zkriesseApparently I missed a meeting eh?03:39
godbykzkriesse: Nope, hasn't happened yet.03:42
godbykIt'll happen at Saturday at 20:00 UTC.03:42
zkriessejasono: was asking me if it did is why03:42
jasonosorry zkriesse I got the days mixed up.03:43
godbykNo problem. :)03:43
zkriesseit's cool03:43
zkriesseOk, have to run03:43
jasonoI  was freaking out for no reason then!03:43
godbykBetter to be a day early than a day late, right?03:43
zkriesseTrying to put in job apps03:43
jasonogodbyk I guess. Do you know who won the election by any chance? ;)03:43
godbykjasono: Election?  For the editor-in-chief and project leader positions?03:44
godbykWe will be voting on that during the meeting.03:44
jasonozkriesse Interesting that you leave every time I'm done speaking to you.03:44
jasonogodbyk Yes03:44
zkriesseLol sorry bro but it just happens i guess03:44
jasonogodbyk Oh :(03:44
=== nisshh_linux is now known as nisshh
MichealHHi all10:20
MichealHThe meeting is at... 8:00 PM UTC?10:21
InfosoftHey everyone! Who is responsible for ubuntu-manual.org translations coordination?11:25
hannieIs this url ok?19:57
hannieServer not found19:57
c7p1it doesn't work for me19:57
c7p1check the above link19:57
popeyworks for me19:57
hannieok, thanks19:57
c7p1due to technical issues i think we will use the ietherpad link which is accessible to everyone (until now)19:59
hanniebtw, good evening everybody20:00
c7p1hello all, meeting will start within the next 10 minutes20:01
hannieIn the meantime I'll read info Fosburgh20:02
godbykWe'll be starting the meeting in just a few minutes.20:02
godbyk(We like to give a few minutes for the stragglers to arrive.)20:02
godbykIf you'd like, you can read the meeting agenda here: http://ietherpad.com/UbuntuManualMeetingMarch2011-220:03
godbykYou can also start looking at the emails and resumes we received from the 'job' applicants here: http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/20:03
godbykHello, daker and hannie.20:03
shrinihello godbyk20:03
shrinihello c7p120:04
dakerhello godbyk c7p1 shrini hannie popey20:04
shrinihappy to see you all after a long time20:04
hanniedaker, hello20:04
MichealHSorry I'm a little late o/20:06
MichealHWhat have I missed?20:06
godbykMichealH: Nothing yet. We'll be starting in just a couple minutes.20:06
MichealHgodbyk, Okies20:06
dakerEarth Hour in 30min ツ who's going to turn off the lights ?20:08
godbykdaker: Well, it's the middle of the afternoon here, so it wouldn't help much. :)20:08
MichealHI hopefull will If my sister lets me  :P20:08
hannieTonight we loose one hour here (summertime)20:09
c7p1let the computer screen light your room !20:09
beginershrini ya just got me20:09
godbykhannie: We started summer time a couple weeks ago.20:09
dakergodbyk, shutdown your servers :D20:09
MichealHOh yeah, its BST for me tommorow20:09
godbykdaker: Never! ;-)20:09
godbykOkay, I think we can get started now.20:10
MootBotMeeting started at 15:10. The chair is godbyk.20:10
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:10
godbykHello, MootBot, my old friend.20:10
MichealHHi o/20:10
godbyk[TOPIC] Discuss turning the 'project leader' role into a marketing and recuiting team role.20:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Discuss turning the 'project leader' role into a marketing and recuiting team role.20:10
c7p1before all agenda http://ietherpad.com/UbuntuManualMeetingMarch2011-220:11
godbykAh, yes. Thanks, c7p1.20:11
godbykWe had to move the agenda page because the previous pad server went offline.20:11
godbykWe had two people apply for the project leader role and four apply for the editor in chief role.20:12
godbykSince there were only two applicants for the project leader role, we were considering just having both of them join forces and form a marketing/recruiting/etc. team.20:12
MichealHgodbyk, Its okay, as long as we have the Etherpad :)20:12
godbykBut I wanted to get your thoughts on that first.  I'd like to hear from the applicants on this, too.20:13
godbykAny thoughts?20:13
MichealHgodbyk, As I have worked with Jason, and have been asked to do so by my UBT Master, i think it would be great20:13
Teotwalthough not applying for the project leader role, I think it's a good idea20:13
popeyI'd be interested in seeing what work both jason and michael have completed for the ubuntu project20:13
popeyi.e. not stuff that's been started, but _completed_20:14
MichealHUnfortunalty It seems Jason is not here... :(20:14
godbykWhile we discuss this, everyone is welcome to read the emails and resumes submitted by the applicants: http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/20:14
hannieI'm busy reading them now20:15
godbykOkay, I'll ask a slightly more pointed question then: Is anyone *against* the idea of turning the 'project leader' role into a marketing/recruitment/etc. team?20:15
MichealHI would not mind :P20:15
c7p1to candidates: if you could add you name next to your nickname in the pad/agenda, that would be very helpful for everyone20:16
hanniecan you explain a bit more about that?20:16
MichealHAs my UBT Master has indeed taught me the art of 'kidnapping' people and other important stuff, I can do some of that already20:16
shriniwhat will be the roles and duties?20:17
MichealHc7p1, Where shall I put it?20:17
godbykThe roles we posted are shown here: http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs20:17
MichealHI have my Nick next to my name in the pad names list20:17
c7p1MichealH: http://ietherpad.com/UbuntuManualMeetingMarch2011-220:17
MichealHc7p1, I mean, where in the document?20:17
beginerhey jasono ? is that you>?20:18
godbykThe project leader's primary responsibilities are to promote the project and help recruit new members.20:18
MichealHHi Jason :D20:18
jasonoHi beginer Yes it is, sorry I'm late.20:18
jasonoHey MichealH20:18
godbykjasono: No problem.20:18
MichealHgodbyk, As I said, my UBT Master has helped me perfect that art :)20:18
godbykjasono: We were just discussing the idea of turning the 'project leader' role into a marketing/recruitment team for both you and MichealH.  Do you have any objections?20:19
beginerjasono just chill20:19
jasonogodbyk I have no problem with that. Care to explain more?20:20
MichealHjasono, I would love us both to work on UM together20:20
jasonobeginer Sure.20:20
jasonoMichealH I'm willing.20:20
godbykjasono: Sure. You and MichealH were the only two applicants for that role.  Instead of electing just one of you, we thought we might coerce the two of you into working together.20:20
* popey wonders if his question will get addressed.20:21
godbykSo effectively, jasono and MichealH would be sharing the role and working together.20:21
MichealHIm perfectly willing :)20:21
MichealH(as long as Jason is)20:22
* shrini claps20:22
godbykpopey: You might re-ask it since jasono is here now.20:22
popey20:13:59 < popey> I'd be interested in seeing what work both jason and michael have completed for the ubuntu project20:22
popey20:14:06 < popey> i.e. not stuff that's been started, but _completed_20:22
jasono MichealH of course.20:22
c7p1in other words you will both work both in a team that has as it's main goal to promote the project, attract new members20:22
MichealHc7p1, Yeah, I understood :)20:23
c7p1that's what we called "marketing team" on previous meeting, at least that was the idea20:23
jasonopopey I honestly have no completed work.20:24
popeythanks jasono20:24
MichealHMe and Jason were going to start a IRC Bot, but as SpeechControl was pushed upstream and so was the SII, we could not start it as20:25
MichealHAlot of work was put int o start work, though20:25
MichealHs/int o/into20:25
MichealHand also, we had thought again about the IRCBot20:25
MichealHLeaving our work ready to start, but not completed.20:26
c7p1so i guess we are done with this topic, if so we should move on20:26
shriniwhat will that bot do?20:26
c7p1is there anything else ?20:26
shriniwe can move on20:26
MichealHshrini, It was going to help people with Hearing and Sight problems20:26
MichealHIt was gonna help them IRC :)20:26
jasonoI'm also helping out with BrowserSpeak https://launchpad.net/browserspeak/20:27
MichealHc7p1, Totally doe here :)20:27
godbykOkay, it sounds like both MichealH and jasono are willing to work together as a marketing and recruitment team.20:27
MichealHgodbyk, Indeed we are20:27
jasonoA little similar to the one MichealH and I are doing, but it's a Chrom(ium)e extension.20:27
godbyk[ACTION] MichaelH and jasono will work together on a newly formed marketing/recruitment team to promote the Ubuntu Manual Project and help recruit new team members.20:28
MootBotACTION received:  MichaelH and jasono will work together on a newly formed marketing/recruitment team to promote the Ubuntu Manual Project and help recruit new team members.20:28
* jasono Awesome. 20:28
godbyk[TOPIC] Editor in chief20:28
MootBotNew Topic:  Editor in chief20:28
godbykNext up, we'll take a look at the editor in chief applicants.20:28
godbykYou can view the emails and resumes from those applicants here: http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/20:28
godbykIf any of the editor applicants are present and would like to talk about their background and how they'd like to contribute to the project, feel free.20:29
godbykWe'll take a few minutes to chat with any present applicants and review the emails.20:30
TeotwShall I go first, or does anyone else want to?20:30
rickfosbSure My name is Rick Fosburgh.  I'm a Senior Specialist with AT&T responsible for Service Metric and Capacity results.   I have led efforts to design and implement software, primarily in C and CSQL.  I've also led the team responsible for documentation of those software development projects.20:30
rickfosbTeotw Sorry..  I hit send about the time I saw your remark.20:31
TeotwHey no problem20:31
rickfosbUntil recently, I've been an avid Ubuntu user.  Rather than spending time in development, I  felt a role in editing the Ubuntu Manual would be a good fit.  However, I look forward to working with this team in any capacity you see fit.20:31
rickfosbThanks! for the opportunity.20:31
godbykThanks, rickfosb!20:31
godbykTeotw: Feel free to jump in.20:31
shriniThanks for the interest guys20:31
TeotwOk then, my name is Daniel Duncan. I have a grade A in both English & English literature. I have also 100% in Design and Technology GCSE. Those are my only achievements (in this general area) but then again I'm only 17.20:33
TeotwI have been in an avid Ubuntu user for several years now, and have only helped a little in the Ubuntu community20:34
Teotwwhich is the main reason I wish to have this role, as I have a strong desire to give something back.20:34
Teotw(Next applicant can go!)20:35
c7p1thanks Teotw20:35
godbykAre there any other editor in chief applicants here?20:35
godbykAnyone present should feel free to ask questions of the applicants.20:36
MichealHTeotw, As Editor in Cheif, what will you do to make sure all manuals are "ship-shape" as I could put it before release?20:37
MichealHWould you test them personally? Or would you dedicate a team for testing?20:37
TeotwWell, even though it is potentially long winded, one thing would be to go through the manual as a new user to Ubuntu, testing them out on my guinea-pig laptop20:38
Teotwand from there check factual accuracy, how readable it is, spelling, as well.20:38
MichealHYou would give it some sort of quality mark for each section?20:39
MichealHSo the more questions a new user could ask, the less of a quality mark it would get?20:39
TeotwA quality mark, and comments.20:39
godbykFor both rickfosb and Teotw: It takes a number of months (and a lot of hours) to complete an edition of the manual.  Do you foresee any problems with being able to dedicate the time required (especially over the long term)?20:40
TeotwI see no reason not to be able to dedicate the time required (unless there's a coffee shortage!)20:40
MichealHTeotw, hehe ;)20:40
shrinihow will you manage translations?20:41
hannieIs the job not more about delegating others?20:41
rickfosbgodbyk I do have a day job.  But this is the type of work that adds 'spice' to your life.  I'll put in the hours. :)20:41
godbykPlease note that we don't provide coffee. :-)20:41
Teotwgodbyk: Lmao20:41
MichealHgodbyk, heh, You provide your own coffee :P20:41
Teotwshrini, hannie: Are the questions directed at both of us?20:41
hanniein general20:42
rickfosbI find that extra eye are always good to have on documentation.  However, prior to a release, the ultimate responsibility should fall to the EIC.  I would expect that I'd spend those final hours review the work of the team and checking the work.20:42
hannieYou must let others do the work!20:42
MichealHTeotw, How would you communicate with the Leaders, at what times would you come to us to ask us a favour?20:42
godbykhannie: A lot of delegation is involved, yes.  But we definitely want someone who will stick around throughout the entire release cycle.20:42
Teotwshrini: translations will be managed by finding and delegating people for translations.20:42
hanniegodbyk, yes, but it takes special skills to delegate20:43
rickfosbshrini I'm new to this part of the process, however,  I would expect to work closely with those team members to ensure that the output document shares the same look and feel of the original.20:43
TeotwMichaelH: IRC, skype, email, msn and from 7:00pm to 11:00 pm weekdays, and probably not the weekend20:43
shrinilook and feel is same as we use latex20:44
shrinifor typesetting20:44
c7p1please give some time to candidates to answer :)20:44
MichealHTeotw, That in UTC?20:45
Teotwyes, sorry, probably should have mentioned that!20:45
MichealHOkay, I am on UTC :)20:45
MichealHNot too sure about jasono, though20:45
TeotwFor any other timezones, I might make a delay to emails, or something20:46
c7p1i would like to ask both applicants if they will work for the project despite of not being electing as Editor in Chief20:46
TeotwI don't mind what I do, though my preference is definitely Editor in Chief20:47
jasonoMichealH: UTC-4:0020:47
rickfosbPer my opening, I'll continue to work with the team.  And am looking forward to this.  :-)20:47
MichealHjasono, Wanna ask any quesions to the EIC candidates?20:48
jasonoMchealH Sure.20:48
MichealHrickfosb, Again, If you ever needed to contact me or Jason, how and when would you do it?20:49
MichealHHow often would you ask us something, or suggest something that will be benificial to your team?20:49
jasonoTeotw How much time are you willing to spend too be EIC?-What will you do to make sure everything is well and up to date?20:50
rickfosbIt would depend on time sensitivity.  Email is at your discretion.  I do have access to skype, etc. as well as a 'generous' phone allowance  :)    I intend to minimize impact to your life while getting the job done.20:50
Teotwjasono: I would willing to be EIC as long as you would like me too - I would spend as much time as possible (I can't say how many hours per day, my guess is a few),20:51
godbykWe'll start voting in about five minutes to give everyone time to get their questions answered and to finish reading the applications.20:51
rickfosbMy current responsibilities allow me to work various hours, at my discretion.  This gives me the opportunity to keep up to date with your progress, etc.20:51
godbykTeotw and rickfosb: Do you have any questions for us about the editor in chief role or any of its duties?20:52
TeotwI don't think so20:52
rickfosbSure:  How many folks have been involved in the actual manual in the past?  How many 'writers' should we expect to be involved this time?20:53
hannieTeotw, rickfosb have you given translating the Manual a thought?20:53
godbykrickfosb: In the past, we had assigned one or more authors to each chapter, and one editor to each chapter.  Usually the chapter editors covered multiple chapters.20:54
Teotwhannie: no, sorry - do you mean getting people to translate it? I know a few people who *might* be interested - though that's a big might20:55
rickfosbI have some 'limited' Spanish skills. So, I've only thought about how to use vi and text editors to manipulate provided translations.20:55
Teotw(that's into Spanish, by the way)20:55
godbykrickfosb: The number of authors is hard to determine as anyone can commit code, but I'd guess that we had less than a dozen primary authors.20:55
rickfosbgodbyk; thanks.20:56
TeotwI have, by the way, limited French skills (B GCSE) and um, well, I'm currently learning Ancient Greek20:56
TeotwThough that's probably not helpful!20:56
godbykrickfosb: When it comes to translators, the number varies wildly from language to language.  Some of the languages had a dozen or more translators, while others only had two or three.20:56
rickfosbI saw some work come in this week.  I expect that merging those documents 'might' be a challenge, but again, with latex as your guide,  seems doable.20:58
hannieTeotw, I meant getting translation teams involved20:58
c7p1Teotw: i don't think there are many who will read the manual in Ancient Greek :P20:58
Teotwc7p1: Well, you never know :P20:58
c7p1regarding the translations EiC hasn't any responsibility on them, right godbyk ?20:59
Teotwhannie: Ah! I see!21:00
Teotwhannie: shall I re-answer?21:00
hanniemaybe it is not one of the tasks for the eic21:00
godbykc7p1: Not directly.  We have a translation editor who is in change of managing each translated edition.  The translation editors are basically equivalent to the editor in chief of the primary English edition.21:00
c7p1thanks for making it clear :)21:01
godbykOkay, so let me explain how to vote.  [This ought to be entertaining.]21:02
godbyk[TOPIC] Elect an editor in chief21:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Elect an editor in chief21:02
godbykWe have four applicants: Fosburgh (rickfosb), Humnabadkar, Burgos, and Duncan (Teotw).21:03
godbykWe'll be voting using the instant-runoff method (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting).21:04
godbykAnyone can vote.21:04
hannieCan we vote when only two of the applicants are present?21:04
godbykTo vote, you'll need to rearrange the four names in the order of preference, most preferred applicant's name first.21:04
godbykhannie: Yes.  They're not required to attend, though we did invite everyone.21:05
MichealHgodbyk, Cant we just [VOTE] and count the +1's?21:05
godbykMichealH: We considered that, but this method avoids ties and revotes.21:06
MichealHI will look up xP21:06
godbykFor example, if you preferred ApplicantB over ApplicantA, you'd say: godbyk: ApplicantB ApplicantA.21:06
godbykAny questions on the voting procedure?21:07
MichealHgodbyk, Out of the people attended today:  Teotw, rickfosb21:07
godbykMichealH: You can vote for all four applicants (not just Teotw and rickfosb).21:08
MichealHI see that Teotw would work alot, so would rickfosb21:08
godbykList all four applicant's names in order of preference.21:08
hannieYou want us to put the four names in order of preference?21:08
godbykhannie: Yes.21:08
godbykWhen you've figured out your preferences, let me know and I will keep a tally.21:10
godbykWe will close the voting in 10 minutes (at 21:20 UTC).21:10
godbykIf you have any questions, please let me know.21:10
hannieIt's not a secret vote, is it?21:11
godbykhannie: Good question.21:11
MichealHI have made my vote21:12
godbykDo we want all votes to be public or should we allow anonymous votes?21:12
MichealHgodbyk, Private ones if they want :)21:12
godbykOkay. You can either vote publicly in this channel or message me privately with your votes.21:12
c7p1that's good21:12
godbykI'll report all the votes in this channel (but remove the voters' names from the privately cast votes).21:12
godbykVote received: Fosburgh Burgos Duncan Humnabadkar21:14
godbykVote received: Fosburgh Duncan Burgos Humnabadkar21:15
shriniDuncan Fosburgh Humnabadkar Burgos21:15
godbykVote received: Fosburgh Duncan Burgos Humnabadkar21:16
shrinigodbyk: Duncan Fosburgh Humnabadkar Burgos21:16
* godbyk opens a spreadsheet before this gets too insane. :-)21:17
hannieWhere is your secretary?21:17
MichealHgodbyk, Duncan Fosburgh Burgos Humnabadkar21:18
godbykhannie: If only I had one! :-)21:18
godbykVote received: Duncan Fosburgh Burgos Humnabadkar21:19
godbykSo far I've received votes from: godbyk, c7p1, hannie, jasono, rickfosb, shrini, MichealH.21:20
MichealHgodbyk, Nice script you have there :P21:20
godbykAnyone else have any last-minute votes?21:20
MichealHgodbyk, Can you tell us the results so far?21:21
MichealHI expect it will be close...21:21
godbykSure. One sec.21:21
godbykOkay, our ten minutes are up.21:22
godbykLet me tally up the results here.21:22
hannieBefore the EiC is elected I want to say thanks to all the candidates21:22
* MichealH seconds that21:22
TeotwThanks to all you too21:22
godbykOkay, I've got the totals.21:23
MichealHgodbyk, Last Place first!21:23
MichealHLast place was:21:23
godbykWe had seven voters.21:23
godbykHere are the totals for each candidate:21:23
MichealHgodbyk, Last place to first place?21:23
godbykFosburgh: first: 4, second: 3, third: 0, fourth: 021:24
godbykHumnabadkar: first: 0, second: 0, third: 1, fourth: 621:24
godbykBurgos: first: 0, second: 1, third: 5, fourth: 121:24
godbykDuncan: first: 3, second: 3: third: 1, fourth: 0.21:25
MichealHSO CLOSE :P21:25
godbykA majority of votes would be 4 or more.21:25
* shrini whistles21:25
godbykWith 4 first-preference votes, Fosburgh has been elected as editor in chief.21:25
TeotwGrats, Fosburgh21:25
* shrini claps and whistles21:25
rickfosbThank you all!21:25
MichealHCongrats, rickfosb21:25
shriniwishes  rickfosb21:26
godbykSo congratulations, rickfosb.21:26
hannierickfosb, congrats!21:26
godbykAnd huge thanks to all of our applicants.21:26
c7p1Congrats all !21:26
godbykWhile you didn't win the election, we'd love for you to join our team.21:26
c7p1of course21:26
TeotwWhat would I do?21:27
rickfosbI'll look forward to your help Teotw!21:27
godbykTo all of our candidates, you're welcome to join our team and help out.21:27
* jasono :s21:27
godbykTeotw: Don't worry -- there's never a shortage of work to be done!21:28
hanniewhat luxury!21:28
TeotwDon't suppose I could be told why I didn't get voted for?21:28
godbykI will add the votes to the minutes.21:29
c7p1thanks all for coming and voting21:29
hannieyou're welcome21:29
godbykc7p1: Since our meeting has run so long, should we address the maverick release in our next meeting or do you want to go ahead and do it now?21:29
MichealHLets do it now :P21:30
godbykOkay.  I'll let c7p1 handle that then (being as he wrote the agenda and all). :-)21:30
godbyk[TOPIC] Maverick release21:30
MootBotNew Topic:  Maverick release21:30
hannieIt's close to midnight here in Europe, but I don't mind21:31
godbykc7p1: It'll let you lead this topic.21:31
godbykc7p1: Still around?21:32
c7p1actually there is nothing from me to tell about the Maverick21:32
godbykAh, okay.21:32
c7p1i mean it was supposed to be an update for screenshots that's all the maverick update essentially21:32
hannieNatty will be released shortly21:32
c7p1yes we  should start talking about Natty21:33
shriniI hope natty manual will require more work as it has unity21:33
godbykWould you like to discuss Natty a bit now or wait until our next meeting?21:34
MichealHgodbyk, Now, April is just arount the corner21:34
godbykshrini: Natty will definitely require a lot more work as we can't just make a few small changes.21:34
hannieI was wondering if the manual can be put chapter by finished chapter on Launchpad21:34
shrinilet us finish discussion about maverick now21:34
godbykMichealH: True, but we've also kept everyone here for 1.5 hours already and some of them are in time zones where it's quite late.21:34
godbykOkay, so on the Maverick front, I think that we still need to take the updated screenshots.21:35
hanniegodbyk, it is never too early21:35
godbykI *think* that the screenshots list is the same as it was for Lucid, but we'll need to double-check that.21:35
c7p1maybe natty planning should be next meeting's goal21:35
MichealHI can kidnap a handy doc guy :P21:35
godbykTo take the screenshots, we need to grab the latest version of Quickshot, figure out how to use it, and make sure it's working okay.21:36
* c7p1 sorry for slow responses21:36
MichealHc7p1, Its okay21:36
shriniis there any other pending task for maverick?21:38
godbykshrini: I think screenshots are the primary one.21:39
godbykshrini: Other pending tasks would be to continue to pore over it for errors.21:39
c7p1there is nobody here knowing for screenshots, i think jenkings was supposed to give us more info but i'm not at all sure21:40
shrinigodbyk: reading about quickshot21:40
shrinigodbyk: will try to do that task of capturing screenshots21:41
godbykshrini: Thanks.21:41
shrinican anyone guide me on what to do after this meeting?21:41
godbykshrini: If you want to look at Quickshot, that'd be helpful. Download the latest version, see if it works, and then write some instructions on how to use it.21:42
godbykHas anyone been using Natty yet?21:42
TeotwI tested it the other day21:42
godbykWe need to make a list of changes between Maverick and Natty.  What parts of the manual need to be updated? What parts need to be replaced entirely (Unity)? Etc.21:43
rickfosbJust an initial glance.  I haven't spent any real time as yet.21:43
rickfosbSounds like section 2?  I didn't see any differences during installation.  anyone?21:44
hannieYou could open a wiki page for that21:45
godbykI'll add a discussion of Natty changes to our next meeting's agenda.21:46
godbykIf anyone would like to install Natty and poke around and start a list of changes, that'd be great.21:47
TeotwI don't mind doing that21:47
godbykYou can create a wiki page for it under https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/.21:47
hannieAnd post changes on the mailing list?21:47
c7p1for natty changes you could also use this http://ietherpad.com/NattyChanges21:47
godbykYou're welcome to use the mailing list to discuss changes, too, yes.21:47
godbykc7p1: I'm starting to be a little more wary of pads since it seems they are offline a lot. :)21:48
c7p1godbyk: you are right21:48
c7p1maybe a google doc ?21:48
godbykrickfosb: I'll send you an email soon to fill you in on some of the fun things we have planned for you. <evil grin>21:48
rickfosbgodbyk; thanks21:49
godbyk[TOPIC] Any Other Business21:49
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business21:49
godbykI think it's getting a bit late for some folks, and I don't want to keep you any longer.21:50
godbykIs there any other business that needs to be discussed?21:50
hannieSo, when is the next meeting?21:50
godbykWe've been trying to schedule meetings every couple weeks.21:50
godbykThe frequency of the meetings can be adjusted as needed, of course.21:50
shrinigodbyk: installed quickshot21:51
shriniwill test it and mail the team later21:51
shrinigetting very late21:51
shriniit is 3.30 am for me21:51
shrinivery good morning for all21:51
godbykBetween now and the next meeting, feel free to use this IRC channel and our mailing list to stay in touch, ask any questions, continue discussions, etc.21:51
c7p1for me there is nothing more21:52
hannieok, bedtime for me too21:52
shriniwishes for the new leads21:52
hanniesee you all nest time, guys21:52
shrinithanks for all participants21:52
godbykThanks everyone for coming.21:52
godbykAnd thanks especially to all of our applicants!21:52
c7p1Thank you all for coming21:52
c7p1next meeting in two weeks or next week ?21:52
komsasI'm happy to see that ubuntu manual community begin to live again. Good luck and don't stop :)21:52
godbykWe'll post the minutes to the mailing list soon.21:52
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:53.21:53
shrinigodbyk: did you work with quickshot?21:54
shrinihow to create user for that21:54
godbykshrini: I didn't write it. And I haven't used the new version yet.21:54
godbykshrini: You might contact the Quickshot folks.  they've been really busy lately.  But let them know that you're going to be writing instructions on how to use it and may need some help getting started.  https://launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs21:55
MichealHI need to go now :)21:58
shrinigodbyk: bye21:58
godbykOkay.  Thanks for coming, MichealH.21:58
MichealHByez! :P21:58
shrinithanks for all folks21:58
godbykGoodbye, shrini. Thanks for your help.21:58
shrinithanks godbyk21:58
rickfosbThanks again to all.  Going to move on to another weekend task. :)22:00
godbykrickfosb: Thanks for coming, rickfosb.  And congratulations on your new role.22:01
godbyk(You may regret it sooner than you think. ;-))22:01
rickfosbha!  oh wait!  is that the ground?????  Better run...22:01
c7p1rickfosb, jasono, MichealH whatever you want i'm willing to help and also to help you understand the projects situation etc22:02
jasonoc7p1 Thanks.22:03
rickfosbc7p1 Thanks.22:03
komsasgodbyk, do you know shrini email or any other contact, I wanted to give him email log with Neil, when I did all screenshots. It could help him a lot.22:16
godbykkomsas: Let me see if I can find it real quick.22:16
godbykFound it.22:17
komsasthanks, by the way, infosoft said that you'll help me with one little problem in the latex world. I hope you could find for me time till next sunday?22:19
godbykkomsas: Yeah, it sounds like the small-caps font may not have all the letters you need.22:22
godbykkomsas: Which edition are you working on?22:22
komsasthere is all my sources https://github.com/komsas/Ubuntu-manual-lucid-222:23
godbykkomsas: Okay. I may have to create a small file for you that you can drop in to change the formatting of the running heads.22:24
godbykIf the small-caps font doesn't have all the letters you need, we can just use regular uppercase and lowercase letters.22:24
komsassounds good22:25
godbykkomsas: Actually, if you give me your email address, I can send this file to you right now.22:27
godbykThen you can test it out sometime and let me know how it looks.22:27
komsasgodbyk, komsas@gmail.com22:27
godbykkomsas: Okay, sent.22:28
komsasthanks you, I'm going to tray22:29
komsastry *22:29
godbykHopefully I didn't screw up the file. :-)22:30
godbykThere are some other options in that file that we may want to set, too, but we can do those a bit later if we need to.22:30
komsasgodbyk, it worked only in the first running head "į" changed to „Įvadas“, other left same.22:39
godbykSo the running head on the left-hand page and right-hand page are formatted differently?  (One is still in small-caps and the other is now correct [using uppercase and lowercase]?)22:41
komsasin the left all letters are latin (without Lithuanian letters), so mainly only right have problems. So for now only first right have correct, it is in lowercase with first latter capitalized.22:44
godbykI haven't updated my copy of the Lithuanian translation for quite a while, but it didn't compile cleanly.  It did however, show "Ubuntu 10.04 pradedančiųjų vadovas" on the left-hand page and "Įvadas" on the right-hand page.22:45
komsastry my branch22:45
komsasit is fresh and new22:45
komsasI did some changes there, like to show better screenshots and other.. there is all commits so you can see22:46
godbykWhat do I run to build it?22:47
komsasmake ubuntu-manual-lt.pdf22:47
komsasthere is sometimes problems with glossary or index, then I run this commands manually22:48
godbykAh, I see what's happening.22:49
godbykThe formatting change is only in effect for the front matter (the copyright page, table of contents, introduction), but not the main matter (chapter 1 onward).22:49
godbykI wonder if it's that way in the original lucid-e2 code..22:50
godbykAt any rate, I can fix that.  One moment.22:50
godbykI'll just fork it real quick. Probably easier for you to see the changes then.22:51
komsasyee.. I wanted to say that to fork is best solutions22:51
komsasI'm going to see22:51
komsasoh I read that you did that.. ;))22:53
komsasso I'm going to sleep it is late here, thank you godbyk for help, tomorrow I'll check your commits22:55
c7p1night komsas22:55

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