coz_ hey all00:31
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coz_hey all15:07
stjohnmedranosorry but i have to ask you this, does anyone here know a link of different image of ubuntu release?16:41
stjohnmedranosorry but i have to ask you this, does anyone here know a link of different image of ubuntu cd release?16:42
stjohnmedranothe official CD's? thanks16:42
coz_stjohnmedrano, ,,16:51
coz_stjohnmedrano, hold on16:51
coz_stjohnmedrano, ok now  you want a different type of image?16:52
stjohnmedranohehehe,, yes i am making a website and i want to highlight the different official ubuntu cds16:52
coz_stjohnmedrano,  well you probably only want to show the LTS  which ubuntu Lucid  or the current release of  ubuntu Maverick 10.10  ,, the other images would not be supported16:53
stjohnmedranothe one you give me the other day  will use it for printing of stikers16:53
stjohnmedranoso what would be best?16:54
coz_stjohnmedrano,  I forget which one that was16:55
coz_stjohnmedrano,  oh16:55
coz_stjohnmedrano,  you actual  graphics image16:55
coz_you mean actual graphics image ..yes?16:55
stjohnmedranois it possible to?16:56
coz_a Logo or icons   ... yes?16:56
stjohnmedranobut anything will do16:56
coz_stjohnmedrano,  did I give you logos the other day... 2 different ones?16:56
stjohnmedranodo you have a scanned copy of official cds?16:57
coz_stjohnmedrano,  thats all there are actully unless you want the  kubuntu ,,, xbuntu ,,,lubuntu logos as well16:57
stjohnmedranothose coming from canonical?16:57
coz_stjohnmedrano,  yes they are different versions of ubuntu hold on16:58
coz_stjohnmedrano,  look here   https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Artwork/Official17:00
coz_stjohnmedrano,  I have to break here but will be back later17:01
stjohnmedranothanks coz17:02
darkmatterhttp://i.imgur.com/e1dlU.png :P18:32
zniavrethat s a clean desktop19:32
darkmatterzniavre: thanks. will be getting cleaner. that's just a slightly modified theme I'm using as a base (has beautiful widget padding), plus a wip metacity. will be mostly pixmapped when done19:37
zniavrei like the scrollbars aera19:38
darkmatterI want the metacity to be seperate on apps without a toolbar, slight dropshadow under it in such cases (dialogs and such). lots of gtk work to do19:38
darkmatterzniavre: yeah. they're nice, and have a surprisingly large target area19:40
zniavreit looks modern and nobody use steppers19:45
zniavreim using right now the new scrollbars and it works well but does not look so good in my way19:46
darkmatteryeah. I'm not really crazy about them either20:14

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