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paultagmhall119: I can't believe I clicked that link04:15
paultagI'm having the worst fscking night 04:15
paultagmhall119: this is the kind of night I'm having -- http://pastebin.com/ZXmn1WZV04:23
paultagat least it's solved the ftbfs04:24
paultagand a buildball, cool.04:28
YoBoYgood morning08:26
czajkowskifor those interested in documentation 10:26
daker_good morning11:50
daker_who's going to turn off the lights tonight ?11:50
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Ddordadaker_: i did yesterday12:41
cjohnstonmhall119: ready?12:41
nigelbcjohnston: what's special?12:42
cjohnstonBirthday party12:42
nigelbcjohnston: Oh, Paige?12:42
cjohnstonI think we should put it in LD since there will be three ubuntu members12:44
nigelbyou, mike and michelle?12:46
mhall119cjohnston: packing the cooler12:56
cjohnstonmhall119: i need a nap13:00
nigelbmhall119: picnic? :)13:12
mhall119nigelb: yup13:13
mhall119cjohnston: it's only gonna get worse13:13
nigelbmhall119: Jealous :P13:13
mhall119nigelb: Quinn wanted his birthday party at http://www.dinosaurworld.com/13:13
nigelbmhall119: NICE :)13:14
mhall119woohoo, 100 registered jammers!13:29
DdordaYoBoY: around?18:42
* mhall119 tired21:53
YoBoYDdorda: yes ?22:12
DdordaYoBoY: my gransma want to buy a french Ubuntu handbook22:14
Ddordasince you're the only french person i know using Ubuntu, i hoped you may know22:14
Ddordawhere can i get onwe22:15
DdordaNB: isn;t my grandma awesome?22:15
YoBoYSimple comme Ubuntu22:15
Ronniemy grandma has the dutch version :D22:15
YoBoYyes she's awesome :)22:15
YoBoYof Simple comme Ubuntu ? impossible, it's a french book only ^^"22:16
YoBoYshe can also download it, or apt-get it :D22:16
DdordaYoBoY: apt-get it? :O22:17
YoBoYyes :D22:17
YoBoYpackage simplecommeubuntu22:18
DdordaYoBoY: comme = how?22:19
YoBoYmore "like"22:20
YoBoYSimple like Ubuntu22:20
YoBoYor as ubuntu... 22:20
YoBoYi'm not really good with translations :p22:20
DdordaYoBoY: i see.22:20
Ddordayes, i understand22:21
Ddordalike come in italian22:21
Ddordaokay, thank you22:22
YoBoYyou're welcome :)22:23
YoBoYin our french live CD this book is installed by default and a link is on the desktop22:25
DdordaYoBoY: sounds like fun :P22:25
DdordaI wonder when we will have such thing22:25
Ddordag2g, need to backup my hdd22:25
Ddordawhich is just about to die, fun!22:25
YoBoYok :)22:26
Ddordaand thanks again22:26
YoBoYtanks the author it's didrocks 22:26

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