OmegaHow do you enable multitouch on your touchpad?00:02
bjsniderBUGabundo, does crimsun still work on ubuntu?00:12
BUGabundothink so00:12
BUGabundobut he is a very busy guy00:12
coz_ hey all00:31
coz_BUGabundo,  hey guy00:32
johnjohn101will ubuntu classic be included with 11.04?  the classic gui00:47
Omegajohnjohn101: Yes.00:50
johnjohn101omega, does that mean if I upgrade, i can try unity as it gets better with updates but switch back?00:51
OmegaYep, you can change back easily.00:51
OmegaAt your login screen, you can select 'Ubuntu Classic'.00:52
johnjohn101was this always going to be the case?00:52
johnjohn101so what gtk version?00:52
johnjohn1012.x or 3.x?00:52
OmegaIt'll use gnome-panel00:53
johnjohn101if I try a distro with gnome 3, it will be 3.x probably?00:53
johnjohn101I probably won't give it a try until beta200:53
johnjohn101last time I tried an alpha I had to reload everything from scratch..00:54
OmegaThat's unfortunate ):00:54
OmegaYou can use a usb drive though.00:54
johnjohn101what size is good?00:54
johnjohn101I need to have broadcom wireless but I think everything else works out of the box00:55
OmegaI'd say 4 GB is enough?00:58
mungo-anyone know where i can get a powered by ubuntu graphic ?01:04
mungo-something very nice, yet large01:04
mungo-johnjohn101, did you try restricted drivers, there was also two sets one of them with source code release available for compilation though thats very old news about broadcom.  bet the resources are out there01:05
johnjohn101mungo, I use them now but they weren't available last time till beta01:09
johnjohn101i think01:09
mu3en_with kernel update just released: through kpackagekit, wants to replace grub-efi-amd64 with grub-pc. through apt-get: doesn't require that change.01:42
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mungo{}0any of you good at troubleshooting ubuntuone on natty ?  #ubuntuone seems to be not responsive this hour of the night02:42
mungo{}0how do i initiate hplip on natty ?02:47
chinillaIf I'm running a 32 bit os on a 64 bit cpu can I run the 64 bit kernel in virtualbox?05:12
ubuntuHi, I broke my grub upgrading to natty, I stupidly told it to replace grub.cfg. Would it have backed up my existing grub.cfg or is it gone?05:21
nit-witubuntu, you still there05:37
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zniavreim comming again to know if somebody tried to customize the launcher please ? that is hardcoded as i m thinking ?08:30
Severianzniavre, Are you talking about Unity?  What do you want to change?08:41
varunhi,i am using natty alpha 3,i am facing issue with unity and compiz,maximize and minize,close buttons are missing,i did something in the compiz to enable animations,i messed up things with unity,help please08:56
varunhi friends,help me out08:57
varunproblem with compiz and untiy,all the max,min,close buttons missing08:58
varunany body there08:59
zniavreseverian > yes talking about unity , i wanted to change the launcher background09:09
Severianvarun, Yes.  You left too quickly.09:09
Severianzniavre, I have customized, but not in that way09:10
Severianvarun, you have just experienced the joy that is Unity and Compiz.  Mine does that once or twice a day..  Fun, isn't it?09:11
zniavreSeverian,  what did you do please?09:12
SeverianI also setup a second natty test machine where I don't use Unity.  It is much more pleasant to use.09:13
mongyany possible ways of getting a panel applet in the panel in unity?  I need my netspeed applet in there...10:26
mungo{}0morning everyone10:43
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bittinHello there, do there exist any last.fm plugins for audacious?13:02
zniavrebittin,  it is not scrobbler plugin?13:03
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bittinfound the package i needed: audacious-plugins13:05
bittinand plugins-extra13:05
dartgot a really strange problem: whenever I install any new package from synaptic compiz crashes and restarts at the end of installation13:06
cg2916i can't boot into linux, i get stuck on grub13:16
cg2916anyone here?13:17
bittinHello, somone knows how to get audacious 2.3 to scrobble?13:21
cg2916i'm stuck on grub13:48
cg2916i need some help13:49
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.13:51
cg2916i get stuck on the grub command line13:52
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zniavreany plugin to integrate audacious to sound-indicator please?14:55
duanedesignzniavre: hello14:59
duanedesignzniavre: someone has starting writing one15:00
duanedesignzniavre:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/audacious-plugins/+bug/65800115:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 658001 in audacious-plugins (Ubuntu) "Audacious does not appear in the sound menu" [Wishlist,In progress]15:01
duanedesignzniavre: looks like some of the functionality is waiting on bug 68199415:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 681994 in audacious (Ubuntu) "Audacious doesn't support the MPRIS 2.0 specification" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68199415:03
zniavreduanedesign,  thank you15:03
zniavreif you read well you can see on first link my nickname ... i already asked15:04
coz_hey all15:07
duanedesignzniavre: sorry, i did not read every comment of the two bug reports.15:29
kubu2any idea why kaffeine can't play mpeg-4 when dragon an?17:12
HukkaCan anyone verify that resizing xterm doesn't work properly?17:12
HukkaI can resize it only from the top and left sides, but if I enlargen it the created space is just black, even though underlying shell renders into it (for example a man page is cut off with the right side and bottom being just black)17:13
kubu2could be display prob. try moving to another workspace and back..it's just not redrawing fast enough?17:14
HukkaNo, that's not it17:14
HukkaMoving doesn't help17:14
HukkaAnd the original area still updates17:14
HukkaBut anything that goes into the area that's larger than the original size, is not drawn17:15
kubu2compiz prob?17:15
kubu2disable compiz and see17:15
HukkaShouldn't it be under system, preferences, appearance?17:18
HukkaSomehow I can't even find the desktop effects17:19
kubu2just fired up vbox and xterm works for me17:20
kubu2no compiz though17:20
kubu2why can't you use the gnome term?17:21
kubu2which is a lot better?17:21
HukkaBecause I'm debugging a rendering problem with vim, and seems like it doesn't like gnome-terminal17:22
kubu2what? what is it in text that needs to be rendered?17:22
HukkaIn gnome-terminal I have a weird problem that happens especially when deleting text. Sometimes parts of the text are replaced with stuff like ^[OF17:23
HukkaScrolling that part out of the view and back shows the right text again17:24
HukkaDoesn't seem to happen with xterm17:24
kubu2seems to me you have bigger issue than vim17:25
HukkaThat issue is actually quite old, I just never had bothered to start looking into it17:25
kubu2vim has nothing to do with displaying text17:25
HukkaWell, it also has never happened with any other program17:25
HukkaOnly vim17:26
penguin42Hukka: Is this gvim?17:26
alex_mayorgabug 74138517:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 741385 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "icons in notification area are broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74138517:28
penguin42Hukka: Is the vim running on the local machine?17:28
Hukkaalex_mayorga: I see that for a short while when gnome is starting, but soon the real icons appear17:28
Hukkapenguin42: Yes17:29
alex_mayorgaHukka: for me some remain broken, wifi, bluetooth, battery, keyboard layout17:30
penguin42Hukka: Well the ^[OF are control codes; ^[OF is the one generated by the End button17:30
alex_mayorgahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1713430 has a screen capture of my problem17:30
alex_mayorgahow can one regenerate the icons?17:30
Hukkapenguin42: It's generated by vim, since I don't use End for example ever17:31
Hukkain Vim I go to end of line with "A"17:31
penguin42Hukka: OK, it might be one of the ANSI control sequences in the other direction as well then - not sure which; is $TERM set correctly?17:32
HukkaI see other control chars too, but can't remember them off hand. ^[OF was what I got this morning, when I decided to look into the matter17:32
Hukkapenguin42: My TERM is xterm and COLORTERM gnome-terminal17:32
HukkaI don't change it in .profile or .bash{rc,_profile}, so it comes from the system configuration17:33
HukkaAnd I also think it's related somehow to vim's syntax hilighting17:37
HukkaSince just opening a new file and typing randomly works fine17:37
HukkaI can't really reproduce it reliably17:38
HukkaSomeone from #vim recommended http://vim.pastey.net/11613517:41
HukkaBut anyway I'd like xterm to work too :)17:41
HukkaSo, how can I disable compiz now that it doesn't seem to be in preferences -> appearance anymore?17:42
HukkaSince kubu2 said that his xterm works fine natty without compiz17:42
Karmic_Koalacan anyone help me to install freepbx on ubuntu 9.10 ????17:45
cg2916when i boot ubuntu, i get stuck on the grub command line, can anybody help?17:45
kellaAnyone know how to get ubuntu to ignore a usb keyboard?17:45
cg2916kella: are you familiar with the command line and ppas?17:46
kellappas are those repositories on launchpad right? Yes, I'm familiar with the command line17:47
liminal_Error: need a repository as argument17:47
liminal_anyone know how I can fix this problem17:47
cg2916kella: yup. hang on, let me findo ne17:47
cg2916find one*17:47
liminal_sudo apt-add-repository ppa: kernel-ppa/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty linux-headers-generic-lts-backport-natty17:47
cg2916kella: here, open this: https://launchpad.net/~william-channelxstream/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/800640/+files/pbxbuntu-freepbx_2.5.0-1ubuntu4_i386.deb17:47
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 800640 not found17:47
kellaWhat is it?17:48
cg2916it will open a package, i think it might open software center17:48
kellaYes it does, but I don't see what a pbx has to do with a keyboard17:49
janisozaurwill natty include gcc 4.6?17:49
kellaok, does anyone at least know where under /dev I would find a usb keyboard?17:56
cg2916I am running Natty Alpha 3. I used Update Manager to install something (not sure what it was), then I restarted, but instead of listing all the kernels, it gave me a command line. I don't know what happened and how to use it. Help!17:58
kellacg, do you have an install disc?17:58
cg2916kella: i have an install usb drive17:58
kellaunless someone has a better idea, your best option might be to boot from the install drive, chroot into your install and dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc17:59
cg2916kella: the problem is that i installed ubuntu 10.10 on the usb then upgraded to natty18:00
robin0800Hukka, metacity --replace in alt f218:00
kellaSo ubuntu is installed on the USB key?18:00
cg2916kella: yup18:00
Hukkarobin0800: Thanks18:01
HukkaYeah, removing compix fixes xterm18:01
kellacg: It might still be as simple as reconfiguring grub18:01
HukkaHeh, compiz went down fighting ("closed unpexpectedly")18:01
cg2916kella: how, i can't get into ubuntu!18:02
robin0800Hukka, thats a bug18:02
kellaSo you're in windows right now?18:02
cg2916kella: vista18:02
gnomefreakother than hook up the HDMI cable do i need to do anything to get HD?18:03
kellahrm, it's too bad the people in #ubuntu would probably kick you out, all you need is the command to boot from grub, and I can't remember what it is18:03
gnomefreakcompiz is known to be crashing. there are a fefw bugs on it already including 1 or 2 from me but i saw a bunch18:03
cg2916kella: i've looked up the commands, all of them don't work!!! mainly because i can't find the hd X,Y numbers18:04
kellashould be sd1,0 I think18:04
cg2916kella: i have two hard drives, i put it on my secondary (not windows, but had some random files) what are those numbers?18:05
kellahd a,b is drive A, partition B18:05
kellaso the first partition on 2nd drive should be 1,018:06
kellaexcept USB probably isn't listed along with the drives18:06
cg2916kella: i'm not booting off usb18:08
kellaSo why did you say you have ubuntu installed to USB?18:08
cg2916kella: i used that to install ubuntu18:08
gnomefreakyou installed it now you are booting using hard drive not USB?18:12
* gnomefreak sorry im working as fast as i can so i can go to store but it seems i am confused about the above18:12
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phillyjMy built-in 5-in-1 card reader won't work anymore but it was working until update manager downloaded a bunch of files.18:44
phillyji tried lsusb and it is listed but when I put my x.D or SD card in their slots, the light don't turn on and nothing happens18:44
phillyjaaaah, someone help, i can find my task bars with the programs, locations, etc19:14
phillyjand when i minimize something, it disappears into the bottom, theres nothing there19:15
phillyji don't even know how to load up the console19:15
arandphillyj: Console via ctrl+alt+t19:18
arandphillyj: Are yo running unity? DO you have the unity launcher list?19:19
phillyji dont think so19:19
phillyji think i have to reboot19:21
phillyjreinstall ubuntu19:21
mdkessHow can I show CPU use in the panel?19:54
bcurtiswxChromium event though i set it as default browser it's not.  Is there a workaround where I can get Ubuntu to see chromium as my default browser?19:57
mdkessAs a more general question, how do I control which icons are displayed on the top bar in Unity?19:57
bcurtiswxnvm, im a retard19:58
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bbordwellHello, I just ran an update-grub and it did not detect my main Ubuntu installation so I now have no option to boot to it. How can I recover it?20:26
mongyI noticed it doesnt detect any of my other linux partitions either.  I just restored grub from a liveusb20:33
mongyugh, they went20:33
incorrectoh time to upgrade my netbook to 11.04, i wonder if i will end up with a brick21:04
* penguin42 finds the menus in the top bar interesting - they save space, but they don't work well with sloppy focus - you have to navigate around other windows quite carefully21:07
incorrecti hope you can add custom launchers to the side bar21:10
charlie-tcaincorrect: too low to work for a doorstop21:15
incorrectcharlie-tca, i guess more to the point it could make a nice paper weight21:16
charlie-tcatrue enough21:16
charlie-tcaleave it on the clothes, it will act as an iron, too21:17
incorrectcould be useful21:17
penguin42charlie-tca: It depends if you get can fan control or not21:17
charlie-tcaheh, I guess it does, at that.21:18
incorrectwhat is the deal with the multiple desktops in a grid 2x2? can they be changed to 1x4 ?21:19
penguin42incorrect: There doesn't seem to be any way to get to the desktop settings, I suspect you can edit them with gconf21:19
penguin42ah there we go; took me 10 mins to figure out how to get to the boot menu on my eeepc - always does21:24
Daekdroomincorrect, you can change them in ccsm21:25
DaekdroomIn General Options, last tab.21:25
penguin42Daekdroom: Thanks!21:27
siegieHi, i can't start unity for some reason. In dmesg i get the following eror:  compiz segfault ...error 4 in libgdk-X11-2.021:33
incorrecti guess ubuntu is no longer the flagship distro for gnome21:35
incorrectoh i can see it now gubuntu?21:36
syn-ackI found one thing about Natty that I don't like so far.21:38
syn-ackI can't remove the pager from the launcher.21:38
syn-ackrather the desktop switcher.21:38
incorrectcan you add custom launchers?21:38
syn-ackI can add and remove everyone of them except for the desktop switcher.21:39
* yofel tries to login to unity...21:39
syn-ackIs the papercuts site up for Natty yet?21:39
incorrect1:05 till my netbook becomes a netbrick21:39
* penguin42 is just starting an installation on his netbook; the manual partitioning window doesn't fit21:41
Daekdroomsyn-ack, you can remove all desktops and leave only 1, then it'll disappear.21:41
yofelnope, no luck, I ended up with: _usr_bin_akonadi_agent_launcher.1000.crash  _usr_bin_compiz.1000.crash  _usr_bin_review-notifier.1000.crash21:42
syn-ackDaekdroom, Where are the desktop settings stored now? I haven't been able to find them21:43
Daekdroomsyn-ack, you can do it through CCSM.21:43
Daekdroom"General Options"'s last tab21:43
yofelhow do I get a terminal in unity when compiz isn't running?21:43
incorrectoh something must have upgrade the window manager library21:44
charlie-tcayofel: ctrl+Alt+t won't open one?21:44
yofelcharlie-tca: not for me21:44
charlie-tcaalt+f2, gnome-terminal   ?21:45
yofelalt+f2 didn't do anything either21:45
syn-ackDaekdroom, Reading state information... Done21:45
syn-ackE: Unable to locate package ccsm21:45
yofelsyn-ack: compiz-config-settings-manager21:45
DaekdroomIt's not under that name, I believe21:45
Daekdroomcompizconfig-settingsmanager, I think21:45
Daekdroom!info compizconfig-settingsmanager21:45
ubottuPackage compizconfig-settingsmanager does not exist in natty21:45
Daekdroom!info compizconfig-settings-manager21:45
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 1181 kB, installed size 5756 kB21:45
yofelerrr yeah21:45
syn-ackyeah, thanks. used the wrong keyword21:46
syn-ackheh, well I crashed Compiz changing that setting. That was fun. :P21:54
syn-ackThanks for the lead on CCSM21:54
incorrect3 mins till brick mode, i am so excited22:20
graingertwhat is the likleyhood that this will break: http://pastebin.com/ADqQ33fP22:21
graingertincorrect, 3 mins till brick what?22:21
incorrectwell i upgraded my netbook22:22
incorrectunity seems to have died during the upgrade22:22
graingertre: my pastebin: upgrading from nvidia-173 to nvidia-current22:22
incorrectso i am expecting it to be a netbrick soon22:22
graingertincorrect, yes it will do22:22
graingertincorrect, you need to choose the right desktop to login to at the gdm22:22
graingertand maybe install unity2D using the classic desktop22:23
incorrecti am not fussy22:23
yofelgraingert: what card do you have?22:23
graingertbut if unity avec compiz-ness works then go fer it22:23
graingertyofel, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8800 GTS] (rev a2)22:23
incorrect1 min22:23
yofelcurrent will work with that (at least it should)22:23
incorrecti am so excited22:23
graingertincorrect: drumroll22:24
incorrectthis is a long 1 minute22:24
graingertso should one install through this way if nvidia-current is not in jocky-gtk?22:24
graingert-> yofel22:25
incorrecti like that i will get my screen real estate back22:25
yofelgraingert: usually not, but current supports >=Geforce 6 I think, so it should be fine22:25
incorrecti don't know why the trend for the last few years was for the OS to take up as much screen as possible22:25
yofelwithout jockey you'll need to adjust your xorg.conf by hand, but if you upgrade from 173 to 270 that shouldn't be necessary22:26
graingertincorrect, unity takes up about the same on my netbook22:26
graingertyofel, hmm22:26
incorrectgraingert, not with the top menu/ gnome bar thingy merging22:26
incorrectand if the silly side bar can go too22:26
graingertincorrect, the sidebar disapears mostly22:26
incorrectthat will make me happy22:26
graingertbut in terms of pixels taken up by panels and that ubuntu unity 10.10 nbr is less than ubuntu classic22:27
incorrecti dislike it,22:27
incorrectwell once you remove the bottom bar22:27
graingertincorrect, not much to upgrade for in natty then...?22:27
graingertincorrect, there is no bottom bar on unity22:28
incorrectgraingert, i am still on the last minute22:28
incorrecti mean gnome classic22:28
graingertoh you took the bottom bar off that?22:28
incorrectgnome classic22:28
incorrectbut you still lose a lot for the menu bar at the top and the app title bar22:29
incorrecti liked the way os7 used to do it22:29
penguin42Natty still hangs my 1000ha on shutdown22:30
incorrectyes unity is simliar22:31
yofelhm, my 1000H doesn't hang, but my thinkpad takes over a minute to shutdown...22:31
penguin42yofel: It's been suggested it's wireless related (sorry it's 1001ha)22:32
incorrectmoment of truth time22:33
incorrectreboot! might see you in 522:33
graingertyofel, do you have it in the module blacklist for hibernation?22:33
yofelgraingert: sorry, I don't hibernate22:35
graingertoh on shutdown22:35
incorrectah! sweet screen real estate22:40
incorrectwell no brick22:41
incorrectyes unity is much better in 11.0422:45
incorrectpersonally i expect the side bar to scroll automatically as i move the move to the top or bottom22:46
graingertthe unity launcher?22:46
graingertalthough it's designed for touch inyourfaces22:46
incorrectbut this is pretty good22:46
incorrectdual mode?22:46
incorrectdesktop mode, touch mode22:47
incorrectoh you don't mean touch screens?22:47
graingertyeah ubuntu seem to be going for one mode22:47
incorrectwell does one mode suit all platforms?22:47
graingertusing the keyboard for no touchscreen22:47
graingertand the panel for touch22:47
incorrecti see22:48
incorrecti still expect it to scroll22:48
graingertcan one install unity on fedora or debian or any other non-ubuntu machine22:48
incorrectas i move the mouse to the bottom or top22:48
graingertwhat happens if you use the scroll wheel?22:49
incorrectdon't have one on my netbook22:49
graingert(I have never filled it)22:49
graingertbut of course on a netbook I will22:49
bjsnideryofel, why was he using the 173?22:49
incorrectyou see the icons stretch out going off screen22:49
yofelgraingert: ^22:49
graingertbjsnider, becuase I upgraded before nvidia-270 came out22:49
incorrectso i think oh to reach them i should move the pointer down22:49
graingertI thought they folded up22:50
incorrectoh i can do it with the side touch thing22:50
incorrectthey move around22:50
graingertside touch thing?22:50
zniavrenvidia 173 can work really ?22:50
incorrectthe unity sidebar22:51
graingertyeah been on it for 10.10...22:51
yofelnot that I know of22:51
yofelgraingert: but not in natty, right?22:51
graingertyeah basically22:51
incorrectwell i can use the touch thing, but i didn't expect to use the wheel22:51
graingertI have been on natty since alpha 122:51
zniavreyofel, thank you i should wrongly understand the discussion22:51
incorrectok the scroll needs to be faster22:51
graingertzniavre, should you?22:52
yofelgraingert: and from when to when did you use 173?22:52
graingertthen till just now22:52
graingertI'm using it but don't have it installed22:52
graingert"oohee ooohee"22:52
yofelgraingert: then you should have had X hold back too22:52
incorrectweird eclipse has a resize tab at the bottom right of the eclipse start screen22:52
graingertI have had x held back22:52
graingertI have yet to upgrade x either22:53
graingertam just upgrading x now...22:53
graingertalong with the nvidia-current upgrade22:53
yofelok, that makes more sense22:53
graingertas you saw from my pastebin22:53
graingert"[+] 100% Successful22:53
graingertokay guys22:53
graingertubuntu current is now in jocky22:54
graingertand I need to restart22:55
graingertwish me lucks!22:55
incorrectok unity is better than gnome i like22:56
incorrectgot so much screen real estate back eclipse is nearly usable on a 9" screen23:04
incorrecthang on, how did unity find my eclipse and apache directory studio install and make icons out of them?23:11
incorrectoh dear compiz crashed and reloaded23:20
trismthat's weird, so did mine, just as you typed that23:22
incorrectwell empathy seems ok23:30
incorrectwhen is the openvpn client going to be finished23:32
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
incorrectwhy aren't the notifications clickable?23:54
Daekdroomincorrect, the black boxes that float in the upper right?23:55
yofelif I remember the notify-osd specs right, clickable notifications are supposed to open a popup23:55
yofelas the notifications beome transparent when you hover over them23:56
DaekdroomYeah. The transparency is for annoying as little as possible.23:56
incorrectits weird, you expect to be able to click the notification taking you to whatever wanted you to take action on an event23:57
DaekdroomI believe it's the exact opposite because they become transparent.23:57
DaekdroomIf they didn't...23:57
yofelno, the notifications are information only23:57
yofeland you can click *through* them23:57
incorrectwell i don't expect them to blur and go out of focus23:58
yofelwell, that's how notify-osd works23:58
incorrecti don't see the logic with the blur23:58
yofelyou have the indicators if you wan to take an actual action23:58
DaekdroomI don't see how better it'd be if you could click every notification that would show up.23:59
yofelincorrect: it's so that you can access what's behind them23:59
yofelas there's no way to click them away23:59
ali1234that's how notifications used to work before notify-osd23:59
DaekdroomThink about empathy/pidgin/xchat/etc spamming you with notifications.23:59
DaekdroomIt could make using maximized apps very difficult.23:59
yofelali1234: and how they still work in KDE here, which I actually prefer over notify-osd23:59
ali1234it still spams you with notifications, you just can't click on them any more23:59

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