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silihi. how can I show a diff between two branches in terms of commits, not code?01:30
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james_wsili, try bzr missing in one branch, pointing to the other01:31
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Kamping_Kaiserfirst of all, i found a bug in the bzr shipped in squeeze :(04:42
Kamping_Kaisersecond, curse you for having fixed it in head already :p04:42
Kamping_Kaiserthanks all \o/04:42
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maxbwgrant: Hello back07:00
pooliehi maxb, and goodbye07:01
wgrantmaxb: Hi. You seem to do all the ~bzr PPA uploads... could you please upload loggerhead 1.18.1?07:02
wgrantmaxb: Thanks.07:05
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magciusmaxb, thanks so much11:20
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Stavrosis there a way to export one of my repos as a git repo?16:19
jelmerhi Stavros16:19
Stavrosoh hey jelmer16:20
jelmerStavros: you can use "bzr dpush --no-rebase" from the bzr-git plugin to create a git repo16:20
Stavrosjelmer: does it work with file://?16:20
Stavrosor do i have to push over ssh?16:20
jelmerStavros: locally should work16:20
jelmeryou can only push to an existing git branch at the moment16:20
Stavroshmm, i can't get it to recognise the syntax, can you give me an example?16:20
Stavrosoh, i don't have a branch16:20
Stavrosshould i do git init and push there?16:20
jelmerStavros: yeah, that should work16:21
Stavrosi'm doing git:///tmp/myrepo/ and it says connection refused :/16:21
Stavrosoh, pushing to ssh worked, thank you16:22
Stavroshmm no, i can't reset16:23
Stavrosaw :/16:23
jelmeryou should just specify the local location of the git repository, git:// is a remote protocol that requires a separate git server to run16:25
Stavroshmm, if i specify bzr dpush /tml/myrepo/ --no-rebase"16:27
Stavrosthen it says /tmp/myrepo/ isn't a repo (which it isn't, because it's not a git repo)16:28
Stavroserr, it's not a bzr repo, it's a git repo16:29
jelmerStavros: how did you create the thing in /tmp/myrepo ?16:37
Stavrosmkdir /tmp/myrepo/; cd /tmp/myrepo/; git init16:38
jelmerStavros: that just creates a new repository, not a new branch16:38
Stavroshmm, how do i create a new branch? i'm not very good with git16:39
jelmerStavros: one way is "bzr init", I'm not sure how to do it using native git tools16:41
Stavroshmm, wait, i already have a bzr repo and want to convert it to git16:41
Stavrosbzr init will just create a new bzr repo16:42
jelmerno, it'll use the existing repo if one is present16:45
jelmerI realize it's a bit weird16:45
Stavrosah yes16:45
Stavrosit said format: git16:45
jelmer"bzr init-repo" creates a new repository, "bzr init" creates a branch16:45
jelmerwhereas "git init" creates a repository16:45
Stavrosah, i see16:46
Stavrosthat seems to have worked, thank you very much!16:46

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