wgrantLots of odd MP OOPSes...02:46
wgrantCan't see how it could be a regression, though.02:46
lifelessmp creation was timing out for the package importer yesterday02:52
wgrantIt was OOPSing, not timing out.02:52
lifelessthey were getting 500's and not seeing the oops id02:54
lifelessso I was guessing02:54
lifelessBMP index still timing out02:55
lifelessoh right, that wasn't deployed02:56
wgrantYou mean the one that landed 64 minutes ago?02:57
lifelessSELECT BranchMergeProposal.commit_02:58
lifelessbah, terrible plan03:00
lifelessbug 742916 if you're interested03:07
_mup_Bug #742916: BranchMergeProposal:+index timeouts - slow query plan <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/742916 >03:07
lifelessBranchRevision needs revision_date denormalised into it03:09
wgrantlifeless: No.03:19
wgrantThat will double the size of our biggest table, so I think not :)03:19
lifelessits only 34GB03:23
wgrantTrue. It's the indices that are really big :/03:25
lifelesswgrant: we're currently bringing 10K rows in at a time03:25
lifelesswgrant: a bigger table (and another index - shrug) - which stays mostly on disk, would be a net win.03:25
lifelesswgrant: select count(*) from revision where Revision.revision_date >= '2009-11-05 00:21:45.372993+00:00' and Revision.revision_date <= '2009-11-06 15:52:25.310401';03:30
lifeless count03:30
lifeless  972203:30
lifelessI suspect a recursive graph traversal query will be faster03:31
lifelessand we should investigate that before denormalising03:31
wgrantlifeless: I personally prefer the "don't store 50000 times more data than necessary" approach.03:32
wgrantlifeless: What do you know about bugnotification?03:34
wgranthttps://lpstats.canonical.com/graphs/TableRowCountbugnotification/20100327/20110327/ is somewhat interesting.03:34
wgrantThe trend from the start of Feb hasn't been seen before.03:35
wgrantI guess the pre-release rush could just have been brought all the way back to the start of Feb rather than March.03:39
wgrantBut mmm.03:39
lifelessso its a short lived audit trail + work queue03:44
lifelesson qastaging03:45
lifelessselect min(date_emailed) from bugnotification;03:45
lifeless            min03:45
lifeless 2011-01-14 23:05:53.3020603:45
LPCIBotProject windmill build #105: STILL FAILING in 1 hr 9 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/windmill/105/04:36
wallyworldthumper: ping06:34
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LPCIBotProject windmill build #106: STILL FAILING in 1 hr 11 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/windmill/106/08:54
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!08:59
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #492: FIXED in 5 hr 19 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/492/08:59
cjwatson7990 N T Mar 26 William Grant          Test results: tar-xz => devel: FAILURE11:12
cjwatson7991 N   Mar 26 noreply@launchp        [Merge] lp:~cjwatson/launchpad/tar-xz into lp:launchpad11:12
cjwatsonwgrant: ^- do I need to do something about that failure, or did it get resolved before merge?11:13
StevenKcjwatson: It has hit devel as of r12667, and the LP buildbot is currently building that rev -- so we'll find out in about 37 minutes.11:15
StevenKThere are currently no test failures, though.11:15
cjwatsonthe failures look legit, investigating11:19
cjwatsonunfortunately I don't appear to be able to run the uploadprocessor tests locally11:21
cjwatsonI've pushed what I think is a fix to lp:~cjwatson/launchpad/tar-xz11:21
wgrantcjwatson: Ah, sorry, forgot to reply. I fixed that myself and landed it.11:22
wgrantcjwatson: Why can't you run it locally?11:22
cjwatsonsetting up all the necessary postgres stuff for full LP test runs impedes my ability to do Ubuntu boot speed work11:24
cjwatsonah, if you fixed it yourself, great11:24
cjwatsonwgrant: you might want to check my tar-xz branch all the same - I had apparently forgotten to add the .tar.xz file to a second set of test data that hangs off the first11:25
cjwatsonit seemed to pass anyway but it's more correct this way, I think11:25
wgrantcjwatson: Lots of us run LP in a VM.11:31
wgrantBecause it is slightly intrusive.11:31
wgrant(Unity and r600g are really not good friends at the moment)11:32
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LPCIBotProject windmill build #107: STILL FAILING in 1 hr 9 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/windmill/107/13:06
james_wis there a bug for whatever is causing the package importer to fail with a 500 error? I was told it was a timeout error that a fix was available for14:26
wgrantjames_w: It's not a timeout. I suspect that it's a bug in the importer... it's OOPSing with a mismatch between the number of reviewers and review types in the request.14:38
wgrantjames_w: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1910A100114:39
wgrantjames_w: It looks like change landed in lp:udd three weeks ago, but perhaps it was only deployed a couple of days back?14:44
cjwatsonwgrant: I don't work on LP often enough to have spent time setting that kind of thing up, TBH14:55
james_wwgrant, that's quite possible16:04
lifelesswe should upgrade to bzr 2.320:39

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