coz_ hey all00:31
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zniavregood afternoon08:31
zniavreim trying to customize the launcher but i hav the feeling that it's 'hardcoded' am i right ?08:32
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alex3fhi, is there anybody who can help me with an appindicator issue? should I ask somewhere else?10:57
kklimondaalex3f: it's a good place to ask questions, but not the right time - most developers aren't working, or even checking IRC on weekends11:03
alex3fthank you! my bad :)11:04
alex3fI am trying to find a way to set label guide on an appindicator, using the python bindings11:04
alex3fwill ask again on Monday :D11:04
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dartgot a really strange problem: whenever I install any new package from synaptic compiz crashes and restarts at the end of installation13:05
Islingtondesign.canonical.com is down14:57
Islingtonmight be because of this? http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=237209314:57
AndreaAzzaroneNUX_FILE_LINE_PROTO what does it mean?15:13
Davidc_3It's working! http://imagebin.org/14500915:18
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, how i can install it?15:22
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, I'll push the code on Launchpad by monday morning, I want to clean some stuff before I do.15:24
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, thanks!15:26
AndreaAzzaronecan you post more images?15:26
AndreaAzzaroneplease :)15:26
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, Yep15:27
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, thanks!15:28
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/9660/screenshot1sw.png & http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/8700/screenshot2q.png15:39
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, thanks again!15:39
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, I'm trying to localize the results (my session is in french), but as you can see, it's not fully working.15:39
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, your welcome! :)15:40
AndreaAzzaroneDavidc_3, I wish you good job!15:41
Davidc_3AndreaAzzarone, thanks :)15:41
LLStarksi know all i do is come here and complain. i'd contribute code if i was better at c and python, but all i want for april is a multi-monitor unity experience, cloned or expanded, that doesn't literally crash every 2 seconds on -intel16:21
OmegaLLStarks: Look at the bitesize bugs :)16:26
LLStarksi only have last week's16:28
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Omegaseiflotfy: What's the easiest way to remove entries in zeitgeit's database?18:41
OmegaI tried using the blacklist, but they still show up in the dash.18:41
Omega(Unless I did it wrong)18:42
seiflotfyOmega,  blacklist doesnt log18:46
seiflotfyu need to remove it from the history18:46
seiflotfyfor that we are creating a new tool18:46
seiflotfycalled history manager18:46
seiflotfydo u care to join the development and work on it18:46
Omega#zeitgeist-dev right?18:47
OmegaNope :< not it18:47
OmegaIs #zeitgeist used for dev too?18:47
seiflotfy#zeitgeist is used for dev18:48
OmegaAlright :)18:48
ftasmspillaz, yt?21:31
DaekdroomIt seems I'm no longer able to run commands using ALT+F322:38
DaekdroomAnd... nevermind. Found out why.22:38
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LLStarksokay. unity hates evince. neither evince or document viewer bring up a result.23:47

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