charlie-tcaGood morning14:27
Unit193Good morning charlie-tca!14:28
micahgochosi: BTW, Debian took the Shimmer patches for gmusicbrowser17:10
charlie-tcaimages seem to be working today. At least both alternate images installed! and, mr_pouit, great job on the colors. Thanks again.17:11
charlie-tcamr_pouit: We got something wrong with the workspaces. Now both alternate and desktop images give a single workspace in Virtualbox installations. Live cd has two workspaces.17:32
ochosimicahg: hey, how come?20:09
micahgochosi: because they're nice?20:10
ochosimicahg: you mean debian or the patches?20:10
micahgochosi: Debian :)20:11
ochosimicahg: hm, tbh i really would've preferred debian to keep the upstream version and only xubuntu have the patched version20:12
micahgochosi: why?20:12
ochosimicahg: i don't wanna piss off the upstream dev by going around him and submitting my patches (that he knows about) to distros "behind his back"20:12
micahgochosi: they grabbed it :)20:13
ochosimicahg: you mean just like that?20:13
micahgochosi: yep, I didn't do it :)20:13
ochosihow the hell, i mean who the hell...20:14
micahgalthough now, I'm tempted to try to just put everything through Debian next cycle20:14
ochosihmm, not sure, really wanna talk to squentin first20:14
ochosiit's really imperative for me that he's happy with it20:14
ochosiand i'm not all sure i would be if i were in his place20:15
micahgochosi: well, if it's in Ubuntu, there's pretty much no reason not to have it back in Debian20:15
ochosimicahg: i'm not sure i agree, debian is ubuntu's upstream, not the other way round20:17
ochosimicahg: and: i specifically talked to squentin about patching gmb for ubuntu, but i also said at the time that it was only about ubuntu20:18
ochosimicahg: he agreed on that, but now it looks a bit like i'm a douche20:19
ochosimicahg: hope you understand my position in this20:20
micahgochosi: well, I can talk to alessio and get it reversed in Debian if it's a big deal20:21
charlie-tcaochosi, micahg, mr_pouit : we only get 1 workspace from any image now when installing.20:22
charlie-tcalive cd has two workspaces20:22
ochosimicahg: i20:23
ochosimicahg: i'll first talk to squentin about it and see what he thinks/how he reacts20:23
ochosicharlie-tca: strange, i just added a new testuser to natty two days ago and got two workspaces20:23
charlie-tcafresh install only gives one20:23
ochosihm, this is a really strange bug20:24
ochosicharlie-tca: i'm currently on a work-trip (till wednesday), i hope i'll have time to try a fresh install when i'm back and maybe we can debug it a bit and narrow it down20:25
charlie-tcaokay, but we got beta1 release on Thursday20:25
Sysii'll try20:26
ochosiyeah, but i really can't do more testing here @hotel... :(20:26
Sysi1H to download..20:26
ochosigood luck Sysi20:26
charlie-tcaI understand that one. It will be fine. We need to make sure we get it fixed for the beta2, though, please.20:26
Sysicharlie-tca: alternate/desktop both?20:26
ochosicharlie-tca: is there a bugreport for that already?20:27
charlie-tcaum, nope20:27
Sysii'd like to see colours of alternate but it's unsure on usb :/20:27
charlie-tcajust me compaining daily20:27
charlie-tcathe colors suck, we get a pink background with the orange and purple/pink/grey text20:27
charlie-tcabut after the install, colors are good now!20:28
charlie-tcaI will have to try some hardware installs this weekend, to see what I get now. Then I will file the bug. 20:29
=== Sysi_ is now known as Sysi
micahgochosi: you can tell him you and I didn't do this, but in the end, it's open source and Debian can do what it wants with it20:35
ochosimicahg: hmyeah, i'll see what replies20:37
Sysiubiquity still isn't nice, but i really like graybird22:05
knomeubiquity isn't nice?22:06
charlie-tcaubiquity uses the Ubuntu default colors, but once installed, we don't have to look at them again.22:06
knomeyou don't mean the slideshow, right?22:07
* charlie-tca don't mean the slideshow22:07
Sysii haven't got that far yet22:07
charlie-tcathat background behind it, and the installer up to it22:07
Sysi"custom partitioning" is now "something else", popup about keyboard settings is stupid and with 512MB ram I/O get so bad that mouse isn't moving because of swapping22:08
charlie-tcayup, but at least you can now upgrade from the cd, right?22:09
charlie-tcacustom partitioning is "manual partitioning" now, isn't it?22:10
charlie-tcayou can have "side-by-side", "upgrade", "full-disk", or the bottom one, which I think is "manual" 22:10
Sysifor me it said "something else"22:11
charlie-tcaWhat language are you installing in?22:11
Sysii think that wasn't even translated..22:11
* charlie-tca might not have read it all22:11
Sysitoo much english, i can't really remember22:11
charlie-tcaI will do another install and try to read it22:12
SysiKB bug propably will be fixed22:12
charlie-tcaI like filing bugs for bad wording22:12
Sysii have two workspaces, installed from current daily-live22:36
charlie-tcahm, hardware right?22:39
charlie-tcadefinitely a very weird bug22:39
Sysiyeah, hw22:40
charlie-tcaSysi: thanks for doing the install. At least it is not just me :-)22:40
* charlie-tca did installs in VBox, got one workspace, did installs on hardware, did not believe there could be two workspaces.22:41

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