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MadCow108hm kernel upgrade fails with nvidia: /usr/bin/nvidia-detector KeyError: 'ardour-i686'11:34
MadCow108could this be related with that I activated multiarch?11:35
MadCow108indeed it is :O11:37
MadCow108disabling it makes it work11:37
MadCow108bug 74306711:45
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743067 in nvidia-common (Ubuntu) "kernel upgrade fails when multiarch enabled (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74306711:45
MadCow108ups its a dup of bug 74007211:49
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740072 in python-apt (Ubuntu) "apt.Cache.__iter__ breaks when multiarch is enabled (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74007211:49
duanedesignMadCow108: if so, do you have a moment to mark 743067 a dupe of 740072?11:56
MadCow108I already did11:57
MadCow108should have checked before reporting :/12:00
duanedesignno worries. Just great you are reporting them12:01
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bolsterWhat do people think of this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/742999 I'm tempted to mark it as invalid12:10
ubot4`Launchpad bug 742999 in ubuntu "Kubuntu performance get's really bad after awhile (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Opinion]12:10
RedSingularityvish: Good morning, (well in NY anyway.)  I got an email saying my bugsquad mentorship is about to expire and I should contact you.  Can you take care of that for me?12:43
vishRedSingularity: hey.. you are all set now.. :)13:26
RedSingularityvish: thanks!13:26
simarhello all..13:39
simarregarding the bug #673556, how can detect right click on tab of a notebook container widget in pygtk..13:40
ubot4`Launchpad bug 673556 in clicompanion "tabs should be renameable (affects: 1) (heat: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67355613:40
thekornsimar: hi, you have to add a gtk.Eventbox to the tab, and connect to the "button_press_event" of this event box13:54
simarthekorn, hmm thanks a lot.. do you have some code to pastebin it ... that will give me a feel on how to use it..13:55
simarthekorn, i'm still a beginner in this field13:55
thekornsimar: hmm, let me try to remember a project which is using something similar13:58
thekornI guess terminator, let me have a look13:58
simarthekorn, gnome .. terminal13:58
simarthekorn, i have another link of such issue http://www.daa.com.au/pipermail/pygtk/2005-June/010604.html13:59
thekornyeah, but gnome terminal is not python ;)13:59
thekornsimar: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gnome-terminator/terminator/trunk/view/head:/terminatorlib/notebook.py#L21414:01
* vish wonders if duanedesign's ears are burning now ;)14:01
duanedesign<.<  >.>14:02
vishduanedesign: folks talking about clicompanion :)14:02
thekornAnd now! tell me: what's this clicompanion??14:02
duanedesignvish: in #ubuntu-bugs, i am shocked. That app has no bugs :)14:02
vishyea, wishlists are not bugs ;)14:03
charlie-tcavish: I am thinking about the mentor program.14:03
duanedesignthekorn: it is a terminal that lets you store commands in a 'command dictionary'14:03
vishcharlie-tca: cool!14:03
thekornduanedesign: okidoki14:04
charlie-tcavish: why do we have to remove/disapprove mentees in the main launchpad team if they go to team A? They are still mentees14:04
charlie-tcavish: Can't they be a member of both teams?14:04
charlie-tcathis bothered me every time I see it in my emails14:05
simarvish, hello14:05
vishcharlie-tca: right now, they can only apply for membership in the main team, we could approve them into that team, but it gets confusing who is where, as in, who is assigned to a single mentor and who is in the class14:05
vishsimar: hey14:05
charlie-tcavish: oh! I will think some more and see what else I can suggest then.14:06
thekornduanedesign: wow, that's handy14:06
vishsure :)14:07
thekorngreat toll for newcomers14:07
simarvish, i'm finally thinking in some other direction from xserver-xorg-input-synaptics ..14:08
simarvish, all the bugs there (that are fixable) were from kernel issue..14:09
vishheh, kernel is a huge pile, i wonder if we can ever get all kernel bugs triaged :D14:09
zeroseven0183Hi BugSquad! Can anyone verify if this item should be Wishlist? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+bug/65817414:10
ubot4`Launchpad bug 658174 in ubuntu-tweak "meerkat maverick update results in desktop icon dissappearance, lack of access to view home folder or data files & has constant hourglass (affects: 1) (heat: 3)" [Undecided,New]14:10
* charlie-tca actually believes it will be possible to get all kernel bugs triaged someday.14:13
simarvish,   ya really .. now i'm feelig a bit easy with gtk14:16
duanedesignthekorn: the next release is going to be great. You will be able to toggle on and off all the controls. So when not using your 'command list' it will look and feel much a  like gnome-terminal14:19
thekornduanedesign: cool14:25
thekornduanedesign: may I ask you a question: what's the reason for developing this as a standalone application, and not as a plugin to an existing terminal (like terminator)?14:26
thekornjust out of curiosity14:26
duanedesignthekorn: it started just as learning project when I wanted to learn GTK. When i packaged it quite a few people liked it so I continued developing it14:28
thekornduanedesign: ah ok, nice14:33
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penguin42can someone set bug 743183 to Triaged and low ?17:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743183 in ps2eps (Ubuntu) "`ps2eps --help` misses a "\n" (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74318317:46
njinHello to all, could someone set importance low to bug 743070 for me. Thanks19:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743070 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity sets wrong computer's name (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74307019:46
charlie-tcaDo you have an alternate naming idea? This one was also because of a bug19:49
charlie-tcaThe name must be unique for every computer, even if a family has 10 or twelve to install ubuntu on.19:50
* charlie-tca thinks this should be brought on a mailing list, instead of a bug this time.19:51
charlie-tcaThis does apply to that bug:19:52
penguin42charlie-tca: Are you sure? I think the problem with that bug was the use of 'System-Product-Name' where it sounded like it should have actually been substituted by something, but it wasn't clear what19:56
charlie-tcaI read it as the name given is not what the reporter wants it to be, thus it is wrong.19:57
charlie-tcaand I read njin's comment the same.19:57
charlie-tcais "christian-System-Product-Name", so it seems to be %username%-%hostname%19:58
njinmine could be nnjin-k8nf4g19:59
charlie-tcaapparently refers to the username/hostname in those places, which is not a bug, but a feature19:59
charlie-tcathis is requesting a change in how the names are generated, is it not?19:59
charlie-tcaThat is a change to the defaults, which needs discussion on a ML, then.20:00
penguin42charlie-tca: Oh OK I was reading it as they'd actually retrieved the exact phrase 'System-Product-Name' from somewhere20:01
yofelit would've been nice if the reporter had said what his actual hostname is...20:01
charlie-tcano, none of my installs ever use that. They have different things in place of those, which leads me to believe the reporter used those as place holders20:02
charlie-tcaand, yes, I do a LOT of installs20:02
penguin42charlie-tca: Oh I can see what it is20:02
penguin42charlie-tca: It's using a DMI field; in his log is the phrase 'DMI: System manufacturer System Product Name/M4N68T-M, BIOS 0401' - I bet it's hoping to see something like HP or Apple etc20:03
charlie-tcaThat came about because a bug was filed to change from using "ubuntu"20:03
charlie-tcasince if you install on more than one computer, they all had the same name20:03
charlie-tcaThe way it is now, every system you install on gets a unique name, without changing anything20:03
penguin42charlie-tca: I don't think it is making it unique; I think it's just trying to use the system model20:04
charlie-tcathey are unique. two systems side-by-side here get different names, as do two virtualbox installs run at the same time on the same hardware20:05
charlie-tcain the past, every install got the same exact name by default20:05
penguin42charlie-tca: on those virtual box'es can you show me the dmidecode output of the System Information?20:05
charlie-tcawhat does that have to do with the name given the install?20:06
penguin42charlie-tca: Because I'm fairly sure from his logs it's using username-dmifield20:06
penguin42charlie-tca: And on his machine one of those fields has the exact phrase 'System Product Name'20:06
penguin42charlie-tca: Look at the UbiquitySyslog attached to the bug, there is the DMI line that says 'Mar 26 11:41:04 ubuntu kernel: [    0.000000] DMI: System manufacturer System Product Name/M4N68T-M, BIOS 0401    12/07/2009'20:07
penguin42charlie-tca: And in njin's name it's getting the k8nf4g from that field20:07
charlie-tcathen ask the reporter for the exact name he gets20:08
charlie-tcaDoes njin have more than one computer giving that name?20:08
penguin42charlie-tca: That's my point - he's already put it in there; his reprot says "christian-System-Product-Name" which is exactly what it'll get from his DMI info20:08
charlie-tcaokay, fine20:08
charlie-tcago ahead and mark it then20:08
charlie-tcaAs far as I am concerned, it is not valid20:09
njincharlie-tca, no i've just one pc with the k8nf4g motherboard20:09
penguin42charlie-tca: It's kind of valid and I'd agree it needs discussion on a list; the problem is that it's getting the unique name from BIOS info that it's expecting to be short and understandable but it's not in motherboards when you buy the motherboards individually20:11
penguin42let me add a comment20:12
penguin42does the installer ask the user for a name these days or was that removed?20:14
charlie-tcaeverytime, yes20:15
charlie-tcaIf they don't like the name generated, it really is easy to change20:15
penguin42ok, so this is just the default value that's easy to change?20:15
* penguin42 remembers a couple of releases a go the box was removed from the installer20:15
charlie-tcakind of a little box, first enter the user, then enter the "name of this computer", then enter the password20:18
penguin42and the 'name of the computer' is filled with the stuff he's talking about in this bug?20:19
* penguin42 really should try a fresh install, not done one for ages20:19
* charlie-tca does at least one a day, many times 4 or more in a day20:20
penguin42charlie-tca: In that case I'd suggest either a low or an invalid with a 'It's only a suggestion'; I'm not sure what the fix would be to validate the bios returned name, I could see an argument that said to limit it to say 10 characters20:20
njinpenguin42: good.20:21
charlie-tcaI think that is what I said a long time ago already20:21
penguin42charlie-tca: But with the wrong logic :-20:22
charlie-tcaReally?, I am sorry for being stubborn, then20:22
charlie-tcaI don't get the words right, for some reason. I just know what I see everytime, I guess.20:23
* charlie-tca has to be more patient20:23
penguin42charlie-tca: Just the fact he really had said exactly the text that ubiquity had given him20:23
charlie-tcaI see. but he can just type any name he wants in there20:24
penguin42charlie-tca: Yeh - I've got to agree with him that on his machine the name that was created was meaningless and didn't look as if it was a randomised number20:24
njinso better don't propose nothing and ask to inser one.20:25
charlie-tcabut it is unique to the machine20:25
charlie-tcaAll you have to do is type the name you prefer. The default is trying to be as unique as possible without getting too complicated.20:26
* charlie-tca does change the name, most of the installs.20:26
penguin42charlie-tca: No! It's not unique20:27
penguin42charlie-tca: If he took two of those motherboards and installed with the same user it would give the same result20:27
njinwell we know everythings of the installer, but a normal user ?, I think is better to request a name for the pc, imho.20:27
charlie-tcamore unique than when the name was "ubuntu" on every install?20:27
penguin42charlie-tca: Agreed, more unique20:27
charlie-tcanjin: the title of the box is "Name of this computer: "20:28
penguin42charlie-tca: Mac's use something like username-computer20:28
charlie-tcaIsn't that so you can type a name in?20:28
charlie-tcaUbuntu is using username- , grabbing the username from the first entry on the page20:28
penguin42charlie-tca: I think the mistake here is assuming a BIOS generated field will be sane; it's a good idea and I can see having something like 'Daves-macbook' automatically will work nicely20:29
charlie-tcawhich is as unique as the user, isn't it?20:29
penguin42charlie-tca: Yeh so the username bit is unique, the otherbit is not20:29
charlie-tcaif the username is unique, the name has to be?20:29
charlie-tca\the actual names uses are "username-you-entered dash something "20:30
penguin42charlie-tca: OK, so it is assuming this is a family type setup with Mum's computer and Dad's computer and Son's computer etc20:30
charlie-tcausername is the first name as the user entered it20:30
charlie-tcauser enters full name, then username20:30
penguin42charlie-tca: If you have two of the same model of machine and you create the user 'charlie' on both of them they'll get the same suggested name20:30
charlie-tcathat is the first word of the computer name20:31
charlie-tcayes, if I am the same user on both machines20:31
penguin42charlie-tca: Which I don't think is necessarily too bad a thing as long as the machine name is sane; although I think Macs use avahi to negotiate for uniqueness20:32
charlie-tcaStill leaves this bug as invalid, though20:32
penguin42charlie-tca: It's trusting a BIOS field to get a sane value20:32
penguin42charlie-tca: It could validly be argued that some form of sanity check would be good20:33
charlie-tcaWe haven't opened any ports to the outside at that point of the install20:33
* charlie-tca will keep working on trying to get explanations correctly worded.20:46
* penguin42 gives the installer a go in kvm20:47
penguin42In KVM you get username-virtual-machine as the suggestion20:52
charlie-tcais it changable?20:53
penguin42yep, trivially20:54
charlie-tcaBut any generated name is better than no name, which really messes things up after the installation20:55
* penguin42 bets we'll see some wacky examples come out of it; the idea of that field is that a manufacturer fills in the field when they put the motherboard in the machines but most small places don't bother20:57
charlie-tcaeven if the only name used was the user name, at least something gets there20:57
charlie-tcawhich reminds me, I got 5 installs to run yet today20:58
penguin42yeh I'm more worried about if the field contains something really really stupid and long20:58
charlie-tcaAs long it is changable, it shouldn't matter much.20:59
charlie-tcaMost new users don't care what name goes there21:00
penguin42hmm well that install wasn't great - the desktop just gave me a minimal panel at the bottom21:02
penguin42classic works though21:03
charlie-tcano argument on that. The finished product can be more than a little frustrating21:13
RcartHello. In this bug 743112 the reporter has changed the status, importance and assigned to himself. I should mark it as incomplete (is not in English, needs translation) and ask the reporter to not change the status? How do you deal with this kind of reports (reporters)?22:59
ubot4`Launchpad bug 743112 in yagolands "Non consente di costruire un edificio ma solo di ampliarlo! (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74311222:59
RcartForget it please, the reporter is the package maintainer :X23:01
yofelRcart: that's not a bug in ubuntu either, so offtopic here23:01
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