head_victimikt: nice clean countdown btw00:58
ikt:)) ty00:59
iktI've got lubuntu on my netbook00:59
iktit's still a bit slow, the hard drive is a shocker00:59
iktmight start looking at puppy or something even ligher00:59
head_victimAh fair enough, I've found Lubuntu is a sweet spot for P4s01:08
head_victimEnough stuff you don't feel like you're running something TOO cut down but still able to browse the web and stuff without crying01:09
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ikthead_victim, yeah that's what I try to aim for04:07
iktrunning an uber minimalist desktop is cool until you try to do something04:07
head_victimYeah uber minimalist is for when you "have to" not when "you feel like it"04:08
head_victimIn my opinion04:08
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airtonixikt: i'm using this as a server http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=138_1019&products_id=1363011:10
airtonixhtop shows four cpus11:10
airtonixonly downside with this motherboard is it uses sodimm ram11:10
airtonixoh wait11:11
airtonixno thats the media centeri was supposed to get11:11
head_victimairtonix: how would that go as a low end desktop?11:12
head_victimI'm thinking of ditching this P4 in favour of something that won't break every second week and will use less power.11:12
airtonixnot sure i actually recieved this in the mail instead : http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=138_1019&products_id=1535711:12
head_victimOnboard video card, even better.11:13
airtonixyeah ion2 is pretty good11:13
head_victimWould that run basic web browsing (flash included?)11:13
airtonixit's atom 5xx series cpu11:13
airtonixthat alone is enough11:14
airtonixthe ion2 gpu is crazy for its power usage11:14
head_victimSo if I bought that, a case and some ram it would be great11:14
airtonixi wouldn't get that motherboard11:14
head_victimAnd it all just "works" under linux?11:14
airtonixasus fucked up the qualified memory list11:14
airtonixbut in general11:15
head_victimI'm only just starting to look into this so no idea about atoms or ions other than basics11:15
airtonixi had to do some legwork getting audio output through hdmi11:15
airtonixwell let me put it this way11:15
head_victimNot an issue, I only use a stereo jack through a mixer to speakers11:15
airtonixdoes everything my desktop would do11:15
airtonixand i looked out our power bill for the last quarter11:16
airtonixvirtually no difference compared to the same qaurter previous year11:16
head_victimSo ion's are reasonably well supported linux wise?11:16
head_victimI might buy 2 and get rid of the wife's p4 as well11:16
airtonixit shits all over a p4 imo11:16
head_victimWe have quad cores with 8800gts for gaming11:16
head_victimJust need a "daily" on the side11:16
airtonixyeah but like i said 11:17
airtonixavoid that one11:17
airtonixmemory it wants is virtually none existant11:17
airtonixwon't turn on without the right ram11:17
airtonixbut that's due to the southbridge or northbridge or some shit that asus used 11:18
head_victimAh ok, how does ion compare to onboard intel video?11:18
head_victimhttp://www.computeralliance.com.au/parts.aspx?qryPart=11092 something like that but with dvi11:18
airtonixi wouldn't even put any video stuff intel make in the same bracket as anything nvidia makes11:18
head_victimThat's a fair call, just checking. This low power stuff is interesting but I've never had a chance to check it out. Sorry for the questions but I had my p4 in parts today and to find someone on here with experience I'm trying to pick your brain a bit11:19
airtonixmake sure it has at least an nvidia ion1 gpu11:19
airtonixand then you install latest nvidia binary drivers11:20
head_victimI figure on board video has to be better on power than a low end video card anyway11:21
airtonixyeah the ion gpu is part of the motherboard11:21
airtonixthis is the motherboard im using for a server http://www.mini-box.com.au/Jetway%20Atom%20intel%20%20N550%20NM10%20Chipset%203150%20Graphics.html11:21
airtonixwith a 4 port sata daughterboard11:21
airtonixinitially i used one of these as the psu11:22
airtonixand i still use one of those in the media center11:22
airtonixbut for the server i need to support internal sata drives11:22
head_victimI figure if I buy http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=14571 that 15o should be enough I hope11:23
airtonixdoes it have to look good ? 11:23
ikt*must resist urge to buy mini-itx computer*11:23
head_victimHah I have all my desktops currently in a rack11:23
head_victimSo no, looks aren't a huge factor, but for 100 bucks for a case and psu I thought it wasn't bad11:24
airtonixfor another 35$ you can get a lian li case11:24
head_victimBut I'm not really sure how much juice one of those would use11:24
airtonixwell the motherboard uses around 10w11:25
airtonixand you would add 20w per 3.5 drive11:25
airtonixsince each drive uses about that on startup11:25
head_victimWell that one has no PSU though so it'd work out nearly double11:25
airtonixyeah just get a picopsu11:25
head_victimIt would have a single hdd, single dvdrw11:26
airtonixsave you tonnes of room11:26
airtonix80w is plenty11:26
head_victimWhat am I missing, the antec one looks tiny compared to that lian li11:26
head_victimAh the antec is longer not taller11:27
airtonixhead_victim: yeah i bought two of these at 30$ each : http://www.mini-box.com.au/M350%20Universal%20Mini-ITX%20enclosure.html11:27
head_victimSo yeah, it would approximately double the price of the antex11:27
airtonixif your monitor has mounting slots on the back those 350s are great11:28
airtonixbut you need to use optical drives11:28
head_victimNah I'm pretty well cabled up to have all the desktops sit in what used to be a wall mount comms cabinet (now a rack on wheels) between the 2 desk.11:28
head_victimSo I'd just put a shelf in and put them there11:30
airtonixwith picopsus it be a whole lot more quite11:34
airtonixi can imagine how noisy that room is11:35
head_victimThe other would still be quieter than a p411:35
head_victimWe have music or the tv playing anytime we're in the room anyway11:35
head_victimI've ditched all but one of the servers. The loudest single device is the netgear 24port switch actually.11:35
head_victimWell it's the one I hear most 11:36
head_victimYeah, it's one of their blue box "real" pieces of hardware so noise wasn't a factor in it's design. Think server rooms.11:37
head_victimBut if I get 2 low power PCs in that cabinet I can probably hang the door again (temperatures were stopping me now) so that would reduce the noise as well11:38
airtonixyeah i recently modified my built in robes top section to be a server cabinet, installed air ducting and an inline extraction fan to pump out hot air into the attics venting11:39
airtonixi had to hang the fan from the rafters on spirngs11:39
head_victimNice work, the goal is to air con this room one day but hasn't happened yet11:39
head_victimAnd this room is on the other side of the house from the bedroom so doesn't really affect sleep11:40
airtonixso you'd be getting ducted air conditioning?11:40
head_victimNah I am thinking a split system in here and a split system in the bedroom. The rest of the house has really good airflow already. It's a heavily renovated Qld'er11:41
head_victimThe ceilings are 3.5m for starters11:41
head_victimThe bedroom and this study are sort of cut off from the air flow though so if I air con these 2 (the rooms we use most anyway) we should be fine11:41
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