psusicjwatson, oh man.. I don't know how the hell that happened, but dmraid failed to build because somehow DP() got changed to Dp() the last time I refreshed that patch.  I need to bump the package rev and propose another merge don't I?01:19
cjwatsonpsusi: nope, I beat you to it and fixed it already :)01:20
psusiheh, cool... I can't believe that happened...01:20
cjwatsonah well01:20
cjwatsonI ought to have build-tested before upload01:21
psusiI literally typed in the opening while() { and then just highlighted that whole block and ran indent-region and appended the }... nothing should have changed except the indent there...01:24
psusicjwatson, I've also tracked down that raid10 problem... we have a patch to parted that tries to identify the partition devices and omit them, but it does so by looking to see if the dm device has another dm device as a target, which is also true for the main raid10 device.  I think I can fix it by modifying the patch to actually look at the target, make sure it is only one target, and that it is a linear mapping, and THAT should only be true for a part01:27
psusiition device.  Is that something that can still get in this cycle if I get it done this weekend?01:27
cjwatsonpsusi: I'd have to look at the patch, but yeah, I recognise the problem; I expect this weekend should be fine, as the archive will reopen for a period of a bit over a week after beta-101:29
psusioh wait, that would unhide the main raid10 device, but you also want to hide the lower level raid0 devices it is built on instead... so I guess that idea doesn't fully address it... maybe have to let this one go for next cycle and see where this discussion I got going about changing the uuid prefix to flag devices as internal or partition vs "disk" goes...01:30
cjwatsonit's certainly in principle possible to follow the whole dm chain up with just libm01:30
cjwatsonwhether you want to bother is another question, and I expect it would mean grovelling around in /dev/mapper beyond just the device the user asked for01:31
psusiright, but I don't think parted should be guessing about whether a given device is internal or intended to be partitioned and used like a disk... I think dmraid/lvm/whatever should explicitly indicate that01:31
psusilvm snapshots also create a few internal devices that you don't want showing up in things like parted, and so does pvmove01:33
psusicjwatson, say, I thought when a build failed, it got stuck in the upload queue and to re-upload it you had to bump the revision?01:38
cjwatsonI did bump the revision01:39
psusistrange... bugs were closed saying 4.1-ubuntu2, lp page says last upload was 4.1-ubuntu3, but current natty rev is 4.1-ubuntu201:41
cjwatsonsource uploads close bugs01:42
cjwatson1.0.0.rc16-4.1ubuntu3 is working its way through but has not been published yet01:42
cjwatsoneverything is functioning normally; there is no cause for concern01:43
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zubin71hello everyone, is there any kind of an apt-get hack which can get me a listing of deb packages(in the ubuntu repo, of course) written in C?03:10
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cjwatsonFYI, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-March/032789.html10:40
sven777does keybuk ever come around anymore?11:56
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directhexNCommander, ping12:54
directhexNCommander, try installing libmono-addins0.2-cil from debian experimental to fix breakage of apps like banshee on mono 2.1012:55
c2tarunhow can I check whether a pacakge is in universe or multiverse?13:14
kklimondaapt-cache show, apt-cache policy will tell you, apt-cache showpkg13:15
c2tarunkklimonda: some packages on this ftbfs tracker are not ftbfs http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi how come?13:19
kklimondac2tarun: maybe they've already been fixed by someone?13:19
c2tarunkklimonda: fixed and uploaded by same version number??13:20
c2tarunkklimonda: for example check package elektra its versio in tracker and in archive is same, and the one in archive build successfully on natty13:21
kklimondac2tarun: a package can fail to build because of problems in other packages, in this case you can just retry a build when the other package is fixed.13:21
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c2tarunif a package is not following any packaging system or patching system, its just an ubuntu application how can we create a patch for it?13:57
thekornc2tarun: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/package_name; cd package_name; "do your changes"; bzr diff > yourpatch.patch14:10
c2tarunthekorn: that package is not on lp I think, but ya diff will do :) thanks14:42
c2tarunwhat is meaning of 1.0 in debian/source/format file?14:49
directhexc2tarun, debian source fomat 1.014:49
directhexman dpkg-source14:50
c2tarundirecthex: how to  apply a patch in this case, quilt push -a is not working :(14:51
directhexc2tarun, did you export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches?14:51
c2tarunoops ... sorry its and ec2 machine I forgot :(14:52
directhexc2tarun, you need to integrate quilt into debian/rules yourself if it's debsrc 1. depends on the debhelper compat version as to how14:52
ScottKdirecthex: However if Debian doesn't use a patch system we generally discourage adding one in Ubuntu.14:53
directhexi assumed there was one already, given the talk of qult14:54
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c2taruncan anyone please help me with this error http://paste.kde.org/8149/16:56
Laneydoes that file exist?16:59
c2tarunLaney: error se no  and I check in previous version's manual folder there is no such file17:01
c2tarunLaney: ping17:08
LaneyI don't know17:09
Laneyyou should find out why it's not there17:09
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op_ampThis might be OT but I need an answer for this ques. Previously, I worked on a project,written in python mostly. In that I used to directly modify the code in the installation director and check after running20:43
op_ampBut, what if whole project is written in c++ and wxwidgets? Then will I need to modify the source first, built it(takes time :() and then after installing see the code change effect20:44
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Gulfstreamis it possible for someone who learned to program with VB to help develop Ubuntu?23:23
bregmaGulfstream, absolutely, VB skills are transferable to, say, Python23:33
ScottKGulfstream: Yes.  You'll need to be ready to learn new things but much of the development work does not require complex programming.23:33
ohsixsmegma D:23:34
ohsixoops, wrong channel for such shenanigans23:34
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