Quintinyour project sucks01:23
Quintinwho is in charge of the wobsite?01:23
Quintinhey, the truth hurts huh?01:48
Quintinjust a second..01:49
Quintinok.  if you click "get lubuntu", it starts downloading the ISO01:49
Quintinbut wait, what if I want 64 bit?  what if I need alternate install?  what if I want to use torrent to get it faster and save bandwidth?  HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT?01:50
QuintinI mean... your topic has bit torrent mentioned... so why isn't it on the main wobsite?01:50
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aetherianyou there?02:38
BWMerlinspeaking of 64bit will Lubuntu be releasing a 64bit iso or do you still need to do the unbuntu net install and get the packages that way?02:41
aetherianI don't think lubuntu will ever be getting 64 bit, no02:41
jmarsdenaetherian: Patience is a virtue... so is helping out the development team!  I have created 64bit Lubuntu ISOs... but they don't work yet :)02:43
aetherianthen... what's the point02:43
aetherian"I just created an entire linux distro from the ground up today! however, it doesn't work yet."02:43
jmarsdenaetherian: The point is that I or you or someone can fix them and get them to work, at which point they will be released...02:44
jmarsdenIf you have the time and skills to help work on this with me I'll gladly share my work so far with you.02:44
Quintinhey sorry02:44
QuintinI'm back02:44
Quintinwell, my point is... give me wobsite control, and I will make it suck slightly less, heh02:45
aetherianwell, the first thing I was going to say to you02:45
aetheriana protip, that is02:45
aetherianprotip: don't continually blatantly take a joke from a webcomic02:46
aetherianit gets irritating02:46
aetherianI think I'm going to try getting 64 bit lubuntu via installing lubuntu-desktop onto a 64 bit server :)02:47
jmarsdenQuintin: The Lubuntu wiki is editable by all, if you have constructive edits to make to that, go for it :)02:47
aetherianbrb, reset of something (innernets)02:48
Quintinjmarsden: k, I'll take that into consideration.  the main site needs a download page still though02:48
BWMerlinidk if i want someone messing with a website when they can't spell website02:48
Quintinalso.... is 256mb really accurate?  cause the OS kept shitting itself on a laptop I'm trying to put it on...02:49
jmarsdenaetherian: You are far from the first to create a 64bit Lubuntu that way, it works.  See http://www.dwasifar.com/?p=1442 for a 5 month old description of doing things that way.02:49
jmarsdenBWMerlin: We can  roll back any undesirable changes if necessary :)02:49
Quintina couple times I could get to first page of installer , but then it just hung not doing anything.  and usually openbox gets killed cause of OOM.  machine is piii-m, 256mb02:50
Quintinso mebbeh recommended for regular installer should be 384mb or such?  I'm working on a sample size of one though I realize02:51
jmarsdenQuintin: Yes, Lubuntu still runs in 256MB, at least for me.  I'm not sure if the live installer runs in 256MB, pick the second menu option when booting the CD, not the first.02:51
BWMerlinjmarsden: we do the same thing at work when the school kids get onto their class assigment wiki and start pasting links to redtube etc not thinking that we can see who made the changes and when02:51
Quintinjmarsden: yea I did option #2.. didn't work :/  got the alternate install CD donwloading now02:51
Quintinthis is for my mom's laptop.  I'm considering having it boot directly to farmville...02:52
QuintinI put ubuntu on her bf's laptop, but it's sooooooooooooooo slooowwwwwww, so I'll probably try lubuntu on it too I guess02:52
jmarsdenQuintin: Interesting (the non-install, not the Farmville-OS!) .  Does your machine use some of the 256MB for graphics RAM by any chance?02:52
Quintinhmmm unknown.  armada M70002:53
jmarsdenQuintin: OK.  If the video on it uses "shared memory", it reduces the RAM available to the OS by however much it assigns to video... *that* can drop you down to maybe 240MB visible to the installer... which is probably too small to work.02:54
Quintinyea I'm aware.  what's best way to check that?  I'm going to look in BIOS02:55
BWMerlinbios is best way02:55
jmarsdenQuintin: That, or boot a non-GUI Linux Live CD and type  free  and see how much RAM it thinks the machine has.02:56
BWMerlini know lubuntu is aimed at lower resource computers but if i put it on a new system with 16gb ram, SSD, big GFX card and fast CPU it is still going to run fine or would i be better off finding another distro?02:57
Quintinnothing in the BIOS.  not very many BIOS options02:57
QuintinBWMerlin: why would it not run fine?  be just the same as anything else.   uber fast02:57
BWMerlinas it is geared for older and slowe it might not have features included that newer hardware uses02:58
BWMerlinand i am hoping for low resource and lots of speed02:58
Quintinhuh?  that's all in the kernel02:58
BWMerlinubuntu is bloat imo i just want an OS with a GUI and ill install that rest02:59
BWMerlinjust because its in the kernal doesnt mean lubuntu included it02:59
Quintinstart with a minimal install of ubuntu then, or use debian02:59
BWMerlinmany years ago i my own kernal and forgot to include keyboard02:59
Quintinhardware support is pretty much entirely in the kernel02:59
Quintinand yea ubuntu lately does seem kind of crappy03:01
QuintinI mean it's shiny and whatnot, but there's over 200 processes running on a clean install!03:01
aetherianum, because I'm incompetent and can't look it up myself03:01
aetherianis there a minimal lxde deb package?03:02
jmarsdenaetherian: lubuntu-core I think?03:05
aetherianooh cool03:05
jmarsdenMake that lxde-core03:05
aetherianlubuntu-core exists03:06
aetherianI have to say, lxde>gnome even for good computers03:06
aetheriangnome is just so bloated03:07
aetherianwell, ima do what I do before installing something like this03:20
aetherianVM time03:20
aetherianthough I must say, ubuntu netbook looks like it would work well if integrated with touch screens'03:28
uofm49426strange small problem03:54
Quintinyay, just burnt alternate install cd03:54
uofm49426letter cut in firefox03:54
uofm49426and chromium03:55
uofm49426like letter t looks like a i the crass line is invisible03:56
uofm49426u at bottem the curve is missing03:57
uofm49426like some one took a eraser to it03:58
uofm49426most like search google i see it03:59
uofm49426i have snapshot you will see what i mean04:11
aetherianknow what I think is funny?04:18
aetherianpeople running chrome in linux04:18
uofm49426lubuntu 10.10 its default but i kicked it  out replaced by firefox04:23
jmarsdenaetherian: chrome => closed source, chromium (package name chromium-browser) => open source.  Yes, it would be odd to run chrome (closed source) in Ubuntu without a very good reason for doing so :)04:25
uofm49426when my harddrive comes i think im going to run mint lubuntu or fluxbox04:26
uofm49426im runing of a usb flash drive04:27
uofm49426im runing off a usb flash drive04:27
aetherianjmarsden: that was my point :)04:27
aetherianmint... lubuntu?04:27
jmarsdenaetherian: OK... then <uofm49426> lubuntu 10.10 its default      was confused, chrome is not included in Lubuntu, chromium is.04:28
aetherianI just made the comment without looking at anything04:28
uofm49426mint linux with lxde04:29
aetherianwhy mint o.o04:29
uofm49426built in codacs04:30
uofm49426dvd play back no added updates04:30
uofm49426built in flash plugins04:31
aetherian"a hurr durr, how does I click the button to install the flash plugins"04:31
uofm49426plus had problem with ubuntu with kernel updates04:32
aetherianoh, ubuntu fails it04:32
aetherianlubuntu rocks04:32
uofm49426like i have a cheap rt818504:33
uofm49426and when i get updates it dont update the module04:33
uofm49426mint dont update kernels04:34
uofm49426my brother writes for debian packages04:35
jmarsdenuofm49426: You filed a bug report about this rt8185 module issue on launchpad, right?  Has it been fixed yet?04:35
uofm49426i did and i changed to mint04:36
jmarsdenuofm49426: What is the bug number for it?04:36
uofm49426that my desktop dont remember04:41
uofm49426im in my laptop04:41
jmarsdenOK, is your LP id uofm49426 , or something else, I can find it that way :)04:42
uofm49426i think so it was 10.04 were i had this problem04:44
uofm49426and that was when it first came out04:44
jmarsdenThe only bug submitted to LP by uofm49426 is:   384201 application execution Errors04:45
uofm49426well maybe because my wifi wasnt working04:51
uofm49426i do remember modprobe rt8180 and falled not found04:51
uofm49426i may keep lubuntu on my laptop04:53
uofm49426i relize it old but is there some gl support still for i91504:54
uofm49426or should i find something older04:54
jmarsdenThere is supposed to be i915 KMS support in 2.6.38 kernels, but see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31522 for a recently reported regression...04:57
ubot5bugzilla.kernel.org bug 31522 in Video(DRI - Intel) "i915/kms regression after 2.6.38-rc8 (was: Re: Linux 2.6.38)" [Normal,New]04:57
uofm49426so should i consider the last lts04:59
uofm49426so should i consider the last Lts04:59
jmarsdenOh, 10.10 should be fine, latest 11.04 alphas may have the issue in that bug report.05:00
uofm49426i just notice its not 100% smooth05:01
uofm49426it a x41 thinkpad nontablet05:02
uofm49426next week i be at 1.5 gb ram for now 40 gb harddrive till ssd comes down05:03
uofm49426biggest problem only 16 mb vram05:04
uofm49426the tablet has 12805:05
jmarsden16MB video ram should be plenty for 1024x768x24bit LCD display anyway... why is that a "big problem"?05:08
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uofm49426well mostly that is windows problem05:09
jmarsdenuofm49426: Easy answer to that, since we are in #lubuntu -- don't run Windows, run Lubuntu :)05:10
uofm49426well i do want to run mce to my xbox 360 and share music and videos i may have05:11
uofm49426it will be 8 to 10m gigs05:12
head_victimWhat's the easiest want to configure sound devices in Lubuntu? I swapped out my MB and everything else just worked, the sound never came back05:14
uofm49426can you tell me memory usage difference bettween lubuntu xubuntu ubuntu and kubuntu in basic use05:16
jmarsdenLubuntu tends to be a lot less than the others :)  But the way to find out is to try it, boot a LiveCD of each and see what happens on your hardware.05:17
uofm49426well cd is much slower the a hardrive i think i would use a flash drive05:18
uofm49426ok with nothing runing but desktop how much ram05:19
jmarsdenI think around 180MB last time I looked.  But ... try it!05:20
uofm49426i just want a os as good as a 2005 2005 linux os would05:24
uofm49426you like new05:24
uofm49426you no like new05:25
uofm49426it was made in 200505:25
head_victimI'm having problems with sound, it's reporting to me that it can't find the device. I have just swapped out the MB for another one. Is there a good way to get it to detect and load the drivers for the new card?07:00
NRWlionmorning! can some1 tell me where the fonts are stored in linux?08:39
shuttlehello, im looking for a list where i can find all terminal-cmds for windowmanagment, like moving window to next desktop10:27
shuttlecant find in web10:28
NRWlionhallo shuttle10:29
NRWlionthe requested information should be found in terminal itself by typing help10:31
NRWlionthis brings up a list of all available cmds in terminal10:31
shuttleok thx :)10:31
MrChrisDruifHow's it going shuttle? NRWlion helping good I see? :)10:33
NRWlionMrChrisDruif, i am not that good as you but i try my best10:33
shuttleim fine thx10:35
shuttlesetting up my linux10:35
shuttleor at less i try to10:35
NRWlionshuttle i have sent you two querry / pm with additional information (1 Link and 1 Book)10:37
NRWlionguten Morgen Johannes ;)10:40
NRWlionok my homeoffice is waiting for me ... if i am needed, just ping me!10:45
NRWlionshuttle, if you need anything else, i am sure that MrChrisDruif will help you out10:53
MrChrisDruifWhen I'm around, I will do my best :)10:54
NRWlionMrChrisDruif, you are always "around" when you are not sleeping :p this is your second living room *hides*10:56
* MrChrisDruif was wondering why his living room suddenly felt so big :P10:57
* NRWlion does NOT write what he thinks right now :D11:00
gootellaAnyone know how to *just* change the main menu color in LXDE?17:10
ChaosZarthexcuse me, what do i have to do to get the keyboard sticky in lubuntu?19:23
jmarsdenChaosZarth: I think I just replied to your email about that on lxde-list19:35
ChaosZarthso can you give me a solution19:41
ChaosZarthjmarsden: can you help me?19:41
jmarsdenwell, I tried... did you read the email?19:42
jmarsdenI am more of a commandline/server type person so I am not sure exactly which ~/.something file you need to use to put your xkbset command in to execute at login...19:42
jmarsdenCan you put the options you need into /etc/default/console-setup or /etc/default/keyboard instead ?19:43
ChaosZarthsorry, missunderstood...but now i got it...i dont have a /etc/default/keyboard19:48
jmarsdenI think that one is in Natty only.  Look at /etc/default/console-setup for the variables to do with the keyboard (all start with X) and see if one will take your options for the stickiness?19:49
ChaosZarthand i dont know what to insert in the /etc/default/console-setup19:50
jmarsdenXKBOPTIONS="" might be the one to play with19:50
ChaosZarthbtw, isnt it just for the console? i want to have it everywhere19:51
jmarsdenThey affect X keyboard usage too; if you run sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup and tell it you have a Spanish keyboard, or whatever, that will still affect X :)19:52
jmarsdenI don't know much about the stickyness thing, I have used this for "unusual" keyboard hardware...19:53
jmarsdenI am fairly sure X reads those variables related to the keyboard when it starts up.19:53
ChaosZarthwell jmarsden, i did look in the internet but found no xkboptions that fit, also i have a problem to understand what is to insert, my english is not the very best20:26
jmarsdenChaosZarth: OK, so then what you need is a "run this whenever I log into LXDE" script, which can run your xkbset command.  There should be one, but I do not know what it is.20:28

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