lrussellI just installed BitTorrent 5.2.2. It said it installed, but it isnt showing up in the apps list. Anything wrong?00:01
bazhang!find bitttorrent00:06
ubottuPackage/file bitttorrent does not exist in maverick00:06
lrussellI'm back. anyone see my question from a min. ago?00:07
bazhang!find bittorrent00:07
ubottuFound: bittorrent, python-bittorrent, bittorrent-gui, qbittorrent, qbittorrent-dbg00:07
lrussellI left...00:07
bazhang!info bittorrent00:07
ubottubittorrent (source: bittorrent): Original BitTorent client and tracker - console tools. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-11.1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 52 kB, installed size 300 kB00:07
lrussellis what I downloaded a virus or something?00:07
bazhang5.2.2? that seems wildly different from the ubuntu version00:07
bazhangyou probably got the number wrong00:08
bazhangbetter to use the other torrent clients00:08
bazhangand never install 3rd party stuff, use repos00:08
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P00:09
lrussellthe comments were good00:09
lrussellso the one i downloaded is a virus?00:10
bazhangzero reason to use 3rd party stuff when the torrent clients in ubuntu are so good00:10
bazhangwhats the default for xubuntu? transmission?00:10
lrussellyes, and i didnt like it00:10
lrussellso i switched to the one i have on windows00:11
bazhangbreaking package management is not the way to go00:11
lrusselland the linux version of it isnt working00:11
bazhangmore 3rd party stuff?00:12
lrussellhow do i get rid of it when it when it isnt even listed?00:12
bazhanghow was it installed00:12
lrussellthrough a .deb00:12
bazhangdpkg -r file.deb00:13
lrussellwhere does it have to be kocated, the deb00:13
bazhangyou can hardly expect 3rd stuff to be supported, stuff that breaks package management00:14
lrusselli enter in the code in terminal and it says i need super user00:15
lrussellbut im on the main root acount00:16
Unit193sudo !!00:16
bazhangroot account?00:17
bazhangthats disabled by default00:17
knomelrussell, you probably mean the main account, or have you enabled root yourself?00:17
lrussellhow do i uninstall it...? im stuck00:18
bazhangI told you00:19
lrussellit work work even with sudo00:20
lrussellit does take my pass.00:20
lrussellfile name of package i installed: bittorrent_5.2.2_python2.4.deb00:20
bazhangso sudo dkpg -r nameofdeb.deb00:21
lrussellwhat folder do i put the deb in?00:21
lrusselli keep getting an error00:28
knomelrussell, do you *need* to have bittorrent, or is any other torrent client okay as well?00:28
lrusselli wanted bittorrent00:29
knomelrussell, for any specific reason?00:30
lrussellits layout00:30
lrusselli just wanna get rid of it... it wont even show up in the app list00:33
lrussellerror: bit.ly/h3OUg600:35
lrusselli wish i would have known this before00:36
knome'sudo dpkg -r bittorrent' ?00:38
lrusselltrying to get rid of it00:38
knomedid you try that command? (without bittorrent-*)00:39
bazhanginstall bittorrent from the repos if you *must* have it00:39
knomebazhang, afaik the version in the repository is quite old00:40
bazhangthe difficulty you are now experiencing is one reason to never use 3rd party stuff00:40
bazhangknome, never heard of anyone who prefers it to the ones included with ubuntu00:40
knome...unless you know what you are doing :)00:40
knomeme neither, but then again, i don't use torrents much00:41
bazhangI have *one* PPA and thats it.00:41
lrussellit isnt showing in my app list. but opening the .deb says it is installed00:41
bazhangprobably remove that as ogmrip does what handbrake does and more00:41
lrussellbrb 10 min00:42
bazhanglrussell, leaving it wont harm your system00:42
knomeif one installs a package via dpkg, shouldn't it show in synaptic as well?00:44
lrussellhow do i get rid of it... :/ command line isn't working00:49
lrussellanyone still gere i was talking to a min ago?00:51
lrusselldoes lubuntu have the same wifi support as xubuntu?00:51
bazhangshould do00:52
lrussellI'm thinking bout switching00:52
lrussellnow that i destroyed my install of xubuntu basicly00:52
bazhanghardly destroyed00:52
lrussellyeam but i want to get rid of it00:53
lrussell* yeah00:53
lrussellthe bittorrent, from 3rd party00:53
lrussellgah, my pc is too old for xubuntu00:55
lrusselli wish my laptop would stop droping wifi00:56
lrussellyay! i found the 3rd part bittorrent in software center! removing00:57
lrussellis there a torrent client similar to utorrent for xubuntu?00:59
lrussellthink this is safe?01:04
XubuntuKrisHow do I add an icon to my top status bar?01:04
XubuntuKris*I guess it's called a status bar.01:04
lrussellis utorrent for linux safe?01:06
knomelrussell, please install something from the repositories so you don't break your system, as you clearly do not know what you are doing01:12
knomeXubuntuKris, panel? right-click and select 'add new items', then add 'launcher'01:13
lrussellI'm new to linux... sorta01:13
knomelrussell, yeah - that's completely okay - but you should do things in the way that suits your skill level01:13
knomelrussell, have you tried transmission?01:14
knomelrussell, it's the default torrent client in xubuntu01:14
lrussellyes i have01:14
lrussellI'm more of a windows pro01:14
lrussellI wanted to try something new01:15
knome!torrent > lrussell01:15
ubottulrussell, please see my private message01:15
lrusselli accidently closed therm01:15
lrussellI just wanted to download the ubuntu torrent to support lixux01:16
knomeis there any other support question you might have?01:17
knomeokay, have fun01:17
XubuntuKrisThat worked knome, now how do I put it over next to the Firefox icon on the left? Since it added the icon on the right side.01:28
* likemindead is now running Xubuntu 11.04! :D01:31
likemindeadThis look legit? http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/install-libreoffice-in-ubuntu-from.html01:31
ZiefinI have a quick question if anyone can answer this01:35
XubuntuKrisI'm sure you can just ask Ziefin, and someone will probably answer...01:35
ZiefinWhich variant of linux is faster Xubuntu or Ubuntu?01:35
XubuntuKrisI'm no expert, but someone here is.lol01:36
likemindeadXubuntu tends to be snappier, Ziefin.01:36
Ziefinthat's what i hear01:36
likemindeadEspecially on older hardware.01:36
Ziefinwell my hardware is definitely not old :)01:36
Ziefini just hear that Xubuntu has a faster response time than Ubuntu01:37
likemindeadI greatly prefer Xfce over GNOME.01:39
gudmundHas anyone tried the Graybird theme from Shimmer Project yet? I can't find any download online...01:45
lrussellhow do i find my lan ip?01:45
lrussellon xubuntu01:45
lrussellmy router wont tell me01:46
lrussellis there something u enter in the terminal01:46
likemindeadgudmund, I'm using greybird.01:47
likemindeadIt's nice.01:47
likemindead(In Xubuntu 11.04)01:47
gudmundlikemindead, did you download from the Shimmer Project site?01:48
gudmundOh, okay01:48
lrussellu here01:48
likemindeadNope, gudmund, just installed Xubuntu Natty.01:48
lrussellhow do i find my lan ip01:49
gudmundlikemindead, Strange thing the download isen't there, and i don't find it on xfce-look.org01:49
lrussellcan anyone here help me>01:50
likemindeadLet me check, lrussell.01:51
lrussellok, thanks01:51
likemindeadTry "ifconfig" lrussell (but lose the quotes).01:52
lrussellthanks. bye01:53
gudmundhe shure diden't google alot...01:54
likemindeadYeah... I almost gave him a lmgtfy.com link... ;-)01:55
likemindeadgudmund: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Xubuntu/Artwork/Natty01:56
gudmundlikemindead, thanx, but ite download page is gone here too :/02:00
gudmundYeah... Should i look for .deb files in in the 11.04 launchpad pages?02:01
gudmundor something02:02
XubuntuKrisSo, how do I put a link to Chromium browser next to the firefox link on the top panel?02:06
gudmundXubuntuKris, why? Now we got Firefox 4 :)02:19
gudmundXubuntuKris, You have to add a launcher to the panel02:20
* XubuntuKris hates firefox02:33
XubuntuKrisSorry for the delay02:33
XubuntuKrisI added a launcher to the panel...it defaulted on the right side next to the clock..I want it on the left next to the "Applications" and "Places" dropdown menus02:35
XubuntuKrisAnd of course he quit...and I'm talking to thin air..02:35
XubuntuKrisAnybody have any input for this?02:35
XubuntuKrisI tried to google it already and couldn't find jack.02:35
XubuntuKrisAll google comes up with is forums and stuff that require coding...such a simple thing should not require any code unless I'm using some distro that does require code02:36
Unit193XubuntuKris: Got it?02:49
XubuntuKrisright click. click move02:50
XubuntuKrisDoes Compiz work on Xubuntu the same way it does on Ubuntu?03:03
XubuntuKrisfor having 52 people in this chat, it's aweful dead03:09
XubuntuKriswow, I'm gonna go ask in #ubuntu03:12
XubuntuKrisDoes anyone in here feel like answering a question?04:13
XubuntuKrisNobody responds to someone that needs help, but I bet if I started flaming someone or spamming, I'd get a response04:15
XubuntuKrisThis makes me want to stop using xubuntu04:15
XubuntuKrisYou guys suck04:16
xiaoshenhi all i'm in step 3 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544904:56
xiaoshenbut i'm confused how to (3) Check to see if the ALSA driver for your sound card exists.04:57
xiaoshenhelp me^^'04:57
kiko_in_officeguten morgen06:01
kiko_in_officeist hier ein bot06:01
earthling_I'm trying to boot up an xubuntu live USB on a 2001 compaq desktop, won't recognize it on bootup, says "non system disk or disk error"06:29
earthling_how do I get it to recognize it?06:29
TheSheepearthling_: did you test the usb on something else?06:34
earthling_I did long time ago, guess I will try that06:35
TheSheepearthling_: also, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56241706:35
earthling_usb works on other computer06:40
earthling_created with unetbootin06:40
earthling_TheSheep, perhaps this compaq has usb 1.106:41
xiaosheni can't found rdp protocol option in the remote desktop viewer tool08:22
xiaoshenxubuntu should have supported rdp protocol by default, right?08:28
xiaoshennobody home^^'08:36
Sysiiirc it was there last time i tried08:47
xiaoshenhi Sysi08:48
xiaoshenmy xubuntu have sound now08:49
Sysicheck if you have remmina(and maybe plugins), it should support it08:49
xiaosheni remember in the past that i can easily remote windows from ubuntu using rdp remote dekstop protocol08:50
xiaoshenbut now in xubuntu 10.10 i can't find rdp in the protocol option08:50
Sysicheck if you have remmina and possible plugins, use your favourite packet manager08:52
xiaoshenso i must install remmina 1st08:54
Sysiyou propably have vinagre, it doesn't support rdp08:54
xiaoshenSysi i don't know thename is vinagre or what , i only know that i fount remote desktop viewer in application>network>remote desktop viewer09:00
Sysi(and that is why i'm against generic names)09:03
xiaoshenwell i know that its name its vinagre i just search in terminal and i found vinagre09:03
xiaoshenSysi xubuntu have no login/logoff sound by default?09:04
Sysixfce don't have09:06
xiaoshenone more question if in win command prompt is route add -p ip  mask gateway then in terminal how to do that?09:08
xiaoshenwell ok i'll google it 1st09:17
xiaoshenoh i got to switch to winxp now09:18
xiaoshenThank you Sysi09:18
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lolmausTrying to install Xubuntu. It loaded live, i run "Install Xubuntu 10.10" shortcut. It thinks for a while, then a dialog window appears and immediately dissappears.10:29
xiaoshenmy desktop background became black and white color11:07
xiaoshenanybody can help:(11:07
knomewhat do you mean by "black and white color" ?11:13
knomedo you have desktop icons or not?11:13
xiaosheni have color picture then i set it as desktop background and it's normal but then i play with the brightness a little then after that my destop background become greyscale only black and whitr11:15
knomesounds like a possible bug in xfce11:15
lolmausI've booted up a Xubuntu 10.10 cd to install it. But the install shortcut won't work: the wizard launches and disappears immediately.11:16
xiaoshenhi knome i solved my sound problem11:16
xiaoshenwhat should i do knome11:16
knomexiaoshen, did you also tweak the saturation rate?11:17
xiaoshento fix my desktop background11:17
knomelolmaus, did you check the cd integrity?11:17
knomewhat's the saturation value then?11:17
knomeyeah, that's as it should11:17
xiaoshenit's the default11:17
lolmausknome, nope. But it had never failed yet.11:17
knomelolmaus, you have used the same cd to install to other pc's?11:18
xiaoshenanyway to fix it :(11:18
knomexiaoshen, my best bet would be... open the wallpaper in gimp and tweak the brightness there, and then add the background as is11:18
knomexiaoshen, you can also file a but in xfdesktop11:19
xiaoshenmy wallpaper is ok11:19
xiaoshenif i open with image viewer it looks ok11:19
knomexiaoshen, but you want to increase it's brightness?11:19
knomeso you want to.. what?11:20
knomewhat is not working, if it's not about the wallpaper11:20
xiaoshennow the problem is my desktop background become greyscale11:20
xiaoshenno matter what pic i choose11:20
xiaosheneven if i choose the default bluebird pic11:20
knometry to set the saturation to 1.111:21
knomeor anything >111:21
knomedoes it render the image non-b&w ?11:21
xiaoshenoh it's normal now11:22
knomeno problem11:22
xiaoshenbut i think that i don't hcahnge the saturation before11:23
knomeyou can probably set it back to 1 now11:23
knomefor some reason, i think xfce thought the saturation was 0 even if you saw 111:23
xiaoshenthe default is 111:23
knomeyup. :)11:24
xiaoshenoh by the way i fix my sound problem by adding options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-automute at theend of alsa-base.conf11:24
xiaoshenafter i did that i do sudo alsa force-reload11:25
xiaoshenthen it start making sound11:26
lolmausknome, i've burned another one and now the setup wizard starts without loading Xubuntu Live11:29
xiaoshenoh before that i remove pulseaudio package11:29
xiaoshenbut i havent remove pavucontrol11:29
xiaoshenso you think it's ok to remove pavucontrol? knome?11:30
knomexiaoshen, sure11:30
knomelolmaus, but it works? :)11:30
lolmausknome, i think so11:31
xiaoshenknome, while  uninstalling the song i played sound to be stop play stop play , is it normal?11:31
knomexiaoshen, i don't know, probably yes, but if it doesn't happen again after uninstalling, don't worry ;)11:32
xiaosheni see^11:33
xiaoshenknome: do you think it's fine if i remove vinagre and replace it with remmina11:34
knomexiaoshen, sure, if you like11:35
xiaoshenvinagre doesn't support rdp11:35
knomexiaoshen, xubuntu isn't tied to any applications11:35
xiaosheni just wory that the package is not stable11:35
knomeyou can have both for a while11:36
knomethen remove other11:36
xiaosheni see11:37
xiaosheni just finish streaming video from youtube , i want to save the video files is there anyway to do it?11:38
xiaoshenusing firefox coz i'm in xubuntu now11:38
istokxiaoshen, check the firefox addons, there is a youtube downloader11:39
xiaoshenwell i don't want to download again , coz i have finished streaming the video11:39
knomexiaoshen, check the addon11:40
istokunfortunately, you have to, as when you add the extension you have to refresh the page for it to become available.11:40
xiaoshenyou know like when using internet explore if the video has finished streaming i just go to temporary internet files to get the video file11:41
xiaoshencan't do the same way with firefox?11:41
istokprobably, never had to do it like that though11:41
istokumm, then try that addon for firefox.11:48
xiaoshenis there any hexa editor by default in xubuntu?11:50
knomexiaoshen, not by deafult, but there's at least ghex. do you know synaptic package manager?11:53
xiaosheni see11:53
xiaoshenso i must install it11:53
xiaosheni thought there is 1 by default11:54
istoki didn't find any11:54
istoksudo dpkg -l | grep hex11:54
istokbut; sudo apt-cache search hex | grep editor11:54
istoksecond command returned a bunch.11:54
xiaoshenoh i got to go now , thank you somuch for helpng me knome, istok :)11:58
xiaoshenbye all11:59
mohadibi have installed xubuntu 10.10, after installing the nvidia drivers, themes no longer work, and the gtk theme looks really old and crappy14:47
mohadibany idea how i can fix this?14:47
charlie-tcaexplain "themes no longer work" ?14:48
charlie-tcaYou can not change themes?14:48
mohadibaking a screen shot14:48
mohadiband the default theme is not used anymore14:49
mohadibsome old gtk1 looking theem14:49
mohadibone second14:49
mohadibthats the theme im stuck with at the moment14:52
charlie-tcahm, and no panels?14:52
charlie-tcaThat is the window manager theme, though14:53
mohadibi got panels, i have 3 displays, didnt want to post up a huge image14:53
charlie-tcaokay, and you have the desktop image, right?14:53
charlie-tcaand you can not change themes in Applications -> Settings -> window manager?14:53
mohadiber its changing the window decorations, not the gtk theme14:54
charlie-tcawhich icon set is it using? that is in Applications -> Settings -> Appearance14:54
charlie-tcaAppearance also has the gtk themes14:54
mohadibelementry Xubuntu Dark14:54
mohadibchaning it does nothing14:55
charlie-tcaYou haven't upgraded to xfce 4.8 either?14:55
mohadibthis all looked "right" before i installed the nvidia driver14:55
mohadibi did apt update/upgrade14:55
charlie-tcaIt sounds like a driver issue then. Did you install that using "Additional Drivers" ?14:56
mohadibthe install went well as far as i can tell14:56
mohadiball 3 displays working etc14:56
charlie-tcaand you restarted after?14:56
mohadiblooks like this guy is seeing the same problem14:58
charlie-tcaI don't know, when multiple monitors come into play. It does change how things work. I could suggest #ubuntu-x, which deals with things more14:58
mohadibok, thanks14:59
mohadiblove the fix14:59
mohadibdownlaod a random script from a ranom site and run it :D14:59
* mohadib keeps googling14:59
charlie-tcatry Alt+F2, xfsettingsd15:00
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mohadibthat did it!15:01
charlie-tcaYou are welcome15:01
mohadibsee if i can get it to save in the session and restart15:01
mohadibbrb, thanks again15:01
charlie-tcano problem15:01
mohadibso i added it to the programs to start up, so about 30 seconds after i can see the desktop the theme is applied15:07
mohadibbetter than nothing :s15:07
charlie-tcayeah, sometimes things are a little slow, but at least it worked!15:08
mohadibit was hurting my eyes before!15:08
mohadibNOX is pretty nice15:10
rcb182Hello world17:54
knomercb182, hey.17:54
rcb182What's happening?17:55
knomefriday night xoma17:56
rcb182Is it common for the python install to fail due to corrupt packages during install of 10.10?18:03
nicofsI need help setting up vinagre/vino... all i get so far is "** ERROR **: Failed to register GObject with DBusConnection" on the server machine...18:25
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chudy_michefxubuntu update manager wants to install gnome apps eg. brasero - should I let it install them?19:01
Sysiyou don't have to19:02
chudy_michefI chose not to when they first appeared - but they keep coming up on the list. How can I make them go away?19:03
charlie-tcaum, update manager should not be installing apps unless you are upgrading19:04
charlie-tcaIt will upgrade the repository though19:04
chudy_michefIs there something wrong in my settings then?19:04
charlie-tcabrasero was a default app in 10.04, I think.19:05
charlie-tcadid you remove it?19:05
knomeyes, brasero is default in 10.0419:06
Sysiit of course updates installed software, idk what can happen with dependencies19:06
* charlie-tca shrugs - let it run, then remove it if you don't want it19:07
knomewell unless an app depends on more libraries than before, no extra libs should be drawn in, really19:07
knomeor remove and then run the upgrades19:07
knomeand you'll save yourself from downloading the upgrade19:08
chudy_michefOkay, I was just concerned because it said "for GNOME"19:08
Sysii have anyway half oh gnome and kde installed, i just clean my menus with aptitude..19:08
Sysignome and kde software should work perfectly on xubuntu19:08
charlie-tcawell, at least until natty, it doesn't seem to like the mix any more. At least, not yet.19:09
chudy_michefI've already got a version of Brasero installed so I might as well download the update - good to know it's the same software and won't cause problems.19:10
chudy_michefThanks all.19:10
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cannonfodderanyone know how to invoke the terminal...basically i want the equiv of ubuntus "gnome-terminal"19:51
knomecannonfodder, xfce4-terminal19:51
charlie-tcaApplications -> Accessories -> Terminal19:51
drccannonfodder: got here late, did you get an answer?19:54
drcgood, didn't take long :)19:55
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betoalém da interface (xfce) oque difere do ubuntu com gnome ?21:26
betoaqui não para falar sobre xubuntu21:27
betovixi acho que me enganei então21:27
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sagateita porra21:28
charlie-tcaEnglish please in this channel21:29
sagatachei que era uma comunidade21:29
sagatme enganei de novo21:29
* charlie-tca don't quite know what it is, then.21:30
charlie-tcaSpanish, maybe?21:31
knomewhat is what? the language?21:31
knome(he used)21:31
charlie-tcano, the right factoid for the bot21:31
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.21:31
charlie-tcaI know beto spoke portugese21:31
charlie-tcareally? br?21:32
knomeyeah. brazil.21:32
charlie-tcaI would never guess such a thing21:32
knomeno problem21:33
ochosiweird though that it's not !pt21:33
charlie-tcaI agree. Most languages can also be spelled out, but that fails too21:33
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.21:51
charlie-tcaThanks for that. It all helps21:52
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