AlanBellI think my streaming twitter client might be working00:00
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duanedesignmorning all08:30
duanedesignAlanBell: ping09:52
czajkowskiduanedesign: he's gone to london to an event10:20
czajkowskipossibly online later from it10:20
duanedesignthanks czajkowski10:22
duanedesigndoing ok today?10:22
czajkowskiyeah not bad, back is still driving me insane with pain10:23
duanedesigni had a bad episode when we got a lot of snow here about 6 weeks ago10:23
duanedesigni was helping to push a neighbors car10:23
duanedesignohhh, that is the worst kinda pain10:24
duanedesignhad trouble even sleeping10:24
czajkowskifor those interested in documentation10:24
duanedesignczajkowski: hope yous gets to feeling better10:24
czajkowskime too10:24
AlanBellhi duanedesign10:59
duanedesignAlanBell: i was looking for that CouchDB page we were talking about the other day.11:27
AlanBellwhat page was that then?11:27
duanedesignAlanBell: sorry, that was a bit vague11:29
duanedesignAlanBell: for accessing realtime data11:29
AlanBellthe _changes API11:30
duanedesignAlanBell: thank you alan. I will be sure to bookmark it this time :)11:32
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nigelbIs my IRC broken or are all the channels I'm no without activity?16:57
pleia2sshhh, I'm trying to sleep17:05
nigelbOh, it isn't broke!17:05
* jussi rubs eyes17:14
nigelboh yay17:16
nigelbjussi is back!17:16
nigelbjussi: good trip? :)17:17
* jussi hides17:17
jussinigelb: wasnt bad.17:18
nigelbjussi: :)17:18
jussioh cripes, everyone wants me17:42
nigelbjussi: we all missed you :)17:49
nigelbkim0: Wonderful work on the cloud days, lovely sessions (/me just caught up with them)17:58
kim0nigelb: enjoy :)17:58
kim0and thanks17:58
* kim0 mostly afk17:58
nigelbheh, that was for you to respond on Monday17:58
nigelbbut I seem to have summoned you :P17:58

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