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airurandogood to see UH Limerick venue is confirmed.08:44
airurandowhoo indeed08:47
airurandohopefully get the details from infoturtle later and get the event set up on the LoCo Directory.08:48
czajkowskiI'll be online on the saturday08:49
czajkowskiso an help08:49
airurandolooking forward to it08:51
airurandoalthough will miss munster vs leinster in Limerick08:52
airurandothe things I do for Ubuntu08:52
czajkowskishall have to watch it stramed08:52
airurandodidn't get to use magners league season ticket once this year08:53
czajkowskiI guess somtimes that's just the way it's going to fall08:53
czajkowskiI might be flying home on the saturday night08:53
czajkowskiStill not sure08:53
airurandobusiness or pleasure?08:53
czajkowskimothers day08:54
airurandooh yeah08:54
airurandoI took both sat and sun off next weekend tor both UGJ and mothers day.08:55
thethomaseffecthello hello, been way too long since I last logged on :O17:03
thethomaseffectairurando: ping22:46
airurandothethomaseffect: hi22:50
airurandowhat can I do for you?22:50
thethomaseffectairurando, was thinking of throwing together a more modern theme for the ubuntu-ie tonight, are all the graphics on the ubuntu.org website free or would i have to design from scratch?22:51
airurandothethomaseffect, I'm not the best guy to talk to on this.22:52
airurandoas far as I am aware infoturtle is working on the website.22:53
airurandofor the ubuntu-ie.org website I believe the best way forward is with the new ubuntu logo22:54
thethomaseffectAh okay, cheers22:54
thethomaseffectyeah the colors aren't exactly up to date and the images are a big low res, the UK site looks great so we should really have something similar22:55
thethomaseffectIt wouldn't be a big job so I could just whip something together a drop a demo in the mailing list?22:56
airurandothethomaseffect,  yes, your views are exactly in line with mine.22:58
airurandoI strongly suggest you chat with infoturtle22:58
thethomaseffectany idea when they'll be on?22:58
airurandoalso suggest you attend the next IRC meeting22:58
airurandoits a bit hit and miss with infoturtle.22:59
thethomaseffectwill do, shall set a reminder in google calendar now22:59
airurandousually he is on here at night22:59
airurandothethomaseffect: where are you based?23:00
thethomaseffectGalway right now, for the next five weeks anyways23:00
airurandojust to let you know23:00
airurandoUbuntu Global Jam is next weekend23:01
airurandothere will be events in Limerick and Dublin next Saturday.23:01
airurandoIf you could attend either that would be great23:01
airurandoface to face meeting is best for discussing ideas23:02
thethomaseffectSaw that, but unfortunately so is mothers day and I have a project due the monday after, it's already killing my time to head home :(23:02
airurandoyeah, life takes priority. :)23:03
thethomaseffectIt's a shame, I couldn't go for some reason last year as well :(23:03
airurandonot to worry, they run twice a year.  In line with the release cycle.23:04
airurandoabout a month before each release.23:04
thethomaseffectI'll defo attend the next one, it's well overdue23:05
airurandoI definitely encourage you to follow up on your website ideas with infoturtle and at the next IRC meeting.23:05
thethomaseffecttrying to get a bit more active in the ubuntu community, hoping to be skilled enough to do something big for Google summer of code 201223:06
airurandoIf you can get a chance go to an Ubuntu Hour in limerick also.  infoturtle is at those.23:06
thethomaseffectit's such a small job i'll have something of a prototype done by Monday at the least23:07
airurandothethomaseffect: great stuff.23:07
thethomaseffectYeah there's an idea, I have friends I've been meaning to visit down in Limerick anyways :)23:07
airurandoKeep in touch here on IRC23:07
airurandokeep up to date with happenings on ubuntu-ie.org23:08
airurandoand on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie23:09
thethomaseffectI should be idleing here pretty much 24/7 for the summer, hoping to work with wordpress for summer of code, had never bothered installing an IRc client in windoze till today23:09
airurandonice talking to you.23:10
thethomaseffectyeah same :)23:10
airurandoreally hope the website gets a facelift soon with your help. :)23:10
airurandothethomaseffect: when you get a mockup together definitely do send a link to the list.23:13
thethomaseffectairurando:  I think it' important that the site doesn't look alien when compared with official stuff so it's going to be pretty similer to the ubuntu.org site. Though if I can I'll work in some rich purple. I love purple :)23:14
airurandopurple is nice but orange is better.23:16
thethomaseffectI always like to have two projects on the go at any time, so if i get sick of one I can do some of the other for a while. Drupal stuff is so so nice compared to bloody OO programming23:16
airurandoyou are right of course.23:16
thethomaseffectairurando:  Both is nicest http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/23:17
airurandothethomaseffect: another person I strongly suggest you talk to in relation to this is czajkowski.23:18
airurandoczajkowski is heavily involved with the ubuntu community and a member of the irish team.23:19
thethomaseffectairurando:  I would have done but she is away, have talked to ebel on stuff like this before also23:19
airurandoI value her opinion highly.23:20
airurandowhat did ebel say?23:20
thethomaseffectI mentioned something like this at a LoCo meeting about a year back and got the go ahead but then my free time took a nosedive and then i sort of forgot about it  to be honest23:21
thethomaseffectebel gave me admin access on the site at the time, i fixed something with the capcha if my memory serves well23:22
airurandomust admit I'm not the best with the technicalities23:23
airurandoI know we are trying to get the site transferred to blacknight which will give us better wiggle room with format.23:23
thethomaseffectI'm 99% certain the site isn't running the latest version of drupal, since i installed drupal 7 a few hours ago and the administration is a lot more like wordpress, so an upgrade might be an idea also (Which I could do, i'll mention it at the next IRC meeting)23:26
thethomaseffectblacknight are meant to be a great host23:26
czajkowskiyou rang23:27
airurandofrom my limited knowledge you are dead right about the drupal thing23:27
airurandohi czajkowski23:27
airurandocan I introduce thethomaseffect.23:27
czajkowskithethomaseffect: howdy23:28
airurandoczajkowski I reckon you'd be better able to guide thethomaseffect. :)23:28
thethomaseffectczajkowski:  Hallo, it's johnnycbad, only just realized I'm using a different IRC nick! my bad!23:29
czajkowskiah ok how can I help23:29
czajkowskiahhhh howdy23:29
czajkowskihows college going23:29
thethomaseffect*facepalm* :D23:29
airurandoah indeed23:29
thethomaseffectGreat acually, only about 2 weeks left now, have a really good lecturer who's given us some cool challenging projects this semester23:30
thethomaseffecthow's the new job overseas?23:30
czajkowskigood thanks23:31
czajkowskijust in from dinner23:31
czajkowskiso heading to bed23:31
czajkowskiwhat was I being poked about?23:31
thethomaseffectairurando:  Sorry I never mentioned, only just realized and thought you'd all forgotten about me :D23:31
thethomaseffectczajkowski:  Was going to throw together an updated theme for the ubuntu-ie website tonight23:32
thethomaseffectczajkowski:  also, does drupal need upgrading because i wouldn't mind doing that in the next week or so23:32
thethomaseffectit might be counter productive making a theme for a legecy version23:33
czajkowskiah ok23:33
czajkowskiwell you should have the pwd still23:33
thethomaseffectyeah i still have all the permissions i need23:34
thethomaseffecti'll get cracking on that so!23:35
airurandonight thethomaseffect23:42
airurandonight czajkowski23:42
thethomaseffectI'm not going :P23:44

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