfagan: that would mean going backwards it seems13:21
popeythat patch is against 1.4, my natty machine has ubuntuone 1.5.813:21
faganpopey: yeah I dont think that branch is upto date13:21
faganif chipaca was around he could probably fix it13:21
popeyand its sat there for 4 months13:22
popeylooks like yet another ubuntu release goes by with no proxy support.13:22
faganpopey: I can chase it up for you if you'd like13:22
popeyI'd appreciate knowing what can be done to make proxy support work.13:22
faganpopey: well hopefully the patch can be adapted to the current release so you can test13:23
popeyits only a few lines13:24
faganI could nearly look into it then if someone signs off on it13:24
* fagan is supposed to be doing ui files for the windows client but this seems important and looks like it wouldnt take too much time 13:25
popeythe patch applies to 1.5.8 in natty13:26
dobeyproxy support doesn't work for everything13:26
popeydobey: file sync would be a good start13:27
dobeypopey: if that patch does work, it would be very basic, as the branch name suggests13:28
popeydefine basic?13:28
popeyright now I dont mind if it doesn't work with authenticating proxies, or other oddness, just observing the http_proxy env var would be a good start :)13:29
* popey is building it now13:30
dobeywell it only supports HTTPS_PROXY env var, and to get that from the gnome settings, you'd have to run ubuntuone-syncdaemon manually13:30
dobeybecause dbus daemon is started before gnome-settings-daemon13:30
popeyso you cant get it from gconf?13:31
dobeywell if someone wrote the code, it could i guess. but that branch doesn't do it13:31
popeyok, so that would be a slightly-less-basic patch, if it could get https_proxy from gconf?13:32
popeyand would be reliable enough to get that on autostart?13:32
dobeyif it talked to gconf/dconf directly, then yes, autostart would work ok. and it would probably not be basic at all13:33
popeyi guess then there is the issue that if someone changes the proxy settins you have to restart syncdaemon or logout/in to effect the change?13:34
dobeywith that current branch, yes13:35
popeywould it make sense to check (in syncdaemon) if the proxy changes and trigger a restart itself >13:36
* karni @lunch13:36
popey(assuming the necessary magic was there to get the proxy from gconf and use it)13:36
Chipaca_popey: yes13:37
popeyor indeed would it make sense to do a callback whenever that key changes in gconf?13:38
popey(I am not a programmer so if this sounds dumb, sorry)13:38
* fagan plays call of duty while waiting for standup 13:41
dobeypopey: gconf is doable. os.env isn't going to change inside a running program, unless the program itself changes it, or something starts doing evil stuff that one isn't supposed to do13:43
popeymakes sense13:43
dobeyif we were using gconf though, a restart wouldn't be necessary13:44
dobeyi suppose we should use GSettings/dconf though, instead13:44
dobeyas gconf is deprecated now and all13:45
popeyoh, didnt know that13:45
fagandconf it is then :P13:45
dobeybut i don't know what the state of all that is right now, and the gsettings migration tool was crashing every time i logged in on my laptop until yesterday or something13:46
dobeyit's a touchy area since we are sticking to 2.32 in ubuntu 11.0413:46
* mandel back13:49
popeydobey: so in theory if I made a patch which used gconf to discover proxy settings and used those, would it get thrown out?13:50
popey(subject to usual quality control standards for patch submissions)13:50
nessitamandel, dobey, thisfred, fagan: stand up in 10'13:51
nessita9, actually :-)13:51
fagandobey: im pretty sure gconf is still on the disk13:53
dobeypopey: i don't know.13:53
faganit just wont be for 11.10 id say13:53
* fagan checks 13:53
dobeyfagan: yes, in 11.04 it is, because we ship 2.3213:53
faganah ok13:53
dobeyfagan: but writing code that we're going to throw out in 2 months seems like a waste of time to me :)13:53
faganyeah thats right13:53
faganand anyway we are on a normal release warts are expected :/13:54
dobeyeh, we haven't ever had proper proxy support in ubuntuone-syncdaemon :)13:55
dobeypopey: also of note, is that even with that previously linked branch, there are a few operations which will not work, because they do not go through the twisted reactor connection, but instead use oauth signed HTTP requests via urllib, which really sucks at proxies13:56
nessitamandel, dobey?14:02
nessitafagan: go!14:02
fagan* More iterations of the screens14:02
fagan* Tested and did code review for 2 of the merges mandel proposed (took a while but was good for the learning)14:02
fagan* Finish the screens14:02
fagan* nope14:02
faganthisfred gogogo14:02
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname-stable/+merge/5470514:03
thisfred* DONE attended TDD screencast14:03
thisfred* DONE peer review James T.14:03
thisfred* DONE performance self review14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]14:03
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:03
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:03
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfred* TODO revoked shares stay in messaging menu http://pad.lv/74177014:03
thisfredNEXT: nessita14:03
nessitaDONE: started self-evaluation, tons of reviews for mandel, SRU + freeze exception research for bug #70949414:03
nessitaTODO: finish self-evaluation, keep digging into London sprint (tickets and all), start working on the final countdown for U1CP bugs14:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:03
nessitaNEXT: mandel14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 709494 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949414:03
mandelDONE: Added a way for the sso service to announce which tcp is using on windows. Added a startup script that will allow to run sso on windows. Done all windows ui, little is left to be done. Though about how to use BuildBot for continuos windows integration of the multiplatform projects. Allhands peer reviews. Helped faga with some small QtDesigner things.14:03
mandelTODO: send rt with BuildBot request. Add missing class so that qt gui can be request in dbus (only windows atm, later kubuntu too)14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandeldobey, please14:03
dobeyλ DONE: nightlies updates, perf reviews14:03
dobeyλ TODO: finish perf reviews, UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release14:03
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 354)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:03
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
nessitaany comments crowd?14:04
faganBonus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 :)14:04
dobeyi hate administrata14:04
nessitaall, peer evaluations can be completed until April, 814:04
faganI dont have to do them right?14:04
nessitawhat you need to have done for today is self evaluation and request of peer reviews14:04
nessitafagan: I don't think so14:05
dobeyfagan: no, you just started. your only goal would be "sign the contract" :)14:05
fagandobey: done that14:05
faganyay \o/14:05
nessitamore comments?14:05
nessitaok, eom then!14:06
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_not_real
ralsina_not_realgood morning people14:07
faganralsina_not_real: hey14:07
faganor are you not real?14:07
ralsina_not_realI am not really_working but irc has a nick length limit, it seems14:08
mandelcan you do ralsina_!@work?14:08
* fagan suggests ralsina_no_work14:08
faganor what mandel just said14:08
nessitaralsina_not_real: please give us back the real ralsina!14:08
=== ralsina_not_real is now known as ralsina_not_work
mandelfagan: can you review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_4/+merge/5341014:09
ralsina_not_workmandel: apparently not :-)14:09
* mandel imagines ralsina dressed as supermans evil twin brother14:10
dobeyralsina_not_work: because long irc nicks are a pain in the ass and annoy people. and changing your nick to signal /away is lame :)14:10
* ralsina_not_work is lame anyway14:10
faganmandel: I pushed that screen I did the change to. mandel would you prefer that I label the ui files to the wireframe numbers?14:10
ralsina_not_workAnyway, ping me if you need anything urgent14:11
mandelfagan: no, just name them os that they make sense to someone without the doc, we can update the doc later to do the map14:11
mandelralsina_not_work: ping, I need a coke14:11
ralsina_not_workmandel: sorry, coke-over-irc RFC is not official14:11
mandelralsina_not_work: how is pycamp going? having fun?14:13
mandelmaking everyone to use qt?14:13
ralsina_not_workmandel: I missed all the 1st day because my wife got sick14:13
ralsina_not_workmandel: and then my kid got hysterical14:14
ralsina_not_workmandel: so I am now starting :-(14:14
mandeloh man, that is unlucky14:15
ralsina_not_workAnyway, my quota of qt conversions for the semester is covered by making a guy whose contract says "GNOME developer" work with PyQt on windows. You are worth 25 points!14:15
faganmandel: what is ipc?14:15
* fagan still doesnt have all of the shortened forms of everything14:16
ralsina_not_workfagan: Inter Process Communication14:16
faganah ok14:16
* fagan should have known that one 14:17
claritamandel fagan: quick q - when user is asked for payment is the address associated with the card requested? we haven't included that but I think that is incorrect14:17
mandelclarita: uh, no idea, I can ask jdo about that, one sec14:17
faganclarita: I think its needed14:17
claritafagan: me too14:18
faganI have never seen it not being asked for14:18
mandelnessita: do you know who we can ask that ^ question?14:18
mandeljdo seems to be away14:18
mandelhe, I'm stupid, he is, I was looking at the wrong channel14:19
* fagan googles 14:19
nessitamandel: the credit card question?14:19
mandelnessita: got it, jdo should now14:19
nessitamandel: I guess so, yes :-)14:19
mandelclarita: jdo just confirmed that the card address is indeed a required field14:21
claritamandel: thanking you14:21
* mandel hopes there is a wave to the screen included in clarita thanks14:22
faganhah mandel I waved first14:22
faganclarita was just being polite :P14:22
* clarita waving, cheering, streamers flying, victory music14:22
faganclarita: if you are in an office that would be a very funny picture14:24
* fagan doesnt know where clarita is based so kinda thinks millbank 14:24
claritafagan: you've got to keep the place energised on a Friday afternoon...I feel it's my duty - yes Millbank14:24
dobeyi suspect it would not be especially out of the ordinary for a canonical office14:24
claritathe Royal Wedding will have nothing on Millbank on a Friday afternoon ;-)14:25
faganclarita: I did link to the greatest song at the moment at the meeting14:25
faganclarita: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 such inspirational lyrics14:26
* fagan goes back to doing mandel's merge 14:26
dobeyit certainly inspires suicidal tendencies14:27
fagandobey: I dont know why but I cant stop listening to it14:27
faganI think I should go to an excorist14:27
claritafagan: thank you for sharing that with me - a truly complex message14:28
faganclarita: yep it is friday14:28
faganmandel: +1 on that merge14:32
* fagan ran the test and couldnt find any goblins out in the open 14:33
faganand that fail is fixed in that other merge14:33
faganso its all dandy14:33
dobeyfagan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OTRxR6PUow14:33
fagandobey: im more of a friday man :P14:34
faganNa seriously dobey im a rock man like my new fav band is alter bridge they are awesome14:35
faganclarita: are you changing the sync screens any more?14:36
claritafagan: yes14:37
claritajust stuck on payment right now14:37
faganah ok14:37
claritaalmost at sync14:37
faganIm just wondering what is safe to start fiddling with14:37
faganunless mandel has more merges14:37
faganor I could try and get payroll sorted either if nothing is open at the moment14:38
faganmandel: do you have anything for me to be looking at im hanging about since I dont want to waste time on screens that are going to change in a while14:39
ralsina_not_workget payroll sorted, you should not work if we don't pay you ;-)14:41
mandelfagan: why dont you write a script that loads the pages in a wiard so that it can be shown to the UX team, once you have that you can move to writing the setup.py similar to the one in windows_ui_1 to compile the .ui files14:41
mandelfagan: the setup.py should be easy once you read the one from the sso one14:41
ralsina_not_workthe script to load the pages in a wizard is pretty much the one I sent you14:42
faganralsina_not_work: yeah I remember14:42
faganmandel: I think I could do that but would I just be loading in everything form a folder in the code or would I manually add them in14:43
mandelfagan: I would do it one by one, since the order matters and we will be added some code to it later14:44
faganOk cool14:44
faganoh it would help if you showed me how to turn the .ui files into code14:45
* fagan didnt see that yet14:45
mandelfagan: you approved a branch where it does it, lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_114:47
mandelfagan: look at the buil commands for windows14:47
faganmandel: ah ok14:47
faganI just thought there was some trick to it14:47
faganmandel: just sorting out something with payroll will be a few minutes14:57
mandelfagan: there is no trick, just look at the setup.py and preaty much copy it and change the required stuff so that it works15:00
* mandel very late lunch bbl15:03
faganmandel: kk15:03
ralsina_not_workmandel: that describes every project I have ever been involved in. "Just copy another project and change the required stuff until it works" :-)15:03
faganill try get what you asked done but im kinda bouncing between payroll and this so it more than likely wont get done today15:04
mandelok, no t a big deal15:09
faganmandel: cool15:11
faganim a little sore im going to take 15 and limber up15:15
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:21
faganralsina: I wonder since I did an hour extra on wendsday for that merge can I swap that and get off the extra time?15:44
* fagan wants to go out while its warm 15:44
=== Brot1 is now known as BerndSch
faganI dont mind either way just was wondering15:47
faganah im almost finished anyway so no point I suppose15:51
faganand everyone seems to be on break :)15:51
faganwow unity just crashed when I was in the middle of the code :/15:56
* fagan relearns why you should always save everything just in case15:57
Chipaca_fagan: unity crashing shouldn't lose you work; here it just restarts (which is a pain, but no loss of work)16:04
faganChipaca_: it froze and didnt restart had to turn off the computer16:05
faganeverything just went unresponsive16:05
Chipaca_fagan: doesn't sound like unity crashing, that16:05
Chipaca_sounds like something further down the stack16:05
faganit was probably compiz16:05
Chipaca_fagan: mouse also unresponsive?16:06
faganChipaca_: nope so it wasnt x itself16:06
Chipaca_fagan: did you try ctr-alt-f1, log in, 'unity'?16:07
fagancompiz seems to be the only thing it could have been since befor the crash the window manager went out the window16:07
faganChipaca_: tried it16:07
fagandidnt work16:07
Chipaca_ah well16:07
* Chipaca_ goes back to the review fun16:07
faganChipaca_: didnt lose much16:07
faganjust a few lines16:07
fagan(that werent tested)16:08
* fagan reviewed a good few today 16:08
faganclarita: ill try to get the thing so you all can have a look at the screens before I log off16:09
claritafagan: thank you16:09
faganmandel will probably have to finish it though16:09
* fagan is just ordering the screens at the moment 16:10
mandelclarita: I'll take over fagans work whenever he leaves to get it ready for you16:11
mandelclarita: you need the screens of the current work, right?16:11
faganclarita: there is only 1 or 2 screens that are actually done though so it wont be too great16:11
faganthe changes to the design blocked a few from getting done so ill have to finish them on money16:12
claritamandel fagan: ok thanks - I'm a bit stuck on rewireframing payments as I have learnt a couple of things this afternoon that require a re-jig - yes it would be good to see the screens of the current work if poss but not urgent as I'm still otherwise engaged16:12
claritanon urgent16:12
faganthats good then16:13
faganmandel: ill make it so you just have to make the .ui files .py files and add in the names of the screens that you did for sso16:16
faganI put in a comment for you too16:16
faganmandel: pushed and im off16:22
faganmandel: its terrible code I just changed ralsina's code a little with the file names and crap16:23
faganso expect terrible code :P16:23
faganlater all16:23
mandelfagan: on, I'll work a little on it to see how far I get during the rest of the day (1hour)16:24
mandelfagan: have a great weekend16:24
faganmandel: yeah see you monday bright and early16:24
* fagan -> away16:24
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=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
* nessita starvs17:04
fagannessita: what time is it there?17:07
faganas a matter of interest17:07
Chipacafagan: nessita's on GMT-317:08
faganah ok17:08
Chipacafagan: so, *way* past lunchtime17:08
faganwell I make sure to get lunch at 1 every day17:08
faganI think the regularity of it is good17:09
karniHave a great weekend everyone and see you around on-line17:09
fagankarni: you too17:09
karnifagan: 1 PM ? lucky you ;D that's healthy!17:09
karnifagan: my lunch routine is quite messed up. not to mention supper at 2AM17:09
karnialthough I seem to sleep more regularly now that I start at 8 AM17:09
karniregularly as in: normally17:10
karniI have practiced coding till 4-5AM not so long ago, but it's not that bad if one likes to code late :)17:11
fagankarni: Im trying to get into a routine for working from 8-4 and having a short break at 1 and I think that is pretty good17:30
* fagan prefers to get a system set up 17:30
karnifagan: I think that is perfect. I had lunch at 2:30 today17:30
karnibut I'm working on it ;)17:30
karniI'm thinking of throwing in 30 min jogging in the morning17:31
karniI've got gym every second day, but I've been skipping lately :x17:32
karnifagan: what's your monitor setup? /how many screens?/17:33
DoughyHaving major issues with UbuntuONe17:56
DoughyI tried syncing a directory, it's been 2 days and no files are synced17:56
DoughyI paid for a whole year too, so I'm extra frustrated17:56
DoughyTried restarting the daemon, deleting the directory and retrying... NOTHING17:57
ChipacaDoughy: hi18:01
ChipacaDoughy: what ubuntu version are you on?18:01
ChipacaDoughy: ok. could you open a terminal and run some stuff for me?18:02
ChipacaDoughy: by the way, what size is the directory?18:02
DoughyIt's about 9 GB18:03
DoughyYeah I can run term stuff18:03
Chipacais that a lot of small files, or few large ones, or what?18:03
DoughyFrom what I understand, u1 is terrible at initial sync of large dirs18:03
DoughyIt's got a lot of small files18:03
Chipaca9GB of small files18:04
Chipacayes, with the 10.10 client, that would suck a lot18:04
Doughyjust regular files18:04
DoughySome files are large18:04
Doughybut there are a lot of small files18:04
ChipacaDoughy: ok, in a terminal, first: u1sdtool -s18:04
Doughywith a few big ones18:04
DoughyGot a DBUS error18:05
DoughyOops, an error ocurred: Traceback (most recent call last): Failure: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.18:05
Chipacaps -C ubuntuone-client18:05
Chipacasorry, my bad18:05
Chipacaps -C ubuntuone-syncdaemon18:05
dobeyDoughy: what version of ubuntuone-client do you have exactly?18:05
DoughyI just updated it like 10 mins ago18:06
Doughylemme see18:06
Doughy PID TTY          TIME CMD  3804 ?        00:00:08 ubuntuone-syncd18:06
Doughythat was the ps return18:06
Doughyhow do I get version?18:06
dobeydpkg -l ubuntuone-client18:06
Chipacaapt-cache policy ubuntuone-client18:06
Chipacaor what dobey said18:06
Doughyii  ubuntuone-clie 1.4.6-0ubuntu2 Ubuntu One client18:07
fagankarni: I have 2 tvs as my monitors, 1 on hdmi and one of dvi18:07
DoughySince I updated the client, the u1sdtool -s doesn't work due to DBUS issues18:07
dobeythat is the latest update for maverick, indeed. should be working pretty good18:08
fagankarni: unity doesnt work right on it yet though, i cant drag between my monitors18:08
ChipacaDoughy: tail ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log18:08
Doughywhat happens is everytime I run u1sdtool, it fires up the daemon and starts crunching, then it interferes with the sdtool18:08
ChipacaDoughy: the dbus timeout is just a timeout, not an error per se18:09
ChipacaDoughy: not too userfriendly, i know18:09
dobeyDoughy: how many files were in the directory you asked to sync?18:09
Doughyhmmm, lemme see18:09
ChipacaDoughy: how brave a soul are you? You'd be an excellent test for some recently added code18:09
Chipacayep, "tens of thousands"18:10
Doughydropbox handles it fine18:10
DoughyWhich is why I'm frustrated18:10
karnifagan: Aha :)18:10
DoughyI am a huge Ubuntu fan18:10
ChipacaDoughy: if you're ok with it, I'd like you to try our nightlies18:10
DoughyWant to get this working, want to support cannonical with my $ for UbuntuOne18:10
karnifagan: I've been running to long on a single screen. So just asking around.18:10
fagankarni: it was cheaper to buy tvs than monitors18:10
DoughyBring it18:10
karnifagan: what's tvs. As in TVs ?18:11
fagankarni: yep18:11
ChipacaDoughy: you won't be able to go back to non-nightlies, mind you18:11
ChipacaDoughy: not easily, at least18:11
Doughyhmm, so I'll always have unstable U1?18:11
fagankarni: its nice to have 2 monitors since you can have code on 1 screen and apis on the other18:11
ChipacaDoughy: but, nightlies right now is what's going to be in natty18:11
ChipacaDoughy: no, I'd say, add nightlies, update/install the bits from nightlies, then remove them18:11
ChipacaDoughy: or disable them18:11
Doughyyou said I can't easily go back18:12
fagankarni: I watch different programs on 1 and work on the other so its pretty relaxing18:12
ChipacaDoughy: when you upgrade to natty, you'll move on to the natty version, and you'll be ok again18:12
karnifagan: right. code/irc/manuals18:12
karnifagan: how the fsck can you chat, code, and watch tv at the same time ;)18:12
ChipacaDoughy: you can't move back in version, but if you remove the pacakge source, the package don't downgrade on their own18:12
DoughyHmmm... not sure I'm going to upgrade this computer to Natty right away18:12
Doughylet's just do it18:13
Doughynot working now anyway18:13
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as M0hi
Doughyand I want to help Ubuntu18:13
nessitaChipaca: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies18:13
Doughywhat's the Nightly PPA?18:13
nessitaDoughy: ^18:13
fagankarni: I have ADD so I have an insane action per minute for what I do18:13
Doughyok hang on18:13
ChipacaDoughy: what nessita said18:13
Chipacanessita: thank you :)18:13
* nessita provides18:14
karnifagan: you said that as if ppl without ADD where slower ;)18:14
dobeyyou can disable the ppa source, remove all the installed packages from it, apt-get update, and then reinstall the packages, and it will put you back to what's in the distro/updates18:14
dobeybut there may be other problems as a result, like metadata incompatibility and such18:14
Doughyadded PPA18:14
fagankarni: well I had to work around my issues with concentration by being really fast on my feet for when I actually forget something18:14
Chipacaok, I've got to run18:14
nessitaDoughy: now, sudo apt-get update18:14
Chipacanessita: please, take over18:15
karnifagan: ack18:15
nessitaChipaca: bien sûr18:15
fagankarni: I got tested before and they said I can work out stuff a lot faster than other people because of it18:15
nessitaDoughy: when is done, sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (that will everything you need for Ubuntu One)18:15
karnifagan: Interesting I must say.18:15
Doughyalmost there18:15
dobeyfagan, karni: you just need to train :)18:16
nessitaDoughy: before installing, please quit current syncdaemon with u1sdtool -q18:16
fagankarni: I can say without a doubt I wouldnt be a good programmer if I didnt have ADD18:16
nessitaDoughy: or killing the process ubuntuone-syncdaemon18:16
fagandobey: yeah18:16
karnifagan: hhahah :)18:16
karnidobey: I will, every day18:16
Doughyok checking18:16
karnidobey: or, *I do18:17
dobeykarni: mental training for concentration?18:17
Doughyubuntuone-launch and sso are running?18:17
Doughyshoudl I kill?18:17
Doughyno syncdaemon18:17
karnifagan: But, how do you know? If you have ADD, you don't know how's without ADD, no?18:17
dobeyDoughy: you should log out, wait a minute, then log back in, after updating18:18
karnidobey: plain and simple, trying to keep up with both code and IRC ;)18:18
Doughybe back in a min18:18
fagankarni: well I read the books and they discribe the problems that you have with ADD and some of those problems are what made me good at what I do18:18
dobeykarni: eh, that's the easy part :)18:18
fagan(if that makes sense)18:18
karnifsck, I bit my tongue while eating18:18
dobeykarni: see what i mean :)18:18
karnidobey: hahahah!18:19
karnifagan: anyhow, I'm happy for you in that case ;)18:19
karnidobey: should I meditate daily ;)?18:19
fagankarni: :)18:19
dobeyfagan: it's possible to not have ADD *and* also be very good at switching context a lot, and quickly :)18:19
karnidobey: undoubtly18:20
dobeykarni: i don't know, i'm not a doctor. but there are some very good martial arts practices on the matter :)18:20
karniotherwise, everyone would love to have ADD18:20
karnidobey: I've been doing krav-maga for 1.5 year. But that's far from meditating ;D18:20
fagandobey: I am good at that18:21
dobeykarni: heh18:21
DoughyOK back18:21
fagandobey: I can switch tasks on a dime and work better when doing a few things at once the only issue I have is sticking to one particular task18:21
nessitaDoughy: did you install ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk?18:22
nessitaDoughy: ok, so please go to System -> Preferences -> Ubuntu One18:22
nessitaDoughy: that will start syncdameon if is not running18:23
Doughysyncdaemon is running18:23
Doughyso is the GTK app18:23
Doughywheel spinning18:23
nessitaDoughy: you didn't kill syncdaemon like I mentioned?18:23
DoughyI did18:23
Doughyit restarted when I logged back in18:23
DoughyGUI says "FILE SYNC ERROR"18:24
Doughynow that went away18:24
DoughyFile sync starting...18:24
Doughy"seems" to be working18:25
Doughycan't tell18:25
DoughySyncdaemon using a lot of CPU18:25
nessitaDoughy: yes, is migrating your metadata to the new natty format18:25
DoughyOK good18:26
nessitaDoughy: so we need you to be patient (migration will happen only once)18:26
Doughyyeah, understood18:26
karniI'm leaving, take care guys.18:26
nessitaenjoy the weekend karni!18:26
fagankarni: later18:28
DoughyNessita, looks like CPU slowed down to normal18:30
nessitaDoughy: what does the control panel reads, next to the quota info?18:31
DoughyFile sync in progress18:31
karninessita, fagan: thanks, bye!18:31
karniyou too!18:31
DoughyNot seeing much upload traffic though18:31
nessitaDoughy: great, os working!18:33
nessitaDoughy: thing is that syncdaemon will first create all the folder hierarchy in your cloud18:34
nessitaand once that's done, it will upload content18:34
DoughyIt seems to be uploading content18:34
Doughybut very slow18:34
nessitaDoughy: can you run in a terminal: u1sdtool --waiting | wc -l?18:34
Doughyyeah hang on18:34
nessitathat will show how many thing are queued up for upload18:34
DoughySo why wouldn't it upload super fast if all the files are ready?18:36
DoughyI have a fast internet connection18:36
Doughyit's uploading at like 2KBps18:36
nessitaDoughy: there is a lock-by-path mechanism that prevents files inside the same directory to be uploaded until that directory is created. But other than that, syncdaemon performs multiple uploads18:38
DoughySeems like all my dirs are already created though, when I look on the web client18:39
nessitaDoughy: good18:41
DoughyShouldn't it just upload at full network capacity? Why 2KBps?18:41
nessitaDoughy: not really, most of the command require the acknowledge from the server18:43
DoughyOK, well either way this is much better than before. Do you work for Cannoncial?18:44
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dobeyDoughy: what is your maximum upload banwdith?18:50
DoughyShould be like 6 Mbps18:50
Doughyor more18:50
Doughymy download is 20 Mbps18:50
dobeyDoughy: is it cable internet?18:51
Doughydobey: I just ran an upload test from speedtest.net and got 4.5Mbps18:52
dobeyDoughy: ok18:54
nessitaDoughy: yes, sorry for the delay, I missed your question18:55
nessitaDoughy: I work for canonical, yes18:55
dobeyDoughy: it will probably speed up when it starts actually uploading file contents then. it creates the file meatadata entries on the server first, so with 35,000 of those, it will take a bit and might seem slow as far as network utilization goes. but it's a known problem and we are working on ways to improve that too18:56
Doughydobey, nessita: when I run u1sdtool --waiting | wc -l it is very slowly decreasing, does that mean these files are actually being uploaded, or that metadata is being processed?18:57
nessitaDoughy: --waiting will count all the pending commands, both metadata upload and content18:57
Doughyhmm, ok18:58
nessitaDoughy: you can try u1sdtool --current-transfers to have more detail18:58
Doughyit says it's uploading 3 files, but they are not changing.19:01
nessitaDoughy: what do you mean with 'they are not changing'?19:01
nessitawhere are you looking?19:01
Doughysame files are there every time I run --current-transfers19:02
nessitaDoughy: isn't the transfer amount changing?19:02
Doughywhen I run a linecount on --waiting, it is very slowly decreasing19:03
Doughybut when I run --current-transfers, same thing every time19:03
nessitaDoughy: can you please paste the content of your log file into pastebin.ubuntu.com? log file is located at  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log19:03
Doughyok hang on19:04
Doughynessita, done19:06
nessitaDoughy: please share with me the link :-)19:06
mungo-how much is space on ubuntuone for desktop ?19:46
mungo-i'll see the FAQ19:46
dobeyas much as you pay for :)19:47
nessitamungo-: we offer 2GB of free storage, and then you have plans that you can stack to have as much as you need19:47
mungo-so i'd get 60GB for $6 ?19:47
dobeyyou'd have 62GB total for ($2.99*3)/month19:48
mungo-does i sync things other than items which i place i its folder ?  i realize thats probably in the FAQ too19:49
dobeyyes, you can select any folder under your home folder to be synchronized. but not your home folder itself, and not things outside home. and some things you shouldn't do (like mount something under home directory and then choose to sync that)19:50
mungo-got it19:54
mungo-will a web url never reference the file ?19:54
mungo-or is a translation possible ?19:54
dobeymungo-: you mean, will the filename be part of the url?19:57
mungo-is that possible ?19:57
dobeynot currently, no20:00
dobeyi'm not sure if there is a plan to put filenames in the URLs for published files or not in the future. i don't work on that part20:01
mungo-np  ty20:03
mungo-i'l use it on android too20:03
mungo-thank you all20:03
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dobeyhave a good weekend all21:43
nessitaok, I'm off as well21:52
nessitabye all!21:52

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