Reaper50435how do I run vmware server01:26
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jasonoI updated and it gave me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/585747/ Can anyone please help me get rid of that?03:40
holsteinjasono: this looks interesting03:56
holsteinmaybe https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+question/13659603:57
holsteinOR http://mytipsandtricson.blogspot.com/2010/12/w-gpg-error-httpppalaunchpadnet.html03:57
jasonoholstein Thank you.04:14
aztekjasono jeneng ne yo....04:15
xAndromedahey um04:18
xAndromedacan somone help me make a partition?04:18
jasonoaztek ?04:19
xAndromedawhen i nstalled ubuntu i made my home folder have its own partiton04:19
xAndromedahow would i unmount that O.o04:19
jasonoxAndromeda Did it show up on the desktop?04:20
xAndromedano as in04:21
xAndromedamy home04:21
xAndromedahas its own partiton04:21
xAndromedahow would i split that partiton04:21
xAndromedainto two partitions04:21
holsteinxAndromeda: get a live CD04:23
holsteinuse Gparted from some live CD04:23
holsteinthats easiest :)04:23
xAndromedagparted is inlcuded in livecd right?04:24
holsteini think so04:25
holsteini use http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/04:25
xAndromedaill try that04:35
restore_f2I added a shortcut using F2 key but now I want to get F2 back to rename files. How can I restore it?04:56
SkrappTest_SSH_DXchat remote ssh from Debian vbox guest on ubuntu 10.04 host.05:39
kristian-aalborganyone tried Ubuntu netinstall versus Debian netinstall? I'm wondering which takes more resources or it's practically the same...06:40
yodromedahey um shouldi  be scared if gparted06:45
yodromedahas been doing shrink for like an hour?06:45
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omgbbqwtf*sob* anybody? :306:48
Cheri703omgbbqwtf: depends on how much shrinking it needs to do06:51
Cheri703lots of factors really06:51
Cheri703shrink = moving things around usually, so can take quite a while06:51
kristian-aalborgit can take forever06:55
kristian-aalborgalso, gparted is not really working on my installation, but it may have been fixed06:55
kristian-aalborgsorry, I thought I was in another distro channel... all my *buntu gparteds are fine07:02
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duanedesignmorning all08:29
r4yIs there a channel for jack control? or?10:11
r4yI like to say thank you to holstein but he is not here10:12
head_victimr4y: I can pass on the thanks and if you're talking about the audio solution "jack" then I think you'll find #jack is it :)10:13
r4yHe recommended going to opensourcemusicians for my problem understand Lightsnake a little better10:13
r4yLOL, OK10:13
head_victimWay to make it hard to find hey :)10:14
r4yI was Googling it but you know how that goes sometimes10:14
head_victimI just did a channel search and found it that way10:15
r4yI should have just tried to join and see if I would be alone10:15
r4yWell with some Networks there are so many channels that Chatzilla takes a while for search results to pop up10:16
r4yThank you10:16
head_victimYou're welcome :)10:17
MrChrisDruifMorning everyone :D I've got a question for a change :P I've got a separate /home partition, but I want to share it between different *buntu's (dual-boot). I mainly want to share the data of the /home (Pictures, Videos etc.): should I convert that /home to a /data?10:18
head_victimOh, holstein is actually in here so by pinging them they should get your thanks when they're next at the computer10:18
MrChrisDruifholstein isn't a member? =-O10:18
head_victimMrChrisDruif: I would have thought as long as they're defined mounts and you were only booting into one at a time there shouldn't be an issue (I'd keep user names the same to make sure) but you could do it the data was as well10:18
MrChrisDruifhead_victim: after reinstalling with the same username (with only one *buntu) I couldn't even load my data :P10:19
r4yAre there any other audio related channels I might want to go to?10:20
r4yI should try alsa to see if that is a channel10:21
r4yIt is10:21
head_victimMrChrisDruif: really, that's weird.10:22
MrChrisDruifI've had this separate /home for a while and reinstalled Ubuntu a few times....when my username is exactly the same as before, I've got no data in my /home (according to Ubuntu)10:24
MrChrisDruifWith some hassle I get it to work, but it's no pick-nick :P10:24
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dany1994Hello, I haave a problem installing Ubuntu 10.1011:26
dany1994Hello. I burned the Ubuntu 10.10 ISO to a CD-R, and it autobooted but it failed to locate the custom-installation files "ubuntu/install/custom-installation". Checking the files of the ISO, there is only 1 file that's in the install folder which was "mt86plus".11:26
dany1994I tried to install Ubuntu via Wubi. The installation went fine and the files got written to the selected Drive. It appears all are there.11:26
dany1994When booting Ubuntu to complete the installation, it said it failed to find the installation iso "ubuntu/install/installation.iso". Checking the files of the drive, inside install is infact "installation.iso" so what in earth is going on?11:26
dany1994I was going to request a CD, but then again - if this is happening with two different kinds of Ubuntu installation, I'm convinced it's Ubuntu being poorly made.11:26
dany1994Many many other people have had the latter problem, and nobody has answered them on the forums.11:26
MrChrisDruifHai dany199411:32
MrChrisDruifdany1994: You manually checked the files on the ISO, but did you check the ISO itself? :)11:32
duanedesignhello dany199411:32
duanedesignand MrChrisDruif  :)11:33
MrChrisDruifHai duanedesign :)11:33
MrChrisDruifdany1994: Are you on Windows? Then you can check the corresponding md5sum (found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes) with winmd5sum11:34
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MrChrisDruifdany1994: Are you still around? Did any of my suggestions help?11:48
downloadSSHHow can I download a file from a remote computer via SSH?13:06
downloadSSH(LAN) not really remote13:06
UndiFineDdownloadSSH, that is done via SCP13:08
downloadSSHUndiFineD: k just need to know the command13:08
UndiFineDscp it is then :)13:08
downloadSSHtks ill try13:09
downloadSSHUndiFineD: scp user@remote:/path/to/file /local/destination13:10
UndiFineDyes, scp source destination13:11
downloadSSHit's not saving13:17
downloadSSHdoes it support ~/13:17
downloadSSHim was downloading from the sv13:18
downloadSSHdone :) thanks for the help13:20
downloadSSHei MrChrisDruif13:30
MrChrisDruifIs ook lekker, maar heb ik niet in huis helaas downloadSSH :)13:31
MrChrisDruifOw, woops..this is *not* the dutch channel >.<13:32
xardas008no not really xD13:32
MrChrisDruifIt isn't xardas008? :P13:33
xardas008but i understand pieces of it even i don't speak dutch xD13:33
downloadSSHhow "sudo dmidecode | more" to a html file?13:33
downloadSSHhow "sudo dmidecode | more  -html > info.html" ?13:34
downloadSSHyep to get system info like lshw13:35
downloadSSHk i did sudo dmidecode | more > info13:36
MrChrisDruifFor putting it in a file you don't need | more right?13:37
downloadSSHlol.. | more is a paramter for dmidecode i think13:37
MrChrisDruifsudo dmidecode > info.html should do it13:37
downloadSSHyeah this time with the .extension13:38
MrChrisDruifI don't know what kind of extension you want :)13:39
MrChrisDruifBut it'll make a text file with the extension you want afaik13:39
downloadSSHjust without is better because dmidecode doesnt format the text to html13:39
downloadSSHMrChrisDruif: do you know what is "shared memory" option in BIOS?13:41
downloadSSHis it graphics card related?13:41
MrChrisDruifI think so, it's what part of the RAM is reserved for your graphics afaik13:42
downloadSSHyeah since im running a server I should remove it :p13:42
downloadSSHwhen I type 1 in TTY it writes "^[[[E1" how can fix it?14:12
downloadSSHsudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup14:20
downloadSSHGeneric 105-key (Intl) PC14:20
duanedesigndownloadSSH: try the command14:26
downloadSSHduanedesign: I am at login prompt in TTY14:35
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AJH101hi - i hover over an mp3 and it does not sound - it used to - am i missing something?!15:04
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r4yWhy does Ubuntu studio have to be a seperate distro15:05
r4ywhy can't it be installable onto ubuntu without becoming ubuntu?15:06
bdfhjk2I look15:06
AJH101it is possible (I believe) to install the studio packages in another distro15:06
AJH101not sure who to ask tho15:06
r4yI am having troubles, but it doesn't matter15:07
r4ytroubles that don't matter15:07
r4yI bought a usb cable called lightsnake15:07
r4ya year ago15:08
r4yI went to somewhere and someone has been trying to get this thing to work15:08
r4yapparently it is mono as well15:08
r4ynot stereo15:08
bdfhjk2cable for what?15:08
r4yusb to guitar or keyboard cable thingy15:09
r4ythe keyboard can only be heard when plugging in headphones to the cable15:09
r4ythe guitar can't be heard15:09
r4yso I guess I need an amp to run this through15:09
r4yThere is another option though15:10
r4yI am asking too soon15:10
r4yI should try somethings first and come back another day and ask15:10
bdfhjk2I haven't 'fast answer'15:11
r4yHe said if I use alsa_in and alsa_out for apps it might make my motherboard sound card and the sound cable in the lightsnake cable to work at the same time15:11
r4ybut I was reading this in fear of trying15:12
r4yI will find linky15:12
r4y5  pages total15:14
r4ythere is also this option I haven't tried yet, but I think I have tried it before15:14
r4yQuote from that link:15:15
r4yI did notice that I could plug in the 1/4" to 1/8" cable into my mic jack and record my guitar without any issue at all...so...these Lightsnakes are a joke.15:15
r4yso that is an option15:15
r4yI want to share this with others so they can think about having ubuntu so that more then one soundcard can be used at the same time15:16
r4ythe problem is though15:16
r4ythese sound cards have different clocks15:17
r4yso there is no way to sinc them15:17
r4yanyways so it is sort of a lost cause I guess15:17
r4yI should try the mic jack I guess15:18
OU812Pictures in Firefox seem pixilated       Is anyone aware of a problem?15:18
r4yI got to go, bye yall.15:18
bdfhjk2OU812 it is confirmed bug15:18
bdfhjk2bye r4y15:18
bdfhjk2OU812 I have the same issue15:19
OU812but no fix   huh15:19
bdfhjk2OU812 not now15:19
TTY_problem"With some keyboard layouts, AltGr is a modifier key used to input some characters, primarily ones that are unusual for the language of the keyboard layout, such as foreign currency symbols and accented letters. These are often printed as an extra symbol on keys."15:26
TTY_problem"AltGr key replacement:"15:26
TTY_problemwhat do I choose then15:26
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TTY_problemchanged the keyboard and now it works.16:44
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xardas008hi stlsaint17:32
stlsaintTrying to get Irc fully setup on tablet17:33
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stlsaintSorry guys for the spam17:34
stlsaintThis is confusing me now17:38
stlsaintNot working to autojoin all channels17:39
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justinepaula1oh wow, this thing works!!18:25
justinepaula1only you?18:26
bdfhjkThere are 76 people reading Your words :-)18:27
justinepaula1why are 76 not responding?18:27
justinepaula1i know almost nothing about linux, maybe I am too slow18:27
charlie-tcaIf all the people in a channel say something everytime someone enters the channel, there would not be room left for problems or discussions.18:29
justinepaula1good poinnt18:29
charlie-tcaWould you really want to see Hello 76 times?18:29
UndiFineDmaybe because 73 are eating or doing other stuff :)18:29
justinepaula1at least there is some one here18:30
justinepaula1i was looking for someone local to help me get started with linux,18:31
UndiFineDand do not worry about the learning curve, we all have been babies, everything after that has been thought18:31
justinepaula1i think youngsters are born knowing this stuff,18:31
UndiFineDno, it is fed, like milk18:32
justinepaula1I barely got my head around c: before it dissapeared18:32
justinepaula1i have seen ubuntu in action, and wow18:33
duanedesignjustinepaula1: where are you?18:33
justinepaula1south africa18:33
ubot2Factoid 'za' not found18:34
justinepaula1i looked there, seems dead18:34
UndiFineDno, we have visitors from there in #ubuntu-nl18:35
johnny77what do I need to install to get add-apt-repository?18:35
UndiFineDduanedesign bug for the webchat18:36
UndiFineDlink should open in a new window18:37
duanedesignjohnny77: maybe python-software-properties18:37
duanedesignUndiFineD: oh  no. it opens in the same window :(18:38
UndiFineDthat is how we lost  justinepaula118:39
johnny77duanedesign: Thanks. There is another way listed, manually adding it. I'm gonna try it.18:39
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kristian-aalborgcan someone help me get these working for the framebuffer?20:54
johnny77How do I remove background image from my grub menu?21:15
old_keyboardIs there a way to show full path (/home/xxx) in "Select custom icon" for shortcuts window?21:50
old_keyboardin this window http://i56.tinypic.com/2vaehqu.png21:53
aveilleuxold_keyboard: Not sure if this is correct, but try hitting CTRL+L21:55
old_keyboardaveilleux: already tried :P21:56
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johnny77How do I remove a background image from my grub menu?22:23
old_keyboardcheck the /etc/default/grub file22:24
johnny77old_keyboard: GRUB_BACKROUND=""22:26
old_keyboardjohnny77: ask in #ubuntu22:26
old_keyboardmore ppl22:26
old_keyboardor is that the solution22:27
johnny77old_keyboard: no, that is what was in my /etc/default/grub file. No background was specified.22:28
old_keyboardmaybe you comment it out22:30
johnny77Why would apt-get not install a new linux kernel?22:52
old_keyboardjohnny77: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:53
old_keyboardor try with force paramtr22:54
johnny77old_keyboard: It seems that sudo apt-get dist-upgrade worked. How is it different from apt-get upgrade?22:59
old_keyboardjohnny77: man apt-get22:59
old_keyboardhave fun reading :)22:59
johnny77My computer boots correctly, but does not show the grub menu. Is there a way to force it to show the grub menu?23:15
yofeljohnny77: comment the HIDDEN lines in /etc/default/grub out23:18
johnny77yofel: thanks23:21
old_keyboardjohnny77: did that work?23:44
old_keyboardor u didnt reboot yet23:44
old_keyboard(bnc) :p23:44
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johnny77old_keyboard: I rebooted about 3 times before I realized that I needed to run update-grub. :) And yes, it did work. Thank you.23:48
old_keyboardhaha :)23:49
old_keyboardjohnny77: thanks to y o f e l23:49
* old_keyboard unhilight23:49
old_keyboardjohnny77: btw if you want to update everything using the terminal just add this to your ~/.bashrc23:52
old_keyboardalias update='sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'23:53
johnny77old_keyboard: ok, thanks.23:53
old_keyboardant to clean23:53
old_keyboardsudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get remove23:53
old_keyboardalias clean='sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get remove'23:54
old_keyboardremoves the packages from cache23:54
old_keyboardand unnecessary apps23:54

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