ixxvilanyone using NAS at a home setup00:31
ixxvilplanning to build one00:31
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cdbsAnyone around who could add me to gnome3-team?12:36
cdbsweekends suck :(12:36
cdbsLooks like gtk3-engines needs to be copied from the old gnome3 ppa to the new ones, so that we can rebuild gnome-themes and upload gnome-themes-standard12:37
ricotzcdbs, did test it? btw gnome-themes-standard is in natty13:03
cdbsricotz: I mean 2.91.* version of g-t-standard13:03
cdbsthe one which contains Adwaita13:04
cdbsoh, its there already!13:04
ricotzcdbs, yes, this is in natty13:04
cdbsricotz: But I can't find Adwaita in it, in which upstream package does it come?13:05
ricotzcdbs, it is in included there13:07
cdbsricotz: oh nice!13:07
cdbsblame apt-file for the mess :(13:08
cdbsricotz: BTW, is it okay to add PPA and upgrade all packages? Any known inconsistencies yet?13:09
kklimondacdbs: it will break unity13:10
cdbskklimonda: yeah, I had one breakage a few days ago, but I thought that was due to half-upgraded packages13:11
ricotzcdbs, be careful doing that ;)13:11
cdbskklimonda: maybe gnome-settings-daemon is to blame for that13:11
kklimondacdbs: there was a problem with g-s-d but I think rodrigo has uploaded a newer version that works fine. But it's still not a seamless update13:12
cdbslets give it a try! :)13:12
kklimondaand ppa-purge doesn't purge it successfully so you have to downgrade few package when you are done with testing g-s (did I mention you can't use old gnome and unity with it? ;))13:12
* cdbs had tried adding PPA and installing g-s a few days ago13:13
kklimondait's really unstable :/13:13
kklimondaat least it was for me13:13
cdbswell, from my previous experience, I know enough of what breaks and what doesn't, so I'll try13:13
cdbskklimonda: well, you can't load unity? I think it loads, but with a really bad theme13:14
cdbsenough to open a terminal and downgrade packages13:14
kklimondacdbs: it loads, but without any theme, and with some graphical artifacts..13:14
kklimondasure, enough to downgrade package - but you can't have both g-s and unity at this time13:14
kklimonda(makes it harder to compare both)13:15
wzssyqahello , I am YunQiang Su, i want to join gnome3 team, now i am maintaining several packages on debian18:08
wzssyqacan you help me?18:08
nigelbwzssyqa: I think you'll have better luck Monday to Friday, developers tend to take a break around weekends18:09
wzssyqanigelb: thx,18:10
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