lrussellI have the second card on the first list00:00
marxjohnsonThen I'd say there's a good chance it'll work under Crunchbang, but again, you'd be best asking in their channels/forums00:00
lrussellim probablly just going back to kubuntu00:02
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_sophiaam i going to have to wait for Daskreech ? o_O seems like no one else cares lol00:41
james147_sophia: for what? :)00:41
_sophiastill can't get headphones to work D:00:42
whilowill phonon 4.5 hit kubuntu 11.04?00:42
whiloapachelogger: maybe you know best00:42
apacheloggerwhilo: actually Riddell will know, I do not package phonon for kubuntu - conflicting interest and stuff00:46
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apacheloggerwhilo: also KDE 4.7 should have proper KIO streaming, the changes we made regarding to QIODevice really are of architectural kind of the general use case abstractmediastream00:49
whiloapachelogger: ok, so opening ioslaves will have to wait for 4.7 anyway?00:50
apacheloggerit should(tm) work with kde 4.6 too, but I would not bet on it, especially since phonon uses seriously twisted magic to even get to KIO00:51
lolmac32hello, does kubuntu come with a software to access remote desktop like ubuntu?01:08
* james147 notes that kubuntu shares the same repos as ubuntu and thus has access to all the same applications01:08
james147lolmac32: but yes, kubuntu does comes with remote desktop and client and server preinstalled01:09
lolmac32what is the name of the application?01:09
james147krdc i think (the client at least)01:09
james147and um... i forget :)01:10
mr-richIs there any way to get the icons smaller in the "start" menu?01:14
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Guest92656someone know huawei e1750 umts stick02:33
Guest92656networkmanager show him right, but i cant establish connection02:35
_sophiaohai ;o02:53
Daskreech_sophia: Ohhai (>-_-)>03:01
Daskreech(insert ascii fireworks)03:02
piovisquihelp me! /usr/bin/X is using almost 100% CPU and i've just turned the pc on03:03
piovisquihow can i debug it?03:03
_sophialol Daskreech03:04
_sophiacan you help me finally figure out the headphone issue this evening? >_>03:05
DaskreechNot right now03:05
valoriesophia, are you using pulseaudio?03:05
DaskreechI should not tell you this post hug but I really really need a bath03:05
* Daskreech hugs valorie03:05
valorievirtual hugs are so nice!03:06
DaskreechHi valorie03:06
DaskreechEsp with non virtual funkmeisters03:06
Daskreech :)03:06
Daskreechvalorie: can you help _sophia With her in the head bop she bop?03:08
valorieI'll try -- I had the same problem in 10.0403:10
valorieof course I can't remember exactly how I fixed it03:10
valoriebut we'll start with pulseaudio03:10
valoriewhat version of kubuntu are you running, sophia?03:10
BentFranklinOn my Lucid -> System Settings -> Keyboard, my keyboard repeat setting keeps getting undone.  Maybe I have a file perm wrong.  Where would I look?03:12
valoriesophia, bbiam03:15
valorieso sophia. if you have 10.10, you have PA installed by default03:22
valorieif so, try either the Veromix widget, or install the package pavucontrol03:23
valorieand see what is reported about your headphones03:23
dustin_any of you folks good at configureing tor/tork im haveing trouble with setting it all up :( and desperately need help with it to make my system alittle safer if possible.03:26
bazhangdustin_, please dont crosspost in multiple channels03:27
valorieall folks asking questions which aren't being answered: remember that it is Friday night or Saturday morning over a lot of the world03:27
dustin_alright bazhang. you know how at all?03:28
BentFranklinTo get an app built I just had to install autoconf.  Is it part of some larger package of dev tools i should install?04:05
Daskreech!info build-essential | BentFranklin Kinda yeah04:06
ubottuBentFranklin: build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5 (maverick), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB04:06
* Daskreech is all nonsmelly04:12
* S74rk7 think's someone's just outta tha shower lol04:15
valorieevidently sophia only wanted to talk to you04:15
valorieshe never responded to any of my questions04:15
_sophiai'm sorry o.o04:16
DaskreechNo she's like that04:16
DaskreechI've asked her something and got a response like 2 days later04:17
_sophiayou didn't hit my name up, so i didn't know you were talking to me04:17
_sophiabeen busy O_O04:17
_sophiaone of my friends is going through a crisis =/04:17
Daskreech_sophia: Sorry to hear04:17
_sophiawill answer your inquiries in a second, valorie :)04:17
Daskreech_sophia: speak with valorie though. She's better at this than I am04:17
_sophiai have Kubuntu 10.1004:19
backup-stabKIL-MRR-1.ITS.Dal.Ca  Should I be afraid?  Its this a legitimate freeware?04:19
Daskreechbackup-stab: don't be afraid no it's not legitimate04:20
backup-stabOk sorry about that something put the fear of god in me04:21
backup-stabits happened before my cascading heart murmur almost killed me04:21
BentFranklin(Lucid) Running autoconf, I find I have no libtoolize.  I installed build-essentials.  Would apt-get install libtool be correct?  (I don't like to guess and install things by accident.)04:21
backup-stabI need more oooz04:22
backup-stabI keep getting killed04:22
backup-stabwhat? its a legitimate complaint04:22
valoriebetter than Daskreech?04:23
_sophiavalorie , pavucontrol > Output Devices shows both Port: Analog Output and Port: Clear Chat Comfort USB  Headset Analog Stereo04:25
_sophiaall volumes are at 100%04:25
_sophiaduring the Youtube stream, it shows activity on the first port, but not the second ;d04:26
_sophiai've said a few times before that04:26
_sophiamy headphone volume is on 0 in alsamixer04:26
valoriewell, I don't always have time to read the whole channel04:26
_sophiaand for some reason it won't let me increase it from the GUI04:26
_sophiait's fine04:26
DaskreechBentFranklin: You can apt-cache search for stuff04:26
valorieyou've moved over in alsamixer with the arrow keys, sophia?04:27
* valorie starts up alsamixer just in case04:27
_sophiayes :/04:27
DaskreechUbuntu also does a pretty good job if you type in the name of a command that you can install but have not of telling you what you need to install04:27
_sophiai move over to headphones, and it won't let me use up-arrow04:27
valoriethat I remember04:27
DaskreechBentFranklin: If you are really paranoid about it you can install apt-file and really get some info on what packages provide certain things you need04:28
valorieok, does it have a tall column, or just a stub?04:28
valorie_sophia: does it have a tall column, or just a stub?04:31
_sophialet me open it to check04:31
_sophiasorry about slow reply too04:31
_sophiaother stuff at same time >.<04:31
_sophiajust a stub04:33
valorieok, that means is isn't available04:34
valorieso if you hit F2, and then go to the last choice, that should show what's available04:36
valorienot sure how to change that, though04:36
valoriewell, f6 lets you select sound cards04:37
valorieone of my cards has loads of choices04:37
valoriethe other, nada04:37
valorie_sophia: also, try f504:39
valoriewhen I did that, it added "capture" which wasn't there before04:39
valoriethat might make my mic work!04:39
valorieI've never tried using the f keys in alsamixer before04:40
_sophiavalorie : try f5 where, exactly04:40
valoriedoes your keyboard have f keys?04:41
valorieusually small keys on top of your number row04:41
_sophiai mean from what screen04:41
=== esco is now known as escoloader
valorief1 through f10 or sometimes through f1204:41
valorieyou just hit the f key on your keyboard, while you are in alsamixer04:42
_sophiai hit f5 o.o04:42
valorieit gives you various choices04:42
valoriesee on top?04:42
valorieof the alsamixer screen04:42
valoriedid you get more choices with f5?04:43
_sophiai'm not sure how that helps though x.x04:43
valorienot sure for you, but it might help ME04:43
valoriethe thing is, if you have just a stub for headphones04:44
valoriesomething isn't right04:44
valorieI would try out some of your choices using those f keys04:44
valorieescape gets you out04:44
valoriesometimes escape twice, if you are two levels in04:45
valoriesad, I didn't fix skype04:53
mnidHi all ^_^ If I request page /index apache returned index.php. How disabled this? Sorry from my english...=)04:58
_sophiavalorie, what i'm doing isn't going anywhere ;s05:13
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=== ron_ is now known as rbetzen
valorieI'm sorry; I can only suggest the forum or the list05:26
valorieor should I say the forums05:26
valoriethere are two05:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.05:27
valoriethere is also the kubuntuforum05:27
valoriewhich is great too05:27
_sophiai already asked kubuntuforum ;d05:39
valorieI feel your pain05:42
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dustin_good night everyone thank you for your help07:32
jemandHi, since I did the normal Update 2 days ago FLASH doesn't work anymore.07:53
jemandAny ideas?07:53
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kimmoI am trying to help get ZTE mobile broadband stick MF112 (ID:19d2) working on a kubuntu 10.04, so far with no results. The  device id is supposed to be changed from 19d2:2000 to 19d2:something else by usb_modeswitch, I understand. What should it be changed to? And then what after that?08:23
daniel3Where can I find Kubuntu for Netbooks?08:35
bazhang!info kubuntu-netbook08:36
ubottukubuntu-netbook (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Netbook system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.205 (maverick), package size 25 kB, installed size 56 kB08:36
bazhangsudo apt-get install kubuntu-netbook (from konsole)08:37
daniel3so just install regular kubuntu08:37
daniel3and install that package?08:37
bazhangyou want the iso?08:38
daniel3Is there one?08:38
bazhangnot sure, let me check08:38
Peace-bazhang: should be one iso08:39
bazhangPeace-, yep, just dont see the download link (found the md5sum though)08:40
daniel3I bought a Dell Inspirion Duo, going to dual boot linux on it.08:41
Peace-daniel3: yea linux is faster08:41
Peace-but windows can be usefull08:41
daniel3Well duh.08:41
Peace-for some application08:41
daniel3Yeah I need both.08:41
daniel3xchat 2.8.8 Darwin 10.6.0 [x86_64/2.66GHz/SMP]08:42
daniel3This is a MacBook Pro08:42
daniel3I have triple booted kubuntu, osx, and windows 7.08:42
daniel3bazhang, Does KDE for Netbooks or whatever support all the regular full features of KDE?08:45
daniel3Is it just like a different desktop view?08:46
bazhangdaniel3, not sure about that, not tried it08:46
marxjohnsonit's just a different set of activites08:48
marxjohnsonfor plasma08:48
marxjohnsonall applications, settings etc are the same08:49
Peace-daniel3: it's the same08:52
=== islington_ is now known as Islington
Peace-daniel3: you have all plasma forces08:52
Peace-just modded for netbook08:52
daniel3okay cool08:52
Peace-but you can install the kubuntu-desktop too08:52
Peace-on the netbook08:52
Peace-that is a lots of applications08:53
Peace-but even a configuration file for plasma08:53
Peace-you can find the configuration file here08:53
daniel3Its got a 320GB hdd, 1.5ghz dual core Atom, and 2GB of DDR3 ram, so i think it should run KDE alright.08:53
daniel3I just want something easy to use when I use it as a tablet.08:53
daniel3Its a convertable laptop.08:53
Peace-i have a dual core08:54
Peace-1 gig of ram08:54
Peace-daniel3: you can boot kde reading this08:54
Peace-daniel3: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/configure-kubuntu-for-everyone/08:54
Peace-daniel3: there are gif animated image08:55
daniel3Would it support easy switching, like switching it to the smaller layout for when I use it as a tablet?08:55
Peace-right button on the destkoo08:55
Peace-daniel3: you can see here08:56
Peace-daniel3: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/26/plasma-desktopcs1453.jpg08:56
ct529hi everybody .... I have two problems here: (1) konsole: when I maximise the terminal it causes the computer to freeze for 10 sec08:57
Peace-ct529: justkonsoel08:57
Peace-or even others windows?08:57
ct52910.10 with kde 4.6 64 bit08:57
ct529Peace-: hi there!08:57
ct529Peace-: just konsole08:58
Peace-ct529: hi man08:58
Peace-ct529: run it on another konsole08:58
Peace-i mean konsole , run konsole08:58
Peace-i think it's the driver08:58
ct529Peace-: I do not understand :-D08:58
Peace-or some configuration file for konsole08:58
ct529Peace-: why would that happen only on konsole? The driver should affect everything08:59
daniel3oh cool.08:59
Peace-ct529: look http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/26/plasma_howto-throw-ball.gif09:00
Peace-ct529: xD kde gnomized anyway... lokk a the gif09:00
Peace-run konsole on the konsole :D09:00
Peace-well it's not so clear on the gif09:01
ct529Peace-: mmmm .... why would that solve the problem?09:01
Peace-ct529: not that is not to solve tthe problem09:01
Peace-ct529: ti's to sse if konsole write something about its status09:02
=== leon is now known as Guest90404
Peace-i mean error09:02
Peace-or something like taht09:02
Peace-ct529: anyway have you tried with a new user ?09:03
ct529Peace-: I understand now .... no I haven't09:03
Peace-new user?09:03
Peace-what's if you create a new user?09:04
=== Guest90404 is now known as lebies
ct529Peace-: I have tons of local settings .... it is really difficult to move to anew user09:04
Peace-ct529: you have not to move in another user09:04
Peace-ct529: you have only to check if with another user you have the same problem09:05
ct529Peace-: yes, of course .... thanks :-)09:05
ct529Peace-: it seems it is kubuntu specific .... there is some information on the net09:06
jemandHi, since I did the normal Kubuntu-Update 2 days ago FLASH doesn't work anymore.09:08
jemandAny ideas?09:08
Peace-jemand: mmm09:08
Peace-i dunno but 10.10?09:08
Peace-or 11.0409:08
Peace-because 11.04 its' still alpha09:08
jemandFIXED: Uninstalled and new installed. It runs...09:10
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:16
cmpsalvestrinihey guys good morning, i have a problem with opengl screensavers, when i wake up an opengl screensaver i don't see the unlock dialog, which i see perfectly when i run a non-opengl screensaver. what's going on?10:06
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kimmoI am trying to help get ZTE mobile broadband stick MF112 working on a kubuntu 10.04, so far with no results. The  device id is 19d2:2000 as reposted by lsusb. It does not appear to get recognized as a CD or as a mobile broadband stick. Any hints?10:14
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k00pahow I can get the old good copy paste system back?11:15
k00pahigliht -> autocopy?11:15
k00palooks like it still works11:16
k00paAaaah, now I get it11:16
k00pathere is two different clipboards!11:16
Tm_Tit's primary selection, it's not "copy"11:16
k00pawell whatever, I can copy paste with it :P11:17
Tm_Tthey're two separate systems (:11:17
k00paand middleclick to paste11:17
newbie123Hello, it seems I cannot login to my new kubuntu installation. In ubuntu, the same thing happened, but I could login as Failsafe. But not in kubuntu. Could you help me?11:17
k00pathis quick think is much better :P11:17
Tm_Tk00pa: you can have something copied and then something in primary selection: primary selection is pasted with middleclick and copied is pasted with ctrl+v for example11:18
Tm_Tnewbie123: what exactly is the issue, please describe what happens (:11:18
masesehi guys, my issue is my kubuntu 10.04 can't open the Home folder from browsing, trying to open it with vlc.any body to help solve it?11:18
newbie123Tm_T: I installed a fresh copy of kubuntu 10.10 But I cannot login. I give the correct password, it seems to load, all those icons come, then it falls back to the login page.11:19
Tm_Tnewbie123: hmm, how much ram your system has?11:20
Peace-newbie123: ctrl alt f4 , you will try the login from terminal , after taht press startx11:21
Peace-startx remember11:21
Tm_Thmm that much ram means it prolly isn't OOM-kill11:22
newbie123Peace-: I tried that, but the terminal doesnt come. The screen hangs up.11:22
newbie123Tm_T: sorry?11:22
Peace-newbie123: try with kernel revovery11:22
Tm_Tnewbie123: nothing, was just wondering one option which is excluded now I think11:22
maseseTm_T  do you have yakuake installed11:23
newbie123In Ubuntu 10.10, the issue exists, but i could login as failsafe11:23
Tm_Tmasese: nope11:23
newbie123Tm_T: i guess not. its a fresh install11:23
Peace-newbie123: well there is the failsafate11:23
Peace-newbie123: too11:23
newbie123but works not in kubuntu, no11:24
Peace-install another desktop11:24
Peace-kde doesn't work on your machine you can waste a lots of time11:25
Peace-trying to make it work11:25
Peace-or just install antoehr one11:25
Peace-we need of xlog11:25
Tm_TPeace-: what would be the reason why KDE doesn't work on his system then?11:25
newbie123Peace-: yeah, I installed fedora 14 and now I'm working from that. But not even Ubuntu 10.10. That surprises me11:25
newbie123anyway i can fix ubuntu then?11:26
Peace-newbie123:  video card?11:26
Peace-Tm_T: kernel11:26
Peace-Tm_T: video driver11:26
newbie123no video card, onboard.11:27
Peace-newbie123: well fedora uses another kernel for that11:27
Peace-newbie123: it's an intel ?11:27
Peace-newbie123: well you have a video card..11:27
Peace-integrated but you have one11:27
newbie123no amd11:28
Tm_TI think we need /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the Ubuntu system most likely to know what is going on11:28
newbie123Tm_T: Peace- Thanks . I will try repairing later. I installed fedora over kubuntu. Next time i try it again, i will have the log. thanks again11:37
maseseanyone to help me solve this. can't open my home folder11:58
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tompalompahi everyone12:36
tompalompaanybody tried to install wine & Steam on Kubuntu 10.10 x64 ?12:39
marxjohnsonHad quite a lot of success12:39
marxjohnsonI've used Crossover more recently, I think I did it with Wine originally though12:40
tompalompau know some good guide?12:40
marxjohnsonActually installing steam is just a case of downloading the installer and running it in wine, directx is the tricky bit (Crossover does the tricky bits for you)12:41
marxjohnsonif you google for a guide on installing DirectX under wine you should find something useful12:41
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ariefhi all13:48
mrenhi, after the latest updates flash isn't working in Firefox properly, a reinstall fixed it for some sites (e.g. youtube) but not for others (e.g. Google Maps); any ideas?13:57
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james147Hey BluesKaj14:18
BluesKajhi james147 ...having server issues here , had to go with the chat.us.freenode.net server rather thn the regular US ones14:20
BluesKajit's IPv6 btw , dunno if that makes a diff14:21
BluesKajno freenode servers here in Canada, unfortunately14:23
BluesKajjames147, my older compaq doesn't boot with the newest kernel 2.6.35-28..wondering if you've heard of others encountering this ?14:34
* BluesKaj reverts old pc to 2.6.35-22 with success..goodbye new kernel :)14:44
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BluesKajpoor gnome 3 ...looks more cartooney than ever ...wonder when Homer Simpson becomes the mascot :)15:57
=== kealga is now known as kgarr
kgarrBluesKaj I know people that would appeal to.16:15
BluesKajkgarr, yeah , obviously a whole lot of gnome users do :)16:16
kgarrI knew them long before Linux16:19
BluesKajkgarr, kde users are the 10% minority of ubuntu, but it must be my taste that's all ...never cared for any of those animated shows since I got old and grumpy16:21
BluesKajand gnome can't help reminding me of that cartoon "look"16:23
kgarrBe seeing you.16:28
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dustingood morning everyone18:09
dustinlol or afternoon i guess now :)18:10
james147dustin: depends on where you are :)18:11
dustinheh north dakota for me :) just over slept, spent most of the night learning how to configure my browser for tor:(18:12
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BentFranklinIf I run emacs through a putty connection TERM=xterm.  On the same machine I might run it from an icon on my desktop in KDE.  What would TERM be then?18:32
BentFranklinActually, why would I get xterm across putty?  It's not using the X system, it's all text mode.18:35
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tsimpsonBentFranklin: TERM describes the type of the terminal, not what application it is18:43
tsimpsonmost terminals will use "xterm" to say they support everything xterm does18:44
tsimpsonwhich is usually colors and some other advanced features it has18:44
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
BentFranklintsimpson: Understood.  I am finding that TERM=xterm in a KDE terminal window as well as over putty.  So, I'm trying to find out what emacs sees to decide whjether to run in graphics or text mode, so I can fix key bindings in emacs over putty.19:20
danyhola,¿como se abren los archivos udf?19:34
tsimpson!es | dany19:36
ubottudany: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:36
DarthFrogKonqueror used to be the pride and joy of KDE.  Now it's not even in the default install of Natty.  :-(20:02
gomiboyUbi major, minor cessat. There is now better software than konqueror.20:07
gomiboyand i never liked the browser/filemanager paradigm anyway :P20:09
BluesKajI did like konqueror , but there were too many menu layers to configure it just as a browser equal to the functions o FF etc20:10
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dellhi guys21:23
dellim new to linux21:23
delland i recently tried the different OS of linux21:24
delli am using kubuntu now and i have some serious problems21:24
dellmy usb ports r not being detected !21:24
dellmy built in webcam is not workin21:24
dellplus the mic and the headfones dont work either21:25
dellHELP !!21:25
BluesKajdell . open a terminal (konsole) and type lsusb , then pastebin the output if there is any.21:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:27
dellno output !21:28
BluesKajwhich kubuntu version did you install, dell?21:29
dellthe latest21:29
dellmy system is21:29
delldell studio 153621:29
dellthe menu in the settings for the removable device21:32
delli tried checking them all and even inchecking nothing happened21:32
delli searched alottttttt and tried some stuff no help at all21:32
BluesKajok dell, in the terminal type , or copy and paste this into it, sudo update-grub , pastebin the output please.21:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:34
c2tarunBluesKaj: why is he updating grub?21:34
c2tarundell: go to the link http://paste.ubuntu.com paste your output there and post the link here.21:35
dellGenerating grub.cfg ...21:35
dellcat: /boot/grub/video.lst: No such file or directory21:35
dellFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-28-generic21:35
dellFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-28-generic21:35
dellFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic21:35
FloodBotK1dell: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:35
dellFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic21:35
c2tarundell: for webcam you can type sudo apt-get install cheese and then it will install cheese can be used for webcam21:36
dellwhere do i publish this paste bin thing21:37
delli have installed cheese no luck !!21:37
c2tarunno luck means cheese not running or not working?21:38
c2taruntype cheese on terminal21:38
dellnot working21:38
dellno device found21:38
BluesKajc2tarun, there a published bug on luanchpad here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/647043 , I thought if he used the older kernel he might not have these problems , so i wanted to see which kernels he has installed21:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 647043 in linux (Ubuntu) "Dell Studio 1536 Unable to detect USB ports (Maverick)" [Medium,In progress]21:39
b2ag_hey guy ... my xorg is gone wild .. using 100% cpu ... desktop is unusable .. where start to debug?21:40
dellwhich means ?21:40
c2tarunhmm..... well it seems that your chipset is very new and 10.10 is not supporting it properly (same thing happened with me during 10.04) try to update your system, that may not work but its worth giving a shot. I'll also advice you to update to 11.04 as soon as it releases.21:40
c2tarundell: ^^21:40
c2tarundell: when did you buy your laptop?21:41
dellin 200921:41
b2ag_i need idears so i can extract usefull info from this crash and not just kill xorg21:41
c2tarunthen I'll go with BluesKaj he may be right and he can help you :)21:41
BluesKajdell , I'm not sure upgrading to 11.04 will help unless the devs have patched the kernel problem21:42
dellbut i used 10.10 ubuntu as well21:42
* c2tarun agreed, I thought dell has a new system21:42
delland usb ports worked for it21:42
delli changed to kubuntu then21:43
* c2tarun mystery continues ;) I dont think there is any diff b/w kernels of kubuntu and ubuntu. :)21:43
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dellyea thats the point  !21:43
c2tarundell: how did you change to kubuntu, did you install kde-desktop or complete kubuntu?21:43
dellno i actually deleted ubuntu21:43
dellthen complete new install of kubuntu21:43
dellactually ubuntu was very slow and  getting stuck all the time plus the graphics were not supported so much21:44
c2tarundell: sorry mate, I dont what is the problem so I cannot help :( but someone surely will. just hang around here for sometime. meanwhile try to ask your query on ubuntuforums.org and ya I agree ubuntu 10.10 is bit slow as compared to other version, If you want than you can try for kubuntu Lucid. that may work. but I am not sure at all.21:45
dell:( i have been like searching since 2 days no luck ........21:46
delli gues back to windows then21:47
gomiboydell: try the workaround at the bottom of the page BluesKaj poited you at: add "pci=nocrs" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub21:47
gomiboydell: then update-grub21:48
BluesKajc2tarun, dell , I have a problem with the new kernel on my (oddly enough) older compq desktop pc , the older kernel works great and recognizes all my hardware , but the new kernel 2.6.35-28 , won't even boot so I removed it.21:48
dellhow do i add it ?21:49
c2tarunBluesKaj: yup, dell's system is also bit old, your idea may work, but first make him check by using the older version if it works then remove the newer one.21:50
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BluesKajdesti_T2, reboot and try the older kernel down the list from the top , 2.6.35-22 in your grub boot menu ..see if any usb or other HW is recognized after logging in.21:53
BluesKajdell ^21:54
ct529hi guys .... a couple of questions .... I would like to change my default search engine from google.com to google.co.uk is that possible?21:54
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ct529the second question is:I need to draw the plan of a flat, with dimensions, and then do a 3D elevation. This time I would liket o do it on linux. Do you know of a package? I did some googliing but did not find an answer ....21:55
BluesKajct529, , try that in your browser21:55
ct529Hi BluesKaj! What should I try?21:56
dellGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"21:58
delldo i write it next to it or instead of quiet splash ?21:58
gomiboydell: like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=nocrs" then update-grub22:00
delland with or without the " "22:00
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dellnow what ?22:03
gomiboydell: done update-grub? then just reboot and see if it works22:03
dellthx though :)22:04
gomiboycome back to tell if it works :)22:04
BluesKajgomiboy, don't think that solution actaully worked . from what i saw in the follow ups22:06
gomiboyBluesKaj: well that bug reports his exact laptop model... then he can try something else :)22:08
BluesKajgomiboy, perhaps the older kernel might22:09
BluesKajI was going to suggest it but my daughter called me , with the BSOD on her windows laptop22:09
gomiboyBluesKaj: don't know, but the bug is for 2.6.35-22, so...22:10
ct529BluesKaj: sorry, I did not understand what to try in my browser ....22:12
gomiboyBluesKaj: what are you teaching to your daughter?!? windows?!?! Joking of course ;)22:12
BluesKajgomiboy, I'm 450 mi away from her , she doesn't listen to  me til it's too late22:13
dellhey guys22:13
dellit workeD !!!22:13
delllove u22:13
dellok now for the webcam22:14
BluesKajgomiboy, good job !22:14
dellu guys r awesome geniuses22:14
gomiboydell: anything to prevent someone to go back to windows :P22:14
dellimagine i surfed 2 days and got nothing !22:14
gomiboyWell BluesKaj found the bug, that's temwork22:15
dellbut i believe linux needs to be more user friendly22:15
dellmost ppl dont like working around with terminals22:15
delli like it though : P22:15
BluesKajnow if I could just convince my daughters and my wife that linux hurts only for a little while not , forever :)22:16
dellbut really when ur using linux u really FEEL ur using a machine22:16
dellhelp me please22:16
BluesKajdell, the probs with user friendly is ...it isn't in log term :)22:17
dellguess wat22:17
dellcheese is working too !!22:17
delllove  u guys a 1000 !22:17
BluesKajok dinner ...BBL22:17
sourcemaker_what it the kdepim-strigi-addon and how I use it?22:18
sourcemaker_it's the package: kdepim-strigi-plugins22:18
gomiboylinux IS userfriendly, until you have problems you can even forget about the terminal... and problems mostly rise from hardware manufacturers who don't support it :(22:20
ct529guys, I need to draw the plan of a flat, with dimensions, and then do a 3D elevation. This time I would liket o do it on linux. Do you know of a package? I did some googliing but did not find an answer .... anyone with a clue?22:21
dellmic help22:27
delli cant get my mic n headfones working22:30
tertl3install pavucontrol and padevshooser22:31
gomiboybuiltin speakers work?22:31
gomiboydo what tertl3 told, and adjust/unmute channels22:33
dellit says unable to locate package padevshooser22:34
tertl3soory :\22:35
dellok what shud the master channel be22:38
dellazalia controll or internal audio analog22:38
delland which one for playback and capture device ?22:38
gaellehi, i have a usb repeater that also acts as a usb soundcard. worked great until today. suddenly, i can't use it anymore. i can't even select it as the main card for phonon. any ideas how to troubleshoot the problem?23:01
gaellethe problem probably came after a hard reset because the computer died during sleeping (or hibernating, however that is called)23:01
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BluesKajgaelle,  sudo gstreamer-properties' (A GUI will open) (After configuring a reboot may be in order)23:07
gaelleBluesKaj: any idea what package is needed for this command? could not find it yet23:10
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gaelleactually, i see now that phonon does see the soundcard, but it can't really use it23:12
gaellewhen i select it with kmix as the master channel, i can't change the mute/not mute setting for example23:13
jmichaelxcould someone please tell me how to set which browser is used when clicking on a link in thunderbird?23:13
gaellejmichaelx: either in a setting in thunderbird, or in system-settings in the "default applications" submenu23:14
jmichaelxgaelle: neither of those are having any effect23:14
jmichaelxgaelle: and which setting in thunderbird would you even be thinking of?23:15
gaellejmichaelx: i don't use thunderbird, but if the settings in system-settings don't work, then its a thunderbird problem and you are better off asking them directly23:15
jmichaelxi would prefer to ask in #kubuntu , since i am suspecting that this is possibly a kde+thunderbird integration issue23:16
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jmichaelxgaelle: i came in after you started posting about phonon settings and your audio adapter... what is the problem you are having?23:18
gaellejmichaelx: i have a usb soundcard, that worked until yesterday. today it stopped. i can select it in phonon, but somehow it does not work. my current idea is that it is probably muted, i have yet to find out how to unmute it (i know how to use alsamixer for the first soundcard, but not the second)23:20
jmichaelxgaelle: have you tried pressing f6 in alsamixer to change which audio adapter's settings are being managed?23:21
gaellejmichaelx: ... lol, didn't see that ;)23:21
jmichaelxgaelle: give it a shot, and report back :-)23:21
gaellejmichaelx: does not seem to be muted.. i hoped that would be the problem23:23
gaellejmichaelx: the problem came up after a hard reset of the machine (the usb soundcard was not connected at that moment). but i doubt that was the cause23:24
jmichaelxgaelle: i imagine you have tried pulling out the card, and plugging it back in?23:25
gaellejmichaelx: absolutely, and rebooting with and without the card connected. the thing is, phonon switches automatically to that soundcard when it is connected, the was it should, just that no sound comes out23:25
gaellejmichaelx: it works under windows23:25
James147gaelle: have you checked the sound levels in alsamixer?23:27
jmichaelxgaelle: i am still wondering about this being some kind of phonon-setting issue23:27
gaelleJames147: i just did, couldn't see anything not normal23:27
jmichaelxgaelle: are you using pulseaudio?23:27
gaellejmichaelx: default kubuntu install, so i guess, yes23:27
James147gaelle: ^^ did you switch to the usb sound device (f6 i think)23:28
gaelleJames147: yes23:28
jmichaelxgaelle: this may be also be a dratted pulseaudio setting23:30
gaelleperhaps, i'm just searching the app to change the pulseaudio settings23:30
gaellekmix should really integrate all those tools23:30
gaelleit became more or less worthless since a few releases23:30
jmichaelxgaelle: it should, but it doesn't all of them23:30
jmichaelxgaelle: to be honest, removing pulseaudio may clear things up for you23:31
gaelleit worked really great before. but if i can't fix it with the pulseaudio config tool (that i have yet to find), then i'm probably uninstalling it23:31
jmichaelxpulseadio is OK, when it works, but using it often results in a lot more problems than benefits23:32
jmichaelxgaelle: do you have 'pavu' installed? that might be one tool to play with before removing pulse23:32
gaellejmichaelx: ah, that was the tool i was looking for. lets test it23:33
* jmichaelx despises pulseaudio23:33
gomiboygaelle: to check if it's a config problem i'd create another user and try from that clean config23:33
gaellegomiboy: doing that, pavu didn't help, brb23:37
Atomhunteranyone willing to help me troubleshoot my raid 1 setup on my ubuntu server?23:42
* gomiboy lost a raid5 installation a week ago :(23:45
Atomhuntermine is a 1.5 tb raid 1 but ubi sees it as only 64gigs... and its setup as a NAS in samba...23:45
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gomiboyAtomhunter: are you talking about a hardware or software raid?23:48
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Atomhunterits a fakeraid...23:51
Atomhunterso done through mobo23:51
gaellenew user didn't help. kmix was a little bit more usefull, had more channels (wtf??), but the problem stays. getting rid of pulseaudio now23:51
draikHello all. I built a new desktop and all seems to be working, with the exception of my HDMI tv23:51
draikI have VGA and DVI working, just not HDMI23:51
draikIt worked during the installation of Kubuntu 10.10 64-bit, but the nVidia-settings tool continues to place the TV as "Disabled". Is there a way around this?23:52
gomiboyAtomhunter: i had to google for "fakeraid", so i know nothing... god this fakes are awful!!! :)23:53
Atomhunterroflmao.... Its pissing me off... my raid is working... but i'm missing 1,427 gigs of space....23:54
gomiboyAs i understand this fakeraids are just softraids preconfigured by your motherboard... why don't you just go for a pure linux kernel softraid?23:56
AtomhunterI would but I couldn't get it working with ubuntu desktop... when you format hdd's do you specifiy a size? or do you partition raids?23:57
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